How to tell if someone is lying? EZE Group and Regency Shores SL

Lately there are a lot of new comments on the timeshare forums  and we also received more emails than usual about this Group selling a Points Club membership / Discount Travel Membership Club.

EZE Group is using the company Regency Shores SL to market its holiday club membership, a holiday reservation system based on Credits, sold in Tenerife and Lanzarote, mainly during the last five years. Points which are to be used for booking holidays, flights, car rentals, etc.

Regency Shores SL is listed at the Spanish Companies House, under the address  Complejo Residencial Altos del Roque, Edificio 15, 38670, Adeje Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Tel: (Tenerife) 922 715 610, (UK) 0844 826 6925

Timeshare Owners that have taken up a bonus-week with certain travel & accommodation companies will find out that when they arrive at the destination it is the EZE Group / Regency Shores SL that organizes the presentation which is included in the bonus week offer.

Nothing would be wrong or be a reason for warning as it wasn’t for the fact that at the presentation, consumers are informed about the connection with RDO and/or RCI, and the most amazing stories about EZE Group having access to a fund raised by RDO to compensate timeshare consumers for the high fees they have paid for their timeshare.

The timeshare owner is also assured that their current timeshare membership will keep on going up in maintenance fees and even after their death their children will be liable for the payment of these fees. The only way out is buying into the Leisure Credits and they will take care of the original membership. Unfortunately it is only months and months later when people find out this has not happened as they receive the claim of their resort for the unpaid fees.

RCI placed a warning on the Go Timeshare website: Consumer Alert Warning on EZE Group – GoTimeshare

“The exchange company RCI has reported that various marketing companies in Tenerife, notably Reixofrio S.L. and Regency Shores S.L., are making unauthorized use of the RCI name in association with the marketing of a Points based product branded “EZE Group”.”

RCI has no relationship with any product branded “EZE Group” or either of the 2 marketing companies mentioned above.”

And the following testimonial was received from concerned consumers who contacted Mindtimeshare:

At the meeting we were informed that being ex timeshare holders and having given up the timeshare 2 years before due to the high maintenance costs, there was now a compensation scheme and a fund run by the RDO for short, and that EZE group were the only government sponsored people allowed to dip into the fund pot and compensate timeshare consumers for the high cost of timeshare and maintenance we had paid over the last 25 years of membership. They claim it has not been made public knowledge as this would create an inundation of compensation claims and that for the moment consumers like us are “cherry picked.

We agreed that the deals looked good, but as we had a timeshare which we had recently changed to fractional ownership we were not really interested. He then went to find John, the manager, who came to discuss our timeshare. He claimed to know that the resort owners at our timeshare resort, and that they were a couple of criminal brothers, just out from jail, and we would be better off out of it. This would also mean that we would not leave a maintenance bill as an inheritance to our children. He explained that the RDO had some sort of fund available to help the likes of us, and through their association with RDO they would see how much we could get to offload our timeshare. This, unfortunately, sounded a good idea.”


They are lying.

When going on a so called ‘fly-buy’ holiday, it is part of the terms to attend a meeting, and consumers who go on holidays like this should be warned and protect themselves from the possible hard selling and the attractive pitches used with the sole intention to get more money out of them.

It is against the law to take money before the cooling off period has passed. So let them honor the 14 day cooling off period and if after 14 days you still think it is a good idea, then pay. If the offer is only valid on the day and a payment needs to be made, believe me it isn’t a good idea!

We feel it is important that consumers/victims are united and know they are not alone! This blog provides the possibility to stand strong together and exchange information.

We encourage consumers to provide information  about your experience with the EZE GROUP.

Use this discussion to make comments. Spare no details!!!  

Please, note that you can always email us directly to

Latest!!  Action Group against the EZE GROUP - 

About mindtimeshare

Mindtimeshare is registered as a Spanish Association - reg number: G-98401524. Mindtimeshare provides assistance to timeshare owners who have been defrauded by holiday clubs and bogus resale companies. The Mindtimeshare project was launched in February 2011. After dealing with timeshare members over several years who had been defrauded by numerous bogus companies and for large amounts of money, I considered launching an Organisation to help timeshare owners that have been targeted by bogus companies. On this blog you can find information about the different active scam companies and their “modus operandi” and also place comments, ask questions and see comments from other consumers who have the same doubts or have been through the same experience. Mindtimeshare has resulted in a huge success and has received the back up from not only timeshare consumers but also from the professionals in the timeshare Industry. Mindtimeshare helps timeshare owners who have been scammed by bogus Discount Holiday Clubs; bogus cash back companies; fraudulent timeshare resale companies; bogus class action companies and false lawyers and notaries. We offer professional answers and advice to Timeshare users. If you want to send an email instead of posting a comment on the blog please do so by emailing:
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96 Responses to How to tell if someone is lying? EZE Group and Regency Shores SL

  1. Lee says:

    hi is there any one who has managed to stop eze group or got out of the contract than please let me know i am trying to get out of it.

  2. Jane says:

    Just back from a week’s stay in Tenerife – 3 of us travelled. My husband who is registered blind ( has blurred vision, but can see a little ), has MS and diabetes, myself and a friend of ours. This came about from ‘ Superior Resorts ‘ contacting me in November 2012 – strange as we are already with RCI. I asked if this was the dreaded ‘ Timeshare ‘ sales pitch and she told me no so I thought here we go …… I said I would take the so called holiday as long as ‘ she ‘ knew that we would not attend any presentations which she assured me we wouldn’t have to. I booked our Tenerife week in September 2013 with Superior Resorts and I was told over the phone that we did have to attend the presentation as part of their terms and conditions, the lady who had told me otherwise had been ‘ sacked ‘ for telling lies – good start. Anyway we were told that it would take 90 minutes at the most, they offered us a 2 bed apartment staying at the Winter Gardens, Golf de Sur. On arrival we were most amused that we had been placed in a ‘ private residential complex ‘. Did the ‘ owner ‘ know of our stay there ? The accommodation was not up to our high standards at all but it had only cost us the flight. The following day ( Sunday ) we were to expect a visitor to welcome us and tell us when our presentation was but they failed to turn up ….. great we thought ! Sadly for us they did turn up on the Monday morning, this was arranged for the Friday to be picked up at 10am. Gordon ( greasy grey long hair ) who being Scottish was pleasant enough and really ‘ played ‘ on my husband as he too is Scottish. I mentioned in his car that we did not want to attend any presentations – very low intelligence as he didn’t take the hint ! We arrived at Granada Park and taken for breakfast along with many other ‘ punters ‘ there for the hard sell !! We were introduced to another man – who had only started the job the day before ( poor thing ! ) sorry cannot remember his name, but he didn’t seem to come across as suited to this game. Next into the office, shown all sorts of signs relating to how they can only ‘ trade ‘ with this ‘ I ‘ sign ???? Then we were told about Eze Group …… who ????? We were shown lots of photo’s of Birmingham City on this sliding wall thingy ( when you support Derby County and Glasgow Rangers you really aren’t interested ! ), lots of photo’s to do with Charity work and it went on and on. Next came the drinks – oh goody ply us all with the usual cheap plonk. So we gladly did oblige – lots of wine. Next Gordon said come on its time for a ‘ fag break ‘ – we were up and down from our chairs like yo yo’s !! Next it was the drawing pad and black felt tip pin – by this time I was ready to tip my wine over his greasy looking hair, he literally drove us all nuts – figures, scribbling away – fag break – more figures – more throwing his paper figures all over the floor. Another sheet of paper and so it went on. Lunchtime came and went – more wine for us and fag breaks for Gordon of course. We were not offered any lunch whilst we were there. It got to 2.30pm and I said we needed to get back due to my husband’s medication ( we didn’t really, just thought they might take the hint and speed it up a bit ) – no response, just more figures of how they could ‘ buy ‘ our RCI Timeshare off us and save us over £45,000 in maintenance fees during the next 20 years. He said if we spent £19,950 with them they could dispose of it – plus we would get all these discounts with Tesco, Shell, Amazon, Virgin, lots of discounts of 40% or more etc, etc. They even showed us laminated A4 sheets of paper with their logo’s attached – very impressive ! Of course we said no, so Gordon went into an office, came back with more figures – amazing it went down to £11,950 in a few minutes ( how do they do that I wonder ? ). This was for 75 million credits ( a lifetime award of credits so we were told ) for the Emerald package, one free week back in Tenerife ( everything paid for ) and a drink with Gordon ! By this stage – 6 hours later my mind was as dead and numb as a doe doe, all I could see was paper being written on, then torn up and thrown onto the floor. This carried on so I had another wine ! Next we were introduced to a lady ( can’t remember her name either – must have been the wine ) she was ‘ very ‘ high up in their office – big wowsy ! We still said no and politely reminded them that my husband needed his medication as this was now nearly 7 hours of our ‘ 90 minute ‘ presentation. Our Gordon then said I do have a family life you know and you didn’t tell me about your husband’s medication – which I did ! You would have thought he would have picked up on the fact that we kept saying no and that we needed to leave. He then went to get someone in a suit with the strangest eyebrows I have ever seen, in fact I couldn’t look at my friend as I knew that we would have then lost the plot and the will ! He was the most nauseating and grrrrr man I have ever met, he just wasn’t going to give up on us – nice try but tough ! So after we told them we will NOT sign anything today, as husband and wife we will go away talk about it together and in private, way up the pros and cons of your Eze Group ( whom we had never heard of ). Asked them for some paperwork to look at in our own time – not theirs but this was flatly refused – we do not work like that you have to sign up here – who in their right minds would do that without reading the small print away from their sales techniques. Next Gordon even offered to pay into our ‘ Holiday Club / Credits ‘ for 10 months out of his own pocket – wow even that didn’t impress us, we then said we are going. So at 5pm they got us a taxi, shook our hands and paid 20 euros towards the fare. We arrived back at our accommodation feeling absolutley drained, so much so we all had large whiskies to recover from what was a wasted day ! So be warned – don’t sign any paperwork on the day, ask to take it away with you, chances are they won’t agree to that. You can get discounts on the internet yourself – so don’t be fooled in parting with your hard earned money ‘ just ‘ to join a glorified Holiday / Shopping Club – because at the end of the day that’s just what it is, you will pay dearly for it and regret your decision for the rest of your days ! Don’t be fooled by their patter as it’s their job !

  3. Please remember that Mindtimeshare is organizing an Action Group against Eze Group. So for those who want to join in, please drop us an email and we will be in contact with you.
    Our email address is


    Customer Care

  4. Jacob says:

    I found eze group to he a group of xxx people who advised us we would have no problem getting a loan even when we told them our situation. We asked to cancel and have our money back which they said no too even threatened us with their solicitor and we were told if we didn’t pay balance then it would be referred to a debt agency. All they did was threaten all the time and did not help us when we could not get the finance. We are now paying them £50 per month to pay off the debt to them but we do not want their product. Is there anyway we can stop paying for this. I would advise everyone to stay clear of this company

    • BIAOT says:

      Have you sought any legal advice? You are paying £50 every month for nothing. Regency Shores are happy to take money off everyone. Of course they threatened you – and it worked! How much is your balance?

  5. We wish to highlight this interesting comment from Eze Peasy:

    Eze Peasy says:
    November 13, 2013 at 9:12 am (Edit)
    Well there is now a statement that our very orange looking perma- tanned sales rep can’t use anymore to try and impress people with ‘cos Birmingham City FC no longer have their shirts sponsored by Eze Group. Must have been all the complaints they had from holidaymakers pressured by these people! Birmingham City FC have got rid of their eze group shirt sponsors and not before time!

    • Ian says:

      I have told you several times that there is nothing wrong with EZE Group. I am happy with them. I don’ t suppose you will print this one either.

    • Ana says:

      Very pleased to hear this as Birmingham City FC was used as one of their main selling points. My husband & I were the first to hear that Amazon had agreed to join Eze Group to offer cashback and pigs fly too :)

    • Pam says:

      hi there still have birmingham city fc

      • Eze Peasy says:

        Pam – they are not Birmingham City’s football SHIRT sponsors which are the pictures you are shown on the presentation. Nicolites are the football SHIRT sponsors in 2013/2014 NOT Eze Group!

  6. Gavin says:

    When I initially commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get several emails with the
    same comment. Is there any way you can remove people from
    that service? Thanks!

    • Hi Gavin,

      Anything to do with subscriptions to the blog or the comments are to be handled by the person itself.
      Because it is set up through your computer / email.
      Go to the original comment you subscribed to and somewhere on the screen it must give you an option to unsubscribe.

      Sorry for this!

      Customer Care

  7. OutofpocketinTenerife says:

    I was given quite a few cans of beer on the day of my presentation which I’m sure affected my judgment. I have seen so many wonderful presentations over the years and never signed up but I did this time. I had to pay next year’s maintenance fee on my timeshare and then they would sell it on. 75 million points to use by 2065 (Emerald package) but no real indication of how many points I would use for each booking. Savings of up to 40% are promised by Everywhere Travel in Birmingham. I inquired about some flights and was offered £30 off £400 flights. Hardly 40% or anywhere near it!
    So what exactly am I going to get for my money? The model as explained by EZE/Regency Shores seems good, but the reality is that the huge discounts are not there. You can probably make huge savings by online searching.

    • Peter says:

      it is very hard just to get up and walk away, they never got a penny from us ,a free breakfast or not they are bad news and people out there should be told. there bad.

    • Champagne Popper says:

      We had a lucky escape but I have never been on such a hard sell before! Woman called Sandra told us a few porky pies – she said you could get 10% cashback on your shopping from ALL major supermarkets in UK and that this would give you approx £1200/year in income which after the magical 10years they keep mentioning (only they call it 120months so it doesn’t sound as long!) then this would equate to £12,000 which surprise surprise has got you almost all of the money back that you are paying them (unless of course you went onto finance which would equate to £19,950 that you are shelling out in total !!!) She kept on mentioning the supermarkets by name – Tesco, Sainsbury, Morrisons, M&S, Asda etc. I told her most of them had reward schemes already so why would they give extra 10% as well – she told me some rubbish about getting rewarded for eze group introducing a new customer to them but I already shop at all the major supermarkets in the UK so how would I be a new customer!!! I asked her for proof but she just kept on pointing to a display board they had with the supermarket names on which wasn’t proof to me as anybody can make a display board up. Eventually she called her ‘Boss’ over as I wouldn’t let it drop- he showed me their members website with a list of shops where you could get discounts but there was no Tescos, Sainsburys, Morrisons or M&S but there was Asda DIrect at 5% discount!! Now that is hardly going to get me back £1200/year as I don’t supermarket shop online and barely ever shop at Asda as I have other supermarkets on my doorstop and also 5% is half of what she said you could get! The next sweetener was telling us you could get 40% of your flights by spending approx 450,000 of your 75million points on say a flight to Tenerife (1 million points for a long haul flight). Then as if by magic a piece of paper arrived from their travel office in BIrmingham showing us details of flights to Tenerife in the October school holidays cheaper than what we could get. But once again I can spit a piece of paper out of my computer showing so called flight details! Next thing they offered us was £250 per every person we could entice over to Tenerife to their presentation.Sandra kept on telling us how much extra income we could make from this method – like these people are going to fall from trees and OK if you still want friends afterwards!! Suppose you could try to send over people you don’t like!! Ha-Ha!
      When we had a break for lunch my husband asked our child (who was getting bored & had been given one of their computer terminals to play on) to google eze group and surprise surprise it was blocked!
      However, Best bits for us were how desperate they became – initial offer was 75million points for £12,000 +£1950 deposit (£13950 total or £19950 total if on finance! ie £150/month for 10years!) plus 1 weeks holiday in Tenerife that ‘Bossman’ was going to pay for himself! ( yeeeuch pass me the sick bucket!) When we turned it down ‘Bossman’ offered us 55million points for £10,950 at finance of £110/month for 10years and he said he would pay £50/month out of his own pocket for 30months because he had so much faith in the product – yeah right! Imagine how much he would be personally shelling out if he did this with every customer!!! When we turned that offer down we got offered 25 million points for £8950 . When we turned that down he offered us 2 million points for £3950 then finally when desperation had set in he offered us 1 million points for £1950!!!! Now bearing in mind that you use approx 450,000 points for a return flight to Tenerife plus the cost of the flight in hard cash (£) then that is one of a heck of an expensive flight! My husband was extremely proud of the fact that when we went outside for some fresh air our child told us that ‘Bossman’ was banging his head in frustration on the desk! We had broke them!!! Ha-Ha!
      Throughout the presentation they try to ply you with ‘beer or wine’ so I would think this may be something you could use in your defence if you have naively signed up. Also they popped champagne corks in the background and then tell you that it was another member just signed up in the room.
      People need to be very aware of what they are buying exactly – as I see it you are buying nothing! At least with a timeshare you are getting somewhere to go on holiday. If you were back in the UK would you shell out £13950 to join a discount shopping club? You have shoppers discount clubs that already exist in the UK for a fraction of the price of eze group – I am in one through Argos that charges £10 /month and you get bigger discounts than they offer – had a look when I got back and I can get 10% discount from Asda DIrect compared to their 5%and if I spend £10 in Argos monthly then I even get the monthly fee back!!
      FINAL WARNING – what happens if the company goes bust? Those 75 million points will be even more worthless than they are now . Please don’t get taken in by this sales pitch as it was one heck of a HARD SELL. Ask yourself what you are buying exactly!
      We nearly went back the next day with a bottle of champagne so that we could pop the cork in the background and celebrate our very lucky escape!!

      • Sunseeker says:

        We experienced exactly thing same thing last year we got caught with Grand Holidays Tenerife who passed us onto Regency Shores/EZE Group after that we had already made our minds up that we would not fall into the same trap!!! when i kept saying no not interested Tom made the comment of you came in here today with all your paperwork from Grand Holidays that you had no intentions of buying. LIKE YOU LUCKY ESCAPE!!

      • Canary Whistle says:

        We had Sandra woman -kept telling us she wasn’t on commission so didn’t need a sale. Funny thing is when we were in taxi going out to eat there was Eze Group advert on radio advertising for Sales People with Attractive Bonuses paid out at end of week! Hmmmmmmm!

      • Eze Peasy says:

        Well there is now a statement that our very orange looking perma- tanned sales rep can’t use anymore to try and impress people with ‘cos Birmingham City FC no longer have their shirts sponsored by Eze Group. Must have been all the complaints they had from holidaymakers pressured by these people! Birmingham City FC have got rid of their eze group shirt sponsors and not before time!

  8. PJ321 says:

    jt127 Same story 10am to 6pm pressureised promisied earth then read blog on return home paid £XXXX deposit balance £XXXXX have never been told so many lies trusted company EZE sponsor Birmingham they should relinquish any contacts have you advice to cancel and get money back
    Thanks very sick couple

  9. Gassy the dolphin says:

    Just returned from Granada park Eze group sales pitch. We were also pretty keen until I googled from the toilet… funny or convenient you can’t get a signal from their office!! Glad I found this post, I was dubious but my wife was quite keen.. thought it sounded too good to be true. I said a big no, maybe they realised I had googled in the look, lol. Anyway we got a free holiday in tenerife, free breakfast and the kids had lunch and loads of drinks. So I am quite happy now that I have almost managed to dupe them! Was really annoyed with myself for not telling the couple on next table to tear up the contract they signed and do a runner. Feel sort of guilty letting them be c*****.

  10. Isabel says:

    Are you all aware that EZE group have handed all business to an outfit called Everywhere travel,
    who mare nothing more than another tan a travel agency. Believe me, it is a lot cheaper to book holidays independently. Points are absolutely wothless with this lot. Also the documentation they send (air travel tickets) are of poor quality. Eze group have washed their hands of points holders.

  11. A consumer posted this weekend the following comment:

    i have payed a deposit by bank transfer and thay are now thretining me with bankrupsy as i have not payed the full amount, i was by myself and was extreemly vulnarable but thought this was a way out of my time share my ex husband had made me purchas in my name

  12. SRC says:

    Hi everyone, my husband and I signed in *** and paid part of the deposit by card, but since then we have not been able to get the rest of the finance to pay them. They have written to say that we have gone over the agreement date and they can take legal action against us. They ring ever so often to find out what we are doing, and we’ve said we are still trying to get the finance sorted. We’re now looking to re: mortgage our home. Am I completely stuffed or is there anything that I can still do, even though its now almost 6months to get out of this?

    • Hi “SRC”,

      Please, be aware that as you paid a deposit by card (credit card, I assume) only with proof of misrepresentation or breach of contract, banks or credit card companies are compelled to pay your money back, in application of Section 75 Act.

      Others have already achieved it! Don’t give up!

      We will contact you by email.


      Customer Care

      • gerry says:

        yes sorry to say my wife and i have been caught to paid a deposit by card what a day push push all day no matter what we said they had a good answer when we got back we canceled account right away please what can we do

      • dee says:

        please can you tell what you said to your credit card company so you got your money as there said no to us please help me.

  13. ABC123 says:

    Hi neca87. Sorry to hear about your misfortune. Did you speak to a guy called Tony? What a waste of space he is. All lies lies and more lies. I’ll bet he spun on about how great the company is and what massive savings you would get in the years to come. Sorry but you have been yet another victim of his s***.

  14. Mary says:

    Hi Can you give me any advice,we were also duped by this company and have had a soliciters letter sent to them and also had our credit card company involved to no avail though. we are visiting tenerife on Saturday and i intend giving EZE a visit can you give me any advice or amunition to help me. I will be on my own on this visit as my husband has a heart condition and I wont let him confront these people as he cannot take any stress at all .I would greatly appreciate any advice at all.

    Regards Mary

  15. hondo says:

    we have bought into a ” preferred credits holding agreement ” could anybody please advise if this is covered by a cooling off period. I need to know a s a p

    • SW says:

      Hi Hondo, They should have told you what the cooling off period was at your presentation before you signed up. PLEASE check you contract/ paperwork you may have signed to say you ‘understand that there is not cooling off period.’ In fact by law if they didn’t offer you one you automatically get a more extended beneficial option. Also check for exceptional circumstances for claiming a refund. If you used a credit card to purchase claim for a ‘charge back.’ refund. Contact UKECC on the web to take up your case immediately! Read the Time Share Regulation New directive 2008/122/EC, it’s not that difficult to understand, but may take some time.There’s lots you can do successfully yourself. Good luck.

  16. L says:

    hi just read your email and wondered if you could help in any way i have been trying to sell my points back to eze group and i am getting no where same emails keep coming back saying they dont buy back points only in dire emergencies is what they stated today i can’t seem to get through to them any help would be helpful thanks.

  17. Anom 20120903_01 says:

    *** while on a short hotel break in Crewe, Cheshire Uk, we HAD to attend a ‘short’ meeting with Eze Group. We in effect had paid for our trip as we had submitted our time share to be sold on a Russian market for £600 which gave us two short hotel breaks,[ with Travel Promotions - 27 Old Gloucester St, London, WC1N 3AX, United Kingdom - Call us NOW on 0203 4555286]…half board, so my money was used in a pleasant way..and they have given as promised. Luckily we recognised these type of people, one was a small Australian, only spoke about Sydney even though we have visited Melbourne, named ‘Skippy’. He thought he was doing us a favour with breakfast and lunch, ****. We were offered Emeralded due to the new idea of rental return for about £2,000.00 a year?? at £17, 500…just for 5 million, cant really rememeber, units which will last our life???? More than we ever pAID FOR OUR TIMESHARE FROM 19**. wE DONT USE THE HOLIDAYS MUCH NOW DUE TO ILL HEALTHE AND OLD AGE, BUT THIS DIDNT STOP eZE TRYING TO SELL!!
    Hope this help
    thanks for the site makes us realsie we’re all too vunerable!

    • Rob says:

      Call me “STUPID” or what you will, but yes I am am one of those who were completely duped by the EZEGroup sales pitch. I can concur with all the entries on this blog re the lies of taking my 20yr timeshare off my hands in a difficult resale market and thus saving me anymore maintenance fees, and promises of 40% discounts on holiday and travel. None of these have materialised. I paid 5000GBP for membership and the transfer of my timeshare 2 years ago. I still have my timeshare, and no amount of inquiries for quotes on travel have offered me any less than I can acquire at any High Street or internet based travel agent, and with no membership fees. Anyone can receive the same discounted offers on travel or holidays with any agent, almost in a couple of minutes. Following many emails, phone calls, and recorded letters from me to them at there offices in Tenerife, Canada, and there so called headquarters in Florida have resulted in complete and utter contempt by them by no response. EZE Group have disregarded and been outright negligent in honoring their commitments regarding service and in particular any demonstration that they are able to offer any discounted benefit to me as a member.
      I am left with only the loss of my membership fee, and none of the promised benefits. All repeated requests and or demands for redress by me have been ignored.
      I write this as advise and a warning to others who may be approached by EZEGroup. DO NOT BE DUPED BY THEIR LIES. EZE, “YES”, to enroll and give up your hard earned cash. But not so EZE to obtain any service or benefit!

  18. ANON says:

    I am just at the beginning of wading through what my elderly parents have been c***** into from RCI to EZE.!! Not a happy daughter!! this is all terrifying. They paid £8,000 for 25,000,000 points holidays, leisure, theatre etc…

    • Harold says:

      Eze claim to do great Charity work and sponsor a Football club. Perhaps informing these Oganisations will help to start their downfall.

  19. NO says:

    I did same I’m afraid for £800 on my credit card back in ******** this year so be interested to what reply you had and if managed to get money back and get out of contract! Please let me know or anyone else out there that can advise.

  20. J C says:

    I too visited EZE Group and experienced the hard sell. Well not really, they were persistent though; Anna never gave up till we said YES. But we did trade a week of timeshare in Spain and we are now not the owners. No more maintenance and no hard feelings we had some great times in Benalmadina but we simply out grew it.
    Life is easier though and we now can do what we like. In fact my husband is unable to travel abroad so we use Eze to enjoy the comforts of home. Hope this helps.

  21. J H says:

    Hi, I have just stumbled across this blog and read it with great interest. I joined Eze Group 8 months ago and seem to have had a very different experience for those catalogued above. The girls in reservations are very helpful, cheery and obliging. My family have holidayed in Malta, visited Legoland and I bought my wife 10 golfing lessons. I know companies are not perfect but to be honest I really can’t complain about Eze Group. Am I the only one?

    • pot black says:

      hello i just paid a 1,000 deposit after speaking to ana i like wat i hear and am considering going ahead with it and pay the balance of 16,000 by sept any 1 tell why i should not do this please.

  22. M says:

    I have spoken to the barristers clerk and got some details from her.

    I’d advise anyone trying to check your membership certificates. Mine says that Eze Group are registered outside UK law, because it states the registered office as being in the Florida UK courts have no jurisdiction. A cursory reseach shows that the Florida courts refused to issue proceedings as the company registered there as a matter of convienence to escape UK Tax and laws.
    It is obvious that the companies are hoping no one knows about this as I am waiting to hear my court date with them. I am defending myself and intend to use this as my defense aand ask the court to bring criminal charges of attempted fruad as thery know UK courts cannot here these cases.I.e. They know the Court has no Judisdiction but they hope to get money by not informing the Court of that fact.
    If you already have a court date you need to bring this to the attention of your solicitor.

    If anyone is currently taking the Eze Group to court please lets us know the result, particularily the name of the Eze Group person and the solicitor. If you win and they go ahead with my case I will ask the court to consider criminal offences under the fraud act against them.

    A final thought I don’t know if the Fraud Act has changed since it came out but it used to be that threre was Obtaining a Pecunary Advantage by Deception. Was else exactly is it Eze Group does?

    • ed says:

      i too bought into this scheme in tenneriffe sept 2012 i tried cancelling 6days later to be told asno cooling of period i tried asking a solicitor to take this on but they seemed very reluctant

    • Peter says:

      Hi, have you had your court date yet, if you have i would be very interested to know of the out come , as we have also been duped by this company. Good luck.

  23. B says:

    Anyone who seriously wants to contact BIrmingahm City Football here is a link to their contacts including emails,,10412,00.html

    Interesting that Everwhere Travel mentioned above that are now the ” fulfilment “company is being run by non other than Stephanie O’Reilly … Dominic O’Reilly being the owner of EZE Group ???

  24. P says:

    On the subject of lawyers. We contacted the British Consulate on Tenerife about our situation with EZE Group/Regency Shores, they recommended De Cotta Law

    (Firm****) Law, on receiving our payment to them, indicated we had a good chance of a successful resolution. Although they did warn that it all depends on the ruling of the judge and we could end up paying the fees of EZE Group as well as our own. De Cotta also indicated that in their view EZE Group are selling TImeshare despite their denial of this. To date we have not persued this course of action but are keeping our options open.

    A multiple approach from others through recommended lawyers may have an even greater chance of success.

    Beware though the Consulate warned us that some law firms on Tenerife are ‘dodgy’.

  25. C**, This is a good initiative. And also to inform the European Consumer Center in Madrid and the Local Trading Standards in Tenerife (OMIC office).
    Alberto Garcia.

  26. M says:

    Thank you A for you reply.

    I found this in an online Telegraph article from last year, and now feel somewhat foolish – as well as being out of pocket-

    Figures from the European timeshare industry show that 590,000 Britons still own timeshares, while thousands are up for sale on websites and forums.

    If owners can’t pass the properties on, the contracts lock them in for life. And the management companies that run timeshares often refuse to buy them back. Most recommend the use of costly middlemen, who take a fee for handling your timeshare with no guarantee of a sale.

    The Timeshare Consumers’ Association (TCA) estimates that as many as half the 1.5 million timeshares in Europe are being kept “under duress”.

    “Timeshare owners may be continuing to pay maintenance fees because they have little choice legally,” said Sandy Grey, a spokesman for the non-profit, entirely voluntary TCA. “We receive around 20 inquiries every day, and the majority are from timeshare owners who have been contacted by these companies offering to take the timeshares off owners’ hands – for a fee

    - It really seems there is no way out of owning a timeshare, as you get sued if you don’t pay the maintenance, get done if you go to a resale, or like me get done on a larger scale if you join another scheme :(

  27. P says:

    Put your mind at ease the card company are liable for the whole amount not just the deposit under Section 75 credit card act. Keep all original paperwork safe and send photo copies. Ignore threats from EZE group.

  28. P says:

    Hello M
    How did you pay? was it a card? Write and cancel use recorded post. If you used a card company contact them if it was a bank contact them tell them its a scam you might be able to stop it if you act Quickly.


  29. A says:

    M What can I say. Owning the Eze Group points means absolutely nothing. There are numerous instances on this forum and others where people have quite simply been r**** off, Promises of buying you out of existing time shares is simply a lie. I suggest you take legal action against Eze Group to get your money back as it will never get you out of your existing manitenance costs. Buying into the Eze points system is just a pure s*** out to get your money and deliver nothing in return. One of the worst salesmen ever is Tony, based at Granada Park Tenerife Every work he speaks is pure lies, that is if you can actually understand him as every other word is a swear word. Best advice I can give you is to stay well clear of EZE Group.

  30. M says:

    My wife and I bought into Eze points because after many years of pestering I decided to not pay my maintenance fees on the timeshare we owned. I felt this was one way to get out of my problem around the non-payment of maintenance fees. I am being chased by Resort Recoveries for 2 years fees – last year we had to pay another company so I guess resort recoveries is a new company. We own at Palm Oasis, Gran Canaria and have done so since 1997/8. My problem is I cannot find any of the original paperwork, I have moved 5 times since we bought and am afraid it has been lost so I can’t check about jurisdiction, what type of contract it was or anything

    I have no intention of paying these fees again they are rising alarmingly each year but have not been able to find any detail of anyone who owns at PO actually having been to court, or what the outcomes were.

    Just wanted a bit of advice in case we receive court papers as I would certainly wish to defend it but not sure on what grounds as I don’t have our paperwork
    So far the owning of Eze Group points doesn’t seemed to have stopped these demands, as I thought they should have transferred ownership by now (4 months).

    Thank you for reading,

    • Hi Anom 20120903_02,

      You’ll be surprised at how many timeshare owners are in the same position as you. This is a clear evidence of misrepresentation.

      Customer Care

      • R K says:

        Thank you, we are unravelling it all and looking into claiming back £2k deposit and £6k settlement. Stunned and shocked, EZE are ignoring our emails.

  31. Nickname0706 says:

    Hi L*******, I too was ‘foxed’ into this, I was on holiday with a couple of friends at the time and all sounded so much better for me (solo Travelller) so I signed up. Deposit was paid on Barclay card and remainder on return of getting home. I am now in ‘Legals’ with Barclays, veeeerrrry Slooooow but will hope to keep you informed of the results, but expecting it to be a long drawn out process.

  32. S A says:

    Returned from a weeks subsidised holiday at Tenerife. I totally agree with other comments on this forum where it states EZE Group are simply a SH**. They treat you all nice and buy you a breakfast and come across as if they care but once they realise your not interested in parting with £16K for their so called chance of a lifetime opportunity they get all agressive and lie about everything. We met an English guy called Tony who was basically an agressive spoilt brat who started throwing his toys out of the pram once he didnt get his way. Out of principle I was not going to give him £16K as he struggled to put a sentence together without swearing at us. Basically walk away. By all means accept their cheap holidays but dont get sucked into their lies that they are going to be the best thing since sliced bread as its very clear from their presentation that they are a cheap sh** company out to r** off the unexpected traveller.

  33. Z says:

    We are currently in Granada Park and were in the presentation for 6+ hours and were close to signing.
    deals started at £14,500 and finally ended at £5950. This was an Emerald system, where the sales pitch was that they would use 1.8% of your points every year for referrals and this would gve you a return of around £1744 per annum, thus financing your outlay (win win). Our existing timeshare would get taken away and no more maintenance fees.
    Evertime we said that we never sign on “on the day” and were saying no, a better offer appeared. The desperation for our money was evident. The presentation was convincing, though and very tempting.
    I would really like to hear if anybody who has signed up are reciving their referral checks and getting the discounts on bookings for the holidays they want.

    • P says:

      Don’t do it enjoy the holiday its a sc** there is nothing in it for you. They are telling li**.

    • It is true. Regency Shores, one of the Eze Group marketer, based at Vigilia Park resort, is not longer operating at that premises.

      And it is true. According with many timeshare owner’s statements, Regency Shores / Eze Group lied when claimed the were affiliated to RCI. One more evidence of misrepresentation.

      Customer Care

    • L says:

      Hi z we did the same brought it for discounted holidays were promised up to 40% discount this is so far from the truth

    • RE says:

      Hi Z,
      Yes my friend & I signed up for the Emerald scheme & have regretted it ever since.
      We neither of us can afford the final payments were both on Pensions so have no idea where to go from here. This is when you really miss having your dear departed around!

    • pot black says:

      i have just come back from granada park tenerife and to be honest it was me who was chasing them i spoke to ana and it sounds good to me

  34. A says:

    wow can’t believe so many people have been caught by these people, I told them at the start I was out of work and was going to have hip replacement treat ment so could be out of work for a couple of years, guess what? Gordon nice scottish chap, could realy help us out the only way was on emerald plan 75 000,000 points £14,500 to get into it 1k deposit rest on return to uk.
    Yes Gordon be we have no savings and verry little income! watch this this is how I can do you a big favoure pay the 1k we can differ the rest of the payment for 12 months, we will then take some of your points use them to get more people out here on discount breaks we will pay you £188 pounds a month it will be SELF FINANCING we can keep going like this indefinatly, the only cost to you is the 1K, you can still use your points you have left to book amazing holidays at huge discounts look at the this! these are live quotes look what we have done for these peolpe, 2 weeks mexico All inc flights insurance full ball of wax £1200 for the 2 of them where can you get deals like that? NO WHERE! we ate there breakfast drank there wine and beer ate there snacks
    had a laugh with John the manager the little one with the face too small for his head, and got them to drop us at the beach couldn’t believe we didn’t snap there hands off they where bending all the rules to help us. The thing to remember if it sounds to good to be true IT IS, to be honest it does sound good verry smooth Gordon top man! but we have heard it before and fortunatley know of people who have been caught out, basically we just used it as a cheep week in tenerife in a decent apartment okay we had to sit for 4hours drinking there beer but you got to be strong and say no. as far as the story’s I have read on here you must be given a 14 day cooling off period if not it is’nt legal thats your starting point and I would sugest a group effort rather than individual claims. good luck to you all, but for the grace of god there go I.

  35. P says:

    Yes, I’ve used them but they couldn’t give me the 40%discount they claim. Best advice …WALK AWAY, don’t be a sucker. Remember, companies only put positive testimonials up to enhance their profile.

  36. M J says:

    We are still in Tenerife on a Groupon deal. Our presentation lasted 9hrs not 90mins, are we the record breakers, lol. They also gave is the spiel about higher maintenance cost and said they would take our timeshares off our hands. We decline! Big discounts were offered to get us to sign up on the day, they didn’t work. We found this forum by using our smart phone while still on our holiday! So pleased we didn’t succumb.

  37. P says:

    With reference to EZE using the ABTA logo on paper work. A quick seach on the ABTA website reveals no reference to either Eze Group or Regency Shores.

  38. J says:

    I have sent an email to eze group telling them I am cancelling and sending a letter to that effect by registeered post. I paid my deposit with a credit card and told them if they do not refund my deposit
    I will obtain financial redress via my credit card company. I enclosed the letter I sent to eze group in
    a letter I sent to my credit card company explaining I would be asking for their help if the refund is not
    forthcoming. My advice is do the same as soon as possible.

  39. J says:

    I have just returned from Granada Park having had a presentation by Eze Group. I was persuaded to join their Emerald membership which would cost me £11,700 they said that I could enter a rental referral scheme that would bring me in £1,900 peer annum. Stupidly I was taken in and paid a deposit of £1,700 by credit card they told me there was no cooling off period which did make me suspicious. After reading all the comments I realise I was c***** and intend to ask for a refund and also get in touch with my credit card company. I am so glad I read the comments as I was about to cash in an isa to pay the balance of £10,000. How are these people allowed to keep c****** money off unsuspecting members of the public? Why can they not be stopped?

  40. A says:

    Please feel free to contact Alberto he has all my details.Go for it!

  41. A says:

    This is the blog that I have been waiting to hear, confirming that Eze Group do not deliver.We too were ensnared into enlisting into their scheme.Their opening gambit was a 40% discount on high street travel agents prices, John the manager as I recollect stated that “we deliver”, I can also quote him as saying that they (EZE) would give” discount on discount” already offered by a travel agent!,I can remember saying more than once if it sounds too good to be true it is in fact too good to be true but like many others succumbed and signed up paying over £2000 as a deposit.with a balance of £10,000 outstanding.
    On returning home we were still rather uneasy regarding the agreement but felt that we would give it a go, that is until we stumbled on information that showed that some of the information imparted to us in the presentation was incorrect and f****, I immediately emailed Eze stating this and that I was terminating the agreement due to misrepresentation , I followed this up with a written notice of cancellation sent via recorded delivery and that I would be seeking financial redress via my credit card company.
    I subsequently received a telephone call from EZE. who reimbursed my deposit immediately without recourse to any credit card intervention.
    My advice to you all would be to avoid this organisation like the plague and John I’m afraid to say you “don’t deliver” and there does’nt seem to be any discount at all, let alone discount on discount!
    Stick to genuine discounts/offers offered by creditable organisations that do not require any up front finance.
    I hope this blog will provide some solace and useful information to those of you that are in a situation similar to that experienced by us..

    • Paul says:

      Be interested to know how you were represented – we too have signed up, owe balance and are reluctant to finalise but are scared!!

    • k says:

      k says way information did u stumble on as i want to do the same thing please and get my deposit back and cancel my agreement.

    • Eva says:

      Hi did you email eze group or regency shores s.l.
      sadly we have been fooled too and want to get out of the agreement.
      your comments would help thanks

  42. Dear L,
    Thank you for your comment about your experience with your EZE membership.
    I am really sorry that you paid them all this money for indeed something that isn’t working out.
    Let us send you more info by email and see what we can do to help.
    Kind regards
    Customer Care

  43. D says:

    Write to them immedially cancelling the agreement and if you paid by credit card contact them and get a full refund. According to what I have read there is a 14 day cooling off period under EU law from sometime last year and they, EZE, should not have taken any money from your account.

  44. T says:

    Had all above ,meeting,pressure, hard sell, and yes my wife and I parted with the deposit via credit card ( how we wished we had read these comments first) we no longer wish to proceed. spoken to credit card coy who can only help if more money is taken from our account without our knowledge. EZE group rang tonight asking if we had problems as we had not paid balance. Told them we were having 2nd thoughts, she said it’s a binding contract and was spelled out at the meeting. She also said they are there to help with any problems we may have. We both feel really sick and not sure what we should do. We have not contacted them yet, PLEASE HELP! Any advice appreciated.

    • Hi
      It certainly helps, thank you very much to point this out.
      There are a lot of people in the same situation with this company and others who sold similar products.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

    • Hi T,
      Thanks for your comment.
      We will email you some information and advice and let’s see if we can help you further.
      kind regards
      Customer Care

      • A.N. says:

        hello I was wondering if you could also send me some advice and information on the situation T is in as my family is also in the same problem and we have spoken to citizens advise of which have said that they have the right to not give a colling of period and are now threatening to take us to court could you help :)

  45. Hi A**,
    Thanks for your comment and your advice to L******, very much appreciated.
    Indeed TATOC is a Timeshare Consumer Organisation in the UK that can help you with information and advice in these matters.
    Kind regards
    Customer Care

  46. Nickname0418 says:

    Good stuff C**, I could do with some advice as I am in an identical situation

  47. Nickname0413 says:

    Hi *****

    We are in a similar situation to yourself.

    Did you have any come back on withholding the main balance?


  48. P says:

    Hi All
    We went there on the 2nd March.We nearly signed up but my wife bless her had enough after 6 hrs of brainwashing shes better at saying no than me. Their pitch is very good and sounds convincing but at the end of the day if Eze group stops trading the money you pay them for the discount club membership is gone and any points you get meaningless.We stayed at San Marino apartments ok but basic The Granada park looks very nice so if you want a cheap week away on Fly Buy go but dont sign up to anything. As for discount clubs try Group on or Quidco both are free and you can save with them through group buying. While we were there 3 other couples did sign up so i suspect lots of people are being caught out. I too wondered about their links to Birmingham football club but i guess anyone can pay for advertising in or sponsership and get their name in print in a glossy magazine.

  49. B says:

    What surprises and amazes me is that Birmingham City Football Club have a partnership arrangement with this outfit! They are currently the main sponsor for “BCFC 2011/12 PLAYER AWARDS DINNER” at the end of April. I am surprised that both Birmingham City Football and their other partners are aware and happy about the dubious tactics these people use .

    • B says:

      Interesting article on the home page about TAX – starnge that you never hear of any mention of either IVA or VAT in any dealings with EZE group or Regency Shores ?
      Any Tax inspectors reading this ???

  50. ben says:

    Hi L, do you have an email address, I can send you some info and good links that may help you, then I can tell you what we have been advised to do.

    • E says:

      Dear B

      Sorry to say we have also “signed up”!!!

      Would be very pleased if you could also send any information and good links to ourselves. So far we have only paid the deposit but need advice on how to possibly retrieve it.



  51. B********* says:

    Hi L********,
    My parent have done the same thing the day before you and we are looking into ways of getting out of the contract, my advice is to send them a letter stating that you wish to cancel, this needs to be sent international recorded delivery and make a copy of the letter and keep receipt of recorded delivery, this will start the ball rolling as if you wish to cancel and there is a way of doing so most company’s will need written confirmation within 10 days, this will buy you some time, we are talking to solicitors and Birmingham city football club who sponsor them at the moment, so far the only way of getting out of it at the moment is to resell, which is only avilable to you if circumstances change VIA health issues or loss of job etc, section 13 of the contract, if I can find out anymore I will update you, hope this helps

  52. P says:

    Just returned from a week in Tenerife which was booked through The Gift Company, we were required to attend a 90 minute presentation which as usual lasted around 5 hours with Eze group/Regency Shores. All the usual tactics free breakfast, couple of beers etc. The sales guy was as usual the same old slimy timeshare rep with the usual flannel. He warned us about our existing points and the rate at which our membership would increase dramtically over the coming years, how we be unable to pay and how surprising there holiday club is vastly superior to any other and that IT IS NOT TIMESHARE !!! Ha ha.
    We have attended a fair few of these presentations which have been linked to bonus weeks of accommodation and i can only strongly advise anyone that attends one of these weeks the following advice.

  53. B S says:

    Hi, my wife and i have just been to tenerife and stayed in subsidised accom, on the agreement we attend an ezegroup meeting, they tried to sell me points to gain discounts against flights hotels and other leisure activities and kept us there for over 4hrs, When eventually we walked out. While we were in their office one of the salesmen collapsed and was taken away in an ambulance after suffering what looked like a heart attack. On the plus side we got a free breakfast and couple of drinks.

  54. J A says:

    please help thankyou

  55. J A says:

    hi j******** a********

    i have been contacted worthington and greenfield solicitors about selling my time share are they
    a legal company

  56. T says:

    I too sent to Tenerife on my own from July15th to 22nd what I belived was a subsidised holiday which at first I was informed I had won and then payed for my airfare and administration costs around £250.My husband was ill and told me to go on my own and they decided to make an exeption and allow me to come. when I refused to sign up to anything they got nasty and made me pay the full wack of airfare and accomodation costs of £470 as they had paid for my flight because thomsons cancelled but they cancelled themselves on july 11th and I have a letter to say that the flight booking would be repaid into my account in 3 to four days from July 11th but on my return home I checked my bank and it had not been repaid but having managed to cotact the thomson administration dept and spoken wih the manager they confirmed the first flight booking money was paid into the eze account and I was told there it would be repaid into my accountbut it is now nearly two weeks. They also threatened that if I did not pay the extra charges because I apparently broke sone certain terms and conditions I would be chucked out from my apartment that very day. I did not sign anything at all and was just given an invoice for extra accomodation costs an extra airfare and that is all. I had already paid about £50 for administration costs in england.

  57. M F says:

    I went to Tenerife with my daughter last week via “Extra weeks” which we have found to be linked with “Bonus weeks” and the “Gift Company” and spent a total of 8 hrs with ” Eze Group”/ “Regency Shores SL” promotion.
    Fortunately i did not give in to the constant pressure and frightening tactics of these people but that is because i have been caught before and i am now very wary of these “promotions”.
    They did try to prey on my wanting to sell my timeshare and worry me that my children will have to take on my timeshare. They did mention several times that they had worked out a system that works better than the points system for RCI and were working with them. As soon as they started showing me figures to “predict” the amount of money i will be spending over 20 years i knew we were going to be “worked on”. When i said there was no way i was able to afford £10,000 in total to “buy in” to the club the figures were reduced and more fear tactics used. The final “offer” to forget the deposit and just get my daughter to pay £95 month just said it all to me and i got them to take us back to our accommodation.
    This i am sure will be enough to warn others of what this really is, beware.

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