All the facts about ITRA what you should know before dealing with them!

Starting off the New Year, we want to present our readers with a full report on ITRA and all the companies related, in order for them to assess and judge for themselves what kind of company this is and if it is recommendable to have any dealings with them!

Some information we already gave out in previous articles on the blog, but recent developments such as the announcement of a court investigation in Spain, apparent new marketers in the UK and their Cass Action against RCI have given us more information to elaborate this report and we would like to share this with you, as you as a consumer are on the other end of the phone when these people do their cold call campaigns.

Should you have any questions or doubts after reading the report, please contact us.

ITRA – & currently the International Timeshare RefundAction is an outfit created by the Club Class group –  – group which includes among them:

The timeshare resale firm ETOO (European Timeshare Owners Organisation (Gibraltar) Ltd, active until at least of the end of 2009)

The DTMC Club Class Concierge –;

Club Class Concierge Ltd. Registered Office: 9 Wimpole Street, London, W1G 9SG, Dormant Category. Company Director: Andrew Charles Cooper.

Club Class Concierge SL. Tax ID (CIF): B-92785484. Registered Office: Urb. La Viña, C/ Inca 7, Esquina Calle Isla Gomera; Edificio 3, 29640 Fuengirola, Malaga.

The DTMC Club Class Holidays (not sold currently)-

The DTMC Club Class Services Sarl - ;

Club Class Services sarl. P.O. Box 847, Garrison House, Library Ramp, Gibraltar.

The DTMC Club Class PLC.

Club Class plc.  License No: 28365 in Seychelles. P.O. Box 1323, Garrison House, 3 Library Ramp,

The Spanish travel agency Première Travel S.A. – C/ Inca 7, Fuengirola.

The class action scheme the European Fair Trade Advisory Group (EFTAG), Avda. Federico García Lorca s/n, Bloque 2, La Quinta lower ground-floor; Benalmádena.  Málaga.

The cash back company Cashback Europe .

Cashback Europe Plc. Garrison House, 3 Library Ramp, P.O. Box 1469, Gibraltar.

The direct link with the cashback scheme is not acknowledged by Club Class though!

This list is not a complete list of the companies behind Club Class but it does include their main current business activities.

So who are they?

Club Class is run mainly by the Utal brothers, Andrew Cooper, Dennis Gilson, etc. However Peter Utal & Andrew Cooper seem to be the main brains behind this web of companies, using a large number of sales decks mostly located in the UK & Spain to market its products, mainly its DTMCs with the logistical help of companies registered in the UK, Gibraltar, and further afield, for example in the Seychelles, but truly run from Costa del Sol, Malaga.  Club Class main headquarters would be located currently in C/Inca in Fuengirola, Malaga.

Currently ITRA, as the International Timeshare Refund Action, claims that Club Class is its Main Sponsor.

Club Class Corporation openly indicates at the bottom of its website homepage that it is a “proud sponsor” of the International Timeshare Refund Action. However, Club Class Corporation has not acknowledged in fact that ITRA is part of Club Class –

The bottom line is that ITRA as an organisation (as resale and class action schemes) has been set up mostly to sell Club Class´s DTMCs: i.e. Club Class Concierge, Club Class Holidays, Club Class Services Sarl, Club Class Plc, etc.

Court Investigation in Spain

The Instruction Court nº 4 of Fuengirola – Malaga has instituted preliminary proceedings number D.P. 7110/08 as a result of the proceedings of the Criminal Investigation 839/08 carried out by the Public Prosecutors Office of the province of Malaga due to a report presented by the Spanish Police -Fraud Group from Malaga.

The Court has summoned Peter Utal, Victor Utal and Mesilio Eileen Lofreda, however as they have not been found, the Court has requested the Spanish Police to find out the whereabouts of such persons.

Regarding the Spanish Police Inquiry, and Preliminary Proceedings of the Court of Fuengirola, Malaga, we have to say that is not expected any result soon, due to the Spanish Judicial System is pretty slow.

ITRA as the International Timeshare Resale Associationunder the spotlight

ITRA as resale body was active since 2002 up to the end of August 2009. However, on September 2nd 2009, ITRA changed from a resale association into promoting a Class Action a Class Action against the Timeshare Industry main agents, using the new name of International Timeshare Refund Action.

ITRA was allegedly a self-regulatory body set up by Timeshare Resale Organisations with the alleged aim of ensuring members companies of ITRA in the timeshare resale industry, “would voluntarily submit to the oversight by the association, and its terms of membership and disciplinary codes, for the protection of their own clients, and the companies themselves, by agreeing to be so regulated and to ensure compliance with all the relevant legislation”, as it used to say in the website.

However, Mr. Tony Sedgwick, ITRA´s CEO for four years, claimed in a memorandum presented to the UK House of Lords European Union Committee in September 2007, which was at the time preparing a report on “Protecting the Consumers of Timeshare Products” (check link below), that he was made redundant by the owners of the company employing him. The company that had employed him was the DTMC, Club Class Holidays (Gibraltar) Ltd, another DTMC part of Club Class Corporation. It seems that he had uncovered evidence of criminal activity in late April 2006 by the main funding body of ITRA, ETOO.  Nothing further is known of this claim.

At ITRA´s site we could find the following grand statements in early 2009 (interesting to read to compare latter with the facts provided by RDO on this company’s true business practices – i.e. bogus modus operandi).

It is the mission of the Association, to provide a platform for Timeshare Resale Brokers, who strive for excellence within their Industry, for themselves, and their clients, and to encourage members to abide by all relevant laws across all countries in which they operate.

All of our members are obliged to abide by the ITRA Code of Practice and Code of Ethics, and we are therefore committed to protecting both our own members and members of the public.

ITRA has therefore developed these codes for it’s members, who are required to be committed to the highest standards for themselves and for those they serve their own clients, the Timeshare Industry as a whole, and the general public, and to promote at every opportunity public confidence in the Industry.

However, despite ITRA Code of Practice and of Code of Ethics, the UK´s Advertising Standards Authority made quite clear in August 2008, that ITRA´s founder ETOO´s ad, which had been broadcasted in the UK until that time, was misleading, because it never had informed to its clients about the non-refundable fees, the very low likelihood that a resale would be achieved (although the company indicated to its clients in many occasions that it had a firm buyer), resulting in an appalling 20 % success sales rate.

However, despite the previous ASA´s decision on ETOO, plus other complaints forwarded to ITRA by a number of British newspapers, this organisation did not take any action against ETOO, as this resale company had clearly not obeyed this organisation’s code of ethics.

At the very end of 2008, it had been detected an ITRA´s ad being broadcasted in Channel Five and other TV Channels. It is offering “free guidance” and “independent advice”, for buying or selling timeshare weeks or points.

Checking ITRA´s site, at the time it stated that it is “offering timeshare owners the opportunity to advertise their ownership for sale “free of charge”. Moreover, it mentioned that “by listing your week on the ITRA website you can benefit from both the exposure of your listing on our popular website, as well as exposure to all ITRA member agents…” And in the terms & conditions indicated that ” by submitting your personal data on this site you agree that the data may be made available to active members of ITRA whom ITRA deems can provide you with a beneficial service or offer to aid the sale of your ownership”… Basically at the time it is also begin acting as a platform to market the sale of timeshares through its members (ETOO being one of them).

So, as a result of ASA putting an end to ETOO´s ad campaigns in the UK in August 2008, ITRA as a result of its TV campaigns in the UK, basically started receiving the enquiries of UK timeshare owners wanting to sell their weeks or points, and this “association” passed on this information to its resale members, ETOO being one of them.

The issue of ITRA and its membership is also very dubious as in March 2009 claimed to have twenty three members including ETOO: European Timeshare Owners Organisation (Etoo) (Europe), and RE/MAX Properties (USA), as founding members; Timeshare Mall, Four Ways Exchange Club, Timeshare Resales, RP of Orlando inc, Timeshare Depot LLC, Resort Properties, all of them as USA based; and finally in Europe: Marina Leisure (Europe) and well known for its bogus modus operandi, Business Marketing Services (Spain), International Holiday Ownership Consultants (IHOC), Royal Marketing (Spain), European Vacations (Pan), Mediterranean Resort Owners, Artem Timeshare Resales Company (Turkey), Mayan Rivierra Villas (Can), Starting Point Marketing SL – SP Marketing, Global Holiday Services S.L, The Timeshare Clinic, The National Timeshare Helpline, Timeshare Homeowners Organisation (THO), THCS S.L. and (TRC) Timeshare Resale Centre.

We believe that most of the members US based never had anything to do with ITRA at all.

It is important to highlight for example that Starting Point Marketing S.L. was an ITRA resale member which was operating from Fuengirola Malaga, until March 2009, month in which it was closed down by the Spanish Police, due to its bogus modus operandi. The Daily Mirror reported on March 5th 2009, of the Spanish Police operation against Starting Points Marketing (please check link below).

It is also fundamental mentioning The National Timeshare Helpline – particularly active in early 2009, run from the very same offices of Club Class Concierge / ETOO in Malaga, and which was under the spotlight of the British media due to its bogus modus operandi. Its website is hosted on the domain servers owned in Malaga by Costtel Communications SL (Club Class Company), and the domain was registered in September 2008.

The National Timeshare Helpline started as a Resale firm member of ITRA, and later on would lunch the Class Action of ITRA in early 2009. This company is not active anymore.

The National Timeshare Helpline was under the spotlight of the Daily Mirror in February 2009, due to its bogus resale practices, offering timeshare owners in the UK, to trade in their ownerships for a costly Club Class Concierge, along with a cashback scheme, Cashback Europe Plc. Please check second part of the article:

ITRA as the International Timeshare Refund Action (the Class Action outfit)

ITRA morphed into the International Timeshare Refund Action by September 2009 – Telephones:  0208 952 1000 & 0800 082 2882 – claiming to be incorporated in the Republic of Seychelles, Registered No: 009977. However, we have been unable to verify if it is truly registered in such country.

ITRA had shared the same address in Gibraltar with ETOO, Garrison House, 3 Library Ramp, and now it is using the following contact address in Gibraltar: PO Box 561, PMB G416, Tel: +350 20042983, Fax: +350 20051884, Email:

ITRA´s website – – was registered in 2002, by a company part of the Club Class Web of companies, Costtel Communications S.L., Urb. Molino de Viento; Calle Rio Darro loc 22; Mijas Costa, Málaga 29651; . In September 2009, they have set up another site with the very same content –

We detected early in 2009 in ETOO´s an announcement made by the resale firm, in which stated that ITRA, was about to launch a major Class Actioncase against some members of the timeshare industry, and RCI, on behalf of some timeshare owners.

As a result ITRA passed from “allegedly” representing a number of “timeshare resale firms” to act as a Class Action kind of scheme, under the new name of International Timeshare Refund Action, allegedlytargeting the timeshare industry, and exchange companies, through cold calling timeshare owners (contact details obtained unlawfully), or through the TV, Printed Media, and Internet Ad campaigns run by ITRA itself or various companies, which are related to ITRA.

Areas which ITRA considered prone to litigation – i.e. Class Action: Alleged problems with obtaining a selected balanced exchange from exchange companies; alleged escalating maintenance fees; alleged exorbitantly high interest rates charged by finance companies introduced by marketers; alleged problems with the disposal and transfer of weeks and points; the role of Trustees, etc.

ITRA claims in its website the following: “over the past 3 years ITRA has with the support of its members and sponsors who have funded the investigation of these issues we are now pursuing the coordination of a claim to the courts on behalf of timeshare owners who can justify due cause for refund compensation, distress and damages on the grounds that their timeshare purchase was not of merchandisable quality”.

One wonders who funded the investigation. The bogus ITRA timeshare resale firms which have been closed down by the Spanish authorities during the last couple of years? ETOO?

ITRA claimsthat thefirst legal action that it has instigated is open to all timeshare and points owners who have been dissatisfied with the exchange promises that were made at point of sale.

ITRA also claimed initially that it had appointed Seddons Solicitors as legal managers, to conduct further investigation, and pursue the class action, on their belief that their costs, would be covered by winning a damages claim, on a fully insured and funded No Win – No Fee basis. And it was using Robert Deacon as solicitor.

However, as it is well-known ITRA is using the services of Edwin Coe LLP, law firm which launched a claim against RCI Europe in June 2010, on behalf of timeshare owners, who allege that RCI has denied its members the opportunity to get fair exchanges.

At least since late 2011 ITRA is also using the services of the British solicitor Clive Wolman .

ITRA used to indicate to their clients that the Class Action would take 3 to 4 years, and compensation [if successful] would be paid out according to the total of members’ outlay over the years of their membership! We are also aware that they have claimed that they require approximately 30,000 registered claims, before they can issue a class action!

ITRA was misleading consumers

The evidences tell us that the ultimate goal during the Class Action (Claim Compensation) consultation meetings, allegedly used to register the timeshare owners claims with an ITRA consultant, is to sell a costly DTMC, – Club Class Concierge, Club Class Services Sarl, Club Class Plc – along with a worthless cash back scheme, Cashback Europe Plc.

However, a report prepared for ASA in April 2010, proved that ITRA business practices and an TV AD broadcasted in the UK (until late December 2010), was misleading as it did not mention at all, that timeshare owners attending the meetings with ITRA Consultants, were to be offered to trade in their ownerships for a very costly DTMC, i.e. Club Class Concierge, Club Class Services Sarl, Club Class Plc. along with a worthless cashback scheme.

In January 2011 the Advertising Standards Authority banned an ITRA television commercial ad as misleading by omission because it did not reveal that meetings would turn into a sales pitch for Club Class – i.e. basically the selling of any of one of its very costly DTMCs. ASA indicated that  “the ad did not make clear that it was offering another product in addition to the opportunity to join the legal action” and that “attendees were offered an alternative to a timeshare product by ClubClass”.

The ASA resolution forced ITRA to include in its Ads the following disclaimer: “The sponsors of ITRA reserve the right to offer you alternative products during your consultation”, as it appears in its webpage.

None of the invitation letters sent by Owners Action or A Solution, make any reference that timeshare owners will be pressured hard on purchasing a DTMC, but the invitation letters sent to timeshare owners prior to the meetings with ITRA Consultants use a very confusing wording instead, “guaranteed get out option / exit strategy’.

Marketers such as A Solution, Owners  (site is down) Owners  – Bridge View Consultants Ltd – have been using a number of sales decks in the UK, allegedly promoting a Class Action Legal Claim Compensation, against a good number of timeshare companies, and put forward a “Get Out Exit Strategy” for the “benefit” of timeshare and point members until late 2011.

Evidences of misrepresentation

1. The various DTMCs claim that they will take in the timeshare deeds, and as result timeshare owners would end with their contractual obligations, to continue paying an annual maintenance fees to their resorts, and exchange companies.  According with the information that we have, the reality is completely different.

2. And then the marketers of DTMC go as far as to indicate sometimes, that through the cash back, Cashback Europe Plc, the new member would obtain in three years the money back they put into the DTMC membership, plus the amount offered for their timeshares in case of resale transactions.

However, the reality is very different, and if they checked the terms and conditions of such product, they would understand that they would be very lucky indeed, if they received back more than 10% of the money spent in purchasing the DTMC itself – .

ITRA Official sales decks in the UK:

ITRA Official sales decks worldwide (Spain, South Africa, Singapore):

However is worth indicating that a lot of emphasis is put in the ITRA meetings, about the “forever” escalating maintenance fees, and that the children of the timeshare owners will take the burden of continuing paying the maintenance fees once their parents pass away, what it is uncertain.

Even in its website, in a section called “Could this be you talking” it places the following comment: “I never realised when I signed that it is for perpetuity – forever. If I die, it goes to my son – he has to pay it. There is no exit policy”. As a result of this comment, it seems that ASA was investigating again ITRA in late 2011.

In May last year, ITRA registered its business at the Spanish Companies House as International Timeshare Refund Action Limited Sucursal en España. Address: C/Inca, S/N Esquina Calle Gomera, Local 3, 29640 Fuengirola.

Company Director: Fernando Sansegundo Cebrian. This person is also officially behind at the Spanish Companies House as company director of a number of companies part of Club Class: Club Class Concierge SL, Cashback Europe SL, Premiere Travel SA, European Fair Trade Advisory Group SL, etc.

Late 2011 we became aware that Club Class had informed to some of its victims about the liquidation or going into administration of the marketers Club Class International Plc (listed in Seychelles) and Bridge View Consultants Ltd (listed at the UK Companies House) both behind the selling of Club Class DTMC, which according to us is nothing more than a well-orchestrated strategy, carried out by Peter Utal and Andy Cooper to avoid potential lawsuits of victims of these marketers.

However, checking the UK Companies House, Bridge View Consultants Ltd still appears as an active company.


ITRA Facebook Page

ITRA´s Facebook Page has been active as least until last December 2011 – ; and for example the last post dated mid-December was promoting the services of one of its marketers, Owners Action (Tel. 0208 952 1000) – – with the objective “to generate and promote consumer awareness regarding a proposed Group Litigation against RCI Europe and others”.

RCI Action Group

In December 2011 we also received finally the evidences of what it could mean a step further in the fight of ITRA against RCI Europe, as we were forwarded some e-mails of timeshare owners who had been asked by ITRA to join its Class Action against RCI through the new site Europe – RCI Action Group . Domain name registered last September by Sandox Projects (South Africa Internet Service Provider).

This new action by ITRA should be placed into the context of last year (early June) launching of a claim against RCI Europe (RCI Group Litigation) by London Solicitors Edwin Coe LLP, on behalf of timeshare owners, who claim that RCI has denied its members the opportunity to get fair exchanges. ITRA had hired the services of this Law firm, as you well know.

When timeshare owners filled the pre-qualification claim form with ITRA through Internet (  ) or attending a meeting, they indicated their wish to join a Class Action against ITRA, as a result providing information to ITRA about their particular claim against RCI.

So, now it seems ITRA is contacting each one of the timeshare owners who filled the pre-qualification claim form who were happy to join a class action against RCI.

Basically, ITRA now wants those timeshare owners who filled the pre-qualification claim form to become Claimants (a person who brings a civil action in a court of law) in the class action being prepared by Edwin Coe LLP on behalf of ITRA. ITRA is seeking that those timeshare owners commit themselves legally to be part of this class action being prepared.

And this website RCI Action Group –  – has been launched with the purpose to facilitate the timeshare owners already in touch with ITRA to become “officially claimants”.

eSystems Case Management Limited-  – is the UK based company which provides the IT know-how to collect each one claims of the Claimants through this new website –  , as this service is not performed by the law firm Edwin Coe LLP.

Litigation Management Limited –  – is the UK firm which “simplifies the solicitor’s task of communication with multiple clients by employing advanced systems that enable an instant line of communication with all clients” is basically another service provider to Edwin Coe LLP.

European Fair Trade Advisory Group (EFTAG) SL & Asian Fair Trade Advisory Group (AFTAG)-

The new class action scheme of  Club Class/ITRA, i.e. the European Fair Trade Advisory Group (EFTAG) SL, firm listed at the Spanish Companies House in Malaga last May 30th (2011).

Company Directors: Andrew Charles Cooper (sole main administrator), Fernando Sansegundo Cebrian and Adrian Walker Argyle Cooper. Business official Address: C/Inca, 7, Local Bajo, 29640, Fuengirola, Malaga.

More information on our blog

EFTAG is being used to promote a Club Class/ITRA Class Action scam in Asia/Singapore; scheme highly likely launched last year, through the Asian Fair Trade Advisory Group (AFTAG)   . At ITRA´s site, in its sales decks location section, we find that ITRA acknowledges having a sales deck also in Singapore run by AFTAG,

If you checked the first link of the previous paragraph you would see that the European Fair Trade Advisory Group is being used to promote ITRA Asian/Singaporean outfit, and it is officially linked to ITRA:

“We are Asia’s complete service to the Holiday Investment Industry (HII). The European Fair Trade Advisory Group (EFTAG), and its strategic partner, the International Timeshare Refund Action (ITRA), have now expanded their reach to Asia with the addition of the Asian Fair Trade Advisory Group (AFTAG).”

And in another link –  – is indicated its alleged main goal – “AFTAG was formed as a self-regulatory trade body to help monitor and improve relations between the owner and the developer. Additionally, with the help of ITRA and their members support, they have funded an investigation to pursue a claims against the unscrupulous entities in the developers for unrealistic fees being charged, plus the potential of a 100% refund of their purchase, compensation for duress, plus awards for damages on the grounds that the purchase was a collaborated effort of collusion, mistrust, and potential fraud.”

British Authorities target Club Class in the UK – Sept 2011

An important development in the fight against Club Class was the final decision of last September by the British authorities, who finally have decided to close down most of Club Class marketers, and DTMCs, operating in its home soil. However, ITRA has not being targeted so far.

We have held a number of meetings during the last couple of years with the British Authorities, i.e. OFT, Trading Standards, at such meetings always handing in major in-depth reports on ITRA/Club Class, with the ultimate goal that the UK finally decided to close down the bogus operations of Club Class.

On September 28th of 2011, the Secretary of State for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS), made a petition, to close down seven Club Class Companies “in the public’s interest”, due to concerns about the trading methods of the companies indicated below.

If everything goes according to plan early 2012, seven Club Class Companies (two listed in the UK and five in the Seychelles) will be closed down by the British Authorities.

Companies Investigation Branch argues that the companies listed in the Seychelles have sufficient links to the UK, and that they do in fact have jurisdiction to wind them up also, along with the British listed ones.

UK & Seychelles Club Class companies will have until the end of December 2011 to present evidences to defend their case though.

The proceedings are pending and an update on the cases will be provided next year.

UK listed (2):

Club Class Concierge Ltd; Registration Number: 05932332; Company Director: Mr. Andrew Charles Cooper.

Bridge View Consultants Ltd; Registration Number: 06971280; Company Director: Mr. Andrew Charles Cooper.

Seychelles listed (5)

Club Class concierge plc             License No: 31930

Club Class International plc      License No. 32363

Garrison House, 3 Library Ramp, P.O. Box 1323, Gibraltar

Club Class Holdings Ltd             License No: 31934

Suite 1, Garrison House, 3 Library Ramp, PO Box 847, Gibraltar.

Club Class Corporation plc         License No. 31240

Club Class plc                                License No: 28365

P.O. Box 1323, Garrison House, 3 Library Ramp, Gibraltar.

Details of these winds up petitions were published in The London Gazette last September 30th (Club Class Holdings Ltd mentioned, for example).


ITRA modus operandi will not be altered currently by the alleged disappearance of Bridge View Consultants or Club Class International Plc, as ITRA in the UK is still using another marketers such as Owners Solution and Owners Action, to promote its Class Action at various sales decks.

Although Club Class International Plc was selling the Club Class Concierge Membership at Bridge View Consultants´ sales decks in the UK, still we have the evidence that some payments for this holiday club membership ended up into the UK bank account of another third party company, the London based accountancy firm  . Sochalls was also known for being involved in the past with another Club Class outfit, the resale firm ETOO, and this company has not being targeted by any UK Enforcement Agency yet.

The latest actions of the Secretary of State for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) might affect also lightly the modus operandi of ITRA/Club Class in the UK, as we have detected new marketers and products (not included in the list of seven companies being currently targeted by the British Authorities) operating for ITRA in British soil – i.e. Holiday Software UK & its travel software package.

So we are waiting for the court case in the UK against 6 companies from the Club Class Group, Spain has also initiated the first steps for legal action and in the meantime ITRA and Club Class keep their headquarters in Costa del Sol – Spain on the address Calle Inca 7, Fuengirola…

With all the information provided above, what credibility does a company like ITRA provide when announcing a Class Action against companies like RCI?

ITRA- Club Class Press Articles (Selection)

‘Angel’ for timeshare refunds falls to earth (ITRA spotlight) – December 10th 2011 – Mail on Sunday

Is timeshare ‘action group’ just a new way to push sales? (ITRA spotlight) – October 22nd 2011 – Mail on Sunday

Beware claims firm’s offer on your timeshare woe – January 8th 2011, Daily Mail

The tabloid Daily Mirror reports that ASA has banned ITRA TV Ad – January 5th  2011, Daily Mirror

The National Timeshare Helpline, Club Class Concierge, Cashback Europe under the spotlight – February 26th 2009 (second part of the article) – Daily Mirror

Timeshare resale sharks under spotlight (ETOO briefly mentioned, OFT campaign) – February 4th, 2009, Daily Mirror

The holiday club, Club Class Concierge under the spotlight – November 2008, BBC

ITRA shares address in Gibraltar with ETOO, Club Class Concierge and CashBack Europe –August 28th 2008, Daily Mirror

Club Class Concierge under the spotlight – August 19th 2008, Sunday Mirror

ETOO and its use of the ITRA logo in its media campaign in the UK under the spotlight –October 31st 2007, Advertising Standards Authority

ETOO nets more timeshare victims – October 18th 2007 – Daily Mirror

British couple unsuccessfully try to sell his weeks through ETOO (Club Class resale company), but ends up in Portugal talking to a sales representative of a marketer selling Club Class Concierge, instead – October 11th 2007, Daily Mirror

Club Class Concierge under the spotlight – Sunday Mirror, August 19th 2007

ETOO´s modus operandi & ITRA´s reason of being under the spotlight- May 3rd 2007, Daily Mirror

ETOO and its modus operandi, and a bank contacts a potential victim of this resale company, saving him of losing out 850 pounds – May 27th 2006, The Daily Telegraph

ETOO´s modus operandi and ITRA´s under the spotlight – April 1st 2006, Daily Telegraph

About mindtimeshare

Mindtimeshare is registered as a Spanish Association - reg number: G-98401524. Mindtimeshare provides assistance to timeshare owners who have been defrauded by holiday clubs and bogus resale companies. The Mindtimeshare project was launched in February 2011. After dealing with timeshare members over several years who had been defrauded by numerous bogus companies and for large amounts of money, I considered launching an Organisation to help timeshare owners that have been targeted by bogus companies. On this blog you can find information about the different active scam companies and their “modus operandi” and also place comments, ask questions and see comments from other consumers who have the same doubts or have been through the same experience. Mindtimeshare has resulted in a huge success and has received the back up from not only timeshare consumers but also from the professionals in the timeshare Industry. Mindtimeshare helps timeshare owners who have been scammed by bogus Discount Holiday Clubs; bogus cash back companies; fraudulent timeshare resale companies; bogus class action companies and false lawyers and notaries. We offer professional answers and advice to Timeshare users. If you want to send an email instead of posting a comment on the blog please do so by emailing:
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48 Responses to All the facts about ITRA what you should know before dealing with them!

  1. Tony says:

    I am certain you will get refused by your credit card company the first time you ask. If you do i was told to write again and say the following ” I recently wrote to you asking for a refund under Section 75 Consumer Credit Act 1974 and was refused, After consulting with the Citizens Advice Consumer Service I was advised to apply again and ask to have my claim escalated to your internal complaints procedure.” As i said in previous message keep me informed how you get on.

  2. Ian says:

    I had 3 years trying to convince my bank’s credit card dept and customer services and complaints dept over my section 75 claim, eventually the Financial Ombudsman Service, now changed to (Financial Conduct Authority) enforced a decision in my favour AND compensation for stress/distress I received over their 3 yrs arguing.

  3. Shapster says:

    Tony – or anyone else listening here. Please help and advise me if you can. I feel have fallen foul of the ITRA agreement and have paid a deposit by credit card – so sect 75 gives hope having read here other testimonies of getting that back.

    I recently went to one of their offices believing I was not paying anything up front, and that it would be based on a ‘No Win No Fee’ basis to offload my timeshare but they told me that as I was not an RCI member that I would have to pay up front. Foolishly I have paid the deposit of £250 but not the balance. of £5000
    I have foolishly signed their service contract, and just as foolishly accepted their word that they needed the original timeshare agreement documents – and I have come away with just photocopies.
    Where does this leave me and what should I do? Are those original documents really necessary?

    Also, I spoke with Citizens advice yesterday, whom have worryingly suggested that as I went to their office to sign up to this, that a statutory 14 day cooling off period might not apply. I find this hard to believe but CAB should know. Thoughts and advice on that?

    Any further help or advice on what I might do would be welcome.

    At the end of the day, all I want to do is free myself from the annual maintenance I pay and thus be free of the timeshare agreement. I don’t want compensation for mis selling or anything like that I would gladly ‘give it back’ rather than sell it back. I have owned it ten years now and my personal situation has drastically changed and I cannot afford the maintenance any longer.

    Please help

    • Tony says:

      The same happened to me. Do not pay any more money. By law there has to be a cooling off period. Apply to your credit card company under section 75 and ask for a refund. They will refuse but re-apply. They might refuse again but re-apply again and they will relent and give you a refund. It happened to me and i got back £1700
      Did you go abroad to see ITRA? Under European law the cooling off period is one year and i have the document which states this fact.
      Also, I wrote to my timeshare company asking to be released from my timeshare and they were very good. They sent me a transfer deed which i had to get signed by a notary and then get an apostile signed by the notary. Total cost £116 As you know you cannot sell the timeshare as nobody wants them so best to give it back and save on maintenance costs every year.

      • Shapster says:

        Tony, many thanks for your quick response.

        We saw ITRA in the UK – not abroad.

        Today I had a long, helpful and reassuring chat with Citizens Advice whom in turn gave me the telephone number for the Timeshare Association and I have to say, they too were instantly helpful and reassuring, but the moment I mentioned ITRA I detected the operators sigh of exasperation.
        They said to brace myself for the incoming flood of threatening calls – “We’ll take you to court” etc. They also suggested I should email ITRA to request the refund of payment and return of the documents, However if you read on, later advice from Action Fraud UK said the best way was don’t answer calls or get into any dialogue with them.
        The ‘Stolen’ documents were not a big problem, and they said to simply contact our time-share company to send us new ones.

        As already mentioned, I have also reported this encounter with ITRA to Action Fraud UK whom were extremely interested and confirmed that no cooling off period and taking money up front was indeed criminal, and as a result I now have a crime number to add weight to my Sect 75 claim; I think with the amount of people that must fall foul of this misleading company I would wholeheartedly urge everyone to contact Action Fraud UK as a matter of course.
        Action Fraud suggested (as already mentioned) that in their experience with these people that all dialogue either verbal or by email should best be avoided, and went on to give me the number for Victim Support as he believed from my demeanour on the telephone that I was extremely stressed – very perceptive – I have had no sleep over this and feel like someone has punched me in the stomach with stress. It has been truly awful.

        Tony, thank you for your comment on being released from your time-share, I have no idea how this will pan out with my company – I hope that mine are as helpful as yours – but I deal with that matter later, once this ITRA fiasco has all run its course.
        I have no problem with giving it back as opposed to selling it; I have had my enjoyment from it, but can no longer afford it or take the holidays as I am now spending almost all my income nursing sick and elderly family relatives

      • Shapster says:

        As an update to my saga, I have now gone well past the deadline for the further payment to ITRA of £4100 and so far have heard nothing from them. No emails no phone-calls – just silence.
        I am wondering if my strongly worded letter stating that I had sought legal advice and was now exercising my right to the statutory 14 day cooling off and was not proceeding, and demanded that they immediately pay back the initial £480 and return my documents has persuaded them that I am not worth pursuing?

        Intriguing. Early days yet though, I am sure.

      • Tony says:

        You will not hear anymore from them. They just try it on and frighten people into paying. Now get your refund from credit card company. They do not want to refund you but keep asking and send them all the paperwork you have and copies of the letters you have sent ITRA and you will get it refunded. They refused me twice and on the third attempt i got a phone call and they told me they were giving it back as a good will gesture. Keep in touch.

  4. paul says:

    I just transferred 5k to these people. I know, gullible or what. Guess it’s gone. Why are known scam artists allowed to operate. Any helpful suggestions.

    • Tony says:

      If you paid by credit card ask for a refund under section 75 of the consumers act. I did and got a refund. They refuse a couple of times but then they give it.

  5. CC says:

    Thank you for writing this. Now ITRA have came to Singapore and trying to con the Profitable Plot Group investors into believing them. I was being approached and all tactics the same. No win no fee, just need to sign a form and can go. I did not want to go down to meet with them as I am aftaid it is a waste of my time. So I google and found this website. Thank you much

  6. Deso says:

    I made a tentative online enquiry to Timeshare Release but stopped short of booking one of their ‘meetings’ as it looked suspiciously like it would be nothing more than a sales event. I was then contacted on the phone by ‘Deborah’ (her phone number was in Bath) who asked which timeshare company I was with. I told her it was Club La Costa and she went on to describe the imminent court hearing for a group action against CLC. She invited join this action and stressed it was on a ‘no win no fee’ basis with nothing to pay up front. I was dubious and asked if she could e-mail me any detailed information about the court action so I could consider it. All she e-mailed me was a link to a recording of a BBC Radio 4 interview with some bloke discussing a UK group action against RCI (following the American case) and there was no mention of CLC at all in the interview. She followed this with another phone call today and obviously detected my lack of enthusiasm (she could probably feel the commission slipping out of her grubby grasping little paws). I said I’d think about it (meaning “goodbye and don’t bother me again”) so she made a last desperate attempt to reel me in with the killer line “the no win no fee offer expires at the end of August so don’t leave it too late”. Absolutely pathetic and as transparent as a window.

  7. Sam says:

    I went to see itra office in fuengrola last month and was asked to pay £5000 to get rid of my time share but ,I got suspicious and refused. They asked me to give permission to take my claim top court against RCI and I agreed to that on no win no fee basis ,so I didn’t pay any money. I think this company is dodgy and I don’t feel comfortable Im just glad I didn’t part with any money.

    • lynn says:

      o help we went to fuengrola plus we were taken to a notario and signed a form, we have parted with some money but one of our cards refused to pay because they have had complaints about the company. we saw a lady Samantha Fuster in fuengrola any advice

      • Tony says:

        If you paid by credit card ask for a refund under section 75 of the consumers act. I did and got a refund. They refuse a couple of times but then they give it. I saw the same lady as you,and did the same as you. The following day i asked to cancel the contract. Under European law they have to give you a cooling off period and she told me there was no cooling off period. If you want anymore advice feel free to contact me. Also if you want to cancel your timeshare why not contact your timeshare company and ask to give it back. You will not be able to sell it anyway. I contacted mine and cancelled my timeshare and the total cost to do so was £120……a little less than ITRA wanted. They sent me a transfer deed what had to be signed by a notary and then an apostile also to be signed by a notary. Hope this helps.

  8. JOSEPH says:


  9. Tony says:

    I was recently called by “timeshare exit solutions” and was told that they could get my timeshare cancelled and a refund on a no win/no fee basis. I was asked to fly to Malaga and take all the documents. They paid the hotel for 3 nights so i was happy to go. They picked me up at the hotel and we went to their office and everything was explained to me and it seemed genuine enough. I paid £1700 deposit and was told it would be another £4200 to pay in 14 days. When they gave me the paperwork and receipt for the payment i had made i noticed it was on paper with the heading ITRA. Having never heard of them,when i got home i went on the internet and my feelings towards this company changed dramatically. Reading all the comments about this company i decided not to go ahead with the balance. I have emailed and gave my concerns and asked for a refund but have had no joy. Can anyone give me some advice on how i can get my money back please.

    • norman says:

      just been contacted byITRA telling me i could have £5-£20000 backon the same idea of a trip to Malaga. glad to have seen your message best of luck trying to get your money back .best hope if you paid by credit card ,contact your credit card company they will help.

    • Michael says:

      If you paid by credit card, download a section 75 form fill it in and send it to the credit card company, it worked for me

  10. Lois says:

    I’ve just had the good news that my Visa company will be refunding me the full amount (£5K) of what I was tricked out of by ITRA and their bogus holiday buy back scheme. I had attended two meetings with them for the RCI class action, and was caught out by this. When I got home I rang them and said I felt like i’d been scammed however they re-assured me and said they weren’t about to go to jail for £5K!!! Let’s hope they go to jail for a lot more as they have obviously been running this very plausible and successful scam for some time. I can’t thank Mindtimeshare, Visa and Club La Costa enough for their help and support in this. I just can’t believe these people haven’t been brought to account by now. I’m hoping Visa will get on their case now as more victims come forward & I look forward to hearing of their hopefully imminent arrest!

    • rf says:

      My parents have been involved with itra and have asked me to step in. They were members with club la costa how did you start your claim against itra?

      My parents have paid money out and are now being told they need to go to costa del sol to take things further
      Please advise how you started your claim against them
      Regards rf

  11. Ian says:

    1) Two new names on the block!! 1st Diane representing Victoria Taylor (consultant) for BS Marketing see, Tel 01277 509013 AND 2nd Milestone Data Investigations, London.
    Both these two will “help” clients to get back monies by following up a “recent” OFT ruling against ILG/DWCC/CCC. Needless to say am ignoring their petitioning.
    2) Fell for Bridge View Consultants/ITRA Stafford early 2010, complained under Section 75 to bank’s cc,….. refused. early 2012 complained again-…. shelved by bank! Late 2012 complained again,…. received a (limited) offer. Went to FOS in Dec 2012. Had FOS decision April 2013 ……..fully in our favour, cancellation of debt, assertion that 1st complaint should have been accepted,full refund of payments made during 2010/11/12 with interest and compensation, still took bank further 7 weeks to settle ( worth 56% increase on their limited offer). Good news, but do wish we had never got involved with ITRA/CCC in first place.
    3) from FOS website 23% complaints to our bank settled in favour of complainant, so consider ourselves EXTREMELY fortunate to have succeeded. BEST ADVICE….. DO NOT TO RISK IT!!!

  12. marianne says:

    I too have been contacted by itra, saying that if my timeshare was purchased 2007 or after and i paid a deposit on my creditcard they can get the money back for me. I told them we had paid over £12k by creditcard to marriott and she said they do a 60/40 split and it would take 8/12 weeks to get a refund which would be paid by the creditcard company. was interested up to this point, although dubious, having lost so much money to timeshare company, always now suspicious,she then said it would cost £850 for fees and admin!!!
    thought itra was a genuine company trying to help timesharers but it appears they are just as corrupt.

  13. Lucinda says:

    I paid out over £4,000 last june 2012 at their Chester office to get rid of my time share properties in Tenerife. The deeds were delivered back to my house last week. What is going on? Can anyone advise me what to do next?

    • Pauline says:

      Hi Lucinda, I went to the Chester office. I paid a £475 deposit and should have paid the balance of over £4000 this evening. However, I was very apprehensive. After reading all these comments I have decided not to go ahead. Please can you tell me what you had to do to get your paperwork back? Also, have you managed to get rid of your timeshare weeks and if so, how?

  14. Patricia says:

    We were also invited to join class action which we did .we were offered a buyer for our timeshare too for a deposit of £400 we declined I am glad to say.

  15. ANN says:

    Just as an after thought, we also had a cold call from RECLAIM GC. From:- PARADISE SUITES, MIRAVERDE-38660ADEJE,TENERIFE SPAIN. we were asked to join their no win no fee claim, for a.consultant to come to our home to tell us how to go about it, at the cost of £199, to ensure we keep our appointment, we would get the money back on the day the consultant came out, a Mike Harris, who said he came straight from Spain , on the Saturday , we saw him on the Sunday, he knew nothing about the fee? But would make sure we got it back on his return? Still waiting?? He went through his spiel, then worked out how much we could get back, in two years? £50,000? BUT IT WOULD COST US £13700 to take them to court, up front?? ANOTHER C**, when we said Norway, he tried to talk us into selling part of our house to an Equity company they delt with? DO PEOPLE REALLY FALL FOR THIS. We didn’t but he came back the next day, we just ignored him, he stayed out side for a good 10mins. Then sat in his car for a while longer! Talk about desperate for his commission!

  16. ANN says:

    We went to Bristol last Saturday 2 November ,to ITRA for them to put us on their list for the class action, we wouldn’t consider handing over any money, they wanted £3,800, within 7 days, 10% deposit then & there, but we’ve been had before, so said NO? She wasn’t interested in us then so pasted us over to her ‘underling’ to fill out the so called claims form. For the meetin we went to :-

  17. John says:

    Have nothing to do with them it cost me £6000 for absolutely nothing. It is high time the people responsible for this racket were securely locked up and the keys thrown way

  18. John says:

    Have just been e-mailed and then called by IRTA saying all the above just seems like these companies change their name every time they are caught up with. I would really like to know who is at the top of the pyramid and to see a proper worldwide body set up to deal with all the miss-sellings that I and many more have suffered in this truly unscrupulous industry,

  19. Joan says:

    J.H.Just got back from teneriffe. after a lovely holiday only trouble was we were asked by club class to upgrade our membership , we were offered 7 holidays and a vip upgrde . this was to cost £8000.00 with a refund of over £5000 after 3 years. Can anyone tell me if this is genuine.

  20. B. R says:

    Same thing happened to us – only we went to Slough! Got sucked into the “timeshare disposal” and paid £1000 deposit. Phoned TATOC next day, who strongly advised NOT to pay the balance. Had a phone call this pm from the “top man”, and threatened with legal action if we don’t pay up! We’ve reported them to “Action Fraud”, Legal helpline said to claim misrepresentation. Don’t touch them with a barge-pole!

  21. raym says:

    I have just had a call from ITRA (follow up from online enquiry so not “cold”) inviting me to Slough to notorise my claim for mis-selling / misrepresenation on a timeshare I have in florida (£10k – 40% commission no win no fee)
    I asked her if it was just a sales pitch for CClass, because if it was I wasnt interested since I was already in dispiute with them
    She denied point blank that there was any association between ITRA and CC stating ” they used to be sponsors but we didn’t like their sales methods so we no longer use them” She then went on state categorically that no relationship exists between ITRA and CC and she was very concerned that CC sarl had used the ITRA class action (and subsequent cessation of maintenance fees) as a “carrot” to con me into “membership”.
    She has left me to think about it

  22. Janet says:

    Please can you tell me if you have heard of a company called Holiday Home? They have contacted me by telephone, asking for bank details to pay me for my Club Class Membership. I have learned from recent mistakes and have not given them any details but I think other readers of your blog need to be aware.

    • Hi Janet,
      Is this maybe Holiday Homes Direct? Because that is the same company as Holiday Rentals Direct but every now and then they use this name.
      Let’s see if more people got called by them.
      Thanks for letting us know!
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  23. A jorden says:

    I have also been contacted by this company recently asking for documentation. I asked how much it would cost me and was told it was free for them to establish if I have a claim. They are phoning me again on Monday when I suspect they will say I have grounds for a claim and then will ask for money up front. At that point I will take it no further. I have seen on another website that someone else has been contacted by them and have got to the stage where they have been told they are eligible for a claim and have now been asked for the money up front. These Claims companies are all the same, the approach is just different, ie. they don’t ask for money in the first couple of phone calls anymore. I have been contacted by at least 5 now, all claiming the same thing and wanting money up front. Never pay up front, chances are you won’t get it back.

    • Barry S says:

      I have been contacted by the National Claims Group also. They sent some details in two attachments. Looks good except that when they establish I have a claim they will tell me of costs involved and then ask for money upfront!? How careful one needs to be!!

  24. Ian says:

    Just been “cold called” 8/03/2012 by ” The National Claims Group (. ) ..SPIEL:- “did I know that ILG, parent co to Club Class Concierge had been taken to court 7/03/2012, by DTI, and lost, now to be wound up, They needed my e-mail address to send attachment claims forms to get refund/compensation”.. check out their website!

  25. Barry Smith says:

    I was contacted (cold call) by Lilly Grace of Admin Services Limited yesterday. Their Company Reg No, is 04224981. Their address is The Courtyard, Shoreham Road, Upper Beeding, Staining, West Sussex,BN44 3TN and their telephone number 02032 879147. In connection with my loss to Incentive Leisure, Lilly told me to telephone Legal Timeshare Authority, Newcastle on 01916 450351, who would help in recovering my loss. Have you heard about these organisations?

  26. Brenda says:

    We have been contacted by these people and will not provide any UK address for us to send the completed form to. Am awaiting a call from them now.

  27. Kevin Davies says:

    In my opinion the whole timeshare industry from deck to resale to trade organisations to supposed client help sites are all crooks. The latest is ITRA having a go at RDO, who do you believe. please see or
    Who pays whos wages. A bigger nest of vipers I have yet to see!

    • Rhian says:

      I agree totally! Itra has not disposed of our timeshare,yet took £1500 from us, Over £1000 of which was taken without our permission from my credit card when they claimed they had got rid of our timeshare. This was not the case,but they still took our money! They have not paid it back despite numerous e mails and phone calls. The guys involved are Stephen John and Jason Thompson. Do not trust them

  28. Had an e-mail from this afternoon at 14.30. For action against RCI it wants a commitment of ticking one of three boxes:
    I wish to be part of the RCI Action Group and have registered accordingly (
    I wish to be part of the RCI Action Group and will register shortly.(
    In addition to being part of the RCI Action Group, I would also like to be considered as a member of the decision making committee.
    Of course I shall ignore it and block their domain.

  29. Paul Sturman says:

    We have lost £6000 to these cri*****s. I hope they get their just rewards and spend the rest of their lives in jail.
    Paul and Carol

  30. chris & jenny says:

    new kids on the block ??……………………….consultancy investment services
    offer to send a consultant to you for a fee of £270.00 to assist you with recouping money lost to designer way vacation club.,…………….. claim their offices are in london at …3rd floor 207 regent street west london tel no 0203 1371898 co reg no 7468624.
    any news on these guys ?????
    regards chris & jenny

    • Jill and Derek Godwin says:

      We have been cold called by this ‘Company’ , with all the above numbers. They claim to be acting on ‘Instructions from the Court’ and that is how they know our reference number with DWVC. I guess that means they are ex-employees of ILG with an appropriated list of clients? We are awaiting an email giving more details of their ‘Company’ but it is taking a long time to arrive! We will NOT be paying the £270.
      Regards, Jill and Derek

  31. Thought something didn’t ring right when I sussed they lived next door in Gib.! Duped once by D.R.I ! Twice by Concierge Thrice by ITRA. NEVER AGAIN! This should be the death of time-share !!!

  32. Stuart Walsh says:

    About time, we were nearly conned twice, but now realise that each visit was a waste of time. We were wary as we have been ripped off before.

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