¿Estadísticas concluyentes?. Reclamaciones de consumidores: #Timeshare #ComisiónEuropea #ECCs.


El pasado mes de Febrero de 2014  la Comisión Europea publicó un  pequeño informe/resumen de la actividad de los Centros Europeos del Consumidor, relativo a las reclamaciones de los consumidores europeos, en general.

Recientemente ha salido publicado el detalle ese informe anual – 2013.  Ver informe aquí:  report_ecc-net_2013_en

Las cifras provienen de 31 oficinas distribuidas en 28 países europeos.

Según este informe, el número total de reclamaciones de consumidores recibidas en la red de ECCs en 2013, en Europea, fue de 32.552. Un número muy similar a las reclamaciones recibidas en 2012.

Las reclamaciones son agrupadas en función del tipo de actividad comercial.

En 2013, la actividad del ‘timeshare’ y otros productos de paquetes de vacaciones supuso un 7,4% de las reclamaciones totales denunciadas en los ECCs por los consumidores. Lo positivo es que se pasa de un segundo lugar (en 2012) a un quinto, en el ranking de reclamaciones; tras las compañías aéreas, compañías de alquiler de vehículos, productos domésticos y servicios de recreo, deportivos y culturales.

Un 7,4% de incidencias relacionadas con el ‘timeshare’ y productos de vacaciones supone un número aproximado de 2.400 reclamaciones.

Estamos completamente seguros que estas reclamaciones no provienen de las empresas promotoras de tiempo compartido, sino que corresponden a la comercialización de productos fraudulentos y los clubes de descuento de vacaciones. +

Nosotros queremos informar a la Comisión Europea que la incidencia de reclamaciones en la industria ‘legal’ del tiempo compartido es mínima. La mayoría de las reclamaciones de los consumidores proceden de empresas fraudulentas.

Por tanto, la lectura de estadísticas siempre hay que recibirlas con la correspondiente precaución, aunque vengan de fuentes oficiales.

En 2013, la Asociación Mindtimeshare recibió 9.766 reclamaciones de consumidores procedentes de empresas de dudosa reputación; la mayoría de estas empresas eran fraudulentas. 

Empresas fraudulentas que hacen mucho daño al sector del tiempo compartido. 

Los consumidores lo que necesitan es que las Autoridades Europeas pongan los medios para erradicar el fraude en este sector.

Damos estas cifras porque queremos que las Autoridades tomen conciencia de que este es un problema muy importante para el consumidor europeo, por tanto, es necesario que se le preste más atención de la que realmente se le está prestando en estos momentos…. por el bien de los consumidores europeos.

¡Que pasen un buen fin de semana!

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Europe Consultants, have you received their cold call already?


A recent created company has started their cold campaign under the name of Europe Consultants.

Europe Consultants approached Timeshare owners for the sale of their timeshare membership. As all the other cold callers, they seem to have buyers lined up who cannot wait to pay substantial amounts for the timeshare memberships.

A bit of research has shown that the website of Europe Consultants http://www.europeconsultants.net/ was created on the 22nd of September this year.

The layout and text looks actually very familiar to other similar webs of companies previously mentioned in our blog.

Yet again we are looking at a company who is “part of the largest consumer co-operative.  And operates alongside over 400 high street travel agencies, a business travel operation, call centres, Holiday Ownership Organisations, a specialist cruise operation and in excess of 600 travel homeworkers….

Contact details for Europe Consultants are telephone: 0203 598 4544 and Email: info@europeconsultants.net

They claim to be based in London.

Cold callers, recent created websites with no further company details, and guaranteed sales to hundreds of customer each month. We thought it was time to place a warning, as we certainly recommend caution with this company.

If you have been cold called by Europe Consultants from 02035984544 about the sale of your timeshare ownership, then please do let us know.

You can email to customercare@mindtimeshare.com or place a comment on this blog

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Exclusive weeks, another fly buy Company belonging to the Easy Consulting Group


There is a lot of activity with the cold calling fly buy companies, who all seem to be on a mission to book the winter space in the timeshare resorts.

Numerous new names pop up daily and the offers are becoming more and more promising.

One of these names that popped up is from the company Exclusive Weeks. This company is cold calling and as all the others, offers luxury accommodation worldwide for really competitive prices.

It is always recommendable though to do research on the web and make sure that the Terms and Conditions are clear before paying any money towards these kinds of offers.

Exclusive Weeks has a website where these Terms and Conditions can be looked up http://exclusiveweeks.co.uk/tandc.php

It is clear that Exclusive Weeks is part of the Easy Consulting Group, a group to which a lot of other cold calling companies belong such as Bonus Weeks Breaks, The Gift Company, Extra Weeks, Anu Corporate, Easy Consulting, The All Inclusive Club, Direct Resort International, Sponsored Weeks and Sponsored Breaks.

What these companies have in common with Exclusive weeks is the cold call and the fact that it is not always made clear that the Holiday Presentation is an obligation, you need to travel in a couple and you cannot take two weeks together.

Not to mention that often people are given the impression that the cold calling company has something to do with their timeshare resort or exchange company.

Please always do your research before handing over through the phone your credit card details for offers that sound too good to be true.

If you have been approached by Exclusive Weeks from 0800 198 4001 then please let us know.


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Brook & Co., Solutions for you!


A new web page has been brought to our attention, Brook & Co. is the company name and they offer solution on nearly everything!

Brook & Co. is supposedly located at 17 Avenida Cadiz, 41004 Sevilla; they offer a web page http://www.brookandco.com and their telephone contact number is indicated with 0034 955 283 970. As contact e-mails they state info@brookandco.com and admin@brookandco.com.

Although Brook and Co. has only activated their web page at the end of September / beginning of October this year, they pretend to have already “years of experience assisting scammed victims of ‘so called’ timeshare, resale, holiday clubs and cash back companies.” Strange though that nobody has heard of them yet.

They are as good as to offer their services in all timeshare related areas as e.g. extracting timeshare owners from their ongoing liabilities, recuperation of monies from the bank or credit card suppliers when dealing with dubious resale companies, timeshare, holiday clubs, and they even include help for cashback matters.

Brook & Co. state on their web page that they were established in 2011, and that they are a legitimate, registered, limited company with head office in Spain and a call centre in the U.K., but they do not offer any proper information about their identification or registration on their web page.   If Brook & co. are registered, a legitimate company and all this, why do they not offer the corresponding information on their web which is nothing to hide in effect?

The reason could be that not everything what is stated on the web page is at it is written:

At least their address in Sevilla is a dead-end street where is NOTHING, no offices or anything from where a supposedly “legitimate” firm like Brook and Co. could lead their business successful since so many years.

So, we thought this it is worth to put out a small article to see whether any of you has already been in contact with this company. Certainly we would recommend being very careful when dealing with a company that is difficult to identify and offers all kind of services around timeshare and holiday clubs!

If you have heard about Brook & Co., have been in contact with them under the phone number 0034955283970 or by e-mail, please e-mail to customercare@mindtimeshare.com or leave your comment here on our blog.


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Sponsored Breaks, the latest cold calling Fly Buy operator


A new company is actively cold calling Timeshare consumers for different promotional offers. This company is called Sponsored Breaks, and apart from the conventional accommodation in Timeshare resorts they also offer City Breaks, Cruise Holidays and flights.

Sponsored Breaks seems to be connected to a company called Sponsored Weeks about which we already posted an article on this blog.

The website for Sponsored Breaks www.sponsoredbreaks.co.uk was created in July 2014

Their address quoted is in the UK Sponsored Breaks, Suite 43, 43 Berkeley Square, Mayfair, Westminster, London W1J 5FT

Telephone 0800 198 1048 and email info@sponsoredbreaks.co.uk

We have not found a mention on the web about a Company Registration in the UK or Spain for Sponsored Breaks.

Being such a recent company with a booking rule of 8 weeks prior to the date, it seems rather odd they already have numerous testimonials about holidays enjoyed from different consumers.

The supposed flight bookings is a link to the website of Sky Scanner which is indeed a flight search engine, which anybody can access from any computer directly.

Going through the terms and conditions it becomes clear that both City Breaks and Cruises are booked by third party companies. The holiday accommodation in the resorts is booked by Sponsored Breaks and people should be aware that there is the obligation to go through a “holiday presentation” during their stay. In case the consumer does not attend such presentation the resort has the right to charge the full rental price to them.

Consumers are made aware in the terms and conditions as well, that failure to notify the company that they own at a timeshare resort can result in cancellation of the booking. Something that seems rather strange…

Cold callers and offers too good to be true should always be treated with caution.

Make sure that when you are called by a company such as Sponsored Breaks, you receive the terms and conditions PRIOR to paying the actual money for the package.

If you have been contacted by Sponsored Breaks from free phone 08001981048 then please do let us know.

You can email us at customercare@minstimeshare.com or place a comment on this blog

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The strange services from European Complaints in Tenerife



A cold caller has been detected by the name of European Complaints.

European Complaints pretends to be a claims company who cold calls Timeshare consumers and offers them claims against their Holiday Company. Of course the agent calling already knows about the dealings of the consumer in the past.

They act really quickly, because after just one call with the “Claims Department” everything is set in motion and a couple of days later the consumer is informed that the claim has been registered at the court in Arona (Tenerife)n and everything.

And all that without any official authorization of the consumer to act on his behalf, no paperwork and not even copies of ID or anything.

That is what we call a quick service!

The consumer is sent an official confirmation and a registration number of the actual court claim.

Strange thing is that in the same confirmation they confirm the claim has been registered but then they say the consumer needs to call the offices in Tenerife to authorize them to pursue the case. Would that not be done prior to registering a claim?

Contact details for European Complaints are Telephone 0034 603 328 892 (Spanish Mobile), Fax 0034 922 750 247 and email europeancomplaints@lawyer.com

No website no nothing. A logo from a lawyer’s guild but without the registration number of the lawyer and his details, there is not much to search for.

Research has shown that there is no such company in Spain or Canary Islands by the name of European Complaints.

Neither is it possible to register claims at a court in the name of somebody without a written consent, duly signed and stamped at a notary.

We therefore insist to all consumers who are called by European Complaints to be cautious and certainly not to hand over any personal details or money!

If you have been speaking to European Complaints then we would like to hear from you. Email us at customercare@mindtimeshare.com or place a comment on this blog.

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Cold Caller List – September 2014

coldc sept14

Dear All,

Another month passed and yet again another month with new cold calling dubious companies.

This month of September we have counted 104 active companies of which 27 companies were new names on our records.

Most of these companies are offering a straight forward resale, or a compensation / refund claim.

Obviously a cold calling resale agent is not really a good sign and when asking for an upfront fee, the reality is that you are better off hanging up the phone.

Claims companies are becoming more “creative” and are even offering claims to those who already recuperated their money, stating they can now also claim interests or compensation for the time they had to wait.

The reality of the matter is that fantastic offers made on a cold call which incurs some kind of payment upfront, are never to be trusted and never turn out to be that fantastic!

Please have a look at the PDF document we prepared with the names of the 104 active companies and the corresponding links to the blog articles for those who are mentioned on our blog.


The names of the 27 New Companies detected in September 2014 are as follows:


Agencia Atlas SA                                        http://wp.me/p1kmoi-1nY

ANTUM Gestion Inmobiliaria SL

Atlantic Program Compagny                   http://wp.me/p1kmoi-1ng

Atlas Consultants Europe                         http://wp.me/p1kmoi-1ns

Bansemanas International – Ban Semanas SL

Centeno                                                          http://wp.me/p1kmoi-1mZ

Club Almeria Vacations                              http://wp.me/p1kmoi-1n1

European Complaints Commission

European Legal Services

Galdarres                                                         http://wp.me/p1kmoi-1mQ

Global Liquidation Services                         http://wp.me/p1kmoi-1nd

Gorman & Harrison Associates                   http://wp.me/p1kmoi-1nO

Jesus Gomez Notario                                     http://wp.me/p1kmoi-1n6

Liquidacion SL Madrid

Liquidaciones 2013 SL

Liquidation SL

Lobrera                                                             http://wp.me/p1kmoi-1nQ

MacMillan Finance Plc

New Horizons

Read Consultancy Solutions Group Ltd     http://wp.me/p1kmoi-1mW

Regent Finance Ltd                                         http://wp.me/p1kmoi-1n8

Seiler Travel                                                      http://wp.me/p1kmoi-1mU

The Highstreet Group

Timeshare Solutions Ltd                                http://wp.me/p1kmoi-1np

Turner & Porter Associates

WTC Administration                                       http://wp.me/p1kmoi-1mO

If you received a cold call with any offer connected to your timeshare or a payment made for a anything to do with your Holiday Ownership, then please let us know.

Cold Calls are not a “normal” procedure. Not for Resale Agencies, not for Claims companies and certainly not for lawyers, liquidators or Legal advisers. Your personal details should not be in possession of anybody without your permission!


Customer Care

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