Smarter Business Solutions, a cold calling Disposal Company from Tenerife


We only recently published an article about a Fly Buy company called Smarter Holiday Solutions. This time we have a connected branch called Smarter Business Solutions who actually also cold calls to capture customers.

It seems a big coincidence indeed that those who are contacted by Smarter Business Solutions are also bombarded with calls from Smarter Holiday Solutions but it explains itself when looking at the address and contact details of both companies which are exactly the same:

Avda Atlántico S/N, Edif. Winter Gardens, Golf Del Sur, 38639, San Miguel De Abona, S/C Tenerife

Telephone: (+44) 03333 440 086 and Email:

Smarter Business Solutions has a website which was registered at the beginning of February 2014.

There is no company registration or ID on this website.

The agent calling from Smarter Business Solutions claims the Timeshare owner can get all his money back and they can help him to do this.

Smarter Business Solutions seems to be in possession of all the Timeshare owners’ details.

What we can deduct from the website is that there is a payment to be done through Pay Pal.

Seen the fact they cold call and the lack of company information, we would recommend to be very careful when dealing with Smarter Business Solutions.

If you have been approached by this company from 03333440086 then please let us know.

What questions do you have about Smarter Business Solutions? Let me know in the Comments section below, and I promise to answer each one. Or email us directly at

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Smarter Holiday Solutions, the latest fly-buy Company from Tenerife


Recently we have a new cold calling Fly Buy Company by the name of Smarter Holiday Solutions and which seems to be based in Tenerife.

Smarter Holiday Solutions offers attractive discounted accommodation in different locations around the world although their “speciality” seems to be Tenerife.

They contact timeshare owners on a cold call and offer discounted accommodation, to be booked in the future but which has to be paid upfront in order to be able to maintain the reduced price.

Those visiting Tenerife, are told that they will be asked to visit the  Granada Park resort to evaluate it for receiving the discounted holiday, although the consumer is not even staying at this resort.

Sounds like a smooth way to get consumers over to Granada Park and place them into some kind of sales presentation. As a matter of fact most of the resorts mentioned on the website are those who we know they have sales teams doing presentations for different Discount Clubs (DTMC’s).

The office address for Smarter Holiday Solutions is; Winter Gardens Business Centre, Suite 5, Avda Atlántico, Edif Winter Gardens, 38639 San Miguel de Abona – Tenerife

Telephone: +44 (0) 3333 440 086 and email

Interesting to see is that the website was registered in February this year, but the testimonials from happy consumers mention travels in the past year.

There is though no registration information of Smarter Holiday Solutions on their web and neither any other company identification.

We certainly recommend being cautious when dealing with Smarter Holiday Solutions from 0333440086 in Tenerife.

What questions do you have about Smarter Holiday Solutions? Let me know in the Comments section below, and I promise to answer each one. Or email us directly at

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Latest News! Reclaim Ltd. wound up by the government of Gibraltar!


Today we received an official communication from the department of Consumer Affairs in Gibraltar, about the fact that Reclaim Ltd. is now in process of liquidation.

The wound up of this company was petitioned by the Gibraltar Government and this has been accepted.

The liquidating process will be handled by PWC (PricewaterhouseCoopers Ltd), International Commercial Centre, Casemates Square, PO Box 75, Gibraltar.

Telephone: +350 20073520 Fax: +35020048267 and website:

Those consumers who believe to have a valid claim against Reclaim and wish to list themselves as a creditor of the company have to contact Mr. Charles Bottaro of PWC.

Mr. Bottaro is dealing with the liquidating process directly and his e-mail is as follows:

Please note that this is the only company handling the liquidation process and if you are contacted / cold called by any other company claiming to be appointed as well, please let us know and do not provide any of your personal details to them before you have checked them out!

If you have any questions about your Reclaim Certificate or the membership you purchased when receiving this certificate, please email us at or place a comment on this blog.

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Valdemora, the cold calling liquidators from Seville in Spain.


Yes we have yet again a new company by the name of Valdemora that claims to be a liquidator’s office and insolvency specialists.

As so many other liquidators that we have seen mentioned on this blog, Valdemora contacts mainly those consumers who have a Reclaim certificate.

Valdemora states they can recuperate the money from the Reclaim Certificate, and as a matter of fact they go as far as saying that they have been appointed by the Spanish Government to do this.

Valdemora will be paid by the government so they are adamant to say that they are no fees to be paid to them.

All the Consumer needs to do is submitting the paperwork by fax or email (post will not be accepted) and soon the money will be transferred to them.

Obviously things are never that easy and straight forward, and as with all the other bogus liquidators there will be a charge. For some because there is a tax bill to be paid and for others because the consumer will need a Spanish Tax ID number in order to receive the money. As most people outside Spain do not have such number and don’t have a clue how to get one, Valdemora will offer to arrange this against a payment..

Contact details of Valdemora are: Avenida San Francisco Javier 15 -4, 41005 Seville, Spain.

Telephone +34 955 300 162 and Fax +34 955 300 159

Email address

Please be aware that there is no such company by the name of Valdemora in Spain, and neither is there any insolvency specialists based on the above address.

If you have been contacted by Valdemora from 0034 955300162 in Seville, then please let us know.

You can email us at or place a comment on this blog

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Wallis Vargas, the cold calling Law Firm from Madrid.



A new cold calling law firm has been brought to our attention recently, and they work by the name of Wallis Vargas.

This “Law Firm” Wallis Vargas claims to be working for many years on Timeshare cases, which has given them access to a large database of registered timeshare owners. Obviously this is to explain how they are cold calling, although nobody has ever heard of such database.

Wallis Vargas offers to do claims on behalf of defrauded timeshare owners in order to obtain a refund and compensation for the money paid to the Timeshare Company.

Wallis Vargas states that so far 100% of claims have been successful and are turned around in one week. The Timeshare owner only pays a 10% if the claim is successful. The claim has to be done in 7 days though otherwise the money goes to the Spanish Treasury. .  The court rules which bank the money is to be paid into and the official notification comes from the court in Spanish and English. The 10% fee though has to be paid once the Timeshare owner receives this notification (NOT when he receives the money) and once paid the 10% a cheque with the awarded money will be send out to him.

How does that sound?

Research has shown that Wallis Vargas registered their website in January 2014. Their contact details are: Calle de Almagro 44.46, 28010 Madrid, Email address and telephone +34 611 396 575 which is a Spanish Mobile.

There is though no such company registered at the Spanish Companies House and neither at above mentioned address.

Neither have there been any court cases or is there money awarded by the Spanish Government for the victims of certain companies which can be claimed back.

If you do receive a cold call from this dubious Legal Company Wallis Vargas with telephone 0034 611396575 then please let us know.

You can email us at or place a comment on this blog

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Hudson & Reece, cold calling dubious claims Company.


Hudson & Reece is supposedly a claims company that has been appointed by the Spanish court to assist claimants with processing their claims.

The agent calling from Hudson & Reece seems to have a lot of information about the consumer and his previous dealings with dubious companies such as Summer Sun International and Imperial Strength.

Hudson and Reece even knows how much money the Timeshare owner was offered for his timeshare, how much they paid for a deposit and based on these figures they explain that a settlement offer can be done through the Spanish Court.

In order to get this settlement processed the Timeshare owner needs to pay a Court Filing Fee of £550. This fee is to be paid by bank transfer to the “Court Liaison Officer”, a bank account in an individual’s name!

Research has shown that Hudson & Reece registered their website on the 7th of January 2014

They provide an address on this website for their offices: C/ Enrique Loretta 7, 28036 Madrid, Spain although they also provide a post box address to submit paperwork which is on the Costa del Sol: Centro Comercial Jarales, Local 1, Buzón 115. Crta Cadiz Km 197, Mijas Costa, Malaga, Spain

So that is about 700 kilometres from their offices in Madrid…bit out of the way to go and pick up the post!

Email address for Hudson & Reece is and the telephone number provided is +34 91 6397817

Hudson & Reece is not a registered company in Spain and certainly is not appointed by any Court to liaise with victims of dubious resale companies.

We would recommend caution when dealing with this company and if you are called by Hudson & Reece from +34 916397817 in Madrid then please let us know.

You can email us at or place a comment on this blog

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Cold Caller List – March 2014

Cold Call blog

Dear All,

Here we are with a new updated cold caller list for the month of March 2014.

This month we detected 111 Active companies, of which 27 New Companies.

For a complete list you can click on the following link: March cold caller list

As you can see, most of the active companies are those offering mediation, claims companies and the so called legal advisers. But there are also new DTMC – Discount Travel Membership Clubs who are offering packages of several years of holidays and companies that contact consumers to offer packages of several bonus weeks.

Please be careful with what you sign or pay for, as most of these packages consist of several accommodation vouchers with duration of 12 months or less and these do not fall under the Timeshare Directive. The packages are often split up between different agreements and on paperwork the product is not reflected as a long term holiday product at all.

The 27 new companies detected this month of March 2014 are:

20/20 Travel Consultants

Antonio Lopez Solicitors

Casa Verde Inmobiliaria SL

CES Customer Advisory

CLC Resale FAKE!

Cloud Estates Ltd

Dispute Management


Espanol Solutions

Fiscal Association UK Ltd    

Happy Days Spain                

HC Mediators SL                  

HPC Mediation

Hudson & Reece

Information Advice Bureau

Lloyd Clarks

Notarios de Europa

NS Legal Release                

Olton Alexander


Resort Premium Services – RPS

Smith Legal Associates

Subsidised Holidays

Velez Anfor

Vitoria Ventas Inmobiliarias SL Group

Wallis Vargas

We Sell Any Timeshare    

If you have received a cold call from any of the companies on our list or maybe from a new company with offers regarding your timeshare, please let us know as soon as possible.

If you are attending a presentation, please make sure that everything you are told & promised is reflected on the paperwork. In case of doubt do not sign anything and ask for copies of the paperwork to read through and discuss with your solicitor.

If you need any help or advice, you know where we are!

Kind regards

Customer Care

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