There is no rest for the wicked!

Summertime always gives you the feeling of “holidays” and time off, and for some reason we just take for granted everybody will indeed have their (deserved) break at some point during these months.

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But we couldn’t be more wrong…

It looks like this summer is going to be busier than ever, and we continue to receive on a daily basis emails from concerned consumers who keep on receiving very dodgy calls from all sorts of people and “companies”.

Most of these companies at some point seem to claim that they are connected to Courts, Notaries, Liquidators or just full stop claim to be lawyers themselves.

We also see many telemarketing staff giving themselves the title of “senior legal Adviser”.

If we have to believe all these companies, in Spain there must be so many court cases going at present related to dubious resale companies, that it is hard to believe the courts are actually closed in August. And all these outstanding tax bills…it is even more difficult to understand why Spain is even in a crisis!

Jokes apart, it is of course a very serious situation, knowing that many innocent consumers are right now being called by some kind of heartless person who will tell any story possible for the sake to get money from this consumer.

Although many people have updated their computer knowledge and skills, obviously it is the elderly that many times are not that experienced and lack the knowledge to be able to do a proper research on the web about the companies that call.

So it is often that the elderly consumers end up being duped by these people without any scrupulous who for some reason seem to think it is ok to cheat on the consumer like this.

Luckily we from Mindtimeshare are here to help out all those who need more information and more background details on the weird companies that call day in day out.

The team headed by Alberto García continues their daily work with replying to all the queries received through our inbox the blog or web

Our team consists of people with many years of experience in Timeshare, and with a background in the area of police, investigators and computer science. This combination has created a very strong formula where it comes to fighting against fraud and scams in and around timeshare.

We have information on thousands of dubious companies and also the names of people related to these companies, contact details, addresses, and whatever information we get from the consumers.

This means that as soon as a company is spotted, the “wheels are set in motion” and we quickly are able to detect if any of the given details match with some other dubious set up we heard of before.

This information is very often shared with the police and even with banks or other consumer organisations when they are handling queries about a certain company.

It has become public knowledge that Mindtimeshare and Alberto García have information on most of these companies.

What we need to reiterate over and over again is that without the continuous feedback from consumers we could not do this and we certainly would not be able to do all the research and produce all the warnings we publish on the blog.

The information we receive from the consumers is vital not only for us but for all timeshare and holiday ownership consumers out there…as everybody at some point will receive a cold call.

So our message continues to be the same, if you receive a cold call, no matter from whom, if they are on our lists already or not…WE WANT TO KNOW!

Every single detail of a cold call is valuable to us!

But even more if you could let us know the name, the phone number they were calling you from, what the offer was, and even better any other details such as email address, website, address, etc.

Your details, your notes from a cold call can mean that another consumer saves themselves thousands of pounds!

Alberto García and his team are here for you to help! The team from Mindtimeshare is committed to their job and always strives to exceed the expectations.

So if you have any question or doubt related to a cold call or any dealings you had with a dubious company, do let us know and we will be pleased to help you further!


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Hampton & Thistle, the latest cold callers acting on behalf of the courts in Spain

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A cold calling company has been brought to our attention this week by the name of Hampton & Thistle who yet again are claiming to be acting on behalf of the courts in Spain and “only” contacting consumers to send them money.

Stories that sound too good to be true, and I would say which we have heard too many times before to even consider it credible at this stage.

An Amy Jenkins who works for Hampton & Thistle contacts consumers who have been duped before by dubious resale companies and of which the membership was never sold after paying the “upfront” deposit.

As far as Ms’ Jenkins explains, the courts had closed down the dubious resale company along with another 24 companies all probably associated with each other.

Hampton & Thistle are now dealing with the sales which had not been paid out and they are now paying to the consumers not only what they expected for the sale, but also the upfront deposit which was lost and a compensation fee of several thousand pounds!

The consumer will receive a phone call from their “finance department” to discuss the payment and how it would be paid.

But once this call is received from a lady called Lucy, all of the sudden a fee needs to be paid to them. Yes, in order to get all the money refunded for the sale, deposit and the compensation, the consumers needs to pay around £2500 to their Trustee Holding Department / Trustee Banking System.

Once this payment is received, a cheque or bank transfer will be made out to the consumer and from the £2500 the trustee will keep £640 for their fees for dealing with the transaction.

The details for the payment of £2500 are in the name Advance Payment Solutions.

Contact details for Hampton & Thistle are an address of Clover House, 16 East Street, Epsom, Surrey KT17 1HX and a contact number (0044) 01372 700 137

The address seems to be wrong or non-existing. The telephone number although from the Epsom area, can be a number purchased through the Internet and can be ringing anywhere in the world or let’s guess…in Spain maybe?

Please note that we do not recommend having any dealings with Hampton and Thistle, and certainly you should not provide them with any further personal details, as you do not know where they will end up.


If you have received a call already from Amy or her colleagues at Hampton & Thistle using number 01372700137, then please do let us know.

You can email us at or place a comment on this blog


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Opgepast voor de valse advocaten uit Madrid onder de naam Carillo Sancho!

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Helaas weer een nieuwe naam op onze lijst van een vals advocaten kantoor dat werkt onder de naam Carillo Sancho.

Deze valse advocaten bellen hoofdzakelijk Nederlands sprekende eigenaars van Timesharing en ander Vakantie clubs zoals Timelinx, DWVC of Club Class. En deze eigenaars wordt verteld dat dit advocaten kantoor het geld kan terug vorderen wat er voorheen voor het lidmaatschap is betaald.

Zij doen de timeshare eigenaar geloven dat er een grote rechtszaak heeft plaatsgevonden waar de rechter uiteindelijk in het voordeel van de consumenten heeft geoordeeld en wordt er geld uitbetaald aan alle slachtoffers via de regering van Spanje.

Het kantoor van Carillo Sancho is de aangewezen advocaat die dit allemaal moet regelen en is aangewezen om contact op te nemen met de slachtoffers en de betalingen te regelen.

Net als men denkt dat alles in orde is en het geld wordt ontvangen, komt Carillo Sancho echter met slecht nieuws dat er openstaande belasting aanslagen zijn en dat deze moeten worden betaald voordat de consumenten kunnen worden uitbetaald.

U kunt waarschijnlijk al raden wat er verder gebeurd, de ene rekening voor de andere komt op en het personeel van Carillo Sancho verzekerd de consument dat al dit geld uiteindelijk weer terug kan worden gevorderd daar de consument geen resident in Spanje is.

Deze rekeningen en valse verklaringen worden allemaal bevestigd via valse papieren met stempels overgenomen van internet en geschreven in zeer slecht Spaans.

De betalingen lopen uiteen maar de meeste komen op zo’n 1500 euro voor elke aanslag.

Deze betalingen moeten worden betaald via een overschrijving van de bank op de rekening van een individueel, die zogenaamd de notaris is of een andere ambtenaar van de rechtbank of belasting.

Het adres van Carillo Sancho in Madrid is ook verzonnen: Calle Fuencarral 3, 28004 Madrid.

En het telefoon nummer waarvan zij bellen is een Spaanse mobiel +34 602 661 582

Fax +34 518 888 338

Email adres

Hun website was geregistreerd aan het eind van Maart 2015, en op deze web ontbreekt alle officiële informatie over het bedrijf zelf, registratie nummers van zowel het bedrijf als de advocaat zelf, en ook geen privacy verklaring, enz. Dus alles ontbreekt wat je maar zou verwachten op een website van een echte advocaat.

Wij raden zeer zeker NIET aan om enig contact of onderhandelingen te hebben met dit bedrijf.

Bent u al gebeld door een medewerker van Carillo Sancho van het nummer 0034 602661582 en met een gelijk verhaal, laat het ons dan weten.

U kunt on mailen naar of zet een berichtje op dit blog.


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Beware of cold calling Lawyers office Carillo Sancho from Madrid

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Sad but true another fake and cold calling lawyers office has been detected and this time they are using the name of Carillo Sancho.

This so called Lawyers office is cold calling at the moment Dutch Timeshare consumers with the spiel of obtaining their money back through the courts from payments to dubious DTM’s such as Timelinx, DWVC and Club Class.

The timeshare owner is lead to believe that there has been a large court case going on and the Spanish Government has awarded money to all victims of such companies.

The office from Carillo Sancho has been appointed to take care of contacting the victims and arrange for the pay out.

Just when it looks like the money will be transferred to the timeshare owner, several outstanding tax bills will appear that need to be settled prior to pay out.

You might already guess what happens next. There is just no end to all the outstanding bills and the staff from Carillo Sancho keeps on assuring the consumer that all money will be paid back as they are not residents in Spain.

All these claims are backed up with (fake) letters from the supposed court and tax offices.

The payments which are all around €1500 each, are all to be done into an account in the name of an individual who supposedly is the “notary” or other court official taking care of this case.

The address given for their offices is Calle Fuencarral 3, 28004 Madrid.

Telephone numbers +34 602 661 582 and Fax +34 518 888 338

Email address

Their website was registered at the end of March this year and lacks all kind of company information or privacy statements, etc. The information you would expect from a genuine legal company!

We certainly do not recommend having any dealings with this company.

If you have been contacted already by an agent from Carillo Sancho with a similar story to the above or using the telephone 0034 602661582 then please do let us know straight away.

You can email us at or place a comment in this blog


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Beware of fake lawyers office using the name of Alza Torres Lawyers / Abogados

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Another so-called fake lawyer has popped up on the list this week by the name of Alza Torres.

The office from Alza Torres Lawyers is cold calling consumers who have been duped in the past by dubious DTMC’s and never were able to claim their cash back certificate.

The agent from Alza Torres Lawyers claims their company has been successful in recovering this money on behalf of consumers, and they actually do this on a No win No fee basis.

All the consumer needs to do is fill in and sign a very basic document, stating they take on the services from Alza Torres and give authorisation for them to act on their behalf.

This documents does not seem to have any legal base.

Research has shown us that there is no such legal company by the name of Alza Torres Abogados in Madrid or anywhere in Spain.

Neither does the website of this dubious company offer any further insight into the company details, registration numbers or anything.

Contact details fro Alza Torres are telephone: 0034 604 113 371 and email address

The address where they supposedly have their office is also faked: C/ 176 Calle de Alcala, piso 1A y B, Fuene del Bero, 28560, Madrid.

We strongly recommend being very cautious when receiving a call from any person claiming to be speaking on behalf of the offices of Alza Torres or similar.

Do not provide cold callers with any personal details or copies of documents. You do not know whom you are speaking to and you certainly do not know where the information provided will end up.

If you have received a call from the agent from Alza Torres Lawyers from +34 604113371 then please let us know as soon as possible.

You can email at or place a comment on this blog

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Gold Crown Services – GCS and the Realistix browser DVD for discounted holidays.

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The Realistix Browser DVD is not an unknown product to us, and those who read the blog on a regular basis. We posted an article about this strange product sold by another marketer called Intelligent Software Solutions and there are many comments posted from disappointed consumers.

We have now heard of a new company in Tenerife, Gold crown Services or simply GCS who is also selling this same product, the Realistix Browser.

The approach is through OPC’s on the streets of Tenerife, and people are made to believe they have won the main prize on a scratch card and in order to pick this up, they need to go around the GCS offices and go through a 90-minute presentation.

Once at the GCS offices, the 90 minutes quickly turn out to be 4 to 5 hours where the consumer is explained about the wonderful world of the Realistix Browser.

The DVD from the Realistix Browser supposedly provides over a 65% discount on holiday accommodation and travel, without ever using a travel agent again and all this in 4 and 5 star accommodation and cruises.

Gold Crown Services GCS claims to be directly connected to Wyndham, which is not true.

The price of this DVD is around the £5000 and Gold Crown Services takes a deposit on the day.

Once the consumer is convinced they are taken to another office where the paperwork is signed, and then an employee hands over the box containing the DVD. In order to make sure it is all working correctly, register the software and explain the basics, the employee from GCS opens the box.

As the box is sealed, there is no other way to do this then by breaking the seal.

But what most consumer do not know or are not made aware of, is that it mentions clearly in the paperwork that once the seal is broken, there is no possibility to return the DVD and cancel. Most consumers also receive the letter included in the paperwork, which mentions that they opened the box “out of free will”.

In the pack there is a brochure with all nicely made up comparisons of prices, with names of hotels and flight information and then a price next to it stating that this is the discounted price from Realistix. This brochure does not contain any proof that these prices were as such, and where they have been taken from.

Those who pay the full balance and try out the DVD from Realistix at home, quickly realize that there is no such thing as discounted holiday accommodation or discount on flights with Easy-Jet and Ryan Air.

Together with the DVD the consumer also received vouchers for “free” weeks stays and a free cruise holiday.

The “free” week accommodation has to be booked through a company called Blue Wave travel and most probably will be in timeshare resorts in Mainland Spain and Canary Islands where the consumer will be obligated to go through another presentation!

They free cruise is a cruise holiday that needs to be booked through an American company. This company charges $75 per person registration fee before even trying to book. Then the consumer has the obligation to book their flights through this cruise company, which turns out to be at rates that double or triple the ones you can find on the Internet.

We certainly recommend being cautious with the above company and thinking twice before purchasing the DVD.

If you have been through a presentation from Gold Crown services GCS in Tenerife about the Realistix browser, we would like to hear from you.

Send us an email to or place a comment on this blog.


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Elite litigation Services in Fuengirola, another on the go with Ramirez & Ramirez victims!


Please note that this company continues to be very active!
If you receive any cold call, do let us know.

Originally posted on Mindtimeshare:

After the disappearance of the bogus lawyers office Ramirez and Ramirez in Fuengirola, many company names have appeared on scene claiming to have taken over the “pending cases”.

The latest one who jumped on this bandwagon is a company by the name of Elite Litigation Services.

Captura de pantalla 2015-06-10 a la(s) 15.32.24Elite Litigation Services cold calls Timeshare consumers who previously dealt with Ramirez, and elite certainly must have taken over something as they even quote the same case number as the one given by Ramirez in the past.

Elite Litigation Services states they are working for the Courts in Fuengirola, in order to retrieve the money awarded to the victims of the court cases that were left pending by Ramirez and have now taken place.

All the consumer needs to do is pay a 10% commission fee over the supposed awarded money, which of course is a substantial amount of money, not to miss out…

View original 179 more words

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