March 2015.- Costa del Sol – Spain: Spanish police bust €30 million timeshare scam

Last March 2015 the Spanish National Police arrested 60 people in Malaga, involved in a scam which tricked more than 500 people, mainly UK residents, out of money.

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Global networks, the latest cold calling Resale Company from Madrid

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A new company has been brought to our attention under the name of Global Networks.

For the moment it looks like they are only approaching Dutch speaking Timeshare owners, but of course they might extend their target nationalities.

Global Networks claims to be based in Madrid but we were unable to find any company by this name registered at the Spanish Companies House and neither was the address correct which they claim is theirs.

Contact details for Global networks are telephone 0034 634085598 and email

Once they initiated the contact with the Timeshare owner, and have confirmed the owner is looking for a resale of his membership, they quickly get back in contact as they have found a buyer.

Yes, Global Networks has many buyers lined up, from all different countries far away and people who have already paid substantial deposits towards the purchase.

All the timeshare owner needs to do is submit a copy of the paperwork and a €1950 security deposit and the sale will be completed.

Yes indeed a real “shame” but yet again we are dealing here with a company who doesn’t seem to know that there is a strict Directive in place, which forbids the requests for any upfront payment when it concerns a timeshare resale.

So Global Networks, cold calls, cannot be found as a company, uses a fake address and on top asks for an illegal upfront fee. Not really the signs of a company that is trustworthy and with who you want to have any dealings.

If you have been contacted already by Global Networks from +34 634 085 598 in Madrid, then please let us know!

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Did you attend a meeting from Slonce Travel in Tenerife?

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The name “Slonce” has been mentioned over the past months in relation to different companies.

First we had the company “Market my Timeshare” offering resale’s for timeshares, where people had to travel to Tenerife to complete the sale. Once in Tenerife the timeshare owner had to go through a meeting of Slonce Marketing, where they pitched a Discount Membership club.

Then we have Orange Sun Travel, who invites mainly Club Class owners over to Tenerife, for a supposed refund claim. Once in Tenerife, again the consumer is put through a sales meeting for a Travel club Membership of Slonce Marketing.

And now we also have those consumers who had weeks offered through different Fly buy companies such as Viva sol or Sunline direct, and can now book these through Slonce Travel.

Slonce Travel offers them a range of hotels in Tenerife but all with the obligation to go through a 90 minutes presentation.

The consumer is told he will be picked up from the hotel / resort by a representative or they can take a taxi which will be reimbursed.

Sadly those who took a taxi and decided at the end of the meeting not to join this holiday scheme were not reimbursed at all!

Throughout the presentation the consumer is shown the website of Slonce Travel who presents themselves on this website as a “Polish” travel agent with their headquarters in Tenerife.

In order to join the Travel club or Membership from Slonce Travel the consumer is requested a payment of around £1500, which supposedly goes into a fund. This fund generates a 14% interest and in that way Slonce can afford to offer people heavily discounted travel. Not only through the fund, but also as they are based in the Canary Islands, the agent from Slonce Travel explains there is hardly any taxes to pay, so again this results in discounts on travel of at least a 30% to 40%.

The sales representative at the meeting from Slonce Travel shows that the consumer will be able to book anything available and as a proof there is even a LOGO from Thomson on the website. Clicking on the logo of Thomson holidays it takes you to their website, but there is NO CONNECTION at all with Slonce Travel. Still is looks rather strange that this company is displaying this logo as if they are connected and we are afraid more than one consumer will think there is this “trustworthy” relationship.

Seen the fact that this company is not too upfront with their real intentions when inviting consumers, and neither is the product they offer very clear…we certainly recommend precaution when attending such meeting.

If you have been already on a holiday where you ended up in a meeting with Slonce Travel, we would like to hear from you.

You can send us an email to or place a comment on this blog



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Wurde auch Ihnen Wiederverkauf angeboten von Inmobiliaria La Luz in Marbella?

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Deutsche Timeshare / Ferienwohnrechts-Besitzer haben uns auf eine neue Wiederkaufs-Firma namens Inmobiliaria La Luz Marbella aufmerksam gemacht, die Konsumenten per unaufgefordertem Anruf (Engl. „cold call“) kontaktiert.

Bis dato hat Inmobiliaria La Luz Marbella nur deutschsprachige Timeshare / Ferienwohnrechts-Besitzer kontaktiert und den Konsumenten einen direkten Verkauf ihrer Mitgliedschaft garantiert. Angeblich warte bereits eine ganze Reihe russischer Käufer!

Diese russischen Kunden seien bereit große Summen von Geld für den „Besitz“ im Ausland zu zahlen, und die Angebote gehen tatsächlich bis in schwindelnde Höhen von 85.000 Euro.

Inmobiliaria La Luz Marbella versichert, dass alles sehr schnell erledigt werden soll, und sendet daraufhin weitere E-Mail-Korrespondenz mit sämtlichen Angaben über die Mitgliedschaft des Konsumenten, den Angebotspreis und sogar die Namen der angeblichen russischen Käufer.

In der darauffolgenden E-Mail kommt man dann schnell zur Sache, und es wird klar, dass der Timeshare / Ferienwohnrechts-Besitzer Geld bezahlen soll, um den Verkauf über die Bühne zu bekommen; dabei handele es sich um Notarkosten, und diese liegen bei 10% des Verkaufspreises!

Die Angaben über den Notar, der sich der Angelegenheit annehmen soll, sind auch vorhanden. Es handele sich dabei um eine Firma namens Union Internacional del Notariado und der Name des Notars ist mit K. Mcdonagh angegeben. Die Gebühr von 10% soll dann auch auf das Konto dieser Person überwiesen werden.

In den Unterlagen steht geschrieben, dass innerhalb von 5 bis 10 Tagen nach Eingang der 10% (stolze 8.500€) die Angelegenheit erledigt sein soll.

Hört sich das nicht toll an? Nun, spätestens hier sollten die Alarmglocken klingeln!

Die Nachforschungen über Inmobiliaria La Luz Marbella haben ergeben, dass die Webseite erst im März 2015 registriert wurde.

Es war weder möglich eine Eintragung der Firma Inmobiliaria La Luz Marbella im Handelsregister zu finden, noch eine Eintragung einer Firma mit Namen Union Internacional del Notariado.

Geldsummen im Voraus zu verlangen beim Wiederverkauf von Timeshare / Ferienwohnrecht ist unrechtmäßig, illegal, verboten nach der Europäischen Richtlinie für Timeshare.

Die Mischung von unaufgefordertem Anruf, garantiertem Wiederverkauf für UNGLAUBLICH gute (aber völlig unrealistische) Geldsummen und dem Verlangen nach einer Vorauszahlung ist nie ein gutes Zeichen, und wir raten davon ab, mit einer solchen Firma Geschäftsbeziehungen aufzunehmen.

Falls Sie bereits von Inmobiliaria La Luz in Marbella unter der Tel.-Nr. 0034 611 288 944 kontaktiert wurden, lassen Sie es uns bitte wissen.

Sie können uns entweder per E-Mail kontaktieren oder einen Kommentar auf diesem Blog hinterlassen.


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39 websites closed or no longer active after publishing a warning on this blog!

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We are pleased to announce that in the first 6 months of 2015, we have detected the closure and de-activation of 39 websites belonging to dubious cold calling companies.

Yes you heard this correctly. Call it coincidence; but the facts are that after publishing a warning on this blog about these companies, 39 of them have decided to close their web, as obviously there was no longer a reason to keep this alive.

So that is 39 times less chance of people surfing into these dubious companies and being sold on their nice pictures, convincing texts, images of fake staff and testimonials of fake happy clients!

The websites we have found inactive are the following:

A Fair Solution                 

Acta Vacations                 

Avian Travel & Services  

Claims Direct Now           

Cohen Legal Services       

CRP Properties                  

Equal Access to Justice    

Estrella Vacations             

European Claims Centre 

European Getaways         

Exclusive Weeks               

Fast Line Legals                

Grupo Sun Travel            

Happy Days Spain           

HC Mediators SL             

Holiday Mart International

Klein Associates Ltd        

Mediation Consultancy   

Muñoz Legal Consultants

Online Leisure Breaks     

Phoenix Mediation Services

Pure Resolution               

Read Consultancy            

Resort Premium Services – RPS

Santiago y Miller              

Smarter Holiday Solutions

Sponsored Breaks             

Timeshare Beenden          


Timeshare Kuendigen      

Timeshare Reclaim Legal Services

Trafalgar Claims                

TSH Services                      

Vallejo del Potro                

Verbena Jordi – Verbana Jordi

We Sell Any Timeshare    

Wilson Gowers                  

Windmill Mediation Services

Some of these companies might still be active on the phones, but in any case of a cold caller, always double check who they are and let us know immediately if you received a call.

We are very pleased with the result above, as it shows that naming and shaming these cold callers does has an affect and does help prevent frauds and scams to happen.

Thanks of course to all those consumers who found the time to write to us, collect information for us and also had the courage to tell us how they were defrauded.

Customer Care



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Have you received a Resale offer from Inmobiliaria La Luz in Marbella?

Captura de pantalla 2015-06-15 a la(s) 14.50.56

A cold calling Timeshare Resale Company has been brought to our attention by German timeshare owners. The company is calling under the name of Inmobiliaria La Luz in Marbella.

This company, which for the moment has only been contacting German speaking timeshare owners, is offering a straightforward resale of the membership to the Russian clients they have lined up.

These Russian clients are willing to pay a lot of money for a “property” abroad, and in fact the offer for the resale is around 85.000 euros.

Inmobiliaria La Luz explains that everything can be done quickly and they send a follow up email with all the details of the timeshare membership, the price offered and even the names of the Russian buyers.

In the follow up email it also becomes clear that to get the sale completed, the Timeshare owner needs to pay notary fees and these are a 10% over the sales price!

Details of the notary taking care of the paperwork are included as well. The name of the company is Union Internacional del Notariado and the name of the Notary is K Mcdonagh and the 10% fee needs to be paid by bank transfer to his account.

In the paperwork from the Notary it is mentioned that as soon as the owner pays the 10% (8500€) the paperwork will be completed in 5 to 10 days.

Sounds good? We think it sounds very dubious!

Research on Inmobiliaria La luz in Marbella has shown that the website from Inmobiliaria La Luz was registered in March 2015.

We have been unable to trace a Company House registration and neither found one for this Union Internacional del Notariado.

Asking for upfront fees is against the law.

Cold calls, guaranteed sales for outrageous amounts and upfront fees are not good signs at all and we certainly do NOT recommend having any dealings with this company.

If you have been contacted by Inmobiliaria La Luz from 0034 611 288 944 then please do let us know.

You can email us at or place a comment on this blog.


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Avez-vous reçu un appel de ‘Immobilière Lauria’ faisant une offre pour vendre votre multipropriété à Alvalle SA?

Captura de pantalla 2015-06-12 a la(s) 14.23.23

Une nouvelle société de revente a été reportée sous le nom d’Inmobiliaria Lauria.

Inmobiliaria Lauria contacte les Membres de multipropriété par téléphone et leur raconte qu’une société est intéressée par l’acquisition de leurs semaines et le prix offert est bien au-dessus du prix du marché actuel. 

Selon les témoignages reçus de certains Membres, l’acheteur qui soi-disant serait intéressé par le rachat de leurs semaines, est une entreprise importante internationale, Alvalle SA España, et Inmobiliaria Lauria fournit même aux Membres un contrat qui semble confirmer cela.

Comme à l’accoutumé avec ce genre d’affaires, Inmobiliaria Lauria demande au Membre to payer des frais à l’avance, et encore une fois, nous nous posons la question de savoir comment est-il possible que ces personnes ne soient pas au courant de la Directive Européenne en matière de multipropriété qui confirme clairement que les demandes de frais à l’avance ne sont pas permises lorsqu’il s’agit de revente de semaines en temps partagé.

Cela ressemble aux agissements de toutes les autres compagnies de revente qui se créent et disparaissent continuellement, et nous déconseillons vivement de payer de l’argent à ce genre de société.


Leur adresse postale indiquée sur leurs documents est Calle Almirante Roger de Lauria, 46002, Valencia, Espagne.

Leur numéro de téléphone 0034 602 628 637

Si vous avez été contactés par Inmobiliaria Lauria avec cette offre ou une offre similaire, merci de nous le faire savoir.

Vous pouvez nous envoyer un email à ou laisser vos commentaires ici sur notre blog. Dans les deux cas, nous vous répondrons avec davantage d’informations.


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