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The long awaited news has finally arrived!

We know it has taken for more than 2 years and this has surely taken a lot of our patience and the patience of the victims, but it seems to have finally paid of!

I would like to inform you that the higher Court of Justice in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria has considered the appeal filed by Mindtimeshare against the order of the Judge in San Bartolomé Court of closing the Voyager case (Kaiser).

The appeal, presented by Mindtimeshare last July 2014, has been accepted and the Judge nº 2’s court order has been revoked.

A copy of a part of this ruling (in Spanish) from the High Court can be found on the following link. For obvious reasons we had to take away certain information.

Higher Court ruling appeal voyager case

I quote what the Higher Court says:

It is clear that the investigation were not exhausted and the Court in San Bartolomé de Tirajana should undertake the judicial proceedings proposed by the accusation (Mindtimeshare)’ 

This is very good news for all the consumers affected in all countries!

The fight obviously has not been won as yet, and we have no doubts that this is only the beginning of a long road. But we can at least be satisfied that the higher Court has seen indications of alleged dubious practises and a clear reason to continue this case.

Thanks to all consumers who have been supporting us for the past 2 years with this case, and haven’t lost for a moment their trust in us.

We will be contacting all consumers affected in the coming days & weeks, and please feel free to ask us for updates or more information on how to join this case.

Email us at and we will get back to you the soonest possible.

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Timeshare Exit and Release, the guaranteed resale at exhibitions in Poland.

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A new company called Timeshare Exit and Release has come up with yet another twist to the “guaranteed sale” and how to ask for an upfront fee without calling it a deposit.

Timeshare Exit and Release contacts the timeshare owner and informs them that they are present at exhibitions in countries such as Poland.

At these exhibitions they expose the timeshare memberships they have for sale and business is going really good.

So good, that they can almost guarantee that a membership will be sold in a near future at one of these exhibitions in Warsaw or Turon. They do not mention which exhibitions these are or where exactly in these towns they take place.

The Polish must be very keen on timeshare, because Timeshare Exit and Release promises good prices for the memberships. But they even go a bit further in promising the moon, and add to the offer for the exhibition sale, that in case the membership is not sold, they have actually a keen buyer already who is willing to pay maybe a little bit less, but still a good price.

All in all Timeshare Exit and Release guarantees a sale in 60 days.

In order thought to get this all processed, they need a £1500 payment which will cover all legal costs, transfer fees, name changes on the deeds, marketing and advertising costs of the exhibition, all administration fees and the courier fees.

Timeshare Exit and Release also offer a disposal service for those who don’t want to sell (who would say no to above offer?) and this disposal service would cost £500

Contact details for Timeshare Exit and Release are:

Telephone: +34 642 160 609 and address: Unit 24A, Calle Londres, Plaza Playas del Duque, Adeje, Tenerife.

On the website there are no further company details displayed.

They do mention the staff has over 25 years experience in timeshare, but there are no names of the people who actually work for them.

Seen the fact they require an upfront payment, which as stipulated by the European Timeshare Directive should not happen, we recommend caution when dealing with this company.

If you received a call from Timeshare Exit and Release 0034 642160609 in Tenerife, then please let us know.

You can email at or place a comment on this blog

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Timeshare Solutions the cold calling Timeshare disposal Company


Latest Update!
ASA Ruling on Timeshare Solutions ltd.
ASA has ordered for Timeshare Solutions ltd. to take off their website all testimonials from supposed happy consumers as Timeshare Solutions has been unable to supply documented evidence of such testimonials or full contact details of the consumers who supposedly placed these comments.

You can read more about this ruling on the following link:

Originally posted on Mindtimeshare:


A new company by the name of Timeshare Solutions has been brought to our attention as they seem to approach timeshare consumers on a cold call, and know about their timeshare being up for sale.

It might be early days to make any other statements, but as we all know, the cold call is most of the times not a good sign.

Timeshare Solutions Ltd is a company which was registered at the UK companies House in June this year.

Their website also dates from June this year and surprisingly displays the logos of the 3 main Exchange companies RCI (*), Interval International and DAE.

The address for the company is 63 Addison Road; Kings Health, West Midlands. This seems to be a virtual address though.

And contact details Telephone 0121 318 7826 and Fax 0121 318 8088


As mentioned above, the company does cold calls and…

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Warning! Cold callers from Civil Justice Courts in Malaga are fake!

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They apparently want to make it sound very official, and create the impression to the consumers that they are contacted by something “higher up”. This seems to be the case with the Civil justice Courts in Malaga.

Another cold caller who pretends to be calling from an official Spanish courthouse with of course, good news about yet again more money awarded by the Spanish government to victims of scam companies.

Civil Justice Courts Malaga is handling the smooth transaction between government and victim, and is taking the victim through the process of recuperating money lost to fraudsters.

When Civil Justice Courts Malaga calls the consumer, they are already at the point of releasing the money, but there is one thing left to do in order to release this. The “Prosecutor Stamp Annulment”.

One wonders who is the “creative” person behind all this, making up all these nonsense and incredible non-existing procedures.

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The Prosecutor Stamp Annulment has a cost attached. Around the £750 needs to be transferred into the (personal) account of the prosecutor and then in about 28 days after receipt, the consumer, the victim of a fraud can expect the pay out of the awarded money.

We are looking at a pay out of around the £25.000 so this “Stamp Annulment” seems to be a small fee compared to what is due to be received in return…

Lara Seymore is the person contacting the victims on behalf of the Civil Justice Courts in Malaga and she calls from a mobile number 0034 602 561 463

Her email address is

Their address as quoted on the documents, calle Marques de Lanus 4, 29005 in Malaga is fake as well.

Please be aware that there is no such department or office in Spain called Civil Justice Courts.

Neither would a courthouse or any other official entity contact you after a court case has taken place if you were identified as a victim of a crime. And it would be up to the police to do this.

DO NOT EVER PAY any money into a bank account, which is in the name of an individual, as bank transfers cannot be recuperated.

It is sad enough when you are a victim of a fraud, and it is understandable you would like to recover the money. But companies or better said, people who are behind set ups like Civil Justice Courts Malaga are certainly not the answer to this problem and as a matter of fact they are yet again another fraud.

It is of course questionable how they have all the details of what has happened to you before, as this is not public knowledge!

If you have been contacted by Civil Justice Courts Malaga from +34 602561463 or any other so called “official” department in Spain or Portugal that claims to have money waiting for you, please let us know!

You can email us at or place a comment on this blog

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Beware of the FAKE tax office requests through Legales de Hacienda!

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After the numerous cold calls from Fake notaries and liquidators, we are now receiving inquiries about requests from the Spanish tax offices for money. A company using the name Legales de Hacienda makes these requests and they claim to be working for the Spanish Tax offices.

It all starts as usual with a cold call from somebody impersonating a “legal” adviser of a Spanish notary or lawyer’s office that has been appointed by the court to pay out money to victims of frauds.

In order to release this money, which supposedly has been awarded by the government through a court case, there are certain fees and taxes to be paid.

This fake legal company goes as far as sending a document with all kinds of stamps on it, and a count of money awarded, money already paid and outstanding bills.

So as it seems they are aware actually of which payments the consumer already made to previous scam companies.

Then there is one last payment to be made, and this is actually an “emergency tax payment” because with this payment the money will be released or, when failing to pay the account will be blocked and the consumer cannot claim anything further.

Legales de Hacienda, need the final 20% over the awarded amount, which in many cases is around the £90.000

Contact with Legales de Hacienda is through email and they provide a “password” to make sure that the consumer is talking to them only when they receive a call.

Elle Thorpe is the “senior” consultant handling the case and the main solicitor is Mr Roberto da Silva. Of course these names will change the moment this blog is published…

As an address they quote Legales de Hacienda, Agencia de Tributar, 29006 Malaga.

The poor language used and numerous mistakes in the text of their emails and documents confirm straight away that these people are not working in a Tax office or legal department.

There is no doubt that this is another fraud and we recommend strongly to not have any dealings with this company called Legales de Hacienda or similar.

If you have been approached with a story that looks like the one described above, we would like to hear from you.

You can email us at or place a comment on this blog.

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Did you receive a strange call from Alpha Accounting or Alfa Accounting?

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Very strange cold calls are received from a company who is using 2 different ways to spell their name. Some Consumers have been spelled out Alpha Accounting and others Alfa Accounting.

The fact is though that we could not really find a company by either of these names dedicated to what they say they are.

Alfa Accounting is telling consumers that they have been dealing with cases of dubious resale companies that have been raided by the police and the courts have seized money.

The responsible have been taken in front of the judge and the seized money will be used to pay back all the victims.

Alfa Accounting is supposedly in charge of contacting all those victims and arrange for the money to be paid back.

For some really strange reason this money is blocked in a Chinese bank and in order to release this money some Chinese taxes have to be paid. This can be done in the name of a Chinese individual through Western Union.

Alpha accounting is not keen on sending information by email and all of the explanations are given over the phone, the same as the payment details.

The telephone number used is 0203 6958257 which indicates a London number but of course nowadays you can get any number on the internet, so it is very likely they are not in London at all.

After paying to the Chinese bank, a Courier will be send around the house of the victim with a check payable in the amount of all the money they lost to other dubious companies.

Please be aware that the above story is certainly not true and unfortunately those who paid any money by Western Union never got any cheque and were not able to recover the money they paid.

If you received a call from Alpha Accounting / Alfa Accounting from 02036958257 then please let us know.

You might receive a call from a totally different company but if the story sounds similar to the above, be aware that is most probably is the same cheat!

You can email us at or place a comment on this blog.

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Did you receive a cold call from Sapphire Settlements?

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If you did not receive a call already from Sapphire Settlements, but a dubious resale company has duped you in the past, then be aware you might be contacted soon.

Sapphire Settlements is actively (cold) calling timeshare consumers who have been dealing with dubious companies before and lost money to these companies.

Based on the police raid on the Costa del Sol in March this year, where there were 60 arrested over different timeshare scam companies, Sapphire Settlements claims to be acting on behalf of the courts.

As far as Sapphire Settlements concerns, the government has awarded money through the courts to the victims of the different companies who supposedly were included in this police raid.

All the victim needs to do is pay around £1000 in order to release the awarded money.

What timeshare owners need to know though is that this court investigation is still on going,

And there is no such company as Sapphire Settlements appointed to contact the victims and arrange for the pay out’s of awarded money.

So as the case has not been in court as yet, the question arises on how Sapphire Settlements is actually aware of the fact the timeshare owner has been duped before.

Where does one get this information? Simply question with a very tricky answer!

Contact details for Sapphire Settlements are an address: Avenida Antonio Machado, Bloque Alay Unit 828, Benalmadena Costa, 29630, Malaga, Spain, a telephone number 0845 0048 980 and an email address:

The website was registered on the 1st of August 2015 and provides all kinds of information, nothing to do with the story they give to the timeshare consumers on the call.

We recommend caution when dealing with the agent from Sapphire Settlements on the phone and please do not provide them with any further personal and private details than they already have.

Paying them the fee is obviously not a wise option.

If you have been contacted lately by Sapphire Settlements from 08450048980 in Benalmadena on the Costa del Sol, then please let us know.

You can email or place a comment on this blog




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