MP Leisure a cold calling dubious Timeshare Disposal Company


MP Leisure Ltd is a company who mainly contacts Timeshare owners from resorts in Portugal.

The strange thing about MP Leisure is that they have all the details of the Timeshare owner’s membership and they actually claim that they are directly connected to the resort. They even make it appear that the resort have asked them to contact the owner as they are aware of his wish to relinquish. And that at all time the resort is aware of the process from MP Leisure to cancel the timeshare through their “legal team”.

The timeshare owner is sent forms to fill in to get the process in motion but at the same time he also needs to pay several thousands of Pounds. This payment is into a Portuguese bank account.

The Timeshare owner only realizes that nothing has been done or their resort is certainly not aware of their cancellation request when the yearly maintenance fee bill arrives…

On top of this, we have consumers who requested MP Leisure to stop this supposed “cancellation” after speaking to the resort and MP Leisure said they were willing to refund but with the deduction of “exchange and cancellation fees” as they had somebody booked into the apartment.

So who is MP Leisure? They claim to be based in the UK, but the address they give is a well-known virtual address in the Kemp House 152, City Road, London. The also claim to be registered in Belize but we have reconfirmed with the Belize Company House that there is no such company registered at all.

Contact details for MP Leisure are Telephone (Portugal?) 96 91 93 7777 and email

Website of MP Leisure is  on this website which seems to be under construction they appear to be a company that rents out Holiday Accommodation in Portugal. No mention of a legal team, timeshare disposal, etc.

Seen above the lack of information about this company and the fact they are asking upfront payments for a service they don’t seem to deliver, we certainly do not recommend this company.

If you have been contacted by MP Leisure about a Timeshare disposal then please do let us know.

You can email us at or place a comment on this blog

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Bordella, the fake liquidators from Cadiz


Once again we have been made aware by consumers about a company called Bordella who is cold calling and claiming to be the “official” liquidators of Reclaim Ltd.

A guy calling himself Ignacio Toledo states they are a company appointed by the courts and handling all claims of consumers who have a Reclaim certificate.

The certificate holder can place a claim through Bordella and they will handle all the paperwork and the pay out of the money awarded. Bordella is very clear in all calls that they do not charge any money as their fees are directly paid by the courts.

Forms to be filled in are emailed to the Certificate holder through the email address

This paperwork needs to be submitted back either by email or Fax 0034 951 650 338

As we have seen previously from similar companies, they state they cannot accept any forms submitted by post to their address in Cadiz, and post will be returned unopened.

Telephone number for Bordella is 0034 951 650 336

We checked the Companies House website in Spain (  for the name Bordella and could not find any company registered as such. The only liquidators for Reclaim Ltd are PriceWaterhouse Coopers in Gibraltar.

You can read more about the “modus operandi” of these fake liquidators in other articles we posted, and also about the fact that at some point they do ask for a payment. The link to these articles is

If you have been approached by Bordella (+34 951650336)or any other company with a similar story, then please do let us know. You can email us at or place a comment on this blog

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How cold is the ‘cold call’ received by timeshare owners?


The term cold calling is used in Marketing to separate the calls made to consumers.

You have the “warm” calls, those made to consumers who are “more less” expecting your call, because they are your member or they have asked you for information. People who know that you have their contact details and are ok with receiving a call from you.

Then you have the “cold” call, which means that a consumer or customer is contacted without actually expecting this call, and probably is “thrown” into a conversation they didn’t expect.

We could say that there are different kinds of cold calls as well. Because if the “hard-core” cold calls are those made by a telemarketer who has been given a telephone listing and is cherry picking customers, there are also cold calls that are made to consumers who have been “pre-selected” although they are not aware of this. So in reality the call might be “cold” for the consumer but the telemarketer is very “warm” on the person he is targeting!

What happens with the Timeshare consumers nowadays is that often they are contacted by (dubious) companies who seem to know everything about them although the consumer never provided them with their details and never asked to be called!

Should this be excepted as “that can happen to anybody”? Do we accept that Cold calling is a common use for businesses? Well not really, because in reality a lot of dubious companies are targeting those people who they know have been defrauded in the past and as a matter of fact the supposed services they offer are related to those events.

Danger is that consumers when they hear the telemarketer on the phone with all their details, sometimes even the bank account number they used and other very personal details, a certain kind of “trust” is created and the consumer might think that it is ok as this company obviously are the “appointed” lawyers or notaries, etc.

This brings us to the issue as well of solicitors if they are allowed to cold call. As per the code of Conduct ( ) they should not cold call and neither accepts any customers obtained through the cold call. Solicitors accepting claims obtained by cold calling break Solicitors Regulation Authority publicity rules.

Other cold calls who are actually very “warm” for the telemarketers as well, are those made by the so called Fly-buy companies to Timeshare owners. These companies are offering all kinds of promotional holidays. Many of these companies seem to have obtained the customers membership details and use these as well to create a certain kind of “common factor” by saying they are connected to their resort or exchange company. Again a sense of trust is created based actually on a lie.

Bottom-line here is that unfortunately experience has taught us that in 99.99% of the cases a cold caller turns out to be fraudulent. And those who are not “fraudulent”, have certainly obtained the consumers details through a dubious source.

So always be on guard and for as much as the “cold” caller seems to know about you, your membership or what happened to you in the past, don’t ever take their word for granted and do your research. Keep in mind that there is nothing wrong with asking them directly how they obtained your personal details.

You better be safe than sorry!



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The legal limits for marketing done by Lawyers in Spain


A lawyer in Spain can do marketing, yes. The law allows them to, but what are the limits and standard to respect in this matter?

The limits or Marketing regulations for the profession of law are outlined in the Code of Ethics for Lawyers in the Article 7 and 8 and in the Statute of the Legal Profession, Article 25

This is where they mention what kind of advertisement is allowed for lawyers to use;

It must be worthy, loyal and truthful; with absolute respect for the dignity of persons, and complying with the existing legislation on these matters.

The following is considered to be violation of the Code of Ethics and therefore prohibited:

  • Promising guaranteed results
  • Refer to other customers of the same office.
  • Targeting Victims of accidents or mishaps
  • Do comparisons with other lawyers
  • Encourage the lawsuit or conflict

Use media or expressions, visual or written which would suppose a discredit, defamation and contempt of Advocacy, Justice and its symbols.

Mindtimeshare has denounced several companies, linked with Spanish lawyers, who contact by telephone the owners of timeshare weeks or victims of fraud in order to offer their legal services.

Do you think these Spanish lawyers are exempt from responsibility because they are not the ones who telephone the customer directly? Because they take advantage of third party marketing companies which do the actual contact with the alleged victim.



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El límite legal del marketing para un abogado.

MindtimeshareUn abogado en España sí puede hacer marketing. La Ley se lo permite, pero ¿qué limites y qué normas tiene que respetar?

Los límites o la regulación del Marketing en la profesión de la abogacía viene recogido en el Código Deontológico de la Abogacía  en su artículo 7 y 8 y en el Estatuto de la Abogacía artículo 25.

Aquí se habla de la publicidad que un abogado podrá realizar. Tendrá que ser digna, leal y veraz; con absoluto respeto a la dignidad de las personas, a la legislación existente sobre dichas materias.

Incumplen el Código deontológico y por lo tanto están prohibidas lo siguiente:

  • Prometer obtención de Resultados
  • Hacer referencia a clientes del despacho
  • Dirigirse a Víctimas de accidentes o de desgracias
  • Establecer comparaciones con otros Abogados
  • Incitar al pleito o conflicto
  • Utilizar medios o expresiones, audiovisuales o escritos que supongan un descrédito, denigración y menosprecio de la Abogacía, de la Justicia y de sus símbolos.

Mindtimeshare tiene denunciadas a algunas empresas, vinculadas con abogados españoles, que contactan telefónicamente con propietarios de semanas de tiempo compartido o a víctimas de fraudes, para ofrecerles sus servicios jurídicos.

¿Creen que estos abogados españoles están exonerados de responsabilidad por el hecho de no ser ellos los que directamente telefonean al cliente, sino que se aprovechan de una tercera empresa de marketing que es la que realmente contacta con la presunta víctima?


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Cold Caller alert for European Getaways!


We have been advised by Timeshare owners about a company European Getaways that is cold calling and offering Timeshare Resales.

This company presents themselves on their website and follow up correspondence as a “specialist in offering vacations, into boutique hotels, and timeshare resorts”.

They explain owners that they have a customer interested in purchasing a timeshare in the resort of the owner and that is how they contacted them. There is no explanation though to where they obtained these contact details. If you received a cold call like this, please always ask where they have obtained your contact details and inform us about their answer.

The resale offer is presented as a guaranteed sale with a substantial purchase price. No upfront fees are required but a payment for commissions is due as soon as they confirm the “wire transfer” of the purchase money to the Timeshare owner’s account.

Contact details for European Get Aways are Telephone +44 (0)560 347 1688 and email

On the website from European Getaways there is a section of Vacation Rentals which takes you straight onto the Wyndham Vacation Rentals website. Wyndham has confirmed though that they have no link with this company European Getaways and neither have they given their permission to link or display their Vacation Rentals on their web.

Seen the above, we certainly recommend Timeshare owners pre-caution when contacted by European Getaways.

If you received a “one of” offer for reselling your timeshare from European Getaways with telephone number 05603471688 then please let us know.

You can email us at or place a comment on this blog

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The clock is ticking…. Are you still on time for a refund claim?


clock2015, a New Year and a new beginning. Although we all know that the best thing to do is always look forward in life there are moments when it might be “recommendable” to look back.

For many years several dubious Discount Travel Membership Clubs have been very active selling their dubious products to consumers and a lot of times this included a Cashback or Reclaim certificate as well. The largest clubs being Club Class and ILG –DWVC.

From what we have seen over the past years is that a lot of consumers have been very successful in claiming back the money paid to these companies when they had paid the purchase price by credit card or at least part of it by credit card.

But we have also noticed that those who were holding a Reclaim Certificate or Cashback, did not claim a refund as they were still hoping that at the moment of submitting their claim all monies would be paid out and everything would be as promised. Others didn’t claim a refund either as they thought this would then affect negatively their Cash Back certificate…

Unfortunately a lot of these certificates could only be redeemed years and years later so people would only realize they were “mis represented” or bluntly lied to after several years.

Claiming a refund for a credit card payment under the Consumer Act is possible inside the 6 years after the purchase / payment was done and by proving you were mis represented or there was breach of contract. (*only for UK credit card payments)

When we say the clock is ticking, we know that there are still a lot of consumers out there who just only recently submitted their cashback certificate and know now that there was no money waiting for them or only a very small amount, nothing to do with what was promised.

If you are a consumer who bought into a dubious Discount Travel Membership Club and did this in 2009 or after, please be aware you are still on time to claim a refund.

If you want to know if there is a possibility for you to submit such a claim, then please write to us and explain your case to us.

We can help you with clear guidelines and advice on how to do this claim.

Why would you not try? Don’t let the time pass and act now! All it will take is a bit of your time and the money for a stamp on the letter to the bank!

We look forward to hearing from you!

You can email us at or place a comment on this blog

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