Atlas Consultants Europe, the other side of their business…


At the end of September we posted an article on this blog about Atlas Consultants Europe and their cold call campaign to the supposed victims of a company called Gold Crown Solutions. (

But the cold calls and the offers to continue claims for Timeshare Consumers does not seem to be the only “business” this company has taken on.

As they are based in Tenerife, they also seem to have a sales deck on the islands and attract potential clients through the OPC’s the representatives on the streets with the scratch cards.

Holiday makers, and preferably Timeshare owners are approached by the OPC’s and offered prizes through a scratch card. This prize has to be picked up at the sales deck and a free taxi will take the consumer there.

We have heard it all before about these kind of presentations and Atlas Consultants Europe is not an exception to the rule.

Once at the sales deck the consumers have to sit through a presentation of a Holiday Club called Gold Crown Resort. Gold Crown Resort is actually an American based Discount Holiday Club Membership for life with a website .

The membership costs around £6000

Together with the membership Atlas Consultants Europe also offers the possibility to relinquish the consumers’ existing timeshare for a fee of around £3500

A payment on the day is required which is charged by a company called Gold Crown Services SL. Something that is questionable as the membership for Gold Crown Resort is for lifetime, so under the Timeshare Directive there should be a cooling off period with no money changed hands.

This is though “easily” overcome by Atlas Consultants Europe as they actually “throw in” several gifts such as pre-paid holiday accommodation and a Tablet. The money paid on the day is reflected as the payment for these gifts… and not as a deposit towards a Holiday Club Membership.

Although Gold Crown Resort seems to be a genuine company in the United States, we still would recommend caution when dealing with the marketers of this product in Tenerife, Atlas Consultants Europe.

If you have been through a presentation from Atlas Consultants Europe in Tenerife we would like to have your feedback.

You can email us at or place a comment on the blog

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Предупреждение! Компания Avian Travel & Services – мошенники из Мадрида, предлагающие перепродажу Таймшэра!

Опубликовано mindtimeshare 17 октября 2014 года


Данное предупреждение выходит в связи с деятельностью новой компании под названием Avian Travel & Services, использующей технику «холодного» звонка для связи с владельцами таймшера.

На данный момент объектом звонков данной компании являются владельцы из России.

Avian Travel & Services во время звонка представляется как компания, оказывающая услуги по перепродаже, расположенная в Мадриде по адресу: Madrid, calle Tutor 36, planta 4 (улица Тутор, дом 36, этаж 4).

Номера телефонов данной компании являются номерами мобильной связи в Испании: 0034 611 340 887 или факс 0034 611 340 888.

Несмотря на то, что они сообщают о существовании их собственного веб-сайта, у нас есть серьезные сомнения, что этот сайт имеет какое-либо отношение к представителям, осуществляющим звонки. При этом их адрес электронной почты никак не связан с данным сайтом:

Во время телефонного разговора представители сообщают владельцу таймшера, что имеется покупатель, который готов приобрести их членство. Этот покупатель уже внес задаток, и для того, чтобы завершить сделку, владельцу членства также необходимо оплатить гарантийный залог.

Данный залог составляет около 2500 евро. Требование авансовых платежей является незаконным в соответствии с Положением о Таймшере, и любая надежная компания, занимающаяся перепродажей, знает о данном положении и не выдвигала бы подобных требований к владельцам.

Обращаем Ваше внимание, что компания под названием Avian Travel & Services не зарегистрирована ни в Мадриде, ни в Испании в целом!

Если Вам позвонили представители Avian Travel & Services из Мадрида с номера 0034611340887, пожалуйста, сообщите нам.

Вы можете связаться с нами по электронному адресу или разместить комментарий в данном блоге.


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Warning! Avian Travel & Services a bogus Timeshare Resale from Madrid!


This warning goes out for a new cold calling company using the name of Avian Travel & Services.

This company is at the moment targeting Russian Timeshare owners.

Avian Travel & Services pretends to be a resale company based in Madrid at Calle Tutor 36, planta 4.

Their contact numbers are Spanish Mobiles 0034 611 340 887 or fax 0034 611 340 888

Although they provide a website for their company we have serious doubts that this website has anything to do with the people calling for a Timeshare resale.

The email address is neither linked to this web as they use

On the cold call, they inform the Timeshare owner that a buyer is waiting to purchase their membership. This buyer has already paid a deposit, and in order to complete the sale it is also necessary that the Timeshare owner pays a security fee.

This security fee is around €2500. Upfront payments are illegal as per the Timeshare Directive, and any genuine resale company would know this and not ask for this.

Please note that there is no such company as Avian Travel & Services registered in Madrid or Spain!

If you are contacted by Avian Travel & Services from +34 611340887 in Madrid, the please let us know.

You can email us at or place a comment on this blog


Предупреждение! Компания Avian Travel & Services – мошенники из Мадрида, предлагающие перепродажу Таймшэра!  

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Resort Care Europe, a tale of confusions and misunderstanding…


RCE or Resort Care Europe is certainly not a new name on this blog, and we have dedicated already several other articles to this company and connected ones.

But as RCE – Resort Care Europe continues their activities we feel it is necessary once more to point out how this company works and what people can really expect from their cold calls.

Most of the inquiries and complaints we receive about Resort Care Europe are based on the fact that for some reason they continue to give the impression to the timeshare owners that they are connected to their resort or exchange company.

It is easy to say that this impression must be based on “confusion or mis understanding” from the consumer. But when almost a 99% of the consumers who are being approached by RCE seem to have the same confusion or mis understanding, we really think that there must be something wrong.

The fact though that a timeshare owner thinks he is speaking to his home resort or exchange company, creates a false sense of trust which takes certain barriers down for the agent of RCE.

So once this agent of Resort Care Europe has the full attention of the Timeshare owner the next step is to present the offer. And yet again, there seems to be a large incidence of “mis understandings” here as the price quoted is £199 for the package, but the actual money charges amounts £398. Those asking for the reason why this amount was taken of their card were informed that they misunderstood as the price is £199 per person…

Apart from the above, the consumer is not really offered any time to think about this offer and credit card payments are taken straight away over the phone. Indeed the agent is very helpful and willing to inform about the full package when speaking to the client on the phone but we have numerous cases though where certain issues were discussed and later turned out to be the opposite.

The possibility to book the consumers home resort, booking school holidays, travelling alone or with a friend and not partner…whilst on the phone with the credit card in reach, everything is possible. But once paid and with the confirmation email in the inbox, the terms and conditions do explain another story. And not always do these terms and conditions adjust to the consumer’s personal situation…

Last but not least, we want to make consumers aware that there is actually a court judgement against Resort Care Europe about the fact they were introducing themselves as a company connected to certain Exchange companies or timeshare resorts. So at some point this was raised in a court and the judge did rule against them.

So after all, it does not really look like consumers are being confused or not listening…

Question is though, why does a company who supposedly offers great and discounted accommodation to consumers, need to make statements to create this false sense of trust in order to sell their product? Why are the terms and conditions not supplied in full prior to taking the payment?

The only thing we can say is that you should be careful when cold called by a company such as Resort Care Europe and do get the facts right before pulling your credit card out of your wallet!

If you have been contacted by Resort Care Europe – RCE then please do let us know by email at or place a comment on the blog.

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Timeshare Regulation, the all-round cold caller from Tenerife.


There are cold calling companies such as Timeshare Regulation who seem to offer all kinds of services, including those not even mentioned on their own website.

Timeshare Regulation is at present actively cold calling Timeshare consumers who had for example dealings with Impact Services. Timeshare Regulations claims that they are acting on behalf of the liquidators from Impact Services.

Visiting their website they don’t seem to be “liquidators” at all, but more a claim company, handling Consumer Act claims and also Timeshare relinquishments.

The website was registered in June this year, although Timeshare Regulation comments in their “About us” section that they have been founded in 1996 and have been dealing with Timeshare Relinquishments since 1999.

Strange that we have never heard about them before if they were around for such a long time already…

In their cold call, they mention they are based in Tenerife. On the website though there is no indication at all where they are based as there is no address no other company details that one would expect from a long standing company.

The contact number is a UK number: 0845 862 0470 and their E-mail:

Although they insist on their website and in the (cold) call from the agent that their fees are charged once the claimed money has been paid out, we do recommend caution when dealing with this company.

Don’t overlook the fact that they are cold calling, they claim to be around much longer than records about them can be found, there are no company details available anywhere and they seem to have information about you that should not be in the hands of a stranger.

If you have been contacted by Timeshare Regulation from 08458620470 for one of their many services, then please do let us know.

Please email us at or place a comment on the blog

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Media Mediation Services, the legal advisers appointed by the courts…


Cold callers by the name of Media Mediation Services are approaching Timeshare consumers who have had previous dealings with other dubious legal companies such as Ramirez & Ramirez.

Media Mediation Services claims to have taken over the court claims of the previous companies and are now appointed by the court to continue this claim and complete the issue.

First thing they ask from the consumer is to fill in and sign an authorisation form. This might all sound very official and correct, but we need to keep in mind here the following:

  • Media Mediation Services is a cold caller
  • They claim to have knowledge of the previous dealings of the consumer with other dubious companies.
  • There is no such company registered at the Spanish Companies House under the name of Media Mediation Services.
  • Their website lacks all kinds of company information or information of the supposed lawyers that are working for this company.
  • The website was registered on the 13th of August 2014

With the above information we would say it is not recommendable to have any further dealings with this company and certainly not provide them with more personal details.

It will be only a matter of time or a couple of “warming up” calls before they start asking for money!

Contact details of Media Mediation Services are: Address – Avda Jesus Santos Rein19-4, Edif. Windsor, 29640, Fuengirola, Malaga, Spain.

Telephone (mobile): 0034 672 857 029 and   Fax: 0871 528 3093


If you have been approached by an agent from Media Mediation Services about a supposed court claim against your holiday company, then please do let us know.

You can email us at or place a comment on this blog

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