Have you been called by Klein Associates for a Timeshare Claim?


We are receiving inquiries about a company by the name of Klein Associates that seems to be cold calling Timeshare owners and telling them they are probably eligible for a claim.

Through the phone the agent from Klein Associates already assesses if the consumer is indeed eligible for a compensation claim and explains that he will forward information by email.

This information is indeed received from the email address info@timeshare-claims.com

The telephone number for Klein Associates is 01244 940 542

In the email the agent Steven Presti refers the consumer to the website of the company www.timeshare-claims.com

He also insists it will all be on a No Win No fee basis.

It seems rather strange that a claims company such as Klein Associates would cold call consumers and offers compensation claims to them over the phone. We certainly recommend consumers to be cautious when dealing with this company.

If you have been cold called by Klein Associates from 01244940542 about a compensation claim, we would really like to hear from you.

Please email us at customercare@mindtimeshare.com or place a comment on the blog.

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Forteza SL the latest cold calling fake Insolvency Specialists


FORTEZAWith all the new companies over the past days, we have to add one more and that is the company Forteza SL.

Forteza SL presents themselves as Insolvency Specialists and as we have seen with several other fake liquidator offices on this blog, they also claim to be appointed to handle the liquidation of Reclaim Ltd.

For some reason the news about Reclaim Ltd and the real appointed Liquidators doesn’t seem to reach these companies and they continue with their same pitch.

Forteza uses as contact details:

Address: C/ Cuesta del Rosario 15, 2º B – Sevilla

Email: forteza@email.com Telephone: 0034 955 300 162 and Fax: 00 34 955 300 159

The person calling uses the name of Daniel Rawlings.

Those consumers who actually listened to the offer from Forteza were told that this company could claim the money from Reclaim Ltd on their behalf and would not charge them anything for this.

All the consumer needs to do is to submit a claims form and copies of the Reclaim Ltd certificate.

Once the paperwork is submitted it is a question of a couple of days and money will be paid into the consumers account.

Of course this is not the real way it goes, as after a couple of days Forteza will be on the phone to say that the money has been blocked due to the lack of a Tax payment or a Tax ID number. And this is where the real “business” of Forteza will take off as they will start asking for money to sort these problems out.

As Forteza is not a real company and certainly are they not the real appointed liquidators, we strongly recommend having NO dealings with them.

If you have been approached already by Forteza from +34 955300162 in Seville then we would like to hear from you.

You can email customercare@mindtimeshare.com or place a comment on the blog.

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Market My Timeshare, the reseller active on the Polish Market

Market my Timeshare is a new cold calling Timeshare resale company from Tenerife.

This company approaches Timeshare owners for the resale of their ownership and promises quick results.

These quick results are mainly to do with the fact that they are operating on the “Polish Market” and that buying timeshare seems to be the latest new thing in Poland. Did we not hear something similar already about the Russian market?

The way Market my Timeshare works is to start the cold call, and once the Timeshare owner has shown his interest in being added to the resale listing of Market my Timeshare, they are explained the following.


The Timeshare owner needs to pay £1500 in order to be included on the Polish listing which is on the website www.czaspolska.pl  This very basic website was created on the end of May 2014.

But please, don’t get me wrong when thinking this would be an illegal upfront payment! Oh no, this payment is not really to get the timeshare listed, because that is FREE. The payment of £1500 is to obtain 4 promotional accommodation vouchers through the company Slonce Marketing and Merchandising.


The timeshare owner is re-assured that this is the only way to get on the Polish listing and obviously those who do not want to pay for the “4 weeks luxury accommodation” will not be included in this listing..

Research has shown that the company Market My Timeshare registered their web domain www.marketmytimeshare.com at the beginning of June 2014

But this website has not been developed and consumers are directed to the one from Slonce Marketing http://sloncemarketing.com/ . This website was registered in April 2014.

Contact details for Market My Timeshare are email info@marketmytimeshare.com and telephone 0193 557 6046

Slonce Marketing provides more contact details on their web:

Telephone for buyers: 0034 922 782 310 for Sellers: 0034 922 758 425 and Fax: 0034 922 711 809

Email info@sloncemarketing.com & admin@sloncemarketing.com

Address; Avenida De Los Vientos, Local A4, El Galeon, Adeje, 8670 Tenerife, Spain.

What we have here is a range of companies that seem to be working together, using the cold call as the way to approach Consumers, “selling” 4 weeks of accommodation in resorts when in reality the Timeshare owner is looking to sell his Membership and offered to do this through a supposed active Polish Market.

It is always questionable how logical it can be that when you want to sell something you have to buy into something different, which on top of it you don’t need or want!

If you have been cold called by Market my Timeshare from 01935576046 with the offer to sell on the Polish market, then please let us know!

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Have you been offered a disposal by A Fair Solution?


A Fair Solution is the company name of the latest cold calling Timeshare Disposal Company.

This company is contacting Timeshare Owners and claims to have the solution to their “problem” and the best part of all is that there won’t be any payment upfront.

A Fair Solution explains their offer in a follow up email which is received from afairsolution@gmail.com This is not the only email address used though as they also have info@afairsolution.com

The offer of A Fair Solution seems to be rather complicated though. The way they explain the disposal will be done is as follows. They will arrange for a person to buy the ownership of the Timeshare owner. This would be though a “symbolic” purchase as there won’t be any money exchanging hands. This purchaser will pay the timeshare owner by cheque, and this cheque should be passed to A Fair Solution straight away.

A Fair Solutions asks the Timeshare owner to sign papers in front of a Notary although it doesn’t seem to be clear what kind of paperwork this is. There is no mention about any forms for Transfer of Ownership which would be the usual procedure with any resort.

For the disposal service there is a charge of around £2000 but saying there is no upfront payment seems to be a bit over the top, as A Fair Solution expects the Timeshare owner to start paying the £2000 in 3 instalments as from the moment he goes to the notary and signs the “paperwork”.

Research has shown that A Fair Solution is a company registered since April this year, and not since 2006 as mentioned on their paperwork.

Their website www.afairsolution.com  dates from January 2014.

Address details: Southgate Chambers, 37/39 Southgate Street, Winchester, SO23 9EH

Telephone: 01962 441025 and Fax: 01962 670131

Between the cold call, the rather confusing explanation on how this disposal will be processed and the payments when there is no confirmation at all yet that the timeshare is out of the owners name, we certainly recommend to be cautious when dealing with this company.

If you have been contacted by A Fair Solution from 01962441025 then please let us know.

You can email to customercare@mindtimeshare.com or place a comment on this blog

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Specialists on Claims – SOC and Quinton Hale Associates


A company by the name of Specialists on Claims or simply SOC has been cold calling for some time now. SOC contacts those consumers who have been cheated by dubious holiday clubs in the past and tell them that they can mediate with a court case against these clubs.

From what Specialists on Claims tells the consumer, they are based in Gibraltar and as far as they know, the courts in Spain have already awarded money towards the victims of the holiday clubs.

In order to claim the awarded money, the Holiday Club Member will have to use a lawyer and Specialists on Claims has actually a lawyer’s office who is handling these cases. That is how the consumer is introduced to Quinton Hale Associates.

Quinton Hale Associates is a company supposedly based in Fuengirola on the Costa del Sol and indeed they will handle the claim from the court.

In order to do so they require an upfront payment of £900 as the court fee plus another set up fee of £700. After the consumer would receive the awarded amount of money, they will be invoiced for another 10% over this amount as a final payment to Quinton Hale Associates.

All payments are requested to be done by bank transfer to Quinton Hale. Obviously the bank transfer payments cannot be claimed back.

As this sounds all too good to be true, and we don’t really like cold callers, we have done some further investigations.

We have been unable to find a company by the name of Specialists on Claims or SOC in Gibraltar. The contact details they use are Telephone: 0203 137 3465 Email claims@specialistsonclaims.com

This leads us to the website www.specialistsonclaims.com but this does not seem to be working and needs a password to access. This domain was registered in November 2013.

In their paperwork Quinton Hale Associates actually refers to another Website: http://www.soc-today.com and again without a password you cannot access. This domain was registered in April 2014.

Telephone number for Quinton Hale Associates is 0207 183 3536

There are no lawyer’s details at all in any of the paperwork provided by Quinton Hale Associates, and neither is there any court case going against a Holiday Club and certainly is there no money awarded at all for victims of holiday clubs!

All the above information gives us the impression that you should be really careful when dealing with Specialists on Claims or Quinton Hale Associates.

If you have been contacted by any of these two companies from 02031373465 or 02071833536 then please let us know.

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Warning! Segurola S.A. Fake liquidators!


Yes another cold calling fake liquidator has seen the light, this time by the name of Segurola SA.

You can leave the SA out, as this company is certainly NOT registered anywhere in Spain and actually does not exist at all.

Segurola cold calls those consumers who have a Reclaim Ltd Certificate and they claim to be the appointed liquidators.

In order to claim back the money from the reclaim Certificate the consumer has to submit a claims form to Segurola and they will process the whole claim.

As with all the other fake liquidators, once the claims form has been submitted, Segurola is notified by the tax offices that the consumer needs to be taxes over the awarded amount in order to release the money.

Tax that can only be paid by using an NIE Tax ID number, which of course nobody has …

We have heard it all before and obviously this whole story is part of a setup with the sole objective to get money out of the Certificate holder and then disappear without any notice.

Contact details for Segurola are address: Calle Gran Via de Colon, 14B-2,18001 Granada

Email address: segurola@post.com Telephone number; 0034 955 300 162 and fax; 0034 955 300 159

PLEASE be aware that this company SEGUROLA does not exist and neither are they the appointed liquidators of Reclaim Ltd.

More information about the real liquidators and the liquidation of Reclaim Ltd can be found on the following link: http://mindtimeshare.me/?s=reclaim+ltd

If you have been contacted by Segurola from +34 955300162 or any other company claiming to be liquidators of Reclaim Ltd, then please let know.

You can write to us at custmercare@mindtimeshare.com or place a comment on this blog

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Have you received an invoice for Continent Connections annual fee?



PLEASE NOTE that Continent Connections is yet again on a campaign of requesting Membership fees.
They have now changed their contact details to:
Telephone 0203 239 6908 and Email: continentconnections2010@gmail.com

Customer Care

Originally posted on Mindtimeshare:


Continent Connections has been busy lately with sending out Membership fees requests to all their members.

Slight problem though is that a lot of these “members” are not even aware of this membership and less of the obligation to pay the annual fee!

So what has happened here?

From what we understand, there are not many members of Continent Connections Discount Holiday Club that actually bought into this membership just from scratch.

The story is that most of the consumers were dealing with a dubious resale company such as Viva Connect, paid them an upfront fee for a resale that was almost completed…but then the sale fell through.

Continent Connections then contacted the Timeshare consumer and claimed to have buyers for Holiday Memberships and if the Timeshare owner would change his timeshare into a Continent Connections membership, the sale would be imminent.

Some Timeshare Owners were not even mentioned…

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