Cold Caller list March 2015

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Dear All,

This months’ cold caller list seems to be a bit longer again than the previous ones, as we have detected 103 active companies in March 2015 and from the 103 companies, there are 25 new company names. 

For a complete list please click on the following link: COLD CALLER MARCH 2015

This month of course has been highlighted due to the police raid on the Costa del Sol where they have raided several offices of a Gang, active since 2009 in all kinds of Timeshare related scams. 60 people were arrested, and 3 of them went to prison the same day. (

We are still waiting for a complete list of all companies raided, and will keep everybody updated through the blog.

But the UK Press not only showed their interest in the police raid, but also published an article in the Daily Mail about a claims company WTC Admin/ Willard Thomas claims who’s owner was traced down to a pub in Torremolinos:×5 and The Telegraph wrote an article about the accommodation offer from a company called Sponsored Breaks

The names of the 25 new companies detected in March 2015 are:

Accounts & Finances

Alza Gestion Financiera SL

C&R Services    Mediation

Cahill & Bridge Mediation Company

Cisco Atlas Company                                    

Claims Management

Cordial Canaria

CSP Real Estate

EH Services SL

Equal Access to Justice Mediation Company

Guardian Care Consultants

Harper Associates                                           

Inmobiliaria Barreras

Inversiones SAI

J&WB Services – Barras           Mediation Company

Medinas           Liquidators

Mid Surrey Sales & Management


Recht voor zijn raap Juristen

Sky Breaks

Sky Travel        Resale                                

Solution for Timeshare  Disposal          ×0


Turismo Rural 2014

Watchovia Administracion

There seems to be an increase in companies who cold call and offer Timeshare owners not only the possibility to cancel their membership against substantial payments, but also say that they can claim compensation and refund for money paid for the timeshare.

Please be aware that cold callers are never to be trusted, and always check out the facts before handing over any personal details and documentation. Do NOT pay anything upfront and before taking a cold callers word for it, double check with your resort and with us!

Thanks for your support and cooperation as always.

Customer Care

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Sponsored Breaks hitting the newspapers in UK due to dubious accommodation offers


Sponsored Breaks and Sponsored Weeks are not new to this blog, and we posted articles about them in June ( ) and October ( ) last year.

This cold calling fly buy company, offering discounted holiday accommodation was brought to our attention as consumers were told many things that sounded too good to be true and their credit card was quickly charged before they had the opportunity to read the terms and conditions.

Statements such as 5 star luxury accommodation, multiple weeks holidays, ABTA bonded, etc. seem to be the regular pitch on the phone.

Now Sponsored breaks has reached the newspapers and is mentioned in an article from The Telegraph, dated today the 31st of March.

Have a look at the story of Tony and Christine Birch who paid to Sponsored Breaks and were refused a refund when they tried to cancel.

Return of the timeshare? The bargain ‘holiday’ where you can’t leave the hotel – The Telegrap

Captura de pantalla 2015-03-31 a la(s) 13.01.52Picture source the Telegraph


Posted in Flybuy Operator, Warnings | Tagged , , , , , , , , , , | 1 Comment the latest web version of this ITRA Connected Company.


The website was registered on the 15th of March 2015 and seems to be an identical webpage as

The only changes made are the contact details, which are different telephone number:

0800 610 1535 or 0203 519 0941

The text and information provided on the website is the same as before.

Also the supposed Timeshare Release office locations are all the same ones we know to belong to the meeting presented by ITRA the international Timeshare Refund Action

Unfortunately the meetings from ITRA haven’t changed either, and we continue to receive testimonials from consumers who went to the meeting thinking this was a No Win No Fee claims offer and ended up paying a lot of money for supposed cancellation services.

If you are thinking of attending a meeting from ITRA after receiving an invite from companies such as Timeshare Release, then please do spend some time on research and have a look at the range of articles we posted about this issue:

If you have been to the meeting already and want to share your feedback with us, please send us a message to or place a comment on this blog


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TONY HETHERINGTON: Timeshare reclaim company based in Harley Street traced to a Torremolinos pub!

Captura de pantalla 2015-03-23 a la(s) 15.52.52(picture from article Daily mail)

Yes you are reading this correctly! Tony Hetherington reporter from the Daily Mail Online has just published an article about the claims company Willard Thomas Claims or WTC Admin.

As described in this article, the sole director of WTC Administration / Willard Thomas Claims was traced down to be living in Torremolinos, on the Costa del Sol where he runs an Irish Pub.

The dubious activity from the company by the name of Willard Thomas Claims was already highlighted on our blog in an article we posted in February 2014 ( and an update on this article when they changed their name to WTC Admin in September 2014 (

The article of Tony Hetherington is once more a confirmation of all the suspicion we already had about this company and their dubious way of approaching timeshare owners and offering refund claims. Claims they assured to be guaranteed, even with those who did not pay by credit card or paid over 6 years ago.

The link to the full article of the Daily Mail is:

Captura de pantalla 2015-03-23 a la(s) 15.53.30

(picture from article Daily mail)
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Is Solution for Timeshare another solution offered by ITRA?

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A new website has been brought to our attention by the name of Solution for

Timeshare owners have been contacted by email, stating that “previously” they filled in a form on this website about disposal / resale information and they are asked if they are still interested.

Strange thing is that a lot of consumers do not seem to remember filling out such form.

Solution for Timeshare does not really offer a lot of company information on their website. The contact details reduce to a telephone number 0845 095 1448 and an email address:

No office address, no Company registration number and not even an indication about where they are. Neither are there any Term and Conditions on the web or privacy policy.

This company is connected to ITRA the International Timeshare Refund Action.

This is actually not surprising as in the email sent out by Solutions for Timeshare there is a mention of “legal advice” with disposal and on the web itself they speak about appointments in their “consultancy centers”.

Please always be careful when it comes to contacts with companies through email or phone calls that you have not really asked for.

Always do your research and make sure that you check your facts before taking up the services of companies that claim they are the “only ones” to be able to help you with issues related to your timeshare.

If you have received a telephone call or email from Solution for Timeshare, we would like to know.

You can email us or place a comment on this blog.

UPDATE 25 MARCH 2015  ASA Uphold Complaint against Solution for Timeshare

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The dubious Lawyers Sanchez Bendaoud from Seville

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A new cold calling (dubious) lawyers office has been brought to our attention under the name of Sanchez Bendaoud.

This company, claiming to be a solicitors office based in Seville, contacts Timeshare consumers who previously paid money into dubious holiday clubs.

In their phone call they explain the consumer that a court case will take place against these companies and that they will be able to claim back all the money paid and even more in compensation.

Sanchez Bendaoud will represent the consumer in the court case, and all the consumer needs to do is sign a document sent by email where they “grant” authorization to Sanchez Bendaoud to do this and that they agree with the sum of money to be claimed.

The estimate for the claim is rather substantial and goes beyond the 30.000 euros.

All the timeshare consumer needs to do to get the process going is pay a 10% over the money awarded as a juridical and administration fee upfront.

Indeed Sanchez Bendaoud is looking for a payment of around 3000 euros upfront, but they assure this is more than a normal procedure and the consumer has the claim guaranteed! His pay out will be around 5 to 8 days after paying this “juridical” fee by bank transfer to an account of an individual.

The website from this supposed lawyer’s office in Seville called J.C. Sanchez & M.L. Bendaoud – was only registered in January 2015

Checking the Spanish Companies House there is no such company registered at all, neither can these lawyers been found in the Lawyers Bar Society registration in Spain.

The address used C/Recaredo 4, 41003 Sevilla does not correspond with the address of any lawyers office. And they use a mobile telephone for contact (34) 603 208 427 without any landline. Email address

We certainly do NOT recommend this company, as there is no evidence at all that they actually exist!

Please be very careful when you are contacted by somebody claiming to be from Sanchez Bendaoud and do not provide them with any further personal details, as you never know where these might end up!

If you have already received a call from 0034 603208427 then please let us know.


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Have you received a cold call from Harper Associates?


A new company name has popped up this week on the cold caller list. The company is Harper Associates and they cold call timeshare consumers who have been duped in the past by bogus resale companies.

The pitch from the agent of Harper Associates is very similar to others we have seen on the blog before. The agent informs the Timeshare consumer that the company who has defrauded them has been raided, money has been seized and is now waiting to be paid back to the victims.

The problem is though, as per the agent from Harper Associates, that the bogus company used different bank accounts all around the world, and the amount paid by the Timeshare consumer has been spotted in China.

A company by the name of Harper Associates exists as such in the UK Companies house, but we have serious doubts that the person calling is really from this company.

They also call from a withheld number, so no possibility to check any further details.

They do provide a number 0203 695 8257 to get an “insurance number” from (supposedly) Lloyds of London. When the consumer obtains this number, he is asked to send £100 to a bank official in China via Western Union.

The name of this bank oficial is Yanhailia Ng, or Xiaojia Huang. After sending the £100 to China though another phone call is received, this time from a man called Martin Shields of Harper Associates saying there has been a mix up and to claim the consumer needs to send a further £1,000.

Please note that there has been no police raids where accounts are blocked in china or any place in the world and people are called to make Western Union payment to release these funds!

We recommend extreme caution when speaking to any person telling you they are calling from Harper Associates and certainly not send a penny to any person and place in the world.

If you did receive a call from Harper Associates or any other company with a similar story, then please let us know.

You can email to or place a comment on the blog

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