European Union Complaints with a case waiting in the courts of Arona (Tenerife)


A dubious cold caller has been brought to our attention by the name of European Union Complaints.

The name on itself obviously indicates they want to give a very “official” impression, but a cold call and asking for money doesn’t really back up the “official” feeling…

The agent from European Union Complaints presents himself as somebody working in a legal department in Tenerife, and with a current court case running in the courts of Arona in Tenerife. Of course one of the cases they are currently handling is against a company that has duped the timeshare owner they are calling.

In their paperwork they state;”… Our Organization is noted as E.U Complaints with our Legal C.I.F A389324758 and officially recognized by the High Courts of Santa Cruz and currently administrating various issues regarding pending cases that have not been correctly registered or completed…”

The Timeshare owner is offered to join this court case on a “No Win No Fee” basis. All the timeshare owner needs to do is pay 1400 euros Barrister Fees to European Union Complaints and wait to see the outcome of the case. If the case is won, then a 20% fee will be taken from European Union Complaints for their work.

Research has shown that there are no such companies in Tenerife by the name of European Union Complaints; neither is there any court cases running in Arona.

Joining a court case without having to provide any paperwork, a Power of Attorney, copy of passports, etc. and not being provided with the proper names of the lawyers and barristers involved, is very unlikely to be true.

Paying 1400 euros to a cold caller who claims to be involved in a court case and out of the blue offers to join you in, is even more suspicious.

If you have been contacted by European Union Complaints from Avda Juan Carlos I, Edificio Eden, Bloque 2, Piso 7, Oficina 132, Los Cristianos in Tenerife and using the email then please let us know.

Always remember you should not trust a cold caller and certainly not provide them with any further personal details such as paperwork showing credit card or bank account numbers.

You can email us for more information at or place a comment on the blog


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Cold Caller List – November 2014


Dear All,

Here the new cold caller list for the month of November 2014.

This month we reached the 100 active companies, and from these 100 there were 23 new company names.

For a complete list please click on the following link for the PDF:

Mindtimeshare Cold Caller List November 2014 PDF

There seems to be a lot of cold calling again from supposed resale companies with a new twist to the “upfront fee”.  These dubious resale companies are telling the Timeshare owner that there are no upfront fees, but then they start to ask for forms and paperwork that supposedly should have been provided by the resort, and seems to be missing.

Please note that if any company claims you are missing a form or certificate ALWAYS speak to your resorts and do not pay any company for the processing of the missing papers.

The cold calls from the (fake) notary offices are also persisting, and we would like to insist once more that there are no such notary offices in Malaga or Spain that cold call timeshare owners to pay out money.

If at all an official entity would ever contact you from Spain, they should be able to supply you with the relevant paperwork and all details about who they are, where they are, registration numbers, etc. Payments to Spanish Tax offices or official entities are NEVER done by bank transfer to an account in an individual’s name or through Western Union or Money Gram!

The list of the 23 new companies detected this month is the following:

Administracion Servicios de Hacienda

CRP Properties                             

Delta Litigation                             

Evangelista Mediation Services

Excursions Online                        

Golden Travel & Leisure             


Infinitus Resorts                           

Jackson Ward

Marrakech Estate

Martin Howards

Morgan Reed

Nova Travel                                  

Portside Properties

Principle Travel Online              

Sanchez Sampedro

Segovia Insolvencias                   

Select Vacation Club

Smart Financial Claims              

Timeshare Removals

Waterside Properties

Windmill Mediation Services    

World Vacation Exchange          

We cannot thank enough all the consumers that have taken their time and effort to write to us and supply us with all the details on the cold callers that contacted them.

Thanks to your great support we have been able once more to warn others and certainly avoid a lot of grief and frustration.

Customer Care

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Infinitus Resorts, the New All-Round Holiday Club for Fly-Buy, Rental and Resales

Infinitus Resorts

Infinitus Resorts describe themselves as the leading online resource for buying, selling, and renting timeshare, and at the same time they present themselves as Exclusive Owners Club, offering fly buy accommodations and a kind of holiday club membership. They also state to be part of the largest consumer co-operative, although no mention is made which it is.

Their web page is, and they offer all these services, including All Inclusive holiday packages, Adventure Holidays and even Real Estate, as they state, at highly discounted prices.

The contact details that Infinitus Resorts are Tel: 0034 856 924 836, and e-mail

On their home page they pretend to have an active inventory of over 40,000 vacation opportunities at favourite destinations around the world, although on the next page it suddenly gets immensely reduced to 65 available resorts for their holiday package bookings! Once arrived at the booking information form there are only 10 resorts left.

What is missing there, is actually the identification for them as registered company, but through research it came out soon that there is actually NO COMPANY REGISTERED under the name of Infinitus Resorts in Spain.

Also the address in Cadiz that they state is incomplete, and it seems rather to be an invented address.

All in all very little proper, and therefore insufficient, information about a company that – we do not doubt about – will want your money.

So, watch out and be very cautious, if you are in contact with this company.

The mix of offers they present, and the fact that they only just started their activities but do pretend to have lots of experience and thousands of accommodation offers, does not really inspire us with confidence, as it looks all very much like other “concepts” seen before.

Our general advice with this is, DO NOT PAY ANY MONEY UPFRONT, as long as you are not 100% sure that the company you are in contact with is genuine, and the same applies here.

If you need more detailed information, or if you have been contacted by Infinitus Resorts by telephone 0034856924836 or by e-mail, please let us know.

You can send an e-mail to or leave your comment here on our blog; let us know what happened and we will provide you with more details on this company or any other problem you may have with other dubious companies.

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When lack of direction and pressure from outside starts to get at you…

In July 2014 we were approached by Stephen Boyd, current Director of TCA and lawyer, who kindly offered us help and professional advice. We decided to go ahead with the conversation as we felt that we were talking to a serious association with the same objectives as ours, which is protecting (Timeshare) Consumers.

Stephen Boyd was fully aware of our situation, and he referred us to David Cox as the man we could speak to and the one in the office who would liaise with him if needed.

Before entering in any further conversations or correspondence we did ask for total confidentiality and discretion and Stephen Boyd assured us (in writing) that this was the case as in any lawyer – client relationship.

So we continued the conversation with David as recommended by Stephen, and always with the mind set on trying to protect consumers.

But then certain articles on the TCA website created concerns with us as they were in a sense backing up certain companies with dubious reputation and who allegedly cheated many Timeshare owners.

Companies not only exposed on the Mindtimeshare blog but also in the European Press and known by the ECC offices who have informed in the press as well that they received numerous complaints about them.

The articles on Mindtimeshare are written with the backup of the documented testimonials we receive from the consumers. It was though quiet confusing to see that TCA was publishing articles with a total different guideline without being clear on what or who’s statements they base their articles.

What can be concluded about the latest events and publications on the TCA website?

First of all, we want to say that we have not mislead anybody and less TCA as it were them approaching us in the first place.

We do feel that there is a tremendous lack of coordination in the direction of TCA.

They don’t seem to have a clear line and are not defining at all what their objective is.

On one side they claim to be there for the consumers and with the consumers only, and on the other side they expose themselves by writing articles about companies that are very dubious to say the least.

So it is not only the lack of definition on what their goal post is in reality, it also seems at this stage a lack of respect toward the hundreds or thousands of victims of these companies.

If Timeshare consumers are confused about who to believe and who to trust, the articles posted in the past days by TCA certainly do not help at all and create even more confusion.

In a time frame of only days there are articles written in favour of certain companies and associations and then an article appears telling the total opposite. Who to believe if TCA does not even believe the content of their own articles?

We sincerely think that the pressure put on TCA by the different (dubious) companies in this industry has made them react in this way and they have started to “shoot in all directions” in order to defend themselves.

We better than most others are more than aware on how much pressure one can receive and the state of mind that this creates, not only with the people inside the company but also their family members and close ones.

For an association manned by people that have only been around in this industry for the past 6 months, all we can say that they should do their homework a bit more thoroughly before publishing, and be prepared for the pressure. That is what 7 years of being around here has taught us!

You cannot be liked by everybody… and you don’t want to be liked by everybody… but you have to define who you are and what your real goal post is. Get this straight first of all!

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Предупреждение! Компания Nova Travel – мошенники из Мадрида, предлагающие перепродажу Таймшэра!


Данное предупреждение выходит в связи с деятельностью новой компании под названием Nova Travel, использующей технику «холодного» звонка для связи с владельцами таймшера.

На данный момент объектом звонков данной компании являются владельцы из России.

Nova Travel во время звонка представляется как компания, оказывающая услуги по перепродаже, расположенная в Мадриде по адресу: Madrid, calle Gran Via 30, planta 4

Номера телефонов данной компании являются номерами мобильной связи в Испании: 0034 603 221 538 или факс 0034 603 221 539.

Во время телефонного разговора представители сообщают владельцу таймшера, что имеется покупатель, который готов приобрести их членство. Этот покупатель уже внес задаток, и для того, чтобы завершить сделку, владельцу членства также необходимо оплатить гарантийный залог.

Данный залог составляет около 2000 евро. Требование авансовых платежей является незаконным в соответствии с Положением о Таймшере, и любая надежная компания, занимающаяся перепродажей, знает о данном положении и не выдвигала бы подобных требований к владельцам.

Обращаем Ваше внимание, что компания под названием Nova Travel не зарегистрирована ни в Мадриде, ни в Испании в целом!

Если Вам позвонили представители Nova Travel из Мадрида с номера 0034603221538, пожалуйста, сообщите нам.
Вы можете связаться с нами по электронному адресу или разместить комментарий в данном блоге.


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Nova Travel, cold calling Russian Timeshare owners for a dubious sale


A new cold caller has been brought to our attention, and this time the name they use is Nova Travel.

Nova Travel looks very similar to other cold calling resale companies we have warned about in the past weeks.

They cold call, and claim to have buyers lined up for the timeshare of the owner. The Timeshare owners they are calling are at the moment all Russian. The offer they do for the Timeshare membership is for a substantial amount of money and often for double what the Timeshare owner paid for it in the first place.

If the owner is interested in this sale, all he needs to do is pay a “liability insurance” of around 2000 euros to get the ball rolling and the sale completed.

Address details for Nova Travel are; Calle Gran Via 30, Planta 4, Madrid, Spain

Mobile telephone: 0034 603 221 538 and Fax 0034 603 221 539


The address is non existing and neither are there any companies in Spain registered under this name or similar address.

Cold calls and upfront fees are never a good sign and adding this up to faulty company details, we would certainly NOT recommend having any dealings with this company.

If you have been contacted by Nova Travel from 603221538 in Madrid, then please let us know.

You can email us at or place a comment on the blog


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What to think of the combined offer from TravelPromotions and Let’s Go Tenerife



The latest offers from cold calling companies don’t cease to surprise us. We have now been alerted by Timeshare owners that they are receiving cold calls from a company called Travel Promotions.

Travel Promotions is well known to us and already has been discussed on this blog some time ago. This company is directly connected to Hollywood Marketing, Sellmytimeshare and Monster Travel.

Travel Promotions is now again actively cold calling, and offering bonus weeks. The pitch is set up in such a way that the Timeshare owner is given the impression that Travel Promotions is somehow connected to their resort. A false sense of confidence is created and Timeshare owners are more than willing to listen, as it is after all “their resort or somebody close who is calling”.

Not even near the truth unfortunately and once the Timeshare Owner has agreed to take up the offer for several bonus-weeks at £295 they receive a confirmation email where it becomes clear that their resort is not involved or “affiliated” at all.

In the confirmation another agent surprisingly is “throwing” another free week into the offer for the timeshare owner. This agent is called Let’s Go Tenerife. Another familiar name of a company who certainly is not affiliated to the Timeshare owner’s resort either and has their “own agenda”.


Although TravelPromotions explains that the bonus-weeks can be taken in different destinations, we have no doubt that the main destination will be Tenerife or any other Canary island. The islands where both companies have their own sales-decks.

Travel Promotions for Monster Travel and their Monster Credit product  , and Let’s Go Tenerife for Canarian Legal Alliance or Go Compass.

Seen the connections of all the above mentioned companies and their recent activities, we certainly would recommend caution when cold called by Travel Promotions or Let’s Go Tenerife.

If a company cold calls you and claims to be affiliated or connected to your home resort, always double check these facts before paying for an offer with your credit card over the phone.

There is no such thing as an offer that is only valid in one telephone call!

If you have been contacted by TravelPromotions or Let’s Go Tenerife, then please do let us know.

You can email us at or place a comment on this blog.

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