Golden Travel & Leisure, the gateway to a Timeshare resale with upfront fee


Golden Travel and Leisure is a cold calling company that offers timeshare resales over the phone. The agent from Golden Travel & Leisure offers a straight forward resale of the timeshare as this will be used for their Travel Club.

Yes, as it seems Golden Travel & Leisure is a very “successful” travel company. As mentioned on their website “they are part of the largest consumer co-operative. They operate alongside over 400 high street travel agencies, a business travel operation, call centres, a specialist cruise operation and in excess of 600 travel homeworkers…”

The website though has only been registered in September 2014 which is rather a short period for a company to claim to have send millions of people on holidays.

Contact details for Golden Travel & Leisure are an address: Address: 11 Avenida de Andalucia Málaga 29530 Spain

Telephone a Spanish Mobile (34) 602 618 863 which seems unusual for a “call centre” and email

We have not found any company registered at the Spanish Companies House or at the given address by the name of Golden Travel & Leisure.

Apart from the above information, Golden Travel & Leisure also requires a 10% upfront fee to complete the sale, and as we all know an upfront fee is not permitted in Timeshare resales and any company asking for this payment should not really be trusted.

Cold call, no proper company registration, lack of information and an upfront fee, this doesn’t really indicate that this company can be trusted.

If you have been contacted by Golden Leisure & Travel from +34 602618863 then please let us know.

You can email at or place a comment on the blog

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Western Sales Group, the cold calling Timeshare reseller from Marbella


A warning goes out for those who have been cold called by a company called Western Sales Group.

This company claims to be doing Timeshare Resales and as a matter of fact they are one of those companies who seem to have buyers lined up waving with money.

Because of their success in sales, Western Sales Group can offer substantial prices for the timeshares.

All the Timeshare owner needs to do is pay a Liability Insurance of £2000 and the sale will be completed in no time.

It appears that Western Sales Group have not heard of the Timeshare Directive where it is clearly forbidden to take any upfront payment for a timeshare resale.

Contact details for Western Sales Group are telephone 0034 951 247 281 and email

Their offices can supposedly be found at the Marbella Business Centre Avda Las Cumbres Elviria 29604, on the Costa del Sol in Spain.

They don’t seem to have a website.

No company has been found registered at the Spanish Companies house by the name of Western Sales Group.

We do not recommend having any dealings with this company.

Did you receive a call from Western Sales Group in Marbella? Please let us know!

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Who wants to claim through Smart Financial Claims?


Another cold calling Claims company has been brought to our attention and the name of this company is Smart Financial Claims.

They present themselves as a Claims Company although we have been unable to find any Company Registration at the UK Companies House for a Smart Financial Claims Ltd.

The usual pitch has been used here which we have seen before by so many other cold callers, who seem to have an awful lot of information about the consumer and their dealings with dubious companies. Information that is not really openly available to anybody.

Smart Financial Claims send of all kind of informative documents after the first call with the consumer. But in spite of all this information there is not really a lot about the company itself, such as an office address or registration numbers.

All the consumer receives is an email address and a telephone number: 01792 824508 or Fax: 0843 2653950

The domain name was registered on the first of October 2014 and the website is not live.

Although Smart Financial Claims does not mention any upfront payments to get the claim going, it is certainly questionable if it would be recommendable for a consumer to provide them with personal details and paperwork, seen the fact that this company is not duly identified at all.

Sending your personal information to a company who cold calls you out of the blue, and only provides you with a phone number and an email address….it just doesn’t sound right.

If you have been contacted by Smart Financial Claims from 01792824508 then please do let us know.

You can email or comment on this blog

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Has Phoenix Mediation Services offered you Mediation to recuperate money?


During the past weeks we have heard a lot about companies offering “Mediation” to Timeshare Consumers and one of the active companies dealing with this seems to be Phoenix Mediation Services.

Phoenix Mediation Services is a cold caller. A cold calling “Mediation-Legal” company which seems rather strange. Because these cold calls are not from an agent looking at a telephone guide and hoping the consumer on the other end will be interested with their services offered. No, these cold calls are directed to people who have been defrauded before and Phoenix Mediation Services knows everything about that.

So the question is, where did they get these details from?

Phoenix claims to be able to recover all kinds of payments made to dubious and fraudulent companies.  They will charge 10% of the funds recovered, but their barrister requires £500 (plus Spanish VAT at 21%) payable in advance. This money will be “refunded” with the settlement figure.

Consumers cannot pay the Barrister fees by credit card as the agent from Phoenix Mediation Services claims that it is unlawful to disclose details of one’s card over the phone.  Instead they require payment by bank transfer, which of course we know does not fall under the protection of the Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act if the claim fails…

Research on Phoenix Mediation Services has given us their contact details such as a UK phone number: 0845 527 2059 and a website which was registered a couple of months ago.

The email address they use is not linked to the web domain though and is

On the website the office address is not really mentioned and instead they only provide a Postbox at a local post office: Apartado de Correos 20, 29631 Benalmadena Costa, Malaga, Spain.

Although they mention clearly on the web that their Legal Team consists of several lawyers and barristers that work with them all over Spain, and that they carefully scrutinise their credentials to make sure that they are registered with the Spanish Bar Association and hold a Professional Indemnity Insurance Licence, no names of any lawyer or Barrister are mentioned on the web or given to consumers who are asking for this in their own particular case.

Seen the above information and lack of information we would certainly say to be extremely cautious when dealing with Phoenix Mediation Services.

If you received a call already from Phoenix Mediation Services (08455272059) or have been requested to pay into their account for legal services of any kind, then please do let us know.

You can email us at or place a comment on this blog

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The tale from Talisman Finance and the lost money in China

Cold caller Talisman Finance is on a mission to help out timeshare consumers who have been duped by other companies in the past.

Never mind how long ago this fraud happened or what payment method was used. As Talisman Finance explains, the companies have been raided and the police have blocked all connected bank accounts.

Some of these bank accounts are based in foreign countries.

The agent from Talisman Finance who is calling from 0843 886 9163 has been appointed to contact the victims of these frauds and explain that exactly the money they paid, is the money which has been traced in China.


And good news indeed, this money can be recovered by the victim.

All the Timeshare consumer needs to do is to pay the relevant bank charges and taxes, which are obviously far less than the money which is waiting to be transferred. So what can you lose?

Although the payment is supposed to be for a bank and taxes are involved, the payment method is rather strange as the consumer is expected to pay through Western Union.

First the consumer should “register” with Western Union and this can be done through the phone by calling 0203 6089112. (This number is certainly not a number connected to Western Union!)

Once the payment has been done, the consumer will receive the money from the Chinese bank account at home through a Courier who will be delivering the cheques.

Do you smell the rat?

The above story certainly sounds very dubious and there is no such thing as money traced by the police and then recovered by the victims through paying fees by Western Union.

Please do NOT fall into this trap and certainly do NOT PAY any penny to this company or any cold caller with a similar story.

If you have been contacted by Talisman Finance about your money being held in China, then please let us know.

You can email or place a comment on this blog

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Principle Travel Online buying your timeshare for their Travel-club…


Principle Travel Online is a supposed Discount Travel Club who is buying Timeshare inventory for their members. They appear on the “scene” after a Timeshare owner has been approached by the company Chesterton Consultants for a resale of their timeshare. But after paying Chesterton Consultants a fee to complete the sale (an illegal upfront deposit), the sale falls through and a new buyer has to be sought.

And there you go, that will be Principle Travel Online!

This is not a new pitch at all, and we have seen this before happening in the past years with other dubious sales companies. But lately several companies have again started with this “modus operandi” and people need to be warned.

Again we are looking at a combination of several companies who seem to be passing the clients details on after getting money out of them, and certainly not complying with the services offered. Passing on the details, or they are simply the same people, sitting in a same call room but pretending to be “another company”.

Principle Travel Online has their pitch ready on how successful they are and how many people they are sending on holidays through their “oh so successful” holiday club. All the Timeshare owner needs to do is pay £1500 for a supposed Transfer Document that needs to be supplied by the resort and stamped at the Notary.

But who would not pay £1500 for a form if this will result in a Timeshare sale which will give the timeshare owner a substantial sum for his membership plus the refund of the money paid to Chesterton Consultants?

Contact details for Principle Travel Online are a phone number 0203 740 9450 and an email address which surprisingly is not linked to a proper domain. Something one would expect from a highly successful holiday company…

As the whole story starts dubious from the beginning, cold calls, illegal upfront fees and guaranteed sales falling through…we certainly have no doubt that the rest of the story will be any different.

If you paid an upfront fee to Chesterton Consultants or any other resale company that promised a guaranteed sale, and they are now telling you that Principle Travel Online is going to take the sale for you, DO NOT pay a penny more and please let us know about this.

You can email us at or place a comment on the blog.

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Henares, the latest FAKE Liquidator calling Reclaim Certificate Holders


Cold caller Henares has started their cold calls this week, and apart from the name the pitch hasn’t really changed from the other (fake) liquidators we already have on the blog.

It is obvious they are working from a client list of people who are holding Reclaim Ltd Certificates and they continue their story about this company going into a voluntary liquidation.

Henares displays an address on their paperwork in Huelva, Calle San Jose 10-12 and their email address is

Needless to say that there is no such company by the name of Henares at the mentioned address or in Spain and neither is there any company registered under the name Henares at the Companies House.

Cold calls are never a good sign, but when a company cold calls, knows all about your membership details and starts to ask for more information from you by email or fax, you should really be thinking twice.

You never know where your details might end up and how many other “annoying” cold calls from dubious companies this may lead to.

In the case of Henares we certainly do NOT recommend having any dealings with them.

If they have called you, then please let us know.

Email us at or simply place a comment on this blog

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