Who received a cold call from Solis Vacations in Madrid?


An apparent new timeshare resale company using the name of Solis Vacations, has started a very active cold call campaign

They are targeting the Timeshare owners of all kinds of resorts, and the message is clear, they have guaranteed sales for all of them.

Prices are quoted around 30 to 40 thousand pounds for Points and Timeshare weeks.

Solis Vacations does require an upfront fee though which they kindly call a “default guarantee”. Whatever you call it, it still remains to be an upfront payment which is against the law.  On top of it they already mention that the payment will be taken by a third party, which means that claiming a refund through the consumer act will be very difficult!

Contact details for Solis Vacations are; Calle Orense 26, 28020 Madrid, Spain

Telephone: 0034 917 610 906 and Email: info@solisvacations.com

The website www.solisvacations.com was registered in July 2014. This website pretends to be a long going Travel Agency website with awards and everything, which seems a bit odd with the date of the web registration…

Strangely enough there is not one single timeshare on display on the web, or a listing of what they are selling.

The cold call and the upfront fees are certainly not providing a very positive image of this company and we would recommend caution when dealing with Solis Vacations.

If they have approached you already from +34 917610906 then please do let us know.

You can email us at customercare@mindtimehare.com or place a comment on the blog.

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All you need to know about the Spanish NIE number!


We receive a lot of inquiries from consumers who are dealing with dubious companies, such as claims companies, lawyers and notaries.

These companies assure the consumer that they are not charging any fees but at some point they kindly tell them there is money awarded to them which is sitting and waiting for them in a Spanish bank account.

All the consumer needs in order to release this money, is obtaining a Spanish NIE number which is a Tax ID number.

But what is this NIE number and do you indeed need this?


You are buying a property in Spain

You want to work in Spain

You want to start a business in Spain

You want to set up a Company in Spain

You want to study in Spain

You are purchasing any asset over €3,000

As you can see, the above does NOT include the situation where a timeshare has been sold or when you have been awarded money from a supposed liquidation or court case…

In the event you would ever need an NIE number, this can be applied for in person by travelling to Spain and it is possible to request a NIE Number in Spain by appointing a representative by means of a Power of Attorney (POA) without the need for the applicant to come to Spain.

The Directive 3/12 dated April 13/2012 re-enables the application for NIE through a representative by means of a Power of Attorney expressly stating that it empowers him to apply for the NIE.

This Power of Attorney (POA) needs to be legalised with The Hague Apostille Stamp. This service is offered by most notaries directly in the UK.

With the above information we want to clarify that all these companies who are cold calling you and claim to be upfront and honest, and “only informing” you about the need to get an NIE number because you are missing out on a large sum of money …well they are lying.

They are lying because your situation is not mentioned in the list of when you need an NIE number and they never ask for the POA, which means that in Spain they would not have any authorization at all to handle anything on your behalf. So how logical does this sound when it concerns companies that claim to be legal advisers, etc.? Would they not know what is involved in this process?

If you have been speaking to a company that claims they can get you money from a reclaim or court case, and all you need is a NIE number…then please do let us know.

You can email us at custimercare@mindtimeshare.com or place a comment on this blog


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Beware of the fake notaries BCS Consultorio or Notaria BCS from Malaga


Far too many inquiries are received from concerned Timeshare Owners about calls received from notaries in Spain.

Main issue is that most of these callers don’t even properly identify themselves and all consumers know is that they are a “notary office” from Malaga and they provide a phone number which is always a Spanish mobile.

But we have tracked down at least one who is using a name, and this is BCS Consultorio or Notaria BCS.

Let’s be clear from the beginning, all these supposed notaries who cold call are FAKE and certainly are not calling to transfer money or concerned about your past dealings with dubious companies.


There is no such thing as a Notary office appointed by the court or calling victims of frauds because there has been money awarded through court cases and this money needs to be paid out…

Notaria BCS cold calls Timeshare consumers with the above story, a court case has taken place and thousands of pounds have been awarded to the victims. A lot of these victims have been defrauded by several companies, and amazingly in one court case all these frauds have been convicted and all the money from numerous different companies has been recovered.

In this way, people are awarded tens of thousands of pounds, and the only thing to do is pay a 21% tax liability in order to get the awarded money transferred into their accounts.

Of course there is never the option to get the tax deducted from the awarded amount and first the tax needs to be paid and then the transfer will be done…

Contact details for Notaria BCS are the following: Calle San Telmo, Málaga 29196

Email: contacto@NOTARIABCS.COM Telephone: 0034 603 322 337

Please note that there is no such notary in Malaga by this name, and there are definitely no court cases going or completed against fraudulent timeshare companies where money has been awarded to the victims.


If you received a phone call from a supposed Spanish Notary or maybe from BCS Consultorio with mobile +34 603322337 in Malaga, then please let us know.

You can email us at customercare@mindtimeshare.com or place a comment on this blog

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Who wants to claim through the court with Litigation Services?


A company using the name Litigation Services is cold calling timeshare consumers and offers to help them with a claim through the Spanish court against their timeshare company.

Litigation Services already seems to know about the history of the Timeshare owner, and of course as all the others they claim to be successful in almost all cases.

We have done a bit of research on Litigation Services.

This company has a website http://www.litigationservices.es/ which surprisingly does not display an office address.

They mention supposed opening times, and claim to be in “Malaga” but that is all.

Contact details are telephone +34 951 120 266 and FAX: (UK Number) 0871 2668118

Email: info@litigationservices.es

We have found clear indications that this company is connected to other dubious legal companies such as Greenges and Fuengirola Services. Both companies who have been offering a similar service, claims through court, and who after charging initial fees for court and translation never seem to have delivered a successful claim.

The same as the disappeared companies Ramirez & Ramirez or Key Property Town Advisory, who also seem to be connected here somewhere.

With this information we would certainly recommend caution when dealing with Litigation Services and make sure you don’t pay any money upfront for charges that are not justified properly.

If you have been contacted by Litigation Services from 0034 951120266 in Malaga, then please do let us know.

You can email us at customercare@mindtimeshare.com or place a comment on this blog

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Uniglobe Travel of Viajes Uniglobe een verdacht verkoops bedrijf in Madrid


Een nieuw bedrijf met de naam Viajes Uniglobe of Uniglobe Travel is bij ons aangemeld door verontruste consumenten. Vorige week schijnen zij actief te zijn begonnen met bellen  en het lijkt erop dat ze vooral Nederlands sprekende Timesharing eigenaars bellen.

Uniglobe belt de timeshare eigenaar met een aantrekkelijk aanbod. Zoals zij uitleggen, zij verkopen timesharing aan de grotere bedrijven die dit aankopen om vakanties te verschaffen aan hun werknemers. Deze bedrijven kopen in grote getallen weken of punten op, dus een verkoop is gegarandeerd.

Ook betalen zij een goed bedrag en er wordt al snel gesproken over 20, 30 of wel 40 duizend euro voor het lidmaatschap.

Om deze verkoop te regelen moet de timeshare eigenaar een contract tekenen en opsturen. De koper maakt dan het geld over aan Viajes UniGlobe en zij op hun beurt sturen dit bedrag door aan de Timeshare eigenaar.

De eigenaar betaald geen commissie tot zij een bericht ontvangen dat de overschrijving van het geld is gedaan. Klinkt dat goed of niet?

Het klinkt goed, maar als je heel goed tussen de regels door leest zit er zeer zeker best wel een addertje onder het gras. De overschrijving van het geld wordt bevestigd, maar er is geen sprake van de ontvangst van het bedrag. Dus de eigenaar moet ongeveer 3000 euro in commissie overmaken uiterlijk 2 dagen na bevestiging dat het geld zogenaamd is overgemaakt…niet als het is ontvangen.

En als het nu eens nooit aankomt? Hoe makkelijk is het om een bank overschrijving te vervalsen op de computer? Waarom doen ze zo moeilijk als het makkelijk kan? Is het niet logischer als ze gewoon de commissie van het bedrag aftrekken voor ze het overmaken?

Contact gegevens voor dit bedrijf zijn:

Viajes UniGlobe S.A. Adres: Calle Salas 4 28006 Madrid – España

Telefoon: +34 634 109 957 en Fax: +34 911 811 419

Email: viajesuniglobe@europe.com en website www.uniglobetravel.com.ve

De website is een verhaal op zich, want dit is een bestaande website van een reisburo in Venezuela! Dus dat heft total NIETS met een bedrijf in Spanje te maken, geen reisbureau en ook geen timeshare verkoop.

Wees op uw hoede als u wordt gebeld door Viajes UniGlobe of UniGlobe Travel, en betaal zeer zeker geen geld voor deze vreemde verkoops transactie.

Als u bent gebeld door Viajes UniGlobe via het nummer 0034 634109957 laat het ons dan weten via een mailtje naar customercare@mindtimeshare.com of een berichtje op het blog.


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Uniglobe Travel or Viajes Uniglobe the latest fake resale agent from Madrid


New company by the name of Viajes Uniglobe or Uniglobe Travel has started a very active cold call campaign this week and they seem to be targeting mainly Dutch Timeshare owners.

Uniglobe, contacts the Timeshare owner with an attractive resale offer for their membership. They explain that larger companies are buying Timeshare for their employees and this time they are buying weeks / points in bulk in order to provide these employee holidays.

These companies pay really good money for this membership and Uniglobe Travel offers the Timeshare owner prices between 20 and 30 thousand euros.

In order to process the sale the timeshare owner needs to fill in an agreement, and ready to go. The commissions of around 4000€ to Viajes Uniglobe are to be paid once the money of the purchase has been transferred and a proof of transfer is provided.

This sounds ok, but reading between the lines, there is no mention of paying the commission once the money has reached the account of the timeshare owner. They state very clearly in the agreement that the commission is payable in the 2 days following once the “receipt of transfer” has been submitted.

Now how easy is it to falsify this receipt? Why would Uniglobe not take the money from the amount to be transferred and simply send the balance? Why do things in a difficult way if it can be so easy?

Contact details of this company are:

Viajes UniGlobe S.A. Address: Calle Salas 4 28006 Madrid – España

Telephone: +34 634 109 957 and Fax: +34 911 811 419

Email: viajesuniglobe@europe.com and website www.uniglobetravel.com.ve

PLEASE NOTE that the website is a website from a travel agent in Venezuela! NOTHING to do with a Spanish “travel agent” or Timeshare resale.

Please be aware that we do not recommend this company and certainly have doubts about their “offers”.

If you have been contacted by Viajes Uniglobe from 0034 634109957 in Madrid then please let us know.

You can email us at customercare@mindtimeshare.com or put a comment on this blog


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Cold caller Andersons Resales Europe and Templey Solicitors from Benidorm


A new cold calling resale agent has been spotted by the name of Andersons Resales Europe. This company claims to be based in Benidorm at Paseo Maritimo local 2, Benidorm, 03503, Alicante.

They approach the Timeshare owner on a cold call and explain they are a long standing resale agent with a mature sales team who are handling numerous successful timeshare sales. After the call the send-off an informative email with a document that explains again how good they are and that they will not charge any fees upfront. As a matter of fact the purchaser will be liable for all commissions and fees and will even be requested a £500 deposit.

Contact details from Andersons Resales Europe are a phone number 0845 287 1289 and Email: andersonsresaleseurope@realtyagent.com which actually indicates there is no website.

Sadly we have to say though that the above is not the end of a successful resale story at all. Because once the Timeshare owner has shown interest and is keen to sell, a buyer is found quickly.

And in order to process the resale, another company appears on stage by the name of Templey Solicitors. These solicitors, who we cannot find in any registration of companies or lawyers, claim to be handling the sale. They already have received the deposit of 50% from the purchaser (and all this without seeing any document!).

All the Timeshare owner needs to do is forward his bank details and Templey Solicitors will transfer the money. Only then they require the original paperwork on the timeshare.

There is a charge though for the courier who picks up the paperwork and that is £125

Contact details and address for Templey Solicitors are; Av de Paris, 03730 Javea, Alicante, Spain. Telephone 0845 591 3153 and Fax 0871 520 4834

Email address templeyssolicitors@lawyer.com

Please note that we are dealing here with a cold calling resale agent by the name of Andersons Resales Europe, a company that does not seem to be registered anywhere and neither are on the given address. Then we have a solicitors company by the name of Templey, who neither seems to be registered and the address which is faulty cannot be correct.

Maybe £125 does not sound like a lot of money to lose and take the risk their resale offer might be genuine, but with the above details and lack of real company information we can only guess that the £125 will be the beginning of a lot of charges that need to be done before receiving the “money from the sale”.

Do not trust any cold callers and certainly do not send them any personal details or sign any forms.

If you have been contacted by Andersons Resales Europe from 08452871289 in Benidorm, then please let us know.

You can email customercare@mindtimeshare.com or place a comment on this blog

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