Read Consultancy Solutions Group, similar name, same people


A cold caller by the name of Read Consultancy Solutions has been pointed out to us this week.

The agent from Read Consultancy Solutions is cold calling, although they try to “disguise” this by saying that they got the details from the consumer because they made a complaint against their resort in the past.

This might work sometimes but when it concerns an ex-directory number and a person who never complaint against the resort, it makes you wonder where they obtained the details.

Read Consultancy Solutions Ltd was listed on the Companies House in July 2014, so a very recent registration. The same as their website, which was also registered in July.

They offer a disposal service to the Timeshare owner which will be done by a lawyer’s office called Pennington, McClane & Associates. These are based in Blackpool and described by Read Consultancy Solutions as the “most experienced timeshare lawyers in the UK…”.

We did though publish already a warning on the blog about The Read Consultancy which seems to be one of the Trading names used for Read Consultancy Solutions Group. The website of this company is no longer available.

Another company Timeshare Lawyers4U -  (Mindtimeshare Warning February 2014) seems also to be connected to these companies.

The fact that the above apparent legal companies are cold calling Timeshare owners and cannot really explain where they obtained their details, makes us believe that owners should be very cautious when dealing with any of the 3.

If you have been approached by an agent from Read Consultancy Solutions Group for a Timeshare Disposal / cancellation, then please let us know.

You can email us at or place a comment on this blog

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Seiler Travel, the bogus Timeshare Resale Company from Madrid


A cold caller by the name of Seiler Travel has been brought to our attention this week. Seiler Travel does the “guaranteed” resale pitch on the first cold call, and pretends to have numerous clients lined up to buy the memberships off them.

After the initial call, Seiler Travel sends the Timeshare owner information by email and a draft of the agreement for the resale of his membership.

In this agreement a sales price is mentioned, far above the current market price and surprisingly a charge for the Timeshare Owners which is presented as a “guarantee deposit” in order to complete the sale.

It looks like Seiler Travel is not as experienced as they claim to be as obviously they have no knowledge about the current Timeshare legislations which clearly forbids any upfront payments in a resale process.

Address details of Seiler Travel are: Calle Claudio Coello 125 Madrid, España.

Email address

For the moment it seems that Seiler Travel is mainly targeting Timeshare Owners from Poland. The agents calling the Polish Members are Anneta Baranowska and Ylenia Marquez.

As we have seen with other bogus resale companies, Seiler Travel also displays a logo and website on their paperwork. This website does not seem to have anything to do with Timeshare or the people that are cold calling the Timeshare owners.

Please be very careful when you receive a call from Seiler Travel in Madrid. Do not provide them with any further personal details and certainly do not pay them any money for a supposed resale of your membership.

If you have been in contact with Seiler Travel already then please do let us know.

You can email us at or place a comment on this blog.

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Galdarres, the latest (fake) liquidator for Reclaim Ltd.


Cold caller by the name Galdarres pretends to be the liquidators for Reclaim LTD.

Their unsolicited call is targeted towards those who hold a Reclaim Certificate and were unable to recover any money from this scheme.

Galdarres claims that Reclaim ltd went into voluntary liquidations and through a claims procedure set up by Galdarres, it will be possible to recover the money that consumers were due to be paid out.

Address details for Galdarres are: Calle Conde de Cifuentes, 3-5, 18005 Granada, España


Please note that there is no such Company in Spain by the name of Galdarres and neither is this the appointed liquidators.

All we know is that after the cold call they will be asking for copies of your paperwork and tell you that the money is about to be transferred. After a couple of days waiting, when the money has not arrived, a very helpful agent from Galdarres will explain that a tax bill or any other bill has come to light and needs to be paid.

In order to do this you will also need an NIE Spanish TAX ID number…which again this very helpful agent from Galdarres can process for you against a fee.

We do NOT recommend this company and please refrain from sending them any personal documentation or payment details.

If you have been contacted by Galdarres from Granada in Spain  then please let us know.

You can email us at or place a comment on this blog.

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My Claims Expert doing the cold calls for WTC Administration


We have seen this before, a company is doing the cold calls and then another company “takes over” Not sure what the objective is, but again this is the case with a company called My Claims Expert who seems to be calling on behalf of WTC Administration.

After the initial chat with the agent of My Claims Expert, and after confirming that the consumer is interested in doing a refund claim for something he paid in the past, the details of the consumer are passed to WTC Administration.

WTC Administration does not seem to be new on this market. The name might be, but from the paperwork and contact details it becomes clear that we are dealing here with the same people who previously were working under the name of Willard Thomas Claims.

The same Willard Thomas Claims who neither approached consumers directly, and had their cold calling done by a company named Group Savers.

Soon after we published a blog article about Willard Thomas Claims, their website was closed down. And now we have WTC Administration offering exactly the same service.

Contact details of WTC Administration are; WTC Administration Ltd., Henleaze House, 13 Harbury Road, Henleaze, Bristol BS9 4PN

Telephone: 01172 449 363 and Email

But of course if the initial cold call is done by My Claims Expert you will have received a call from 0161 300 6795

As with Willard Thomas Claims, WTC Administration assures the consumers that all claims are on a No Win No Fee basis and the 25% fee is only payable once the funds have been received in the account of the consumer.

This sounds correct. But then in the paperwork their clause 4(g) clearly mentions: “You are entitled to a 7 day cooling off period under distant selling rules, should you wish to cancel this agreement a full refund will be given…”

Now what would you have to refund if no payment is taken?

The cold call from My Claims Expert and the fact they know that the consumer has been defrauded before and by which company, does not really inspire a lot of confidence,

We therefore recommend being cautious when dealing with these companies who cold call and offer claims on your behalf.

If you have received a call from My Claims Expert from 01613006795 to be transferred to WTC Administration, then please do let us know.

You can email us at or place a comment on this blog

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Pure Resolution, the cold calling claims company from Madrid


Another so called claims company is actively calling timeshare consumers who previously have been duped by bogus resale companies such as Breakaway Marketing Solutions.

Pure Resolution seems to know everything about the previous dealings from the timeshare consumer with bogus companies, and this is obviously already a sign for alarm.

The agent from Pure Resolution offers mediation with a claim against the bogus company.

They assure the Timeshare consumer that this claim will be done on a No Win No Fee basis after the claims advisers have assessed the possibility of a claim.

This all sounds good until you actually do a bit of research on this company.

First of all we have their website which was registered in July. Although on the web they give the impression to have been around since 2004, there are no signs of this company before the actual date of the web registration in July this year.

The supposed address from Pure Resolution in Madrid is Edificio Altollas del Carmen, Calle Carmen del Rio 33,28046 Madrid which seems to be an non-existing address as there is no such street name or building in Madrid by this name.

Other contact details are telephone number 0034 91 123 3490 and email

Neither have we found a company registered by this name at the Spanish Companies House.

With all this information or apparent lack of information we would not recommend to have any dealings with this company.

If you have been contacted by Pure Resolution from +34 911233490 about a refund claim, then please do let us know.

You can email us at or place a comment on this blog

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Timeshare-Besitzer. Schützen Sie sich vor Betrug!



  • Seien Sie immer dann besonders vorsichtig, wenn Sie unerwartete und vor allem unaufgeforderte Telefon-Anrufe (Engl. cold call) oder E-Mails von unbekannten Firmen erhalten. Zu 99% handelt es sich dabei um betrügerische Firmen.
  • Händigen Sie niemals Ihre Kreditkarten- od. Bank-Daten aus, solange Sie nicht hunderprozentig sicher sind, dass es sich nicht um eine betrügerische Firma handelt.
  • Wenn Sie unerwartet eine E-Mail erhalten von einer Firma, die Ihnen irgendeinen mit Ihrem Timeshare / Ferienwohnrecht verbundenen Service anbietet, wie z.B. Wiederverkauf, Vermietung, Entlassung aus dem Vertrag, Gruppen-Aktionen oder Sammelklagen, oder ähnliches, AKZEPTIEREN SIE KEIN ANGEBOT OHNE SICH VORHER ÜBER DIE FIRMA ZU INFORMIEREN. KONSULTIEREN Sie sofort Mindtimeshare und wir geben gerne und schnell professionelle Auskunft über die jeweilige Firma. (*)
  • Wenn Sie glauben, dass Sie Opfer eines Betruges sein könnten, kontaktieren Sie bitte auch mit Mindtimeshare. Wir versuchen Ihnen soweit es in unseren Kräften steht weiterzuhelfen. (*)

Wenn alle Timeshare / Ferienwohnrechts-Besitzer (ca. 1 Mio. in Europa), die von solchen zweifelhaften Firmen unaufgefordert kontaktiert werden, Rat und Information über die jeweilige Firma einholen würden, bevor jegliche Zahlungen getätigt werden, würde in diesem Sektor BETRUG VOLLKOMMEN AUSGELÖSCHT.

(*) Unsere Dienstleistungen sind gratis. Wir sind eine nicht-gewinnorientierte Gesellschaft, spezialisiert auf Betrugsfälle im Bereich Timesharing / Ferienwohnrecht und Urlaubs-Clubs / Holiday Clubs / Ferienclubs.

Unsere Kontaktadresse ist folgende:

Mehr Information auf: und

Twitter @mindtimeshare

Facebook: Mindtimeshare.official





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