Cold Caller Alert for Audit and Consulting Services!


This new cold caller by the name Audit and Consulting Services has been spotted recently calling from 0843 886 6749. But their pitch seems very familiar and not that recent.

Audit and Consulting Services claims to be based in London, UK. They even appear to be a registered company, although there is reasonable doubt to think that the person calling has in fact nothing to do with the (real) registered company.

Contact persons are Harry Jones and Emma Smith.  They say they are working with the Chinese government because money is being laundered out there by fraudulent companies. Companies the Timeshare owner has been dealing with in the past and who now have been arrested and face prosecution later this year.

Audit and Consulting Services requests the consumer to make a payment of £1,750 in order to release seized assets. After this release a payment will be delivered at the home of the consumer after about 5 days by a courier. This courier will require to take pictures of all the consumer’s documentation to help with the prosecutions.

The payment is to be made through Western Union to YIDONG ZHANG in China. Audit and Consulting Services assure the consumer that the money they pay will be insured in case they don’t receive what they paid for. (?)  They can even reconfirm this by calling “Western Union Corporate Services” on 0203 3181 060. On this number the consumer will be given a tracking number and can verify that Audit & Consulting Services have an account no. ASC 55239 and have a Level   licence.

The above sounds all much elaborated and almost believable, but when you look at the fact that the number of Western Union is NOT A WESTERN UNION phone number, and that there are no assets seized in China or anywhere in the world to be released against payment…

If you have been approached by Audit & Consulting Services from 08438866749 or any other company with a similar story about company’s assets seized in faraway countries and money to be released against payments by Western Union or other payment methods, please do let us know.

You can email us at or place a comment on this blog

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Gr8stays a new brand name for Club Class Group and Leisure Alliance


A new name has been launched from the 1st of February 2015 by Club Class Group of companies. Already since some time, all communications from Club Class are coming from “Leisure Alliance” but the latest is now that they have changed names again…

Gr8stays has been launched as the latest brand of the Club Class Group and as mentioned in an introductory email from Leisure Alliance..” This exciting new brand has been designed to enhance your membership experience and ensure that you will receive our very best holiday and lifestyle savings and a more personalised service.

Over the course of the next few months all existing active Club Class membership holders will be transferred to “Gr8stays” for FREE…”

Yes indeed it looks like all Club Class Members will be transferred into Gr8stays.

The website for this new brand is (

The terms and conditions specify an obligatory payment of annual fees, although there is a mention about the fact that this rule does not apply to clients who have an existing membership with the club. Instead they will continue to pay their annual subscriptions as initially contracted.

As we have seen a lot with this Group of Companies, they seem to have made a habit out of changing brand names and launching new companies, websites and brands every now and then.

The question is why? Why would you change something that supposedly is working satisfactory for the members? Is it?

Time will tell.

If you have received any notification from Gr8stays about your Club Class Membership, please let us know.

You can email us at or place a comment on this blog

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Select Mediation Services, another cold caller from Fuengirola, Spain



A new cold calling company has been brought to our attention by an alert consumer. The name of the cold caller is Select mediation Services.

Yet again a company that seems to hold all kinds of information from the consumers, especially the information concerned previous scams and frauds.

Select Mediation Services offers by phone their “legal services”, in the way of mediation in court claims against the dubious companies the Timeshare consumer dealt with in the past.

Research has shown that Select Mediation Services registered their website  in January 2015 although on the web it appears as if they have been around since 2011.

Contact details for Select Mediation Services are a postbox address: Paseo Jesus Santo Rein 2, Edif. Ofisol, Apdo. Correos 146 29640 Fuengirola, Malaga, Spain

A Spanish Mobile phone number: 0034 603 350 424 and a Fax number: 0871 522 6790 and Email address:

In spite of being a so called Legal / Mediation company, there is no mention of a Company Registration number on the web itself, and we have not been able to find a registration in the Spanish Companies House under the name of Select Mediation Services.

There are no Terms & Conditions or Privacy Policy on the web either.

Seen the above information and lack of information about this apparent new company, added up to a cold call we certainly recommend to be very cautious when dealing with this company.

If you received a call from +34 603350424 Select Mediation Services, we would like to hear from you and get more feedback.

You can email us at or place a comment on this blog



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Cold Caller list Year 2014 Summary


Dear Timeshare consumer,

As a closing of the year 2014 we have produced a complete list of all Cold Callers and “dubious” companies / websites that were active in the 2014.

A total of 445 companies, actively selling their products or services and from the 446 there were 306 new companies detected in the same year.

You can find a complete list with all names of the companies’ active in 2014 and the link to the blog articles on the following PDF: COLD CALLERS 2014

The breakdown on the type of companies is as follows:

211 Mediation companies (dubious legal, fake lawyers, fake liquidators, etc)

112 Resale companies (cold calls & upfront fees)

31 Fly Buy companies

19 Disposal companies

19 DTMC –Discount Travel Membership Clubs

19 Claims companies

17 Class Action

8 Marketers

8 Others

It is difficult to do a breakdown on the area where these companies are based, as a lot of them bluntly lie about their real locations. Obviously most of them are based in Mainland Spain, Canary Islands and UK.

As we are on the subject of numbers, we are very pleased to say that in the year 2014 our Blog received 434,959 visits. This is about 1200 visits a day.

Main nationalities who visited us are: United Kingdom with 279,306 visits, Spain 74,336 visits, USA 14,561 visits, Germany 9,379 visits and Singapore 5,807 visits.

Top posts visited over the year are:

Cold Caller list 8133 views, Fastline Legal Services 5400 views, Monster Travel 3850 viewsRealistix Browser 3780 views and Timeshare Release/ITRA 3574 Views.

It is very satisfactory to see that so many consumers have found their way to our blog and were able to do research on the companies they were looking for.

We can only guess how much money we have saved consumers by publishing the articles and making them aware about the different dubious companies.

Special thanks to all those consumers who wrote to us day in day out with all the information about the companies that approached them with dubious offers, providing us with copies of documents, emails and all kinds of details such as telephone numbers and email addresses.

We couldn’t have done this without you!

For us 2014 was another great year, and we are looking forward to do even better in 2015!

Keep on telling us about the cold calls and the dubious offers you receive related to your timeshare or Holiday ownership.

We look forward to hear from you!

Customer Care

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Resort Management Direct, a Fly Buy Company nothing to do with your Resort Management!


Sometimes companies use names that directly create a false sense of trust or connection, which in reality is not there. This is the case with the Fly Buy Company Resort Management Direct.

Cold calling Resort Management Direct is a fly buy company which pretends on the call that they obtained the Timeshare owners’ data through his home resort. Resort Management Direct uses statements such as “we can do this offer for you because you have been paying your maintenance fees on time for the past years”

The offer from Resort Management Direct is 2 weeks in 5 star accommodations, to be taken over 5 years for the price of £398

When Timeshare owners checked with their resort they were told that no such company as Resort Management Direct has any connections with them.

The website from this company was registered in December 2014

Basic information on the web, with a total lack of Company Information, which should be displayed by law, and contact details are a telephone number 0845 862 7782. No terms and conditions for the actual bookings, no privacy statement nor address.

The cold call and complete lack of company information indicates that any Timeshare consumer who is contacted by Resort Management Direct should be extremely cautious.

If you received a call already from 08458627782 with an offer for bonus weeks through Resort Management Direct, then please let us know.

Email us at or place a comment on the blog

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Leisure Brokers, a recent cold calling Timeshare resale Company.


We have been pointed out a company that has started to cold call in the past week by the name of Leisure Brokers.

Leisure Brokers claims to be based in London on the 248 Norwood Road,SE27 9AW

They cold call Timeshare owners, knowing exactly what their membership is and offering a quick and very good priced resale for the timeshare.

All the Timeshare owner needs to do is pay an upfront Security Bond in order to process the sale and get the money for the timeshare.

Of course alarm bells ring when a Resale company asks for an upfront payment, because by now everybody knows that this is not allowed as per the current European Legislation.

The website of Leisure Brokers  is a recently created one and apart from basic, full of writing mistakes.

Their contact details on the web apart from the address are: Tel: 0845 557 8074 and Email:

We have not been able to find any company registered by this name in the UK Companies House and neither by the supposed registration number quoted on the web.

Seen the above information we do not recommend this company and would advise any consumer who is approached by them to be very careful.

If you have received already a call from Leisure Brokers 08455578074 then please do let us know.

You can email us at or place a comment on the blog

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Compelling reasons why you should join our Facebook page



As a follower of Mindtimeshare Blog, we would like to inform you about our Facebook Page:

Facebook is not just another way Mindtimeshare use to connect with consumers affected by fraudulent or dubious companies.

Our Facebook page is the place where Mindtimeshare faces the grim truth about fraudulent activities targeting timeshare owners and other consumers.

If you offer a product or service, engage in the best practices that you think your fans deserve, as they expect no less from you.

Our Facebook page is the place where we share consumer experiences that are valuable to other consumers…  the best way to prevent fraudulent schemes.

We know that you expect no less from us, this is why we think it is well worth visiting our Facebook page and click ‘Like’

Thank you in advance for your attention and trust.

Customer Services


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