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Cold called from ‘Reclaim Rights Plus’ on behalf of Spanish Courts?

Another new cold caller that has appeared during the past days is Reclaim Rights Plus, and again we have here a company that pretends to be acting on behalf of the Spanish Courts. Reclaim Rights Plus cold call timeshare owners … Continue reading

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Did cold caller Inmobiliaria Barreras offer to sell your timeshare to Kalise SA?

A new cold calling resale company has been spotted by the name of Inmobiliaria Barreras. Inmobiliaria Barreras contact timeshare owners, mainly French speaking owners, by cold call and tell them a story about a corporate buyer which they have already … Continue reading

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Navarrete SA the fake liquidators from Granada

A fake liquidators office is brought to our attention, by the name of Navarrete. Strange detail on this company is that at some point they seem to have made a mess or confusion with their name and used Navarette as … Continue reading

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Mindtimeshare wants to remember the ‘Think Jessica’ campaign

Whether it is by phone or email, criminals are still targeting vulnerable timeshare owners. Mindtimeshare wants to remember the great campaign undertaken in 2010 known as ‘Think Jessica’ – http://www.thinkjessica.com – which aims to protect vulnerable people in society who … Continue reading

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Предупреждение! Компания Avianca SA – мошенники из Барселона, предлагающие перепродажу Таймшэра!

Данное предупреждение выходит в связи с деятельностью новой компании под названием Avianca, использующей технику «холодного» звонка для связи с владельцами таймшера. На данный момент объектом звонков данной компании являются владельцы из России. Avianca во время звонка представляется как компания, оказывающая … Continue reading

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Golden Travel & Leisure, the gateway to a Timeshare resale with upfront fee

Golden Travel and Leisure is a cold calling company that offers timeshare resales over the phone. The agent from Golden Travel & Leisure offers a straight forward resale of the timeshare as this will be used for their Travel Club. … Continue reading

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The tale from Talisman Finance and the lost money in China

Cold caller Talisman Finance is on a mission to help out timeshare consumers who have been duped by other companies in the past. Never mind how long ago this fraud happened or what payment method was used. As Talisman Finance … Continue reading

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