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¿Estadísticas concluyentes?. Reclamaciones de consumidores: #Timeshare #ComisiónEuropea #ECCs.

El pasado mes de Febrero de 2014  la Comisión Europea publicó un  pequeño informe/resumen de la actividad de los Centros Europeos del Consumidor, relativo a las reclamaciones de los consumidores europeos, en general. Recientemente ha salido publicado el detalle ese … Continue reading

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Europe Consultants, have you received their cold call already?

A recent created company has started their cold campaign under the name of Europe Consultants. Europe Consultants approached Timeshare owners for the sale of their timeshare membership. As all the other cold callers, they seem to have buyers lined up … Continue reading

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Have you heard from the lawyers of Eton & Henshaw Services?

A cold calling company using the name of Claim & Recuperation is offering Timeshare consumers the possibility to do a claim against the dubious companies that have defrauded them in the past. This claim is handled by the supposed lawyers … Continue reading

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The company wanted a decision before we left their office!

It’s now or never! If you leave the office, you will lose your chance! … Is what you probably have heard, if you have been attending a promotional sales presentation from a fraudulent company. Fraudulent companies have their clear aim … Continue reading

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Global Liquidation Services has it all! Cold call, guaranteed resale and upfront fee…

Sometimes we post warnings about companies who only do cold calling. But Global Liquidation Services does not belong to that group as they actually go the whole way. GLS or Global Liquidation Services cold calls timeshare owners and use the … Continue reading

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Club Almeria Vacations, a cold calling resale with upfront fee

Club Almeria Vacations reunites all the signs of a company that should certainly be treated with caution. This company approaches Timeshare owners on a cold call and offers guaranteed and quick resales of their timeshare. In order to get this … Continue reading

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Grupo BT Travel another cold calling Timeshare Resale Company in Madrid

Madrid seems to be the place to be lately as we have yet another cold caller, by the name of Grupo BT Travel. Grupo BT Travel seems to target Russian Timeshare Owners and as all the other cold callers they … Continue reading

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