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CRP Properties, the cold calling Timeshare Contract Removal Service

A new cold caller on the list by the name of CRP Properties. A company which is targeting Timeshare Owners and offers a disposal service which they call Timeshare Contract Removal. CRP Properties appears to be a registered company and … Continue reading

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SPS Properties & Consultants, the cold caller for Claims and Relinquishments

SPS Properties & Consultants from Nottingham seem to be offering all kind of help for Timeshare consumers. They cold call the timeshare owner, although they assure the consumer that they received the contact information from the “European Timeshare Complaints Commission”… … Continue reading

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Read Consultancy Solutions Group, similar name, same people

A cold caller by the name of Read Consultancy Solutions has been pointed out to us this week. The agent from Read Consultancy Solutions is cold calling, although they try to “disguise” this by saying that they got the details … Continue reading

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Did you receive a call from Bronze Services Europe about Timeshare Disposal?

We have a Disposal Company by the name of Bronze Services Europe, who seems to have been active for the past months. Bronze Services works on the basis of home visits in the UK. The initial contact is made by … Continue reading

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Have you been offered a disposal by A Fair Solution?

A Fair Solution is the company name of the latest cold calling Timeshare Disposal Company. This company is contacting Timeshare Owners and claims to have the solution to their “problem” and the best part of all is that there won’t … Continue reading

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The unsolicited email from The Timeshare Specialists

This week we have received several inquiries from Timeshare owners who have received an email from a company called The Timeshare Specialists The Timeshare Specialists don’t really explain where they obtained the email address from the Timeshare owner. On the … Continue reading

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TSH-Services, the cold calling Disposal Company from Maidstone

The company TSH Services has started recently with a cold call campaign to offer timeshare owners a disposal service for their Timeshare. This relinquish service as they call it has a charge of £999 and they estimate around 6 months … Continue reading

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