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Have you been called by McBain Legal Services in Fuengirola?

A cold caller alert goes out for a company by the name of McBain Legal Services. This company has started their cold calls last week and we have received several inquiries from concerned Timeshare consumers. McBain Legal Services cold calls … Continue reading

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MP Leisure a cold calling dubious Timeshare Disposal Company

MP Leisure Ltd is a company who mainly contacts Timeshare owners from resorts in Portugal. The strange thing about MP Leisure is that they have all the details of the Timeshare owner’s membership and they actually claim that they are … Continue reading

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El límite legal del marketing para un abogado.

Un abogado en España sí puede hacer marketing. La Ley se lo permite, pero ¿qué limites y qué normas tiene que respetar? Los límites o la regulación del Marketing en la profesión de la abogacía viene recogido en el Código Deontológico de la … Continue reading

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Minimum information to be provided by a business

Often ‘dubious’ companies targeting timeshare owners are presented under a simple trade name, a website with a phone number and a virtual address. It is obvious that what behind this lack of transparency there is an obvious objective. We would … Continue reading

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Cold Caller Alert for Sun Travel International, for resale with upfront fee.

A brand new company has been brought to our attention by the name of Sun Travel international. Sun Travel International cold calls consumers of Timeshare but also members of dubious Discount Travel Membership clubs and assures them the membership can … Continue reading

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La Botiga Immobilien, the latest timeshare resale fraud from Barcelona 

Once again a new resale company has appeared on the scene, La Botiga Immobilien. So far we have only heard from German timeshare owners who were contacted by cold call and offered to sell their timeshare at very high (unrealistic) … Continue reading

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The trap of the ‘Discount Holiday Clubs’

The extent of bogus discount holiday clubs in Spain should give authorities pause for thought. Unfortunately, when we go on holidays we tend to let down our barriers, tend to be too trusting, ignore common sense and this is what … Continue reading

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