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Club Class Concierge, ITRA and their fronts.

Owners Action – & Bridge View Consultants Ltd - – are just basically two “fronts” of ITRA (International Timeshare Refund Action) – – to promote ultimately the marketing of the discount travel membership club, Club Class Concierge, product … Continue reading

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The new European Directive. Will it be effective?

Just read on The Daily Mirror Crackdown on holiday club rogues … about five years too late It is not only the last five years. Discount Holiday Club Memberships are operating, about, since 1999. This product emerged after the putting … Continue reading

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A dormant group of companies linked to Personal Travel Group / Incentive Leisure Group

The Reclaim / Timeshare Disposal Company called Timeshare Helpline – seems to be part of a large group of bogus Reclaim / Timeshare Disposal / Resale firms, whose domain names were all registered during the summer of 2010 – … Continue reading

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Has Incentive Leisure Group ceased trading?

To the best of my knowledge, ILG Ltd Gibraltar has ceased to trade. Even Incentive Leisure Group’s site includes more information about its alleged current legal status – http:/ This is the information provided by Incentive Leisure Group last January … Continue reading

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Tenerife apuesta por la recuperación de sus mercados emisores tradicionales

Acabo de leer la propuesta del Consejero Insular de Turismo, José Manuel Bermúdez, realizada en Hosteltur: El Plan de Actuación de 2011 para promover el turismo de la Isla de Tenerife. Estas son las ideas principales de Turismo de Tenerife … Continue reading

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Bogus Holiday Clubs trying to get around the implementation of the new European Directive

Bogus Holiday Clubs already operating in Tenerife are changing its modus operandi to get around the implementation of the 2nd Timeshare Directive in the 27 EU Member States. A particular fraudulent holiday club operating in Tenerife is now selling a laptop … Continue reading

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Bogus companies making use of reputable logo’s companies

Mindtimeshare has detected the alleged bogus ‘Class Action’ type company called Timeshare Resale/s Consumers Association –, is using, in the homepage of the website, the logo of the international Timeshare Exchange company RCI. Timeshare Resale Consumer Association is using RCI’s mark to create … Continue reading

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