Has Incentive Leisure Group ceased trading?

To the best of my knowledge, ILG Ltd Gibraltar has ceased to trade. Even Incentive Leisure Group’s site includes more information about its alleged current legal status – http:/www.leisuregroup.net/.

This is the information provided by Incentive Leisure Group last January 25th, 2011:

(In Creditors Liquidation)

On 25 January 2011, at a meeting of the members of Incentive Leisure Group Limited, Keith Lawrence FCA was appointed Liquidator of the company. This was then confirmed by a meeting of the creditors held on the same day.

Any creditors with a claim against the Liquidation should send an email to liquid.ilg@keithlawrence.gi with details of their claim. However the Liquidators initial review of the information provided to him would seem to indicate that there will not be any funds available for distribution to creditors of the company.

Please note that the liquidation refers solely to the Gibraltar registered company, Incentive Leisure Group Limited.

For any enquiries regarding Reclaim Limited, please contact the company at: Email: info@reclaim.gi

For any enquiries regarding CashBack Sales and Administration S.A., please contact the company at: Email: enquiries@cashback-sa.com

For any enquiries regarding other companies, please contact: Email: enquiry@headq.net

We are aware that clients have been contacted by individuals purporting to represent companies using various other names e.g. Future Group Administration, Travel Group Administration, Fraser & Ward, Offshore Solutions, Pro-Call Corporate Services and Reclaim Investment Bank and asking for money to be sent to them. We would strongly advise that you do not send any money and contact Reclaim Limited.


Regarding that, the Office of Fair Trading is taking to Court to a number of companies, including among them Incentive Leisure Group, this is a matter about which we do not have further information though – ww.oft.gov.uk/news-and-updates/press/2010/146-10 .

Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation

On 21 January 2011 the Gibraltar Chronicle published a Legal Notice (pdf 455kb) stating that Incentive Leisure Group Limited would be wound up by way of creditor’s voluntary liquidation.

The OFT has informed the liquidator about its action in the UK and its interest in the proposed liquidation.

In the meantime, the OFT will be continuing its action against ILG and other defendants in the UK and monitoring the position in Gibraltar.



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17 Responses to Has Incentive Leisure Group ceased trading?

  1. mary says:

    I have been contacted by a Spanish company saying the are dealing with Blue Chip in liquidation in Madrid. They want £550 for legal fees upfront for my claim against Blue Chip to be dealt with. Is this yet another scam using peoples ‘ information from the BC original scam?

  2. Anne-Marie says:

    Hi There
    I also had a cold call from Solutions today from Michelle Greene asking how was I getting on with my claim against Incentive leisure Group. I was gobsmacked! I am actually persuing a claim myself against Incentive through my credit card company directly under section 75 of the consumer Act 1970. I asked her where did she get my details from and she said Solutions pay for access to 3rd parties information. Again breaking The Data protection Act! She wanted £499 to persue my claim and if nothing happened after 150 days I again could claim back my £499 from my credit card company under the Section 75 again but assurred me I would have a refund of my £13,0000 before £150 days. I said thank you very much and put the phone down. I will crack on with my paperwork which I will send off to my credit card company.

  3. Gilda Axtell says:

    I,too, have received a cold call from Paul Thomas from Solutions Group. He told me he was calling from Tenerife. My claim (also quoted as being valid under section 75) is against Freedom Vacation Network, apparently in liquidation under Keith Lawrence. I wasn’t free to speak with Mr Thomas and asked if he would call me back in a few days, ie on Monday. Oh no, he couldn’t do that. The claims were being submitted on Friday. So when I said don’t bother, suddenly he was agreeing to call me on Monday. When I challenged him about the claims submission date, he said it was just that he was out of the office on Friday and would be happy to call me on Monday. I have to say, his change of story makes me suspicious, together with his persistent telephone calling (every 15 minutes until I took the phone off the hook). He told me, too, that it would be a £280 filing fee, plus £119 payable to Solutions Group, a total of £399. I’d certainly be interested to know, not to mention extraordinarily grateful, if I genuinely have a claim to make regarding Freedom Vacation Network, and how trustworthy are Solutions Group – or are they, too, after making a fast and easy buck out of me?

    • Dear Gilda,
      Thanks for your message.
      They used the urgency pitch to make you decide quick and when you didn’t want to take a decision the same moment all off the sudden the claims submission date wasn’t the same anymore…how messy!
      We will send you more information about a refund claim by email and you can see if it is applicable to your case or not, and we take it from there.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  4. Barry Smith says:

    A couple of years ago The Incentive Leisure Group offered to take our Infiniti Timeshare Points from us to relieve us of the crippling maintenance fees. We paid £1000 approx as downpayment on credit card and then financed the outstanding balance of £13,000. We have been approached by a company called The Solutions Group who say we have a claim against Incentive leisure (under section 75) as they have gone into liquidation, not having any assets. Solutions Group say they will do the paperwork and claim on our behalf for a fee of £399. Do we have a case? Is the Solutions Group just another scam?

    • Hi Barry,
      Thanks for your message.
      We don’t have much information about The Solutions Group.
      Did they give you a website, telephone or any other contact detail?
      Was it a cold call?
      We will send you more info by email.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

      • Barry Smith says:

        Yes.This was a cold call from the Solutions Group though they obviously got knowledge of my Incentive leisure Group membership from somewhere.

  5. Brian says:

    I have today had a phone call from a woman calling herself Barbara Pain.
    She says she is from an organisation called “Travel Investment Administration”.

    She said she had been sent my file to close the case as I had refused to follow through with my claim for a refund.

    She then told me that if I would pay an insurance up front fee she could process my claim further

    I told he as politely as I could that I would pay nothing up front at all ever.

    She then asked me to send an email to:

    In the email she asked me to say that I forfeit all claims to my money invested in Incentive leisure as I did not want to process the claim further.

    Now I can’t work out the scam in that one not like money up front but I bet there is a scam there.

    I told her to send me an email telling me the situation and what I should put in the email back to her.

    She said they don’t work that way that it was now up to me to do the email and release the funds to the administrator to pay other people.

    Interesting though, I have, just like thousands of other poor souls, never ever been contacted by the administrators and they have never answered any of my letters or emails.

    OK now the big question, what is the scam apart from the money up front ??

    • Hi Brian,
      Many thanks for the message.
      What weird stories do these people tell to try and make their pitch believable..and on top they ask you for a confirmation by email, yeah..
      When we heard from this company before “TIA”, they also invited people over to Tenerife, so maybe that was going to be in your next call?
      Thanks again
      Customer Care

  6. Joyce smith says:

    Am in same situation also, having now not paid any fees for 2 years but instead having forwarded them on to ILG. Can we be prosecuted for non payment? Joyce

    • Dear Joyce,

      Our advice is to contact your timeshare resort and explain the situation and try to get to an agreement on the fees. If ILG has not paid them over the past 2 years it is very unlikely they will do now, so you are better off talking directly to your resort.


      Customer Care

  7. John Coombs says:

    I have recived an email from Off Shore Solutions on the 12-4-2011 with a booking form asking for me to fill it in and return it are they part of ILG

  8. stuart white says:

    my timeshare was brought by leisure incentive group
    im now being threatened with court action unless i pay the maintance fees
    as far as im concered i do not own it and have been told do not pay anything
    i can not get anymore advice please help

    stuart white

  9. Hi Alberto,

    Whilst on the face of it, this is good news, given ILG’s long history of activities, I would not be at all suprised if this is simply a ploy to take some of the heat of themselves.

    Cease trading, go banrupt, wipe their hands of any debts, complaints and publicity, then simply set up again under a different name and do exactly the same thing to more unsuspecting victims.

    The more we publise about these rogue traders and educate people so they can avoid them the better.

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