Blue Chip again on stage

Last October 2010, I informed about the latest Spanish Police intervention against bogus resale companies.

The Spanish Police closed down 9 companies in Benalmadena-Costa del Sol-Spain, and arrested 4 British Nationals, among them; the main alleged responsible Christopher Gerald Hannington, who was also requested by the Interpol.

Companies closed down:


•         VIVA CHOICE



•         BLUE CHIP S.L.



•         AGRICO LTD


All companies were related.

So, five moths later, Blue Chip has is on stage again.

The alleged bogus resale company Blue Chip is cold calling timeshare owners, points, holiday club ownerships, and indicating them that they have a corporate buyer keen on their ownerships / memberships, making firm cash offers; however as usual it is requesting upfront “temporary retainers” – up to 1200 Euros.

Telephone number used is 0844 811 4363 And the websites they have set up are:

We still are not aware of any resale carried out through this resale firm though.

This company is also claiming to be able to offer as a “trade in” bogus Discount holiday club memberships, as Incentive Leisure Group, to its clients / victims, as a way to surrender their ownerships / memberships.

The company director was Howard Manton, who is also behind another bogus Malaga based timeshare resale firm, Excalibur Sales & Marketing.

Blue Chip informs the victim that Incentive Leisure Group has gone into liquidation and they offer themselves to resale the membership and get the victim some money back.

All the victim has to do is paying the 1,200 €.

Do not fall for this!

If you have been cold called by Blue Chip, please, send us your experience to

About mindtimeshare

Mindtimeshare SLU is registered Company reg number: B35957182 Mindtimeshare provides assistance to timeshare owners who have been defrauded by holiday clubs and bogus resale companies. The Mindtimeshare project was launched in February 2011. After dealing with timeshare members over several years who had been defrauded by numerous bogus companies and for large amounts of money, I considered launching an Organisation to help timeshare owners that have been targeted by bogus companies. On this blog you can find information about the different active scam companies and their “modus operandi” and also place comments, ask questions and see comments from other consumers who have the same doubts or have been through the same experience. Mindtimeshare has resulted in a huge success and has received the back up from not only timeshare consumers but also from the professionals in the timeshare Industry. Mindtimeshare helps timeshare owners who have been scammed by bogus Discount Holiday Clubs; bogus cash back companies; fraudulent timeshare resale companies; bogus class action companies and false lawyers and notaries. We offer professional answers and advice to Timeshare users. If you want to send an email instead of posting a comment on the blog please do so by emailing:
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29 Responses to Blue Chip again on stage

  1. Selina says:

    Selena again.
    It is now 24 hours since “Lisa” phoned us. She has just phoned again to ask if we have reached a decision regarding “selling” our time share. We told her that we had researched Blue Chip on the internet and as a result have decided that after reading bad reports by at least 30 people, we have come to the conclusion that Blue Chip is running a scam. She said that Blue Chip had been trading for 5 and a half years and that other companies had been writing bad reports about her company on the Internet. This is certainly not true, as my report has been printed and I am a private person with no axe to grind regarding Blue Chip SL. They have not conned us because we did our research.
    This badly educated woman ( She says “We was” instead of “we were” and “It were” instead of” it was “—– the sure sign of lack of education) She spoke very rapidly and it was hard work trying to get a word in, but we managed to finally shut her up and have our say. I do hope that anyone who has read this will have the good sense not to involve themselves with any transaction with this company.

  2. Selina says:

    Have just had a phone call from a woman calling herself “Lisa Taylor” from Blue Chip, Malaga. She asked us if we would be willing to sell our Timeshare in Benalmadena for £5,250. We have been trying to sell it for several years now. She lied that she had buyers already whose relatives already owned a property in the same place and wanted to urgently buy ours. We would have to sign a document, a “Transfer Guarantee” stating our commitment to sell. A Courier would collect the deeds of the apartment from our home. We would pay a “Security fee” which had to be by MasterCard or Visa of about £800 which would be reimbursed to us. Thus, the entire transaction would cost us nothing & relieve us of our Timeshare. We kept asking for the name of the company, but she was talking very rapidly and it took many times of asking to get her to tell us it was Blue Chip SL. We very early on realised we were being scammed, as “Lisa Taylor” was not very well spoken and was clearly reading from a script. Her uneducated use of the English language ( she WAS English) when we asked her any questions, also rang alarm bells. She told us that she knew our timeshare very well,, but made a couple of blaring errors ( it’s proximity to the beach and it’s altitude.) We listened and tried our best to trip her up- which we did on several occasions. We said we would sleep on it & she asked for an e mail address- I gave her the e mail address I have set up for such scams. She says we have to make up our minds by tomorrow and then they will take the non refundable deposit from the (non existent) potential buyers. She stated that if we went back on our signed agreement the potential buyers would lose their £2000 deposit. As soon as I put the phone down, I looked their details up on the Internet. My misgivings were confirmed. IT IS A SCAM !

  3. W.L. says:

    A friend of mine a widow of 3 yrs has just paid 1590 Euros to Blue Chip SI they are still at it. The money was paid by direct debit through Lloyds bank 5 days ago and there is nothing that can be done to help her. She can ill afford to loose this money as they have not committed Fraud. If anybody can help Her get Her money back I would love to know and be able to help Her.

  4. andrew says:

    My mum had a call from blue-chip and paid close to £1200 please could someone email me the best way for her to receive her money back as her credit card company are sayng there is nothing they can do as she entered a contract in november this year, pls help

  5. susy says:

    Hi I was called today by someone calling himself Anthony Sullivan who said he was an independent agent – Blue Chip SL would make a firm offer of £1.10 per point for our Diamond Resorts points – but ‘to comply with timeshare legislation’ we would need to buy indemnity insurance for 1100 euros – on a major credit or debit card – and scammers wouldn’t use credit cards because the money was traceable.
    I was suspicious, and told him I wanted to check it out – the number he gave was the number here 0844 811 4363 – which made me suspicious as he said he was in Malaga! he said that of course I was welcome to check it out, but to make sure I looked for Blue Chip SL as there was a Blue Chip Trading who were sca*****.

  6. Patricia says:

    Like the letters above, I also paid Blue Chip money expecting them to sell my timeshare, only to find out that once they have taken money from my account, I never heard from them again. What a c**.

  7. Sally says:

    Hi, Blue Chip cold contacted us about selling our Club la Costa points this week (14.0213). I was totally sucked in- they were very believable, They claimed that clients from Eastern Europe were currently keen to invest in luxury timeshare points – they offered to buy our points for £10 a point. We expressed an interest and they soon rang back to say that they had a definite buyer who had put down a deposit of 30% of the total asking price so they were guaranteed not to drop out. So far so good… they then asked for a £1200 retainer from us up front to ensure that we didn’t walk away with the money they were going to deposit before we sent the deeds of ownership (they claimed this had happened to them before so they were forced to ask for this down payment as a precaution-oh so clever!). I wasn’t sure about this, fortunately I couldn’t get hold of my husband to ask his opinion so I stalled and decided to do a bit of research – that’s when I found this site. Phew what a close shave! Thank you so much for setting up this blog. I hope our experience helps inform other people too

    • M W says:

      Hi I have been contacted today by Blue Chip to sell our Club la Costa points for £20,000. Kelly who rang me had rung last week also. The story I was given was that the company buying would pay us a non- refundable 20% deposit and sales agreement would be sent to our home address which we would sign and return immediately to them. We would then be contacted to ascertain how we would like to recieve the money ie cheque or bankers draft and a courier would be sent to collect the certificates from us. Was unsure which certificates she was referring to. Then came the sting to ensure that we did not pull out of the deal we had to pay a retainer of of 1500 Euros about £1250 pounds which should be paid via credit card and would be refundable once the sale was completed. Alarm bells rang when she asked for my card number and when I said that did not have my card on me she asked what time I would be at home this evening. Anyway she is going to call me on Monday 15 April now. I asked for the company name and was given Blue Chip based in Spain, her contact phone number 08448114363. Thank you for setting up this blog as it has confirmed my suspicion that this was a scam.

    • Val says:

      Some one called Millie contacted me and gave the same number I researched them and told her she withdrew like a whippet do these people seriously think no one has a brain thank God for this blog

  8. steve says:

    i was contacted by bluechip sl last july & said they were in a psition to sell our Club Class
    member ship if we were interested. We said OK. They came back the next day with a third party offer for £8650.00. We said OK. They wanted 1200 eu up front which would be rerfundable. Like
    an idiot we paid. they sent us loads of forms to sign. By then reading about them on the ‘net we realized it was a con. We had further calls from them I said they were a con. Had a call today from
    Daniel Adams to say DHL would visit me in 2 days time with a cheque for £8650.00 for my membership cards but I had to pay £1040.00 via Western Union to Susan Elizabeth Bingham at Government Office Malaga by tomorrow so they could authorise this. Another con!!?
    How do I get our 1200 eu back ?

    • Caz says:

      i was contacted by Lynne Wilkinson today and it all sounded so convincing.Having recently become a widow of course i thought the extra money would be useful. Having now done more research it appears this is just another scam. Surely they cant just keep your £1200. Is there not a 90 day consumer act where you are allowed to cancel.

  9. IRose says:

    Dear Mindtimeshare,
    I purchased a TimesLink holiday whilst in Tenerife about 5 or more years ago. Why? I still don’t know.
    Timeslink dissolved and I was soon contacted by Bluechip.
    I spoke to a Lillian who left me her number which was 0844 811 4363.
    She told me that she had a buyer for me and that I needed to pay 1,234 Euros for insurance retainers and that I would get this money back at the end of the purchase.
    I’m afraid I also paid this money.
    I paid by Visa Debit Card. Can I get this money back?

    I didn’t hear anything from her for a while so I called her. She was no longer available but somebody else told me that the buyers were taking far too long to pay up so they decided to cancel the agreement. Yeah right!!

    I didn’t hear a word for a few months, and all of a sudden a Bianca calls me from Bluechip telling me that they have a buyer willing to pay me £7,000 so let’s wrap this whole thing up asap.

    She told me to go to the Western Union store and ask for a 214 Form which I would have to fill in, bringing my Passport or Driving Licence with me. I would also have to pay another £980 pounds which would not be refundable.
    She told me to address the form to this address:-.
    18 Calle san Piulo
    29600 Espania

  10. Ronald says:

    Paul from blue phones yesterday asking 4 another 995euros for a sale show this month they already have 1295ethos from 2years blue.07771883257.bluechip

  11. june says:

    I was mug enough to pay 1200euros yesterday by is still in the holding dept but I have to contact robert ball the manager to ask for my money I now know what a mug i am.having read all these reviews.I still havernt signed you think I will get refunded before its too late I paid by Visadebit

  12. hello
    we are another couple cold called by Blue Chip SL and where gullible enough to beleive there claims and pain 1200euros up front anybody ever get a refund from these crooks?

  13. Glyn says:

    Is there any chance of getting money back from Blue Chip which was paid in Feburary 2011

    • Hi Glyn,
      Thanks for your comment.
      If you paid by credit card you have 6 years to claim a refund based on the Consumer Credit Act 1974.
      We are sending you more information by email today.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

      • Mrs Munro says:

        Hi Could you please send me details of Consumer Credit Act 1974 as I too have been scammed by Blue Chip, To the tune of 600 euros Thank you
        Mrs Munro

  14. Keith Lawless says:

    Hi – had a phone call today from a lady called Sue MIller of Blue Chip offering to buy our Connections 6 membership for £4,500 stating that she would selling this on due to high demand but would get back to us. Two phone calls later the punch line came – she told us that we would have to pay an upfront fee of £1300 for this to happen. I was unwilling to do this as felt this was another rip off as was the initial purchase of the Connections 6 membership. Still gutted that we were taken in by the original offer but really glad didnt do it again. Unfortunately our details must be in circulation now for any tom dick or harry to call us with scams.

  15. steve hales says:

    i like many of other people have been stung by a company called half moon holdings, when i tried to get my money back via the telephone number they gave me i was told the number was unavailable. contacted tsb credit card company for them to try to get my money back and they have investigated my claim and said half moon holdings have done nothing wrong. what a joke. i cancelled the deal with them in writing as requested and didnt sign any contract but they are telling tsb that they didnt receive the letter, how strange that they rang me and left a message on my answer phone to tell me they had received the letter but would like to speak to me before cancelling. BEWARE DONT DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY

    • Hi Steve, Thanks for your message.
      Half Moon will do anything for not giving your money back. In cases like this is it always recommendable to send letters by recorded delivery, because people like this will never admit an email receipt or a letter by post.
      Customer Care

  16. Mrs Christine Parker says:

    In January 2011 I was contacted by Half Moon Holdings regarding our DWVC membership. They said they would buy it back from me for £8000 but needed a £1200 fee for the Judge in Spain to sign the paperwork. Like a fool I gave them the £1200 and heard nothing until last Friday 22 July 2011. Between January and July I have received two more phone calls from a Scandanavian company who wanted to buy my membership and when I told them that I thought it was a scam they quickly rang off and I haven’t heard from them since. I also had a phone call from a company in Loughborough asking us the same. I searched on the internet for the company and found they were a scam company too. When Half Moon rang on 22 July 2011 they said they had a buyer for the membership, this gentleman from Find Me Travel rang me this morning 26 July 2011 and again said they had customers waiting for DWVC membership. This meant that I would have to pay them £2500 to which I said no sorry. My husband and I are both pensioners and hadn’t got that sort of money. With that he rang off after an 18 minute telephone conversation.

    Regards; Chris Parker

    • Dear Mrs. Parker,
      Thanks for your message on the blog.
      Don’t pay any more money to this company or any other company that cold calls you. 99% is fraudulent.
      If they call again HANG UP! That’s the best way to deal with them.

      Customer Care

  17. Pete Rowlands says:

    I too was contacted by a “UK” based company last week offering to buy our DWVC holiday ownership from us & that they had a buyer who was willing to pay cash for the membership. On the second call “after they had confirmed” the purchase with the buyers was when the 1200 euro
    refundable fee to ensure the deal goes through. They were supposed to be phoning back this week to confirm paperwork was received, which it has been ! I decided to have a look at their web site & found more scam info. I (stupidly) paid the money. I can not believe there are so many UK people working for these companies willing to rip people off

    • Dear Pete,
      I am sorry to read that you fell for the trap of this company.
      We will email you with information on how to recover your money from both companies.


      Customer Care

      • ann says:

        We also have fallen in the trap with Bluechip they said the buyer has fallen through They said that we were in a contract for 12months and not able to get our money back as it was admin fee only returnable if the product was sold
        Please can you also let us know the procedure for return of our money

  18. Mrs Michelle jacobson says:

    I recieved a phone call on tuesday 10th from half moon holdings asking to sell my time share they wanted 1200 euros upfront which i payed (unwittely) . They were supposed to send me out paperwork out to sign which i have not recieved,They were suppossed to phone me back on tuesday 17th to see if i recieved paperwork sign and return.Tried phoning the no.08448228128 which they give me but only open mon-fri 9-5. tried contacting bank but they said to contact the company to see if i could get my money back if not the bank will try.

  19. alan alderman says:

    please note my new email,you have sent me many emails,I have been contacted by a company called PRO-Call from Tenerife claiming they can get some of our CASH BACK for us,I will be on hoilday i tenerife in a few weeks time ,do you know any thing about this company?if so can you let me knowas when I go Iam going to try and find out about this.

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