Beware of Viva Connect !!!!

Viva Connect,, is a resale company with a postbox address in Mijas,Costa del Sol,  and another address on the Costa del Sol; Avenida A. Machado 18, A.C. 107, 29630 Benalmadena Costa. They are cold calling timeshare owners, with promises of more than alleged fictional sales.

Contact numbers: (0034) 952 577 721 (+34) 952 577 708  (+34) 952 045 688  Fax (+34) 952 045 689

They claim to have a corporate buyer interested in purchasing timeshare at the owner’s resort.  The offer higher than what the week is truly worth on the open resale market and is even, believe or not, higher than people can buy directly from the developer for.

They do not comply with the New European Timeshare Directive as they require a payment from the owner of 1.000 €, fully refunded upon completion of the sale, as a security payment to prevent the owner from pulling out of the deal.

Needless to say, there is no corporate buyer. The sale never happens.

Viva Connect has links with Continent Connection, company closed down by the Spanish Police few months ago.

Have you been called by Viva Connect from Telephone 0034952577 721 0034952577708 or 0034952045688 ? We would like to know!

About mindtimeshare

Mindtimeshare SLU is registered Company reg number: B35957182 Mindtimeshare provides assistance to timeshare owners who have been defrauded by holiday clubs and bogus resale companies. The Mindtimeshare project was launched in February 2011. After dealing with timeshare members over several years who had been defrauded by numerous bogus companies and for large amounts of money, I considered launching an Organisation to help timeshare owners that have been targeted by bogus companies. On this blog you can find information about the different active scam companies and their “modus operandi” and also place comments, ask questions and see comments from other consumers who have the same doubts or have been through the same experience. Mindtimeshare has resulted in a huge success and has received the back up from not only timeshare consumers but also from the professionals in the timeshare Industry. Mindtimeshare helps timeshare owners who have been scammed by bogus Discount Holiday Clubs; bogus cash back companies; fraudulent timeshare resale companies; bogus class action companies and false lawyers and notaries. We offer professional answers and advice to Timeshare users. If you want to send an email instead of posting a comment on the blog please do so by emailing:
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285 Responses to Beware of Viva Connect !!!!

  1. Tracey says:

    After not returning calls to continent connections re: payment to cancel started having messages left by a Zoe Wash from Blue Chip Company with regards Continent Connections that the sale had now finalised, and to phone her back?? Needless to say wasn’t going to bother, but my 12 year old daughter answered the phone one day and passed to me being Zoe Wash, gave me the spiel about timeshare sale going through for £13,000.00 but they wanted another 1300 euros off me???? With this I lost the plot and told her they were not getting another penny off me as it was a total con and that they would only be happy making people bankrupt then hung up the phone. Hopefully this will at least stop them phoning me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Jackie H says:

    Hi Everybody

    Having read many of your e mails and comments and having had advice from Alberto I thought I would share my good news with you all. I GOT MY MONEY BACK! Yes all of it -but had lots of upsets and angish first.

    Like most of you I was cold called. They had a buyer and would complete at my home etc etc. So same story as most of you. Came to November and got a demand for this year’s fee and if I did not want to remain in the ‘club’ £ 297 to buy out. I phoned and told them I had never been a member and had cancelled by phone and email prior to the 14 days cooling off but had not received money back. The lady became quite aggressive and greatly upset me. I then decided enough was enough and even if I didn’t get money back I would attempt to stop these sharks.

    I wrote to Fernando Diaz , Minister for Home Affairs, Spanish Government in Madrid, also to the British Consulate in Madrid. I enclosed copies of emails(obviously these are all dated). I asked them to investigate these fraudulent people. I received replies from both. British Consulate suggested contacting the National Fraud office here and if visiting Spain contact the police. The reply from Government (was in Spanish) stating they would look into it. My next step was to have been to have contacted my MEP and the European Parliament.

    Out of the blue I received a phone call from Viva Connect to tell me my money was to be reimbursed. One week later the full amount was in my bank account. I no longer have my timeshare. I did not sell it . I gave it back to the resort.

    I can now continue my life. Needless to say I have been contacted since by firms who want to get my money back for me. I understand totally how people fall prey to these bullies but I do hope I give you heart. I would suggest if you all write to the Spanish Government who knows what may happen to these people

    Good luck to you all.

  3. Mr & Mrs D says:

    Hi me and my wife are another two to be conned by this scam and paid. Now we people calling us from Portugal asking for £1150 saying that they are from the noteries and the sale of our holiday has now been completed and this is for the tax on £9600 as we are non residents in Portugal we think its about time the authorities in all these countries got their act together and we should all get together and fight back

    • Hi,
      Yes this seems to be a new one, the Portal do Financas in Portugal.
      Do not pay of course as this is indeed another bogus company.
      We will email you further information.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  4. Jane says:

    Viva Connect helped themselves to my credit card to the tune of 1200 euros last year without my permission – they did it on the same day I spoke to them on the phone. They are crooks and the talk of the sale is just that talk !!! I was lucky enough to get my money back but some people have not been that lucky. I am shocked that Viva Connect still exist and that the Spanish police have not closed them down

    • paul says:

      I have also just been taken for £3000 by this company dont expect to get anything back but am going to try. Paul

    • DI says:

      We got duped by Viva connect and sadly paid out to hold the buyer ,they said we needed to pay 1000 Euro’s to prove we were going to not back out. Sadly I fell for this. Then we got a call saying they were sorry but the client backed out! I said fine just send me back the money,they said No as a special apology for messing us about a firm called Continent Conections were going to sell it for me! Then we got a package from Continent Connections ( both names begin with Con ) saying that viva had sold the deal to them and we could have holidays through them,I told them I can’t go on holidays due to my health deteriorating,which is why they were selling my points. We heard nothing for a year or so from either company…..Them in Nov we got a bill for £95 for what they called membership,I said I knew nothing about it and they said well you signed up for it. I told them I never and they then sent me copies of the said agreement. Both my husband and my signature was on this. But it was the agreement we signed for VC. So I ignored it !! Then yesterday we got a call from them saying that they are very concerned because we had not paid it. My husband told them we never paid ,signed or wanted more holidays. ( why would we when my maintenance for my points are £1000 + )

      They are again going to send the signed agreement,and they said we could pay 4 monthly amounts of £100 and end the contract that way….Or they would take us to court over it. I said Bring it on !! We await what they will do next.

      • Tracey says:

        Very similar thing happened to me was told had sold to corporate buyer had to pay to hold deal they sent me Continent Connections Package for holidays which didn’t want was told only till sale went through which never happened, last year had call from legal company saying person responsible for Viva Connect had been jailed and would definitely get money back had to send letters referring to sale, which I did then they wanted another £200 for them to be translated into Spanish, checked on Google and its another CON. This week received letter from Continent Connections again saying I owed membership and that if I wanted to cancel membership would have to pay £297. Then found message on phone from some Neil Philips of Continent Connections asking me to phone him, can imagine this is another way to try and force me to pay more money or threaten me with court. Don’t think i’ll be phoning him back and am sure any court would be very interested to here of the way they con people out of there money !!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Dave says:

    Just been contacted by a lady called Tessa Wallace from Viva Connect offerring me £7,500 for my DWVC Membership. The only simple thing I had to do was pay them 1890 Euros and I would be paid £7500 plus a refund of my 1890 Euros. This would only take 2 weeks although they usually say 4 to 6 weeks. Got their web address and low and behold, just as I suspected, a huge scam. Ringing the plausable Tessa Wallace back with a definite NO! NO! NO!. Glad I did some research and found this web page. Many thanks Dave from Wiltshire

  6. Gail says:

    Have read previous posts and can only say, PLEASE DO NOT send money to the fraudsters at Viva Connect or their subsiduary Continent Connections. After he passed away last year, I discovered my late father, an elderly gentleman, incapacitated following a stroke, had been conned out of over 5000 euros by the above!! Please don’t let it happen to you- ignore their calls and never give credit/debit card details over the telephone. Would hate for anyone else to go through the anguish my family have done knowing that such scum could have taken advantage of a vulnerable person.

  7. David says:

    Hello to all, my name is David, I was contacted by Viva Connect over 12 months ago and have had several so called buyers but to no avail. The person I have had most contact with is a woman called Bernie Middleton, she sounds to be most convincing and asked me to join Continent Connections to enhance the sale of my time share, which I did, what a total mug I was and got suckered into another scam. They have had the audacity to ask me for another years subscription for Continent connections and threatened legal action if I did not pay for 3years subs so I could cancel, I have ignored this request and have not heard back for 2 months.
    If anyone knows of a way in which I can get any monies back I would be very grateful.
    This company and any others who do this to innocent people must be stopped.
    Many thanks for taking the time to read this, David.

    • Steve says:

      Dave, I went through what you have gone through BUT I stopped then they mentioned Continent Connections as i did some research and found CC was a closed down company. If you have used your Credit Card to pay for Viva / CC, then get in touch with credit card company and force them to refund your money. I chased Barclays for months until i went to the Financial Obudsman Services: they took my case and forced Barclays to issue me with a refund. They hate paying out even using article 75. Every person in here may think that by quoting article 75 they can get a refund, not the case. When you sign the T&Cs of Viva Connect, they state there is a 2 week cooling off period so that they can “setup the sale of your timeshare”..crap! They use this 2 week period so that they can inform any credit card company who seeks a refund that the client agreed to the cooling off period hence no refunds allowed.
      This is crap too…they old you over the phone they had a buyer then after so many weeks I bet they then suggested that the buyers wanted to use your weeks to “upgrade the status”? That’s what i got from Lucy Reeves and then Andy Blyth who was the guy coaxing me to buy into Continent Connections.
      All I will say is get every piece of documentation / email compile a report send to your cc company and if they refuse, send a further two letters insisting you get the refund.
      If then they still say no, get in touch with FOS and I bet then your cc company will get in touch fast. Barclays knows only too well what VC are up to on the web…best thing to do: once this is sorted…change your contact number!!

  8. Dave says:

    I have just had a phone call from a lady claiming to be Louisa Robson from Viva at the address shown above. She claimed she had sold our Club Class membership (Which was a complete waste of money for us anyway !) for £24000 (much more than we paid for it) as well as getting our money back from Excalibur and Holiday Rentals Direct (Don’t touch these two either!). I checked the legitimate Viva web site – guess what, she is not in the employee list! She wanted a notary fee of 1800 euros but stated she could not take the money out of the ‘holding account’ to do this – funny that. Folks, these people are crooks!!! Don’t touch any of them, my wife did the initial transactions but she is wiser now and I am glad that I answered the phone to this woman. Remember, if somebody wants to buy something, they will GIVE you money, not take it!

    • Michael says:

      I have also been contacted today by this same woman claiming the same things, also stating that she is a lawyer working for a reputable firm but was not prepared to send me an e-mail from them or any company details, surprise, surprise !!

  9. Bengie says:

    Viva Connect contcted us yesterday my husband took the call, all seemed very genuine until they started to ask about credit cards this brought up a question mark in my mind. Cold calling is bad no one should ask for moiney that you don’t know about, if they do be very suspicious. These people are very clever and persistant calling back time and again to get your money. I got stung a few years ago and nothing ever came from it, it is all false promises. If this happens to you say you no longer have a time share points etc., and put the phone down, don’t go into conversation with them or they have got you, there sweet talk is too easy to slip into.

  10. Mr D T N says:

    Hello, We have been approached by a women called Kay Baxter who says she is at Gatwick airport, and she is working for Viva connect, she says that she can sell our holiday membership in DWVC for £7,200 but we have to pay £1500 pounds up front, like everybody else we think that this is a sc**, she says that your website is full of old employees trying to get back at them and that they are all telling lies, we are not convinced so we will be pulling out of any transactions and we are trying to get our money back. Many thanks for your website.

  11. Charlotte says:

    I’ve just found out my mother has signed a contract and paid around £2000.00 to Viva Connect. As soon as she told us about this company we were wary and now, after reading this blog, I am extremely worried. She paid the money before telling us about this as, like most people, she is desperate to get rid of her timeshare. Her story reads similar to those above. Could you please send me an email with how we can proceed to try and get her money back. Many thanks.

  12. matty says:

    had a call from these morons to-day 17/09/2012 said they are holding a seminar and will get back
    to me to-morrow they said they should have buyer for my timeshare cant wait to talk to them and
    make no mistake when i have spoken to them they will not call my again

    • Maggie says:

      Sad but true I think – we are all on a “suckers list”. Each company that has called me is offering something different from the last one. It started out with “I can sell your Club Class membership” through “they’ve failed to sell and so we are doing it instead”, “I have a customer…”, “I can get your money back from these scamsters” to “I have a cheque for £24,500 that I am holding for you” In many cases, they know excatly who you have been speaking to, and I notice that many of the people who are being scammed are the elderly, like me. There is too much information out there about us, too easily available.

    • Polly says:

      They are very persuasive, very businesslike – they’ve just called me and the ‘deposit’ is now 1295 euros. Their first contact was a fast call to establish what I wanted for my weeks – good job I was overpricing at that stage as they seemed too glib even then – or I might have been taken in by the wealth of legalese and contract number detail they gave. Women named Alex Scott as account manager and Linda as contract manager.
      Watch out!

      • Hi Polly,
        These people are “good” in what they do, and of course they are nice! They want your money!
        We are glad you know to look on the blog and check the web.
        Kind regards
        Customer Care

  13. Rob says:

    I have recently been unfortunate enough to allow myself to be persuaded by viva connect that
    they could sell my time share for me. After paying money up front I then had to pay money to join continent conections. after reading your page and speaking to trading standards, I sent viva a registered letter stating that I was withdrawing from the contract as it was ilegal due to the way it had been initiated. I also sent a registered letter to continent conections telling them that I did not want to be a member of their club and therefore would not be paying any anual membership fees. I have received a letter from continent conections on Friday 14.09.12 stating that they had received my letter but that I must pay 3 x £99 for the privilage of leaving the club or they would pursue the money legaly. How can continent conections still be trading if they have been closed down by the spanish government? Please could you advise what I should do next.

  14. Standel says:

    Can i please have some help? I have spent about 5 months trying to get my money back from Viva Connect and now urgently seek advice please?
    Is there any way to get my money back as my credit card company have sided with Viva Connect.

    • Maggie says:

      I’m trying to get money back from Excalibur and Ocean Estates as well as a lawyer in Cyprus. So far, my card company has failed to recoup money from Excalibur and has redebited my account and reduced my credit allowance. I’m wondering if showing them some of this information would make any difference. Eventually, we may have to use the Ombudsman. Reading these blogs has saved me from being sucked in again. Good luck.

      • Dear Maggie,
        Thanks for all your comments.
        About showing the bank the blog and all the comments from other victims, will certainly be of help.
        We know others have done this and did recover their money.
        If you need further advice about the Financial Ombudsman please let me know.
        Kind regards & Have a nice weekend
        Customer Care

  15. Nigel says:

    Like many others, I have also been scammed by Viva Connect and, in turn, Continent Connections — I thought I’d learned enough not to be taken in by such organisations but we are where we are and I hope you might be able to kindly provide some advice on (a) how I can get back some or all of what I’ve paid to them and (b) how I can avoid having to pay further subscriptions to the Continent Connections organisation.

    You know the script – I paid 995 Euros by credit card to Viva Connect in March 2011, “to provide marketing services to dispose of your holiday timeshare” – needless to say, co-called tentative sales all fell through. In May 2011. a further offer from them involved registering with Continent Connections, for which, naively again in hindsight, I paid that organisation 850 Euros by credit card. I was required to sign a “purchase agreement”.

    I have recently received, by mail, a demand for £99 from Continent Connections for my annual membership fee! Not surprisingly, it is accompanied by threats of penalties for late payment etc, as well as details of cancellation procedure which, if I decided on it, would be 3 x the £99 annual subscription ie. £297.

    I would be most grateful if you could provide me with any advice on how you think I should best legally approach this specific “scam” situation – I realize that these organisations are very clever and I would not wish to end up paying even more than my current so-called liabilities. Perhaps I should just pay it all off and put it down to experience!

    Many thanks

    Nigel (retired pensioner)

  16. Nigel says:

    You know the script – I paid 995 Euros by credit card to Viva Connect in March 2011, “to provide marketing services to dispose of your holiday timeshare” – needless to say, co-called tentative sales all fell through. In May 2011. a further offer from them involved registering with Continent Connections, for which, naively again in hindsight, I paid that organisation 850 Euros by credit card. I was required to sign a “purchase agreement”.

    I have recently received, by mail, a demand for £99 from Continent Connections for my annual membership fee! Not surprisingly, it is accompanied by threats of penalties for late payment etc, as well as details of cancellation procedure which, if I decided on it, would be 3 x the £99 annual subscription ie. £297.

    I would be most grateful if you could provide me with any advice on how you think I should best legally approach this specific “scam” situation – I realize that these organisations are very clever and I would not wish to end up paying even more than my current so-called liabilities. Perhaps I should just pay it all off and put it down to experience!

    Many thanks

    Nigel (retired pensioner)

  17. Vicki says:

    My mum has too been duped by these people, she paid the initial 950 euros as surety that once sold she would hand over the title deeds, paperwork exchanged hands twice and cooling off periods as all describe. Then the sale supposedly fell through but lo and behold another buyer was found who was purchasing a number of timeshare properties, the buyer was part of Continental Connections so she would have to join, another 1200 euros paid ! Just this week she was called to say that the sale was made but she now needed to pay the tax before the bankers draft could be released, she had to pay very quickly so they could get the draft to her. She paid cash through Western Union, another £1180 paid and £56 for the transaction. Next day, another phone call, to say the payee name would need to be changed at Western Union as the lady, Kathryn Liberty Bell’s, daughter had been run over and was seriously ill in hospital so they wouldn’t be able to get the money transferred, Linda Mary Adey now the name needed on the transfer. Yesterday she was called to say they hadn’t managed to get the bankers draft to her she challenged them as she had done some investgation. They were very quick to refute the suggestion it was all a scam and told her Linda was a very respectable business woman and a lawyer. Linda then called mum and told her she was working for the Spanish government investgating Viva Connect, they did have the money for the sale for her and the bankers draft would be here this week, Linda is calling back on Monday.
    Viva Connect have also been on the phone telling mum that the completion date is Thursday and they will be in touch. It is all very confusing for a woman in her seventies who has just had major brain surgery, she desperately wants rid of her timeshare so eager to believe this is genuine. It is little wonder people are taken in by these scams.
    Now to try and get some of the money back as two payments were made by credit card.

  18. Eric says:

    We were cold called last October about from Viva Connect who said they could get rid of our Diamond Resort points. We ultimately paid money upfront (I know I was stupid) for them to help us out. Next thing we are told we are now members of Continent Connections. We haven’t bothered with this company but today i received a receipt for £99.00 as this year’s membership fees. Should I paid or just ignore the request. As we are both pensioners it is quite worrying to be getting these demands for money.

    • bob says:

      Do not pay out anymore money. Also the companies involved have no intention of seeing through any deals as they have no buying clients. They disappear with your money, then come back to the “market place” under a different name

  19. Roy says:

    Well it looks like I have scored a double wammy. I had a cold call from a UK company, Universal Travel Market who could sell on my holiday package. They did find a buyer and needed a retainer from me. However the company wanting payment was Viva Connect. Rather pleased to get this bonus I paid the recoverable fee 0f £1395.
    Alas the buyer defaulted but they had a corporate buyer and needed a further sum of £1000 ( recoverable) for the corporate buyer to deal with the legalities through a Notary so I paid up, but this time it was via a company called Diamantie Travel who wanted the fees.
    I have now received a call from a third party who has my cash in an account which comprises of the sale proceeds and my two payments but can’t release it until I pay a further 740 Euroes to secure the title of the package from myself to the corporate entity.
    It was odd as the first payment was by credit card which I assumed would be safe as I should be able to recover it if this was a scam. The second payment was by bank transfer and now this third payment is requested to an individual via the post office “money gram”.
    What I want to hear is that these companies are legitemate and my holiday package has been sold and I will receive some £14K unless you tell me differently !!!!

    • Hi Roy,
      Thanks for your message.
      We are very sorry but we are afraid you have been taken by these companies and we would certainly not recommend paying a penny more!
      We will send you more information by email on how to recover the payment made through credit card and other useful information.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

      • Standel says:

        I have tried to claim my money back from Viva connect by contacting Barclaycard – thats no use as Barclay have said that as the fee had been paid and initial 14 day cooling off period lapse, there is no way to get the money back.Any further suggestions? This has been ongoing for about 4 to 5 months.

  20. G Codling says:

    Sorry, I made a mistake. The name Grain only took me to addresses for the Isle of Grain – no actual Estate Agent by that name – not even on the Albacete web site. I suspect another dubious company.

  21. G Codling says:

    Grain Estate Agents, based in Spain.
    New cold call today from someone calling herself Rebecca (or if I prefer it, Becky) Watson from Estate Agents called Grain – based in Albacete. No return telephone number and no trace of them on the internet, except for various estate agents called Grain. I suspect another scam – has anyone else heard from these people?

  22. Alan T says:

    Hi. We have stopped having calls from Viva Connect after challenging them etc, i think they got fed up.
    We have just seent off our reclaim certificate registerd post, we dont expect any joy from it . However we have now received a phone call from who openly daid the3y had bought our adddress etc. They rang from a British number but said they were registerd in malalga. They wanted us to join in an actio against somebody (who9 on eart can youi decide on in the many tied up firms) Has anybody else heard of them or Penny Carpenter who is ringing us back on Monday next. I believe that they got our detgails from the docs we sent. She told us that the address we sent it to waqs a garage!.
    Anybody with any info please?

    • Maggie says:

      Hi Alan,
      I have spoken to a Penny Carpenter. She works for Consumer Advisory Solutions who offer to reclaim your money back from the scamsters. I have just had a call from a company called Viva who gave their address as the same for Viva Connect, saying that theey have a cheque for me that they have collected from the various companies who said they would sell my Club Class membership, but of course, they want a fee from me before they can send me a contract. I read on with interest.

  23. Robin says:

    Me too, have been reassured by them they I am covered by distance selling regulations; Card company disagrees. Don’t touch with a barge pole. Sad thing was that card company not interested in this scam.

  24. Gary says:

    viva connect have just got off the phone with me, they told me they had a buyer for my timeshare but would have to pay them a deposit of 1500 euros up front to make sure i didnt come out of the deal, they said it would take 6-8 weeks to finalise the deal at which time i would get my deposit back, they told me the buyer would pay for all or any fees which would be incured from the sale and they would also pay me back my maintance fee for this year which i have already paid. when i said i wanted them to send me out the paper work and verify all that she said in an email she said that takes time and if you dont pay the deposit you may lose the buyer as this would take up time and the buyer may look else where. i didnt pay them any deposit and told them they would need to call later after i have looked on the web to see what people have to say about them, she said not to belive all that is said on the internet, she said viva connect are a company that pride themselves on their timeshare sales, well i’m never one for departing with my money even when i’m face to face with someone never mind over the phone with someone you have never met or spoke to before and i would suggest that you never part with your hard earned cash also to someone who you dont know, they make it sound good for reason, and that reason is for you to part with your money, if you do think it sounds great it probably is’nt, and never pay for anything over the net with a debit card only a credit card is insured.
    Gary from Kettering

    • G Codling says:

      I’ve had telephone conversations with these people too. They are so plausible at first that it would be easy to believe them. But don’t go there.

  25. Vanessa says:

    Hi, I had a cold call this afternoon from Viva, they had all the details regarding my timeshare. He was a well spoken young man and spoke about his family being conned when selling their own timeshare, and warned me to be very careful. He even told me of a website to check out that was set up by the BBC. He said his company would sell my timeshare with no up front fees. I gave my email address, when it came through I googled the name of the company and came across this forum, how funny they are con artists too! I have previously been defrauded by a company called the 1 to Buy, I was lucky enough to get my money back through my credit card company but even that came with a fight. I would be grateful if anyone could how me to successfully sell my timeshare without having to deal with any crooks. Thanks Vanessa

  26. Gunaris says:

    My wife and I are amongst those unfortunate enough to have paid the fee Viva Connect wanted for selling our timeshare weeks. From us they requested 1495 Euros, and I am afraid we have to consider the money as lost. So if anyone can tell us if there is a possibility to recover the money, we would be very grateful. They phoned us again this afternoon and told us that they have sent us some documents we were asked to sign and return.
    We are very sorry we did not see this website until this evening!


  27. G Codling says:

    I am one of the lucky people who have been contacted by Viva Connect. This happened today and I was spoken to a very plausible lady by the name of Jane Lewis. The number given to me was 0034952577721. They have people wanting to buy my Timeshare – waiting with bated breath it would appear. Anyway if I want to proceed with this I need to let them have my Credit Card Details in order that they can hold a Surety to the value of Euro 1295 – all apparently fully refundable. If this is a sc** how is it that they can continue doing this? How can they be stopped. I would like to sell my timeshare, to someone who would like using it, as I have. But how can I do this through anyone trustworthy? How can they be found.

  28. Peter says:

    We have also been contacted by Viva Connect – name Fiona Sanderson, same phone number as listed above same request for €995 etc.
    Thanks for confirming this is yet another scam.

  29. Alun says:

    We were contacted Wednesday 20th June, with an offer to buy our time share for £13500,provided we would pay a deposit of €1395. My wife told Janye Lewis that she would have to ring back this morning to speak to me, but has failed to do so, which I am glad of as it has given me time to check them out, and it was time well spent as I came upon your site on net . We have also had a call from Greengees. offering to take up our claim for return of our moneis after we were missold a time share. Have you information on these people please

  30. Bonnie says:

    Hi, My mum was contacted today by Viva connect offering the same thing as others to pay 800 euros and they would get here money back for a time share in Tenerife. When i asked them for the website as i told my mum previsously before anything you have to pay up front for to get your money back to a con. They gave me there website as and also gave me this one stating that the comments on this website was about a company that had be pretending to be them to con everyone and its in the middle of going through legal route to be sorted. Truthfully i still dont believe a word they say but just wanted to double check this company is still ripping people off. This lady we spoke to was English and gave my mum a Spanish number.

    Thanks for everything you do helping out alot of inconicent people

    Kind Regards

  31. Marilyn says:

    Marilyn Says,
    Not clever on computer (pensioner) viva connect on 0034952577721 calling me back at 3pm for my card details,sold my weeks.took 30% deposit of buyers need my money as confirmation will sell.wanted 1,495 euros. was done a few years ago for £500 so needed time to see what i could find out.Thank god i got your site.dont know how or if i will find you again.but you have prevented me from being husband and i run a business with him at 64 years of age sleeping in our only lorry to survive.going up and down country making no money due to furl and a company went broke on us for £30,000 never recovered need to pay mortgage.need info on being behind with this years maintenance and where can we sell safely.Too old for this game.please help if you can email me.

    • Hi Marilyn,
      Thanks for the comment, most important you have found us and you won’t pay the upfront fee!
      Never pay an upfront fee to a resale company as this goes against the law.
      We will send you more information by email of course, but please note that we have a bit of a backlog so it might take a couple of days.
      If any other company calls you, do let us know through here or by email.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

      • Megan-Rose says:

        I believe my Mother (89 and very recently widowed) is currently being scammed by this same company. It’s proving difficult to convince her even after showing her some of these comments and she still believes she is going to get money for the timeshare in the next few weeks. Apparently she now has to pay the Spanish Government tax to the company solicitors and then they will release the funds. She (and my late father) have parted with at least £3000 that I can trace. If you could send me details of how I might try and recover this for her I would be grateful.

  32. Marika says:

    Viva-connect is now operating in sweden, à ladie called Eva is calling and said that she has an buyer to ower tmieshare i Spain. She wanted that the affair has to be fast because the buyer wanted it as soon as possible. Of course i did not belive in her, Said that it was not for sale. She was very calm and offer to call back in à couple Of years if we want to sell it then. Thank you for this side now i know that My feelings was right. Do not belive in what they say, we must stop them.

    • Rosemary says:

      A warning that Viva Connect pass your information to Half Moon Holdings that will try the same tactic. I know we were called by them last night and when I said I thought it was a scam they offered to forgo the deposit of 1295 euros, strange that’s the amount viva connect had and is now being reclaimed by my credit card company for me.
      Beware they are still out there, what can we do to stop them?

  33. Rolf says:

    We have just been contacted by a sweedisk-speeking lady from Viva Connect that had a buyer for our timeshare. We have tried to sell it for some years with no luck, but this lady nearly managed to fool me. She got my credit-card number but got no money from it since my card had a region limit.
    She called back after ten minutes and told me so. Then I got cold feet, called my bank and got the card cancelled.
    Viva Connect will call me back tomorrow. What can I do to stop them from stealing money from innocent people?

  34. d f says:

    I’ve just been contacted by a Mr Paul Evans from VIVA, does that name ring a bell? he would like my credit card number as security to sell my holiday club offer i bought ten yrs ago and has since gone bust.. is this VIVA the same as VIVA CONNECT? and have you heard of Paul Evans?

  35. Liz says:

    We have just received a very attractive offer by Viva connect claiming to have a buyer for our timeshare points. I have read you communications and will be telling them where to go when they call back.

    Thanks for the information. I didn’t like the sound of the company before logging on to your site.

  36. John says:

    Can anyone explain? – Am in the process of trying to get the finances of a elderly gentleman cleaned up. Have found a ‘Purchase Agreement’ headed Continental Connections S.L. and signed by the gentleman last October. Membership details list annual fee £75, first year of membership free including £500 discount vouchers.
    Terms of the agreement listed as – Continental Connections membership – 9310 euro
    agent discount – 600 euro ( viva connect)
    balance paid byClient – 600 euro (to viva connect)
    The only connecting entries found so far on his bank statements was a payment FROM viva connect for 600 euros, there might have been other transactions further back.
    question is ‘Is he being scammed’ and what to do about it?
    He did have a time share in the past and may still have.

  37. Jeremy says:

    Viva connect repeatedly contacted my grandparents to try and sign them up. Unfortunately my grandfather was persuaded by one of their operatives and paid them the 1690euros ‘one-off payment’. Now that I have heard about this scam, I’m not sure what they should do to get their money back. Worse still they have also fallen victim to another scam, Summer Sun International. Trying to claim money back from Summer Sun International at the moment through VISA but seems difficult.

  38. Batty says:

    I was called today by this company with regard to selling our holiday club membership. Told her not interested and put phone down.

  39. mrs freeman says:

    i too was contacted by viva as well, this is the third comany that has contacted me since easter
    first was Excalibur marketing second was club class next was viva all were wanting in excess of £1000 had i paid i would be in sever financial difficulty, not that these people care, what i would like to know is are my details been passed around or are they all the a same company chancing their luck.

  40. Wendy says:

    I had a phone call this morning from Viva Connect, saying that they had a buyer and needing money up front, when I starting asking questions,the man got quite abusive and suggested that the baliff’swould be round for management fees! I’ve been here before so told him Goodbye.

  41. christine says:

    Hi can you please send me some info by email as well

    • Jane says:

      Good news!!! I got a refund to my credit card from Viva Connect. I wrote to them and bombarded them with daily emails until they paid my money back – so if you are chasing a refund do not give up as persistence seems to pay off.

  42. Jenni says:

    HI! Like many other contributors to this site I too was conned of €1295. Immediately afterward giving my credit card details I found this page and realised that I had acted too hastily. I phoned my credit company but the money had been processed though the debt had not been enterd on my account.They advised that I contact Viva and ask them for the money back. If I got no satisfactory response after a few attempts to contact the despute dept. of the credit card. Is this the correct proceedure? I would appreciate all the help I can get to get this money returned. I am retired and really cannot afford to lose this money due to my foolishness.

    • Hi Jenny,
      Thanks for your comment.
      Sorry to hear it was too late to get the money refunded directly from the bank.
      Not to worry, we will send you all the information by email.
      Have you send Viva a cancellation letter? Please do so by recorded delivery.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

    • Jane says:

      Just keep emailing them and quote the misrepresentation things and the consumer act – I also mentioned in my daily emails that I was taking advice from mindtimeshare and it worked I got the money paid back to my credit card. I also asked them to remove my details from their database. So don’t give up !!!! I too had 1295 euros taken from my card the day they phoned me an I had not signed anything!!!!

  43. Kathryn says:

    Hi, have had exactly the same experience as Christine – have recd. the paperwork etc today but when I checked my credit card statement fee has already been processed. I’m hanging on now to try to get advise from the cc company! The Viva-connect t & c’s says if you cancel during the cooling off period they’ll charge a 15% admin fee – they can’t do this can they??

    • Hi Kathryn,
      Thanks for your message.
      indeed they process the money straight away, even if on the phone they claim it is a retainer that will be charged in case of the paperwork not being received.
      Their cancellation clause is 15%, but let’s be clear here…15% for what? For telling you they have a buyer that doesn’t exist or for taking an upfront fee that goes against the law?
      Do send them a cancellation letter by recorded delivery, do not sign anything and tell them you want a full refund.
      We will be in contact with you by email for more information
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  44. Susan says:

    Susan. I received a call from Phillip Walker with a promise of a sale of my timeshare, like everyone else I was asked for money upfront and then the sale could proceed. He asked if I had the Deeds to the property and then he would ring back to make arrangements. I told him I had heard it all before but I would think about what he had said. Having been told not pay any monies upfront by the Citizens Advice Bureau I have no intention of doing anything.

    • Hi Susan,
      Thanks for letting us know.
      By the amount of comments coming in today, Viva is certainly very active.
      Glad you know that you should not pay anything upfront!
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  45. christine says:

    I emailed them Jane and got a call back almost immediately asking why and told them I had been reading this site.They said they would refund my money to me.

    • Jane says:

      Christine let me know if you get your money back – it will give me some hope !!!!

      • Jane says:

        Christine just had an email to say they are refunding my money to my credit card and have attached a credit card receipt to the email – so fingers crossed – will check tomorrow and see if the money has been returned

  46. christine says:

    They have just phoned me again as I am trying to cancel and when I said that I had been reading this website and she said they were in the process of taking Mindshare to court for talking about them as it wasn’t true. Watch this space

    • Jane says:

      Christine they have been phoning my house constantly and will not speak to my partner – they keep on saying they need to talk to me – and want me to phone get this !!!! Spain. I have emailed them twice to no avail – they have helped themselves to 1295 euros on my credit card without my signature – I am trying via my credit card company to get the money back from them

  47. christine says:

    Hello I wish I had seen this site earlier as I stupidly gave my credit card details. I have had all the paper work from them today where they want me to sign the credit card agreement. The told me that no monies would be taken but on speaking to my bank it seems I’m too late to cancel the transaction. I have emailed them and also writtem to them saying I don’t want to go ahead and am hoping to get my money back. These people should all be put against a wall and shot for what they do to families.

  48. Mora says:

    Just had wrd back from the bank that the 995 euros has been returned to me and they have now closed my case although Viva connet are still sending me letters asking me to sign something but I am not signing anything for them because it usually costs money. This has taken since 10th January so keep going and thank you for your blog.

  49. greenwood says:

    Yes they are still operational

  50. Lynda says:

    Hi. I just got phoned up by Viva (not Viva Connect, so I don’t know if it’s the same company) who have offered me a fair sum for my 2-bed timeshare in the Algarve. They want 1295 euros refundable deposit, and say that the law has been changed last February, and no-one can lose their money any more, they have all their licences, everyone in the office has to give their passport numbers etc, and that everything is properly done under a notary. Needless to say I have come straight to this site, and it seems I was wise not to take them up on their “offer” to divest me of my hard-earned cash. SOOO tempting though, as I really want to get rid of these money-guzzlingtimeshare maintenance fees.

    • Hi Lynda,
      Thanks for your comment. Sounds Viva Connect the whole way through.
      Very “creative” way though to explain the New Directive, which actually BANS the taking of upfront fees in timeshare resale transactions.
      Everyone in the office has passport numbers, well thanks goodness for that! And where abouts are the offices? Ask them if you can pop in..
      Ah and believe me, you don’t need a notary to sell a timeshare.
      Glad you found the web, as these people seem to have an answer to everything and really convince.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  51. David says:

    Like so many others I have benn taken in by Viva Connect and my A/c deb ited immediately by “””” euros. I have found your website and join the long list of those conned by Viva Connect. I would be glad of your comments on what – if anything I can do now!
    Are there any reputable timeshare sellers out there- if so I would be glad to know of them,
    At 83 and 86, and with no car available now after a stroke I will have to sell my car.

    • Hi David,
      Thanks for your comment.
      We will send you the guidelines on how to claim back the money, not to worry.
      For resale, have a look at the RDO website or if you find any other company on the web, please stick to the rule NO UPFRONT PAYMENT.
      Have a look on Ebay.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  52. ROGER says:

    I am nearley 70 not to good at doing Email I have just been called by VIVA they said they have buyer willing to pay £6000 for my timeshare but they needed a payment £1500 from my card I said no not untill I talked to some body they said they will ring back in 48 hours

    I have been called by a john eves from INSPERATION GROUPE I think thats what he called it
    he did not offer me any monies but said if I took my contract to a meeting he could cancel it so I would not have to pay my maintance
    P S please excuse my spelling

  53. David says:

    a paula wright from viva connect rang me today to tell me that they had a buyer for my timeshare and they were holding a cheque for me for £10,000, all i had to do was give them 1,295 euros for all the paperwork to go through and i would have the money in 4-6 weeks. Needless to say i thought it was too good to be true so i put the phone down.

  54. Leonard says:

    After reading all this surely the Spanish government or the European government should be arresting these fraudsters, do you have a contact No. for reporting them too, they cannot be allowed to go on with this.

  55. Veronica says:

    contacted today by a very well spoken lady from Viva Connect….sounded very plausible…wants about £800 to sell my timeshare…. from phone no. 0034952577721…….Benalmadena. Thanks for the warning….will tell her what to do with her buyer, from Scandinavia, when she calls back tomorrow. Very helpful website…cant thank you enough.

  56. Tony says:

    I was approached by Viva connect and I thought it was a good idea to rid myself of the clublcass concierge holiday club. Like all good scams they work on a natural greed of the public like me.
    I should have been allerted to this ‘too goo to be true’ offer but ignored the warning signs.
    I took up their offer and sent the money ‘WHAT A MISTAKE!’
    They offered me the world. Then I got a call telling me there was some tax to pay on the transfer an if I looked at my emails they had sent me a form showing the ammount of euros needed to clear the tax debt (Eu 1447) paid to an agent working for the tax office. This is a genuine tax form , I found they use just added your details. The money had to be paid quickly so it would be better to send a Western Union cash transfer (warning No. 2) I did this and followed it with another cash transfer (£600) (warning No.3).
    Then I had numerous calls saying the deal to sell the holiday club had been successful and there would be a registered letter and cheque in the post in two days time needless to say there was no letter and never has.
    VIVA CONNECT phoned me just after this to warn me about a scam to fleece money from me using stolen data and nothing to do with them (What a coincidence) .
    There is still contact with Viva and they have now sent me a letter to ask if I want to continue the deal or not and pay the final amount.
    My offer to them was to take this last payment from the money coming to me from the deal plus a handling fee of 5%
    this of course they declined.
    I still think the tax scam was their doing.
    Moral of the story you get nothing for free or if its too good to be true. I now wish I had done the clever thing ang let my fingers do the investigating (online)

    • Hi Tony,
      Thanks for your message.
      Unfortunately your story is similar to the story of so many others who have been duped by the same company.
      The tax papers are a copy of real forms, but the Spanish Tax office does not charge through Western Union, so that part they have conveniently changed on the forms.
      We will email you more information and let’s see if we can help you further.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  57. nomuggins says:

    Had a high pressure sales call from Victoria Samson of Viva Connect earlier today promising a total of £4928 for my Full Circle membership – not that I’ve ever sought membership but had it foisted on me by End Vacation which made marvellous promises about selling our timeshare! Having been bitten a couple of times and lost a lot of money I managed to get away from Miss Samson by saying I would think about it and ring her back – then I found this site and all the horror stories! VC is still on the same number in Spain – 0034-952-577721

  58. Archie Boyd says:

    Viva still at it cold called my 81 year old father 16 March. Fortunatly he contacted me to look up for any information on the web. Your web page has allowed me to advise him of the scam. Do you know of any legitimate sellers of timeshare?
    Thanks Archie

  59. please can you help us we have paid on 5th march 2012 the fee. can we cancel the credit card payment. we have a cooling off period of 14 days but 7 days have already lapsed and we have to cancel by post and pay 15 per cent. i dont think it is enough time to cancel. please can you help and advise. thank you

  60. we have paid a fee to viva connect by credit card on 5th march 2012. could you please advise us if we can cancel this and gety our money back. we have received paperwork from them today with a cooling off period of 14 days and we have to cancel by letter and 7 days have already lapsed. can you please help us and advise us what to do. thank you

  61. Mrs Walsh says:

    Hi, I wish I had seen this site earlier, yes I have made the stupid mistake of being gullible and have been conned out of nearly £3000, for promises of persons ready to buy my time share weeks. over and over again I asked for my money back and getting no where. Spoke today to a very rude lady who said ” you signed the paper work”.. can anyone advise me of how I can try and get my money back!!!!. I hope this never happens to anyone else, this is money I could really not afford to loose.

  62. Deborah says:

    Hi-plausible guy called today from Viva Connect, wanted 1295 euros refundable deposit to secure
    £6700 for Pro Travel Solutions membership-beware!

  63. harold says:

    HI today had phone call from FIONA same address and phone nos. as previously given.Sold my two weeks in Tenerife to Scandinavian couple for £3400/per week. Same story as others wanted 995 euros security payment, refundable of course. Very well spoken lady who did not appreciate good old fashioned Anglo Saxon response…..second word off. Time these parasites were exterminated

  64. Kath says:

    Alan Churchman from Viva Connect phoned this morning. Told me he could sell my DWVC membership for me at no charge and no I do not have to go anywhere or pay any money!
    He will send me all the details.
    I have been had before so go on to your web site and was not at all surprised to see hundreds of others in this position.

  65. Martyn says:

    Had a call from these people today. No I didn’t give them any money but I think people should be aware that they have a new tactic. They are now telling you that the company you were with has gone into liquidation and that members are being ‘paid out’ from the resulting funds. I was aked for 1295 Euros in lieu of ‘receiving’ £7200. Lady caller called herself Jane Graham from Viva.

  66. Harriet Hicks says:


    My elderly mother has been conned out of £2,000, again sold by ‘caring people’

    Would it be possible for you to send me the details so I can claim it back if she paid by credit card?

    many thanks,

  67. Morag says:

    This is a company who do not give up easily. I have had letters from them and phone calls to make sure that I had received their letters. They want us to sign to say they have provided a service which they haven’t. So I am not signing any thing. I hope that is the correct thing to do. By the way my bank is still trying to get the money back although they have given us the money back into our account.

    • Matt says:


      We are in the same position, can I ask which bankl you are with ? We approached ours today. We had been told nothing would be taken untiul we signed the documents, but theyt took the money out wuthoinm 48 hours.



  68. Kazza says:

    I can’t believe my 75 year old dad has been conned out of 1200 euros by two ‘really lovely, caring’ ladies from Viva Connect. He was contacted last year by a different company (same scam) but luckily he told them that he needed to speak to his daughter before he made any decisions – I researched it on the web and luckily there was enough warning published to convince him not to fall for the scam. However, he was contacted again last Monday, almost a year later and, before I knew anything about it, he has given his card details, received contracts to sign and has returned them. I think there is nothing we can do now and he has lost his hard earned, much needed money – so this is posted really as a warning to others – but if anyone has any useful tips, it would be much appreciated. many thanks

    • Jackie says:

      If your Dad paid on a credit card he could claim the money back under section 75 of the sale of goods act as he had been mis sold.Also if it was quite recent it might not be too late to stop the transaction

      • Hi Jackie,
        Yes you are right, credit card payments can be claimed back so let’s hope we can help here.
        I am sure Kazza will appreciate all the help she can get and the support of others on the blog.
        Kind regards
        Customer Care

      • kazza says:

        thanks for the replies, sadly the payment was by debit card and this had left his account by the time I was aware of the transaction.

      • Hi Kazza,
        Don’t give up yet!
        Payments by Debit Card do not fall under the Consumer Credit Act but you do have 120 days to claim a refund, counting from the day the financial transaction took place.
        So if you are inside the 120 days, contact your bank urgently.
        We are emailing you and will give you further guidelines by email.
        Kind regards
        Customer Care

    • Hi Kazza,
      Thanks for your message.
      That is so horrible when they do this to elderly people.
      He can request a refund if he paid by credit card, so we are emailing you the information, ok?
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

      • Kazza says:

        Andy Blyth (probably not his real name) contacted my dad again today. Luckily this time my dad suggested that he phone me to discuss this before he made any decisions. I was ready thank goodness and forewarned is forearmed, so when he explained all about the buyer, ready to pay 7,500 euros I was suitably impressed. All my dad needed to do is pay another 1600 euros (on top of the original 1200) to sort out the contracts etc etc – there was nothing to worry about because the my dad would get his money back once the transaction was complete. He wondered if I had any questions – and I did: I asked him if he did this job because he thought it was an honest living, because he needed to earn money by whatever means, or because he actually enjoys fleecing vulnerable people and stealing their hard earned money? I asked some other questions too, but he wasn’t impressed I’m afraid – he said he had allowed me to have my say and he wanted me to allow him to have his say. I declined and told him I had wasted enough time talking to him as it was and I terminated the call. He had told my dad earlier that he will call him tomorrow – all calls will be filtered for a while. PS the number my dad was given was: 0034952045688 – not sure if this is real or not, but if anyone would like to give it a try, they are welcome, if it is real, you might want to ask them a question or two yourselves. I am so glad I checked with this site, at least my dad ‘only’ lost 1200 euros – it could easily have been loads more!

  69. Eric says:

    Oh dear! I wish I had seen this sooner. I think I have been conned out of approx. one grand. On two occasions they have told me they have a buyer for my one week timeshare. Thought the figures they were quoting was too good to be true. They seemed so very plausible. Nice on the phone. I received letters confirming all that was agreed. Received receipts for any payments made. They had a website and always answered the phone when I called them. Until now! which is why I’ve searched a little deeper and found this.

    • Hi Eric,
      Thanks for your comment.
      So sorry to hear these people have duped you out of so much money!
      Let us email you more information and how to proceed for a refund request for payments made by credit card.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  70. Jackie says:

    Have just received a phone call from Viva offering us £7000 for our DWVC membership.After finding your webdite and checking them out I we will not be proceeding! Do you know of any safe way we can get the money back that we have paid for our (useless) membership? thanks

    • Hi Jackie,
      Thanks for your comment and we are glad you didn’t pay these people for their dubious offer!
      We will email you information about DWVC and a possible refund request, which might be more probable than a resale.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  71. Tony G says:

    Hi all, forget Viva Connect,and all the rest. Just received full refund for DWVC ownership, after making claim against section 75. There is justice in the world.

  72. Rosemary says:

    Tried to cancel agreement with Viva Connect, seems that they don’t abide by the 14 day cooling off period if you change your mind, letter says there is no cause to cancel, and they won’t pay back the deposit we parted with ( in error i hasten to add) So back to telling them that we sent by email within 7 days and sent it all be post within 7 days so!!!!
    Any comments on this would be apriciated, it’s making me sick and causing hassell at home

  73. Sue says:

    I like most other people on here have been contacted by Viva Connect ( Jane Lewis, 0034952577721). Same story, buyer for timeshare, need to pay deposit upfront. I always say I need to speak to my husband first and then look the company up on the internet. Thank goodness for sites like this!

  74. Rosemary says:

    It seems they keep trying – we received this email during the week, again it seems to be a scam, question is where do they get the information from, Thought this odd as there was no Dear Sir/ Madam at the start of the letter… not good for a lawyer! Can anyone advise if I’m wrong?
    email reads:
    We would like to confirm the points we spoke about today regards the lawsuit taking place against the timeshare industry.
    All owners are entitled to take part in this lawsuit, which is on a no win/no fee basis and is at no cost to yourself as all costs are being absorbed by the litigation funders.
    Claims have been put to Counsel and they have advised there is a case to answer and compensation is expected to be in the region of anything up to £20,000. You will be entitled to 60% of this compensation, 40% will be retained to repay the sponsors and litigation funders.
    The main points are:
    Maintenance fees increasing year on year and in some cases above inflation.
    Perpetuity clause, there is no ‘get out’ clause, in the event of the owners death, the burden of paying the maintenance fees gets passed onto family members.
    Difficulty in getting promised exchanges.
    Mis-sold timeshare or going through high finance companies to obtain credit.
    Constantly harassed on the telephone by companies offering services because you can’t get the product out of your name.
    Attached are two articles relating to some of the points we have discussed.
    All you need to do is sign at our free registration centre and our Legal Team will take it from there.

    Customer Services
    Tel: UK 0208 819 6388
    Tel: Spain +34 952 560 481

  75. Roxanne Rae says:

    Viva Connect contacted my mother and promised that she would earn £4750 from the sale of her timeshare if she paid them 1295 euros. When they rang her again after emailing her these details, we had looked them up on sites such as these and my mother told them she did not deal with scammers – they promptly hung up on her.

  76. Peter says:

    I have been receiving very polite calls lately from Vivaconnect.
    They have answered all my questions but clearly they have all angles covered !
    They asked if I would be interested in selling my week and how much would I hope to receive.
    They then tell you that they are about to launch a marketing campaign or something similar where potentially interested buyers will attend. Guess what ? A few days later a call stating a buyer has offered close to my asking price. In my case £28,000 so naturally I am excited but at the same time very wary. The buyer has allegedly paid a 30% deposit to vivaconnect who have 48 hours to lock-in the seller ( me that is ). A contract would be sent for signature and the whole completion process would take between 4 and 6 weeks. Great BUT they want an immediate credit card payment of Euros 1495 BEFORE you see any details. This is to commit the seller to hand over the deeds. Even though they promise full payment by bank transfer before you send off the deeds they say you are still the owner until this happens and as they have paid you in full you must pay this deposit up front. They also say that your deposit if fully protected because it has been paid by a credit card. I am not convinced and having read the blogs on this website I am certain that if I pay the security of about £1000 today then I would expect a call in 6 weeks to give some excuse that the buyer has withdrawn. They are calling me later today believing I am ready to hand over my cash. For the record they gave me this website address, tel number 0034 952 577721, company number CIS B93092237.
    If they are legit then it will be very difficult for them to conduct business in the light of this site but because of what I am reading here I am unwilling to take a risk.

  77. Rosemary says:

    Oh help,
    We have had several calls from this company Viva Connect , have just emailed them to ask for a letter confirming that they have a buyer, and that all of our money £2500 will be repaid. Hubby has the gitters over it all as they can’t seem to keep to the same story. I am about to call the credit card company to stop the payment after reading your Blog.

    • Dear Rosemary,
      Thanks for your comment.
      We will be emailing you, but please note that as it is such a recent payment, yes you should call the bank straight away and try to stop the payment.
      Kind regards,
      Customer Care

  78. Wendy Mackenzie says:

    This evening we received a call from this company to say they had a buyer who was willing to pay 15 pence per point and wanted to purchase 30000 points. They are supposed to be calling back Thursday evening as my husband took the call and the points are in my name !!!!

    • Nina of cambridge says:

      I am firmly of the opinion that no-one in the present economic climate wants to buy timeshares or anything relating to time shares and from experience I’ve always discovered that any offers are always a con

  79. Mr D.Moore says:

    Hi just had a call from viva connect,did not commit to anything and decided to do some reserch
    and found your website.Can you tell me how do I go about selling my time share whithout being riped off.

    Thanks for any help,great website.Dave

    • Nina of cambridge says:


      As a timeshare owner we are resigned to the fact we will have to hang onto it – on-one wants them! Look on ebay – some people are trying to sell them for a pound. The best thing to do I think is get what you can from it (remember the fantastic holidays we all longed for at the presentation!). Just a tip for everyone else though – my sister in law had letters from the states (she has a US timeshare) threatening that her house would be repossessed if she didn’t pay her maintenance fees – I am told they cannot take her house because she signed up to US law which cannot be implimented in the UK. Someone else I know who owns a timeshare in Spain hasn’t paid maintenance fees for about 5 years – he just shreds any correspondence from the company and so far nothing’s happened

  80. A H WALLACE says:

    For several years I had a time share in Portugal which was fine. I was advised to change it to get more flexibility for RCI Points – big mistake as I could not find any suitable place to go with a disabled friend for holidays – the maintenance was £1,160 by 2009 and I had paid about £8000 over the years – for nothing. I discovered I had the points forever and they would become part of my estate. Not wishing to burden my children I tried to sell the points. In October 2009 I got rid of my RCI points via Incentive Leisure paying them £9,500. After a year they had cleared my account with RCI. Another part of the transaction was that I would get money back from a firm in Malaga in February 2014. Possibly £20,000 I also realised at the end of the transaction that I was now a member of DWVC.
    Early in 2010 Half Moon Holdings phoned to say they were a resale company and had the information about my DWVC etc and already had a buyer. It cost me 1295 Euros to be refunded on sale completion. Lots of e-mails etc then nothing. A couple of months later Breakaway Marketing Solutions – a London based company contacted me – they could get my HMH money back as HMH had gone into liquidation, and get money for my timeshare. £1670 was required. They had a buyer. This fell through. A few weeks later they had another buyer and needed £1400 – again returnable. The company is in Spain with a London address. I was very reluctant but I had dealing s with six or seven very pleasant and helpful ladies – all English, Scottish or Irish and they were aware that I was ill at the time. I arranged the bank transfer (idiot – I know) and then had a phone call from a not so nice lady demanding £600+ to release the money £22,000 they had in their bank. I refused to pay any more and was told to stop wasting their time and the phone was slammed down – this was about October. In December Half Moon were back on the phone – which I put down.
    Early in December Oliver Winslow Lewis (RN Retired) phoned for 45 minuetes from Viva in Malaga. He said they could get £7,600 from Half Moon Holdings, and the money I had paid Breakaway. Lucy from Viva tel: 0034952577722 phones regularly. Today Viva has a buyer for my contract and asked for 1295 Euros to release £15000. I said no I could not pay any more money. A few minutes after discussion with her manager it was 600 Euros. I have contacted both Half Moon Holdings and Breakaway requesting return of the money I paid them. I have also contacted my Credit card company and bank.
    Lucy will phone me again next week!!
    Has anyone had dealings with the Reclaim Company in Malaga?

  81. Cath Stevenson says:

    Yet another victim of Viva Connect. My usually shrewd husband has been conned into giviing his credit card details an hour ago, before I had chance to check the cold-caller out on the ‘net. Have rung the Bank to see what they can do; they put me onto ‘retail disputes’, gave me numbers for Trading Standards etc etc. but no firm advice. What do I do as an immediate measure? My hubbie feels positively sick and very very embarrassed at being conned, obviously.

  82. Morag Dickson says:

    Just off the phone to Viva Connect who very skillfully conned us out of 995 euros in October telling us that they could get £6.900 for us for our DWVC membership. I had a phone call before Christmas to confirm that the sale had gone through and I would be contacted on 10th January to let us know about the money. Todays phone call came but instead of getting money they wanted another 1400 euros because the buyer had decided to change to Continent Connections and they would require another 14 days cooling off period. Why should we have to pay for this?????
    Our bank is trying to get back the 995 euros and we are not paying out any more money.

    • Steve Laird says:

      Wise decision. It’s a pity that some of these con artists can’t put their imagination to better use – it might help us out of recession! I believe that Continent Connections is simply a travel agent (or at least that’s the impression that their website gives)

  83. PP says:

    My mother in law (who is 86 and has dementia) has been conned out of more than £2000 by Viva Connect! They called her to offer to sell her Pestana timeshare (she assumed it was a genuine call from Pestana), and even though we warned her that it was a scam after checking the company out on the internet, she forgot (or ignored our warnings as she was desperate for money, having only her pension). A few days later she paid 995Euros to Viva Connect through her bank. They then contacted her again a week later for more money and as we had already warned the bank of the scam, the bank refused to take the payment. They then called her again and persuaded her to give them her DEBIT CARD DETAILS ON THE PHONE and conned her out of another 1400Euros (plus £1 for an overseas transaction!) We have contacted the police who have contacted Interpol, but as the amount is less than £5000 they will not do anything about it. We have been informed that one of their offices was raided and closed previously by the Spanish police but they are STILL trading and conning people. BE WARNED!

    • Alan says:

      Just had a phone call from Consumer solutions group re the so called misselling of our holiday club.
      They offered to seek the return of our original costs even though we don’t believe that we used a credit card to pay even the deposit, so we should not qualify for the section 75 act. Of course it will cost £175 to engage them, but promised there would be no other costs and we would get all our money back in up to 150 days. They did give a website to look at and I notice that as well as a London address they also have one in Tenerife as well. Does anyone know anything about this group as they are phoning again tomorrow to discuss further. I have googled their name etc but have not found out much about them.

      • Nina of cambridge says:

        I would say that if they are cold calling it is a scam. If a company did exist that could get money back for you because you have been ‘mis-sold’ they would advertise in the press and be inundated with requests. I think I would ask them why they just don’t settle for a % of the proceeds if they are so sure they can pull this off

      • Alan says:

        Just reading comment on my posting from Nina. Totally agree with your views , when I received my follow up call from Ms James. Put her off this time as I was on a” conference call”. Has anybody else heard from these people? I do believe that it is another variation on the scam. We have in the past been contacted by 2 other firms including VivaConnect. Not given in yet apart from original purchase of DWVC.

      • Tony G says:

        Section 75 appears to be genuine, as I have been contacted by my bank to provide documents etc so they can review/assess my case. Went through TES, based in England and Spain. Note: I paid deposit on my credit card, and rest through bank transfer.

  84. Sue says:

    I was called today by a Jackie Evans of Viva Connect (perhaps they have the whole Evans family working there as I have seen the Evans surname appear more than once on previous posts).
    We have 5002 Club La Costa points that she said they would be able to sell for £10/point and are going to call me back tomorrow. We have been caught before but like always when times are hard you hope that the next call may be a genuine one. Very glad I found your website. I feel very sorry for all the people that have already handed over their hard earned money in the hope of a sale.
    I noticed from other people posts that when they asked if you knew of genuine timeshare or points sellers that you replied saying that you had emailed them separate information. Would you please let me know too of any contact details you may have where it may be possible to sell some or all of our points.
    Thanks Sue

  85. Tomas says:

    Today I got the information from my mother that someone had offered her to sell there timeshare.
    I asked her the company name but she didn’t know, I got the phonenumber and called and then got the name and guess what it was yes Viva connect. I couldn’t speak with the person who my mother talked to but she will ring back. I googled and found this site. I called my mother and asked what she had given the person on Viva and she had given her the card number:( so I rang her bank and of course the money were booked. I’m now trying to stop the transaction but maybe I was to late. My parents are old and sick and can’t go for trips any longer but they have a hard time getting of there contract with Pestana resorts so I think she was an easy bite to catch!
    Do You have any information how to sell or at least get rid of the service costs avery year?

    • Tomas Karrman says:

      Dear All,
      Just want to inform everyone that I succeded getting the money back after my mothers mistake. I sent a recorded letter to Viva connect, cancelling the agreement. I also sent a complain to her bank with some of the information from this website telling the bank how Viva acts. I was really suprised when she got the money back after just a few days. I had two or three rude phone calls from Viva telling me that she couldn’t call the deal of but I just ignored them telling I could since we didn’t sign anything and now the phone is silent! After that I got a deal with Pestana so now they at least doesn’t have to pay any service costs. So everyone keep up the work getting all Your money back! And a big Thanks for this site without Your help and information my mother hadn’t got her money back!


  86. George says:

    Was called yesterday by Tina Watson of Viva Connect offering to sell our (underused) Club Class membership for us; I expressed interest. Today I have the usual call from a Kelly Evans telling me they had a buyer and would offer me a very tempting £7250 for our (worthless?) membership. All sounded too good to be true, until she asked for 995 Euros as security against us pulling out of the sale at the last minute. I stalled her with a story about needing to check my credit card balance/headroom and she said she would call me back in half an hour to take my payment – by “visa”. In that half hour I googled “Viva Connect” and found your website and am most grateful that I did and so did not fall into the trap which was being set quite convincingly. When I told her that I had read your site, she said it was all unregulated and was lies; when I pressed on she put the phone down on me!

    • Hi George,
      Thanks for your comment.
      It is very sad to see that all calls from Viva Connect and clients questioning the comments on the internet, all end in the same result..they just hang up.
      Have they not covered in the training of the agents on how to answer these questions?
      They just want the money and no questions, that’s easy!
      Glad you found our blog though, saved yourself a lot of money and hassle there!
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  87. Mr S Varley says:

    Hi. I have been cold called by Viva Connect about letting them sell my Club Class Concierge elite membership. after the third call they have found a corparet byer the MD of Londis supermarkets the agrred price was £ 14800.00 but could I send them £ 1200.00 as safeguard against pulling out of the deal. when I told her I had already Googled Viva Connect and Mindtimeshare came up with all your adverse comments the line went dead.Should I ring her back ( I don’t think so )

    • Thanks for your comment.
      We don’t think you need to call back….normally when you start asking questions the line seems to go dead surprisingly.
      Must be a security system they have..
      Kind regard
      Customer Care

  88. britt says:

    vi har blivit kontaktade av viva och fått ett erbjudande att sälja våra semester veckor för 6250 euromen de vill ha en deponering på 1295 euro, som vi har betalat sen läste jag detta här o blir rädd att vi har blivit lurade

    • Dear Britt,
      Thanks for your comment. It looks like Viva is now extending their target group to other European countries.
      Same recommendation from us, do not pay them any money upfront!
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

      • britt says:

        hej jag har betalat handpenning, får inte tillbaka dem sen är det någon mer som vill ha våratde heter halfmun något båda sitter i spanien, hur gör jag har vi förlorat våra pengar

      • Hej Brit
        Menar du Half Moon Holdings? Det finns en artikel på denna blogg.
        Kontakta för hjälp
        Customer Care
        (translated with Google)

      • britt says:

        hi try writh in english we have goot some peper to signat
        i kan giw you all ditels on it.

  89. Seona says:

    Hi All
    I would just like to say that i got a full refund for my farther, he gave over the money and didnt ask to many questions, so i took it upon myself to get a refund for him. And i must say from the first letter i wrote wishing to cancel the agreement he received full funds last week into his bank account.
    Dont give up write to them canceling the agreement and requesting a full refund in 14 days, it did take nearly 2 months to get it back but he got it.

  90. Walter Morrison says:

    Message on my answering m/c 13:00 to-day. Woman called Victoria Samson 0034 952 577721 prattling on about the sale of my Sunset Vehicle. News to me! Googled Viva Connect and got your blog. Having had a bad experience before with scams, the only mistake I made this time was to phone back. Although it rang out, it was not answered. Guess I will be stung for a call to some distant planet.
    Another learning experience for me. Check with Google when any strange numbers come on.

  91. Donald Taylor says:

    Viva Connect phoned my home three times today.
    First time I was out and my wife duely advised them so.
    Second Time I answered the phone and a well spoken fremale started immediately about DWVC and as soon as that was mentioned I advised her I wanted no further conversation and put the phone down
    Third call was seconds after the previous one accusing me of being rude and cutting her off before she could explain what she had to offer. I immediateky advised her I was sick of companies phoning constanly about ‘holidays etc’ and had she no shame in the work that she was doing. With that I once again closed the conversation and put the phone down.
    That was approx 30mins ago and nothing heard since !!!!
    Came to Mindtimeshare and was amazed at what I found about Aviva Connect.
    Keep the info flowing well done !

    • Thanks Donald!
      We do what we can and as long as all consumers keep on informing us about all these kind of calls, we can provide the info to everybody.
      So please, do keep on telling us!
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  92. Harry Keane says:

    I was cold-called two weeks ago (not by Viva Connect, sorry to go off-topic!) and advised of a buyer who had already paid a £2,500 holding deposit on our week. Since we haven’t got it up for sale, this was something of a surprise; I was disturbed at the amount of personal information they had about our ownership, some of which could only have come from the developer (with whom we are in dispute). The rep wouldn’t tell me how he knew so much about us and became abusive when I told him I’d take up the offer and asked him to send me a banker’s draft for the full amount of the holding deposit less their admin fee, which curiously enough was 995 Euros (which is why this thread rang a bell). He even said “I know where you live!” Since he knew the address, I invited him to pop over from Cyprus and deliver the bank draft in person, but I don’t think that’s going to happen somehow.

  93. Mrs Glynis Catton says:

    Like all the above people, we were contacted by Viva Connect, and told that they had an offer of £3000.00 for our weeks timeshare. Despite being quite sceptical, we had a moment of madness and paid the 995 euros on our credit card. Saw your blog too late, and was told by the credit card company that they could not cancel the payment, but that we should contact the company in writing, and ask that the payment be cancelled as we had decided we didnt want to go ahead with the sale. We phoned Viva C, told them we had seen this website and that we did’nt trust them. We were told ( like others) that they were legitimate, misunderstood etc, but insisted we wanted our money back. Lo and behold, and much to our suprise, we received a refund the next business day. The man at Viva said that you would not print this, as you only want bad stories and not good. Hope you prove them wrong. PS We still think its a scam, but we were obviously lucky this time!!

  94. Andrew Wright says:

    9.45 call from Paul Madeley of Viva Connect on 0034 952 777 21 Telling me about FHPublishing going out of business because they had been closed down and Viva were contacting all the 400 people involved to offer them a deal. For a guarantee payment into their secure bank of E995 I would have an 8 digit number so I could track my payment and the status of my account with them and they would send a person to my address to help with filling in the documents which would be signed there and then and witnessed by the courier who would then take my membership card [they had a buyer for it !] and the money for my membership £8400 would be paid directly into my bank account. All of this was supported by their legal department – I will be finding out more later on.

    I told Paul that I was unable to make firm decisions without talking it over with my wife who was at that moment out at work. I have arranged to have him call me back on Friday early morning.

    I look forward to further spinning and time wasting exercises. This blog gives me lots of ideas.


    Andrew Wright

  95. Ian says:

    I’ve just been offered £8,800 for mine by Gill Ross, and a deposit of £2,840 was literally on it’s way. Then she dropped the bombshell of the £850 insurance indemnity she wanted to “hold” by way of credit card. Very politely adding that if it was fraud I would get the money back.

    When I asked her for the Company Registration number, more details etc. she decided to give me her number instead of hassling me any more.


  96. Margaret

    I have been contacted by a Molly Miller regarding my holiday club she said she had a buyer for the
    amount of £7850 but I would have to pay up front 1200 euros having been scammed already by Half Moon Holdings I was not prepared to pay.I also asked to speak to the buyers a jenny jenkins who said she had flown in from Gatwick this is a well oiled scam and I am pleased I checked this website.

    • Dear Margaret,
      Thanks for your comment and we are glad you have now discovered our website.
      We will send you more information by email on how possibly recover the money paid to Half Moon Holdings.
      Kind regards,
      Customer Care

  97. Al & Gail Rawlings says:

    Molly at aviva connect has been pestering me for the past few days. I said i was totally sceptical about what the company had to offer and i would do a bit of research into the company. I cant wait for her to ring back so as i can tell her to take a flying whatsname at a rolling doughnut. This site has been very helpful. Thanks

    • Brian says:

      I totally agree with you about this site it is a god send for all those who look first and jump later but for those who jump first and look later it came to their attention too late.

      One of the ways of spreading the word about this site is to talk to people and tell them. Talk away as much as you can spread the word the more who know the better.
      I for one would gladly donate to help get this publicised on TV I believe in it so strongly.
      I have even attached the URL to my email signature so all who I email will at least see the URL and some I hope will visit.

    • Dear Al & Gail,
      Many thanks for the message.
      You are welcome!
      Keep on checking this site in case you are called by some other company with similar offers..
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  98. Barry says:

    We had viva connect call today but when asked where was our protection and also to have the contract first before paying the 1295 Euros they got very short and said they’d saent it by email rather than in the post. Needless to say, we’ve not heard or seen anything since!!

  99. Steve says:

    I quite agree Rick. We are indeed fortunate that we bought at a resort where the annual maintenance charges were linked to inflation, so we can rent it out at an attarctive price and still cover our costs. Many are not so lucky. I just wish there was a way that we could stop the phone calls (at least one per fortnight) – they obviously pass numbers on from company to company. We are ex-directory and listed with TPS but as they are phoning from abroad this has no effect.

    • Rick Llarf says:

      I ‘ve had that too , Steve but I found if you just say ” could you hang on a minute?” and leave the phone off the hook and run their bill up they do not return {;~).

  100. Steve says:

    Just this minute put the phone down. A woman from Viva Connect called me a couple of weeks ago to ask me what I wanted for my fortnight. Told her £6000. She told me it was too high (these scammers are adding a bit of realism to pretend they’re legit) and asked if I’d take £5000. Told her I would. Surprise surprise she called me today to say they had a buyer at £5000. All I had to do was sign the relinquishment forms. She eventually got around to telling me that I needed to deposit £995 as a surety in case I pulled out (as if I would – it’s twice what they’re really worth). I told her I’d be scammed before and put the phone down.

    Hell is far too good for these people.

    • Brian says:

      I agree with you totally with one reservation. Good girls go to heaven and I know where I want to be and who with..(smile)
      Seriously though, I have a theory about this problem we have with scam companies.
      If you went for a job with a company would you really know and understand what the company do or how they operate in the background.
      They could easily be a different company up front selling legitimate goods or services but using that as a cover so the employees do not know the true picture.
      This would explain why the people calling us on cold calls do not agree when we tell them it is a scam and how they give us such good sales pitch. Lets face facts here, if all the people calling us know the company is a scam then wow, they have one hell of a lot of people working for them.

      Yes I am probably totally wrong with my theory but it is only a theory.

      The problem I see is not the scam company it is with the banks and credit card organisation who insist on allowing money to be sent to these organisations.
      I have my own company and I have a black list of organisations I will not deal with due to bad debts so surely a Bank or credit card have the same.

      • Steve says:

        I’d like to believe your theory Brian, if only ‘cos it’s less sceptical than mine (!) but I think these guys know exactly what they’re doing – it tends to be the same people, time after time. That woman who spoke to me has a distinctive accent and I’m sure I’ve spoken to her several times, representing different organisations.

        Even the genuinely innocent would soon realise, after a knockback or ten, that what they’re involved in may not be as legit as they thought. Banks and credit card companies probably don’t check hard enough, when authorising a new account, to see if they’ve had any problems in the past with companies run by the same people. Even if they did, it would be easy for them to use a different bank the next time.

        It’s a sad fact that we must always be on our guard. Given that there is virtually no sales activity in the used timeshare market at present it’s highly likely that anyone calling us at present is a scammer.

        Thankfully, we are perfectly happy with our timeshare, having bought it at a good price and use it/rent it each year without problem.

      • Rick Llarf says:

        It’s good to see people perfectly happy and enjoying their timeshare/points and not wanting to sell.
        Unfortunately there are situations where one of the partners is no longer around and rather than holidaying alone he/she will try to sell as a better option. Selling at the moment ,to a non-buying market, is a no go and so these toe-rags crawl out and play on the offer of hope to the unsuspecting and vunerable. The last phone conversation I had with one of these low-lifes made it very obvious to me that she knew exactly what she was trying to do and indeed got quite annoyed at not having any success.

      • Thanks for your comment Brian,
        Totally agree, although a lot of times it is even the same staff that seems to work for one company and another.
        So there is a group of people working for these companies who do know what they are on to, as they do it over and over again.
        We are trying to get the credit card companies to take action, but up till now our attempts are without results.
        Kind regards
        Customer Care

    • Hi Steve,
      Thanks for your comment.
      Best thing to do always, hang up, don’t even waste energy on them.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  101. Rick Llarf says:

    This so called company rang me in September and the guy said that there was neither any upfront payments nor would I relinquish my deeds ’til I had received full payment! I couldn’t believe that so I asked him to forward some details in writing for me to peruse. Needless to say nothing more happened until today when I got another phone call from an Alex(andra) who then told me that the first guy wasn’t that bright and so he was asked to leave.She offered me £10 a point for my annual allotment and I then asked her if I would receive any cash for the banked points. She didn’t know and would have to ask her “manager”. I was told at the last that there was an upfront payment of 850 Euros but when I asked what that was for she said it was to show that I was willing to go ahead with the contracts. After I laughed she got a bit touchy but when I asked her to give me a number ( 0034 952045688/952577721) for me to reach her , she rallied round a bit ( LOL). I intend ringing her again just to wind her up that bit more and maybe ,just maybe, encourage her ( and them) to pack it all in as their cover has been well and truly blown!

  102. john betts says:

    Got the ‘call’ today from ‘Ann Ross’ on phone number 0034-952-577721.
    Required 1295 euros ‘up front’ on credit card in order to receive £6500 within 3/4 weeks.This was supposed to relate to some holiday/timeshare club that we had got involved with some 10 years ago.We’d had 70/80% of that cost refunded previously. Disturbed that she apparently had our name against a membership number. (if it was correct, I wonder where she got it from ?) She also gave the name of a ‘Keith Lawrence’ in Gibraltar. This really rang an alarm bell since Gib. is full of scam merchants.
    We were not taken in and came across this website by chance when curiousity encouraged us to investigate further.
    We have not agreed to anything and neiher will we.

    • Dear John,
      Thanks for your message.
      I suppose that after reading the blog and the numerous comments of the people who are victims of this company, you have realised you took the right decision not taking up this offer.
      Thanks for sharing this with us.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  103. Paula says:

    I really wish i had read your Blog before my mum got scammed by these people. My mum is an OAP and was contacted in July. Viva Connect told her they had a buyer for her apartment in Cyprus and they would be getting a deposit from them and they needed £500 off my mum to secure it and it would be paid back upon completion. They where going to send her some papers and all she had to do was fill them in and return. Which reluctantly did, she was that desperate to get rid of it.
    She paid them what they asked for and heard nothing else until they contacted her last week and told her the deal had fell through. My mum told them she thought it was a scam and the woman was very rude saying that she was very fed up that she wouldnt be getting any commission because it had fallen through, to which my mum went mad saying that they had scammed an OAP and they should be ashamed of themselves. Mum was hung up on.
    Then today another woman called her from Viva saying they had yet another buyer and all my mum had to pay was £1400. My mum laughed at them and said they still owed her £500 from the last one and she wanted it back. She was told that they would ‘do her a favour’ and knock it off the £1400 so she would only have to pay £600. They said they still had her bank details and would take it from her account, to which my mum went to her bank and changed her card account so they couldnt.
    Is there anyway at all my mum can get back the £500 she originally paid, or is that long gone now?

    Iam really angry that this has happened to my mum.. She is 72 and she has been taken advantage of, it makes me sick!

    • Dear Paula,
      Thanks for your message.
      I understand you must be really angry as it is very frustrating to see how these people take advantage of anybody they get on the phone, and have no scrupulous at all.
      Let us send you the information by email on how to proceed for a refund.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  104. vivien eade says:

    i was contacted yesterday and today from ann ross at viva connect just like the above people saying they had gone in to liqudation and they would pay me £6,950 compensation but i had to give them 1295 eoros which i would get back i also said well you can take it out the money your sending but they said they couldnt.
    as im a oap i think they are very nasty people now ive read all the comments, and when she phones thursday im going to be rude.
    thanks for your help.

    • Hi Vivien,
      Thanks for your comment.
      Well luckily you found us before they called back and now you knwo what to say when they do call again.
      These people won’t give up though, so be strong and hang up!
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  105. George says:

    They’re at it again! I just had a phonecall from Sanrda Wells of Viva, offering £7,800 for my DWVC contract, saying that Sierra Vacations (who originally sold us the DWVC Club membership) have gone into liquidation. And she asked for the €1295 refundable deposit, going to great lengths to convince me that since they can only accept this through Visa, it’s all traceable and fully protected and there is no risk to me involved. When I challenged and asked her to send all that she just described to me in a letter so that I can see the T&Cs she was rather insistent that they haven’t got the time to send out letters to everyone and that’s why they are ringing up, because this is faster. And promptly contradicted herself that they have done hundreds of these transactions since January (so much for the urgency…) without any problems. I told her that there is no way I’m parting with ANY money on the back of a telephone conversation and that if they are willing to pay out £7,800 for this, surely it was worth the price of a letter and a stamp! She repeated that it would take too long to contact everyone by letter (calling everyone individually is quicker???) and what’s the problem since the credit card would refund my deposit if I changed my mind or if there was any fraud involved. After going through this cyclical argument for about 10 minutes, she got a bit uppity and told me that if I’m not interested that’s fine and she will hand my contract back to the liquidators telling them I’m not interested, and good luck if I decided to sell it privately… I doubt that I’ll hear again from her. Good riddance! My advice to anyone: Don’t pay ANY money up front if you have not verified the terms & conditions on paper, and if you have not verified that the offer is from a genuine company.

  106. Leslie Saker says:

    I now realise I have fallen foul of the smooth talking staff of Viva Connect. Paid upfront E950, by credit card, got the standard guff of full return when the sale is complete. 1st buyer pulled out, they then said they had another, ‘Continent Conection’. Forgot to sign a form, so they sent it back and signed it. They have just left a phone message saying they have received it and that I have a 14 day cooling off period. What are the chances of getting a refund directly from them if I try to cancel?. Should I contact my card company and try for a refund?
    Am going on holiday to Malaga region on Saturday, from comments above it sounds as if the Office will not exist is I call in while I am there.

    • Dear Leslie,
      Thanks for your message.
      No, I don’t think you will find the office, have you called them and asked for an appointment?
      Best thing to do is to start claiming a refund and we will be sending you the information by email.
      Kind regards
      Csutomer Care

  107. isobel says:

    I got involved with Viva connect after their call to my elderly mother (78). They have a buyer for her vacation points (more than was orinally paid 8 years ago) need a security deposit of 1295 euro. Mother referred Jaqueline Lee to myself, who explained everything in great detail, but was very evasive answering at what stage this security deposit was to be paid. She finally said ‘now, then we send the contract’. The alarm bells rang even louder. Also said still be able to claim her money back if she used her debit card as opposed to a credit card. But she wouldn’t need to as they are genuine and would not risk having their Visa facillities removed by doing anything fraudulent. I said no decisions would be made until I had spoken to my mother, she told me she would phone her in half hour. Quickly I found this site, read out some of the posts to mother, and told her NOT to give out her debit card number. (she has done this before and got duped out of £700 by the GIFT COMPANY). In the second coversation with Jaqueline, mother (unbeknown to myself) panicked and tempted by the large amount being offered, agreed to go ahead. John the accountant very quickly phoned and took her card details. Luck was on our side and the bank blocked the payment awaiting verbal authorisation.
    I contacted RDO and TATOC to further confirm this company was bogus. Contacted her bank informed them that she had been scammed, told them on no curcumstance to release funds to Viva Connect and her card was cancelled. Of course she had both John and Jaqueline on the phone, John says they are suing the web sites that are putting out the lies about them. I would like to see them sue RDO !!! Mother got really confused by the bombardments but is sure she was told that they are a member of RDO ?? Since all this I am receiving international calls on a daily basis, the ones I have answered have been other companies or the caller hangs up. We were soooo lucky this time, now wondering if we should have her phone number changed.

    Thanks for reading, and keep up the good work

    • beryl says:

      Isobel – I was almost taken in by Jacqueline – she is such a smooth talker and sounded like a really genuine person – I also think John was the person she handed me over to when I started to discuss the legal bits – I can understand how your mother fell for their story

    • Dear Isobel,
      Thanks for your comment.
      You were indeed lucky and we are very glad you didn’t pay them.
      To stope these calls you can report these companies to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) – – which is now the watchdog responsible for guarding British nationals personal information, and which it has been granted new powers to hunt down bogus firms and fine them up to £500,000!
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  108. Alan t says:

    We have been having calls for the last 2 weeks from the well known (by now) Sandra Wells from Viva, she has dropped the ‘connect’ bit. Very persistant, but we really knew it must be untrue as asking for money upfront. However you could really believe what she said, she is extremely well trained. Our offer is now £7800 and we only need to pay 1295 euros to secure it. Found a few sites about the scams including the olive tree, but yours came up when “sandra wells viva scam” was entered and she was the first to be listed. Keep up the good work.

    • Hi Alan,
      Thanks for your message.
      A comment we hear a lot of times, these people are well trained and yes you are right about that, they are well trained as they most probably work on commission basis only and need to hit their targets.
      Luckily you checked them out on the web first.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  109. James says:

    I was contacted this morning for a payment of e1295 as security for the buyout oft holiday club membership of dwvc. I paid the deposit on my credit card before finding this site. I have rang them and told them I wish to cancel and contacted my credit card company. They suggested I put a letter in recorded delivery to cancel and due to the fact they did nof give me any cancellation rights if they do not refund within 30 days the cc company will step in. Feel really daft for falling for this scam and hope that by cancelling within ten days I have a good chance of my refund.

    • Hi James,
      You did the right thing by calling the credit card company straight away.
      Make sure you send the letter by recorded delivery as soon as possible.
      Let us know what the outcome is.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  110. Nina says:

    Brian – I just want to say “Well Done” – I hope others adopt a robust stance to bring these frauds down.

  111. Brian says:

    I am now starting to get a complex about the number of companies telling me they have a buyer for my DWVC membership. It is now obvious the word is out that I am a stupid man who will fall for every scam in Timeshare.

    Today at 2pm I had yet another call from a gentleman who says he is from a company called BEAUREGARD in London.

    He gave the address as Regents Place, 338 Euston Road, London NW! 3BT.
    The telephone number is 0845 108 8484.
    I then did what I normally do and called the number given. The phone was answered by a company called Zentura who knew nothing at all of Beauregard. What a surprise huh.

    The (gentleman) tells me that as DWVC no longer exist my membership has been taken over by another company and is worth £8,800.

    He will send me a contract to sign by Royal Mail but first he needs £1200 up front to be paid by credit card.
    Now I know it is safe for me to do this because the nice man explained that if they do not keep their word or contract then I can claim my money back from the credit card company.
    Do you think I am going to be stupid enough to do that. ? (no answer required)

    I told him that as I am a titled person (Laird) I have a solicitor on retainer and he will take care of the transfer for me but the solicitor will be doing some checks on his company Beauregard in London first.

    I also said that I will be telling an organisation called Mindtimeshare about the offer to see what reaction I get.

    I then requested he call me back tomorrow (4th October) when I will give him further information which would enable him to speak direct to my solicitor.

    Before he put the phone down I told a huge fib. I said I was the area manager for Trading Standards and we had a general meeting tonight when I would inform the meeting about him cold calling and asking for money up front as I felt sure he was contravening an European directive.

    I look forward to his return call tomorrow but will not hold my breath waiting.

    I hope this post saves someone any heartache.

  112. Robert Burnett says:

    In July this year I was contacted by Viva Connect saying they could sell my Full Circle membership for £12,000, being gullible I paid them 995 euros. Today 30/09/11 I received a call from Continent Connections saying they had taken over the sale of my membership from Viva Connect and had a buyer, the sum quoted was £15,490. They also asked for another 1200 euros. When I refused to pay anymore money she said she would have to pass all the details back to Viva Connect. Being a pensioner and obviously easily duped I await further contact with Viva Connect with bated breath. If only I had Googled them the first time I would not be out of pocket

    • Dear Robert,
      Thanks for your message.
      These people don’t give up and continue asking for money under all kind of different company names.
      Let us send you the information on how to go about asking for a refund.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  113. Jane Williamson says:

    Just had my second call from Viva Connect. They have sold my week for £4250. If only it was true. All they wanted was 1295 Euros up front. I too have been conned before and had a big hunch that this was a con, but to make sure I Googled them and came upon this site. My hunch was correct. They won’t get a penny out of me. Shame that there aren’t people out there that want to buy timeshares.
    Jane Williamson

    • Hi Jane,
      Thanks for your comment. Glad you didn’t pay them as this sale they claim to have ready and waiting is never going to happen…we know that from others by now.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  114. Philip Jones says:

    Contacted today by a Sandra Wells from Viva offering a payment of £7600 for my membership as the holiday company had gone into liquidation but another holiday co was going to sell the holidays through their brochur??? The obligitory deposit of 1295 euros was asked for. She is going to call tomorrow for the money. I guess she will get something rather different!!

  115. keith Barnett says:

    Hi there , just recived a cALLfrom Viva connnect telling me I have a buyer for my Full circle membwrship ( which i didnt know i was selling ) for 8900 , all they need is a security deposit of 1295 euros = when I QUESTIONED THIS as i couldnt pay it , dropped to 600 euros , still said wasnt happy with the call and would call them back later , have found this blog so wont be doing anything here

    Keith Barnett

    • Dear Keith,
      Thanks for your comment.
      Glad you checked the internet, even after getting this “good” deal offered for 600 euros.
      That’s 600 euros you saved yourself!
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  116. christina says:

    just had a phone call from VIVA ( Ellie Green) who wants to buy our DWVC holiday membership, oh she was so concerned how we had been ripped of before with our cashback and GVC points,and offered us £6900 for our membership as we dont use it anymore, does she not feel guilty when trying to rip people of again after they have already laid out so much money i really dont know how they sleep at night. we would like to sell our membership but there are so many con merchants out there who do you trust ……….?????

  117. seona says:

    Hi my father has been contacted by Viva Connect and unfortunaly has paid the 850 euros this payment has now been taken out of his account and they have now sent him a contract to be signed with Continent Connections wanting INDEFINTE MEMBERSHIP AT A COST OF 500 EUROS PER YEAR. I called and was advised that the person i need to speck to Victoria was not at her desk. Has anyone ever received any moneys back from this company any help will be appreciated

  118. michael white says:

    Hi my name is Michael i have been conned by Viva Connect paid them 995 euros in July for my timeshare
    had a phone call today saying sale fallen through but if i give them another 1000 euro to upgrade they have a new buyer in sweden i told them to get lost i wish i had found your web site before i sent them any money. also watch out for a company called Blue Chip they are the same.
    Is there any way of getting any money back.

    • Hi Michael,
      Thanks for your message.
      These people are not to be trusted and please DO NOT pay them anymore money.
      There are no buyers in Sweden or Germany or where ever they tell you, waiting to buy as long as you pay more and more money upfront.
      We are sending you the info by email.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  119. please can you tell me anything about timesharereturns thakyou michael hudson

  120. i have had areply from you it was viva connect who have not replied sorry for any misunderstanding yours michael

  121. haviing sent you email on september 9th i am still waiting for call from them is there any legit sellers out there thanks for your site michael

  122. i have just been contacted by viva connect they didnt ask for any money just said they would try to sell it for what they could get told them i had been scammed before they said if they sold it a cheque would be sent diredctly to me. michael

    • Brian says:

      So please don’t be surprised if they come back to you in a day or so to say they have now found a buyer who wants a really quick sale and you need to put up insurance money or some other thing like that.

      Don’t be fooled they all sound so genuine and are constantly changing they chat as they see they are being discovered.

      Please, whatever you do with this, do not pay them a penny up front.

  123. lorraine ward says:

    Been called twice by a John Roberts from Viva Connect who suggested he would be able to sell our timeshare.Have taken his telephone number but decided to check out the company first as I was extremely wary. Thankfully Google brought your website to my attention and confirmed my fears that it was a scam.

    Lorraine Ward
    September 9th 2011

  124. paul lawrence says:

    HI my name is paul
    Iv just read David story and mine is the same.
    same tell no. did not give them money but they are going to ring me at the end of the month.
    to try and get the money. after reading your blog they wont be getting any. many thanks.

  125. Debbie says:

    I’ve just been contacted by a William Charles at Viva Connect on 0034952577721. It all sounded very good until he said he needed my card details. That’s when I said I was not going to provide them. He tried to convince me otherwise so I said to wait whilst I looked up the company on the Internet. Low and behold, I found this blog. He tried to make it sound unfounded information and that I shouldn’t take any notice of it. That I should check out their website. I then asked for the company’s registration details and said that I would contact the Spanish company registration organisation to find out more about Viva Connect. He asked when I would be going that and I said it was too late for today (after 6pm) so would be doing so tomorrow. He hung up the phone.

    I was scammed once, a few years’ ago, by a different company. I’m not letting it happen again.

    • Hi Debbie,
      Glad you found the blog.
      Unfounded information where so many consumers make the same comments and after all these comments we never ever received one at least to say their timeshare was sold through this company?
      Your luck he hang up!
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  126. Doiran Evans (Marksman) says:

    We were contacted byDenise from Viva Connect this morning (by phone 0034952577721
    with the usual garbage. My wife gave them very short shrift.

  127. iain watson says:

    Just to let you know that my 80 year old mother has been conned by the above company. Still cant believe that she even cotemplated giving her bank details over the phone but alas she did and low and behold the fee has been taken out of her account. Only after reading posts regarding the company i can confirm that they are still going and using the same old story to con people out of money.
    We have contacted the local fraud squad at the police who are going to look into the matter so fingers crossed my mother will get her so called selling fee back.
    Does anybody know of anyone that has managed to get any monies returned?
    Iain Watson

    • Hi Iain,
      Thanks for the message.
      We are really sorry to hear what happened with your mother and Viva Connect.
      We receive messages from consumers each day about money been taken from them, but when it handles about elderly people one realizes how horrible and unscrupulous these companies are.
      Help is on its way by email!
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  128. Nina says:

    I had a call from Jackie Lee 0034 952 577 721 she had a buyer for my timeshare if we send 995 Euros – which we would get that back if the sale didn’t go through. I told her I Googled the company and read negative comments and thought the transaction was a scam. She put me onto John Newman who said legal action was being taken against people who are affecting their business by making things up about them. I explained that if his company were experiencing consequential losses (which they would be claiming back as lost business) as a result of this website stopping people like me giving his company 995 Euros; he was legally bound to do everything within his power to mitigate consequential losses so he should publish something to say bad the bad press is “Lies” – he didn’t understand. I asked for the name of the Solicitors who would be taking this legal action – he didn’t know the Solicitors’ name!!!! but will be emailing it to me tomorrow. He said my timeshare company got together to stop companies like his operating because they want people like me who regularly pay my maintenance – I said it wouldn’t make any difference to my timeshare company – they would still get the maintenance fee no matter who owned the timeshare. He said timeshare companies prefer to keep longer serving timeshare owners because new timeshare owners have more rights. He said I could get my money back if the sale didn’t go through under the Distant Selling Act. He said their commission was 15% on anything above my asking price- I don’t remember suggesting a firm price!

    • Hi Nina,
      Wow that sounds very serious, strange we haven’t heard anything from anybody yet. Maybe the solicitor if he ever existed pulled out when he read the comments? I must say, they are very creative coming up with more and more lies. Why looking at the refund procedures based on the Distan Selling Act? They should read the New Timeshare Directive better….upfront fees banned from resale services!!!
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

      • Nina says:

        I don’t think I will be getting the email naming their solicitor (I asked for this because I said I would like to check them out). When I first asked for contact with the solicitor, Jack Newman asked if I could speak Spanish and I told him my husband could (that silenced him for a moment!) My point about not naming a firm price was that when I had the first call it was suggested that I would be happy with somewhere around £2K and I asked them to just get an offer (I had doubts about their credibility) – so assuming they took £2K to be my named price the £700 was over and above that – so their commission on £700 is only about £100 – (a credible company would have overheads, (salaries, admin etc) and tax to pay on that which would leave about £50 profit – no-one would put the amount of effort they did for £50 which makes confirms to me that I would never see my 995 euros again!

  129. Ann says:

    My husband who is 79 was contacted by Viva-connect today and despite me warning him on numerous occasions about these calls agreed to pay them Euro 1295 and I am now unable to stop the transaction – it went through very quickly. The tel nos given are as you mention above. The next step is apparently for them to send us paperwork – I am almost certain this will prove to be a scam but do not know what to do next.

    • Dear Ann,
      We are really sorry to hear that Viva Connect has taken the money from your husband. Still I would recommend to speak to your bank as this is only a recent transaction and they have to stop this payment. We are sending you an email with the next steps to take.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

    • Richard says:

      I also fell for the scam and have since found the payment was taken immediately, no paper work has been signed or returned to VIVA. Please can you send me detail of how I can make any approach to get the money returned.

  130. Natalie says:

    Hello, my husband paid Ramirez and Ramirez 2 months ago to take to court ILG for ilegal sale. Dont they do that? Should we just forget the money we paid and move on, or is there a way you can help us


    • Hi Natalie,
      No you should not forget and move on, and at least try first to recuperate what is possible to recuperate.
      We will be sending you the information by email.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  131. Brian says:

    I seem to be a long standing contributor to this Blog perhaps the message has got out as to how stupid I am.

    I received a call from Viva Connect today at 11am. They have a fantastic offer for me and all I need to do is to deposit 995 Euro by credit card and the money is mine.

    The nice man gave me the following number to call…

    0034 9520 45688

    I told him I was on my way out as he called and asked him to call me back later today which he has agreed to do.

    I also told him I contribute to this blog.

    I am now running a lottery as to will he call back or not.

    In the meantime I am off to look for my credit card which I think I destroyed some time ago so perhaps I should apply for a new one so I can take up a few of these special offers….yer right !!!

    • Hi Brian,
      Always love to read your comments and the great sense of humor you put into this actual sad situation.
      These people just don’t give up, do they?
      Thanks for letting us know!
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  132. T. Manning says:

    We have been contacted by Viva Connect on 0034 952 045688 and was spoken to by William Charles. I was constantly reassured that the 1295 euros was perfectly safe as laws had been changed and credit card companies would remove their ability to trade. When I resisted a ‘manager’ called me to say that just for me they would reduce the holding fee to 600 euros and that my money was safe under the distance selling act. I asked for their CIF number (Spanish company registration) and they gave B 93092237. When I asked for the names of their directors all of a sudden the atmosphere cooled. I am glad I found this site. Keep up the good work.

  133. David says:

    we were contacted by viva connect SL telephone no 0034 952 577 721 yesterday 30 08 2011 with an excellent offer for our timeshare alas all too good to be true!! We were not prepared to put any money on our credit card despite assurance this would be refunded in full on completion of the sale all documents would go through courier service after we signed agreement with them.
    We are not prepared to go down this route to sell our timeshare once bitten twice shy!!! Though
    we would like to sell our timeshare in a proprer manner any help or suggestions please.

    • Dear David,
      Thanks for letting us know! Yes their offer is attractive as that is the way they get people on board for apying the upfront fee…luckily you didn’t fall for this pitch!
      We are sending you information by email.
      Customer Care

  134. alicia clyant says:

    I am absolutely devastated. I have sent them money on two occasions as they promised they had sold my timeshare. Having read your comments I now realise I have been dupped yet again. What am I to do. The maintenance of £500 on my timeshare is due and I can’t even afford that now.


    • Dear Alicia,
      I am really sorry you have paid them and only found out now on the blog that the resale does not exist and won’t happen.
      We are sending you information by email.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  135. MARGARET says:


  136. keith says:

    Hi Mindtimeshare, I was wondering If you could advise me on a good soliciter that I can use in spain as I am currently with Ramierz & Ramierz, but as you have stated in a previous quote, you would not recommend them, I have paid them fees and am now having phone calls from viva connect who fortunately for me, I came acroos this site and have told them I am not interested
    Would really appreciate your comments
    Kind Regards
    K Williams

  137. Nicola says:

    Hey, thank you for the swift reply. I’am trying my best to convince him but unfortunately he has already paid the upfront fee. I have read the documents that they have sent to him, for which there is a section for terms and conditions and not anywhere does it mention anything to do with the sale or what happens afterwards with payment etc. The terms and conditions are all to do with the membership and where he is liable with that. My dad said that the man he has been speaking with has assured him numerous time they are a legitimite company. He also told him that people have written bad reviews about them because “people out there like to start something over nothing”. Is the usual case then that when people have signed the documents that they come back and say the purchaser they had lined up is no longer interested? This must be the third company he has paid fees upfront with. One was based in America and the other in the UK. Those companies suddenly stopped taking his calls and did not hear anything from them once the fees had been paid. It’s disgusting. I do not want him to fall into the same trap and I have warned him about paying people upfront but he’s that desperate to sell he keeps taking a chance.

  138. Nicola says:

    My dad has agreed to sell his timeshare in Florida to Viva Connect. I do not know the details but he has just asked me to print off all the paperwork for him to sign and send back. I have told my dad about the above reviews for which he said he had researched them already and had threatened the man he has been liasing with that if it does turn out to be a scam after he has sold he will take the first flight out to their office and “kick the sh*t out of him” lol. Still worried though after reading the above reviews. He is quite desperate for money after being made redundant so do not want him signing documents that do not guarantee payment. Any further advice?

    • Dear Nicola,
      First advice is to try and convince your dad to not pay and not sign anything!
      Secondly, don’t book a flight to Spain as I can assue you they won’t be on the address they claim to be, as they never’s a postbox!
      Let him read the blog and the comments of so many others that went through the same and are now searching a refund as they have come to the point where they are told the sale has fallen through and other buyers will come up soon…something that never happens.
      Customer Care

  139. gabby babbs says:

    Ihave been contaced today saying DWVC/ have gone into recevership,and VIVA CONNETT are handeling this offered me £6500 for my weeks that i have never used wants £995euro to ensure i send papperwork back HELP i dont no what to do i gave him my credit card no now feel such a fool REPLY PLEASE

    • Dear Gabby,
      Thanks for your message.
      We are sorry to hear you have paid these people and now realize it is a scam.
      Let us help you further, we will be emailing you and we will do everything we can to help with a refund claim.
      Customer Care

  140. yvonne lyon says:

    I have been called by Viva Connect both today and yesterday. Yesterday they offered £6500 saying that as I had not used my membership of DWVC this was not profitable to the company and arranged a buyer. I told them I would have to speak to my husband. I immediately checked the internet and found your web page. Today they called back. I told them that I no longer responded to cold calling and certainly would not be prepared to put any sums of money up front. I did ask why any fees could not be deducted from any monies due to me. – No response. The gentleman concerned did ask how he could assure me that they were genuine – you tell me was my response. Surprisingly no reassurances nor explanations were provided to suggest how legitimate their company is. .!
    I was also wondering if anyone has been communicating with Specialist lawyers/ Ramierz&Ramierz who are asking me for copies of all contracts for court action against ILG/ Timelinx DWVC and others who have tried to sell timeshare and who have been the subject of scams that are all too prevalent in this industry.. Are they genuine?
    I now have no desire to enter Spain or the surrounding islands. Totally disillusioned by the legal system that appears to allow these practices to continue.! !

    • Tony G says:

      I have had same calls as you, but offered £7400 from one and £7000 from the other. DWVC will be the last company to con me. Suggest you write off any chance of getting money from the sale of membership to this company. I have. What legitimate Company will pay these prices when there are loads of time shares for sale at 1p on ebay. Wish I had known before spending thousands.

    • Dear Yvonne,
      Thanks for your message.
      You can read all about Ramirez & Ramirez on the blog, and no, we would not recommend them unfortunately!
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  141. mr and mrs pearcey says:

    we,ve been contacted today by adam harris of viva same story as everyone else.told him to phone back later today when had chance to check it out.we,ve been stung before and lost money.wiil most definately be saying no.glad i found this website.would you know of any genuine companys that sell timeshare.

  142. John Bass says:

    I was contacted by a Jean TUTT from Viva Connect, approx. 30 mins ago stating they had a buyer for my apartment at my asking price, £4,500. I told her i would speak to my other half and ring them back and how system worked. She saId they would send me copy of sales etc for me to sign and keep a copy. When the deal was done I would get a cheque or payment direct into my account and I would then pay 900 euros to make sure I did not withdraw from sale and this would be returned on agreement. HA HA. After reading your comments etc. I have sent an e.mail to them stating I didn’t want to continue and remove all my details from their files. I am awaiting a phone call from them asking why.
    I will keep you in touch as to their response.

  143. Tony G says:

    Thank you

  144. Tony G says:

    Has any one been paid for sale of DWVC. Is this a scam as well. Paper work appears genuine and e-mail address exists

    • Dear Tony,
      Thanks for the message and yes we are afraid Viva Connect is not to be trusted and no record of any sale processed by them, just taking money upfront but the sale never happens.
      We are sending you info by email
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  145. george marshall says:

    Am I glad I read this blog. I too have been contacted by Viva Connect who stated they had a corporate buyer for my timeshare which they valued at £4000.00. However the proposed contract merely states it will be listed for six months. It does not mention who this buyer may be ? Luckily I managed to stop the payment of 600 eur. When I told them I did not want to proceed, they became very persistant stating I must sign and return the contract for the sale to proceed. My advice is to simply ignore their calls as they will not take no for an answer. They even re sent the contract, by post and e mail following it up with more calls tyo try and pressure me in to signing !

    • Dear George,
      Reading the comments on Viva Connect it looks like they don’t accept a no for an answer and get very stroppy if you tell them no.
      Good for you that you were able to stope the payment, you saved yourself a lot of grief and hassle!
      Customer Care

  146. Naomi Lawson says:

    Again, like previous comments my Grandparents have been contacted by this company on numerous occasions. Unfortunately they have already paid just the euro’s (i only found this out today). Yesterday they called back to say the buyer had pulled out but they had another buyer. However because another company was involved they would not get an extra 2k euro’s but had to pay another 900 ish euro’s to complete the deal. At which point my Grandparents refused to continue. The ‘person’ on the other end of the phone who called them then got VERY abusive and my Grandparents have been very shaken up and upset by the whole thing. They even had the cheek to keep calling back with more and more abuse!I think its disgusting that these so called human beings can get away with this.

    • Dear Naomi,
      I am really sorry to hear that these people are upsetting your grandparents in such an awfull way.
      I think the best thing to do (to start!) would be reporting this company to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) – – which is now the watchdog responsible for guarding British nationals personal information. We will send you more information by email.
      Please tell your grandparents to hang up on these people and surely not listen any longer to this abuse!
      Customer Care

  147. Bert says:

    Bert fereday here
    just been contacted by viva connect they wanted me to pay 995 euro to sell my timeshare, well spoken man insisted it was legitamet but reading your comments i have not paid and nor shall i ever pay for something i own, why should i pay. Thanks for rumbling the scams

    • Dear Bert,
      Thanks for your comment.
      We do the best we can and reading comments from consumers like you that after reading our blog luckily didn’t pay, is a great satisfaction for us.

      Customer Care

  148. Nick Walker says:

    We have been contacted by Viva gainst us pulling out of the proposed Connect ( Who have offered a price (reasonable but not over the odds) for our time share week in Florida. As all the other comments we have been asked for a security deposit of 995 euros against us pulling out of the proposed deal. interestingly we have just used our week and whilst there asked at the sales department if they would like to buy back the week, there is no such department available and they were not interested. Surely if the companies selling the time and the points or other memberships had a resale facility it would put these scammers out of business and time share as a whole would start to recover it’s image a little.

    • Dear Nick,
      Thanks for your comment. I am glad you pulled out on time. Indeed the timeshare industry is in need of a good system for resale. But at the moment the market is not very buoyant and it is difficult to sell. Let’s hope when the economy picks up, people start to spent more money on holidays again and invest in a timeshare holiday as they did before.
      Customer Care

  149. Patrick Steer says:

    These people telephoned us, and said they had a buyer for our two weeks at Cala Blanca. The buyer had already deposited one third of the offer price (which was £6,000) into their bank, and all we needed to do to secure the sale was to pay the security deposit of £600.

    When I asked them to comment on the posting in Mindtimeshare, they hung up!

    • Dear Patrick,

      Many thanks for your comment. Why are we not surprised they hung up on you? Well done! This is the only way to deal with these kind of companies.


      Customer Care

  150. James Fawcett says:

    The guy from Aviva connect rang back today and was very calm and polite until I said that I was not going to go through with the deal. He became very insistant and agitated that I could not see that this was a legitimate deal. I was subjected to a barage of merchant banks fund security and good will gesture payments etc etc In the end I firmly told him I was not interested and hung up, he has not called back. I hate being rude to people trying to earn a living but all the warning signs were there and all the advice was to walk away, so I did. I an quite relieved. I can see how the unsuspecting person could be drawn into the very convincing speech given by these well rehersed people. Keep your guard up!

    • Dear James,

      Many thanks for your comment with the advice for other consumers.
      It is indeed not nice being rude to people on the phone who are most probably trying to earn a living, but having said that, they must know that what they are doing is not exactly right and they are scamming innocent consumers. So if they don’t take a no for an answer the best thing to do is to stop the conversation and hang up.


      Customer Care

  151. James Fawcett says:

    I too have ben contacted by Aviva connect. They have a buyer for my opints and they will pay over the odds for them!! All I need to do is give a depposit to secure the completion of the deal and delivery of the paperwork. Sound familiar? The guy was well spoken and very determined saying all was governed by reputable merchant banks etc and he got agitated when I still wasn’t convinced. OK so why would someone buy a load of points I can’t give away for free? He says it is wanted by someone wanting to upgrage their points status. Hmm….why not buy from the timeshare company. They have got plenty to sell. I think it is time to break free from this lot. I’ll let you know what he says when he rings back. Take care.

  152. Andy says:

    i was contacted a couple of weeks ago from a company (didnt catch the name) said they could auction my timeshare. Heard no more till tonight when Viva Connect called to sell that had a buyer who offered £3,800 for it. All sounded promising (doesnt it always) until thet asked for my credit card details which of course set off the alarm bells ringing. I needless to say lost interest rapidly & didnt listen much to his explanation apart from it was i think to pay 995 euros if when the £3,800 had been paid into my account but the certification not sent to them. I think looking at these comments & other forums that i will give it a wide berth

  153. Jan says:

    Viva direct contacted me a month or so ago. I asked about up front fee to sell and was advised this woulld not be the case, and advertising was free ( I should think it would be!) I asked if they required ‘ security fee’ if buyer was found, as I would NOT be prepared to pay that. (having been scammed in the past, but fortunately recovered my money after much fighting and hassle) I was told that she didn’t know!!
    Today they called with offer of £4000, with of course the obligatory security of 995 euros, safely protected and refunded once transaction finalised…they said it would be completed within 4-6 weeks. I asked for for details to be sent to me, and they e-mailed specimen docs , which indindicate contract will remain in place for 6 month. When I hesitated over this, nad advised that I would not do that, having had bad experience in past, she asked with whom, and explained law had been changed, that could not happen again , and that she was not a fraudulent person….
    I think perhaps, I will decline their offer! What do you think?

  154. Lisa says:

    This company have been in touch with my Grandmother who is in her late 70’s and lives alone. When they told her they had sold her timeshare but they needed money from her as a retainer she paid it. They then went into her bank account within an hour or so of the phone call and withdrew £900. When she informed me i did some research on the company and found this website and review.

    • Dear Lisa,

      Thanks for your comment on the blog. It is awfull that companies like this have no shame at all for taking the money of people like your grandmother. They are out to get the money in one way or the other and have no scrupulous at all.
      Companies like this need to be stopped and the only way to do this is to report them over and over again for the unlawful taking of upfront payments and the cold calls.

      Customer Care

  155. Carol says:

    Over the last couple of months, we have had so many calls from different companys asking if we will sell our holiday club membership, the latest is Viva Connect, on previous calls, as soon as we started asking for written confirmation stating exactly what was required, they would start to get a little aggressive over the phone, a lot of the time hanging up, now we are getting calls from a Viva Connect – and they seem to have changed the pitch slightly, the man who keeps ringing us is extremely well spoken and nothing is too much trouble, he is very calm on the phone even when we give him some abuse stating that what they are doing is a scam…is there any way of stopping these calls?? or do we have to change our phone number?? these people should not be allowed to get away with this.

    • julie parker says:

      The same company have been in touch with myself and my partner offering quite a large amount for our holiday club which set alarm bells ringing ??we have been scammed before and were lucky enough to get our money back.we would like to sell our holiday club but would only do it through a solicitor.

      • Dear Gwenda,

        Thanks for your comment on the blog.
        We all know how convincing these companies can sound, that’s their “job” and they are trained for that. So don’t feel too bad for believing their great pitch.
        Please contact your bank urgently and make sure the payment is not processed. You must be still on time for this, so please make the call and cancel the payment.
        I am sending you an email with more information.


        Custormer Service Department

      • Dear Julie,

        Many thanks for your comment on this blog. We are glad you didn’t take up the offer from Viva Connect and as you can read in this blog, this company has no good reputation. We appreciate you letting us know they have called you as it is very important for us to know which companies are active in order for us to keep on warning the consumers.
        Thanks again.

        Customer Service Department

      • Jane says:

        I have been scammed to the tune of £1100.00 on my credit card – the credit card company are trying to get the money back as I did not sign anything – there was a woman named Jaqueline Lee phoned 23rd March she gave me 0034952577721 as a phone number and a company registration number of B93092237 and told me the paperwork would be posted out to me but no money to be paid until I sent the paperwork back to them. It came two weeks later but they had charged my card the day of the phone call. I was told they had a buyer on standby for my vacation club who was willing to pay £8500.00. I refused to sign the credit card slip or the paperwork and she phoned twice more. But they had already taken the money from my card. I am not working just now after losing my job and am worried sick.

      • Hi Jane,
        Thanks for your comment.
        We will send you more information by email and help you with the refund claim in case the bank fails to return the money directly.
        Kind regards
        Customer Care

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