Excalibur Sales & Marketing, cold callers with a suspiscious familiar pitch..

Another alert has to go out to all the timeshare consumers out there, this time on Excalibur Marketing.

Excalibur Sales & Marketing, with website www.excalibur-marketing.net  has as registered business address  Calle Panaderos, 18 2º, Derecha, Malaga Spain, Tel 0871 231 1241 or 0871 244 5146, but also gives their customers another address in Spain as  Avenida Antonio Tore Tore, S/N 29740 , Velez Malaga Tel:(0034) 952 540 316 and of course the always useful “postbox address”: Apto Correos 23. 29750 Algarrobo.

The main issue is not where they are but what they are doing…and even worse the obvious links to other companies in the area of which we know they are a scam like Blue Chip and most probably Half Moon Holdings. It is very likely that if you have been called by either Blue Chip or Half Moon, you are about to get a call from Excalibur.

Modus Operandi is the same, no doubt….Cold Call, nice conversation about your timeshare, possibilities of resale, and believe it or not…”they have customers waiting”.  They go as far as giving you a decent price for your timeshare and minor detail; they just need a small retainer to start the admin procedure…

We have heard it all before, but unfortunately sometimes they call you on the right moment (for them) and speak to you on a moment when you are open to listen to this offer and actually desperate or anxious to sell. You might even tell them that you have your doubts because you were called by Blue Chip or Half Moon Holdings…and you know what? They will break you the bad news…those companies are scams, but we are genuine…

So please be alert! Excalibur Sales & Marketing….different name, same people, same scam….

Leave your comment here if they have contacted you.

About mindtimeshare

Mindtimeshare SLU is registered Company reg number: B35957182 Mindtimeshare provides assistance to timeshare owners who have been defrauded by holiday clubs and bogus resale companies. The Mindtimeshare project was launched in February 2011. After dealing with timeshare members over several years who had been defrauded by numerous bogus companies and for large amounts of money, I considered launching an Organisation to help timeshare owners that have been targeted by bogus companies. On this blog you can find information about the different active scam companies and their “modus operandi” and also place comments, ask questions and see comments from other consumers who have the same doubts or have been through the same experience. Mindtimeshare has resulted in a huge success and has received the back up from not only timeshare consumers but also from the professionals in the timeshare Industry. Mindtimeshare helps timeshare owners who have been scammed by bogus Discount Holiday Clubs; bogus cash back companies; fraudulent timeshare resale companies; bogus class action companies and false lawyers and notaries. We offer professional answers and advice to Timeshare users. If you want to send an email instead of posting a comment on the blog please do so by emailing: customercare@mindtimeshare.com
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99 Responses to Excalibur Sales & Marketing, cold callers with a suspiscious familiar pitch..

  1. kevin says:

    I was contacted by Excalibur yesterday with a offer of £8300 pound for my Club Class membership as long as I paid them 1495 euros as a bond . I can not understand how they get all the information .The males name was Barry Lea phone number 0871 2311241 he even offered to put 495 euros in off his own card when I said I was not able to afford that sort of money. To me they seem like a sc** company.

  2. tony says:

    Tony J
    I was contacted yesterday 20 Nov 13,”as I had not used my ClubClass membership was I interested in selling it” I said yes provided that I did not have to part with any money.I had already been scammed out of £3500/4000?.
    Today I received a call saying a buyer was willing to pay £8000,was I willing to sell.I said yes and reiterated my condition.She said she would forward the contract,could she have my email address?I said no write to me. The line went dead.I did 1471 and guess what?
    Either this is a retune of the original scam or the ” succors list” has been sold on.

  3. Dott says:

    Wished I had seen these comments on Excalibur, we had a call yesterday from Janet Harvey saying they had a buyer for our Full Circle membership, she seemed very professional asking us to make sure we wrote everything down, my husband & I thought it was a very good offer and unfortunately we paid over £1890 fully refundable, I had some doubts when the lawyer came on but didn’t seem very concerned about talking to us to make sure all the details were correct for the comment, spent a sleepless night so took the time to check out Escalibur, and your comments are a real eye opener, and like several people that have been conned we are pensioners, and a sc** like this takes away all our savings, but we can only blame ourselves for being so trusting, we will be contacting the police fraud section as soon as possible

    • joan says:

      I have been scammed in the same way by esm and as I am a pensioner on my own I would like any help you may have in order to bring these dishonest people to court unlikely as it is in spain Joan

  4. Linda says:

    Same story over here. I was contacted by Nina Richter today (and Katherine White last Friday). I told them both I won’t pay anything in advance and now I’ve read your comments, I’m sure about it. Thanks everyone for your experiences but I do have a question:
    I’ve been willing to sell my ‘week’ for over 7 years now but I cannot find a relieable company to sell it for me. Can someone recommend me one?
    I live in Holland and my week is with Marriott (Orlando).
    Thanks in advance.

    • j t says:

      Hi can not tell you who to trust but if it had not been for our bank we would have been in debt i cried such a lot to think someone could make out to be so good it cost us nearly 7 grand which was want we paid for time share in the first place good luck

    • Claudia says:

      Hi Linda,
      Sorry, but I have no other news than you! In fact buying a timeshare is a major rip-off and then you sit on it! We do too! And would like to sell, because it is no longer convenient, but no chance… ours is in Spain – Mallorca – but did not find ANYBODY who would like to help and sell! Private to private is the solution!

    • Claudia says:

      What is this crap? I just tried to post a negative comment on excalibur and my message disappeared—– Half Moon Holdings is the same as Excalibur and they ‘screw you’ if you pay anything at all! Half Moon Holdings is the same corrupt Bullshit as excalibur, they are gangsters!

    • Edda says:

      I received a website by Marriott themselves. I have not tried myself, since I am still fighting with Excalibur to get my money back (I was dumb enough to give them my credit card datails!! – Never again!). First they agreed to transfer the money back, after I had threatened them with law suit etc. and when it came to my credit card company to withdraw the amount in question from them, they refused to keep their written agreement to pay back. I reported it to the police and will see what comes out. They are really gangsters and I hope one day they will be prosecuted!!

  5. Hugo says:

    Today I had exactly the same experience as written by Claudia on july 18. Even the amount of mony was the same.
    I didn’t give my creditcard number because of the negative experiences I read on this website.
    But: is there someone who had positive selling-results with the company Excalibur??? I asked the company for positive references but they could not give them due to privacy. Please let me know when a selling via Excalibur was succesfull.

  6. Robin says:

    August 29th 2013 at 18:15
    Michael Maher from BCS offered to buy my timeshare for £8600. Same story as above asking for £1462 as ‘insurance retainer’. Cleverly saying that it was 17% of selling price as advised by the new ‘European Timeshare Directive’. Fortunately I found your website while I was searching for some way to check out his company. Take note then of the ‘company BCS. Michael, surprisingly however, used the same telephone number as Calle Panaderos above. Many thanks for justifying my caution.

  7. Claudia says:

    My husband was contacted by Excalibur on Monday, by a Nina Richter. Extremely pushy, explanations about the deal and how Professional they are for about 30 minutes…. Same thing: they had a buyer for our timeshare in Mallorca, in a hurry to buy, answer needed within 30 minutes. The buyer was going to wire 30 % immediately. My husband asked me to take over as he had business meetings etc. I had the woman on the phone, she was even unfriendly because I didn’t agree immediately to give her my credit card number in order to pay a guarantee of 1695 Euros to ensure we are serious about selling. To be reimbursed of course once the deal is done, after 4 – 6 weeks. I promised her to call back in 30 minutes – enough time to do my little research.
    It takes literally 1 minute to figure out that Excalibur Sales & Marketing are crooks. Already their website looks unprofessional…. I asked Nina for more information about their company. Nothing heard so far, and I am sure I will never hear from her again….. Happy about it, too!

  8. Paul says:

    Just had Excalibur on offering me £9500 for my Club Class membership…Emma Russell she sounded so nice on the phone gave me all the reasons why It was safe to go with them, and for this pleasure I only had to pay 1895 euros which of course I would get back at the end of 6 weeks………unfortunatly for her I had seen this web site and have had dealings with Half Moon Holdings…….sc**bags

  9. Pauline says:

    Excaliber are still at it. Just had a call relating to The Link Collection we bought through First Global Fractionals 2 years ago. Been offered £8400 for our membership but (and isn’t there always a but) to show good faith to the buyer we need to pay E1690 up front. This time the rep is Rebecca Barnes. Beware – they are still trying to get money for nothing but I am wise to the tricks and when she rings me back I will make sure she knows that I am on to her.

  10. Gus says:

    I was contacted by Nina Watson, and she said she had a customer for my Sheraton Vistana resort timeshare, willing to pay 6000 EUR. I replied that I would accept, but no payment up front from my side and that she could keep 3000 EUR for her help. No reply from her after this.

    • Edda says:

      The same happened to me. Upon my online offer to sell my Timeshare in Spain, I got an immediate call and two days later that they have a buyer, who had already paid 30 % as downpayment. To guarantee my definite willing to sell and not sell to anybody else they requested my credit card details to book off € 1400 as security that I will stick to them. After the deal has been finished, I will receive this amount back. I had a suspicious feeling about the whole deal when I saw that they had debited my credit card with € 1400, and cancelled my credit card immediately. After about 10 days I received a marketing contract with them by mail which they asked me to sign, just for completeness sake, as they emphasized. I returned the contract and was waiting for the contract with the actual buyer. When I reminded them by email to send the contract by email, they called me back on the phone immediately and attacked me with words as to “what on eartch did I think of blocking my credit card. Due to this, the buyer has now withdrawn from the contract, but they were willing to market my Timeshare for another 12 months. After this period of time, they would pay back my € 1400. I will go to the police and file a lawsuit against them.

      I hope this helps and will warn everybody about this so called company.

  11. MR B.B. says:

    JIM. H MAY 13TH 2013.,

    • Alicia says:

      Today 29th May 2013 I too have been contacted by a lady called Monica from Excalibur saying there is a buyer waiting for my holiday membership, as I had been duped by Half Moon Holdings in the sum of £2, 250 I am not in the mood to part with more, she asked me to give card details to remove £1,395 from my account I said I need to speak to my husband and am waiting for her to call back, I had a cup of tea, thought about it realised I have heard the patter before, decided to come onto this site to see what others thought and after reading the 82 negative responses about Excalibur have decided they can keep whatever the purchaser has given them and I will keep my money safe in my hands, thank you for this site Alicia from Leeds Yorkshire

  12. Jonathan says:

    Just had a similar “near miss” I felt when we were sold our Full Circle deal in the first place several years ago, that it was a con, but were pushed by a hard sell. Since then we have had no dealings with Full Circle. When I received a cold call from a lady called Julie Bailey from Excalibur with a very similar story to those below, I was immediately suspicious and when they asked for over £1k for insurance. I simply put the phone down. I then got a threatening message from her (as I didn’t pick up the phone) regarding maintenance fees from Full Circle. Looked at this site and realised that I’d had a lucky escape! Older and wiser.

  13. Mike says:

    Contacted yesterday 07/03/2013 by excaliburs Lee Ward,offered 8400 but will have to put 1395 upfront(won’t be doing this).these people still at large with same sc**.dont do it..

    • Susan says:

      I have just been contacted by an Anne Sharp at Excalibur 18th March 2013,(telephone number withheld), giving the address Apartado de correas 23, Malaga, 29750. Very aggressive. Advised that she had a buyer for our Blue Chip membership for £8950. All I had to do was pay her £1395 just now by card. She became very aggressive when I pointed out that she could be anyone and I was not parting with my bank details. We have been trying to get rid of our timeshare and holiday points for years and I am ashamed to admit, we have fallen for scams in the past Blue Chip being one of the last ones! If it sounds too good to be true, it is! Worst of all, I am recently widowed and finding it almost impossible to pay the maintenance on the timeshares, let alone have a holiday and I am sure that there are a lot of people in the same boat as me. Scary how much she could tell me about our ownership details and talked a good game. Moral of the story is don’t buy timeshare or any other holiday club membership!!

  14. Frank says:

    Frank D says
    they are still at it.My wife had a phone call last week saying they had a buyer for our full circle
    membership for £13750.00!their prices are going up aren’t they?.What really annoys me is these
    horrible people are british?and are trying to sc** their own countrymen/women out of money so they can go merrily on their way in lovely weather in a country that does’nt give a s*** about it.
    By the way to buy our full circle membership cost us 5k and to be honest we were ripped off by british thieves in cypress who promised we would get our money back after 5 years.Guess what?
    due to the”terms and conditions”etc we got £275.00.So people when you go abroad and you are approached by a british person with scratch cards and you win(hurray!)tell them in no uncertain manner to stick their winning scratch card where the sun don’t shine.Remember people keep your hands on your halfpennies!

    • Annette says:

      I was contacted on 5/3/13 by a David Walker from Excalibur 0871 2311241 advising me that they had a George and Margaret Hill who were willing to buy our Full Circle Membership for £7.900. My husband and I bought into Full Circle 10 years ago on a holiday to Lanzarote. We paid £3,000 and thereafter £50.00 per month for a number of years. We were told that if we kept our certificate we would get our money refunded after a certain amount was reached (can’t remember what). When we reached this sum we got in touch with Full Circle but they told us that there was no refund on our certificate and the £50.00 per month we were paying was not going to them but to a John R Exley who had defrauded them and run off with a lot of the money people had paid to join Full Circle Holiday. We immediately cancelled the direct debit and also I thought the membership. Excalibur informed me that they had found our names on a register known as the CTI index in the Isle of Man and because we had not used our membership for a long time our names were flagged up. The procedure they wanted me to follow was to agree to the sale, they would send us contracts and when we returned these we would get a cheque for £7,900. Someone would then call at our house for us to sign the original membership certificate and form of sale. Mr and Mrs Hill, if they exist, had apparently put down 35% as a deposit which was non refundable so to ensure the sale was covered we had to take out an insurance bond. The money would be put in an escrow account and as soon as the sale was finalised we would get this back. The first price they quoted was £1,185 but when I said I did not have this type of money spare they reduced it to £829. David Walker said that if we paid on a credit card the amount was covered under the bank’s insurance. He mentioned the European Time Share Directive which was legislation to protect potential customers like myself. It all sounded very feasible but whenever anyone asks me for money and card details I am suspicious straightaway. I chewed this over for a couple of days and then rang him back to ask a few questions e.g. who were the underwriters for the insurance, full address of Excalibur, how did they get my up-to-date address and telephone number as we have moved a number of times since we took this membership out and also after we cancelled it. We have had a rough time over the last couple of years with running a small business and getting no help from the banks, lost all my lump sum from my pension on a property we bought in Cyprus when the global financial crisis hit, lost deposits on two other properties in Turkey and Cape Verde, lost my job and now have to care for my Mother full time who is disabled so I can’t get another job not that anyone would give me one at 55 years of age. We have had to pick ourselves up late in life and start again so there is no way I can afford to part with £829.00 but you can get tempted very easily when you are struggling financially and someone offers you £7,900 particularly when you lost everything you put into the membership in the first place. Can’t understand why in this day and age that people are still being allowed to get away with such scams.

  15. Brian says:

    I was phoned by Lee Ward of Excaliber Sales and Marketing who gave his number as 0871 23112441, He said he had a buyer who was prepared to pay £8,400, he then went on to explain that a contract would be drawn up and a cheque for this amount sent to me there would be a charge of 1,395 euros if I didn’t sign the contract – and before the cheque was cleared. Very suspicious at this point. He then went on to ask about my credit/debit cards. I then said I would not divulge any information about these and he tried to reassure me by quoting section 75 rules which protect against fraud. At this point of the conversation I told him to take the fee out of the £8400 purchase price, at which point I replaced the receiver. Please beware!!

  16. marina says:

    Just been contacted by Dave Wright from Excalibur wanting to purchase our club class membership for £10,000 – way below what we actually paid for it. Two Scandanavian golfers were wishing to purchase, but again Excalibur were asking for £1395. We have already paid this amount to another ‘company’ over 12 months ago who conveniently went into administration just prior to the 12 months sale or return of fee. Dave sounded quite convincing but i asked for some time to think and talk it over with my husband – to which he agreed, but on his next call half an hour later i asked to speak with his manager – who had incidently had the ‘privilege’ of leaving work early today, i then asked if he could sell our membership and hold onto the £1395 when he was forwarding our payment – money which we cannot afford to pay out again, i reminded him these were the terms on which we were quite happy to sell and we were selling on OUR terms quite willingly and he promptly put the phone down. SC** OR WHAT!!

  17. Yvonne says:

    Excalubur have also phoned me saying they can sell my holiday membership for £8400 but wanting me to pay €1395 so I wont back out of contract, when I said I dont have a credit card, he said he would have to speak to his manager and he would phone me back what a sc**. Don’t Let Them Get any money from you won’t get it back.

  18. Barry says:

    I too beeen contacted by Excalibur.by Stephen Mills phone number 0871231124.Saying all the Bs and wanting 1395 euro’s as a retaining fee.I gave my wife credit card details,just as I finished the wife came in and asked who were you giving the cridit card details to.I told her the story and a member of there legal time will be getting in touch.When the wife answered she said could I have it writing the guy got a bit snotty.She rang the bank up and informed them,she cancelled her card.(god bless our wives)The moral of the tail is if it sounds to good it is.Barry

  19. GORDON says:

    Yesterday I received a cold call from someone saying they might be able to find a buyer for my holiday club membership which I was stupid enough to buy several years ago. Today I was phoned by Lee Ward of Excaliber Sales and Marketing who gave his number as 0871 23112441 (I have not rung this number). He said he had a buyer who was prepared to pay £8,400 – he then went on to explain that a contract would be drawn up and a cheque for this amount sent to me there would be a charge of 1,395 euros if I didn’t sign the contract – and before the cheque was cleared. Very suspicious at this point. He then went on to ask about my credit/debit cards. I then said I would not divulge any information about these and he tried to reassure me by quoting section 75 rules which protect against fraud. At this point I said the conversation was at and end -he became angry and said “you don’t want to sell then” – at which point I replaced the receiver. Beware!!

  20. marielyn says:

    I have recently been called by sally of EXCALIBUR on 0871 2311241 . My offer was 1395 euros upfront and £8000 back on completion. So pleased I looked up the company to confirm my doubts about them. Thank you for all your advice. marielyn

    • Dave says:

      I too had a cold call from them tonight, well, they siad they’d called on the 11th but virtually identical to Marielyn experience,except in my case, two buyers had both agreed to pay £4000 each, all I had to do was stump up a 1395Eu ‘surety’. Yeah right.

      When I started wavering, they added that they actually had the 10-15% deposit from the buyers, which was pretty impressive I thought as no sale had been agreed yet! Nor could he give me a figure for the actaul deposit, which wouldn’t need a higher maths degree to work out!

      He also balked completely when I asked for a surety from them on the same grounds as they wanted, to show ‘good faith’! in fact the line went silent for a while and I thought he’d hung up. We carried on like this for a while and I ended by asking them to send me the deetails in the post and as they already had my details, they didn’t need me to repeat them.

      I’m guessing that nothing will turn up but yes I will report it to the police, as should everyone, if its not reported, the police cannot gauge the scale of the scam or issues warnings.
      Thanks for the warnings on here guys. keep it up
      Dave – Somerset

  21. Patricia says:

    Had a call from excalibur yesterday offering £8000 for my holiday club. But they wanted &1500
    as an insurance. They asked for credit card or any bank card I told them i had neither and that my son looks after my finances. She asked for his phone number and phoned him. He refused to put money up front so she rang back to say it was a shame as I could have had a great christmas with the money

  22. Brucie says:

    Just had a call from a Lee Ward offering me 8.400 for my club class he also asked for insurance cover of 1395 euros when refused to pay got very angry and hung up what a scam scam scam

    • xxcarolxx says:

      Had the same call and same offer but been in this stuation before and explained that I was not prepared to pay anything as a bond and he rudely put the phone down on me. Think they all pee in the same pot!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Nick says:

        Just had this Lee Ward on the phone to me today kept him on the line for over 30 minutes kept ringing my own mobile asking him to hold on as it was a business call left line open and drop hints I was a loan shark. By the time he got to the point of asking me for insurance payment I informed him I was looking at Excalibur and the fact it was a scam that made him squirm some what but at least it was his phone bill

  23. Lisa says:

    My grandmother has recently had a problem with this company. They offered her 8000 for her week and said they needed 1395 payment up front but would receive this back when her week was sold (receiving back 9395 altogether). She was then told she had to pay another 840 for tax! This was when she started to question this company… Unfortunately too late as she has already lost out on 1395! The police are involved with this now but seem to be taking there time. The company still keep phoning and when I ask to speak with a manager he is unavailable! The man was very rude on the phone when I told him we want the money back as this is a known scam, I then told him we were well within our rights for a refund as we are still in the 10 day cooling off period and he hung up! I’m very very angry and would appreciate any help on how we can get this money back?

  24. Alastair says:

    I was contacted today by a Sally Hansen (can see her name in other posts) at EXCALIBUR on 0871 2311241 saying they wanted to put my club class presnstaion up for presentation and no upfront fee’s as they charge commission to purchaser. They will be back in touch but after reading this it is obviously another scam and they will ask for an insurance or marketing deposit.

  25. John says:

    Just been contacted by an Annie Jameson, very ice spoken lady from Excalibur Algarrobo, Malaga Espania. With an offer for my CCC membership. Interesting in that prepared to front a silly amount £5kmore than I paid for it.

    • jj says:

      Hi John been there been caught out by them i tried to stop it 10 mins later to late already took the money even the bank could not stop it lot to lose from our old age pension

      • Jules says:

        Hi, I too have been contacted by Excalibur on the 9th, unfortunately can’t remember his name! He said he had had an offer of £9,500 for our club class membership. I asked if he could send me an email and put it in writing. He refused stating it was a verbal offer and the buyers were sitting in front of him. I said I needed to speak to my husband, he got agitated and said he needed a decision now. I again said why can’t you put it in writing if it is a genuine offer, he said it was a verbal offer and verbal offers required a decision straight away. I declined and stated I needed to discuss it further, he came back at me straight away and said ‘when is the best time to call back’! None of this made any sense and fortunately we are stil in pocket.
        These people are bullies and try to force people into making decisions quickly. Why oh why are they allowed to trade? They obviously do not have a conscience……my last word is KARMA!

  26. Tim says:

    I feel honoured to have been described as a prick and been told to FO after about a minute of “my time-wasting” this evening by Excalibur rep. No. 2 because I had intimated I might be interested in selling my CCC membership earlier. Not nice people!

  27. ejagman0 says:

    Called today 18th Sept 2012 by lady from company called Vacation Outlet based not surprisingly in Spain she said they had £12,000 for our Club Class Elite Membership. I asked how they knew we had membership she said that Excalibur had it on record we were trying to sell the membership. This is all very interesting as Club Class International we bought from are registered in the Seychelles and were liquidated last year thus making our membership worthless and losing us £10,000. Needless to say I said I wasn’t interested but just a warning to others that there is another name out there to watch out for

  28. John says:

    Contacted 18 Sept 2012 by lady who said she was from something called Vacation Outlet based not surprisingly in Spain, saying they could offer £12,000 for my Club Class elite membership, interesting as Club Class International registered in the Seychelles was liquidated last year and we have lost that £10,000 on that deal. However more damningly they mentioned Excalibur had us on their list, As this was so obviously a scam I didn’t pursue it.

    • bruce says:

      hi, i heard clubclass has been taken over by club premier, i have just just phoned the old club class number and have been told this, i had no letter from club class saying they had been taking over,

  29. Jean says:

    Jean says, I was cold called today by Roy Harding and later by the ‘Legal Team’ Kelly Evans and stupidly I fell for their patter and am now £1.131.64 the poorer. They say I will have the contract by next Fiday 21st Sept. So we will see. I have contacted my credit card Co and they say they will chase it up for me if they do do as thay said. I now have a weel to sweat before I can do anything further. They say if it sounds too good to be true, IT IS. Beware of these people.

  30. sally says:

    I have had serveral calls from Amy but surname is ward now!! Same as the others, they can pay me 75% of the value of my Club Class Gold membership as I am not using it, and never have and Club Class want to get rid of me as I am not making them any money!!!! Quite amusing as I asked CC to cancel it as due to health problems etc I will not be able to use it in the forseeable future!!

  31. BT says:

    Just had a call from Excalibre ref; my old club class membership that I have never used, the sales person said that they have an offer of £10,000.00. but needed a holding fee of £900.00. when I explained that I was not prepaired to pay an up front fee he then told me to F**K off then.

  32. jj says:

    hi we have been also sucked in by the time i really thought to look on the web the money had all ready gone out of the bank so no chance of stopping it they seemed to no so much about our time share and what had happened to us before. We are only oaps so more of our pension gone . We also wondering how we get it back

  33. Jo says:

    Does anyone have any advice please. I have just spoken to my mother, it appears she to has been sca**** by Excalibur. she was offered £9000 for her club class holiday package, im not sure of the exact ins and outs, but she was told she had to pay £1500 upfront for taxes- in cash, she had to go to the local credit union- Western union and pay it in cash, and she would receive a bankers cheque couriered over to her address, needless to say it didnt arrive. She was then contacted againand was told she had to pay another £1500 for another upfront fee, tihs time she gave her card number over the phone. They then told her to wait in all day for the courier with her cheque. she waited in for 2 days. She then had another call asking for another £900- this time for their commision upfront!- luckily she was unable to get back down to the credit union as she has her grandchildren with her. It was at this pointi found out what had been happening, googled Excaliber and found this forum.
    I know she sounds really stupid, but really she’s not- they were very convincing, she is distraught and £3000 outof pocket.
    Does anyone have any practical advice on who she could contact to try to get any of her money back?
    They are due to ring her back again tonight for this last payment of £900, she is so scared she has unplugged all her phones,as she doesnt what to say.
    Any constructive advice would be greatly appreciated.

    • Alastair says:

      For the money paid by a card the bank opr credit card company should refund you as a fradulent transaction, we got our’s back from them and they pursue the company, the cash is not something you ould get back easily but go through your local trading standards and they will help you pursue

  34. Jo says:

    I recieved a call today from and Amy Roberts at Excalibur, saying my holiday club had refered a couple who wanted to buy the holiday club but couldn’t afford the 12K to buy it from them, but they could afford 8K so it was a genuine buyer, with money ready to go. As I get the money before I have to surrender my documents I had to pay 1250euro for insurance. I asked them to call me back in few minutes because I am actually at work (which I am), and I called my holiday club. Holiday Club (Vacation Club) confirmed they do not give members details for cold calling or refer people “wanting to buy”. They are passing me a list of companies via e-mail for me to contact those companies if i wish to sell, not the other way around. When Excalibur did call back I explained Vaction Club had said they don’t do what she claims, so I did not believe it was genuine. She said well did you speak to Mary in aquisitions. Sorry but most people would give a FULL NAME if they were expecting it to be a proper confirmation. She got a bit annoyed with me and said well lets leave it then.

    Thanks to sites liek this for being able to do a quick search on google to check if these people ahve a bad reputation or not. If they were genuine I am sure they could ahve sent some info before taking money……like the PPI fraudsters. Don;t know how these people sleep at night.

  35. dot says:

    may16th like all of u have been offered £9,800 n silly me gave them my cc no as a retainer.
    have received all paper work etc ,stating they had taken out 1,395euro,s name to watch out for is sally henson n mike stevens.lm 78yrs old n an old fool or l would not have fallen for this goodluck all in us getting our money back

  36. Ray says:

    Wish I found this site before dealing with EXCALIBUR !! I told my hoilday membership company I wanted to sell it they put me in touch with Excalibur. Offered me 8,500 but needed a retainer of 600 euros which buyers would match so paid it. Nothing.. buyers ‘pulled out’ but would continue to market it. then had call a few months later had a company interested in it, it would def be sold as it was a company paid another 1,200 euros which will get back along with the other 600. Guess what…. they apparently never showed up to sign paperwork. By now smelling a rat ( yes too late I know) I told them to forget it and I’ll have my money back. Was told sorry all been used on marketing my membership nothing left so well out of pocket like many before me!! PLEASE DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THEIR PROMISES OF BIG MONEY !! SCAM SCAM SCAM ALL THE WAY !!

  37. jane says:

    Just been conned by the lovely people at excalibur £503 later wish i could have found this web site first.. contacted bank and hopefully they can get my money back through a breech of contract. Hope these people can sleep at night my husband and i work 7 days a week and have 3 kids to bring up and feed. feel so stupid.aaaaah

  38. Chris says:

    Another name to include on the Excalibur list of callers. A “helpful” Amy Roberts called me today to explain what had happened to Travel Connections.She told how Excalibur dealt with bankrupt companies and was looking after trustees of Connections after they went into liquidation Sept 2011 and were taken over by Pro Travel Solutions.When I said I had seen the name of Excalibur on a black list on an Internet site she hung up on me – need I say more !

  39. wilma says:

    I have been contacted by Lee Ward at Excalibur offering us £4,600 for our timeshare. He wanted a retainer on our credit card. I told him I needed to check out the company first. My credit card company were not much help, and told me “if in doubt do not give out my details” I told Lee I needed some details in writing. He promised to email me the company detais immediately, so far nothing. Has anyone had a successful sale ?

    • Hi Wilma,
      Thanks for your comment.
      Unfortunately no successful sale so far, the only thing we have is unhappy consumers who paid an upfront fee and didn’t see anything happening!
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

      • diane says:

        my mother in law was told by them to check out there site, and also no upfront fee, part of me wants her to say go on then and see if she acctually receives anything from them, they are obviously unaware of these comments, and think there company is all good. i will update you if my mother in law goes ahead as no upfront fee, she got nothing to loose, diane

      • Hi Diane,
        Thanks for your comment.
        I don’t think they do not know about this web. Please be so so careful as they might ask for tax or legal fees instead of an upfront fee for sale.
        Don’t trust them, that’s for sure! And don’t give them any payment details.
        Thanks for keeping us updated
        Kind regards
        Customer Care

      • wilma says:

        They have now sent an email confirming the offer but no real company details. They sent their website details but no detail about management etc. on that either. They must be real “cowboys”

  40. diane says:

    my mother in law asked me to check this out, had call from them also, they need puttin in prison, my mother in law is 82 years of age,after reading all your comments, im so angry, these people have no morals, like all you i suspect it sounds so good, they told my mother in law no ufront fee, im so glad she phones me to check things out for her, there is nothing worse than ur family you love getting ripped off by these rats, the word needs spreading about them, lets get them locked up, i feel sorry for there mom/dad,s nan n grandads,robbin off pebtioners, and other elderly people, so discusted

  41. Louise says:

    Today I have received a second phone call from Excalibur, offering me £10,000 for my Club Class Holiday membership. The first time they called I was offered £9,000 and there was no mention about any upfront payment, however this time I was asked to pay 1,395 Euros as a ‘holding fee’. Smelling a rat, I told them that my husband wasn’t home at the moment and I would need to discuss with him before proceeding. Now that I have accessed your site I will definitely not be proceeding!! Thank you so much.


  42. Grace says:

    I have just received a call from Excalibur, sounded too good to be true so I thought I would see if their name crops up on this website. Surprise surprise!! They offered me £5000 for an online product i bought that was useless 6 years ago, told them it was too good to be true. I think I’m right but look forward to receiving the email they promised to send explaining all.

    • Hi Grace,
      Offers that sound too good to be true most of the times are far too good to be true…
      And Excalibur has no track record of sales actually….upfront fees taking yes, sales processed..no
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  43. Sylvia says:

    Hi, had a call today from Lee Ward saying they had a buyer for my membership and had secured £6.000 for it,and surprise surprise wanted an up front fee, told I wasn’t paying one and he hung up!!


  44. Pip says:

    Hi, I have had a phone call from Sally Hansen at Excalibur today saying they could sell my gold club class membership for between £4000/£6000 It would be sold in a presentation in the next 2 to 4 weeks. Did ask about an upfront fee she said there wasn’t one!!! Excalibur take 10 to 15% of the sale price. Will wait and see what happens!!!


  45. mrs freeman says:

    hello again i have been contacted again not by excalibur marketing but by club class holidays, i know theyre on a a black list, this lot are tenatious in their bid to part me from my money, i said i was neither using nor selling my timeshare, the womans name was something brookes i couldnt be bothered to engage in conversation this time as theyre becoming a nusance
    wonder what comany will call next they all seem to be in cahoots with each other
    im sorry i ever had anything to do with timeshares

  46. mrs f says:

    well i got another phone call from excalibur marketing this time a man called simon walker( i called him a rather rude name) his direct no is 0871 2311 241 does he think i have a zip in back of my head
    he went on to tell me that they had a client interested in my timeshare and that they are offering
    £10.850 as soon as the client paid %15 of the amount they would be happy to proceed i gave him as much guff as he gave me as he spoiled it by asking me to part 1400 euros he even suggested i put it on my credit/debit card the cheek as the woman yesterday said i need not part with any money he then said they were happy to cover any interest i would incur on my credit card i told him i couldnt possibly proceed he then asked what i wanted to do i said just leave it be its been hanging about for years it can hang some more the call then ended

  47. mrs f says:

    i have just been contacted by wait for it sally hansen wonder if she sells hand & nail products too lol any way she gave me her contact no 0871 2311 241 told me they were running a promotion over easter and would i like them to sell my timeshare i said go for it as i know they have no intention of selling it been there done that so i shall see what happens not a lot im sure
    one things for sure i’ll be parting with no money what so ever these people have no shame nor conscience they should if caught be made to face all the people they have conned and caused hardship to then let said people meet out the punishment it wont stop them but it might make them think twice

  48. Jo says:

    Hi, just had a call from an uknown female, saying that she had got my details with regards to my recent call from Excalibur Sales & Marketing. She claimed that she worked for the company who supplied the people to buy my timeshare through Excalibur. But because I had pulled out from the sale, she would now be dealing with it direct – as her company no longer trusted Excalibur. She said the offer had now gone up by a further £1000 (now £5,500) and that the buyer wanted to continue to purchase our week. She then asked for my card details as there would be a “small” insurance premium to pay in order for this transaction to continue – which turned out to be £1,200!!!!! I told her that couldn’t possibly afford that, and wouldnt be caught out again – she started to say something about passing me over to her manager to try and work out a smaller payment. I asked her for her name and the company’s name and she hung-up!!! I’m presuming that Excalibur and now using even dirty tactics than before and not even using their own company name!!!

  49. pat says:

    just had a phone call from “Lee Ward” at excalibur offering us £9400 for a resale witha customers waiting, and then told me I had to sign a surrender form and give him 1395 euro deposit which would apperently be returned once i has signed the form. yeah right!!! dont think so do you.

  50. richard says:

    I have had 3 ‘phone calls from Excalibur Marketing, offering to sell on my behalf. Each time, the size of the carrot was increased, but they wanted my credit card details in order to have a retainer. Their web-site was impressive and looked genuine. Based in Malaga; ‘phone number, etc. First time, I gave my card details, but repented very quickly, and contacted Mastercard, to change the number. No money lost! Second time was about 3 weeks later. They sounded very genuine, but I said that I needed to check with my bank manager. Two days now, and they have not got in touch. I do intend to try to contact our local police to ask if they have a Fraud Squad who may be interested.

  51. john says:

    just had a run in with excalibur today. got a call from a guy named lee ward said he had a buyer for the holiday package we got from ccc six years ago that we have never used. same telephone number as all the others 08712311241.he said he had a buyer ready to pay £9400 for the package. i thought lee said 125 euros as a retainer so i agreed,said i would get a call from legal department minutes later. ten minutes later a guy called steven webb said he would check the details then said it would be 1125 euros ! whoa ! call it of, told me to call lee back .i called him right back told him call it all of we dont want to know.trouble is he has my card details should i call bank to cancel my card. he said they would’nt do anything untill i agreed.

  52. susan says:

    hi has anyone heard from dalton group finance who state they have been ordered to pay out all monies owed to clubclass customers, one snag you have to send a moneygram to an address in spain before they send a courier with your refunded money, seems to me this is another scam i have already been down this road when i paid out to supposedly sell my share , once bitten twice shy, can anyone let me know if they have had this same phonecall and if not everyone beware.

  53. Phil says:

    I have received a similar call from Michael Carr 08712311241. Offering an amazing price for our time share. However same catch they want a refundale retainer to lock us in. I was told that it would be put in an abeyance account and should I wish to contact Visa or Mastercard they will assure me that the transaction will be insured in case anything goes wrong. Having read the above I don’t think I will waste my time checking.

  54. Jo says:

    Had a call from yesterday from Excalibur on 0871 2311241 – this time from a Jenny Carter. I paid them 1395 euros as a retainer as they have sold my timeshare. Will I get the sale price and the retainer back? After reading the above comments, have I been conned? I hope not as both myself and husband are currently unemployed. Comments please

    • Harry says:

      this is all a big sc**. i had a call saying i could be getting £8.500 for my time share. i gave my week up 3 years ago so i knew this wasnt real. they said i would have to pay £1395 up front. i told them i had,nt got that much. so they asked about my debit card, told them i only got £600 in my bank. so they said they would except that. i said i needed that to live on. my pensions go into this account. so this women said you dont want this money then. i said take the £1395 out of the £8,500. she then put the phone down. my advice is never pay money out for money promised because you will never receive it. BEWARE of all these phone calls and keep your money safe. never give out your card numbers to these people who you dont know. ive learnt my lesson in the past. take care.

  55. Alan Newbery says:

    February 7th 2012
    Just had a call from Sally Morgan same story. they have a client willing to pay “too good to be true” price for my timeshare, but need a deposit from my credit card.
    Have asked for information in writing.

    • Alan says:

      10th/02/2012 Had this exact call to-day to purchase my Travelconnection 6 holday software information- they do not know who the company are but have someone in the office to purchase my share, as it does not have annual charge like timeshare.! Maybe Travel Connect are in trouble but, how have excalibur obtained their Client list? Both are scams– Excalibur very upset when I mentioned this! Anybody else in this boat? They are inspected by the government and also pass the standards required by Mastercard and Visa to enable them to use their card system.

      • Peter says:

        I have also been contactd with an offer to sell my Travel Connect (Connections 6) membership. Simon Taylor was the caller, have seen his name on another comment, said he has a very rich buyer in Eastern Europe who wants to visit/move to Spain, willing to pay a large amount. This time he wanted £800 as “Liability Insurance”, which sounds like a way to get round the no deposit law, but still refundable! An insurance that is refunded if there is no loss? Same telephone as others, 0871 231 1241, but he claimed to be an independent sales person and would pass my name on to Excalibur when I accepted. Just another variation of the scam.

  56. Wendy says:

    I have recently been approached by ELAINE REID of Excalibur on 0871 2311241. My offer was 1395 euros up front, and £5600 and the 1395 back on completion !!

    • Mike says:

      Yes I have just been called using the same number 08712311241. My offer was 1395 euros up front, and £5600 and the 1395 on compleyion

  57. Ian says:

    Excalibur now have ANGELA HARRIS working for them!
    Same scam
    give us 1295 euros well pay you £7600 as the company has gon in to liquidation.

  58. Dave says:

    Dave says,as like Sally I too have just had a call from Oliver Winslow, he also mentioned Keith Lawrence and with the same ref. number and phone number,I gave him my .bank details and later found to my dismay that this is a scam,I have now had to cancell all my bank cards.

  59. sally says:

    had a call today from excalibur saying they work on behalf or the receivers saying that they are contacting 1000 ‘s of people how are owed money from timelix as they went into liquidation on 25th jan 2011 and that they could get some of our money back , he also gave me a ref no b92987023 and that his name is mr oliver winslow and his manager is mr keith lewrance and a phone number of 08712311241 he also told me to be aware of other companys as they are scams
    he gave me alist of these company names
    when i ask if there is a up front charge for this he said no as the liquidation company had already paid them

    • Hi Sally,
      Thanks for your message.
      They say no upfront charge but they will then come up with a fake court fee or some kind of Spanish taxes to be paid upfront to release funds..
      Please don’t pay them anything, these people do not call on behalf of anybody, they call to get your money and run.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  60. SPROGGY says:

    Had phone call today from EXCALIBUR, offer £7,500.
    Wanted deposit of £1,200.
    MUST BE A SCAM, unless you know different??

  61. Geoff says:

    Can anyone confirm if Excalibur Sales and Marketing based in Torre Del Mar have been closed down by Spanish Authorities. I cannot get a reply from their office either by phone or email

    • Hi Geoff,
      As far as we know they are still active.
      If anybody has more updated news?
      Kind regards
      Customer are

      • Barrie says:

        We were contacted this week and again today by Excalibur this is clearly a sc**. They offered me £8000.00 for my CC membership I bought and never used 7 years ago. they wanted 1395 euros upfront as a “deposit” against “default by the “buyer” and required my credit card details …no way….!!! I have received a few minutes ago a follow up e mail confriming their request for the “deposit” but containing no other details. I have reponded to their mail telling them in no uncertain terms what I think of their scam and where they can stick it….!!!

  62. Paul R says:

    Just been offered a price on my timeshare in Portugal with a purchaser waiting and will I pay a deposit of £1100. Nice girl called Katie Roberts called from Half Moon Holdings.
    Company has a UK listing, based in Bradford? Since 1996.
    Have emailed for copy of contracts and won’t pay anything up front! Not confident they are not a scam company?

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