RESORT SERVIE CARE cold calling Club La Costa members pretending to be Club La Costa staff!

We start off the week with a warning about Resort Servie Care as we received many complaints from consumers forwarded to us by the CLC Customer Services Department.

It seems that the company Resort Servie Care with phone number 0845 862 2365 or 966 814 084 is calling CLC members pretending to be the travel department of CLC and offering the members a cruise that is valid for the next 5yrs and can be taken anytime for £495.00 and no Vacation Club points required.

One of the people calling gives her name as Sarah Brooking and confirms to be a CLC Staff member. THIS IS NOT TRUE AND OBVIOUSLY ILLEGAL TO DO!

Their website does not comply with the law and no identification can be found on who they really are. The link to terms and conditions doesn’t work and their “home” neither.

Obviously this warning does not only apply for CLC owners!

Nothing wrong with offering people a holiday for a reduced price, but it is to be questioned why this offer is made in the first place using false identities, cold calling consumers who have not given their authorization for their details to be passed to this company and actually coming from an unidentified source as their info is not available…we can only guess what the real “great offer” will be behind this.

Think twice before getting your credit card out and pay any money to companies like this.

About mindtimeshare

Mindtimeshare SLU is registered Company reg number: B35957182 Mindtimeshare provides assistance to timeshare owners who have been defrauded by holiday clubs and bogus resale companies. The Mindtimeshare project was launched in February 2011. After dealing with timeshare members over several years who had been defrauded by numerous bogus companies and for large amounts of money, I considered launching an Organisation to help timeshare owners that have been targeted by bogus companies. On this blog you can find information about the different active scam companies and their “modus operandi” and also place comments, ask questions and see comments from other consumers who have the same doubts or have been through the same experience. Mindtimeshare has resulted in a huge success and has received the back up from not only timeshare consumers but also from the professionals in the timeshare Industry. Mindtimeshare helps timeshare owners who have been scammed by bogus Discount Holiday Clubs; bogus cash back companies; fraudulent timeshare resale companies; bogus class action companies and false lawyers and notaries. We offer professional answers and advice to Timeshare users. If you want to send an email instead of posting a comment on the blog please do so by emailing:
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77 Responses to RESORT SERVIE CARE cold calling Club La Costa members pretending to be Club La Costa staff!

  1. Jo says:

    Please can you tell me how I can get £391.45 back from my mums (who’s 75) debit card?
    Any help etc would really be accepted because they were confusing my mum that much on the phone that she ended up giving them her details. I NEED to get this money back.
    Many thanks

  2. Jo says:

    Please can you tell me how I can get £391.45 back from my mums (who’s 75) debit card?
    Any help etc would really be accepted because they were confusing my mum that much on the phone that she ended up giving them her details. I NEED to get this money back.
    Many thanks

    • Hi Jo,
      Thanks for your comment and we will get back to you by email as well.
      But please note that for payments by Debit Card there are only 120 days to claim a refund. This is counting from the day the payment was made.
      So if you are still on time or your mother in this case, please contact the bank and start claiming a refund.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  3. L S says:

    I got a call today from 0034966860211 telling me I had 2 weeks timeshare I had not used. (Not true). I could have these two weeks anywhere in UK or Europe for £198. The asked to “hold for a moment”. “Sam” (male) then came on the phone and told me the same thing. He just wanted me credit card number!! Said I wasn’t interested unless they emailed me details before I made a decision, to which Sam just hung up. I rang back and asked the phone was asnwered with “YES” , I asked to speak to Sam. When they were told who was ringing Sam was strangely engaged. I said their customer care was somewhat lacking and that Sam had hung up on me. I asked who they were to which she replied “Resort Care Europe” and asked for their address and guess what – they hung up on me again.

  4. mimismission says:

    The same thing has happened to me…got a call from this company, spoke to a woman and then her manager posing under the name Sam Thompson (conveniently didn’t know his extension as he was away from his desk so gave me the generic 0845 862 2365 number) … Still haven’t received the vouchers so have cancelled my credit card just incase. Not so nasty but could have been a serious sting to my purse. These people need to spend some time behind bars!!!

  5. Dr.U says:

    Iwas just informed by credit card provider that Resort care europe taken 382=61 pounds,at 12.30 PM and tried again at1.40 PM due to suspicion they rang to inform me,.I am supposed to find out from Resort…………how they got my card no.etc?when Ihave not cotacted them at all,how can I contact them? I have informed tChe card provider the fact.Now Iwould very much appreciate, your suggestion how to avoid this sort of thing happening again?

  6. Richard says:

    I too have just been had, Poppy again promissing 2 weeks in europe for 4 people for £199, & the promiss nothing will be taken until I get my voucher in 7 days
    Foolishly I gave over my card details. I later though of the old addage if its too good to be true, with this in mind I called the credit card company to check if any transaction had taken place & suprise, suprice £191.60 taken odd figure I know but at least I now have my cartds cancelled so they wont get any more.
    I have to phone back next week to sort out the payment dispute though.
    Have tried calling them but just goes to answer phone.

  7. Kathleen says:

    I am another victim of this scam and was taken in by these pitifull excuses for “people”. I paid them £1200 for a week in New York for 4 people, I never thought I would have been taken in as I am usually very sceptical about these people that cold call. I am a single parent with a disabled child and cannot afford to lose this amount of money, I have tried calling, but yes you guessed it, no reply! I really don’t know what to do now, I am at my wits end, can anyone suggest to me what my next step should be?
    Thank you, Kathleen

  8. dawn scl says:

    I too have been scammed by RSC. They contacted me last year posing as representatives of Diamond Resorts. They told me that I was entittled to 2 weeks of Accomodation + 2 European Certificates. I was told that it would cost £199.00 which I paid but when my receipt arrived they had taken £402. I contacted them and asked them to listen to the tape but they simply replied saying that they were delighted to inform me that they were in no way connected to Diamond Resorts and that they hadn’t taped the conversation. We are really upset because we had already lost the best part of £20,000 to a timeshare company and can’ believe that we have been silly enough to get caught like this again. Definately learnt my lesson this time – they just sounded so lovely ! Have written,and emailed Micheal Ryan, but he doesnt reply and refuses to take my calls. I’m so upset – I don’t have money to waste and I don’t understand how these people are allowed to operate – HOW DO THEY SLEEP AT NIGHT! Would be very grateful for any help or advice that you can give me.
    Many thanks, Chris.

  9. patsy says:

    I have just paid £199 00 for 6 flights from Resort Servie Care , I recived a letter confirming I had purchased 2 weeks accommodation, which I didn’t want. They are now ringing me up day after day asking me to purchase these flights? How do I know They won’t just take my money again for the flights and send me 2 weeks accommodation again. It is now to late to get my money back so I am just going to cut my loses and not deal with them ever again.


    • Hi Patsy,
      Sorry to hear what has happened to you.
      Please note that if you paid by credit card we can help you, so we will email you tomorrow and let’s see if we can help with a refund claim.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  10. Grace says:

    I have also recently been taken in by this company.
    They said they had taken over bonus week breaks plus the gift company and knew about the weeks I had purchased in the past. For a payment of £199 they said that the weeks I had purchased would not expire and they would include 6 European fights. At the time I said it sounded too good to be true but they gave me a very convincing response. I foolishly agreed to pay with my debit card and the money has been taken out of my account. I asked them where they were based they said, I asked if the accommodation available would be at a Radisson hotel they said that when I had paid and returned the letter to activate the account I would have full access to the website of worldwide holiday accommodation.
    I should have suspected something when I had another call from them asking for £199 to secure 2 weeks, when I told them I had already paid and not received the promised flight vouchers I was transferred to another advisor. They apologised saying that as soon as I return and sign their letter the vouchers would be sent out.
    I returned the letter and signed the copy of the transaction just yesterday to an address in London (unit 36, 88-90 Hatton Garden, London EC1N 8PN).
    Having read all the posts on your website I don’t expect I will be hearing from them.
    I feel such a fool and so annoyed for falling for it. I would appreciate some advice on how and if it’s possible to get my money back.

  11. George says:

    I am writing on behalf of my grandmother who is 84 years old! we found out that she too was coned by this company. she received a letter on the 23rd february 2012 from RSC after she had paid £200 by credit card. do you know if we can get her the money back? if so any information would be great.

  12. Brian says:

    We have been taken for a ride with this company as well,can you please send info on how to try & get our money back
    B & R

  13. carole says:

    I too have just found out that i too have been scammed for 500 pound no reply from email or phone call , dont know what to do, please send me the forms

  14. Angela says:

    I wish I had read these blogs. I was called Feb 17th and paid £199 for 3 weeks holiday and 4 flights. The letter eventually arrived stating 2 weeks holiday and 2 worthless vouchers which we can only receive if we send them a signature. Having called the number 08458622365, tried to e-maill and realise the website was totally useless, I started to read these comments. Foolish me to get taken in and I’m usually so careful. Thing was they knew all about us and our holiday history so I was taken in. I don’t understand why these people aren’t arrested and put in prison for fraud but months later we are all still getting conned. I have reported them to Watchdog. Maybe that will put others off being scammed by them.

  15. Jane says:

    Hi we also were contacted two days ago and I have tried calling the number that was given to me but could get no response. I checked our Credit card and the money has gone out. Please could you let me know how to claim back our money. The lady told us we had 30 days to cancel if we wished too.


  16. samantha says:

    i was telephoned last week by this company, they were pretending to be the Gift Company who I have had several nice holidays with. A woman called Natalie sold me a flight package for any european destination for 199 pounds. This morning the paperwork arrived, no mention of flights, just two weeks accomodation. The telephone number provided just goes on to answerphone, is there any way I can get this money back?

  17. A Blackshaw says:

    My parents (both pensioners) were phoned by this RSC yesterday. To give you some history they have previously bought bonus weeks and were rung by RSC and told that the company had gone into liquidation. They offered my parents 2 weeks in a Raddisson hotel in Kissimmee, 4 flights for adults, 2 flights for children and 6 disney tickets for the easter parade. My parents paid £800 via Natwest debit card yesterday – they have phoned the bank this evening who are unsure if the money has been paid or not and the bank advised them to call their fraud team in the morning. What else can we do to ensure no money is taken? If the money is taken what is the best way of reclaiming it? – seemingly Mum was told that the paperwork would be sent in the next 5 to 10 days and there was a cancellation process if she didnt agree with the conditions, but this is probably another part of the scam.? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  18. Dennis Bottomley says:

    Hi I booked a holiday with this company paying with my Natwest MasterCard. I have had no contact since paying and no holiday to show for it. Is there any chance I can claim through my bank for a refund.

    D Bottomley

  19. Denise says:

    Hi, just reading Sean’s note above and guess we got the similar sales pitch – down to the tune of £699
    RSC SL (Resort Servie Care SL) ran late September 2011 claiming to be RCI which I am a member – very good information about my timeshare with RCI by a lady called Sarah and ended up signing up to a package deal of flights and accommodation – why not RCI is someone I know and use for a weeks holiday annualy!!
    After several weeks of not receiving any informaiton and numbers ringing out I finally got through to a John Smith (yes that’s the name he gave) who told me that I must have been confused about the RCI connection – ‘I don’t think so’..
    Until I found this website I was feeling pretty stupid and not sure how to go forward – thank you and to everyone who has written in about this company – I felt renewed vigour and the fight back begins!!
    I contacted RCI and they were grateful for the news
    I also got in touch with The Gift Company who they also stated another connection (told me that they had gone into liquidation) and they are aware of this company and are also taking some course of action against them
    Any help with getting my money back would be greatly appreciated as my credit card company are asking for any details in relationship to this company

  20. June Peel says:

    Similar story which I wont go into! Please can you ssend me details on how to claim money back from these people!

  21. Sean says:

    We too were contacted by this company claiming to be RCI who we have been with for a decade or more.
    They had all our details about what we owned and places we had been to.
    They had a lot of info on us which is a bit annoying as it must be an inside job at a resort.
    My wife took the call and I paid nearly £700 out for 6wks of Holidays including flights.
    Should have cottoned on but RCI do deals now and again and we thought its OK.
    When asked why they are doing these deals, they said they could do this because of the economic climate they needed to fill Resorts as people were giving up the timeshares.
    30days have passed since transaction and my bank have closed my account and are tracing this company to get my money back.
    You have been warned that these people know all your details.

    • Dear Sean,
      Thanks for your comment.
      Yes they continue with their ” we are RCI” pitch and new warnings have been placed on the internet.
      Thanks for letting us know.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  22. Graeme Davison says:

    My Mother and were contacted by this company who offered to extend a holiday which we had not used for 5 years – 2 weeks and flights anywhere in Europe to RCI Gold resorts for £399. My Mother paid via Mastercard, please could you send details on how to claim back our money – we have not sent back the signed copy of the receipt. Thanks!

  23. Rita says:

    Hi I too was contacted by this company I had purchased weeks before and they pretended that they were from RIC asking if I wanted to upgrade I paid £499.00 I received a letter and a reciept for me to authorise the credit card payment which I have not done. I received another call today asking me to pay another £197.00 for the flights when I said that this was included in the so called previous upgrade the caller could not get off the phone quick enough could you send me some information on how to get my money back I paid through credit card.

  24. ktrobertson says:

    please send details on how to reclaim money Thank you K.T. Robertson

  25. Jane says:

    I have also been conned by these scammers. I received a phone call from a company called RSC saying that I had 3 weeks holiday that I had bought through Bonus Weeks Breaks, that I had not used. They said that they had taken over the holiday weeks but as they were expiring in December, I could extend them for another 5 years for £199 and they would give me 2 free flights. I asked if they were based in the UK and the woman said the head office was here although she was phoning from Alicante. Then someone called ‘Sam’ took over the call and said the initials RSC stood for ‘Radisson something something’ ( I can’t remember exactly what he said ) and that if I paid the money I would receive a brochure featuring many top hotels all over the world. After a lot of persuasion, I foolishly agreed, and then he said that for another £199, I could have half board. I can’t believe I said ‘yes’!!! He said I had a 14 day cooling off period and gave me his ‘direct line’. As soon as I came off the phone, I realised it must be a con and when I tried to phone the number, it wasn’t working. I have phoned my credit card company who said they would look into it. They are aware of this company and told me not to sign anything. I haven’t received any brochure or letter and I do not have an address. I am glad I read this and see that I am not the only one who has fallen for this. I hope I get my money back and would be grateful for any help you can offer.

    • Hi Jane,
      Thanks for your message.
      Unfortunately your story is similar to others, they ask for money and mention even you can cancell, but afterwards they will not refund a penny.
      Good of your bank that they actually told you not to sign. It shows that certain banks do know!
      We will send you the information by email.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

      • Jane says:

        I just wanted to give an update on my situation. First of all, thank you for your advise. I did all the things you advised and after writing three times to my credit card company, (the last letter I suggested they read this link!) they refunded my money a few weeks ago. Since then, I have received numerous calls from RSC. I now listen to what they are offering (it always starts off the same that I have 3 weeks expiring) and ask questions. I have been told that they are RCI, part of Raddison, I have been offered anything between 2 and 6 flights, hotels, half board etc. I then have great pleasure in telling them that as I have already been conned by them and had my money refunded, I’m not about to fall for it again and to remove all information they hold on me. I also say that they have been reported to the police. The phone usually goes down before I finish. I told one woman about ‘ Sam’ and his lies and she told me he had been sacked, before she hung up on me. Probably more lies! So everybody, this company is ruthless and persistent. They will tell you anything to get your money. All I can say is that if you, like me, have been taken in by their lies, DON’T sign the letter they send you, contact your credit/debit card company ASAP and be persistent if they refuse to refund your money. A link to this site may show them that your claim is genuine. Also take the advise given by Customer Care here. Good luck to you all and thank you again Alberto!

  26. Mrs Rutter says:

    My 75 year old disabled Grandma also paid out £400 in July to this ‘RSC’ for a holiday for 6 people including flights. When i looked into it for her as she found the paperwork very confusing, i soon realised it was a scam. She had completed the form and sent it back to them already. They contacted her again and asked for another £400 (thank goodness she didnt send this because she simply didnt have it). Unfortunatly she also paid them by debit card. Im unsure if there is anything we can for her now this late on. Another point to make is that my Grandma uses the Telephone Preference Service, but still recieves endless calls from companies trying to sell her things. Its terrible.

    • Dear Mrs. Rutter,
      Thank you for your message.
      It is almost unbelievable that these people will go this far to get money out of consumers.
      How can they sell a holiday to somebody who is 75 years old and disabled? Have they no sensibility at all?
      We will send you an email with information and let’s see if we can help to recuperate the money.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  27. Elizabeth says:

    Oh dear. Here we are two intelligent ,wary people who have fallen for this one. Contacted mid Sept to remind us we had not used 2 weeks timeshare which was true. Explained we did not have time to use and were not interested in any more. Offer was for £399 we could exchange weeks for 2 worldwide tickets to be used for any destination. Knew it was too good to be true but they were very convincing .
    Letter received stating we had purchased 2 weeks timeshare and to sign and return receipt.
    Did get through on the number eventually and said we had been sold something we did not require and had been misinformed.
    Letter received yesterday saying they would not uphold my complaint as there was no cooling off period, but we could transfer the weeks to family free of charge.
    My son visited tonight, I offerred the weeks to him. He smiled and logged on to this page.
    Furious, but thank you for the info on how to get my money back.
    For info, the letter was from a Michael Ryan, Customer Services Manager. Resort Servie Care

    • Hi Elizabeth,
      Thanks for the message.
      Don’t be too hard on yourself, this has happened to so many others…these people are good in their dubious pitch!
      Let us send you more information by email and we will take it from there.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  28. K E Croft says:

    I am ashamed to say that I too have been conned by RSC,which,far from being a holiday club,are in fact bed and bedding suppliers.I paid them £202.13p by debit card.My bank is looking into it,but as they appear ubove board,Idoubt that a refund will be forthcoming,even though the firm is inacessable by phone or e-mail.
    They claim to have gold crown resorts for customers available all over the world,however one look on their website belies that,just a few second rate resorts in southern Spain,which you cant get as you cannot call to book!
    What a scam!!!!

  29. Mr chris Molloy says:

    I too have been conned by Rsc. Please can you send me said forms.
    Many Thanks Chris

  30. Bev Lord says:

    I too have been scammed by these low lifes. They rang us offering a cruise and two weeks for six people anywhere in the world for £499 which we paid by credit card. Could you please tell me how to get this money back.

  31. Elaine Crossley says:

    I would really appreciate the information on claiming back my money paid out to this Company. We paid £299 but haven’t even received any further communication from them. Tried phoning several times but no answer.

  32. Sheila says:

    I too have been scammed big time. They rang me claiming they were agents of RCI and they could offer me 2 weeks with free flights for up to 6 people for £499. I paid by my debit card – shocking to hear how many people have been affected by these theives. I too spoke to Mr. David Evans who denied point blank that any member of staff had been posing as RCI agents. This is a nightmare!

  33. Andy Fincham says:

    just fell for the same scam.i was told that I had 4 weeks banked from a previous deal with “the gift company” who I did have a decent holiday with , and these weeks were not promotional weeks and included flights
    As I am booked at Radisson golden sands Malta (I am an owner) in april I was told that I could have a week added to this, as they had appartments there, to give me 2 weeks with the flights for an extra £199 which although alarm bells were ringing I agreed to as I could find nothing bad on google (RSC was not mentioned)
    I was also offered an upgrade to half board for another £199 which again I fell for
    I was told they did not have a website and used a brochure which would be sent with my holiday confirmation
    Of course all I received was a letter from RSC telling me I had paid for 2 weeks accomodation to be booked at a later date and I needed to send in a written confirmation to get my “certificates”
    I actually got an answer from the number given on the form and a Dave Evans told me he would get the sales team to call me back to discuss what I had paid for
    I contacted my credit card company who also rang Mr Evans and were told the same . They also told me they were dealing with several complaints about this company and advised that I emailed them cancelling the agreement and asking for a refund and not to send anything back
    I have had no calls and now when i ring the admin number I get no answer so it is now in the hands of MBNA but I have to allow them 30 days to give me a refund before anything else can be done

    • Hi Andy,
      Thanks for the comment on the blog.
      This is how it always goes, nobody mentions a company name in the call, well…they might pretend they are RCI or your home resorts, and then when you receive the paperwork all of the sudden you read you have purchased from Resort Servie Care…
      Please keep us updated on the refund request.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  34. alison says:

    i was waiting for a reply to a letter i had written asking for compensation for an awful holiday we had in spain through ola holidays, this is a company on the teletext holidays website. i received a call from someone saying her name was janice from teletext holidays, she asked me how i enjoyed my holiday, so i explained how awful it was. she then offered me a luxury holiday anywhere in europe and i only had to pay £299.00 this was compensation. i paid on my credit card and had a letter come from resort servie care wanting me to sign it and send back, which i didn’t do. i looked on the website and found this to be a scam i just hope i get my money back. i have since heard from ola holidays saying they new nothing about this and warned me to be very careful what information you give to reception in hotels abroad ‘they don’t need to know where you live or anything else’

  35. Julia says:

    my elderly father has just been conned by this company – he is 78 and his partner is 80. After payment he contacted them on the number provided and they were not told that the offer (if there is one but we haven’t got that far!) is only valid if they take an under 70 year old with them – this wasn’t mentioned before they took his money! Would appreciate any advice on how to get his £399 back – he did pay by credit card so hoping that may be the saving grace.

    • Hi Julia,
      I am really sorry to hear they have done this to your father.
      These people have no conscience.
      We are going to send you more information by email.
      Customer Care

      • Paul Wright says:

        please will you send me details? my 83 year old mother in law was also taken in and paid £499, money she can ill afford to lose

        she went to her bank and they told her she needs to write to them to claim the money back and asked me to write to them.

      • Hi Paul,
        Thanks for your message.
        How horrible! These people have no feelings at all, do they?
        We are sending you the information by email. Let see if we can help your mother in law.
        Kind regards
        Customer Care

  36. robert says:

    my partner and her mam have just been stung by the offer of 2 persons including flights, hotel, transfers for a week in tenerife for £199 and then a family of 4 with the same offers for £399 so my partner paid the money on her credit card and then yesterday a repersentative from resort servie care rang sayiny that the hotels wernt included on the 2 person deal and they needed another £199 which was paid to them still we dont know what and where the flghts are from of which hotel we are apossed to be staying in. now we find out its a scam is there nothing that can stop this company.

  37. tony christine says:

    hi i am asking for advice on getting my money back as i was called out of the blue with offer of 2 european certificates,1 worldwide and 1 europeancity break vouchers all for 399.00 pounds please help thanks t.jolly

  38. michael says:

    I too have had phone call asking for £299 and a proimse of free return flights from anywhere in europe unfortunately i payed with my debit card and am unlikely to get my money back what a scam never again!!

    • Dear Michael,
      Thanks for your message.
      You have actually 120 days to claim the money back from the date you made the payment.
      We are sending you the information.
      Customer Care

      • Jane says:

        Hi. My husbanb and I have also been contacted 2 days ago of which we thought was a great offer and gave our credit card details over the phone. I have tried contacting the number given and their is no response.i was told I had 30 days to cancel if I wished too. What do I need to do to claim back my money. I looked at our statement and the money has also gone out. Please could you advise.


  39. Belinda says:

    Hi All
    Just wanted to share my recent experience with Resort Servie Care…. On June 10th I agreed to purchase over the phone a £199.00 voucher which would entitle me to 4 return flights to anywhere in Europe or Canary Islands to be used anytime in the next 5 years!! Too good to be true? Of course it was…. The reason why I fell for this scam is because the caller claimed to be ‘Poppy’ from the Gift Company (a promotional holiday accomodation set-up who I have previously purchased from) and she had information about my outstanding accomodation and assured me that I could use it all together etc. Anyway to cut a long story short the product she actually sold me was some complicated accomodation deal with some loose association to some cheap flights involved and the payment was actually taken by a company called the Royal Sleep Collection (listed as a clothing company based in spain). I have been able to speak to a most unhepful admin person and have had some unsatisfactory dealings via e-mail with a so-called Customer Services Manager but ultimatley I WAS SCAMMED!! As this is a breach of contract/misrepresentation I am claiming a refund through my credit card company under section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974. Lesson learnt; NEVER buy anything over the phone again!!

    • Kelvin T James says:

      Hi my name is Kelvin James, just 15 minutes ago i was telephoned by a cold caller saying she was from and making me beleive she was from RCI membership. She gave her name as Poppy and a telephone number 08458622365 this was her direct line. As we where ex-members of RCI and Club Greece Resorts she new about the financial tranactions we had made and offered me two weeks for two people any where in Europe Great Briton or the Canaries with return flights to any main land international airport with a one off payment £249.00 on a Credit or Debit card before she could make the reservations which were guaranteed for three years.

    • Anthony says:

      I have also been contacted by them. They claim to have taken over from the Gift Company (with whom I had dealt). The “deal” seemed too good to be true and, after seeing this Blog, I am sure it is (4 weeks in Radisson Hotels for £200). They wanted my Credit Card number immediately to secure this “one off” opportunity. I did not give it and am so glad I did not. Scammers are everywhere and I too will never buy anything from a cold caller, not ever!

      • Hi Anthony
        Thanks for your comment on this blog.
        Probably you have saved yourself a lot of money and hassle to get it back, as most of the people that pay RSC are not happy.
        Kind regards
        Customer Care

    • Richard says:

      We too have had a very similar experience to Belinda. A lady called Wendy promised us 3 weeks holidays, 4 return flights from a local airport, a UK 3/4 star break, and no expiry date, for £199.00, and a 7 day cooling off period.
      After giving my credit card details, Wendy’s supervisor came on the phone and said ‘you realise that it’s £199.00 per person don’t you’, to which I replied ‘no’.He then said ‘it’s £199.00 for 2 flights, if you’re having 4 flights it’s £199.00 per person’. I replied ‘that’s not the deal we agreed’, but he was most insistant that was the price and would not budge. I then said that I was most unhappy with the situation and I would therefore cancel the deal, to which he replied ‘OK’ and put the phone down. The money was taken from my credit card yesterday 12th Dec 2011. Because I was very uneasy about the situation, I immediately rang my credit card company, who told me to check my statement online, and to contact them again if the money was taken out. I will be calling them tomorrow! Are you able to advise me further please?

      • Dear Richard,
        Thaks for your comment.
        Unbelievable how these people act!
        Do keep on calling your bank and make sure they block the payment.
        We will send you more information by email.
        Kind regards
        Customer Care

    • helen says:

      hi, it took from 13th jan to 3rd feb to get letter after several phone calls. i did get the letter by email asking to confirm my address and credit card signiture…………………. not sure why as the money had come out on the 13th. i was assurred by “julie” thst even though my husband has to have school holidays gther would be no problem gettiing two weeks at easter in easter . it also included 2 flights.
      everytime i phone ther is never anyone on the phone and messages never returned..
      did you manage to get your money back from the credit card company?

  40. Malcolm says:

    My wife and I also fell for this on the 20th May. A call received from Natalie Smith, who was going to be married within the next two weeks to a Mr Robinson. She said that she was from RCI Sunset Beech and that we were entitled to this special offer for two persons £99, to be used within the next three years. We received a letter week commencing June 13th from Resort Servie Care SL asking us to return an enclosed form in return they will forward a vouchure for one weeks accommodation plus 1 European Certificate. Checking the website I discover that they are just another scam company.

    • Dear Malcolm,

      Thanks for your comment on our blog. I am sorry to hear that you fell for the trap of Resort Servie Care. In deed they are pretending to be representatives of all kind of resorts or RCI, and of course being a timeshare owner you know that your resort can call with offers so you actually believe it is ok.
      Our advice to everybody is to always double check if the resort is really doing this promotion to avoid scams like this one which cause distress. You knwo now where we have the blog, so please in future always check with us first.

      Customer Services Department

  41. Rachael says:

    I have had exactly the same thing and was just about to send off the signed form when I thought I would do another internet check for this scam, ( I did one immediately after the call but found nothing) – and have now found this post – the number however does go through to someone saying Resort Servie Care…..I am hoping that the credit card company will refund this money but I’m not convinced!!

    • Dear Rachael,

      Many thanks for your comment on the blog.
      Please do not send the signed receipt back for the credit card payment, contact your bank to cancel the payment if you are still on time and make sure they follow this up. This company needs to be stopped as they keep on calling consumers pretending to be their resort or RCI and too many consumer fall for this trap thinking they are paying money to a trustworthy company which is not the case.


      Customer Services Department

      • Mrs Gwynneth Carlisle (Rene) says:

        Do you have the address for Resort Servie Care, as I only have email & phone number and my bank says I have to write to them to cancel and ask or a refund.

      • Hi Rene,
        We are sending you more information by email this afternoon, not to worry.
        The address of RSC is Avenida Albir, 6, Local 26, Buzon 51, 03581, Alicante, Spain
        Kind regards
        Customer Care

  42. Myself and my husband are both ex club la costa members and were contacted last week from resort servie care claiming to be club la costa offering us a 1 week accomodation package for 4 people to be used anywhere in europe and valid for 3 years for £199. We have a daughter who starts school in september and thought this would be great to use the year after next. We were told we would receive vouchers but all we have is a letter from them asking for us to fill in our details and send it back in order for them to forward the vouchers. I tried to contact them using the number on the letter but surprise surprise it doesn’t work!! I guess we will leave this to the credit card company to sort out.

    • james lewis says:

      Reading all these E-MAILS I think my wife and I have been conned by RSC who we paid 99£ for three weeks any time in three years but we have never recieved any vouchers but we paid through my credit card. Stupid me

      • Dear James,
        Many thanks for your comment.
        Not the first time we hear about consumers who have paid them and not even receive the papers or anything.
        We will send you more information by email.
        Kind regards
        Customer Care

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