Club Class Services sarl, a name to watch out for!

Club Class Services Sarl in Tenerife is doing their “own little business”, the Club Class style of course.

This relatively new marketer from the Club Class Group, is selling the Club Class PLC products and using the travel agency Premiere Travel SA. (See our previous warnings on blog: , and

The sales deck of Club Class Services is fed by the Club Class Group, sending them existing Club Class Members on promotional Holiday Breaks to Tenerife.

Those consumers who have already an agreement for one of the Club Class Group products, sold directly by them or via a marketer in the past, are approached by Club Class Services Sarl for an informative chat on their Tenerife holidays. Depending what the consumer already owns, they’ll find another product that will suit them better or in case they bought with a marketer that is no longer there, they go for the “those people scammed you and are gone” pitch and offer them the solution of a life time.

Most of these contract changes, trade in’s or upgrades are valued around £25.000 pounds but with the trade in value of the already existing membership, the final price will be around 8 to10.000 Pounds. How does that sound for a cheap Tenerife Bonus week break?

All paperwork from Club Class Services Sarl is done on Letter headed paper with business address P.O. Box 847, Garrison House, Library Ramp, Gibraltar. Later on it also mentions that “The Laws of Gibraltar shall govern this agreement”.

But how true is that? The company set up with initials Sarl. SARL means: “Société à responsabilité limitée, also known by the acronym SARL (sometimes SÀRL, Sàrl or s.à.r.l.), which is a private limited liability corporate entity that exists in France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Macau, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, and Lebanon and has commerce as its purpose.”  The fact that they appear to be a Gibraltar company and the usage of the SARL for company registration does not add up.

Another worrying fact is that we have now several consumers complaints about what has happened to them on their Tenerife Holidays, and after contacting Club Class Services Sarl trying to cancel the agreement based on the fact they were still in cooling off period, a deposit was taken which goes against the law and they were just not happy with the product and felt pressurized into this new agreement….Club Class Services Sarl came up with a “revised purchase agreement”.

This Revised Purchase Agreement is nothing more, nothing less than the sole intention of not paying a penny back to the consumer and they offer them a Holiday pack of a certain amount of weeks or a certain amount of time (12 months) which costs exactly the amount of money paid for deposit. So, the initial agreement is changed and voilà “you now bought a holiday pack and paid for it already”

If this is meant to make people “happy” about the fact they paid the deposit but they don’t have to pay any more….please think twice if this is your case.

This company has no right to keep your money and don’t let yourself been fobbed off with this revised agreement. Don’t sign in the first place, but if you do and regret it, don’t let them get away with your money!

Have you been to Tenerife? Have you signed an agreement? Please let us know and we will help!

About mindtimeshare

Mindtimeshare SLU is registered Company reg number: B35957182 Mindtimeshare provides assistance to timeshare owners who have been defrauded by holiday clubs and bogus resale companies. The Mindtimeshare project was launched in February 2011. After dealing with timeshare members over several years who had been defrauded by numerous bogus companies and for large amounts of money, I considered launching an Organisation to help timeshare owners that have been targeted by bogus companies. On this blog you can find information about the different active scam companies and their “modus operandi” and also place comments, ask questions and see comments from other consumers who have the same doubts or have been through the same experience. Mindtimeshare has resulted in a huge success and has received the back up from not only timeshare consumers but also from the professionals in the timeshare Industry. Mindtimeshare helps timeshare owners who have been scammed by bogus Discount Holiday Clubs; bogus cash back companies; fraudulent timeshare resale companies; bogus class action companies and false lawyers and notaries. We offer professional answers and advice to Timeshare users. If you want to send an email instead of posting a comment on the blog please do so by emailing:
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205 Responses to Club Class Services sarl, a name to watch out for!

  1. Jimmu says:

    I stopped paying the annual membership for the sapphire member, I had a phone call to warn me that I am legally bound to pay the membership fees for life as it stated in the contract. Other options are either to pay 110 pounds to sell it, or 200 odds to cancel. Is that true guys??

    • paul says:

      S, You can claim your money back through your Credit Card company. I did and they repaid it under the section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act. Contact the credit card company, and fill in the form they send to you, send that along with everything in writiing you have from Club Class, everything. You must cancel your membership in writing to them, send it recorded delivery so you have a record, the credit card company will do nothing if you have not cancelled the membership.
      It takes time, but it is worth the wait, I was not going to bother, I was going to write it off as a bad debt, but Alberto one of the administrators advised me how to go about it and not to give up. I’m glad I didn’t. I had to send every scrap of correspondence to my CC company, but it worked. Depending on which CC your with, mine C One were aware of Club Class and are working with people once they complain, which did make life a little easier. If you google, or look back in history on here, there was a winding up order for 7 Club Class holding companies, I printed that off and sent that to the CC company too. Hope this is of some use to you.
      Also, regards to the membership fees, ignore them, you are not obliged to pay the yearly membership fees, they are still after mine and I got my £3600 back, the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing, they are just c** artists.

      • TJ says:

        I tried to claim back from my cc company but they refused said I wasn’t entitled 😦 sent everything I had to them. Gutted. Have now blocked all calls and emails from club class. They wouldn’t acknowledge my cancellation and now say I owe loads.

      • Paul says:

        TJ, Don’t give up on the CC company, they are liable under the section 75, that’s why they have probably rejected the claim. You are entitled under the above section. Club Class do not give you what they promise, so you are not getting the services you have paid for, make this plain to the CC Company, also have a look at the link and forward this to the CC Company, explaining they are in breach of contract and also there was no cooling off period, which again, is against the law, and another breach of contarct.

        I really hope you continue to press your CC company, you have to believe you’ll get there, don’t give up, it’s so easy to do, I very nearly did, but I am glad I didn’t.


  2. david says:

    Joined 2 years ago, can you tell me whats going on?.Is it true Premier Travel or freestay travel are no more?

  3. tom says:

    we smelt a rat,been in sales for a long time,the pitch they were giving just didn’t make sense she wanted to sign me up on a five year plan”68 year old” don’t think so they sound very plausible,little old legs made fast exit stage left

    • Laurence says:

      Club class offices being used by LA premiere
      Hi all, we were co**** by club class 3 years ago. And every time we visit Tenerife we go to the offices and vent our anger at the staff there demanding some meeting with the people involved in the sc**, but never any reply. After all the news in the press about club class being closed down, we were suppressed to see the same people in the same offices who actually sc***** us 3 Years Ago.
      Andrew Dixon and Allan were both there still co***** people as we argued with them this morning. They tried to offer us new deals as compensation. We told them we were not there to be co**** again but to let people know they are still out there trading as Premiere travel & LA Premiere.
      Be Warned Be Aware
      Andrew Dixon & co are in Tenerife and
      Still running the same sc** in commercial Fanabe

      • david says:

        Hi laurence,I joined 2 years ago and having read all the comments i need to go back to the offices my self can you give me the address. regards D.W

    • Mark says:

      We attended a presentation on Fri 1st Feb 2013
      This is a complete sc**, they reckon they can get you flights to Tenerife for 99 pounds anytime of the year.
      I asked them to put all their promises in writing via email, i am still waiting in an email from Dave and Ian, i have asked them 3 times now.

      I have since been onto Tesco finance and they are investigating as they are not aware of the sc**.

      What they do is get you to sign a direct debit for 125 per month over 5 years, you pay Tescos 7500, this s*** company pocket 6250 on your behalf, you get nothing in return.

      If anything sounds to good to be true then it is.

      I have also spoken to the accountant in Wimpole street, i am waiting for a call back as i think they are in with the scam.

      • Sher says:

        The same thing happened to me June 2012. Stupidly agreed (had already been stuck in their office for 3 hours so just did it to get out of there with the intention of cancelling as soon as we got home). Paid £1000 deposit while there (with my Debit card).
        Totally spoilt the last few days of the holiday as realised it was a c*n.
        Got home & phoned them saying I wasn’t interested. Was told as I’d already signed, I was legally bound by contract & there was no cooling off period (eh?).
        They threatened to take me to court so my partner took out a loan for 2, 500 & I paid another thousand which was transferred to schaols limited (or whatever the chuff they’re called).
        Now they’ve changed their website giving u the choice of only 3 destinations for your holiday (all in the canaries) with a specific hotel in each! That wasn’t the deal.
        If somebody could help me claim my money back that would b fabulous as have also had to give up my job due to a degenerative health condition (which I told them about and their reply was that if I died, my partner could take some1 else lol!) & cannot afford to just chalk it up to being very silly and getting carried away in the moment.
        Many thanks, Sher.

      • paul says:

        Hi Sher,
        If you paid by credit card, then go back to your company and explain. Email Alberto on this site and read all the other peoples letters and replies who have been done, there is a great deal of help on here for you. I am just in the process of getting my funds back and this is all due to the people on here. Do what nearly. Everyone has done and you’ll manage it, it will take sometime, mines coming up 9 months, but you have to keep believing and keep going.
        Good Luck


  4. Sharon says:

    I bought a Club Class/ leisure alliance package quite a few years back and unfortunately paid by debit card. I paid between 4 and 6 thousand pounds and there was also a cashback scheme included. I have all the paperwork for all of this. I have never used them for a holiday. Is there any way of selling this on or getting my money back?

  5. Dear all,

    We received a request from a consumer to place the following comment on this blog:

    “ There is some good news out there – so read on! Last year my wife and I were offered, by Premiere Travel, a “special” holiday in Tenerife during which we were obliged to attend a marketing presentation by Club Class Sarl, said to be merely a talk on the advantages of Club Class membership. It actually proved to be a hard sell of Prestige membership. At first the advantages seemed to be reasonable and we parted with £3600. However, when we attempted to utilise this membership we discovered that what we had been told in Tenerife was untrue. We contacted Mindtimeshare and quickly realised we had been conned. However, following Mintimeshare’s excellent advice we first wrote to Club Class Sarl (and received no reply) before contacting our Credit Card company. The good news is that the company had no hesitation in refunding the £3600, even including the £28 or so currency conversion fee from the deposit, paid in euros, in Tenerife. So, if you have undergone a similar experience, all is not lost – thanks to Mindtimeshare. Mike.”

    • paulrobbo5 says:

      Hi, we tried to reclaim the initial 1100 pounds we handed over via our Credit Card capital one, they refused to refund it to us saying that the contract we signed was a rolling contract and there was nothing to say Club Class had Mia-led us and all the information we had sent plus your website made no difference at all, they stated it was hearsay and we had no proof of wrong doing, so not only are we out of pocket on the credit card, we also had a loan to pay the remainder, which we have since bit the bullet and paid off, but we are still 3500 pounds out of pocket and have written it off.
      One learnt for the future I suppose, but an expensive one.

      • Pete says:

        Surely in the light of 7 club class companies being wound up, and the comments made regarding the mis selling, I really can’t see why your credit card company has refused you. Please refer to the Club Class section on the site for further info – and try again. Ask Alberto for the generic letter as a basis for your claim.


  6. IB says:

    Hi, We too fell for this scam 9 years ago in Lanzarotte.. Never used it, never claimed the “reclaim” just wrote it off as a bad experience, can’t even remember how much we paid. Never once paid the yearly fee (didn’t even know there was one), cancelled via email a long time ago, don’t even have the email account anymore. Don’t actually have any of the paperwork either….
    Tonight (Sept 12 2012) got a phone call out of the blue (even have a telephone new number so don’t know how they got it..) from Sue from Club Class saying they have no record of us cancelling and we owe over £300 in unpaid membership, but as a gesture of goodwill will reduce to £165 as we have/are cancelled.
    They are sending a letter (said they have sent one before but have had no communication with them for over 8 years! – hence thought was all sorted), she said that hopefully we would pay the £165 before next steps were taken and they call in the debt collectors.

    As a note, we paid by loan which has now been paid off so not after claiming back the money (although it would be nice!) just want them off my back!
    Will look out for the letter and post its contents…..any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.

    • Sue Idiot says:

      Hi I to was stupid many years ago 2003ish & joined this scam, never used it & only paid 2 years subs, paid the main balance on a loan I defaulted on, but cc still got there money, think about 8k, never got the reclaim, which is one of the reasons I joined, got the phone call last year cheap accom, went to meeting & said not interested, no lift back to airport! was asked then if I had paid subs & said no.Over a year later I have just got 2 voice mail messages asking for £330 arrears, phoned in daytime 2 days running so not at home . I have now received a letter chasing the debt & 10 days later a final demand. Filed them in the bin!
      Never used the membership. Can they persue this as it is not a UK debt?

  7. Audrey says:

    Trying to find out about a firm called Tenlanz Vacations in Tenerife who were selling holidays for Club Class, i heard they had gone bump, does anyone know if this is true. We bought through them in 2002.

  8. Pete says:

    I wouldn’t discuss anything with them. Stick out for a claw back from your CC. This is the usual tactic from them as they don’t want to hand anything back. As you are no doubt aware, the ‘cheap’ holidays can be sourced from your local travel agent as cheap or cheaper.


    • Jill says:

      My husband and I have just returned from an independently booked “proper” holiday in Spain, which was thoroughly enjoyable and stress free bearing in mind we were not hijacked into any presentations or similar! Good news Pete is that whilst away, my credit card company has written to me agreeing a full refund of the amount co**** out of us in Tenerife last March so they have obviously viewed my situation in a most sympathetic manner. So as you have pointed out on many occasions, it IS worth pursuing as if credit card companies are reimbursing, one can only assume that those terrible, lying, cheating people in the Club Class offices are definitely behaving in a most immoral manner. I followed the advice given by Alberto step by step and this was invaluable as was the initial message I read from you which encouraged me to stand against the Club Class ma***. Many thanks.

  9. Basil says:

    Had a phone call today from Andy Dixon telling me the truth about cash rebate. this is different to cash back. i will get all my money back! This is a genuine offer. Offered a possible compromise to not paying the balance of £8,000. Pay another £2,800 and only get 4 holidays. He said he will ring back tomorrow, interesting discussion coming up.

  10. PR says:

    We have been co**** by these people also. They kept us hanging around for 8 hours and ended up been pressurised into signing their agreement to get out of there. I immediately called the CC company when I got back to the hotel, but they told me there was nothing I could do or they could do as it had been agreed and paid. We are stuck with this useless free stay holiday but I do implore anybody going to Tenerife not to sign anything and not be taken in like we were for a second time.

    • Pete says:

      Please follow the guidelines on this blog for what to do now. You will be succesful in claiming back from your credit card company if you go about it properly. Don’t enter into any further conversations with Club Class as you will get nowhere, but make sure you send them a letter cancelling your agreement – your card company will insist you’ve done this.
      Alberto will be in touch to point you in the right direction.


  11. Basil says:

    Yet again another sucker. Tenerife 15th july paid £2,400 for the membership. it is so easy to be sucked in. Having read all the reports i feel heatned that i can do something. Already sent a letter of cancellation and an email. now waiting to confront Joanne who is ringing me tomorrow. would appreciate any help and also verbal ropstes to her.

    • Stuart says:

      I wouldn’t get into any communication with her, I’m sure it will get you nowhere. We ignored all calls with an international caller id, and there were many.

    • Pete says:

      Please don’t engage with Joanne – she is well versed with her party line. Best idea is do as Stuart advises and not answer any calls from International, number witheld, number unavailable, or unknown mobile numbers – yes, they try them all.
      Club Class will not reply to your cancelation letter nor acknowledge it, so just start the claw back process with your credit card. I’m sure Alberto will be along to advise further – he has my successful claw back claim letter that you can use to formulate your response.
      Good luck.


      • Basil says:

        Thanks Pete. Did talk to Joanne today as she rang earlier than planned. Yes it is difficult to get over the view that you do not wantm their product. She just goes on defending CC. I have set in motion a claw back of my deposit but can they come after me for the rest?

      • Pete says:

        Once I received my deposit back via credit card company that was the last I heard from them regarding this matter. However, they are very persistant (annoyingly so now) trying to get me to pay my lapsed subscription to the Sapphire package.
        Strangely, when I told Joanne (on my first and only chat with her) that if the general standard of accommodation with Club Class was as poor as they’d put us in for the week of the sc** talk then this was reason enough for cancelling. She said that that was only to be expected as we only had Sapphire membership – disingenuous or what?


  12. Nick says:

    Hi just quickly I have had the same problem as all on here, that being that we gave up our timeshare for membership some time ago and now invited to tenerife because we hadn’t used it ect, went to compulsory meeting with the word no, firmly fixed in my head, but after some impressive talk went down the road to prestige upgrade, cashback, £95regular payments ect, But! All came to a halt wene I mentioned a ccj, so they suggested my better half does it alone as sole signature, dilemma nos 2! Credit card failure. We thought that was it , but they told us no problem, and they would put the full amount £5000 loan in my other halfs bank then she would have to transfer they full amount to the trust fund, ? So we have not paid anything as such, how do I go about cancelling this signed agreement , made around 12 hours ago, I am still in Tenerife and have to meet with someone in 5 hours if there is any questions I would still like to ask or should I wait untill I get home? I was told there is. NO cooling off period as this is NOT Timeshare ? unable to sleep would love a quick reply thanks nick

    • Stuart Holmes says:

      No point in asking any questions, they’re all l**** decei*** ***lifes. ContactTesco, Santander or whoever it was the loan application is with and explain it was completed under duress.You’re fortunate the cc payment failed, at least these th***** have not got any of your money.DO NOT PAY THEM A PENNY. Is it Ian you’re meeting?

    • Ray says:

      Ditto Stuart
      No point is asking them questions because they just lie
      I got my deposit back following a sending a letter to cc sarl and barclacard letter stating “misrepresentation” (legal speak for lying and deception)
      They (club class) try and say no cooling off period because it’s only a one years club membership but since the “bargain holidays” are to be taken over a five year period (a deliberate misdirection to try and disguise the fact) this is an extremely weak argument. You’ve not paid them anything so I say just tell them you’ve changed your mind and leave it at that ( no free taxi back to the airport though 🙂
      Undoubtedly once back in uk you will get phone calls fromJoanne but just ignore them that’s what I did. After a couple of weeks she got the message and has now given up

  13. Steve N says:

    Our mother in law went on holiday via Club class in April (was a member) after being told to go over to Tenerife as has not used her membership and to find out why. Over there they signed up for the Club Class Prestige after paying a deposit of £2482.17 by credit card. I’ve just read through the paper work and the contracts that she has already signed and sent back and it is a bit laughable really. She has already looked at holidays and for a four week period they were unable to find a holiday she wanted (cruise and stay) even though plenty were showing up online.
    Obviously I’ve advised to not pay the balance even though they are badgering for it. Is there a way that she can stop this now and maybe even get her deposit back?

  14. John says:

    ARE people getting good advice from mind timeshare and are people ACTUALLY GETTING THEIR MONEY BACK? Also i would like to know if there any connections between the company Imagen Sinergica Sl and their administrator BenjaminMoreno Rodriguez and Club Class Would appreciate it if anybody knew Thanks

    • Ray says:

      Following advice from Alberto and others on this forum I got all my money back
      CC sarl repaid CC all bar £99 and Barclaycard paid the remainder
      Thanks again everyone

      • John says:

        thanks for your reply it gives encouragement to me and others they .club Class have only rung us twice since we have ben hoem so im assuming they have got the message that i want my money back Had offers etc to forget the cash back and just have the holidays (same as all the others)Credit card at moment asking me for the linkage from who we paid on the credit card to Club Classso not sure what will happen with that

      • Pete says:

        We got our money back via our credit card – Santander. Very useful advice here – and remember you are not alone in being sc***** by these robbers.
        Right will prevail, so persevere.


  15. C and M says:

    Hi, We are in exactly the same position as so many above. We foolishly signed up with Club Class in Tenerife in May 2012. The rep Ian really got his spiel down to a fine art. He even said his parents lived in Essex not far from us. We were there from 10.30 am to 4.30 pm. Couldn’t leave on our own as we had no idea where we were – quite a remote part of Tenerife. He said our money was safe as it was always ours to use for holidays and lot of other things which were completely untrue. I actually wrote down what he was saying in front of him and he confirmed all this. Luckily I took the paper I wrote the information down on. Anyway we stupidly gave him the deposit of £2400 from our credit card and on our return home, still believing everything was ok paid the reminder of £1200 (total £3600) after they phoned us a couple of times. Then we received the paperwork and realised we had been s****** and our savings of £3600 was gone forever. We have spoken to lots of members of their staff. Danielle who was supposed to be our personal advisor was quite off hand. Joanne keeps telephoning us but we do not answer the phone. We have written and send by registered post to head office inGibraltar, also Freestay Travel, the Accountants (Sochalls in London) and Premiere Travel, asking for a refund or our money as we feel we have been grossly misinformed of what they actually offer. We are pensioners and can’t afford to lose money like this – we had saved up this money over a period of time to use just for future holidays, but now it is gone. We will continue to pursue this company. Will let you know what happens. Wish we had read this site before we send off the money.
    C and M

    • Pete says:

      I know exactly how you feel. Ian is a very believable person, so it’s doubly galling to find out you’ve been sc*****. Ask Alberto for a copy of my letter to our credit card company and pursue your refund in this manner (you will be successful). Please do not answer any more calls from Club Class as they’ll only serve to upset you further.
      All the best


      • Colleen and Melvyn says:

        We are still trying to get our money back and going through Santander, but they just keep sending us the same forms over and over again. Have spoken to them on the phone but they say just keep sending the same information as we have already done. Has anyone else dealt with claims through Santander – can you help us with the forms please?

      • Jill says:

        Am currently in the process of reclaiming from Club Class but the credit card company want eveidence of the connection btw them and Imagen Sinergica S.L who took the deposit. Please advise.

  16. Ray says:

    Thought I had got away lightly but the phone calls have started now (demanding the remainder of the payment)
    Joanne denies ever having received written notice of cancellation (yet cant say who signed for it as it was recorded delivery) nor explained what happened to the email which was internally forwarded to her by CCS (I have a copy :0)

    However she still insists, because it was a years membership (something which was never made clear), it is not covered by the Timeshare directive
    I have filed a section 75 with my CC citing 6 items of misrepresentation and am awaiting a reply
    Guess I just have to sit it out until CCS get bored……….

    just got another email “reminder” about outstanding fees from about 8 years ago too

    • denise says:

      i am in the process of hopefully getting money back through bank have received emails offering deals threatening legal action and this morning one asking for fees from years ago which as i never had membership is scaping the barrel .do as i,m doing completley ignore them by the way i also had my cancellation notice sent back as apparently there was noone to sign for it luckily had sent two one to gibralta one to spanish office good luck denise

  17. Ted says:

    Hello, We too were lured into Club Classand having previously had Timeshare which we were unable to use for various reasons not all theirs and which we eventually lost out on. We felt that A holiday club would be a better option. We even set up a standing order to pay membership fee, some how this got cancelled and after about 18 months we were contacted advising us of the missed payment, we paid up and got an offer of a very cheap holiday in Spain or Tenerife. which we took and enjoyed. in 2010 we got the offer of a cheap holiday and chose to go to Tenerife where we got bamboozled and signed up for apphire membership and the Cash back. Oh how brainless we were. Some how no DD or SO were set up. This year We have recieved generic emails which have steadil got more threatening about how they wil recover the money and also one phone call where they person at that end agreen to write through the mail system setting out their demand as I refused to deal with anyone over the phone unless I could confirm I was speaking to someone from clubclass as over the years we have had countless calls from people offering to buy our membership or convert it.
    We now have caller ID diplay and as al the calls regarding Clubclassseem to originate from from international numbers and we do not have any personal friends abroad who we are in ontact with by phone we now ignore all International or Out of area calls also any calls which originate from 08*** numbers until I have checked out to see if it is a ompany that we do legitimately deal with.

    I would like to know if there is anyway of gettinganything back or stopping the pusuit by this so called business.


  18. Pete says:

    Ray, you are not alone, but persevere as right will always win. Don’t answer the phone to the numerous calls you will receive from them (will just get you mad), but cancel by letter (they won’t reply), then send a claw back claim to your credit card company citing misrepresentation etc.
    I’m sure Alberto will have sent you information on how to do it.
    Good luck,


  19. Pete says:

    I am personally just going to ignore their nonsense. As far as I am aware they have never taken anyone to court for unpaid fees and are just trying it on.
    I would call the Police immediately if a person appeared on my doorstep who was acting on behalf of Club Class. I would consider that they’d require a court order to pursue you, and who is going to give a disreputable company like Club Class this facility.
    Just blow a whistle loudly in their ear if they call again.
    I’m sure Alberto will be along soon to assist in the legalities.


    • Hi Pete,
      You are right, just ignore them as it is all wasted energy to get upset about it over and over again.
      And yes we will be here to help!
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

      • Ray says:

        I too have just had the dubiuos pleasure of speaking to Joanne at Club Class whilst trying to cancel an “agreement” made Thursday last week
        She tells me I can’t cancel because the ” cooling off” period is only applicable to timeshares not holiday memberships
        She insisted that the only “choice” I had was whether to pay by installments (£95 a mth for 5 years) or a lump sum
        Can you please help?

      • Sharron says:

        Ray, don’t give them any more money than you already have – and get straight onto your credit card company to claim a refund under gross misrepresentation of whatever you have already paid! I’m sure Alberto will give you more advice, but do not part with any more money!

      • Ray says:

        Thank you for your support
        I just feel so stupid falling for it twice (Club Class 7 years ago)
        It was the ITRA thing that was the “convincer” (no more maintenace fees) not knowing any better I was guided by the “happy punters” on their forum where Alberto is made out to be the bad guy!

      • Hi Ray,
        Thanks for your messages.
        Our information is on it’s way and you will receive this today by email.
        Don’t let them convince you that you cannot cancel and you have no rights, that’s nonsense!
        Kind regards
        Customer Care

  20. Angela says:

    Hi Pete, I have had the same problem. We were stupid enough to purchase from Club Class in 2003 and went about the approriate ways of getting cashback. Funnily enough the recorded letter came back to us ‘addressee gone away’. Twice we sent the details and only came back to us. We had a couple of companies call us to try and help but to be honest we were unsure of their reptability and declined. We have lost £6,500 and have no way of getting this back, but this evening my husband took a call from Club Class who were waffling on about things and he politely said he asn’t interested in what they had to offer and ended the call. Soon as he put the tel down, it rang again. It was the same guy. He again said not interested and ended the call. After that the guy called 4 more times and by this stage I answered and explained we do not want to speak to them and to not call again, then ended the call. He rang again, and I ended the call. The tel rang again, I didn’t even bother to answer by this point as was so wound up, and just picked up and put down receiver. The I tried to call out a couple of minutes later and they guy was still on the line taking, and I asked him to end the call and clear our tel line and he basilcally wouldn’t so I put down the receiver and then unplugged the tel which disconnected the call. Then 30 minutes later I went to use the tel and realised a message was left. It was they guy again, saying that we need to call them straight away as he was working on behalf of debt collectors for Club Class to obtain 10 years of unpaid membership fees. I was totally lost for words. At no point in the last 9 years have we had any email or written communication from them regarding anything to do with overdue fees. Surely this is another con?!?!? I called the tel no. he left and he said that our membership has not been cancelled therefore irrelivant that we have never used the services one, the yearly £55 fees are payable and the arrears todate are 10 years worth. He argued saying that he emailed my workds email address, and I advised that I had not worked there for the last 7 years so no way of knowing they had messaged. I asked why they had not written and he did not give an answer. I have asked him send all details in letter for and we will see where we can go from there. Have you had anymore contact from them regarding chasing you for outstanding fees? I have a new baby at home, and this is the last thing I wan’t to be stressing out with. Can anyone help? I have no idea how to deal with this situation and whether we are liable for all these missed yearly fees?

    Many thanks

    • Michael says:

      Hi Angela,
      I took a similar single call from CC about 10 days ago. Had a fruitless argrument with him! Told him I that i refused to pay!
      Legally CC would have to take legal action before any bailiff could be authorised by a UK Court to visit you at home.
      best wishes

    • Michael says:

      Hi Angela,
      I had a similar single cionversation about 10 days ago. Told him that I was not paying anything!
      CC would have to take legal action, of which you would have to be notified, through a UK court before any bailiff could be sent to your home.
      Don’t worry – best wishes

  21. Pete says:

    I’ve just received the following Email from Club Class. After my recent dealings with them and getting my cash back from Credit Card, I cancelled my standing order with Sochalls – and sent them a letter to this effect.
    They are obviously persistant as you can see from their Email.
    Quite naturally, I’ll be ignoring this nonsense, but I’m sure others will be receiving this communication.

    Urgent Reminder – Your Club Class Membership Subscription Debt Recovery 2
    TO: 1 More1 recipientCC: recipientsYou MoreBCC: recipientsYou
    Hide Details FROM:customerservices TO:Customer Services ClubClass Message flagged Sunday, 22 April 2012, 15:50

    Dear Club Class Holidays Members

    Your are receiving this email because your £75 or £55 (Contract depending) Club Class Annual Subscriptions have been overdue for some time and must be paid up-to-date. Whether you wish to remain membership holders, cancel your account or take advantage of our new resale service; which is exclusive to active members only, all arrears must first be cleared.

    Club Class Plc which owns all of the Club Class related products, has been trading for over 5 years having taken over from Club Class Holidays Ltd which commenced business in 1996 and are proud that the club is now recognized as Europe´s largest and most successful of its type. It now has 3 membership platforms and continues to develop new products and ideas for the benefit of its 100,000 members.

    Due to a company restructure and new procedures, we are currently reviewing the status of each membership holder found on our database. Our aim is to help them to clear any subscription debt they have amassed, then assist with either reactivating their membership thus taking advantage of the clubs excellent holiday and lifestyle savings, reselling their ownership or concluding their indefinite contract in accordance to our set cancellation procedures.

    It is important that all members are made aware that the payment of annual subscriptions is their sole requirement as a Club Class member and if these fees are not paid then the membership will be suspended and Club Class will be obligated to pursue any default until it is paid.

    Though your individual circumstances may differ, your status shows that you currently have subscription arrears having allowed your payments to lapse. Whether or not you believe otherwise, your membership has simply been suspended and all accrued debt remains in your name pending its payment.

    Once paid you have will have the opportunity of taking advantage of one of the following options:

    • To reactivate your membership and start enjoying the many benefits, savings and services available.
    • To take advantage of our new resale service, working in conjunction with an established industry recommended sales and marketing provider.
    • To cancel your account by following our cancellation procedures which are fully outlined within this communication.

    Though this reminder may have come as a surprise to you, and may have done so without previous warning, the membership has always been your sole responsibility to maintain and utilize. Albeit completely unnecessary and easily avoidable, in some cases, failure to comply may leave us with no option but to utilize the certainly more effective intervention of our contracted debt recovery group, who will use more advanced methods to obtain any outstanding debt.

    As this is a general mail-shot, sent to many clients, it is always appreciated that when communicating with us you kindly state your full name, membership number or registered home postcode or alternatively reply using the same email address to which this correspondence was sent.

    • Sheren says:

      Hi bought a holidaymembership in 2002 in Tenerife paid 7,900 was totally told a packj of lies and have never used it, I have just been sent the same email from club class I am wondering if you did ignore the email.

      • Pete says:

        Just ignore any emails from club class – or whoever they think they are now. They are chancers and are relying on intimidation to extort cash from you. They wouldn’t have the bottle to try and take anyone to court as they’d end up there themselves.


      • denise says:

        got my money back from club class july but now receiving threatening e mails ============r membership fees going back years to origonal time share purchase where we lost all our money this was when club class got our details any ideas if they can do this

  22. Alan says:

    Hi All

    I am just about to start the ‘reclaim’ process via my credit card – has anyone got any advice as to what to put on the standard forms they send out ?
    We are going to go down the misrepresentation route but Club Class are still trying to worm their way out of it buy saying we bought exactly what we were sold. It’s quite amusing to see what Joanne quotes the sales rep said to us and what they ACTUALLY said to us – it is like 2 different conversations.

    Kind regards

  23. jillies1953 says:

    Dear Customer Care. Thanks SO much and look forward to hearing further from you. Jill

  24. brenda knowles and mandy smith says:

    we sign up 4 this last april.paid a£1000 each of our credit cards then got the loan for £8000 which 2000 was given back to pay our credit cards. we pay a loan every month of£125.00 for the next 5 years. is it to late for us to get halp to get it bk as they have our money and were keft oaying this loan. we havent used there holidays as they are rubbish. both of us are single parent thuoght we were getting a good deal….. mmm conned. brenda and mandy

    • brenda knowles and mandy smith says:

      if anyone can help us with the above message i would really appreciate any help brenda and mandy

      • Dear Brenda and Mandy,
        Thanks for your message.
        We will certainly help you further and we are preparing an informative email for you which will be send to you in due course.
        Not to worry, because if you have a chance to recuperate the money, we will certainly advice you on how to do this.
        Kind regards
        Customer Care

      • brenda knowles and mandy smith says:

        aww thankyou so much. look forward to hearing from you

  25. glyn says:

    Hi I purchased club class holiday club adout 6 years ago, ihave never had a holiday they are over priced. So last year i stopped paying. niw they are chasing me all the time. They say they have fined me £200.00 is this possible

  26. Dianne says:

    Another mug bites the dust. We are out by €1500 on the credit card, intended getting loan tomorrow
    finalising the payments until my daughter put me onto your website. It all seemed to make sense and appeared quite ligitimate. How do these people sleep at night. Can you please advise. My husband has just retired and we can ill afford to lose this sort of money.

    Kind regards
    Dianne Bailey

  27. Sharron says:

    I have just received my cashback from Reclaim (about 15%) of what I paid(not at all surprised and not expecting any more!). I am tired of all this now and ready to give up, but was wondering if there was any point in pursuing it further?
    I no longer have the paperwork stating that we would get a full refund – so it would be word of mouth – does that count for anything or should I just be grateful for what I have?

  28. alastair says:

    thanks guys,will take up your advice and let you know how it goes.

  29. A Lygate says:

    yip us too,if only we’d carried out some research first and found this site,but the tactics are pretty subtle and confusing ,particularly over the financial agreement via Santander or Tesco Banks ( no doubt used to give us a false sense of security) and Ians’ laid back style certainly fooled us, what a creep!.we handed over our credit card details (barclaycard) whom have been unhelpful, so we wrote per Mr Davies letter within the cooling off period to Gibraltar and e-mailed Tenerife ccsarl,all we’ve had is a call from Joanne in nov 11.trying her best to convince us that the purchase is a genuine good offer…so would be pleased to hear from anyone whose recently managed to get deposit of £2400 back as we’ve been waiting for 12 weeks now.We e-mailed stating we’d only communicate via e-mail or letter and that we’d not respond to phone calls particularly after the hours grilling which resulted in us having to just hang up..listening to their customers is not in their vocabulary.
    Should also say we booked holiday via Vivasol,whom think cc are legit despite info elsewhere on the net which states many of CC employees in court on fraud no help there also.
    How can the Spanish Authorities allow these companies to operate ,or are they on a back hander too!!
    Hey maybe we should petition Ryanair to add some useful content to there ‘in flight’ magazine.
    Would be grateful for any advise…

    • Pete says:

      Sorry to hear of your so typical dealings with Club Class. It was Ian who duped us too – very convincing liar and needs sorting.
      Do as we did, by firing off a cancellation letter to Club Class (they won’t reply), ignore the phone calls and then claim from your card company citing misrepresentation and providing evidence that what they tell you is all lies. Once I’d gathered all my evidence together my card company refunded me very quickly.
      Joanne is possibly the most disingenuous person I’ve ever spoken to, so I only spoke once, formed my opinion and never answered the numerous calls again.
      Please check out this site, plus others before drafting your claim letter as there is valuable advice to be had.
      Sadly, most folk don’t persevere, but persistance will pay off.
      I’ve already offered my claim letter to people on here, but I need an email address to send it to.


      • Stu says:

        I’d dearly love an opportunity to ‘sort’ that horrible little worm.

        Pete’s right, you won’t get any joy from ClubClass. Your best bet is is your credit card. We received a very quick refund from Egg.

      • Mandy and brenda says:

        Hi Pete. You seem to have been very lucky in getting your money back. Me and my friend were conned of £8000. We paid £2000 on credit card then took a loan when we got back. We do not know where to start. Can u please help us.. Mandy

      • Jill says:

        Hi Pete! My husband and I have just spent a miserable hour or so reading stories from people just like us who fell for the Club Class Sarl sales pitch. We were in Tenerife in March this year, are £2400 worse off and wish to cancel – naturally even more so now having read this page. I have written to Club Class Gibraltar by international registered mail asking for our deposit back but as at yesterday, postman had been unable to obtain signature for it. Could you please email your claim letter to me so I can fire another shot across the Club Class bows? Many thanks and kind regards. Jill

      • Hi Jill,
        Thanks for your comment.
        Yes not to worry we will guide you through the refund claim and also send you links for example letters etc.
        Kind regards
        Customer Care

      • John says:

        Hi Pete we also paid a deposit using our credit card and they are ringing us on Sunday 27/5/12 to see how we wish to pay the balance. Obviously after reading about how many other people have been scammed into this we wish to cancel and try to get our deposit back. We would appreciate it if you could let us have a draft of the letter you sent and advise us what evidence you were able to provide to obtain a refund from your credit card company. Many thanks Ann & John

      • Pete says:

        Hi John,

        I’m sure Alberto will contact you with enough information to help you out. He has a copy of my successful letter along with other information to get you out of the clutches of these obnoxious people.
        I wouldn’t even answer the phone to them to discuss further, but just send off the standard letter to cancel the contract with Club Class within the timescale (you must do this as your card company will require this info), then start the claw back process with your card provider using my letter as your template.



      • Sue says:

        Hi Peter.
        We fell for the Club Class jargon in April 2011. I have felt really bad about the whole experience and almost gone into denial that it ever happened. Anyway a new year I am well onto the case of getting my money back.
        Do the pro-forma letters come from you or Alberto?


    • tiggur44 says:

      hi there
      i got my money back from cc through claiming through my credit card got my money back within two weeks you will get nowhere chasing club class best of luck

  30. Mr Cross says:

    Hi again

    Could someone please clarify the following :

    The contract is with Club Class SARL in Gibraltar – are they governed by UK Law, Spanish Law or something else.
    Are the governed by the Timeshare Regulations 2010 ?

    Kind regards

    V re C

  31. Mr C says:

    Hi All

    We have just got back from Tenerife and exactly the same happened to us.
    After 5 hours of ‘sales spiel’ we decided to sign up for the Prestige Club Class Membership to include 5 x 7 day holidays which included 2 return flights at any 4/5* accommodation for up to 4 people half board or 6 people s/c. We paid £1500 on credit card and today Joanne from Club Class was chasing a decision on how we were going to settle the balance.
    When I told her that we were considering cancelling as we felt that we had been pressured into signing, she said we were unable to do so as £3500 had already been placed into an account on our behalf to accompany the £1500. This was never discussed or disclosed to us.
    I quoted the Timeshare Directive to her and it did not faze her – she said there was no ‘cooling off’ period and it did not apply to them or this contract. I explained that we had felt pressured when signing but all she did was quote the T&C’s and we had signed and not felt under any pressure at all. Personally, I consider asking for 24 hours to consider such an investment and being told, sign today or the offer would not be available again – to be pressure.
    I have written a letter to Gibraltar and Customer Services but Joanne seems adamant that we need to pay the balance and she will contact me to do so.
    I then proceeded to speak to a legal body here in the UK who said they would pursue cancellation on my behalf at a cost but he seems to think ‘pressure selling’ and potential misrepresentation would hold up quite well.
    I have also briefed my credit card who say to proceed with the cancellation letter and if I don’t get any joy to refer back to them. They will only take action and pursue a claim if any laws have been broken by Club Class.

    Can anyone offer advice on how I should proceed or what else can be done.


    V re C

  32. Joy's Mum says:

    We have just got back from Fuengirola where we had a similar high-pressure sales talk and to our shame did sign up. When we got home in the cold light of day and having seen other comments we decided to cancel the agreement as I don’t think this is what we would make use of. We have just spoken to Joanne in Gibraltar and she informs us that the cooling-off period only applies to contracts for over 1 year so we are not eligible, as ours is for just 1 year (although membership is life-long). Is this true? The CAB website says the cooling off period applies to all contracts of at least a year, so hopefully we will get somewhere. We are now writing to Garrison House, using words similar to mcadavies. Any further advice please?

    • Pete says:

      You will get nowhere with Club Class – just ignore all phonecalls – especially from Joanne. You must start the refund process with your credit card citing misrepresentation etc as your reason for the claw back – good advice on here.
      See my previous comments on how to progress things.


  33. susan peperoni says:

    think my parents have been scammed they had a holiday in tenerife last year and signed up to club class and gave them 5,000 pounds they have since been sent freestay vouchers to use for up to 5 years. They want to travel at easter and have looked on the freestyle website where ther is only one hotel for tenerife do you think they should continue with this or try and get there money back. My dad doesnt seem to think that this is a scam.

  34. tiggur44 says:

    hi alberto
    already got my refund back from club class conciage 2010 for an upgrade £2500 and half from the cc company for the deposit we paid in 2008 for 10k still fighting with the bank for the other 5k were getting there with your help . just a queery i got a cold call from a company called wanting to buy my clubclass membershipis this a new one for scams .as i have got most of my money back you think i could sell them it haha

    • Hi Tiggur,
      That’s great news! Let’s see if you get the final amount as well.
      Selling with HRD? Yeah why not! As long as you don’t pay an upfront fee!
      Customer Care

      • tiggur44 says:

        hi alberto
        recieved a call from holidayrentalsdirect got an offer of 8k but still they wanted 1k up front said they had a buyer refused point blank another scam company i think still waiting for the rest of refund keep you posted keep up the good work

    • Mandy and brenda says:

      Hi I’m sorry to bother you was reading your story and me and my friend have took the sand type of membership as you. How did you manage to retrieve most of the money. We are nearly one year into the membership.. We have a loan from tescos for £8000 and we don’t know where to start.. Please help us. Mandy and brenda.

      • tiggur44t says:

        hi mandy & brenda
        i got my money back contacting my credit card provider telling them that they were closed down by police for scamming if you contact alberto garcia from the enforcement team. he will set you on the right track how to claim on his letter hope it works out for yous as i cant believe so many of us got scammed with those people .good luck if you need any help writing the letter let me know tiggur44

      • Mandy and brenda says:

        Thanx for replying to me. Do you think we will recover the money back regarding the loan? It’s good to hear people have got their money. Hope we are just as lucky.

  35. Graham says:

    We were given the 5hr ‘grilling’ in Teneriffeby Club Class sarl on 29th November last year and parted with £1200 with a further £2800 to pay by 29th December. Sadly we paid by debit card so can’t claim back via the credit card route. Have emailed them to cancel but Joanne phoned today to say that we can’t cancel and that this blog is run by a major timeshare company to damage Club Class because they are so successful. She is phoning again tomorrow. I am about to email them a version of macadavies letter and send one recorded to Gibraltar – anything else I can do?

  36. Sharon says:

    Just back from Tenerife and got scammed as well. We refused to pay any deposit so have not lost any cash. They said they had worked it so they
    paid the deposit and we then forward them the deposit money from the “loan”. This was on Tuesday, on Wednesday we did some research online after already deciding not to proceed. When checking the “contract” we noticed the due date for the balance was 6 January 2011 when it should have ready 6 January 2012 – a date in the past and not possible – any one else just been scammed check the dates – the woman who drew up the contract was not
    to good on realising the year changes at the end of December. When the customer service chap called to see us on Thursday to answer any questions we might have he pulled out the original (we think) contract and my husband took it from him to show him the error with the date. My husband then
    shredded the contract in front of him as it was no longer valid with the wrong date on it. We allowed them to think we were still interested and arranged for a new meeting on Friday morning for signing a corrected contract. We then packed up and left Tenerife finally getting a new flight home on Friday with another airline. We did see the finance chap at the airport (he didn’t see us) and we think he was looking for us as he had no clipboard which they usually have when meeting new “clients” off the arriving flights. The flight they booked for us doesn’t leave until tomorrow and they do not know if we are in Tenerife or not still.
    I am interested in knowing if we are still likely to be liable/pursued for the money and if they have any hold over us. Also do they ever actually apply for these loans with Tesco (or other bank they are using)? If they do apply for a loan, is there any action I can take – I rather stupidly gave them bank account details as I wasn’t thinking? Do we need to take any action by writing a letter and posting recorded to Gibraltar or do they not have a contract in our case as we shredded it? They also advised us they still had my debit card details on file from the holiday booking which they could charge the £2,400 deposit so I cancelled my card before they could attempt this and before we met them on Thursday. I’d be grateful for any advice or info you can offer on our situation.

    • Dear Sharon,
      Thanks for your comment.
      That must have been some stressful holiday days!
      We will send you more information by email.
      Tesco won’t give you a loan if you don’t want to and they would always call you first.
      Has Club Class tried to contact you now you are at home?
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  37. tiggur44 says:

    hi there
    i never recieved my cashback voucher for £20.000 to cash in after 3 years with club class any ideas where to chase it up thanx

  38. Pete says:

    If you like, I could send you a copy of my claim letter.


  39. alan and marlene says:

    Re my post on the 9th Nov. Do you think that we should try to redeem the ‘cash back’ that is due to be claimed now, is there any chance of getting anything? Also, we would like to put in a claim with our creditcard company [Tesco] to at least get the deposits back. Please can you give us some help and advise on how to go about this. I have just come out of hospital and its driving me nuts!!

    • Pete says:

      I’d contact your credit card company and claim the lot back. Provide as much information as you can to substantiate your claim and follow advice from this site.
      My card company refunded my deposit about a week after they received my detailed claim – total of 6 weeks from being ripped off.


    • Dear Alan and Marlene,
      Thanks for your message.
      We will send you information by email and we will take it from there.
      Not to worry we will guide you through the process and advice on how to start claiming.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

      • Malcolm and Linda says:

        We were duped by Club Class also, the rep was a guy called Allan, My husband as been paying Marks and Spencer bank for a few years now, and as I am unemployed, we cannot go any holdiays. We used them a few times, but there was always some complaint regarding the holdiays the Premiere Travel booked for us. Could you help us cancel this membership, and guide us through the process and advice on how to start claming.


        Linda and Malcolm

  40. Sharron says:

    We first bought into Club Class in 2005 and have a Reclaim certificate, which matured this year. I received a letter from Reclaim saying my claim was valid and the cheque would be in the post. After waiting a while I e-mailed them to chase it up and got a reply to say it was being processed. I waited another month or so and sent a letter demanding a full refund as they had not kept to the terms and conditions regarding the timescales for the payment. I have heard nothing since! So I have written to my credit card company to claim under section 75 and am awaiting their response.
    We did upgrade to Platinum in January 2010 and I have already managed to claim the whole refund of £7,500 from my credit card – though I did have to go through the Ombudsman to make Santander pay out!
    I did try to claim for the whole amount, but the Ombudsman advised I wait until my cashback matured before claiming it to have a stronger case of breech of contract. It took me 18 months to claim the first amount from Santander – any suggestions to make this quicker? (I have mentioned the Ombudsman’s advice in my claim letter and will go back to them if I have to, but I’m really tired of it all now!)

    • Sharron says:

      We are also being hounded for our £95 annual subscription, which I refuse to pay and they are now threatening to take us to court. Have they actually taken anyone to court and if so – what was the result? I personally don’t think they’ll bother or have a leg to stand on if they do, but they are very persistent!

    • mcadavies says:

      My £30,950 certificate matured in Aug 2010. Spent much of the early part of this year pestering – emails & phone calls – finally in August received £5,994 (19%). A rep from anther company said that this was, in his experience, the first successful claim that he knew of!.

    • Hi Sharron,
      Thanks for your message.
      Unfortunately the time it takes for some refunds is as long as 18 months and other consumers are completed in 2 months…it is very difficult to say.
      But surely if you have already a successful claim, the bank might take this in consideration?
      Customer Care

  41. d.france says:

    I have been to tenerife and paid a deposit to club class they say we cannot have it back !
    Please help.
    Thank you

    • Hi D France,
      Thanks for your comment.
      No, they usually do not like to refund and most probably they will offer you a reduced membership at the exact same price as the money you are claiming back…
      We will send you more details by email.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

      • Pete says:

        It took me approx 6 weeks (from time of being duped) to have my deposit refunded via my credit card after I sent them evidence of misrepresentation. I answered 1 call from Joanne (Club Class customer service person) and quickly formed the opinion that I wouldn’t converse with her again and instead pursued a refund via credit card company.I therefore did not answer the phone to the numerous International, number with held, number unavailable calls received.
        Please follow advice given here and you will prevail.
        Good luck.


      • Thanks for your comment Pete & Congratulations with your refund!

  42. Alan & Marlene says:

    Like Mandela, we too were ripped off 3 years ago in Spain when we took up an offer through Global Vacations to join Club Class Concierge. They said that they could take our membership with Club la Costa off our hands
    As we hardly used it and the management fees were skyrocketing we thought it was a good idea. What fools we were. This never happened as we still got demands for the fees we owed to CLC. We hardly used Club class either but when we got an offer for a greatly reduced holiday in Tenerife for last May we decided to take it. Stupidly we fell for it again and signed up for the “Privilege” level. We can’t believe how stupid we were! We were given 5+ 2 Free Stay Travel vouchers. When pricing up these so called free holidays the administration fees etc and supplements for the flight and food I found that the holiday could be bought off other travel companies for the same price. Not free then.
    We paid both deposits credit card plus a small amount on a debit card on the last time because my credit card was up to the limit. Do we have any chance of getting anything back?

    Today I have been contacted by someone from RED Rock Marketing saying that Club Class has gone bust and they will help me get the ‘Cash back’ voucher redeemed. He was rather vague about dates but how did he get our details? I presume that this is a scam as well. I also got a call the other week asking if we would like to sell our membership as we didn’t use it, I just said that I would talk to my husband and put the phone down. Another scam?!!
    I don’t hold up much hope of getting anything from the Cash Back.
    I tried to ring CC today, a pre recorded voice said that the number was temporally unobtainable. Have they really gone bust?

  43. dougitoons says:

    same happened to us:
    Joined CCC in August 2009 whilst wife 8 months pregnant through marketing arm claiming to be able to take our timeshare and maintenance fee liability off us. paid them over £3500 for the privilege of Gold Membership of a holiday club we would not be able to use for at least 2 years.

    August 2011. Accepted latest in years of offers of cheap flights and free accommodation, choosing Tenerife over mainland Spain. Initially booked in Marina Palace, but later upgraded to a self-catering Apt at the Compostela Beach Golf.

    Oct 2011. Mother dies of brain haemorrhage. Funeral mid November so rels can come from abroad, Family encourages can still go on holiday to rejuvenate.

    Oct 2011. Boarding passes for flight sent less than 24 hours before flight with Ryanair (nightmare) from EMA. All family feeling tired and sick (wife and 2 year old).
    31 Oct Picked up and taken for tour of Playa las americas. Then forced to wait in hotel lobby of not very impressive hotel for over an hour due to no paperwork to prove reservation. Apartment dirty with broken shower, dirty floors, beds etc and a first floor balcony with loose railing – child almost fell through before we discovered it.
    Initially wanted to change, but unable to get a reservation elsewhere in short period of time.

    2 Nov 2011. taken to a meeting promised to last no more than 45 mins. Asked to be taken to get hot food on the way. Not done. given four slices of bread with Tuna and Cheese. Child ill. Wife ill. Meeting droned on regardless hitting four and half hours before any printed pages shown. promised we were not entering a loan but a savings plan. Signed papers. paid £2,400.00. Account name and branch given. Sort & Account number not given.

    3 Nov 2011. Given Printed sheet with words Loan Agreement. Spoke to Mastercard.

    4 Nov 2011. Emailed a Cancellation letter. Visited at Apartment by Phil from “Customer Services”. Probably a lawyer. Given the same speil about using the money spent to purchase a Select Plus Membership. Failure to do so would mean been landed with an unwanted loan agreement.

    6 Nov 2011. Emailed 2nd Cancellation letter. Based on Mike and Wendy’s advice above. Hope it works, but I will not part with any further money.

    • Dear Dougitoons,
      Thanks for your message.
      Really sorry to read what happened to you and your family, especially in the stressful period you went through and just wanted the holidays to get away from all and relax a bit.
      We will send you an email with all the information and let’s see if we can help you further with claiming a refund for all monies paid so far.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  44. Steve Cottrell says:

    Just fallen for the same ‘upgrade’ offer and paid what was supposed to be a £2400 deposit on cc (ended up at £2468 for some reason). Decided not to proceed any further after finding this forum and seeing the news about Club Class International. Would appreciate any help and advice you could give on trying to claim back payment.


    • Pete says:

      Hi Steve,
      I’m in the same boat as you just now – seems like quite a few caught with this scam recently. I’ve followed advice from here and am awaiting an outcome. You will get a call from Joanne telling you there is no escape and they’ll pursue you for the balance – just stick with your request for a refund.
      If you get the call from her, ask for her refusal to be put in writing.
      All the best.

    • Hi Steve,
      Thanks for your comment.
      We will send you the information by email and give you all the help and advice needed for recovering this money.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  45. Tony says:

    A company called Half-Moon Holdings phoned 1st Nov 2011 and said they had a buyer (gaurunteed) for our Club Class Platinum membership, saying that we would get £11,200 back in our bank account and when it was there to let them know. (They will send paperwork and we were to send it back signed ASAP.) However they asked for £1200 for insurance purposes and I was silly to give them my credit card details. I then went onto internet to see the scam, phoned my credit card company and they said: “after 30 days we had to prove that the services were not supplied” in order for them to take action. (No doubt they thought another stupid person.)

    Any ideas how to get the money back?


  46. i got sucked in by holiday warehouse tenerife jan 2005 can i ask my credit card company to get my £3000 back or am i to late,i never used my membership never paid any yearly subs. now all of a sudden they are ringing me up to tell me that i have to pay all arrears,are these club class holidays gone into liquidation or not. thanks Brian.

    • Hi Brian,
      Thanks for the message
      There is a time of 6 years to claim a refund for the credit card payment, that is 6 years counting from the day the financial transaction took place.
      So for January 2005, it is too late, I am really sorry
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  47. Tj says:

    We have just returned from fuengirola and have been conned by Ian and mark 😦 we were already platinum members after being duped in Portugal in 2008. Our offer was to be upgraded for free but we ended up paying £2400 on credit card and now they are hounding us for £8k loan for balance, tried to cancel but they say we can’t as the cashback account has already been set up. We have been promised 7 holidays in Europe but I think we will be conned again looking at the comments on here. No mention at all of loans just a holiday saving plan! How stupid do I feel? Again!

    • Hi TJ,
      Don’t worry, you must have seen on the blog that there are so many others who have fallen for the same thing as it does sound convincing and attractive.
      We will send you the info by email and we take it from there.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

      • TJ says:

        Have sent an email and letter cancelling agreement within the 14day cancellation period. Got a call tonight from Mark telling me that he is in trouble now and has to pay for the cashback bond that they have set up in our name! Shame! He then offered us cheaper holidays but I said no just wanted money back. He then said he would take my timeshare off my hands??? I don’t have a timeshare and I told him that but he was convinced and that was why they had offered us the cashback! Now I’m even more confused! He even said I couldn’t cancel as my husband didn’t sign the cancellation letter! Waiting on another phone call on Tuesday from customer services dept at club class con artists.

      • Hi TJ,
        Thanks for your comment.
        Mark is in trouble? Well well..
        Don’t let these people confuse you! Their bottomline is not to refund you a penny and they will tell you anything to make it sound genuine.
        Let me know if they call again and please do continue with your refund claim.
        Kind regards
        Customer Care

      • TJ says:

        Hmmm funny I’ve just had a phone call from blue chip sl saying they have a buyer for my club class membership, they offered me £9500 for my platinum membership, sounded dodgy. I told them I was very wary of being scammed and wanted to check them out before I did anything, they said it was all above board and would be put into writing. I was told that if I wanted to proceed to call back by 2pm, having done a little research I won’t be calling them back. They look like as much of a scam as club class.

      • Hi TJ,
        Thanks for letting us know.
        Yes Blue Chip is one of the companies to look out for and hang up as soon they call!
        Kind regards
        Customer Care

      • TJ says:

        Well, update on cc saga. After having no joy I sent them an email using the format letter threatening action with trading standards etc and the following day I received a call from danielle saying that customer services had authorised my refund and it was back in my account! So I checked and yes they had refunded me but only the euro amount i had paid on the day meaning I was over £160 out of pocket! As I was charged commission on their refund! Gonna take it up with barclaycard. They have also put me back on platinum membership, not that I’m going to use it!

      • Dear TJ,
        Well it looks like your threats did have some effect then! What a coincidence, the refund was authorised straight away!
        That only shows!
        Kind regards
        Customer Care

      • denise says:

        Hi, just returned from from a holiday in Fuengirola paid for by club class who talked us into ‘upgrading’ from a previous membership that we don’t actually remember having. After looking into this company we know now realise it is a scam, we paid £2400 by credit card and have also agreed to a future loan. i’ve looked at the small print and it says there is no cooling off period but i’m sure i was told at the presentation that there was. the paperwork was only signed on saturday and so i assumed that i would have time to check it out and cancel if neccessary when i got home but now am worried because it says i have no right to cancel. i can see from previous postings that you offer advice on what to do in this situation, any you can give me would be very much appreciated. club class have said they will call tomorrow to get my bank details for the loan which obviously i don’t want. many thanks, Denise.

      • Hi Denise,
        Thanks for your comment. We will certainly email you more information and advice on how to take this furher.
        Please do start with sending a cancellation letter to Club Class and send this by recorded delivery.
        They might not mention a cooling off, but sending the letter inside the 14 days is always a good move!
        Kind regards
        Customer Care

    • Tracy says:

      Tj we’ve just done the exact same in Tenerife in April but I’m refusing to send the loan balance of £6000, the loan is with Tesco in my name so I’m not transferring anything, they can chase me all they like. Are they still hounding you in May 2012?

      • TJ says:

        Have heard nothing from them since we cancelled the upgrade. Haven’t paid the annual membership either and that was due in November. Have had calls from people wanting to purchase our membership though, have told them to go away! They won’t be getting another penny from us!

  48. GT14 says:

    I was conned into a Club Class membership on Tenerife in Oct 2006 by an outfit called Terranova, who have now vanished. I want to make a section 75 1974 claim against my Credit card co. Can anyone offer any guidance in making a claim, as I doubt the ccc will make it easy.

    • Hi GT14,
      Thanks for the message.
      Credit Card companies will never make it easy when asking for a refund, but if you have the right, you will get your right, so at least let’s try!
      We will send you more information by email.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  49. Mick & Helen Holroyde says:

    Our tale of woe is exactly the same as everybody else. We feel so stupid. We were previous members of Club Class and fell for their offer of a free week in Tenerife. We travelled in February 2011 and went on one of their presentations on the 18 Feb. We fell for the hype and paid a £2400 deposit on my wife`s credit card. We were given no cooling off period. We did contact Club Class concierge on 6 March asking for our money back and thereafter for about 2 months but to no avail.
    My wife contacted her credit card company and to be honest, they were less than helpful.
    All the info on this forum is so much common sense, that I feel that someone will be able to assist us. I have read the letter from mcadavies July 9 at 6.59am. I cannot believe that such a simple letter successfully got their money back. Surely there has to be more to it than that. I am not knocking the letter or the writer in any way. I am in awe of it!
    Would I be able to copy the letter and use it to my own ends? Is there anything else I need to do with the credit card company. Is it likely to succeed after 9 months? Any advice received will be gratefully received.

  50. Pete Sinclair says:

    Letter sent using your format last friday – Joanne was adamant – no cooling off period. That’s not what I understand and I told her so.


  51. Pete Sinclair says:

    Got the call from Joanne tonight – basically we are committed because of what we’ve signed (no cooling off with Club Class?) and they will pursue us for the balance if it’s not paid by the 30th. I told her that we were told about the cooling off period and she said we must have picked things up wrongly. She will call back in a week to discuss further. I’ll go down the credit card route in due course.


    • mcadavies says:

      See my ‘letter’ on 9th July above – that worked for us!

      • Peter Sinclair says:

        Great news today. My credit card company (santander) agreed with my evidence of misrepresentation and I’ve had my deposit refunded. Thanks to all here for advice given.
        I will forward my letter to the card company to Alberto to assist others.


    • Hi Pete,
      Thanks for the update!
      You picked up what wrong? About the cooling off period? Oh dear….you weren’t meant to know or what?
      Why a week then? To make sure the cooling off period has passed?
      Customer Care

  52. Pete Sinclair says:

    We’ve just returned from Tenerife after being invited by Club Class. The presentation by Ian was pretty laid back,friendly and informal, and we unfortunately signed up for what was on offer. However, Ian had mentioned the 14 day cooling off period, so I really wasn’t too concerned should we have second thoughts. On our return I looked up the various blogs on Club Class, and decided (although we’d already made up our minds to cancel) to send off a formal letter of cancellation (recorded delivery) within the timescale.
    We paid the £2400 deposit, and today when we were contacted by Rebecca for the balance she was informed that we’d cancelled. She didn’t seem phased by this, but said that her manager (Joanne?) would be in touch tomorrow to discuss.
    We are adamant that we wish a refund and will hold out for this no matter what.

    Pete S

  53. mandela says:

    hi everyone been reading all your comments my wife and i been ripped of in it.s thoundsands but was a long time ago bout 3years. seems most comments are recent wondered if there was a certain time we could start ball rolling for refund. also getting lots of phone call from different companys saying they can get money back with help of their lawyer,s but have to register on tenerife soil to get started any advice would be greatful

    • Dear Mandela,
      Thanks for your comment on the blog.
      There are 6 years for claiming a refund under the Credit Card Act (1974)
      So if you made payments by credit card you are still on time.
      We are sending you the information by email.
      Customer Care

  54. Stuart Holmes says:

    I think we have good news. We had no response or refund from CCS but our card provider have refunded us. 😀

    But they have said “If the retailer subsequently challenges our dispute (usually within 90 days), or if we can’t go ahead, we’ll be in touch to discuss the next steps.”

    Anyone think this is likely??

  55. eddie says:

    I believe my parents have been scamed by this group for £2K and they are now looking for a £95. membership renewal. Can anyone advise what to do next

  56. mark cook says:

    As per my previous submissions on this topic, don’t give up however awkward or obstructive they are!

  57. Wendy Shephardson says:

    hi all,
    final update on holiday fiasco with ccs. Have received money back into my credit card account – and I’m actually £21 pounds up because of the conversion rate. I may now concentrate on our first dealings with club class and think about trying to retrieve our original money from them (did try to get money back from credit straight after original deal but they declined). Will take this up again with credit card company and try to persue, if no joy will go through financial ombudsman as I think we have a good case for misrepresentation because of what we were told and what we actually got. In reply to tiggur44, it was the marketing company (palace marketing) that closed down and not club class who we can still get holidays through – just not at a price we were actually made out to believe!

    • Hi Wendy,
      Congratulations with the refund!!! That is superb news!
      Let us know if you need any further help with the other claim.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

    • Laurence & Anastasia says:

      Hi all, my wife and I were conned by club class Tenerife in August 2010.
      Hard pressure selling and unbelievable offers of fixed price flights and five star accommodation. £2,400.00 later we left with high hopes of future dream holidays.
      We were given 2 options to pay the balance, & opted to raise the money and pay the balance over the next few months. As soon as the balance was paid, we set about bookiing a new year holiday. Instead of offering us deals we had been shown at the presentation, we were directed to club class/ premiere travel who quoted all the holiday choices requested at High Street Prices. We met up with club class Allan at a hotel in Tenerife in jan 2011, and put across our points we were dissappointed with. He told us that he would talk to club class rep Jane and sort out a good deal regarding a family trip to America. Nothing come of it, the quote was not any cheaper that off Internet. In December we visited Tenerife again and went to club class offices unannounced and walked in. Joanne a new manager was the only person in the office, and there offices now quite small. I explained who we were and why we had turned up on their doorstep, she said someone would be in touch. We are still waiting for that call. We would like to follow your procedures to get back money conned form us, by club class in misrepresentation.
      Laurence & Anastasia

  58. hi again wendy if you paid with your visa and it was closed down the same as alvita call the financial omnibusman he will tell you what to do or he can make the claim for you good luck

  59. Wendy Shephardson says:

    just had a phone call from andy of ccsarl – obviously joanne had passed on our comments from previous phone call and fact we were cancelling. He was in agreement that the application was only going to go ahead if we got the loan and he also admitted that he was told by us that we didn’t think we could get a loan and he was the one that persued it. He actually asked my partner if he would like two holidays and membership to Prestige with the £1500! Now there’s a surprise, and what a discount! Obviously partner said no, we just want money back. Andy has agreed we can have the money back though it won’t happen over the next two days – no idea why. I know we haven’t actually got it back yet but will give it a week before ringing/emailing again. I also sent off cancellation letter today by recorded delivery. So, we’ll wait and see what happens!

    • Hi Wendy,
      Yes that is their usual move when people ask for a refund, they get a discounted membership or holiday pack offered for exactly the price of the deposit paid.
      For some reason they don’t like refund requests!
      Customer Care

  60. wendy shephardson says:

    hia. another update. just spoken to joanne at CC (whilst waiting for her phone call had also sent an email cancelling our application). She informed me she had spoken to her broker who confirmed we couldn’t get a loan. She advised me and partner to consolidate loans and put these along with long from CC onto mortgage! Certainly not,, yet she couldn’t see the problem and had the cheek to tell me that loan would end up cheaper than originally quoted as put onto mortgage. I assured her that under no circumstances would I put anything onto mortgage for holiday company. She then began to virtually threaten me by saying if loans don’t get paid (which partner pays even though in joint names) they could take my property into consideration for repayments! I informed that I wanted my £1500 reimbursed from credit card as application cannot go ahead because of not being able to get a loan. She then said she wanted to make it easier and cheaper for me as it would take weeks to try to reclaim money through own card company and sending letters to gibralter etc, she could give different product with money. I replied that it wasn’t making it cheaper, she was keeping my £1500! I then passed her onto my partner who confirmed we would be cancelling for same reasons i’d already stated to which she replied that we owed CC £3500! Partner put phone down on her. Have got letter typed up and will be sending recorded delivery tomorrow. Another thing they did do right at beginning of ‘talk’ was to show us the new website showing their members travel guarantee along with special offers – we would be able to get this at platinum level (which we were before the talk).
    By the way, do i stipulate in the letter the fact that we couldn’t get a loan which was the only way we could have taken on the contract and this is another reason for cancelling and CC were told this on more than one occasion?

  61. Stuart says:

    Thank you.
    I would say 19% is bad if you were lead to believe you will receive 100% as we were!

  62. mcadavies says:

    Good fortune with your claim.
    CashBack is not all bad – we have recently received 19% of the max sum we might have received – following a Club Class holiday 5 years ago – money came over 6 months later than their small print stipulated; plus i kept pestering them.

  63. Stuart says:

    Am I glad we found this blog. We have just got back from Costa Adeje and I am afraid to say after a marathon SEVEN hours with Ian and Andy we succumbed. A day we had promised the kids we’d spend on the beach 😦 . £8000 pounds for a years membership. 7 “free” European holidays and the promise of £4000 cashback after 5 years. They were initially describing a savings plan until I pointed out “No, that is a loan isn’t it”. We were also described a “trust fund”. We were shown loads of of other companies that use cashback, the implication being it was the same fund. Complete tosh as Cashback Europe seems to be part of the Club Class group. I can’t beleive that despite all my scepticism we still fell for it. I feel ashamed and embarassed. We paid £2400 registration there and then with £5600 due to follow. No way are they receiving another penny. I don’t think the loan application was completed as we could not provide all the information.

    Michael, I have used your letter (edited of course) hope you don’t mind. This was sent exactly 7 days after signing the contract. We have been ignoring their phone calls to conclude the payment, I doubt they have received our cancellation letter yet. I guess if we don’t get satisfaction from that our next action is to contact our card provider?

    Anything else we should do/know??

    • wendy shephardson says:

      Don’t feel ashamed, it’s like chinese water torture going through these ‘talks’. You were conned virtually the same week as us. What a waste of a day for both of us/our families. Andy was also the one that came to us with all the balony and confirmation of how it would work. Funilly enough a ‘loan’ was never actually mentioned to us either, just a savings plan to buy holiday each year. Our loan application won’t go through (won’t go into reasons) but suppose that’s a bonus for us! Very cheekily i got a phone call from one of their brokers last night (I’d already informed CC on the day that a loan application wouldn’t go through but still they persued it). Anyway, the broker actually asked me to take an extension on the mortgage!! As if! As this is only an ‘application’ and not an actual contract i am going to be speaking to member of CC this afternoon to inform that application is void due to not being able to get loan and so will be cancelling. I have also pinched letter from Michael and will be posting recorded delivery tomorrow after conversation and email confirming cancellation, asking for reimbursement of fee taken from Credit Card. Good luck with getting your money back

      • Hi Wendy,
        Thanks for your comment and you are right, nothing to be ashamed about! These people are not just anybody, they are in a way “good” in what they do and they catch you whilst on holidays which is always a moment when you have your guard down. Make sure you send the letter by recorded delivery! An please keep us updated!
        Good luck
        Customer Care

    • Tj says:

      Sounds exactly like our situation. Can only view a few replies on this thread though due to limited Internet access so any help would be greatly appreciated :-/

  64. same here to send a letter to garrisson house and demand your money back i got mine

  65. mcadavies says:

    We went through this earlier this year.
    Please see comment / letter under my name above. you should be able to get all (or most) of your deposit back from them!

  66. wendy shephardson says:

    just returned from Tenerife after a holiday through club class – we were already members having been duped into joining three years ago for the hefty fee of £13,750! We hadn’t really used CC or Premier Travel but CC kept emailing and calling to let me know we hadn’t used our £500 joining voucher. This is how we came to be back in Tenerife, cheap holiday through them with use of voucher. Anyway to get to the point, we had to meet up with CC at their new building to see what we thought of them, why we hadn’t used them and to update us on news. Informed them of how we were scammed 3 years earlier and we were told Palace Marketing had gone, all staff got rid of because of their dodgy dealings (even though they were working for CC). After 5 hours of Andy and Alan talking at us with the fantastic new offer of the Prestige membership we foolishly slgned up yet again. I paid £1500 on my credit card and they set up a loan (which wasn’t actually every mentioned as an actual loan) through Tesco. The loan amount is £5000 over 84 months to pay credit card and £3,500 into trust fund. After 3 years we are meant to be guaranteed a cash back from cashback europe of £3750 – £2750 is ours and £1000 to be paid to tesco so loan will cease after 3 yrs not 5. With all this we were then told to pay £90 repayment per month but this money ‘is going towards the holidays each year’. We receive 5 european holidays (1 week) and 2 return flights each year. We were told that we could book any 4/5 star accomodation (within reason) of our choice and could fly from any airport/use any airline. I now believe that these holidays are given as vouchers and tend to be timeshare holidays to again have to go to presentations. Also flights are meant to be free yet is does mention ‘up to the value of £50 per flight’ on their letter. Have checked and we have a 7 day period to terminate application. CC were meant to have phoned me yesterday, 7 days are up today (saturday). Yet it also states that our payment constitutes to upgrade in our membership replacing current so is therefore non reversible and cannot be cancelled – presume this means after the 7 days. Do I write to them now and cancel, do I ring credit card up and inform them of my intentions? Haven’t received anything from Tesco to sign for the loan – should I? Please help!!!

    • Dear Wendy,
      Thank you for the detailed message.
      We will be emailing you with the relevant information.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

    • hi wendy we had the same deal you can get your money back from the membership did you get it from alvita holidays we have got our 10k back last week there the same company as they were closed down for fraud in nov 2008 get the letters of to garrison house

      • wendy shephardson says:

        hia, not haven’t been through alvita, dealings with palace marketing who apparently have been shut down and club class (concierge) as well as club class (sarl). It would be nice to get our original £13,750 back but i don’t know if that will happen – who would i go to with that one as CC say they were only a marketing company for them and so money went to palace marketing not CC – no idea how these scams work between all these companies! Now CCSarl have £1500 of my money from credit card. Have spoken to them, emailed cancellation and sending off letter tomorrow. Will wait to hear from them. Brilliant that you got your money back, hope we’re as lucky!

    • brenda and mandy says:

      how did you word the cancelation letter to club class. were just a bit stuck how to write it. brenda and mandy

  67. Mrs Susan Hilson says:

    Can anyone tell me anything about Tenerife We are involved with them supposedly getting money back for us, but we have had no joy so far. Are they another scam?

  68. mark cook says:

    Hi Everyone,

    An update on my saga. As predicted in the article produced by mindtimeshare on 5 July above, CCSS have now e mailed me a ‘Declaration of Revised Purchase’ basically offering me two Freestay Vouchers for the monies they currently hold. I have of course taken the opportunity to formally reject this and refer them yet again to my cancellation letter. I will keep you updated.

    • Mark says:

      Hi Everyone,

      Good news! After sticking to my guns and rejecting every argument put forward by CCSS as to why I was committed to progressing; and also rejecting offers of products to ‘the value’ of the deposit, I have got my refund, just £7 short due to fluctuations in exchange rates. However, I am pleased to say that CCSS have probably spent much more than that on countless (long) calls to my mobile!

      Notes of advice: cancel correctly in writing and dont waiver to pressure!

      Good luck everyone!

  69. mcadavies says:

    From what I understand of the transaction, you did not authorise payment, therefore you are not liable.
    An extract from the Citizen’s Advice Database ( reads:
    Unauthorised transactions


    If a client becomes aware of a transaction on her/his credit or charge card account that s/he does not recognise, s/he should notify the credit or charge card company without undue delay and no later than 13 months after the transaction.


    The onus is on the credit or charge card company to show that the transaction was made by the client and there was no breakdown in procedures or technical difficulty.


    If the client has not authorised the transaction, the credit or charge card company must immediately refund the amount to the client and make any other correction so that the client does not suffer any loss, unless there is some evidence that justifies further investigation, for example, the client acted fraudulently or with gross negligence (see next paragraph). Even then, the investigation must be carried out within a few days.


    The Ombudsman has defined gross negligence as ‘if not recklessness, something more than ordinary carelessness’. He has also stated that ‘it cannot necessarily be inferred from the fact that a fraudster was able successfully to use the card at the first attempt, that the PIN must have been written down, and that the card holder was grossly negligent’.

  70. Mark Cook says:

    hi all

    We fell for this and whilst I pretended I had no credit card, they used the one I had used to pay for the original trip! I too sent a recorded delivery letter on return to the UK, duly referring to the Directive. I still await a refund and in the meantime have had to deal with numerous calls chasing the balance. If I dont get my money soon, I will enter a ‘dispute’ with my credit card with a view to them hopefully intervening.

    • Dear Mark,

      Thanks for your comment on the blog.
      Unbelievable they had the nerves to use your credit card details which you provided to book a holiday, not to pay a refund.
      I hope your credit card company will refund your money quickly. It is though another warning for all timeshare owners that go on a presentation, these people do anything to get their hands on your money.

      Customer Care

      • mark cook says:

        Dear Customer Care

        I suspect that the credit card company may not refund the monies as Club Class Sarl use the credit card facilities of another business. As the business accepting the payment may simply be acting as an agent for CCS, I suspect section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act will not apply – in order for section 75 to apply, the business that accepts the payment and the supplier have to be “associates”, as defined in the Act.

        Any advice, please?


      • just to let you know i got my money back from club class sarl keep up the good work

      • Wow, thanks for letting us know, that is great news!
        Kind regards
        Customer Care

  71. rena mcleod says:

    hi we have been taken for a ride many times. Club Class cash back due £6000 in jan 2011 never even had a reply. designer way vacation insentive leasure group £4800 to sell time share went into liquidation jan. holiday opportunities just wanted £3495 to sell time share found out that was another scam. just today had a call from odyessey vip checked it out another scam. will just keep the time share just now had enough money lost £10800

  72. mcadavies says:

    Club Class Services sarl
    P O Box 847
    Garrison House
    Library Ramp

    Dear Sir,
    Contract Number CCS/0104 – Davies
    My wife and I signed and paid a deposit of £2,400 from my credit card account on 1st March 2011.
    We wish to cancel this contract since we understand that some of the Terms and Conditions of Membership are illegal under Spanish and presumably under Canary Island & Gibraltar laws. We understand that under the Timeshare Directive that was adopted by the European Parliament in October 2008 and was required to be law throughout the European Union by 23rd February 2011:
    • that we have the legal right to cancel any agreement within 14 days of signing a contract without giving any reason. This period is extended if the contract does not have a cancellation clause.
    • Likewise we should not have been required to pay any deposit during the 14 day cancellation period.
    Please will you refund my MBNA Credit Card Account
    With £2,400 within 7 days from today, 7th March.
    If I find that my account has not been credited within 7 days then I shall initiate further action with the appropriate authorities – the names of Visa/MBNA, Tesco Bank, Trading Standards in the Canary Islands, Gibraltar, UK, and Timeshare Consumers Association come to my mind.

    Yours Faithfully

    That letter got us our money back less some exchange rate/ Credit card expenses.

    • jo castle says:

      Hi Michael
      read your e mail tonight, was delighted that you recieved your money back. Have sent off letter to Gibraltar to cancel contract and refund of cash paid, Still recieving phone calls and e mails galore requesting we pay the balance!……..they just do not seem to stop. will let you know how things are working out.

    • mark cook says:

      Hi Michael

      Were you already a member of Club Class before getting caught out with Club Class Services Sarl?

      • mcadavies says:

        They thought that we were members – we had joined 4 years ago but never paid any membership fees or used their facilities.

    • Tracy says:

      Just read your blog Michael and am going to send the same reply. We got taken in when on holiday in Tenerife in April and paid a £2500 deposit. They are now looking for us to transfer the balance but I’m avoiding the calls. I’ll use your letter as above and change the details and let you know how I get on. Nobody nobody ever sign anything just walk away!!


  73. jo castle says:

    we were scammed by club class june 2011 whilst on holiday in tenerife, we feel so foolish to have been taken in………yet again. although we signed up and left a 50 euro deposit (told them that was what i could only afford) we did not give them any bank or credit card details, I told them that we did not have the cards with us on holiday. They said that we will be contacted on our return home for bank details, however I have been refusing to take their calls. do you think we are in the clear? would love to hear your views.
    Jo Castle

    • Dear Jo,

      Thanks for your message on the blog.
      I would recommend not to pay them anymore money and send them a cancellation letter by recorded delivery.
      Obviously they have taken a deposit from you which goes against the law, and have not honored the cooling off period either.

      Kind regards

      Customer Care

      • annette says:

        hi accoding to the european consumer centre in uk if you sign a contract in spain with no cancellation clause then its a legal binding contract , told me to write a letter of cancelation and offer a settelment to be taken out of the deposit , they say they have the right to come after the ballance unless you do this i am so fed up will never be got again cant belive i was so took in ours was club class tenerife

      • Hi Annette,
        Thanks again for your message.
        You said you tried to cancell inside the cooling off period, but this cooling off was not mentioned in the contract?
        Please do send us the documentation and let us have a look at it.
        Kind regards
        Customer Care

  74. wullie says:

    we also fell for this in march 2011 i am in the middle of chasing a refund will let you know later

  75. Michael Davies says:

    We fell for this in March – but aftger receiving local advice – cancelled and got almost all our money back – just lost a bit on the UK/EUR exchange rates.

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