Do you have a resale offer from G&G Representations?

Thanks to the information received from a timeshare consumer who often reads our blog and checks with us every time she is approached on a cold call, we can inform (warn!!) you all about the following company.

G&G Representations, with alleged address in Calle Bartina 20, Getafe, 28905 Madrid, is actually sending emails under the address “G G fuengirola”

So maybe they are not in Madrid. As a matter of fact, there is no street by such name in Getafe or Madrid anyway.

This company approaches the timeshare consumers by cold call and use the guaranteed resale pitch with buyer waiting of which they even give the name in an email and allegedly they have the deposit in the account. “Only thing missing” is the upfront fee from the seller of €1200 (£900).

In their confirmation email they put all details of the supposed sale and a contact number for information: 0845 527 5017

But when speaking to the timeshare owner they also give out another number 0845 527 7822

This number is actually linked to a recently created website for This website looks at first sight a Discount Holiday Club, and even displays, WITHOUT THEIR CONSENT, the logos of RCI and Interval International.

Their address though is based in a post box in the Costa del Sol town of Fuengirola and no further identification of this company is available on the web.

So what do we have? We have a combination of an alleged resale company, asking for an upfront fee, located in a non-existing address in Madrid, with contact details in Fuengirola and UK 0845 numbers that apparently switch through to Spain to a dubious discount holiday club based in a post box.

Our advice? Don’t even go near them!

If you have been contacted by the above mentioned companies / telephone numbers, we would like to know!

Or have you been called by any other alleged timeshare resale company? We also would like to know!

Please help us avoid more timeshare consumers being cheated by unscrupulous companies and tell us about your experience!

About mindtimeshare

Mindtimeshare SLU is registered Company reg number: B35957182 Mindtimeshare provides assistance to timeshare owners who have been defrauded by holiday clubs and bogus resale companies. The Mindtimeshare project was launched in February 2011. After dealing with timeshare members over several years who had been defrauded by numerous bogus companies and for large amounts of money, I considered launching an Organisation to help timeshare owners that have been targeted by bogus companies. On this blog you can find information about the different active scam companies and their “modus operandi” and also place comments, ask questions and see comments from other consumers who have the same doubts or have been through the same experience. Mindtimeshare has resulted in a huge success and has received the back up from not only timeshare consumers but also from the professionals in the timeshare Industry. Mindtimeshare helps timeshare owners who have been scammed by bogus Discount Holiday Clubs; bogus cash back companies; fraudulent timeshare resale companies; bogus class action companies and false lawyers and notaries. We offer professional answers and advice to Timeshare users. If you want to send an email instead of posting a comment on the blog please do so by emailing:
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21 Responses to Do you have a resale offer from G&G Representations?

  1. Ms Christine Oliver says:

    Spoke to my credit card company yesterday and was told that if there was “small print” I did not read in the contract Excalibur sent to me I might not be able to get my money back but they are prepared to investigate. When I did receive the contract I did read all the documentation sent with it and I am sure the only reason I would not be entitled to a refund of my holding deposit was if I pulled out of the sale. Did not have means at the time to copy the contract and as I was told to send the documents back without delay I did not think about a way of getting copies but I do have supporting letter and a receipt for the money I paid. Just writing a detailed report of all discussions held with Excalibur and G&G to send on to the customer care team at Mindtimeshare and the credit card company together with all documentation and e-mails received or sent to them. I really need my money back as I am on long term sick with no job to go back to as I was made redundant in March. Redundancy money nearly all gone so can not afford to lose this holding deposit. I am in agreement with getting the police in Spain involved but I am sure that nothing will come of it. Like all other rip off merchants, they get away with obtaining money from people and when it comes to trying to get the money back they make themselves bankrupt. They know every trick in the book. I am so annoyed that I was so gullible to take them in. Live and learn I say, even at 53. The saga for all of us goes on. I feel for everyone who has been taken in by the unscrupulous people. I wonder how they would fee if it was done to them.

    I wish everybody luck in trying to get their precious money back. I will keep you posted of my progress.


    • Dear Chris,

      Thanks again for your message on the blog.
      All I can say is please do not give up hope so quickly! Send us the documentation requested and we will give you all the guidelines and steps to take for a refund claim. These companies will not get away with this.
      The more evidence we have against them, the more likely the police will be able to close them down once and for all.
      Looking forward to your email.

      Customer Care

      • dave johnson says:

        The police just rang me gave me crime ref number for credit card company,and they are going to investigate should i say look into these two scam business,s.If anyone wants to pass on their details the number to ring is 03001232040 Lets get these business,s closed down .
        regards dave j

  2. J. Winder says:

    We have had the same experiences as everyone surely we could get together and involve the police in Spain. I guess it is us who are the fools but we can not abide thinking that these people are taking so many people for a ride. We are going to try getting our money back which we paid by master card, but Im not sure about the cash money gram we sent. Has anyone any ideas what we could do as a group to try to get them stopped?

  3. dave johnson says:

    He then half laughing said i should try going to the citizen advise,to see if they can do anythink.He then said with ref to g&g i should not have paid any money to a man at g&g.(how does he know it was a man if he doe,s not have anythink to do with them)excalibur and g&g need stopping …!!

  4. dave johnson says:

    Spoke with excalibur yesterday,a so called manager spoke with me (pos a howard)in a condersending way.he said they where thinking of contessing my claim with the credit card company

    • Hi Dave,

      Thanks again for your message on the blog with the update of your dealings with Excalibur. I think that continue speaking to them is a waste of time and they only try to delay the fact they have to refund you your money. You continue your claim with the credit card company, you will be much better off! And please keep us posted!
      Thanks again

      Customer Care

  5. Ann Halse says:

    Just spoke to timeshare council, the whole lot is a con!! Am now in process of trying to reclaim some money, BEWARE DON’T GO NEAR EXCLALIBUR OR G & G

  6. Ann Halse says:

    We too were contacted by Excalibur Kate Power and asked to pay 1200 euros which we did by credit card, we were told the sale had gone through and that we would receive the money, but there was a problem as the buyer couldn’t get the money, we were then told it would be sold at high priority, the next we hear is from a Jennifer Clarkson who rang us non-stop and wanted 900 euros as we had to pay tax before the money was released in cash to avoid fraud, debit/credit cards were not acceptable, we were reluctant even our post office man warned us not to so we asked for proof, they sent an email confirming the sale and stating that Christopher Meehan would be collecting our money, we kept ringing and then were told various things from the Hacienda needed to stamp the document, a Mr Gonzalez was dealing with the sale and we would be getting a phonecall personally from Stacy Wright at 12 noon on Monday 11th July, my husband came home from work to be here and no phonecall and now the line 08455275017 is unobtainable, having checked with the operator but was told it wasn’t one of their lines so to ring directory enquiries, then decided to check them out and came across your website, sadly too late for us, am devastated as on long term sick and cannot afford to lose this money will be getting in touch with my credit card company to try and reclaim the money, how can these people be so cruel, they must be stopped, am sorry but even doubt this website although must be genuine as the names and phone numbers are the same as we were given and even the address, will never trust anyone again

  7. ian beaumont says:

    stacey right number today 08458699373

  8. Hi Cristine,
    Did you pay your ‘holding deposit’ by credit card? If so you will need to cancel your contract with Excalibur and then they (Master Card/Visa) will make you a full refund and then pursue Excalibur for the money themselves. What amazes me is how how these SCAMers are able to get a credit card payment facility in the first and for this I blame the card companies who’s checks are clearly not robust enough.
    Hope this helps.

    • dave johnson says:

      Hi,do you know who i should be contacting with ref the police,uk or spain with ref g&g and excalibur.

      • dave johnson says:

        just spoke with excalibur they say victoria(katie)is off today,and would you beleave she can,t get into the files.i asked her about g&g she said they are totaly false company(know you don,t say)and they have know dealings with them.
        My story was the same as christine
        apart from her saying because the deal had fallen through,she was puting it out to all the other offices to get it sold as quick as possible,two days later g&g rang saying they had sold my membership.And then so i could get my money as quick as pos to send my money to the spanish tax and then 48 hours the money would arrive with a courer .the name of the so called tax officer was john joseph oregan.
        I have messages from the so called tax offices,….excalibur say they have nothing to hide and will get victoria(katie)to give me a ring tomorrow…i.m holding my breath……..ok i think i,d better not

  9. Ms Christine Oliver says:

    I have been approached via phone call today from G&G Representations about a holiday club membership I purchased about 5 years ago and a in April this year a Company called Excalibur cold called me to ask if I was interested in selling my membership and that they have clients waiting and willing to pay up to £6000. Well, of course I would be interested as I had been made redundant in March and find myself unemployed for the first time in my life. I was told by the very nice personable woman on the phone that they would arrange everything for me, the process was very simple, they would secure the sale of my membership with a buyer, agree a price and the whole deal would be done withing 6 weeks. A couple of days after the initial call, she phoned again and confirmed a couple were very interested and they were willing to pay £6000. I was, of course very pleased that I would be receiving such a sum in my present financial situation. She went on to explain how the transaction would proceed, a cheque would be sent to me for the full amount and I should bank it then a courier would visit me to sign paperwork to complete the sale. One condition of all this was that I needed to pay 1000 euros as a “holding deposit” which would be returned to me once the membership sale was fiinalised with their client. I was very reluctant to pay the fee and my gut instinct told me not to pay but unfortunately I did. I made a credit card payment and after the currency conversion the amount I have paid is £1200. Well, two weeks later I heard no more and so called them, I was told that the clients were away on a holiday and due to return in two weeks. That time went by and I called them again and was told that the clients came back from holiday but returned to a family crisis. Another couple of weeks went by and I called them again to be told that the clients were on holiday, when I replied that I was told that before she said she would look at the file, came back and said that the clients were trying to raise finance for the purchase. This started me thinking that I have been ripped off as why would someone want to get into debt for a holiday membership but she assured me that the clients were serious and she assured me that the transaction was still proceeding and the buyers were to be given a deadline to complete the purchase or they would lose out. I told the woman on the phone that I want my “holding deposit” back and she said that they retain it until another buyer was found which I was not happy about, I also complained that I had not once been contacted by them to let me know how the transaction was going and that I had to call them all the time for an update. She said that it was down to the accounts department to call me and she promised that I would be called a week later. The week was up today, 5th July and this morning I received the call from Stacy Wright from G&G Representations to say that they have now been given my holidat membership sale to deal with as my original purchaser pulled out but not to worry, she has a Mr Toby Belgarian ready to buy the membership for £8500 which includes the 1000 euros I paid Excalibur. She said I needed to get to the post office today and ask for a form called a Moneygram System Form, to fill it in with my name as the seller, Mr Belgarian as the buyer and to pay £850 which would include £42 transaction fee, the £850 to pay 10% tax due on the £8500 but as I am a UK resident I am exempt from paying tax and so it would be refunded I was to pay cash only, no cheque, debit or credit card as that takes too long to clear funds, once I paid my £850 I was to phone her to confirm payment and within 48 hours I would receive my £8500 and the £850 would be returned to me via the Inland Revenue. I have not paid and now found your article on the internet and am glad I was not lured into paying. I asked the woman this morning what would happen if I did not pay as I did not want to let my money go and she said that my holiday membership will be in a pile with many others until a buyer could be found and that could take a long time. She was so sympathetic when I told her about my experience with Excalibur and assured me that G&G was not a rip off company, gave me websites to visit to substantiate their reputation, I’ve looked on the internet and low and behold, it is your website that has appeared first. I would appreciate any advice you could give me in respect of trying to obtain my deposit back from Excalibur and will be more vigilant in the future.

    Thank you for your valuable article, if it helps others you can use my experience of these rip-off companies and scams they use.

    Christine Oliver

    • diane peacock says:

      Well what a bit of luck I read all this first. I have been contacted by Moon Holdings over the last few weeks and tomorrow was going to part with £500 to secure the resale of my DWVC and was quoted an amount of £8,500 which I sorely need having just downsized from a house to a flat and then spent £10,000 on improvements twice what I originally expected to spend. The £500 was promised to my builder and I couldn’t believe my luck when Kate Power first contacted me,although I had my reservations I believed when her collegue Katie called direct from new resort that a Mr & Mrs ?? had offered a whoping £8,600 for it! The catch I had to pay £1,000 to secure I didn’t sell to another company. I was very certain I asked the right questions and said that I couldn’t afford that,later that day Katie called back saying her manager had agreed to just £500 which again I said I did not have until at least this Thursday ( tomorrow). I await her call with interest, it would appear Mr & Mrs fictious are getting on the plane tomorrow night,so this is my last chance or to the bottom of the pile I go…Shame it’s not true I could really do with the money,does any ligit company buy these back? I paid £12,500 for mine ( mad I know used once!)They seem to have so many facts such as date brought certificate number,what we ( my ex & I paid,it was his idea I said cancel when we got home from Spain eight years ago and I am still paying loan off!!) Not going to be screwed over again.
      Diane East Sussex

      • Dear Diane,

        Thanks for your comment. We are glad you found the blog on time for Half Moon not to part with your £500.
        These people need to be stopped!
        I am glad you know now where we are, and please if they contact you again, don’t hesitate to check with us first.

        Customer Care

    • Dear Christine,

      Thanks for your detailed comment on our blog.
      Of course we can help you with seeking a refund for the money paid to Excalibur, and we are sending you an email with the documents we would need to see for this.
      G&G Representations is fairly new, but obviously they got their hands on a lead list from consumers that have been scammed in the past by companies like Excalibur. One rule for all, if they cold call and ask for an upfront fee….run, hang up, stop listening to them as they cannot be genuine!

      Customer Care

    • dave johnson says:

      well my story is the same apart from the amount 1200 excalibur,1360 g&g stacy wright
      1200 reclaimed from credit card company,g&g had there 0845 number turned off(08455275017)if anyone has any number for the scamer stacy wright please forward.
      my next call looks like the police because they need stopping,WARNING DO NOT HAVE ANY DEALINGS WITH EXCALIBUR OR G&G THEY ARE THIEVES.

      • dave johnson says:

        offer from g&g 9,800…….(i know stupid)

      • ruth says:

        Hi, I have just been contacted by Stacey Wright this morning. So glad I did some research before parting with any more cash (£1098 already parted with to excalibur!!). She gave me a contact number of 08458699373 and this is ringing when I call it. I now just need to try and reclaim the money I paid to excalibur.

    • Gwynn Cowper says:

      I have been through exactly the same process except that the holiday resale company who contacted me was Half Moon Holdings – my buyer had a death in the familly so was having difficulty raising funds for the purchase of my holiday ownership- I had paid 1000euro too and it was when I contacted my bank to check how much interest was being added to my credit card for this payment that i was informed it could be a scam. G&G Representations (Jennifer) called last week with “a new buyer” and they said i would receive £6850 for my ownership and £1200 back for the holding fee but I would have to pay Spanish Tax of £1500 before the funds could be released. The rest of the info they gave me is exactly like that that was given to others. I didn’t go ahead and they were non too pleased. I wasn’t prepared to lose any more money. The number I was given was 08458699373. By the way I have been trying to get my money back from Lloyds Mastercard since the end of April!!!

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