Realm Travel Services, resale guarantee with upfront fee….

Here we go again….

When we start to receive complaints and a name starts to come too often, it is about time to start warning timeshare consumers about the existence of these companies. That’s how Realm Travel Services got his turn on our blog!

This resale company is getting really busy lately doing cold calls to timeshare consumers, most of them already contacted in the past by so many other fake companies.

With website and contact number 0845 2997070, they pretend to be based in Mallorca with 2 addresses (at least 1 is a post box):

Head Office                                                                Contracts/Admin Dept
Realm Travel Services                                                 Carrer De Diego Salva Lezun 2
Calle Pou                                                                        Apartado 197

07103    Palma de Mallorca                                         07181 Palma De Mallorca

The web has no company identification, neither a privacy statement nor clauses.

On the website they claim to be very professional and have a large extended experience in timeshare resale’s. “Our timeshare resale service offers anyone that wants to buy timeshare or sell timeshare a good opportunity to do so in a non-pressured environment.”

I am not sure what they understand about non-pressured if they ask for an upfront fee to get the sale in process or no sale will take place….is that no pressure then?

With the website stated as 2001 copyright that must be somebody else then because this web was only created in April this year!

Careful with filling in your details, the web does not contain any privacy statement either so you never know where your details might end up.

Bottom line of this story, Realm Travel Services, let the alarm bells ring when they call you at home and a nice young man or lady presents themselves as working for this company!

Have you been called already by Realm Travel Services 0845 299 7070 and paid the upfront retainer fee? Please let us know as we can help you to claim a refund!

About mindtimeshare

Mindtimeshare SLU is registered Company reg number: B35957182 Mindtimeshare provides assistance to timeshare owners who have been defrauded by holiday clubs and bogus resale companies. The Mindtimeshare project was launched in February 2011. After dealing with timeshare members over several years who had been defrauded by numerous bogus companies and for large amounts of money, I considered launching an Organisation to help timeshare owners that have been targeted by bogus companies. On this blog you can find information about the different active scam companies and their “modus operandi” and also place comments, ask questions and see comments from other consumers who have the same doubts or have been through the same experience. Mindtimeshare has resulted in a huge success and has received the back up from not only timeshare consumers but also from the professionals in the timeshare Industry. Mindtimeshare helps timeshare owners who have been scammed by bogus Discount Holiday Clubs; bogus cash back companies; fraudulent timeshare resale companies; bogus class action companies and false lawyers and notaries. We offer professional answers and advice to Timeshare users. If you want to send an email instead of posting a comment on the blog please do so by emailing:
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56 Responses to Realm Travel Services, resale guarantee with upfront fee….

  1. jane says:

    Are there no companies to help those of us that want to get out of the raising cost of timeshare. we have been trying now for SIX years to get rid of it and the companies my time share have recommended have done nothing to sell then. We have now fallen into this realm travel scam. we found the company to be friendly and helpful!!!oh how we too have made a big mistake and given them our money and dispite feeling we may be being conned after a long conversatiuon with Laura we even did a post office transfer to Spain, we feel sick about this and have now has our bill for Management fees for 2012, wonder if they would really take us to court if we refuse to pay??

    • Hi Jane,
      Thanks for your message.
      We are very sorry to hear you have paid this company as they are so so dodgy.
      We are sending you more information by email and see if we can help you with recuperating the money you paid.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  2. Hi everyone , had fantastic news yesterday. HSBC finally are agreeing to pay back our monies. It was along hard battle , but we got there in the end. Please do not give up with your credit card companies. And these people should be taken to court, So please dont give up if you want justice.

  3. Hi Yvonne
    Thank you kindly for your reply. HSBC really won`t back down they keep saying Class Business didnt provide the service, Realm did. Your right they should ask Realm for a refund. Its a constant battle and very stressful.
    Thank you again. I won`t give up and nor should any other people.

  4. yvonne crooks says:

    hi everyone thats been conned like me… after we were conned we got in touch with our credit card people and explained our story to them…they have looked into it and we have been refunded our £1295.00 in full from them (the post office credit card) so we are happy about that…. get in touch with your credit card people and talk to them ..there is light at the end of the tunnel please keep trying …i hope you all get your money back as we did xxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Dear Yvonne,
      Thanks for letting us know.
      That is great news!
      I hope this will help others in not giving up!
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

      • Justine Garner says:

        Good Evening
        I have tried so many times to get our money back from HSBC, but they are saying the payment went into Realm Travels deposit ESCROW account. Who did you pay, what did it say on your credit card statement Class Businesss S.L?. This payment is not direct to Realm Travel the bank says!!!!. So we have missed out. Im sure all customers payments went into this account?. Please forward information asap as the bank situation is causing so much stress. Thank you.

      • yvonne crooks says:

        hi i just got your message….we were told by realm travel that we had to pay the 1295.00 into escrow by a visa card.
        our card is the post office credit card the payment was took by class business when we relised we had been scamed aprox last year and we looked into it 3 months ago we 1st raised a desputed payment with the post office and they looked into it for us we explained that we had paid money for a service that we did not recieve
        ie selling a time share we were told the post office would contact realm travel for a desputed payment if they had not desputed the payment within 45 days they would refund our monies to our account to which they have now done….i hope this helps you fingers crossed

      • Thanks Yvonne, we hope it will help Justine to finally get her refund sorted!
        Customer Care

  5. Justine Garner says:

    Hi, Lady Jackie and Catherine, I can not believe these scumbags have not been arrested and are still conning people. I found out in Sept. I informed the European consumers and you think people would investigate. I have tried to get a refund from my bank HSBC, but on the PDG slip, it says account is Class Business Services S.L. So everyones money is going in there, I can not understand why some people are getting their money back when there is a 4th person in chain. When I paid the lawyers fees ( How much of a MUG do I feel!) I had to pay a Mandy MCguire in Malaga, Spain. This has to be a real person as they need a passport or identification to pick up the transfer of monies. Good luck with investigating them, The address are PO box, but if you sit and wait they will come and pick up letters, as I did a tracking letter and I know they signed for it. So they are still around!!!!. Regards and my thoughts are with you.

  6. catherine service says:

    I’m in a state of shock! Have been suspicious from the start but like so many others, find it hard to believe that these people (trying not to use bad language) can be so ruthless and yet sound so plausible. So glad I invested further, but have paid the £1295. Today they are asking for legal fees which alerted me to investigate. Thanks so much to this website. Now will try to get my money refunded through my credit card company. If we can find an actual address for these low lifes i’m up for a personal visit en masse! Should have known that a lady who sounds like a female Allen Carr could be a problem!! Where do we go from here? How can we sale our timeshares?

    • Dear Catherine,
      Thanks for your message.
      Really sorry to hear you have paid this company, but at least you have found the blog and won’t be paying them more!
      We are sending you all the information by email.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  7. Lady Jackie. says:

    We too have had dealings with Realm Travel Services. In May of this year we paid them 1435 Euros (£1291.29) to sell our timeshare. After a short while they said they had buyers by the name of Mr. & Mrs. Sanderson (I think). They said the buyers had paid them a deposit of 40% of the asking price. We waited, and hoped. Eventually after quite a few weeks they said that the buyers were having to cash in an ISA so things would take a bit longer. We waited, and hoped. Eventually they said the buyers had pulled out. We lost hope. We were then contacted by A S services ( allegedly a Corporate Comany ) who would buy our timeshare in Tenerife if we flew out to Palma the next weekend and booked into a hotel for 2 nights using our own money which they would reimburse on exchange of contracts. We were very suspicious so didn’t go. We told them we did not want to deal with them as we had paid Realm Travel to sell the timeshare so we contacted Realm Travel (Chris) and asked for our money back. We waited. After 2 to 3 weeks, numerous threatening phone calls we eventually had a cheque paid into our bank account on the 19th Sept. for £1221.19. We found out yesterday that the cheque had bounced. We have started proceedings through our Bank to reclaim the money from our credit card company.

    We would like to know if the 2 addresses mentioned above are in fact real addresses ? My partner is planning a visit !!

    • Dear Lady Jackie,
      Many thanks for your comment.
      Unbelievable they had the nerve to send you a cheque and then it bounced!
      The addresses mentioned, well one that states apartado is actually a post box so not a real address to speak to these people.
      We are sending you more information by email.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  8. Hi
    Yes they did send a reply in writing. I have noticed that a few people are getting refunds, which is great news for them all. But can you get a refund if a 4th person is involved, but then I thought we were paying Realm Travel not another company. This company is still connected to them. I wont give up and no one else do either.

  9. Justine Garner says:

    Reading all this posts are so upsetting.. I have tried to get a refund from HSBC but they are saying the card payment was made to Business Class S.L, not Realm Travel, Crafty!!!!. Has any one else been scammed like this too. I have all copies of evidence, pdq slips, emails and letters. But still no joy. Has any one else paid this Company thinking it was Realm Travel. Obviously all their transactions are going into this Business Bank Account, which is Banca March in Palma Nova.. This company should be checked out too urgently!!!!.

    • Hi Justine,
      Thanks for your message. We understand it must be frustrating when the bank is not giving in and it takes longer and longer, but please do not give up.
      Did the bank send you a reply in writing?
      We will send you more information.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  10. Mike smith says:

    Hi, It would seem that i have been scamed as well by this company. My wife and i decided to sell our timeshare and filled out a form on line. About 3 days later i got a call from Realm travel services (laura west) requesting more details of the timeshare and said she would be intouch if she could find a buyer. 2 days later she called me back with an offer an said i needed to place £1243 in to a holding account which would be released back to me on completion of the sale. I questioned it and was told this money will not come out of your account but held against my visa until the completion. Needless to say i later noticed this amount had been debited from my account.

    i tried on many occaision to contact them with no success until 2 months later i was called to say that the buyer had pulled out and the were working on a new offer and i would be contacted in a day or 2 with a new offer. Well 3 days went by and Clair wilson called to say she had a corporate buyer lined up and wanted another £1600 for legal charges. I told her that i had no money left to pay this and she said she would speak to the buyer and see what she could do. 1hour later the legal charges were dropped to £1000. Below is the e-mail i was sent detailing the offer and where to sent the money.

    Realm Travel Services
    Dear Mr Smith
    Further to our telephone conversation. I have pleasure in enclosing the Corporate Offer.
    To confirm the Corporate offer is as follows

    Original Offer 6,200
    Return of Liability 1,295
    Legal Charges 1,600
    Corporate Offer 9,095
    Yours faithfully
    Claire Wilson
    Corporate Dept.

    Any ideas how we can get our money back would be grateful.

    • Hi Mike,
      Thanks for the detailed message.
      I sincerely hope you didn’t pay them the second lot of money.
      We are sending you the information on how to go about claiming a refund for the money paid with credit card.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

      • Mike smith says:

        Well good news, After contacting my bank (first direct) They have been very very good and called me up today to let me know that they have had no responce from realm travel with regards to the payment taken from me and would be crediting my account with the full amount. So my advice is keep pushing your bank to get your money back.

      • Hi Mike,
        That is indeed very good news and we are very pleased to have these kinds of message on the blog!
        Kind regards
        Customer Care

  11. Christine Travis says:

    I have fallen victim to this scam with Realm Travel Services! I did some checks and thought that all was well, how can I get my money back from them.

    • Dear Christine,
      I am really sorry you have fallen victim of these people.
      By the amount of comments lately they have been very busy.
      We will email you with further information.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

      • derek & heather manzi says:

        hiya by the looks of it we have been scamed by realm travel services too been trying for last two weeks to get them on phone just keeps going to anwser machine !!! same type scam as everyone else made us low offers at first then came back with realy good offer told buyer had paid deposit and we would get money in 14 working days but we had to pay £1302.69 (1423.10 EURO ) which we would get back dragged on for 2 months then told buyers had pulled out but they had new corporate buyer for us but then wanted another £1800.00 told them no way and we wanted our money back as promised told they would look in to it haven’t been able to get them on phone for almost 2 weeks now!!
        any ideas how we can get our money back cheers

  12. OMG!!!!… I have just read all these comments and burst into tears….. Looks like My husband and I been conned too. And too make things worse he lost his company in May. So we tried to sell our timeshare, they contacted us. Im angry and I cant believe people can do this to others. They knew our situation and I actually like a mug believed them, because they sounded so honest. Like a mug we went along with there story, signed contract etc. Then they said the sale fell through and we had to find out ourselves, two months later. Claire from the coporate firm phoned up with a NEW sale and we had to pay more money. Which I refused and said I already paid a deposit on the first one. I became weary. Claire said ok she will find another buyer, In which she did and phoned me on 26th August 2011 and said you must pay your transfer fee as the money is waiting to be paid into our account. I was told to do a Weston Union payment and I questioned her saying who is it going to. She said its going to Malaga to Mandy Mcguire and say you know her. Claire said we have to do that all the time. I feel sick to the stomach that they could do that to my husband and I when we have lost everything. I will go to the Police and Email WATCHDOG!!. So these people get what they deserve.

    • Dear Justine,
      We are very sorry about your story and the way these people have taken your money.
      We are sending you an email with more information, let’s see if we can help you further.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  13. Roddy Murray says:

    Hello All,

    I managed to drag more information from them. I said I wanted an e-mail from them with the specific breakdown. By the way I got my money back on the credit card “santander”. Funny enough that is the bank account as well. I will pass this on to santander as they paid me for a bogus company, they now have someone to chase. Below is a scrap from the e-mail.
    Dear Mr Murray

    Further to our telephone conversation . I have pleasure in enclosing the Corporate Offer.

    To confirm the Corporate offer is as follows

    Original Offer 4,850
    Return of Liability 1,295
    Legal Charges 1,400
    Corporate Offer 7,545

    Bank Details, Santander, BENALMADENA


    Joanne Ckarkson
    Any Nigerians wishing to money into this account can be my guest!!!

  14. Roddy Murray says:

    I have also been scammed. £1295. However they have a new one. They have a sale and you need to pay the lawyers fees upfront. This time a bank transfer. I have not payed it. BE WARNED. I think the credit card companies are pulling the plug on them.

    • Dear Roddy,
      They call is liability fee, security bond, Spanish tax….creativity has no limit where it concerns the pitch of these dubious companies.
      So Realm has a lawyer fee now?
      Glad you didn’t pay!
      Your observation about the bank transfer instead of credit card might be very certain.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  15. Sian Roberts says:

    Have been contaced by a Laura West (doesn’t she have a lot of surnames) from Realm Travel Services, with a sale of my timeshare. This was a final call after several offers I had rejected and she came back with a buyer who was willing to pay over the asking price. Same thing send £1300, which I didn’t pay, instead asked for confirmation of the sale. Have not heard a thing since!
    What can I do, I really want to ensure these people are prosecuted for their diabolical actions.

  16. Michael says:

    Also been contacted over the last few days by Laura Matthews of Realm Travel Services with a confirmed sale of my timeshare. Same patter as many others of this ilk so strung her along until she mentioned the £1295 credit card payment upfront.
    They have gone to great lengths to conceal their real identity, registering the domain name through and both in the USA.
    Someone should take these people to task- there are too many on this forum who have fallen prey to their deceit.

  17. margaret mcgready says:

    I too have been in contact with realm and almost paid from my vsa, but i have put it on hold to do some detective work and have found out in time to put a stop to it with logging on to your site.

    • Dear Margaret,
      Thanks for the comment. It looks like you just escaped on time!
      Always be very careful and suspicious about those who cold call you with “too good to be true” offers!
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  18. Una Box says:

    hi, I have recently paid a holding fee if £1295 to realm travel services. Reveived cotracts today which did’nt look quite right and enclosed envelope with a different address to their letter head. This got me a bit worried and now have serious worries that this has been a scam. This was 2 weeks ago….Is it too late to cancel this payment and can you please advise what steps I should now take.
    Many thanks

    • Dear Una,
      As you have read the blog, it is very unlikely that your timeshare will be sold through this company.
      We send you the information by email. In the event they call you back, whatever the pitch or excuse is, don’t pay them any more money.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  19. VONNIE says:


    • Dear Vonnie,
      Thanks for your message. You are oh so right.. These people are bad news!!
      Beware you might be called by others now asking for more money!
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  20. Allie says:

    I too have recently fallen victim to Realm Travel services, with a small retainer of £1295 being paid to sell my timeshare. Guess what—-the buyer had to pull out, so now they have found another buyer, Redrock Marketing SL. They have contacted me with the great news that they have found a buyer, but just need a small retainer of £1545 to complete the sale to Internet travel services.
    I suggested to Realm that they use the deposit they assured me they had obtained from the purchaser, to use as the retainer for Redrock but unfortunately that isn’t allowed under Spanish law????????
    Any help or advice on how to proceed would be greatly appreciated
    Many thanks

    • Dear Allie,
      Main advice DO NOT PAY any more money. These companies are not to be trusted. Please read our update on Red Rock marketing which we placed on this blog on Friday.
      These companies are either the same people or they “sell on” the list with names of consumers between them and that is why they keep on calling with yet again a tempting offer.
      Best advice is to HANG UP.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

      • Allie says:

        Thanks for the advise. I had been trying to contact Realm for a few days but no answer. Don’t know if they screen calls. Then phoned via Norway and hey presto got through first time. Usual rubbish on the phone from them, not their fault etc etc.Then was asked if I would be flexible on the price, said yes and they will get back to me in a few days. Was also asked if I had been invited out to Mallorca, I said no and he said he would look into that!!!
        Red rock marketing had also been in touch wanting my money, I asked a few questions via e-mail, including why did they need money, who were the buyers, were was my ‘contract’ and also why were they CC’ing these emails to a company called Now online. I have enlisted a Solicitor (family friend) and CC’d him in on the emails. Email back from a Mike Abbott??? being very nice and apologetic that they could not help me this time. No more pushy sales technique. The saga continues!!!!!!!

      • Dear Allie,
        Thanks for the update. Must be a nightmare trying to keep up with so many companies!! Just stay strong and no more money wasted on this lot please.

        Customer Care

  21. Rob says:

    Hi all
    I’m still in contact with them – haven’t asked for money…. yet.
    They have said they have found a buyer and given their name as ‘Mr and Mrs Davidson’, does that ring a bell with anyone?? In particular the people that have paid the deposit/retainer.

    • Dear Rob,
      Thanks for your comment.
      They are obviously not asking for money in the first call and “warming up” the pitch with the buyer who has deposited the money etc. and then come around and say they need money for legal fees, Spanish tax office etc. Please believe me, all that is nonsense so do not pay anything to them.


      Customer Care

  22. Dave Guy says:

    Hi Suzanne, the scam comes when they ask for a ‘holding deposit’ of (appears to regularly be £1295) to be held ‘in ESCROW’ while they get the cheque to you. If they are telling you different, best of luck… but tread very carefully.

  23. Suzanne says:

    We were thinking of selling our timeshare with this company. They are not requesting any fees from us at all. When a buyer is found they will put their money into a holding account and they will then send us a contract to sign. On receipt of this they will pay us, waiting for the cheque to clear and then we send them the deeds. I’m not sure where the scam is if there is one? Any advice before we go with this company would be great.
    Kind regards,

    • Dear Suzanne,
      Many thanks for your comment on the blog.
      The way you describe the offer of this company, you are right, so far no scam.
      Unfortunately we have a lot of testimonials of consumers who have paid money to this company and find themselves now without the sale and without their money.
      Please be careful!

      Customer Care

  24. Yvonne mcadam says:

    I too have paid 1295.00 and now r requested a further 2495.00 a which i was not happy with, how do i get my money back. i only wanted to get rid of my timeshare.

  25. Dave Guy says:

    Follow up to your Realm Travel Services article of 12 July.
    I was contacted recently and stupidly went along with the ‘opportunity’ my credit card account is now £1300 lighter, I have contacted my provider to report a dispute. I would be grateful for any additional advice you can give me.
    Best wishes

    • matt says:

      Hi, we have recently been contacted by this company and decided to go with them. Are these guys a fake company or something, as we have already paid a holding deposit. No reason so far to think we have been ripped off, but now quite worried having read the above. Does anyone know whether we should be trying to get a refund or pursuing them through the courts?

      • Rob says:

        Hi Dave and Matt
        Have you paid money to buy points/timeshare or to sell? I’ve been contacted and am a seller – no fee. But the deposit etc did sound like the buying process that was described to me.
        I am now a bit sceptical and will keep you posted on any news. PS My phone has caller ID and the number was international if that makes any difference?

      • Dear Rob,

        You should never pay an upfront fee for a timeshare resale service. The numerous testimonials on this blog are the proof that it doesn’t work out!
        It doesn’t make a difference where they “supposadly” call from, as many use UK 0845 numbers which in reality ring in Spain or Canary Islands, so never mind what the caller ID tells you.


        Customer care

    • Dear Dave,
      I am really sorry to hear that you have paid them money. You did well contacting your credit card company straight away and please make sure they follow this up. They requested an upfront fee which goes against the European Timeshare Directive and they didn’t honor a cooling off period, good reasons for your credit card company to question this payment and do the refund.
      Customer Care

  26. Martin Fox says:

    Thank you for confirming my suspitions of this company who called me the day before yesterday and “will call back when we have a deposit from buyers interested in my timeshare”.
    I am sure they have called me before and i sent them packing but never sure as so many call.

    • Dear Martin,
      Thanks for your comment on the blog.
      So many call and how many are actually the same people just working under a different name and different scam? I am glad you are not falling for this and don’t pay them anything.
      Customer Care

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