Timeshare disposal and Hollywood Marketing SL in Tenerife….

The resale company Timeshare Disposal based in Tenerife has started approaching timeshare consumers with their offer to dispose of the timeshare, and as stated on the web www.timeshare-disposal.co.uk they offer a solution to those who have “outgrown their membership”.

Timeshare Disposal is a trading name of Hollywood Marketing SL with its registered office at Capecan Business Centre, Winter Gardens, Golf del Sur, 38639, Tenerife, Spain and telephone number 0203 4555 286

They kindly offer on their web a link to both RDO and TATOC the timeshare consumer associations, when in reality they are not members at all.

The fact that they seem to have timeshare consumers personal details, such as telephone numbers and the knowledge they own timeshare, is quiet dubious and it is questionable where they obtain the information from.

This telephone number  0203 4555 286  will also take you to the websites of Tenerife Bargains http://tenerifebargains.tv/ or Travel promotions http://travelpromotions.info which offer a large range of bonus week holidays in Tenerife, and by reading the small print it is clear these are the so called Fly Buy holidays where a consumer has to attend a meeting / presentation or otherwise pay the full accommodation rate.

These websites are also trading names of Hollywood Marketing SL and are all registered under one sole administrator, Mark Rowe.

Mark Rowe actually runs a couple more websites which are the opposite of timeshare disposal

Resort Results http://www.resortresults.com/ where he offers his services to the timeshare resorts & developers on this web; “We specialize in providing an on or off-site sales and marketing presence for resort developers, management companies and owners’ committees.” The contact number on this web is 922 750 492 or (34)626881912

And Hollywood Marketing  www.hollywoodmarketing.co.uk where Mark Rowe offers Lead Generation and Sales & Marketing.  Contact number is 922 750 492

So conclusion?

On one hand you have Timeshare Disposal offering a service to timeshare consumers to get rid of their timeshare and never have to pay again for maintenance fees or exchange fees…and then we have the lead generation side of the company, the fly buy holidays and the sales and marketing expertise.

Question is, do the resorts / developers who hire the services of Resort Results or Hollywood Marketing know that the same company is calling timeshare consumers to dispose of their timeshare?

Have you been approached by Timeshare Disposal.co.uk?

Please let us know!

(*) The web timeshare-disposal.co.uk is no longer active.

About mindtimeshare

Mindtimeshare SLU is registered Company reg number: B35957182 Mindtimeshare provides assistance to timeshare owners who have been defrauded by holiday clubs and bogus resale companies. The Mindtimeshare project was launched in February 2011. After dealing with timeshare members over several years who had been defrauded by numerous bogus companies and for large amounts of money, I considered launching an Organisation to help timeshare owners that have been targeted by bogus companies. On this blog you can find information about the different active scam companies and their “modus operandi” and also place comments, ask questions and see comments from other consumers who have the same doubts or have been through the same experience. Mindtimeshare has resulted in a huge success and has received the back up from not only timeshare consumers but also from the professionals in the timeshare Industry. Mindtimeshare helps timeshare owners who have been scammed by bogus Discount Holiday Clubs; bogus cash back companies; fraudulent timeshare resale companies; bogus class action companies and false lawyers and notaries. We offer professional answers and advice to Timeshare users. If you want to send an email instead of posting a comment on the blog please do so by emailing: customercare@mindtimeshare.com
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50 Responses to Timeshare disposal and Hollywood Marketing SL in Tenerife….

  1. Wanda says:

    We went for the 2 night stay what a load of rubbish they want you to get more money on tic!!!? Very annoyed as I said before going if you dont give cash dont waste your time!!!

  2. Lynn says:

    Don’t touch them with a barge pole

  3. Kath says:

    We entered , ,foolishly I might add, into a contract with monster travel. Everything seemed very plausible until after the meeting when I looked on monster travel ‘s website to see what was on offer I came across your information. Imagine the horror when I saw all the comments.

  4. peter says:

    i have been contacted by a company called sellmytimeshare.tv who have offered to buy my timeshare points (Diamond resorts) they have offered me a figure which equates to 75% of my original purchase figure in 2002. they will take the deeds off me and the transaction would take place in one day, all i need to do is stay overnight in Stratford and everything would be conpleted when i meet them at their offices the following day. All transfer fees etc would be met by themselves. It all sounds too good to be true?

    • Jane says:

      Don’t do it Peter, it IS too good to be true!
      In Feb 2012 I made the mistake of entering into a deal with this company. They were very pleasant and persuasive, convincing me that they could sell my timeshare for a very high price to the Russian Market; two years down the line, no sale just the offer of another opportunity to attend a sales event either in Tenerife or Bournemouth. Fortunately I looked at this website and saw comments from others who had been r***** off again at such meetings, buying points for thousands of pounds but still not selling their time share.
      I decided to opt out of the sale, even though it meant losing the money I had paid for the ‘5 holiday weeks’ which in reality are Fly Buy promotional weeks which would involve more pressure to spend more cash.
      I recently discovered this website and was grateful to receive excellent free advice from the ‘mindtimeshare’ team. I am thrilled to report that I having followed this advice I have received a refund of the fee from my credit card company.
      Great for me, but I am still miffed that Travel Promotions/Sell my Timeshare/Monster Travel and whatever else they call themselves, get away with it.
      So please, don’t be persuaded, they are not likely to sell your timeshare!
      Many thanks to Mindtimeshare!!

  5. Moira says:

    Just been contacted by sellmytimeshare.tv and decided to investigate sooo glad I did thanks for all the helpful comments, saved me from these sharks.

  6. ANTHONY says:


  7. g********** says:

    23rd oct 2013 iw replysas called last ****** and offered a valuation for two weeks owned in ********* 11.000 pounds.all we need to do is pay 99 refundable deposit go to tenerife advice centre and come away with the cash.the russians cant buy enough timeshare,it allows them to leave without a visa.does this sound familiar to anyone else replys welcome g********

    • Sharon says:

      Hi. I am going through this at present. They keep ringing saying they can buy our points. We have been told by our timeshare company that we can only sell them to owners of our timeshare they keep saying that is not true. They have said I’d we pay the 99 pound and go to Tenerife they will buy our points. They say its genuine. Do you know if it is all ok

      • pazza says:

        How did you get on?
        I have had this said to me. ( I think you can now sell points to others not just members.) I am at the same stage as you, so looking into it.

  8. Carla says:

    Thank you so much for this, I am waiting for a call this evening to confirm our ‘offer’, I also had the story about selling to the Russians, the salesperson was very good and really had us almost believing her, but something just made me want to check a little bit further and I am so glad I did.
    I think you have saved us from a lot of grief.

  9. Greg says:

    Hi everyone, from now rainy Ireland. I would like to thank these lovely people who brought a friend over for a free’ holiday. And than had her sit in their offices for five hours being hard sold. Eventually she coughed up a grand.

    Now this morning. These lovely people sent a debt collector! (For what!)

    Just to let you all know.

    She is 75 years of age.

    The debt collector travelled from the UK by the way

    Just avoid , Thats my personnel advice

  10. quinizarin says:

    Very interesting reading this blog. I have just come off the phone to Leoni of Sell My Timeshare and the Russian market is still going strong but may run out of steam soon after 5 good years! £1500 is all they need for us to become members and our time shares will be sold in 60 days at least. All those lucky Russians. I tried to off load them at a low sensible price and was stopped dead in my tracks by the fact that I was undermining all the other sellers. Await the valuers call. Possibly Mark Rowe.

    • Nk says:

      Just been speaking to the same Leoni and I have been told they may be able to do a split where I only buy 50% of the holiday vouchers until the timeshare is sold and then pay the rest. Has anyone actually sold through these people?

      • Ian says:

        yet to hear of anyone actually succeeding in selling their timeshare through these ******** stay well clear.Been with them for almost a year and not a word from them

        HOLLYWOOD PROMOTIONS 100% sc**

      • Ian says:

        I have just been cold called by sell my timeshare and also sent a brochure with a accompanying letter. The alarm bells rang when I saw it was signed by Mark Rowe at the bottom. The same guy who had r***** me off with the Russian timeshare resale sc**

  11. FedUpOwner says:

    Also been cold called by sellmytimeshare and told they would have no problem selling my timeshare to the Russians. As others have posted I would have to first become a ‘client’ by buying 5 ‘holiday weeks’ for £1475. I told them the only way I would be interested was if they sold the timeshare and deducted the money for the holiday weeks from the proceeds before giving me the balance. Surprise, surprise – they were not willing to do that!

  12. Mike says:

    i have been contacted over the last few weeks by Sellmytimeshare.tv who offered to sell my timeshare if i agreed to become a member of their holiday club. This involved purchasing 5 weeks holiday at £295 per week. i said i was not interested in buying holidays but was prepared to pay to have the time share sold but was not prepared to pay any monies upfront.On my most recent phone conversation i was passed to the “valuer” Mark who said that he valued the time share at £15000 but for a quick sale £13000 would be more achievable. He also advised that he had the authority to agree to payment of 1/2 of £295×5 to become a member of club on the understanding i would pay the balance of the monies when the time share was sold.
    i advised him that i needed to discuss with my partner and asked him to call the following day.
    in the meantime i had contacted the resort to see was my membership a saleable item. There was no one available until the following to provide me with the information i required. Later in the day Mark phoned me and i told him i needed to establish from the resort that my club membership could be sold and i would not be able to get this information until the next day.
    i was told that the offer that was made the previous day would not be on the table unless i made up my mind within that day-i told him this was unreasonable however he suggested that i get back on to resort and he would come back to me later in the day for a decision….all this pressure set off alarm bells. i decided to look into the operation further and found myself the blog

  13. alan says:

    I have also been contacted by Hollywood Marketing promising a sale through their Russian office
    I happen to try and find some history on this company and came across all these people who have
    been contacted by above **** merchants.
    You all confirmed my suspicions.


  14. Underwood says:

    Have been called by Sell my Timeshare and they want no deposit, selling to the Russians who apparently have the money to buy, the will deposit the funds into my Bank Account and then collect the documents by bike?? not quite sure how this would work!!!

    • paul says:

      I have been contacted by sellmytimeshare, like everoine else its the Russian who will buy it. They have put me on a 30 day trial and I today received an e mail advertising the timeshare at $9600 I would take $96 for it. I have not and will not part with any money. Having already been ****d by sellyourtimeshare a couple of years ago. Paid by credit card and got all my money back under the consumer credit act.
      By coincindence just received call from sellmytimeshare checking all the detail s and said they will be in touch in a week.

  15. Dave says:

    Dave July 11th 2012
    Called by sellmytimeshare offered to sell my timeshare and put on website no mention of me paying any fees but the sale to the Russian was very much part of the hook. They promised to put on a web site for 30 days. Well we will see what happens. I was very interested in the comments above has anybody ever had a sale via this company ?

    • Sidecar says:

      My timeshare has been on for over 6 month and I have not had so much as a phone call from these sharks since they took my hard earned cash

  16. R says:

    Ever since my mail to you after I had been to Tenerife to the reclaimgc/voyager place there and met Mr. Kaiser who had a copy of my mindtimeshare letter, I have not been cold called or e-mailed from any companies who will get my money back for me, until yesterday. A new company
    http://www.SellMyTimeshare.tv mailed me, looked good until I read their address which is
    Hollywood Marketing Bristol & West House, Post Office Road, Dorset BH1 1BL.
    I thought best look at Mindtimeshare before I go any further.
    Your comments would be appreciated.

  17. Sharon says:

    Really pleased that I found this thread. I spoke to a rep from Sellmytimeshare in the UK yesterday saying that I didn’t mind paying commission and I didn’t need any more holidays at £295 a week. Same deal as above only now you have to buy 5 weeks at £1475 ‘no time limit’ – they told me that I could use my account money for flights too (after 20th August 2012) which did interest me.
    The offer for my time share was between £11,500 – £14,000 depending on how quick I need to sell it. The valuer is in a hurry to add my timeshare to her list and asked to call back today as she needs to prepare her list on Saturday.
    When I said ‘no’ desparation must have set in because after I told them that I was unavailable she offered to call late on Saturday night – for me that’s when alarm bells rang.
    Q: Why can’t they wait a week?
    A: Because they’re only allowed to put ‘x’ amount on the list and I might lose my opportunity.
    Has anyone actually sold successfully through this company? – they don’t make guarantees but the implication is that it will sell in @ 6months on the Russian market and their story line is very convincing. Anyway – I shall stick by the ‘rules of sensibility’ = no money up front.

  18. martyn says:

    Hello I have just found your web site by chance and would like to commend you on its content.
    As I have had several time shares for many years and have had a great many fantastic holidays with them, however due to the ever rising maintanance fees need to to reduce my ownership of some of them.
    I have tried to sell one of them through the resort, it has been on their books for 5 years without any response it seems as long as you pay your fees every year they are happy to do nothing to promote the sale.So how do we dispose of unwanted weeks? I did fall for one of the scams about 5 years ago at a cost £500.never again. Your web site is great for exposing the ********s but do not seem to have a list of honest agents,if they exist.
    You have stated in the past the telephone No. 0203 4555 286 being conected to a Mr Mark Rowe guess what it has appeared yet again @ Sellmytimeshare.tv this web site was advertized on the email from you to comfirm my registration,I’m confused.

    • Dear Martyn,
      Many thanks for your comment.

      When recommending resale companies we do say to have a look at the RDO website- http://www.rdo.org – as there is a list of affiliated resale companies.
      In case you use another company, always use the golden rule of no fees upfront to process a sale!
      You comment about the publicity on the registration email is very worrying and I can assure you that we will contact WordPress straight away in order for them to correct this.
      Unfortunately WordPress as part of their set up, includes publicity in the certain areas of the blogs and although they took away the publicity from the blog itself, it now seems they forgot the registration email.
      I can assure you that any publicity displayed on the regsitration email is certainly not approved by us!
      Many thanks again for bringing this to our attention.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

    • Aleck says:

      I think the only way is that if you look at your oldest timeshare holding a down payment for all the wonderful holidays you have had from it, Make sure fees are up to date and just give it back to the owners and refuse to pay any further fees for it. this will reduce your outgoings. Get this checked out by the solicitors in the country where your contract says is the applicable binding laws

  19. Carl says:

    Dear Sidecar, read my 2nd post (dec 2nd) for help in getting a refund via your card provider.


  20. sidecar says:

    I also fell for the sales chat up from travel promotions and Mark Rowe ‘s valuer .who offerd me a very good price and as Carl said in a previous post GREED took over my sense’s . even though in my mind I knew it was a ****!!!
    So I guess I got what I deserved. I just hope other people read all these posts and and dont fall into the same sales trap as I did
    Keep up the good work mindtimeshare in keeping Gullable people like myself from these ******

  21. Lisa says:

    Hi everyone

    I’ve just come off the phone with Timeshare Disposal who are claiming to be working with the Spanish Gov to give compensation to members of a bankrupt holiday club!!! I was offered a lump sum of nearly £4k immediately, without signing or providing any documentation. Here’s the catch I have to transfer up front taxes of over six hundred pounds to the Spanish solicitor whose name could not be provided to me.

    This immediately rang alarm bells…….

  22. A says:

    You are not going to believe this… EZE & co have just sent me a Christmas card wishing me a happy Christmas and a PROSPOROUS new year! Would be more prosporous if they returned my deposit!
    It shows just how far they will go to appear real.

  23. JP says:

    iv just been ******d

  24. Mr Les M says:

    So it looks like I have been ****** with Travel Promotions as well.I getting a bit fed up with trying to get rid of my timeshares

  25. Carl says:

    May I provide an update of my recent experience with Travel Promotions. (I refer to my initial posting dated November 16th). After several email exchanges with them I have received a full refund of my £294.61 (not euros as I first wrote) from Travel Promotions.
    They started off wanting 3 weeks @ £295.00 but settled for 1 week, which they said enrolled me as a member of Travel Promotions, so they could market my timeshare to the Russians…
    ..for free.

    Clearly it is the outcome I wanted….but it is certainly not what Travel Promotions expect.

    This is item 1 of their T&C’s 1….
    This offer is non-refundable and exempt from a “cooling-off” or cancellation period as stated in
    Statutory Instrument 2000 No.: 2334 (The Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations
    2000). This information can be reviewed at http://www.opsi.gov.uk.

    My card provider tell me this is incorrect and that Timeshare legislation in the UK covers this type of visa/mastercard purchase, and provides a cooling off period of 10 days. Sometimes more.
    You do not have to explain to any company why you are cancelling during this period.
    I recommend anyone dealing with time-share re-sales should consider much longer and much harder than I did, and do the homework before staking money on what sounds “too good to be true” sales pitches.
    Yes, I come away with my refund, but also with a feeling of being tainted by their contact.

  26. Rebecca Votier says:

    We were talking to travel promotions with the similar offer to one above yesterday. Buy 3 week s of holidays for the price of £295 each and they would sell are timeshare for us. We thought this was too good to be true but were trying to do some reasearch into it. The claims of getting our money back from the russian market was very tempting. We are being pressurised to make a discision by monday!

  27. poppikin says:

    I have seen on my caller display that this number 02034 555 286 has been calling me incessantly. I haven’t answered the call having read the posts on here.

    I have had timeshare for some twenty years (and I love it) but with highly reputable 5* organisations so how did these people get my contact details? It’s rather worrying.


    • Dear Poppikin,
      Thanks for your message.
      The question is always the same, where did they get my details from?
      Probably from an ex employee who worked at a resort you visited, or a form you filled in on the web…and your name is on the list and being sold on and on.
      That’s why people are not called once by a company, but a lot of times by different companies one after the other.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  28. Aleck says:

    Do not be ashamed, these guys use some very advanced mind altering techniques. Called NLP. I am a therapis and use some of these fort the benefit of my clients. So i thought I would recognise what they were doing and I said it was not for me a number of times and my partner did too. they kept on at us and I kept refusing and then I felt a distinct switch in my mind and my attitude changed and I began to see it as a good proposition and parted with the deposite, Since being back home I still keep getting the od threat from them to take me to court if I don’t Honour the “contract”, O yeh!
    The only safe thing to do is say NO and mean it and leave the building after 20 minuits even if you have to take a taxi back home

  29. Carl Jones says:

    I have also been ******* into parting with 294.61 euros (told it was £295) by the smooth talking Travel Promotions. In all honesty I suspected this was a **** but I’m afraid to say greed got the better of me when they started talking re-sale figures and all my good sense went out of the window. I feel ashamed that greed and stupidity was my motivating factor here. Successful ******** prey on these dubious virtues, and some would say I got what I deserve !
    I am pursuing the refund with my mastercard provider.

  30. Tricia Mackay says:

    I have had a number of calls from Travel Promotions offering to help me sell my Marriott Timeshare gold week into the Russian market. I have spoken to two reps but not spoken to the ‘Valuer’ who wants to talk to both me and my partner together to ensure all our questions are answered (and I guess to ensure we dont have cause to back out). I had noticed the need to attend presentations at the holiday resorts but was advised it was a short session advising me of trips etc not pressurising into purchasing another form of timeshare.
    The first person I spoke to said he could not guarantee to sell the property but the Russians like the big names like Radission, Marriott etc. They apparently only forward 15-10 properties a week through their Russian office. In the call today I was told they could almost guarantee I would sell by February if I were to place the property with them this week. They also advised their admin departments would handle all the liaison with Marriott. The fee I would have to pay for the service – £885 gives me 3 weeks holiday in a variety of resorts to be used over 5 years. The fee covers all legal fees too apparently. I was advised not to sell myself short. The valuer was asked what he thought the property could sell for – he said between £11-14K. They do sound very knowledgeable and I was feeling very optomistic until I came across your website today!
    They are calling me back tomorrow to see if we can sort out time for us to both speak with the ‘Valuer’ – I wonder if that is Mark Rowe by any chance?
    Just looking at the first email I received the email was from mark@travelpromotions but I had spoken to Michael who apparently is unable to work at the moment as his wife is ill. I have been speaking today with Jenny.
    Does everyone think this Company is ***** and not genuinely selling Timeshares?

  31. michael john hinds says:

    had a e-mail today from a company called sell my timeshare or otherwise known as hollywood marketing ltd

  32. john graham says:

    have been contacted by Travel Promotions offering to sell my timeshare to the Russian market thro TimeshareDisposal.co.uk provided i buy 2 open weeks at £295 each stating they have high success rates and are selling 20 per week

    • Denise says:

      I was contacted yesterday by Travel Promotions with exactly the same offer as john. Being an elderly widow,I badly need get rid of my timeshare, and fell for their plausible chat line ,foolishly giving my card number to sign up.Imediately they rang me to say the “card had been rejected,probably due to the fact that it was requested in euros,and would I ring the bank and ask them to accept it”. Fortunately my card company put a block on the transaction. I asked my daughter for advice and help and she did a search on web which brought up all the same companies above and guess what ? the phone number I was given is 02034 555 286 the very same as all the others mentioned here. When they rang me today ,I told them that I didnt want to go through with it.he started to argue with me until I told him I had looked up the name of Mark Rowe ,who I had spoken to the previous night, and he imediately said ” Im very sorry densie” and hung up .I have since requested a new credit card number.

  33. Hi there MindTimeShare. Hope you don’t mind me dropping in a link, but our group arrived at your blog entry through a research route related to your subject matter.

    Our group have posted an account of a victim of a tele-sales ***** duping them out of money to resell their timeshare. It was apparently Russian in nature but as our research builds, we end up linking it to timeshare-disposal.co.uk and found our way here.

    Telemarketing/Internet Scam – Sell My Timeshare, Russian

    I’ve dropped a link to this blog entry on our thread too as it contains much needed intel.

    Cheers & Thanks !

    • Hi James,
      Many thanks for your message.
      Very interesting indeed, and we do appreciate you let us know and we recommend everybody to have a look at the link!
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  34. Aleck says:

    Cold Called by HOLLYWOOD PROMOTIONS with discounted holiday offer. Havving just been pressured into signing up an £11,000 contract with EZE group Paid £250 up front on last holiday in tenerrife, I asked the following questions Is this a holiday on which I will have to attend a compulsary presentation of any kind for half a day. and the reply was No. So I agreed to pay for what appeared to be a good holiday in Mallorca, a place I know very well.
    I was later offered more holidays for a further payment. I asked the same question again and the answer was no. later a further small sum was asked for for the uptake period to be extended to 5 years and another free week. same question, same answer.
    When I received the confirmation docs they all stated that attending a promotion for half a day was mandatory or else I would have to pay the full amount for the holiday.
    I have emailed them asking for full refund just now. Don’t think I will get it, so if I took the holidays and did not attend or attended for a brief period then said not for me and left would I realy have to pay th full amount since this appears to be a scam.

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