3 Responses to Worthingtons Property Consultants & Greenfield Solicitors

  1. Anne Crawford says:

    Hi, Wish I had checked Worthingtons Propetrty Agenies out last week instead of today just been robbed of £2,160. We got a phone call on Wed 3rd August from Michael Andrews saying that due to Spannish Law all property owners had to pay 20% tax before any monies would be released from the bank on sale of a property or time share. once paid and money released the tax would be repaid with proof of non residencey in Spain. I feel very foolish for having been conned by a very convincing connman. Anne Crawford

  2. Chris Toates says:

    While I haven’t been contacted by Worthingtons Property Consultants, I HAVE been contacted in a similar manner by Castle Hill Realty who strangely have the same telephone number 0845 564 7285. The apparently deal with JCG Legal Services who also have the same phone number as Greenfields Solicitors!! Very Interesting!!!!

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