Breakaway Marketing Solutions, another one asking for upfront fee..

Breakaway Marketing Solutions is yet another Timeshare resale company asking for an upfront fee, calling it an “insurance” fee.

Insurance the owner will proceed with the sale and send off the paperwork, as they have a guaranteed buyer waiting with cash to pay for the timeshare.

Shame for them that most of us already heard this story before and fortunately will not go for the payment of a 10% of the sales price.

This company has for contact number 0845 108 5491 and they have taken their time 2 months ago (!) to set up a website but they haven’t spent a lot of time on the design as it is actually a copy of another resale company.

Address for their offices as per the website:

Breakaway Marketing Solutions

C/O SJH Media Services Ltd

Crown House

North Circular Road


NW10 7PN

Telf: 0845 1085491

On the website they claim they sold in 2010 for over 1.4 Million Pounds worth of timeshare and in 2011 they are about to break this record. If there is no record at all from them before June 2011 how did they do all this?

They also state a lot of timeshare resorts recommend their services. They just forget to mention which resorts….

Would a timeshare resort recommend a resale service with upfront fees knowing this goes straight against the New Timeshare Directive approved on the 23rd of February 2011?

Don’t think so…

It all sounds very nice, but bottom line is, the web is a copy and most probably the text about their track records and Resorts etc. is a copy as well.

The only “real” thing is the upfront fee and apart from real, this is against the law!

Have you been called by Breakaway Marketing Solutions? Please let us know!

About mindtimeshare

Mindtimeshare SLU is registered Company reg number: B35957182 Mindtimeshare provides assistance to timeshare owners who have been defrauded by holiday clubs and bogus resale companies. The Mindtimeshare project was launched in February 2011. After dealing with timeshare members over several years who had been defrauded by numerous bogus companies and for large amounts of money, I considered launching an Organisation to help timeshare owners that have been targeted by bogus companies. On this blog you can find information about the different active scam companies and their “modus operandi” and also place comments, ask questions and see comments from other consumers who have the same doubts or have been through the same experience. Mindtimeshare has resulted in a huge success and has received the back up from not only timeshare consumers but also from the professionals in the timeshare Industry. Mindtimeshare helps timeshare owners who have been scammed by bogus Discount Holiday Clubs; bogus cash back companies; fraudulent timeshare resale companies; bogus class action companies and false lawyers and notaries. We offer professional answers and advice to Timeshare users. If you want to send an email instead of posting a comment on the blog please do so by emailing:
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67 Responses to Breakaway Marketing Solutions, another one asking for upfront fee..

  1. Ben says:

    Hi Graham,
    I’m an owner at the Crane and have been struggling to sell for more than six years.
    Progress so far: 3 down, 49 to go….
    How have you done since your post?

  2. Mary says:

    Today I had a call from a Karen Lakin from Breakaway Destinations making exactly the same offers and claims as previously stated. Note the slight difference in name of company. However when I put in search to check up on the company it still brought me to this site. Fortunately I haven’t handed any money over and have no intention of now. Thank you. Mary

    • Hi Mary,
      Thanks for the comment.
      Have a look at the article about European Solution Services, they are also “selling” Break Away Destinations
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  3. Oxo says:

    What else can I say?

  4. Oxo says:

    I had a nice Time Share in Portugal I used and swapped for several years, but could not always swap for places I wanted to go to as I got older. Along came RCI Points – I could get just what I wanted with them. Tried for 9 years – no way. In order to get rid of RCI Points I could never use – did not want to burden my family when I die with costly maintenance then £1,100 pa.
    Incentive Leisure wrote. They could help! Incentive Leisure took points over in October 2009 for £8995. to be reclaimed after 51 months from Reclaim in February 2014. Strict time limit to reclaim (if I live that long). Mentioned DWVC in last few minutes of interview. Now member of Holiday Club DWVC! Still not suitable.
    April 2011 Half Moon Holdings cold called – they had a buyer £6,500 in 3 weeks. Pay £1,183 legal cover (returnable) Mr Moon confirmed offer in May – but it would take 6 weeks not 3. June 2011 – buyer could not get bank loan. No more contact. Tried, e-mail, phone and letter – nothing.
    Breakaway called – they could take over from Half Moon who, they said had gone into liquidation. This was an English company based in London not a nasty one in Spain. They could get Half Moon money back and already had an offer – it would cost £1,670 legal fees. They had a buyer. The day before payment was due buyer dropped out. But it was OK – they had another one but needed £1,400 notary fee. In October they actually had the money in their bank for me (£21.270) Too good to be true! but wanted another £800. I had been ill for some time and in hospital but was regaining sense at last and said ‘NO MORE MONEY’. Helen slammed phone down and I have heard nothing since October. Half Moon resurfaced in December with another offer – then silence again. Then called by Viva, TP Associates, Waterstone Consultants, uncle Tom Cobley and all. Requested money refunds! No reply to e-mails. Half Moon are around again but I don’t answer my telephone – to anyone!
    Has anyone had a Reclaim that worked?

  5. Anthony says:

    Having written a couple of relevant replies last November 12th and 14th I have since followed with interest all further comments submitted above.
    I would suggest (as before) that most, if not all, of the articulate, well spoken and capable-sounding ladies might probably use false names. making it difficult for them to be traced. So having scammed a few people they could drop off the radar but resume activities maybe with another (though possibly related) firm using yet another assumed name. Much of what Mr Rushbrooke wrote (some 10 days after my own last entry) is especially similar my own story; only one name had changed. In my case the person who contacted me from Breakaway’s “Corporate Dept.” was a homely sounding lady called Pauline Kelly. Thereafter it was only she with whom I had dealings and even after it became impossible to phone through she was still able to phone me and she was always pleasantly persuasive but prepared at my request to email printed details of the deal which she had outlined over the phone. Ms.Kelly has since vanished.
    One more thought: did any of my fellow contributors who paid by credit card find their money had been paid into some third party’s account?
    Meanwhile a few days before Christmas my wife received another call from a pleasant lady from Timeshare Factory offering to sell our holiday club membership. My wife told her that they were already supposed to be dealing with us via Breakawayand the lady apparently said she was shocked and would look into the matter and be in touch with us again at the beginning of the New Year. It is strange that Timeshare Factory were always able to contact Breakaway whereas we couldn’t.
    One final thought: Mr Rushbrooke’s Corporate expert was called “Anne Foster”. I wonder if she had a pronounced regional accent?

  6. Lynda says:

    I can’t believe we have been so foolish – Megan and Alison sounded so genuine and convincing. We have paid the thieves a total of £2041, with a promise that it would be all returned. The payment was by telegraphic transfer to a person in Spain.

    • Dear Lynda,
      Thanks for yur comment.
      We are sorry you paid these people and on top of it also a money transfer.
      Let us send you more info and see what we can do to stop these people from cheating more consumers.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  7. alan nicholls says:

    Dear customer care
    i have been in touch with my card provider and they have told me that there is nothing they can do to claim my monies back. i would be grateful if you could supply me with information on how to claim money back.

    • Hi Alan,
      Thanks for the comment.
      Of course we will send you the information and let’s see if we can help.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

      • Alan says:

        Interstingly I have just received a telephone call from a laura Miller breakaway marketing – on 0034 632348948 requesting yet another up front fee of £513.93 to transfer the ownership of the timeshare ? very brazen insisting if you do not pay by this evening the deal will not go through ?
        I have also received documents in the post for signature:
        Form of surrender
        Agreement of Evaluation
        Bank Transfer (which has already been done!)

      • Hi Alan,
        No more money to these people…they won’t stop and there is no sale.
        Kind regards
        Customer Care

  8. John Rushbrooke says:

    Dear Customer Care,
    Reading most of the comments posted on your blog, makes me realise, that like many others we have been scammed by BMS. The stories are virtually the same as ours. We were initially contacted by a Charlotte Fisher of Timeshare Factory, who advised us that they had a keen buyer, who had already committed to buy our Diamond Points for £7500. All we had to do was to pay £1750, as ‘Insurance’ against us pulling out of the deal, and delivering up the ownership documents on completion, but that in the event that the buyers pulled out, this would be fully refunded.

    The lady we dealt with seemed very plausible, and being anxious to dispose of our points, now that the annual maintenance charges are £1500 p.a., agreed to make payment on my partners Credit Card. This was on 28th September. We were told that everything would be passed to their marketing dept, who would send the paperwork to us. Megan Richards, who also sounded very nice on the phone, rang us to confirm the details. However we were then away for a week, but upon our return, on reading the email, realised that there was a mistake in the documents relating to the transfer, as the number of points was shown as 170000, and not 17000, which was what we had for sale. I rang Megan Richards, who said she would send revised paperwork by email. When we recieved this, we signed it and returned it on 14th October. Two weeks later, we were told by Megan, that the buyers had withdrawn, having exercised their rights under the 14 day cooling off
    period. However, she advised us that a colleague from their Corporate department could possibly have a suitable client, and would contact us.

    We then got a message from an Anne Foster who said they had a corporate buyer. However, she left no number, and when she had not rung us after about a week, I rang Timeshare Factory, who said that it was BMS who we needed to contact, but they would email Anne Foster, asking her to ring us. This she duly did, and informed us that the corporate clients would pay us £8650, but that we would have to pay £1600 to the account of someone in Spain. When I asked what this was for, I was told that it was for their notaries fees, in case we pulled out, leaving them out of pocket. I was assured that when the deal went through, we would recieve the £8650, plus the refund of our £1750, and £1600.

    Sensing that we were probably being scammed, but being mindful that refusing the offer could mean that they could claim they had fulfilled their part of the contract, I suggested by email, that we would be prepared to lodge £1600 with our solicitor, who would give an undertaking to their or their clients solicitor, to the effect that should we pull out, then he would pay to them their legitimate legal costs up to a maximum of £1600. I had to send emails as their phone is disconnected, and their website has been taken down. Needless to say, they didnt want to do it that
    way. In the last 3 days we have been phoned numerous times by Anne Foster, pressing us to take the deal, as its our best chance of getting out, and if we let the deal go, another such deal could be a long time coming.

    However, having read your blog, there is no way we are parting with any more money, and would advise anyone contacted by these rogues not to allow themselves to be duped into parting with any money at all. We would welcome your help in getting our initial money back.

    Sorry for such a long letter, but at least it might help others in knowing the tactics they use. All the ladies, sound like kindly housewives, but they are obviously totally unscrupulous people, who have no qualms about deriving their living by scamming pensioners like us. How do they sleep at night?

    • Dear John,
      Many thanks for your detailed comment.
      We appreciate you have taken the time to write this on our blog as we feel this is very helpful for other consumers, to see that what happened to them has also happened to others.
      These people should be behind bars!
      We will send you more information by email.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

    • Alan says:

      I have exactly the same experience as John Rushbrooke.
      Payment into an escrow account then a bank transfer to an account in spain

      Please help with the information to reclaim any money. These people must be stopped!

      • Hi Alan,
        Thanks for your message.
        We will send you all the information and let’s see if we can help you and also collect enough evidence to eventually stop these people and put them were they belong.
        Kind regards
        Customer Care

  9. Jaya Otto says:

    I have been contacted by breakaway marketing solutions and made me to pay the money about £750, saying will sell my timeshare ownership for 6000 pounds. but heard nothing till now. Now I have been trying to call them the no is not able to connect. Can any one tell me how to get the money back? Ph no they gave was: 08451085491.

  10. Anthony Hale. says:

    Dear Customer Care,
    Firstly, my sympathies go out to Mr Garstang with regard to how much he paid out to BMS. It is especially unfortunate that some of his money went via bank transfer and money gram.
    With further respect to my story (above) of how I became lured/duped into dealings with BMS – to which you kindly acknowledged on10th Nov. – I now realise that what I wrote is long-winded and may look like a complicated story. However the facts are straightforward: I paid up £995 initially and would still be grateful for any advice on the best way of recovering that amount.
    Otherwise I had hoped my account would be of interest and maybe convey some idea of “Pauline Kelly’s” persistent efforts to persuade me to send BMS yet more money by way of regularly telephoning me to get me to change my mind. Being generally nice but unsure I was not firm with her and she must have felt optimistic that I would eventually cave in. She gave up trying to get me to cough up £1200 for the Corporate buyer deal, but a payout from another private buyer was ready for me if only I would just pay up that extra 420 Euros “Transfer” Fee. That amount would be sent via Western Union to a named individual in Malaga whom I would need to say was a friend so that it would avoid the need for him to pay local taxes. Though a much more affordable sum, that method of payment was as unattractive as the Bank Transfer method.
    These people seem to be cynically and criminally intent on just conning money from as many people as possible. Their stock in trade is access to a database with lists of numerous people who are lumbered with a title to unused DWVC holiday membership. Clearly most people would be tempted to fall for an unexpectedly big payout for something they probably thought was worthless – as I did. Breakaway Marketing Solutions is probably untraceable and for all we know the sales people, generally women, may even use assumed names. They never answered emails although they did send them when it suited them and their phones were slightly “echoey” and there was no certainty where they phoned from. Ms. Kelly left phoned messages for me earlier this week in spite of the fact that 0845 108 5491 was and is now unobtainable.
    Furthermore Timeshare Factory who used BMS as their “financial department” have also dropped off the radar. Their phone numbers including those on their website are “not recognised” As there seems no way of controlling these people they will probably just re emerge as some other firm and resume their activities.

    • Dear Anthony,
      Thanks again for your message.
      Actually, the long detailed message for us are the best as these tell the stories how they happened and most probably a lot of consumers recognize the event as it happened to them as well.
      So don’t worry about the length of the message, the more information the better!
      Yes, a lot of names used must be fake, but when it handles about bank transfers or money grams somebody has to put his real name to pick up the money, so we need to be alert on those payments.
      Thanks again for your message.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  11. John Garstang says:

    We too have been taken in by BMS. We are gullable pensioners who have paid over £5000 to BMS in the mistaken belief that our timeshare points were sold and that we were to recieve a total of £19500. The telephone numbers we were given are now unobtainable. We dealt with “Megan” in London, and a “Janice Brown” in Malaga. They even sent us alleged tax invoices from the local tax office which we paid by money gram. We have now informed the local police about all this, but don’t know what they will be able to do. Will be be able to recover any of the money? Some paid by credit card, some by bank transfer and money gram.

  12. Jon Butterworth says:

    I received a call from Amanda Williams from Breakaway Marketing Solutions at the end of August telling me that they had a buyer lined up for my DWVC membership.After being duped into buying the membership back in 2004, I naively thought this would recover some of my outlay. I was asked for a payment of £910 to cover the Liability Insurance. As previous cases, they then told me the original buyer had dropped out but they had a corporate offer in the pipeline and I would receive a call from Pauline Kelly with the details. She then explained that I needed to deposit a sum of £1700 in a Malaga based account to cover Legal Fees which would be reimbursed along with the £910 on completion of the sale. I refused this request, Pauline Kelly then became off-hand and stated that as they had a buyer lined up, they had fulfilled their obligation therefore no monies would be refunded. After speaking to Megan Richards at BMS I realised I was getting no-where so I then contacted Barclaycard to discuss reclaiming my £910 but they said that I had entered into the contract aware of their conditions and there was nothing thet could do.(Exact scenario is covered in point no.4 in Terms & Conditions)
    Any information on re-covering any money would be greatly appreciated.

    Any news on reclaiming my money back would be greatly appreciated.

    • Anthony Hale. says:

      As in the case of your respondent above I too have been duped into dealing with Breakaway Marketing Solutions. My involvement began in September 2011 having been cold-called by a firm called Timeshare Factory who outlined a deal which was a refundable £995 up-front insurance fee in return for payment of a “guaranteed” offer of £6200 for my DWVC holiday membership. A buyer was willing to pay the above sum and there would be no further payment required; the deal would be completed in 4-6 weeks’ time. I was naive and greedy enough to accept and was told that the transaction would henceforth be handled by their financial department – which turned out to be Breakaway Marketing Solutions.
      Having paid the “insurance” fee and signed Breakaway’s contract ( emailed to me) I subsequently received a call to say that my buyer had pulled out. As reported above, a corporate buyer was available enabling the deal to still go ahead and I would be contacted by Pauline Kelly with further details. It was she who told me that I had to pay another £1700 to cover legal fees. I refused to pay so she reduced the amount to £1200. I then asked to revert to the original arrangement whereby another private buyer be found. This, I was told, would cost me a 400-odd Euros “transfer fee” and I was left to consider the options and she would phone again to hear my decision
      Ms. Kelly phoned a day or two later to confirm that my DWVC could still be offered under the original deal but now reduced to £6000 and she stressed that the “transfer fee” was not refundable. On the other hand the corporate buyer was still on hand but he would pay a “guaranteed” £8450 plus the return of all other monies, thus amounting to over £10,500. I asked Ms. Kelly to email me printed details of this offer which she did, including her written “guarantee” (assurances!) . However the £1200 must be paid by means of a Bank Transfer to an English-named individual with an account at a bank in Malaga and Ms. Kelly would phone me at a pre arranged time to ascertain my Transfer refence number. The prospect of sending further money on such a one way trip is unacceptable and I realise I should opt out AND try to get my “insurance” money back. Mastercard are unlikely to give a refund since I signed a contract. If I now refuse to send the money direct to Spain Breakaway will claim that they they fulfilled their part of the contract by providing a buyer although I only have their word that they did.
      I would be most grateful if you could supply any information which help me get my money back.

      • Dear Mr. Hale,
        Thanks for your message. Wow that is a complicated story and a lot of money paid out!
        Let us send you all the information to see how to go about a refund claim.
        Please do NOT pay any more money to Breakaway Marketing or anybody claiming to have the resale now guaranteed and waiting for your fee to be processed.
        The bank transfer on top of it, is NOT protected so no possibility to claim it back.
        We will be in touch.
        Kind regards
        Customer Care

  13. Susan and Mark Kopec says:

    We have also been taken in by BMS. They to contacted us offering to buy our membership of DWVC for the sum of £9300 with an upfront insurance fee of £997. Surprise Surprise having paid the insurance fee and waiting 6 weeks, the deal fell through. We were then offered a corporate deal with a further up front fee of £1700,( this deal we refused). I had to deal with a very rude woman by the name of Clair Wilson. I was referred back to our friend Megan Richards. We have been contacted this week to say a courier will be calling with a bankers draft tomorrow.We are waiting for the phone call to say what time the courier will arrive.Hah hah hah

    Can you tell us how to get our money back

    • Dear Susan and Mark,
      Thanks for the message.
      Hope you are not waiting for the courier?
      Our email is on it’s way though with the requested information
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  14. reg jones says:

    I have had exactly the same happen to me. unfortunately I too have paid £995 by credit card in September for insurance . Can you tell me how to go about getting my money back, please.

  15. alan nicholls says:

    i signed up with breakaway solutions on about 19th september and paid £1700 insurance fee. thought it was to good to be true and worried about card details so cancelled it. one month later no contact from them so i phoned them and Megan Richards answered. she informed me that buyer for our timeshare had dropped out but we would get a call from Pauline in the corporate dept which we did.she explained about another buyer but we had to deposit another £1800 for notary fees when i refused to deposit more money, she informed me that as they had provided a buyer that they had fullfilled their part of the contract so that was it. I would appreciate your information on how to get money back

  16. Jill and Maurice Marshment says:

    21st October -Yes we too have been scammed – a Barbara Hunter, also Megan. Helen from Malaga demanding Moneygram for the “accountant” John Arthur Walters. Conveniently giving his address of 22 Calle Medina, Malaga. Bet that’s not true either. Would like the e mail telling us how to get our money back. please.

    • Dear Jill and Maurice,
      Really sorry to hear that these people have taken money from you even by Moneygram.
      We are going to send you information by email.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  17. Andrew and Christine Moir says:

    I have today received the second call, just like Jim did. I was initially contacted by Timeshare Factory. We also have dealt with Megan Richards and paid 1200 on credit card on the 12th August. The initial sale fell through but they have a corporate buyer now who will buy within 10 days when we would get all our money back, 1200 insurance, 1700 they wanted for notary contract fees and the 6750 they were going to pay us for our week.I asked for time to consider their offer and so have not actually asked for my money back yet. We would appreciate your information on how to get a refund if my request fails

  18. Jim says:

    mindtimeshare says:
    October 5, 2011 at 4:25 pm

    [ Hi Jim,
    Thanks for your message. So sorry to hear you paid these people.
    We can send you all the information on how to claim a refund for at least the monies paid by credit card and also more info on DWVC.
    Kind regards
    Customer Care ]

    Hi Customer Care
    I’d very much appreciate it if you could send me an email of all the info on claiming a refund for monies paid by credit card & DWVC.

    • Hi Jim,
      We will do!
      Customer Care

      • Mr. Parker says:

        We have been had by these Breakaway Marketing Solutions and have been asked for more money at this stage we found your site and we would like you to send us the info on how to get a refund (paid by cerdit card) of the Insurance £993 paid on 11/8/11 we would also like to help your readers with any action which will land BMS in criminal court as well. Thankyou mr. parker.

      • Dear Mr. Parker,
        Thanks for the comment on the blog.
        Really sorry to hear that you paid these people.
        Let us send you the information and we will take it from there.
        Any help and support for the investigation is appreciated.
        Kind regards
        Customer Service

      • Sheila Yates says:

        I also have been had by breakaway marketing solutions to the tunr of £1500 can you tell me how to get my money back I paid by credit card

      • Hi Sheila,
        Thanks for your message.
        We will send you the information by email.
        Kind regards
        Customer Care

  19. Brian Edwards says:

    We were contacted buy Breakaway Marketing Solutions about our DWVC membership. They said they had a buyer prepared to pay £11,150 for it, we paid the insurance (10%) by credit card and waited for the money….. we are still waiting. We contacted Megan at BMS and was told the sale had fallen through but we would be contacted by their Corporate Branch with an offer. This they did today with an increased offer of £13,475 but the needed a further £1,700 insurance fee, I said I could not afford this so they came back later with a reduction to £1,200 which had to be paid today by bank transfer. I said ok and then started recovery proceedings of the £1,150 with Barclaycard who told me they would suspend the payment from their account pending investigation and to deduct the £1,150 from my next payment. I have had to reclaim a payment made by credit card before and recieved full restitution which is why I paid by credit card this time. As long as you claim within 90 days your credit card company should be able to get you a refund.

    I only found this site while trying to find BMS website Keep up the good work.

    • Hi Brian,
      Thanks for your message.
      Looks like you have it all under control with regards to the refund request.
      We will email you more info and should you need further help or information, well you know where we are now.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  20. m. cutler says:

    has anyone had dealings with excalibur if so did they get any results thanks

  21. Tim & Julia says:

    My husband received a phone call from Tim Moon from Breakaway Marketing Solutions, asking for £1400.00 up front for insurance, and that he had sold our timeshare for £6200.00. My husband asked for time to think this over, and Tim Moon left him the North London address and the same telephone number 0845 108 5491. Tim Moon phoned back the following day, my husband was not happy to pay any monies up front so after speaking to his account dept (2 floors down) Tim Moon came back with the amount of £750.00, again my husband was not happy to pay this and said he wanted to discuss it with his wife. Tim Moon phoned again and I finally got to speak with him, I also refused to pay any money up front and explained my fears of being ‘scamed’ to which Tim Moon got quite upset and abusive, to which I hung up on. My husband and I then had a good laugh as having read what to do with these people, we had wasted lots of his time, money and effort. Do as we did at least we get a little of our own back.

  22. Peter Comar says:

    Have been contacted by a Jennifer Wallace of Universal Marketing re: sale of DWVC membership with an offer toatalling 9,800 euros – BUT in a follow-up e-mail she uses this ‘phone number which is how I found this site. Presumably a change of name due to such sites. BEWARE

    • Hi Peter,
      Thanks for letting us know, so Breakaway is now Universal? That’s very interesting to know.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

      • Jim says:

        Hi – After being cold called by Breakaway Marketing Solutions I, too, have been foolish enough to fall for the DWVC membership resell offer. The original sale “fell through” but they came up with an improved offer from a so called corporate client of theirs. All I had to do was just transfer another £1700, into a Spanish bank account belonging to Ronald Edward Jones – to pay for notary fees – which I would be reimbursed when the deal was completed . I wasn’t prepared to do this and told them I believed I was being scammed. I’m wondering if there is any way to get back the sum of money I payed as “surety” for the initial deal.

      • Hi Jim,
        Thanks for your message. So sorry to hear you paid these people.
        We can send you all the information on how to claim a refund for at least the monies paid by credit card and also more info on DWVC.
        Kind regards
        Customer Care

  23. Tracy Battye says:

    My mother law attempted to sell her RCI timeshare online. She entered her contact details and was contacted a few weeks later by Breakaway Marketing Soloutions. She was told a buyer was offering £5400 and that she needed to pay a £1295 up front insurance fee. She gave her credit card details which they then proceeded to take said amount from. Is there a way we can attempt to get the money back and where do we start. We have contacted the bank who has informed us we need to take it up with a company called Fleetmark Developer, the name which was given by the bank as responsible for taking the money. Any ideas?

  24. Tracy Battye says:

    My mother in law attempted to sell her RCI timeshare in Tenerife on line. She recieved a phone call a few weeks later from Breakaway Marketing Solutions who offered her £5400 but stated that she would need to pay a £1295 up front insurance fee. She gave her credit card details and this amount has now been taken from her card (without her authorisation). Is there a way we can try and get this money back, and how would we go about it.

  25. Ken Wellard says:

    I was contacted to day by Breakaway marketings Natasha Vaughn offering to buy my DWC holiday
    for a fee 0f £840 .00. 10 % of the promisd return but when I said it was againts the New Timeshare directive approved in Febuary this year to ask for monies up front. .They quickly backed down

  26. Bill says:

    We were contacted by Breakaway marketing Solutions who said they had a buyer for our DWVC membership to the value of £10,800. They then asked for liability insurance to the value of £987. Like fools we paid this and have since had no meaningful contact since signing their contract. The contact name in the company was a woman called Megan. Whenever you phone the companyon 08451085491 you either get a recorded message about office hours or someone who never responds with the company greeeting only hello, very proffesional. The only smart thing we did was to cancel our credit card the following day to stop any further fraud The whole setup is obviously a scam. Has anybody had any luck in getting their money back or have any advice to offer.

    • Hi Bill,
      Thanks for your comment.
      These people are so not to be trusted!
      You cancelled your card, that was a wise move. Have you not yet received the money back then?
      We are going to send you the info by email, and to answer your question, YES people do get their money refunded.
      Customer Care

  27. Julian says:

    I have also been contacted by Breakaway asking for £850.00 up front fee as an indemnity insurance for £8,500.00, that will be sent to me within fourteen days. A lovely couple in their sixties they said, were very interested in buying.They are so persuasive that I very nearly fell for it. However, I was very suspicious and then began to check the websites and found your page with a warning. Thank you. There should be some way to stop this. I consider myself to be sensible in these matters, but they are clever and almost convinced me that it is a great deal and guaranteed; the paperwork would see to the legal aspects, when I saw the so called contracts to be signed, I realised that they are not worth the paper. It is so easy to fall for a trick like this. especially if you want to sell on.

    • Hi Julian,
      Thanks for your message.
      This is so true, it is actually easy to fall into these traps, but I am glad you spent time to check on the internet and found our blog.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

    • Julian says:

      Hi all,

      I did get a full refund from Breakaway Marketing Solutions. I took advice from the credit card company initially and a consumer agency regarding refunds. Both say that you need to get in touch with the company, which is on 0845 108 5491 and insist on a refund. they will pay back to the credit card used for the transaction.


      • Hi Julian,
        Thanks for your message and the advice.
        Suppose it will also depend on the time between paying and asking for a refund, if they will return it directly or not.
        Kind regards
        Customer Care

      • Julian says:

        Dear Customer care Team,

        Thank you for replying. Yes I did act very swiftly in this matter, and Breakaway Marketing Solutions, were very keen to state that they are a legitimate business, and wanted me to include the fact that I had been refunded on this blog. So they are monitoring it and contacting some of us as a response to this blog. Has anyone else been contacted by BSM, asking them to include an entry?
        I’m sorry to read some sad experiences with this and other companies acting in a dubious manner. I was refunded, because, they said their wasn’t any trust between us, which is true. Another company by the name of Half Moon Holdings, cold called this week, with the same sort of story, but they are based in Malaga, Spain, and they said they didn’t take upfront fees, but they did mention that they would require €995 when they found someone to buy the club membership, while the transaction took place over a couple of days. Familiar story isn’t it. I hope everyone gets refunded very soon. Very good to hear the web page is no longer available. Keep up the good work.

  28. P Hewitt says:

    We also fell for the same scam with Breakaway Marketting Solutions, unfortunately our stupid commitment was £864 for a promise of £5200 return. I am now taking the issue up with my bank and credit card company to try and get our money back.

  29. m. cutler says:

    i have had a call from breakaway with this offer. stupidly we fell for the excalibur scam in march this year. still waiting on them selling lots of promises. we just want the money we gave them back but you just get good thing we have our original documents . so here’s hoping one day we will get our money back.

  30. Alistair says:

    September 13th
    I have also had calls rom Alison Church and Natasha Vaugan regarding my DWVC membership. I also was given a phone number of 0845 108 5491. The story was the same with this £750 insurance fee with a purchase value of between £4,000 – £5,000.
    Strangely I managed to resist paying £750. When I checked their website it was not found at all!
    If as you say this operation is against the law, how come they have not been prosecuted and closed down? Arew the police aware?

  31. Tony says:

    Received a call from a Natasha Vaughn this afternoon from Breakaway Marketing Solutions (0845 108 5491) suggesting that they could sell my ownership of DWVC with an upfront fee of £750.00. and had customers offering to buy at between £7 – £8k. This is now happening on a regular basis and I must have had a dozen different calls from different companies in the last 3 months. We were duped into buying in the first place and I have no intention of parting with any more. Is there anyone out there that offers an honest and legal service?

  32. Graham Fincham says:

    Firstly – what a great site this. I receive regular emails from you relating the latest dodgy resale companies. Keep up the good work :-).

    I’m trying to sell my time-share at The Crane in Barbados but find the exercise very intimidating with all of the scams. Can you advise the best way of going about resale?

    Graham F

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