Greenges 2005 SL, back on track with their dubious legal services!

Greenges 2005 SL has started to do their cold call campaigns again and going strong on offering timeshare consumers their “legal” services claiming to be a company that “specializes in the defense of the rights of the users in Spain, especially in the real estate and timeshares business.”

They have set up a new website

On the web they explain there is an initial “processing fee” of £850, so that is a fee just to start even looking at your paperwork!

But what is the real background of this company? This company has different connections with other companies of who we know they are not trustworthy and for which we have already placed warnings on the blog. The main connection is one of the previous administrators whose name keeps on appearing on the different company registrations.

Sharifi Mahmoud Reza was registered as administrator of Greenges 2005 up to January 2011 but also administrates Fuengirola Servicios 2002 SL a company directly connected to Key Property Town Advisory (KPTA). This company KPTA is connected to The Justice Group Direct who on their turn claims to be using lawyers from Greenges 2005 SL. (

All these mentioned companies have a background of dubious businesses and numerous unhappy customers who have paid for resale and legal services that actually never took place. To top it all off, the administrator of Ramirez & Ramirez (, Fabián Ramirez Marcelo also appears as the administrator of Fuengirola Servicios 2002 SL.

Greenges 2005 SL provides different addresses in their paperwork, which makes it quiet confusing to figure out where they are based.  At the moment they are using the following addresses on the Costa del Sol:

Lope de Vega 60,  29631 Arroyo de la Miel, Benalmádena

Telephone 0034 952 446093 and fax 0034 952561178

Calle San Antonio 22, Edificio San Miguel, 29640 Fuengirola

Telephone 0034 952 667357 and fax 0034 952 667545

There is also a Spanish mobile number for put of office-hours calls 0034634098299

Legitimate Spanish law firms never cold-call people. And the reason is simple; they lack your contact details unless you give it to them. This is why you must mistrust always any phone calls from the UK or from Spain offering you out-of-the-blue to take “class actions” or “group actions”. Ask yourself why and how do these people have your contact and investment details.

Have you received a phone call from Greenges 2005 SL? Please let us know!

About mindtimeshare

Mindtimeshare SLU is registered Company reg number: B35957182 Mindtimeshare provides assistance to timeshare owners who have been defrauded by holiday clubs and bogus resale companies. The Mindtimeshare project was launched in February 2011. After dealing with timeshare members over several years who had been defrauded by numerous bogus companies and for large amounts of money, I considered launching an Organisation to help timeshare owners that have been targeted by bogus companies. On this blog you can find information about the different active scam companies and their “modus operandi” and also place comments, ask questions and see comments from other consumers who have the same doubts or have been through the same experience. Mindtimeshare has resulted in a huge success and has received the back up from not only timeshare consumers but also from the professionals in the timeshare Industry. Mindtimeshare helps timeshare owners who have been scammed by bogus Discount Holiday Clubs; bogus cash back companies; fraudulent timeshare resale companies; bogus class action companies and false lawyers and notaries. We offer professional answers and advice to Timeshare users. If you want to send an email instead of posting a comment on the blog please do so by emailing:
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54 Responses to Greenges 2005 SL, back on track with their dubious legal services!

  1. Stephen says:

    Are greengess still operating ??

  2. diane says:

    These people need stopping
    My mother in law a 86 year old lady has had calls from these people, she has previously been conned out of money by other companies, good job i am on the ball.
    I hope they all go to prison for a very long time..

  3. Christopher says:

    My dad, Chris has had 2 phone calls in the past 2 weeks from greengessl to say they run a no win no fee service for a holiday package he bought in 2006 . It ran out after 5 years without ever being used as it was severly missold to us. Now the nightmare is starting again . My dad was duped out of £1000 by half moon holdings 4 years ago & I am adamant that I will do my research for this not to happen again!

  4. Minnow says:

    Minnow says, Over the last few months i have been contacted by Helen Saunderson,she says she can get all my reclaim money plus the initial amount paid. I sent off all my paper work and was contacted this morning saying that she was taking the papers to the courts but there will be a fee of 950 – 1200 for this service, I was on the brink of paying this money but realised that I had maxed out my credit card over easter. Helen Saunderson is very convincing she even tried suggesting ways for me to pay. I have told her to ring back at the end of May. Which I am pleased about because it gave me time to do this reserch am I glad. I nearly fell for it again.

  5. Cath says:

    Hi, I’ve just discovered that my mum has paid this company £1200 (on a credit card), they say they will extract her from a timeshare commitment (£200 per year for 20 years). The contract looks highly dubious to me. Please can anyone offer some advice.. 1. Has this company helped anyone or is it a 100% scam? 2. Is there any way of proving they’re frauds to get the credit card co to cancel the payment? Is there anything else I can do to help her, should she cut her losses and walk away fom ths co now?


    • Sandra says:

      Hi Cath, i think you should get your mother to claim back straight away. First, either yourself or your mother, should call Greenges insisting on a refund. A law came into force in all EU countries banning all timeshare or legal/law companies from cold calling. It also makes any of these companies taking an upfront payment, whatever the reason, illegal. I have been contracted by many companies over the years and silly me lost money but i came across this law last week. Now i won;t pay anyone. When you call Greenges mention this law, they will try to reason as to why it has to be paid like translation & court fees, but this payment is ILLEGAL. If you have no joy your mother needs to phone her credit card ASAP. I mentioned this site to them and Dawn Taylor said this site is a scam to make them look bad. Do not walk away from the £1,200, its haw they make their money. if your mother has not yet signed that contract stop her now, make a copy and send back in writing a cancel letter. Good luck

      • Cath says:

        Hi Sandra,

        Thank you so much for your reply. We did ask for an immediate refund and I think we’ve got it – just waitng for confirmation on her credit card company statement. I also spoke to Dawn who insisted they were legit, even sounded angry that I was defaming her company and tried to persuade me they were legitimate but so many things didn’t add up that I just can’t see how they could be. I did not know about this cold calling law which, funnily enough, Dawn didn’t mention. They have a 7 day ‘cooling off’ period on their website so we used that but I am still so angry that they make a living preying on vulnerable people, I don’t know how they sleep at night. I’m just happy I found this forum, my mum doesn’t use the internet so she never would have known.


  6. Alex says:

    Hi : Had a call 21.01.13 from Victoria Carrington, advisor to “Greenges advising that her company were pursuing time share claims formerly uncompleted by “End Vacation” which she suggested had gone bust. She requested that I submit photocopies of all correspondence with “End Vacation” in order that her appointed local lawyer ‘Jose Lara Cabello’ could establish that a claim could be made. A sum of £825 would be requested.
    During our conversation I happened to mention that another firm of supposed lawyers acting for “Key Properties” pertaining to claim against Resort Properties, were now in the 4th year without success. She advised me that they also had gone by the wayside. Strange at it may seem, they all appear to be connected including correspondence I have bearing the name Ramirez & Ramirez.
    So pleased to have visited mindtimeshare before throwing away more hard earned cash.
    Think I will string them along – Good luck in your ventures

    • Sandra says:

      I received a call from William in January stating that his company works with the Spanish police to crack down on all these bogus timeshare resorts and resale companies. He sounded very convincing. He explained in detail the work that they do convincing us that we could get our money back, and did not ask for any money, only that we need to send copies of the payment we made to End Vaction along with the sale agreement. we posted them to a Spanish address, We then had a call from a very rough sounding lady called Dawn Taylor. This lady proceded to tell us that we are guarranteed our money back but we have to pay almost 1k in translation fees but we were not too worry as she would put our claim into court the very next day. This is when the alarm bells started to ring. The more she tried to convince us the more it sounded as if this company did not have a clue. I am so glad that we have found this site and will also string her along. How do they sleep.

  7. David says:

    Thank you soo much for posting all this info,I have had two calls ,sent the correspondence to greenges and now have been required to pay 895 for translation fees ,just annoyed as they sounded so genuine and convincing,I will try and string them along so that they keep wasting money phoning me

  8. Trevor says:

    I have been contacted by Stewart Newman of on a cold call with a promise of a no win no fee get my money back from Holiday Solutions. After e-mailing some paperwork I got that phone call. We need to translate your paperwork into Spanish which will cost me £850. So much for no win no fee. After reading your blogs I will string them along for a while before telling them where to go

  9. Steve says:

    They are still at it, cold calling etc. This time, the caller is called William. Surely, the Spanish police should have sorted these people out ages ago.

  10. ALAN says:

    I was telephoned early November by Helen Saunderson who said her company (Greenges) had details of fees I had paid to Sol Bookers and that if I sent them copies of the relevant documents, they, Greenges, could obtain a full refund of the monies paid. Having been conned previously, I requested details in the post, which eventually arrived some two weeks later, printed on very dubious looking and very badly photo copied “headed notepaper”. I did nothing!!! A few days later I was again called by Helen, who wondered why I had not responded to her request .I told her that I was compiling the paper work she had asked for. Again I did nothing except to do some research into Greenges, which ultimately confirmed my suspicions that this was yet another scam.
    I have since received yet another call from Helen and again I made the excuse of sorting out the necessary documents. I hope to keep “them” hanging on in expectation of compliance from me
    There has been no mention so far of any payments to be made.
    Finally I would like to advise your “readers” to be aware of the same scam being operated by:-
    Unfortunately I was not and consequently conned for over two thousand pounds!!!!

  11. vivian says:

    said I was checking them out first,phoning me back in a week.
    Said JOSE LARA CABELLO was on utube so I think I will have a look
    regards Viv

  12. Brian says:

    Greengessl are still hard at work trying to extract money from unsuspecting people.
    I have just had a cold call so told them to email me the information which they say they will do tomorrow.

    I will post further as or when it arrives.

    The lady talking to me assured me they have proven legitimate lawyers working for them.

    I asked how they got my information and was told they received it from the “local Authority”.

    The lady gave me the telephone number of 003495244.

    I just know she will eventually ask me for money to cover the cost of translation and of course I have my credit card right here ready waiting…………no not to pay her……………….to put it back in my wallet !!!!!

  13. glyn says:

    I have since spoken to greenges & find that they are a legitamate company & i am thinking of going with them .

    • Dear Glyn,

      Thank you for your comment.

      Each consumer is free to take up the services of any company that contacts them.
      It has to be pointed out though that a company, a supposed legal company in Spain knows it is not allowed to cold call consumers and offer their “legal” services. This is against the Spanish law actually.

      Cold calling is never a good sign, your personal data is protected the same in Spain as in the UK, and if a company cold calls you the only way to have obtained these details would be through a dubious source.
      If in the cold call transpires they know about your dealings with other dubious companies in the past, we would certainly say that alarm bells should be ringing.

      And then asking for a (translation) fee to start the supposed claim, well for us all the above are signs to not trust a company and not recommend them.

      Time will tell if they are successful at all with your claims if you go ahead with them.

      Kind regards

      Customer Care

      • Carol says:

        I was phoned by William Collins from Greenges SL on Monday about the £ 1200 I was conned into paying Endvaction to sell my timeshare in 2009 telling me that I could claim it back from my bank. I have his address in Spain Lic. no. ect. but the phone no. matches one of the ones on your site to be beware of. is he legit??

  14. glyn says:

    Yes greenges have cold called me as well . They said that they can get my money back (jose lara cabello ) ,he may be legitamate but not working for them ??? I phoned his office today ( from his web site ) but he wasn’t in , told to call back about 5pm when he should be back . the no. I have is :-0034 952 443 799 , different to the one given by Greenges ?
    They wanted an upfront fee saying that companies I had been scammed by ( marina leisure , solbookers , etoo , etc .) have had their assets frozen by the courts & they can retrieve money back for me . They wanted 1880euros as a translation fee for all of the companies then reduced that to a lower figure for only 2 of the companies . They could understand why I was sceptical after losing money already ???
    I am not convinced ! Dawn taylor has also been in touch as well as 2 other men . They seem deserate to get hold of my money because they don’t want me to miss uot on what they can get back for me .

  15. Diana says:

    Thanks for your website. Had a phone call today from ‘Louise Elliot’ (posh voice) regarding my giving money to a company called ‘Selling Time’ and promising to get it back. she named dates and details, promising a refund. shame really cos I got the bank to stop the card payment, so almost fell for it the first time and thanks to you have avoided their second attempt.

  16. Bob says:

    1840 13/11/2012 Just Ms. Victoria Carrington on the phone again complaining about my previous submission, so I am sure that she will read this. She informed me that they where in litigation with mindtimeshare, and if anyone was dreaming it was me as she would not have any dealings with me anyway. I will let others to make up their own minds about who is what.

  17. Bob says:

    1545 13/11/2012 just received cold call from a Victoria Carrington ( posh name/posh voice) from Greenges 0034952446093. apparently I have an excellent chance of getting my money back through their spanish lawyer. no upfront fee and will be invoiced for only 15% of any monies received. If I send all my paperwork they will assess, and then get it translated which will require an upfront payment (in her dreams).

  18. Mrs D L D says:

    I have been approached by Greenges to forward details of a miss selling of a ‘Holiday Dreams’ package. After reading your information I have decided to tell them I will not be forwarding my details.

  19. Alan says:

    2nd November 2012. My father-in-law was stung for money by Sol Bookers and now Greenges are saying that they can get his money back. William called me from Spain on a really good line after my father-in-law gave them my telephone number. “Terrible things have been done to a lot of people. We have been on BBC Watchdog and we can claim your money back. 65 cases per day are going through the spanish courts and yours will be one of them.”

    They have asked for paperwork but they have not yet asked for any money. I am sure they will, just as sure as I am they are not going to get any. Their email proof of being genuine was rubbish…

  20. Keith says:

    Just received an unsolicited phone call from someone called Michelle who claims that her company called express claims Europe can recover money paid to holiday clubs can be recovered by them for no upfront fees and that any fees would be taken from moneys recovered,
    Does anyone know if this is a genuine company.

  21. Debbie says:

    I have recently been contacted by William from Greenges to get money back from another company Solbookers. Solbooker were supposed to be selling my timeshare weeks and I foolishly paid an up front fee when they gave me details of the “supposed puchasers”. They had full details of the payment I made to them in 2008 including the last 4 digits of my credit card number (scary). They are asking for any paper work I have relating to the payment I made including my credit card statement to show the amount I paid and when. Please warn everybody of this latest scam as once they receive the credit card statement from you (and probably the rest of the information that they will then ask for) they may start to take unauthorised payments from you

    • Henry says:

      I was contacted last Friday 19/10/12 by Zoe Philips from Greenges, who said she would ring back today about 5 pm, but she has not rung me. She knew I had paid Solbookers and how much and on what date. Said they were looking to take action against Solbookers, and no charge to me. No mention of an up front fee.

  22. Tony says:

    I have been contacted by Greenges 2005LS, foolishly paid 895 pounds 18 mounths ago.
    Letter recieved from Jose Lara claiming to be Lawyer dealing with my case. Emailed and sent letters to him no reply. To top it all recieved an email asking for afuerther 1100pounds to finalise the case. Two further phone calls from Dawn Taylor to get me send money by bankers draft.
    How do I get money back from credit card please.? It is time these companies wear stopped.

  23. Concerned Person says:

    I believe greenges has started up again and can be found at this address (insider source)

    Calle Las Flores, Edificio 3c, Arroyo de la miel
    (unsure if the actual office number, i think it looks over the burger king terrace)

    Also believe they are providing a Portuguese mobile number to call them back on, starts 912 or something which just diverts to spain.

    Hope this can help someone one day.

    I know by not providing my name/email you may not approve this for publish, but i’m sure you “the admin” will at least see it and take note.

    • Lynn says:

      I was contacted yesterday evening by Stewart Newman, never mentioned any fees but did say that they could get back all my money which I have paid out over the years to rogue sellers

  24. David says:

    I was contacted yesterday 10th Oct, by Stewart Newman, from Greenges, who said he could get my money back, said there was no up front fees, any fee would be taken from what was won back through the courts, Re’c today an email asking to send paperwork I have of my contacts with DDE inside europe, I did a search & found this blog, so I will not be havinging any more contact with Greenges, thanks for the Blog,
    Is there any Genuine way of selling or getting rid of Timeshares ?

  25. anne says:

    could you please send me information on how to get my farthers money back as we are having trouble with are bank. thanks

  26. anne says:

    i am dissgusted at Greenges and the so called lady Dawn Taylor, she contacted my farther a few months ago stating there lawyers could cliam money back on his behalf, he paid a large deposit to them, and has 1 letter giving opening times for customer service and nothing since. How can a so called christian woman do this to old people, sc** them out of there life savings and at the end say god bless! we have contact his credit card to get his money back. DO NOT GIVE THESE SC** PEOPLE MONEY.

  27. Dis-maid says:

    Just had a long conversation with a someone called Deborah Ryder from Greenges. She said we could re-claim all the money spent on timeshares as the law had changed. According to her, anyone who purchased timeshares after 31st October 1994 can claim a refund of money paid as no payment should have been taken during the 14 day cooling off period. If money had been paid in that time, then it is deemed as being mis-sold, the contract invalid and money paid can be reclaimed. All she required was any paperwork proof that payment was made during that time. She pointed out that by making the claim, it would dissolve the timeshare ownership and we would be given a refund of purchase payment. Even if a deposit was paid before the 14 day cooling off period, it invalidates the purchase and a full refund can be claimed. She made no mention of any fees for doing this, only that once we have sent all proof (purchase date – which she already had! – contract, any proof of money paid) a Senior Advisor would check it for us and contact us again. She claimed local authorities who have closed down illegal timeshare sales and re-sellers and have confiscated any paperwork then pass on the details to Greenges for them to deal with claims. (So if the sales companies have been closed down, how can we make a claim against them?)
    She is going to send me the details of how to make a claim and will contact me next week. Me thinks she is going to waste a phone call but maybe she will read this and not bother.
    As the saying goes: once bitten, twice shy – or sadly (and embarrassingly) in our case, three times bitten in the attempt to reduce the financial burden of maintenance fees and falling into the trap of swapping one bad apple for another. One we have just let go and we are stuck with two others. We could have had a world cruise had we saved our money instead! It all seemed such a good idea at the time. Just how do you get these things sold, legally? We just want to rid ourselves of this financial noose from our necks without falling into yet another trap. We feel we can’t trust anyone in connection with timeshare and are sick and tired of being conned. They all ought to serve time – in isolation, not shared!

  28. Keith says:

    Had call from Greenges2005 SL two days ago saying that they could recover money spent with Perrot ledesma Javier Abagados.they requested that I E mailed copies of paperwork to them,
    Having read your info on them I will be telling them what i think of them.i am glad that I read your blogs tonight as this has saved me a lot of effort .
    with many thanks K.C

  29. M> says:

    I have had a call from the the company today, from a legal secretary, their firm is Spanish solicitors. No upfront money required at any time, no need to meet anybody face to face, I can contact them anytime, etc. I have been through sending money upfront before, but luckily it was via credit card so I got the money back from the credit card company. I dont care who it is, I will never pay any money up-front for any promises they make,nor will I give my bank details to anyone (to pay money into). I have always told any such people that they should deal with my English based lawyer who is answerable to the English Law Society – this is when they back off. I wonder why?

  30. Barbara says:


    I was cold called by a lady called Dawn Taylor for company of Greenges saying that she worked as a legal advisor and she was 62 and could she help with the problem we had with D W V C., ] what a surprise as i see from someone else on this site that they also had D W V C] We sent somepaper work to them as they said they didn’t want any money, then it was £850 for translation fees, which i did.After seeing something on mindshare, i contacted the fraud dept of my bank, thats where we are at the moment, so fingers crossed i get my monry back

  31. Bib says:

    My parents get daily Cold called from someone saying that they can get their money back for them, the latest being Dawn Taylor who like Brenda was told, she was 62, did charity work etc etc – the same as above, she must have this scripted.I spoke to her about my concerns and I asked how she got the number and she said that it was on a data base, I could not get her to stop talking about the legal side of things, she must has this down to a fine art now.I am glad I read all the comments as she was asking for £895.00 for translation fees and even though I told my parents it was a scam they can now read this for themselves.
    Many thanks to all, this really helps especially convincing my elderly parents that these people may sound nice but they really are not.

  32. Brenda says:

    We have had this cold calling too! However, we did ask the question how did they know we had been ripped off? It was all too convenient/coincidental. We were suspicious so did nothing. Dawn Taylor called several times in pursuit. Very convincing. No up front fees but did mention the old ‘interpreters’ fees to be notified later. We told her her we did not trust them. She said she was 62, the equivalent of a Barrister, did charity work and couldn’t sleep at night if she was doing anything wrong and even ended her conversations with ‘God Bless’. Thank goodness we looked at this site! We had originally been ripped off by Holiday Rentals and Breakaway Solutions. Time to wake up and smell the roses I think. Do not deal with any of these people they are nothing short of wicked!. Take care.

  33. Ruth G says:

    I have recently been cold called by a chap called tony who said he represented a Spanish firm who could get out ‘fraudulently’ obtained monies from clubb class and terranova. Like everyone else I made it very clear that I would part with no money up front, so I was clearly informed that “no that’s right there are so many scams going in at the moment, we work on a no win no fee”. I said ok and sent my docs for him to check out, again said as soon as they wanted any funds I would not be interested. Several weeks, emails and telephone calls later their lead advisor Tim Jenkins gives a great cash recovery figure and finally asks for £1200 euros to cover costs. Oh let me think NO, I have given away enough money to trust anyone again is never going to happen. But he still sent his the company reg docs to prove they are legit – the trouble is they are all very good liars!

  34. Brian says:

    This organisation Greenges called me with a convincing story so I led them along to find out what they would do next.
    The man talking to me wanted me to give him my money on the phone via a credit card payment.

    I told him I would never do such a stupid thing until I checked the company out thoroughly to make sure they were genuine.

    Now he got really helpful and said that if I was to go to a site called “Mindtimeshare The Truth” I would be able to read all about Greenges and would have no doubt about them. (we all know about this site don’t we and the damage they are trying to do to Alberto).

    I was also told that if I was to go to “Money Expert” who is a well known TV person I would again find out that Greenge is a well trusted company. I did this and to my absolute amazement I found NOTHING !!!

    He sent me a document which was to be followed with a phone call which has not as yet happened.
    I wonder if this is because I told them that I am a co-partner of a nice man called Alberto Garcia. (OK I told a small fib but they told me big ones so I don’t car).

    I copied the document to several well known organisation like Trading Standards and others.
    All came back to me with the same advice.

    Prizes will not be given for guessing what the advice was and I still have my money in my bank….hmmmmm

    • Brian says:

      Just to add a little more to my post.
      On the site Money Saving Expert there is a thread which is about a company called Greengessl. I believe this is one and the same as Greenges.

      In the thread one person is posting saying they got there money back thanks to Greengessl but only the one who has posted in there several times with not exactly the best grammar or typing.

      A question came to my mind as to who is posting. After all, we have no idea if a post is genuine or not.
      Anyone can make a post in a blog saying they are someone else or a company or other we have no idea as to identity.
      I suspect Greenges is playing tricks and by posting in MSE they can then say to people go see in MSE we are genuine.

  35. Mal says:

    yea we have been ripped off for over 50K. have had a letter from Jose Lara Cabello , Malaga. tel 0034626582582. It says to contact them in writing , also to fill out a form from the Power of Attorney and send it through to them to proceed . they will then take the people concerned to court to get all our money back. I offered 2K cash on completion and money in my bank , but they declined ,they said they were proffecional and wouldnt take any cash offered but would charge when complete?????? We sold all our timeshares to a company in Bristol , designer way vacation club ,{ Incentive Leisure Group } who in turn said that our reclaim certificate could be reclaimed after 51 months. they have now dissapeared !!

  36. Re: Mrs Beryl Marks says:


    My mother has recently been contacted by Greenges firstly by telephone and now by letter (dated 23/02/2012) offering a mediation service. They said there would be no fee unless they decided to take up her case. Just thought you should know. I still have the letter, which is on headed paper, and can e-mail it to you if you would like me to.

    Carol Waight

  37. Paul Farrell says:

    The address is currently, Lope de Vega 60 B, Arroyo De La Miel, Malaga Spain, C.I F B92652288. Telephone 0034952560.

    • Hi Paul,
      Thanks for all your comments.
      Like you said, people to be careful with.
      They changed the address a couple of months ago it seems.
      Thanks for participating in the blog.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  38. Paul Farrell says:

    The letter has been e-mailed to me to confirm whom they are, however it is not even on letter headed paper. The caller confirmed that there would be translation fees involved, that they could get money back through the courts. I have stated to them that I have been ripped off previously and cannot part with any more money. They have telephoned me again now, after my e-mail to them. Clearly desparate for some more money, have not answered the phone and they have phoned again! Clearly cannot take no for an answer. Disgraceful.

  39. Paul Farrell says:

    I was sold a holiday package by Carpe Diem some years ago, I was ripped of for thousands of poundson the Income Return Programme which never returned anything to myself and my partner when owed. I have since had several telephone calls and been ripped off at least three times. I have today received a call from Greenges 2005 SL whom have sent me a so called letter explaining whom they are. They have phoned from Spain. I am suspicous and clearly am correct in my suspicions. I have e-mailed them back and told them not to contact me again.

  40. Ted Cromar says:

    I was contacted by Greenges last week and was told there would be no upfront charges. On Monday I was contacted by Mrs Taylor and during the conversation I was told that she would send me contracts etc. In amongst the information was a demand for £895 (which they are not going to get), for them to begin prosessing my claim. I in turn sent her a less than polite response and I am waiting for her to call me back.
    It seems we are all in the same boat. Having been scammed once I am not in a hurry to lose more money.

  41. Tony Brothers says:

    On 5 Oct 11, I was contacted by Greenges Ltd firstly by a well spoken man called David and then by a Mrs Dawn Taylor who told me she was Greenges’ head legal adviser and I “qualified” for full refund of my mis-sold timeshare.

    After listening for some time she said I would have to pay an upfront fee of £895. When I asked her why they were not offering me “a no win no fee” contract she explained that this fee was for translation costs. I then got suspicious and contacted yourselves.

    Mrs Taylor rang back a day later when I had not filled out their forms to pay the £895. She assured me they were reputable, but was not interested in 25% of a “no win no fee” contract.

    I’m getting angry with these fraudsters and their lies.

    Is their any reputable companies out there who can help me get some or all of my money back?

    Kind Regards

    Tony Brothers

    • John says:

      I have also been contacted by Greenges this morning who say they will be able to recover all of my money and that there are no up-front charges; but, there is a charge for translation (is this not an up-front charge????). Needles to say, having doubts about anything legal / related to timeshares that comes from Spain, and now having read the information provided by mindtimeshare, I will not be tempted to discuss this matter with Greenges any further.

      I would also like to know if there are any reputable companies who can assist in the recovery of some if not all of my money that was scammed from the timeshare cashcow.

      Kind regards


  42. Zoltan says:

    I am a casualty of the RESORT PRTOPERTIES whom I believe, may still be operating their timeshare resale fraud in Los Cristianos, Tenerife. We were certainly were ripped us off by several thousand pounds sometime ago. A little after KPTA in Malaga approached me by their cold call offering their legal services to re-claim my losses in exchange of an upfront fee of £1,200 which I paid them some 4 years ago. Nothing has happened since and when my solicitor in Scotland questioned KPTA on the progress, received an excuse answer that the first batch of cases which I missed, have already been dealt with and they would advise when the next batch was due. They blatantly refused to return any of the upfront fees for their promised but never accomplished services. I am told that hiring another Spanish lawyer to recoup my losses would be the solution. Another rogue one? I’ve lost my faith in any so called Spanish affiliated legal company to trust. I feel that resolving cases for all contravertial issues created by scam companies is a formidable task for the Europian Consumer Centre as long as they will depend on the advice of National Consumer Institute in Madrid.

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