TIMESHARE EXIT SOLUTIONS – TES – Cold callers with a lot of information

Timeshare Exit Solutions has started to cold call timeshare consumers offering mediation and arbitration between the consumer and the companies they might have a dispute with.

The company Timeshare Exit Solutions with website www.timeshareexitsolutions.co.uk and telephone number 0203 1377214  and address Avenida Claudio del Diaz, Las Chafiras, San Miguel de Abona, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, is cold calling timeshare consumers with the pitch of recuperating monies paid to “scam” companies such as ILG and True Valid.

In the case of ILG they actually claim they are “appointed” by the liquidators to do this arbitration and mediations. This is obviously not true and there is no such thing as companies appointed by the liquidators and neither would your personal details been passed on to a third party company.

More worrying is the fact they mention the monies paid to True Valid. Readers of this blog know all about True Valid (http://wp.me/p1kmoi-5t ) and the fact this company has taken substantial amounts from consumers under the pretention of a resale of their membership, legal fees, notary fees, taxes, etc. If TES knows the consumer has paid to True Valid than this can only mean they have the information straight from the source.

Timeshare Exit Solutions charges an upfront fee of £399 in order to do the arbitration / mediation for the customer.

Visiting their website there is actually no mention at all of them being appointed by anybody, and they purely offer to reclaim monies paid based on the Consumer Credit Act 1974.

There is no need to use a company for that and less if that company asks for a fee upfront!

The website is very basic, and by basic it goes as far as no company identification, no address and no hint at all who they are and where they are. The agent who cold calls the consumers did mention though he was based in Spain, as so many timeshare companies are based in Spain so that makes the claim procedure easier??

Have you been called by TES Timeshare Exit Solutions for a claim on monies paid? Please let us know!

About mindtimeshare

Mindtimeshare SLU is registered Company reg number: B35957182 Mindtimeshare provides assistance to timeshare owners who have been defrauded by holiday clubs and bogus resale companies. The Mindtimeshare project was launched in February 2011. After dealing with timeshare members over several years who had been defrauded by numerous bogus companies and for large amounts of money, I considered launching an Organisation to help timeshare owners that have been targeted by bogus companies. On this blog you can find information about the different active scam companies and their “modus operandi” and also place comments, ask questions and see comments from other consumers who have the same doubts or have been through the same experience. Mindtimeshare has resulted in a huge success and has received the back up from not only timeshare consumers but also from the professionals in the timeshare Industry. Mindtimeshare helps timeshare owners who have been scammed by bogus Discount Holiday Clubs; bogus cash back companies; fraudulent timeshare resale companies; bogus class action companies and false lawyers and notaries. We offer professional answers and advice to Timeshare users. If you want to send an email instead of posting a comment on the blog please do so by emailing: customercare@mindtimeshare.com
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68 Responses to TIMESHARE EXIT SOLUTIONS – TES – Cold callers with a lot of information

  1. Derek says:

    These guys are still calling with their new scam proposal. They tell me that they have been successful in Court for compensation in excess of 20K, only paid 7k to begin with. I will receive this money in May 2019. I am waiting with bated breath to what reason they can find to ask for more money to be sent by bank transfer. We stupidly sent money to them before, a bank transfer to a P Hall!! They are operating through a bought 0203 number, could be transferred anywhere in the world like the 0845 numbers, or in an emergency turns out its a Spanish mobile as any mobile in Spain starts 0034 the 6. land lines start 0034 then a 9. They don’t seem to be registered as a law firm at all!! Looking forward to their call, usually from Sharon, in May.

  2. christine says:

    has anyone had dealings with section 75 .net they requested 599 upfront fee to get our money back from dwvc

  3. Mark says:

    Seems they are rebranding themselves “Consumer Advisory Group”. Called today by some Irish woman (Tel 08458 620145). Couldn’t be bothered to get into big conversation but basically the same old spiel with Martin Lewis mentioned and up front fee charged for their services. The number was used to contact S in April and the “Consumer Solutions Group” cold called me in Oct 2011. Sounds too close to be coincidence.

    • Lorna says:

      I was contacted by a lady called Noelle at Consumer Advisory Service (independent claims company) on Thursday 21st June 2012 advising me that i purchased a holiday from Incentive Leisure Group and referred to DWVC which was the name i could relate to. She explained if we paid by credit card we would be entitled to get all our money back. She wanted me to check out Martin Lewis website and another http://www.section75.net for authenticity as she was aware i will have been contacted by many companies. She advised the company went into liquidation in Jan 2011 which i was not aware. She agreed to call me back which she did tonight Thursday 28th June 2012. She asked me to check certain documents to see what i had to ensure i would be eligible to make a claim. She said they had dealt with 95 claims totalling £590,000. They to charge an upfront fee of £399 which is only taken on credit card for our protection then a contract is sent with a 7 day cooling off period. When asked why would anyone pay an upfront fee for a service they have yet to receive she said in the past people have got their money back then refused to pay them. She’s calling me back next week as i admitted i still hadn’t checked out the websites.

      Please forward your advise and how i could persue the claim myself.

      • Mark says:

        Lorna: Don’t pay them a penny. Tell them “no” when they call and hang up. It is all a c**. They are even mixing up their own names themselves. Consumer Solutions Group, Consumer Advisory Group and Consumer Advisory Service. Even Timeshare Exit Solutions with the same number. Read the comments above and you will see.

        As for getting your money back use the Martin Lewis website: moneysavingexpert.com and look up Section 75 claims on there. There is plenty of advice and even template letters to use with your CC company. That’s how I started and I got my money refunded by my CC company that I used to pay Half Moon Holdings (don’t take no for an answer). The other company (that I used to pay for my DWVC membership) is playing hardball (its a big sum of money) and said no 3 times. I’m now contacting the Financial Ombudsman about the case.

        You can do it all yourself. Don’t get con*** again: I did, twice, but never again.

    • Andrew says:

      How do we get our money back? We have been scammed as well. We have read others dilema’s, just like ours. We like the idea of Martin Lewis and section 75.

      • Andrew says:

        We went with,
        Time Exit Solutions,
        Avenida Claudio Degado Diaz 101
        Las Chafiras,
        San Miguel De Abona
        Santa Cruz De Tenerife
        0203 137 3970
        Mon-Thurs 10.30am-5.30pm
        Fri 11am-1pm

        Yes, we paid approx £400 up front and it took a very long time…………..
        but we got our money back, every last penny of it 🙂
        I was very sceptical. I was wrong !!
        Patience is a virtrue. Good luck


  4. S says:

    I received a phone call on Tuesday evening from Penny Carpenter at the Solutions group in Tenerife and am expecting her to call back after the weekend. After reading the familiar entries on your website, particularly Moira McInnes who could have written this for me, I hope to get as much information from her as possible before telling her I won’t be paying the upfont fee of £599, yes that is £599. I have a note to remind to ask her how she got our details as well. Her phone number is 0203 1373970 or (from 1471) 08458 620145

    She was lovely, very informative and gave me hope! She advised me of our rights under the consumer credit act section 75 and gave me details of other websites to view, martin lewis section 75, which! section 75 and their own http://www.consumeract75.co.uk.

    Penny acknowledged the fact that it’s hard to get the trust of the people she calls as they have usually already fallen for other calls. I think this is a position that most people commenting on your website recognise only too well, especially when someone is offering you hope to get all of your money back. I guess most of the same people are so happy to hear this, if the whole thing makes them feel as nauseous as myself and husband do when we think about the whole scam we’ve been sucked into

    We bought a holiday club membership in 2007, as we were told they would take our previous holiday club membership from us, as part of the deal after 2 or 3 years – this was the clincher. This has never happened.

    We have never even used the holiday membership as all the promised inexpensive availability has never appeared.

    Penny also said, after getting our money back for us, she is in a position to also get rid of our first membership – I don’t know how, although she was clear whe wouldn’t be able to get us any money for it. We would never expect this anyway, so long as we were left without future management fees.

    We bought into timelinx, (there are many cases of trying to get money back due to misselling / misrepresentation but this is hard to prove, according to Penny but we wouldn’t need to do that).

    Because the basis for our case – Incentive Leisure, as the parent group of timelinx, has gone into liquidation as of 25 January 2011, and therefore there has been a breach of contract made with ourselves. We have not received any notification of this and have received no liquidation pack! Therefore we are in a much better position to claim back from the credit card company, upon which a deposit was paid. I was assured that cases were being “won” even though I had never heard of Incentive Leisure, which I assume is also known as ILG.

    First step is to register our claim with econsumer.gov within 6 years of the purchase, is this correct?

    Is it true that Solutions group will have to contact the liquidator, as Yvonne has asked in January, if we choose to make our own claim?

    What are the chances of success getting all our money back from the credit card compnay, under section 75? How long should this take?

    We also got a promise of cashback (from Spain) when making our purchase in 2007, this is due to be claimed in July this year – although I have to assume that was part of the con too! Any advice on this would be great?

    Also, is there any chance of getting rid of our original membership, which is with another company (not ILG or timelinx)?

    I realise this can’t be just left, too much money has been paid into it for us to cut our losses and the consumer credit section 75 seems to be a lifeline. But as John Fowler states it’s a lot of paperwork and I’ve read you could be refused several times by your credit card company – it must be hard to face the demoralisation of going through a claim.

    On BBC news, this week, Paul Lewis from moneybox, states that people who have already be scammed are much more likely be scammed again. It’s nice to think that we would learn from our mistakes but when someone holds out such a promise, it is so easily to fall for it again. Thank goodness for the internet and sites such as yours that we can find other complaints – especially naming individuals as well as companies. Although I didn’t feel under pressure on my cold call, I felt the upfront fee was too high even though “protected”.

    I would be grateful of any advice from you, could you please e-mail me, especailly with guidance of the claim process? I am going to leave this anon, hopefully, as surely such individuals can just as easily find these websites and references to themselves and I don’t want it to affect anything they may say to me. Call me paranoid but that’s what this whole sorry situation has left me feeling.

    Kind regards,

    • S says:


      I was also told that as part of my claim to my credit card company, I would need to put together a multiple page dossier on both Incentive Leisure and Timelinx linking them together including evidence of pre-existing frauds. This is because my holiday club membership is with the child company and not the one in liquidation. Is this the case? Has this already been done in the many claims already made, especially any with a successful outcome?

  5. DAVID says:

    My wife and I were contacted by these people in Dec 11 in connection with ILG. Being naive, vulnerable and elderly (68 and 74), we walked straight into this and were persuaded to pay money for their services. We have received two letters from them but attempts to contact them on the number 0203 1377214 has proved fruitless.

  6. Peter says:

    Cold called today by Inversion Refund Service offering to help reclaim funds from DWVC…..at cost of £425…..they have emailed me a contract….Ive done nothing yet,can you please advise?If I find that I did not originally pay by credit card,can I still reclaim any funds?

  7. Elaine says:

    Well it seems that I have been conned. Pity I did not check out the TIMESHARE EXIT SOLUTIONS before. I seem to be receiving a number of telephone calls from them saying they are ‘dealing with my case’ , ‘passed information to the Analyst department’, ‘ because my case has been going on so long it is being passed to management’. Yesterday I received a call from Angela telling me she was forwarding my case to the Analyst team – I reminded her that on 1st August she said she was send my case to Management. I also reminded her that my case had been passed to Peter Watson in August2011 so I wanted my case to go to the management. Said she wouldring the nest day (14th) at 6pm – well it’s 7.30 now and no telephone call.
    Any advice on how to be released from our time share agreement will be most helpful please, hubby is on long term sick and I am about to have an operation which will stop me working for 3 months. No way will we be able to pay fees in July – help

  8. 9kat says:

    Been contacted by mediation solutions ltd and inversion refund services. both claim they can get money back from cc payments (under section 75) made to purchase holiday club membership. Needless to say up front fee required. Martin Lewis website has useful info. Will claim myself for free but happy for any other advice.

  9. John Fowler says:

    There are a couple of comments on here by individuals who actually used the company Solutions group ltd…. Yet havent come back to leave feedback on whether the solutions group had successfully dealt with there claim… Could we get some feedback for this please.

    I was contacted by the solutions group to ask me if i would like them to act on my behalf as they were an independant claims company. They informed me of the consumer act of 1974 (Section 75) and to be honest, i was not aware of my rights as a consumer, and had almost given up hope on regaining the 12,000 euros i had invested into incentive leisure group. I have told the solutions group that i did not want to pay out four hundred euros upfront and that i was going to persue the claim myself. The gentleman on the phone said that it would be difficult, and that there would be alot of paperwork. Which he is certainly right about. And in all fairness they didnt bother me again

    The process is now underway and im trying to aquire all the information to make the claim with the bank. I would really like to know some feedback as without the solutions group informing me of my legal rights, i would have just given up on the money i had lost. If people have had successful dealings with solutions group, i think id rather have spent the four hundred euros to save the hassle of endless paperwork.


    John Fowler

    • S says:


      Did you get feedback regarding the solutions group? Did you ever pay a feww. You quote 400 euros, I have been quoted £599


  10. yvonne says:

    I have just received a phone call from a company called ‘Solutions’ based in Tenerife.
    They were calling with regard to our purchase from DWVC some 7 years ago. The lady was called Penny Carpenter and she seemed quite helpful. When I first spoke to her my first question was ” is this a British based company”. She replied that she was in fact based in Tenerife but that the Head Office was based in Harley Street – Tel No 0203 1373970, she also said when you ring the number it automatically goes through to Tenerife.
    The call was basically the same as I have read about on this site. Section 75 and £399 were mentioned. I said I would have to speak to my husband before paying out any monies. She said she would call me back later this evening. Luckily, I decided to investigate and found this website.
    Penny called me back about 1/2 hour ago at which I told her I would not be taking up the offer as I had been doing research on the web. She did not pursue the matter any more but did ask me if we would be pursuing the claim on our own – she also said that if we were going down that route we would have to act quickly because now that she had brought the matter to our attention she would have to contact the liquidators (?!) and they only give you a small amount of time to act.
    Is this true?
    Hope this will help in the cause to out these companies.
    Regards Yvonne

  11. frank says:

    hi i was contacted by tes and duly paid them £399. i then recieved a reciept and a form to return with a copy of my reciept which i did, i have now been contacted by a firm called consumer act 75, i told them i have started with tes and he tells me they are a ligit company and rang me back with some
    info from them.am i being conned by both of them? i have since realised that i paid incentive leisure
    group by debit not credit card.does this mean i have lost out all round? the date all this started was
    16/08/2011. thanks frank.

  12. Peter Hammett says:

    I was contacted today by the consumer solutions group, a woman called Michelle Green. Michelle Green claimed to be a member of Martin Lewis section 75. I know this particular woman has called me previously using a different name. This week alone I have also been contacted by LA Bartle and Internal Revenue Services, all stating if I pay a fee of £399.00 then they will claim my money back from Bluechip and DWVC on my behalf. I now believe after looking on your site that this is another scam. Please can you advise me or send me some information on how to get my money back? Any assistance will be much appreciated. Peter

    • Dear Peter,
      Thanks for your comment.
      Your phone doesn’t stop!
      We will send you more information on all the companies mentioned and we hope that we can help you further with a refund claim.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  13. Stuart Munn says:

    i have just paid £399 to exit solutions and have just received there contract IS THIS ANOTHER SCAM can i cancel agreement

    • Dear Stuart,
      Thanks for your comment.
      Well you have read the blog and maybe also the one we posted yesterday about The Solutions Group.
      Maybe you could do the claim yourself, and there is no cost and it takes the same time.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  14. Moira McInnes says:

    We too have been cold called by The Consumer Solutions Group, Graeme Thomson. He gave us the same information regarding the fees but hasn’t yet told us whether this fee is an upfront payment or not. We were conned by ILG into giving them our timeshare and £6950 in exchange for 4 years DWVC membership and the promise of a financial payment with a reclaim certificate. We paid the £1000 deposit of this with our credit card. The DWVC, I feel, was missold as the holidays were no cheaper than any I could get online or from a travel agents, infact, many were much more expensive. We have been bombarded by cold callers since ILG went bust, one even prsuaded my husband to part with more money as they said they had a buyer for our DWVC membership. I have since checked all companies online and It’s thanks to sites like this one and people, who are as fed up as we are of people trying to con us out of our hard earned money, taking the time to inform others of their situations, that I’m adamant we wont be conned again. These people who call are so lovely, plausible and tell you exactly what you want to hear but they are just conmen/women making a fool of us.
    We have decided to try, under section 75, to recoup as much of the money we stupidly handed over. If you could advise us on how best to go about this I would be really grateful
    Thank you

  15. Martin Hamilton says:

    Hi, I too have been called several times by a John Allen asking why I’ve not filed a claim yet and, of course, offering to do it for me for that magic sum of £399, which doesn’t sound bad if the cost of doing it myself would be £300, but that would rely on them actually doing it and not just pocketing the money. I have been told that I only now have 3 days left to file my claim – is that true?
    Please send me information about DWVC & ILG, thanks.

    • Dear Martin,
      Thanks for the comment.
      Only 3 days left to claim? Is that 3 days left from the 6 years you have to claim a refund from your credit card?
      We’ll send you the information by email.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  16. shashi patel says:


    TES have called me to help with reclaiming the money I paid for DWV. I declined their offer but I would be grateful for advice on how to proceed with my credit card company.


  17. Barry Smith says:

    How revealing! I too have been contacted by the Consumer Solutions Group who (it seems) are one and the same as Timeshare Exit Solutions!? They are certainly persistent as I have had at least 4 calls from two different people: a Michelle Green and a Penny Carpenter. They are extremely plausible in asking for £399 upfront for dealing with the paperwork. I am now going to put in a claim myself to my credit card company under section 75. I must read through Martin Lewis’ spiel. Meanwhile, if you have any other relevant information, please do email me. I have not had any correspondence from the liquidators of Incentive Leisure or DWVC concerning my member ship. Should I have?

  18. Mark says:

    Just thought I would add this info on this blog as it seems relevant. I am also the ‘proud’ owner of DWVC (ILG) membership and also a ‘contract’ for its sale with Half Moon holdings. I have been cold called by The Consumer Solutions Group offering to reclaim my monies from the credit card company on my behalf . They too want an upfront fee of £399 (payable by CC so I am ‘protected’!!) before they send out the paperwork with a ‘7 day cooling off period’ and money back guarantee if they don’t get the money back within 150 days. Fortunately I found this website last night (thank you!) and did not go ahead (pity I didn’t find it when HMH came calling). All calls very charming and plausible. I spoke to Sally Black, David Samuels and Michelle ??? . The 2 former names are mentioned in posts above as working for Timeshare Exit Solutions and when I asked Michelle today she confirmed that the 2 companies are part of the same group. Indeed their Tenerife addresses are exactly the same. I did not have a timeshare to get rid of when I fell for the ILG presentation so perhaps it is people like myself that get contacted by Consumer Solutions Group.

    The Tel No they called from was 020 3137 3970.

    Be careful out there!

    I have just drafted a Sect 75 letter to my CC company and I will be emailing mindtimeshare Customer Care separately, but would also be grateful for any info regarding the use of Section Sect 75 with my CC company, in my situation.

  19. Mr Donald Williams says:

    After my last email I was expecting to receive information about Martin Lewis section 75 I have to date not receive.
    Can you send this information please.

  20. Pauline says:

    can you send me information how I can claim money back from this Martin Lewis section 75.

  21. Pauline says:

    I to have had a call from a Graeme Thomson from TES claiming I can claim my money back have
    to pay £399 up front fee mentioned the Martin Lewis section 75 on google. Phoning me back
    tomorrow I will be just ignoring the call thank goodness for this website yet another scam.

  22. Glynn Booker says:

    I to have had a call from TES with the same story as many others above, my call was yesterday 3,10,11 Her name was Mary Brown
    We to would like some help in reclaiming monies owed by DWVC/ILG and they also had the cheek to send us a letter saying that our membership fees are due LOL
    Any advice and guidance on this matter would be gratefully appricated
    Kind Regards
    Glynn Booker

  23. Donald A Williams says:

    I to have been contacted by these people and at the out set told them that I would not be paying any money up front. She gave me more information but adviced me to contact you about
    (Section 75).
    Please could you send me more information about (Section 75) as I have already tried to claim against my card supplier which I had piad all deposits on.
    They have refused any payment to date the card company is Tesco cc
    Regards Donald Williams

    • Hi Donald,
      Thanks for your comment.
      You are saying TES told you to contact us? That’s good news!
      We will be sending you all the information by email about the procedure for a refund claim.
      Kind regards,
      Customer Care

  24. Jennifer Suffling says:

    Like everyone else here,we have been cold called by Joanne of TES offering us the £399 deal to reclaim all our money lost to ILG for purchase of membership of DWVC. We were given exactly the same spiel. As a result of reading the comments above we are now planning to make our own claim and would like to receive your advice about how to go about claiming under section 75.
    Please can you send it to us this information as you have to others?
    Many thanks in anticipation.


    • Dear Jennifer,
      Thanks for your comment.
      We are really sorry to read that you have fallen for the trap of this company.
      The information will be send by email.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  25. Herbert Hayward says:

    I have been cold called two days running from a Mr David Samuels regarding DWVC, infact we have been cold called for the last 12 months or so, and we have been very worried as we lost quite a few grand, but now we have a list of all cold callers from someone on the net called TATOC, so we wont be paying any more moneys as we are two OAPs with very little left.

  26. robert cherrry says:

    I have had a call from a Karen Hayes from TES about monies owed to use by ILG/DWVC. she said that we could claim our monies from our card supplier but if we made one mistake our claim would be thrown out but if we paid them a fee of £399 they woul;d get all our monies back in 3-6 months, after ready the comments on your web site I think we will be declining there offer

  27. Graham Abel says:

    Graham Abel
    I have paid £399 to Timeshare Exit Solutions. I was asked for copys of all my paper work relevant to transaction with Incentive Leisure Group. I sent it recorded delivery to the address in Tenerife. It has been returned to me unopened. I also would like any details on how to proceed under section 75

  28. Linda Cope says:

    TES is on a roll,Sally Black called me today offering the same service £399 to claim back our ILG /DWVC losses, seems section 75 is the best way to DIY, anyone had any luck with that yet? Also been contacted some weeks ago by half Moon holidings and holiday rentals direct who offered £12,900!!! Several others have also contacted us over the last six months or so. Also today a Micheal Goften from Specialist lawyers investigating fraud over ILG etc, no doubt will want us to send contracts or money up front for services rendered? Beginning to think my phone is bugged!!
    Linda C

  29. Roy Ware says:

    Had a telephone call today from Timeshare Exit Solutions offering to get our money that we paid to DWVC refunded. It was stated that if we did it ouselves it could take up to 24 months and cost £280. For a little extra, £399, they would do it for us and it should take no more than 6 months.

    The person that called, Peter Watson, tel no. 02031377214, did suggest I looked at Martin Lewis`s website where he refers to clause section 75

    My first thought was to check them out on your website having already come unstuck with Half Moon Holdings and I am gald I did.

    I would be grateful if you could send me details as to how to proceed under section 75

    Carry on the good work

    Roy Ware

    • alyson gardner says:

      I too was contacted by Peter Watson, but unfortunately I signed up and paid £275. Does all this bad blog re TES suggest that I will completely lose my outlay or only that I could have done the reclaim a lot cheaper myself. If the former, how do I go about recouping my money? I was meant to have a 7 days ‘cooling’ off period but the paperwork was sent 4 days after the phone contract date and did not arrive in the 7 day framework allowing time to cancel. Would much appreciate any advise as I am a pensioner and cannot afford to lose this money.

  30. Paul Newbery says:

    Hi there. I have also just been contacted by a David Samuels of TES asking for a £399 up front fee. However, all he did was pique my interest in reclaiming the monies I paid to ILG/DWVC to dispose of our Diamond Resorts points. The transaction never completed due to the liquidation of ILG so I still owe the management fees to DR and am also out of pocket to ILG.
    Would you please be so kind as to forward me the details of how to claim under section 75 of the CCA?
    Paul Newbery

  31. I blogged you on 8th September regarding my contact with Timeshare Exit Solutions’ Anna Stevens and I note from more recent blogs that you have kindly sent me that you have provided them with information on making a section 75 claim against a credit card company. I should be very grateful if you could send it to me too.
    Since my blog I have been emailed by Resolved Claims Limited of Milton Keynes offering to seek financial redress against a third party whom clients believed had suffered an injustice which has resulted in a financial loss. They list ‘timeshare’ among their areas of expertise. The status of Resolved Claims Limited shown in its 2010 accounts at Companies House (www.companycheck.uk/company/06923330) was £312 in the bank, total liabilities of £8,422 and a then current worth of minus £8,110 with no stock registered. Clearly hoping to do better!

    Terry Offiler

  32. AndyWilkin says:

    Glad to have found your comments. I was also contacted by very a convincing Anna Stevens from TES on 14th Sep offering their ‘services’ to help claim back the money i paid to ILG for DWVC membership. Again they asked for £399 upfront. Smelled a bit bit fishy and by the sounds of it, it is. Ref the Section 75 would it be possible to send me some more info on what to do now.
    Good to have people like you looking out for the population
    Kind Regards

  33. Lewis Waters says:

    I was also contacted by T.E.S. 15th Sept, a Mary Brown. Same story, and very convincing. Nice to read other comments about this scam. Please could you tell me what to do next in relation to this s.75 of the Consumers Credit Act 1974, as my timeshare was also D.W.V.C (Sundance) with an address in Exeter

  34. lenniepaul says:

    I too have been contacted by TES by a Michelle Green in regards to DWVC using the same telephone number as mentioned by P catherall above 02031377214 .She said to make a claim yourself would cost £180 for the paper work..I don’t know if this is true or not. My brother suggested I check them out first and am glad I did. I will be investigating as to how to put a claim in myself. Like the others above their website is very basic and I was expecting a link from Martin Lewis’s site but there was none.

    • Dear Lenniepaul,
      Thanks for your message.
      This is the first time we hear about the claim costing £180.
      We know about lots of consumers who have claimed and got their money back, but nobody has told us they paid £180 for the paperwork..
      Let us send you the information first.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  35. Helen says:

    I have had a call from Anna Stevens from TES offering to solve our problem with DWVC & ILG for £399. They were very convincing. They told me all about section 75. I paid the £399 but then found this website so when their accounts dept rang back to confirm payment I confronted them & asked them if they were a genuine company as I had seen your website, but the woman on the other end of the phone just said that she wouldn’t be taking the payment & put the phone down on me. What a suprise TES is based in Tenerfie!! We are now making a claim ourselves to our credit card company. Yhank god for your website.

  36. I was contacted by Michelle. Very convincing.
    I’m glad that your site is warning about this.

  37. steve parrott says:

    i was contacted on 1st september by david samuels of tes told him i was not interested , however the kind? chap did tell us about section 75 so now we are claiming the money ourselves.thank you for your website it will help a lot of people
    steve & sally

    • Hi Steve,
      Really pleased to hear that these people have actually put you on the right track to get your money back! That’s excellent! Suppose it wasn’t the reason for his call, but he, he did something right at least.
      Let us know how you get on with the claim, if you need any help or advice, you can always contact us.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  38. Have just been cold called by Anna Stevens of TES requesting £399 payment on credit card for their services to claim back from our credit card company the payments we made to Incentive Leisure Group for DWVC membership. This follows a scam call from Brashar Litigation Services a week ago requesting an up front fee to include us in a class action against ILG and DWVC. Thank goodness for sites like yours warning of these scams.

    • Hi Terry, thanks for your kind words about our site.
      I am glad you didn’t fall into any of the traps of TES or Brashar.
      We are sending you more info about DWVC.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  39. P catherall says:

    David Samuels(?) from TES has called me and offered the £399 deal so being hyper sensetive to such bogus operators I have asked for the T&C’s which led me to their website, which I could have written better myself! I am already aware of Section 75 and in conversation he points to Martin Lewis’s website to validate his position (there is no link/mention by name of TES). Personally I am not unhappy in principle to fund such work. He also says he is in London, Enfield and gave his telephone as 0203 313 7214(registered to Telephony Services Limited)…At once I challenged him that that it did not sound a London telephone number as he had missed a digit “….well he has been in London for 23 years…..” His Geordie accent had not been blunted in that time though. So it started to smell.

  40. Stephen Southern says:

    I have had a call fom TES offering to solve our problem with DWVC for £399. I have already put a claim into my credit card company and told them I did not need their services but some how I think I will still get calls from them.

    • Hi Stephen,
      Yes sounds you might be right…watch this space..they are very active at the moment!
      Customer Care

    • Helen says:

      Hi Stephen

      I am putting a claim in myself regarding our DWVC membership. What did you say in your letter for your cliam under section 75? As I am having a bit of difficulty about what to put in my letter for my claim.


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