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The dubious discount holiday club Designer Way Vacation Club (DWVC) warns against an “illegal” copy of its site – DWVC –

“We have discovered that an illegal “copy” of this site has been set up under the domain name

This site is nothing to do with the genuine DWVC web site and has been set up with the sole intent of defrauding genuine DWVC customers by making false representations about the Reclaim promotion. The relevant authorities have been informed, the web site will be removed, and those behind it will be prosecuted. Please do not respond to any communications from or Designer Way Vacation Club International.

Designer Way Vacation Club (DWVC) has been marketed during the last couple of years by the marketing co. Incentive Leisure Group, and the outfit of this marketer listed in Gibraltar went into liquidation last January, latter company which it is currently being investigated by the Office of Fair Trading.

For more information read the following articles on our blog: Great testimonial from ILG fraud victim who got his money back!!!! Incentive Leisure Group Update May 2011 Incentive Leisure Group_DWVC_Timelinx_Reclaim Ltd_Update April 2011 The wolf advising the sheep. A dormant group of companies linked to Personal Travel Group / ILG

After reading this, you can ask yourself: “who should be warning about whom?”

About mindtimeshare

Mindtimeshare SLU is registered Company reg number: B35957182 Mindtimeshare provides assistance to timeshare owners who have been defrauded by holiday clubs and bogus resale companies. The Mindtimeshare project was launched in February 2011. After dealing with timeshare members over several years who had been defrauded by numerous bogus companies and for large amounts of money, I considered launching an Organisation to help timeshare owners that have been targeted by bogus companies. On this blog you can find information about the different active scam companies and their “modus operandi” and also place comments, ask questions and see comments from other consumers who have the same doubts or have been through the same experience. Mindtimeshare has resulted in a huge success and has received the back up from not only timeshare consumers but also from the professionals in the timeshare Industry. Mindtimeshare helps timeshare owners who have been scammed by bogus Discount Holiday Clubs; bogus cash back companies; fraudulent timeshare resale companies; bogus class action companies and false lawyers and notaries. We offer professional answers and advice to Timeshare users. If you want to send an email instead of posting a comment on the blog please do so by emailing:
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13 Responses to Latest news from DWVC!

  1. Comment received by Mindtimeshare from B.D.

    “I,like many others paid a sum to Incentive Leisure to arrange the disposal of my timeshare and to receive the Reclaim Certificate. The thought of joining DWVC didn’t appeal at all so no membership fees were paid. I did pay over £1000 deposit by Credit Card and the remainder by Bankers Draft.
    On the advice of Mindtimeshare I was able to recover the deposit but in the belief that I could only claim what I paid by Credit Card I signed a disclaimer that I would not claim anything more.
    Several other companies who “cold called” me with an offer to get my money back quickly backed off when hearing about the disclaimer.
    With further advice from Mindtimeshare I wrote again to the Bank explaining that the sum outstanding £5995 had been paid by my wife and as we were both joint signees of the Incentive Leisure the money should be repaid under the Consumer Credit Card Act.
    I received a telephone call from the Bank and their employee explained it was very unlikely that my claim would be successful but he would pass the claim on to their Ombudsman section
    Earlier this week I was again contacted by the Financial Ombudsman Service of the Bank and they have agreed to repay the entire sum”
    Many thanks to Alberto Garcia and the Directors of Mindtimeshare for all their help
    Kind Regards

  2. L Simon says:

    Are you able to advise about RECLAIM cashback and whether still in operation please? I am due to redeem my certificate soon and wondering what to expect…if anything!!

  3. kerry says:

    A company called JD Knight are calling me claiming to be able to get back some or all of my money from a cashback promotion with dwvc in 2004. I’d long since written this cash off as they not only ripped me off of all my savings but almost cost me my marriage and my health has suffered considerably because of it too. I can’t help wondering if I’m on a long list of people that’s headed ‘EASY MUGS TO RIP OFF’ I’ll not be putting any money up front so they can whistle! Anyone know what the score is?

    • Hi Kerry,
      Thanks for your comment.
      This company has their article on the blog, have a look it was published a couple of days ago.
      Doesn’t sound good…sorry!
      Kind regards,
      Customer Care

  4. Rob says:

    Just to let you know. After a long process I have been able to claim back over £5000 paid to ILG through DWVC who fraudulently promised to sell my timeshare 6 years ago. Part of my payment was done by credit card and the rest by bankers draft so I was able to do it on the basis of Consumer Credit Act 1975. Tracking down the cred. card I used and getting copies of bank statement was difficult. However, I had numerous email exchanges with Snr Garcia of RDO and I followed his advice to the letter vis-vis the correct procedure, what to say in letters etc.(I have no legal experience) Also got very helpful advice over the phone from Trading Standards. Could not have done this without Snr Garcia’s adivice and access to his website. So I am hugely grateful to him.
    So persevere

  5. breny says:

    Has anyone been contacted by INVERSION REFUNDS They want over 400 up front and they will claim all your money back Are they to be trusted

  6. Julie Lightfoot says:

    I have been contacted by Legal & Taxation Services of Byfleet Surrey who claim to be a government department dealing with foriegn currencies and money laundering, they state they have a bankers draft for several thousand pounds which is owed to me following a successful prosecution of DWVC by S&B associates in a Spanish court on 15th April this year. However before they can arrange delivery of the bankers draft by courier they are asking me to pay one tenth of the amont into an indivuals account at Barclays Bank. Apparently this is the tax that is due and whilst under English law this amount would be deducted from the draft under Spanish law they want the money up front. I’m very dubious about thisbelieving it is yet another scam but at the same time want the money if it is really above board. Has anyone else had contact from Legal & Taxation Services re a similar situation.

    • Dear Julie,
      Thanks for the comment about this company calling themselves Legal & Taxation Services.
      Please be assured that there is no such thing as a successful prosecution of DWVC by S&B Associates! Neither does the Spanish government appoint companies to contact timeshare owners for sending them money prior to paying taxes. This all sounds and smells bad!
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  7. mcadavies says:

    We have used DWVC to book 2 UK holidays – one last year and in the coming November. So DWVC is not all bad!

    • Thank you for your comment.
      Would you say that the holidays you booked were not available for the same price on any retailer website on the internet or with a travel agent?
      The problem with DWVC is not that they don’t book holidays, the problem is that you buy in to a club membership paying a lot of money with the understanding you are going to receive a tremendous discount on holiday bookings and travel services plus you get all the invested money back with the reclaim…
      Hardly anybody has seen money back from Reclaim.
      Customer Care

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