Has Beauregard Marketing Solutions called you today?

An apparent new company “Beauregard Marketing Solutions” has started to cold call timeshare consumers after these consumers had been duped by other resale companies who we have mentioned previously on this blog.

In some cases it was consumers who dealt with Breakaway Marketing Solutions before (http://wp.me/p1kmoi-8J) and others dealt with Star Timeshare Store who we only recently added to our blog http://wp.me/p1kmoi-a4

Beauregard Marketing Solutions –BMS-has a website www.beauregardmarketingsolutions.com which was only created at the beginning of September.

Their contact details are a Corporate Mailing Address: Regents Place, 338 Euston Road, London, NW1 3BT

Telephone: +44 845 108 5484 and an E-mail: info@beauregardmarketingsolutions.com

The website seems to have covered all information you could ask for as a timeshare consumer when trying to sell your membership, although the text is actually the same as on many other websites so could easily been copied and pasted without any special effort.

Beauregard Marketing Solutions is not registered at the UK Companies House.

Payments taken by Beauregard Marketing Solutions are actually charged by a company called Fleetmar Developments who Beauregard says are the merchants that hold the liability insurance in a trust fund until it is returned to the consumer when the sale has been completed and they have the ownership papers. In cases like this we always ask ourselves if Fleetmar Developments is actually aware of the fact these companies are taking money unlawfully and their name is going to be connected to a dubious company…

Have you been dealing with Beauregard Marketing Solutions? Please let us know!

About mindtimeshare

Mindtimeshare SLU is registered Company reg number: B35957182 Mindtimeshare provides assistance to timeshare owners who have been defrauded by holiday clubs and bogus resale companies. The Mindtimeshare project was launched in February 2011. After dealing with timeshare members over several years who had been defrauded by numerous bogus companies and for large amounts of money, I considered launching an Organisation to help timeshare owners that have been targeted by bogus companies. On this blog you can find information about the different active scam companies and their “modus operandi” and also place comments, ask questions and see comments from other consumers who have the same doubts or have been through the same experience. Mindtimeshare has resulted in a huge success and has received the back up from not only timeshare consumers but also from the professionals in the timeshare Industry. Mindtimeshare helps timeshare owners who have been scammed by bogus Discount Holiday Clubs; bogus cash back companies; fraudulent timeshare resale companies; bogus class action companies and false lawyers and notaries. We offer professional answers and advice to Timeshare users. If you want to send an email instead of posting a comment on the blog please do so by emailing: customercare@mindtimeshare.com
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69 Responses to Has Beauregard Marketing Solutions called you today?

  1. Maggi says:

    My situation is exactly the same as the ones cited by some of the previous correspondents. An initial offer made by what I was told was a private buyer and an initial liability insurance would be required and was arranged through a bank transfer. This “fell through” but a corporate buyer had been found (Diamante Travel) and a transfer fee would be needed – paid to an account in Spain. I FELL for both of these ploys. I had been unable to use my timeshare property for a couple of years now and it seemed appropriate to believe the numerous Beauregard people and sell it using them as intermediaries. This was a BIG mistake on my part and I am now substantially out of pocket.
    Any advice about how I now proceed to reclaim this money would be appreciated. Also to prevent others who are genuine and trusting from being fleeced. ‘Beauregard’ do not respond to my telephone calls, emails or letters and their personnel?? – Karen Taylor, Amanda McHugh, Eve Miller, Nigel J Houghton, B. Barber are names that have been given to me and have ostensibly been working on my behalf.

  2. Joan Little says:

    Due to bad health we have to sell our timeshare. Accordingly we telephoned our timeshare office
    and were given an address that they could recommend. Two days later we received an application
    form from Beauregard Marketing Solutions and although it was not the same name as recommended, we presumed it was connected with them. We agreed a sale price, b ut were
    then asked for an Indemnity of £1,295. My husband having just had a chemotherapy treatment
    I foolishly agreed to pay the money and waited for details of completion of sale. To our horror
    we were then asked for a further £1,600 to be sent to an account at a bank in Spain!!! I
    immediately knew we had been ‘done’ Their name changed from Beauregard Marketing to
    ABC Diligence Training and the to Diamante — how could we have been so gullible?

    Please where do we go from here to reclaim our £1,295?

    Joan Little
    25th January 2012

  3. Frqnces Owen says:

    Yes I have been well and truely stitched up by Beauregard marketing solutions, I have paid over £2,500 upfront to this bogus company. How was I so duped? They seemed very well organised with their web site, and address in Euston Road, London. I was informed from a Laura in Malaga that the sell of my timeshare had been finalised and that my money would go into my account on 23rd December , of course it has not. On trying to ring various numbers I had been given, all were dead lines or answer phone messages! Please can you give me any help as to what to do.

  4. ceri corfield says:

    hi have paid 1,200.00 to this company just talked to credit card company and because i sent contract back signed they cannot do anything immediately abc diligence training took my payment apparently this is a secretarial school in sidmouth the credit card company is going to assess my paperwork which i am sending right now and hopefully will get money back


    • Dear Ceri,
      Thanks for your message.
      Sorry to hear you have paid Beauregard Marketing Solutions the retainer fee.
      We will email you more information and let’s see if we can help you further with a refund claim.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  5. T.J.JASPER says:

    I was contacted by Beauregard 4 weeks ago regarding my DWVC membership and they said they
    had a buyer willing to pay 12000.00 pounds .They wanted a Liability Inurance payment of 15% to be paid upfront.When I said no to this they agreed to take 1200.00 pounds and I stupidly gave them
    my credit card details.I received the contract a few days later which I signed and returned.
    But last week I had a phone call from Alison Harper saying the buyer had dropped out but they had
    managed to get a Corporate buyer willing to pay 14000.00 pounds if I would pay another 2600.00
    by bank transfer as some sort of Indemnity.Only then did i realize it was a con and refused to pay anymore/.She then said that they would try to find another buyer but if not I would lose my 1200.00
    pounds.Is there anyway I can recover this ???
    Many thanks
    Terry J

    • gary says:

      alison harper is the woman who swore at me, she is a nasty piece of work, contact eve miller and demand your money back as by asking for money up front they have acted illegally, warn them about taking legal action unless you get your money back , also contact your credit card company and tell them your money was taken fraudulently , they should refund you.

    • Hi Terry,
      Thanks for your message.
      Yes as you paid with credit card you can claim using the Consumer Credit Act 1974
      We will send you the information and let’s see if you can get your money back.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  6. Harry Fynn says:

    Having just seen off The Time Share Factory, I have now been called by Beauregard Marketing Solutions. An Andrew Morgan claims that my Designer Wave Club membership is listed on some site as being for sale and, luckily, they just happen to have a client willing to buy it as it gives him access to Golf Clubs. Just like The Factory, they want an up-front payment, although they claim it is an insurance against me failing to send them the documents. I asked for written confirmation and received an e-mail which, in effect, says nothing. He has called six times in the last three hours, telling my wife that the deal must be completed today! If he calls again I will point out that up-front payments are illegal but I should be grateful if you could let me know the law which they contavene; i see you have referred to it as the “Time Share Directive”.
    Thanks for the very helpful advice given on your wen site.

    • Dear Harry,
      Many thanks for your message.
      Glad the blog was of good use for you.
      These companies seem to have jumped over the part where the timeshare directive was approved and just ignore it for their convenience.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  7. gary tremlett says:

    just an update , I’ve actually been given a refund from beauregard/fleetmar. I’ve also changed my credit card details so there is no hope of them trying to get cash from my credit card in the future.

  8. Gary tremlett says:

    If people know these companies are fraudsters why are they still trading and not in court.

  9. Gary tremlett says:

    I paid the £1200 by credit card and received several phone calls saying the completion date of the sell was 25th November . Around the 20th I had a phone call saying the buyers had backed out but they had another buyer and for more money but I would have to pay another£1800 direct to the buying company by bank transfer I said no chance and would only pay using a credit card . The women a Alison Harper said she would ask the company and came back to me with I can pay by credit card but it would need to be paid using western union I said absolutely no way and demanded my money back, she said I couldn’t as they had kept their side of the deal , I said I would see them in court to which her answer was fuck off dickhead and she put down the phone.
    I then phoned eve miller who promised me a full refund , I’m still waiting that was Wednesday it is now Saturday , eve did say it could take a few days to show on my account. I will keep you updated.

    • Hi Gary,
      Thanks for your message.
      Gary there won’t be any sale and the sooner you start claiming a refund of the monies paid, the better.
      We will send you more information by email.
      Please do not pay them anymore money!
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  10. Barbara says:

    I have just talked to Alison Harper regarding that Beauregard Marketing solutions are refuseing to refund our £ 700 back, as we will not pay them anymore money they said if we didn’t complete within the 10 days we would lose our money, they didn’t send the paperwork until 1 day to go so we sent it back by special delivery,but we were out by one day, very conveiniant for then don’t you think.We paid by debit card so we think we have little hope of getting the money back, is there any way we can force them to pay us back.When i said the names of Charlie Barrett and Eve Miller,and this website she didn’t want to know. i said to her that this was fraud, then she put the phone down saying we were rude to her and didn’t like our manner.

    • Dear Barbara,
      Thanks for your comment on the blog.
      Really sorry to read that you have paid them money and on top of it they are rude on the phone.
      It shows that once they have your money, they are not interested at all.
      For Debit Card payments you have 120 to file a refund claim and we are sending you more information by email.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  11. We have been conned out of £715 as an ‘insurance’ against the ‘sale’. My husband is now phoning them to get a refund of this apparently illegal practice. If he fails, what do we do please? I knew it was too good to be true!


    • Hi Carolyn,
      Thanks for your comment.
      Please let me know if they are refunding him the money directly, but I doubt it.
      We will send you the information by email on how to claim a refund in case it fails, ok?
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  12. zeta jackson says:

    please help me.. it looks like my mum has been taken in by this company – she has paid £700…can we get the money back ?.. they have no stated that their buyer has fallen thru ad they have another one lined up but they want more money…

    • Dear Zeta,
      Thanks for your message.
      If she paid by credit card we can send you the guidelines on how to request a refund from the bank.
      Whatever they say, please do NOT pay them more money!
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  13. Ray says:

    My dad had them phone last month. I recognised the usual signs and that the website was only just created. They wanted an upfront fee of course. The Euston Road address is a mailing address I think. One of their calls came up on the display as International. I believe it is also possible for an international call to be routed through a UK number so it looks local.

    On the basis that no timeshare cold caller appears to be genuine, surely the best option when they first phone you is to either say you are not selling or that you have already sold it long ago?

    I’d rather pay annual maintenance fees to a resort than anything to these criminals.

    • Hi Ray,
      Thanks for your comment.
      Yes phone numbers can be diverted and appear to be coming from a certain number located in UK and the people then appear to be based in Spain and vica versa.
      Indeed the best thing to do is hang up or telling them you are no longer selling, still some companies don’t take a no for an answer so there might be more calls.
      Customer Care

  14. Jon Wood. says:

    Yes they called again the next day to see if I had changed my mind and I informed them again that I would not disclose any of my card details and that it was illegal to ask for upfront payments.
    The call was quickly concluded.
    Many thanks for the info that you provide.

  15. Jon Wood says:

    Cold called today by Beauregard in relation to sale of ILG Ltd membership stating that they had purchaser willing to pay £12000 for title to the membership. It would only take an Insurance cover payment of 15% taken on my credit card, refundable on completion. I requested an email and recd one as seen previously on this blog.
    Spoke at length with Simon Hall and stated that if this was genuine then no money should be paid upfront and that a percentage fee could be deducted on completion in their favour.
    Mr Hall tried very hard to convince me to give my card details there and then stating that he had the customer there waiting to complete the deal and even reduced the Insurance payment from £1800 down to £800!
    As I told him there was no way I was going to reveal my card details, but would agree to sell if I thought this was genuine,however, sadly not!
    If something seems too good to be true, then it probably is. Beware.

  16. I Have contacted my credit card company today and been able to stop my deposit being put on thanks to the information I found on your website .I wish others who have not been so lucky a good outcome and let’s hope beauregard marketing are closed down as quickly as they sprang up.

  17. After finding your excellent site I fear I have been conned by Beauregard marketing on friday 28/10/11. same story they had a buyer for Club ClassConcierge membership and wanted a payment upfront of £1200 which I foolishly paid .If only I’d seen your website first.

  18. Blade1966 says:

    My parents were recently contacted by Beauregard, and unfortunately fell for the required “Insurance” premium payment of £1,100+ against a offer of £6,000+ for their DWVC package. They just want to right some of the mistakes they made getting in to these “investments” and get some of their money back, so unfortunately they welcome these people with open arms when they call.
    Anyhow, I spoke to Charlie Barrett at some length on my parents behalf, and I got all the usual chat about being a reputable company trading for 9 years as a travel agents, but alarm bells were triggering all over the place –
    (1) claimed that they wouldn’t have been granted their credit card facilities if they hadn’t proved themselves to the banks, this is bogus as their payments are taken by a 3rd party Fleetmar !
    (2) claimed to be based at Regents Place, in Euston Road, a name that may give them an air of respectability to some, but when I queried the telephone number from the call was coming from (01708) being Romford, Essex, I causally asked where abouts they were, as I had grown up in that area knew it quite well. Not only could “Charlie” not tell me the address as he had only been in that office 2 days, as he travelled from office to office, no-one around him could tell him the address either.
    (3) when questioned why their “client” was willing to pay for the package, the claimed that they used the access to cheap timeshare properties was invaluable to them.
    (4) claimed to have been successfully reselling DWVC holiday packages for years, and had thousands of satisfied customers, but when asked to speak to one of these customers, was told it was not possible, due to the data protection act, then asked that they had one call me, I am still waiting !!
    These type con mercharts make my blood boil, and need to be stopped.
    I am tempted to visit these people’s offices (if they are actually based there) but I doubt I would ever get to see anyone who could actually make a difference.

    The only honourable thing that this company has done is not process the payment, when I asked them to. In this way, I somehow think that the lady called Eve in their “legal” department does in fact have a concience, or knows the law very well. in that unless documentation and authorisation is 100% correct, that they will cross the line and leave themselves open for prosecution !!

    The sooner these companies are put out of business the better !!!

  19. Andrew Wright says:

    Beauregard Marketing Solutions
    . I have been contacted by this company today who have made an offer of £12,000 for my Club Class Holiday and just want a “holding deposit” of 15% for a definite customer they have. They say they have talked with Club Class and find there are few “customer” like me who have no use on their Club Class and therefore I am a valuable commodity and this is reflected in the price that is offered.
    Their address given was as stated but when I tried to contact them through 1471 I was informed that the caller did not leave their number.
    They will return their call at 13.15hrs

    Andrew Wright

  20. Gemma Borrey says:

    We initially had RCI Points we no longer wanted so decided to sell them (the biggest mistake ever) We were cold called by Incentive Leisure Group (UK) Limited and attended a presentation where we were conned out of 8870 pounds plus 75 pounds annually, entering into a contract to purchase a Designer Way Vacation Club Membership and stupidly believing we would be entitled to Reclaim the cost to us at the end of a 51 month term (a means to an end or so we thought), now Incentive Leisure Group (UK) Limited have dissolved and were stuck with another holiday membership we don’t use or want.

    We’ve been contacted by Ramirez and Ramirez Legal Consultants in Malaga Spain (as well as many other resale companies) claiming they could take on our case and on our behalf recover the money we have lost. I Googled them and found nothing but negative feedback.

    We have most recently been contacted by Beauregard Marketing Solutions, they are not registered at Companies House and when I asked why was told by “Louise” they have decided not to, purely because of cost… They are asking for 1495 pounds retention up front, as they have a buyer for our DWVC Membership (NOT Timeshare) Mr & Mrs Walker – who are offering 10,200 pounds and on completion (4-8 weeks) we will receive our 1495 pounds back from Beauregard Marketing Solutions (cash holding division) I asked Louise about Fleetmar Developments and she denied my money would go to them. Whats in it for Beauregard Marketing Solutions? Well they will receive their 10% commission direct from the customer once we have received our money, and all paperwork has been exchanged via DHL couriers. We would be more than happy to accept 10,200 pounds, but were not willing to pay anymore money up front even if it is a retention that we will receive back in a few weeks time… or not!!!

    I would be glad to see a positive end result to our dilemma, and all the thousands if not millions of people who have been unlawfully ripped off… but in all honesty I cant see that happening!!! 😦

    • Dear Gemma,
      Thank you for your message.
      We would also like to see a positive result, but after reading all the comments here on the blog, it doesn’t look very optimistic.
      Information about Beauregard and ILG will be send to you by email.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  21. Lynne says:

    Just been cold called by Beauregard. They tell me they already have a buyer willing to pay £14,000! Wow, thats £10,000 more than DWVC charged to take 3 timeshares off our hands, thus enabling us to get rid of 3 annual maintenance fees. No fee, but a holding amount would be required! Another terminoligy for the word fee then. Pointed out we had unfortunately been caughted by another company a good few years ago with this scam and it was obviously a case of “once bitten”. Needless to say I will not be taking them up on their offer/theft (delete whichever is appropriate)!

    • Hi Lynne,
      Thanks for letting us know about the call.
      Holding amount, oh yes…
      Glad you are not considering to take up this offer. Sometimes it looks these people give themselves away by offering a far too high price for the membership.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  22. Pat Parkin says:

    We have been contacted a couple of times by Beauregard, who have told us today that they have a buyer for our points. I have asked for copies of the contracts that would be issued and have this email in reply:

    Following your telephone conversation with Charlie Barrett regarding your Holiday Ownership as requested please find below information regarding the Company and details of the offer been made.

    Website Address is http://www.beauregardmarketingsolutions.com/email:info@beauregardmarketingsolutions.com

    The information regarding your offer for the sale is as follows

    Holiday Ownership Information
    Diamond Points
    Contract Sale Price:
    A usual transaction for a sale to complete is estimated at approximately between 4 to 8 weeks.
    The Liability Insurance of £ 1,395 will be reimbursed to your Visa/Master Card on completion of the sale.

    Kind regards
    Eve Miller

    They have attached a T&C contract & sample contract, given below:

    Timeshare Information N/A
    Resort Name: Season:
    Country: Fixed/Floating:
    Weeks: Unit Size: Unit No:
    Membership Pack Information N/A

    Holiday Points Information
    Company: Diamond Resorts International
    No of Points:
    Exchange Company:

    Amount: £ Due Date: Last Paid:
    COST: £ Accepting Offer:
    Plus Maintenance: £ N/A

    The vendor(s) hereby agrees by the signature(s) below to be bound by the contract as stated by the terms and conditions.


    This is a standard contract with the sole purpose of protecting the owner, BMS and the purchaser throughout the process of disposing of their ownership.

    The owner, having paid the necessary retainer, accepts the following terms and conditions:

    1. In the case of a sale of ownership to private party, all additional charges including Value Added Tax and or legal transfer will be met by the purchaser.

    2. BMS confirm that the Liability Insurance is held until such time as the ownership is sold, where upon completion of the sale, the purchaser shall take upon the rights of ownership and the Liability Insurance will then be refunded to you.

    3. BMS act solely as agents and as such cannot be held responsible or liable in the event a purchaser fails to complete. Should this be the case, BMS will continue to market your ownership to uphold the contract.

    4. During the contract period BMS and any associated company guarantee to provide an offer of no less than our original offer price, either from an individual or corporate entity. Should the offer be refused, BMS will have deemed to have completed its liability to the contract.

    5. Cancellation of this contract will only be accepted in writing, from the vendor, via 1st Class post. The written cancellation is to include the unsigned contract. We cannot accept cancellations by fax or email. Should the notice be sent within ten days of the contract date, then the Liability Insurance will be duly returned minus a 20% administration charge. Any cancellations after this period will result in the loss of any monies having been paid by the owner.

    6. Any changes whether it is to the address or ownership details must be confirmed in writing. Failure to do so will hinder the sale of the ownership and, in turn, will terminate the contract. Failure of notification changes will also indemnify BMS from any action, legal or otherwise, that may be initiated because of non notification.

    7. Any alteration, written or otherwise, to the contract details or terms and conditions will only be accepted when countersigned by both the owner(s) and an authorised representative of BMS.

    I/We agree to the terms and conditions herein.

    I was sceptical of this, knowing how difficult it is to sell points! Reading the comments here has only made me more so, and at least now won’t pay anything up front so glad I found it!

    • Dear Pat,
      Thanks for your comment and the copy of the email.
      Always very interesting for other people to see what kind of correspondence they send and what to look out for.
      Kindest regards
      Customer Care

  23. mcadavies says:

    3 conversations from Carol owen – Beauregard Marketing. and an email:
    “Dear Mr Davies
    Following your telephone conversation with Carol Owen regarding your Holiday Ownership as requested please find below information regarding the Company and details of the offer been made.
    Website Address is http://www.beauregardmarketingsolutions.com/email:info@beauregardmarketingsolutions.com
    The information regarding your offer for the sale is as follows
    Holiday Ownership Information
    Club Class Concierge
    Contract Sale Price: £12,000
    A usual transaction for a sale to complete is estimated at approximately between 4 to 8 weeks.
    The Liability Insurance of £ 1,200 will be reimbursed to your Visa/Master Card on completion of the sale.
    Kind regards
    Eve Miller
    Regarding the Sept 11 date for the web-site, Carol said that the site was updated every year.
    She was unable to answer why the company appears not to be registered.
    There do not seem to be any bad reports on Google.
    I said that I would be happy to sign a contract in which i promised to pay 10% of what i received!
    But I am not sure what they are buying from me if Club Class is no longer functioning?
    Anyway I am not paying!

  24. mcadavies says:

    Had a call from Beauregard this evening – did not have time to talk – they may call again!

  25. Eileen Washer says:

    I have today checked by credit card account and the amount of £1395 taken as a ‘liability insurance’ has been refunded. They say that they had read my comments on this site and have refunded the full amount without any deduction of a so-called administration charge. I was called by Charlie Barrett yesterday (13th) saying he was from Beauregard, but I originally spoke to him as from Star Timeshare Store on 30th September, and he maintained that he has lost a lot of commission by my cancelling this offer of sale. So who exactly are these 3 companies, Star Timeshare Store, Beauregard Marketing Solutions and Fleetmar Developments ??????? I have just received an email from Eve Miller of Beauregard asking that I put on here that I have received the refund so that there are positive comments as well as negative ones !!!!

    • Dear Eileen,
      Thanks for your comment and we are very pleased to hear they have refunded you the money, which they shouldn’t have taken from you in the first place as taking upfront payments for resale services is banned as per the Timeshare Directive. But this result is for us good news as this is what we are fighting for, refunds of monies paid by consumers!
      We hope Beauregard Marketing is happy with the fact you placed the comment, we would even be more pleased if they could stop asking for upfront fees as estipulated by the law and avoid situations like this.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

    • carol austin says:

      Hello Eileen,i have fallen for this unforunately i agreed to pay £1,295 to beauregard for insurance payment and now not sure where i stand hopefully they will agree to refund my money i will contact them tomorrow i cant believe how gullable i have been xx

      • Dear Carol,
        Thanks for your message.
        Please let us know if they are refunding you the money.
        We will send you our information by email anyway.
        Kind regards
        Customer Care

      • Eileen Washer says:

        My credit card is with Tesco and they are pretty good on these matters, we were scammed some time ago by Full Circle Management who were about to go into liquidation, but Tesco wrote off the whole of the amount that they had taken. The refund from Beauregard was made by them after I wrote by recorded delivery telling them that it was on the instructions of my credit card company and that they should never have taken the fee in the first place, as it is still an upfront fee no matter what they call it. I hope you are as successful as I have been and that Beauregard will refund the full amount to you.

      • carol austin says:

        hello,my husband telephoned Beauregard yeterday spoke to Eve told her what comments we have read on here but she denies knowing any of this and assured him that everything is fine and told him the contracts of sale are in the post so i realy dont know what to think.thank u Carol Austin

      • Dear Carol,
        Thanks for your update.
        What can they say, if not that all is fine? They are not going to admit there is something wrong..
        There won’t be a sale, the sale will fall through and they will claim they couldn’t help this…
        Time will learn.
        Kind regards
        Customer Care

      • carol austin says:

        thank you for your reply could u please tell me how do i go about getting my money back?thanks Carol

      • Hi Carol,
        Did you receive our message from yesterday which we send by email?
        Kind regards
        Customer Care

  26. Ian Scoggins says:

    I have been contacted today by Beauregard Marketing Solutions with regards to my Time Share sale.
    I was orginally dealing with a company called Blue water Travel services. they past me over to Beauregard.
    Beaurgard claim to have a buyer from my Timeshare for teh sum of £5,950, but require a £1,295 Liabiltiy insurance premimum.

    is this a scam, or is this the way ot is done ?

    • Dear Ian,
      Thanks for your message.
      It is against the law to request an upfront fee, never mind if they call it Liability Insurance premium, it is still an upfront fee.
      So our advice, don’t pay…
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

      • h taylor says:

        they have contacted me and i paid upfront fee but now they want more money as first didnt materialize they want another 1600 what can i do as i dont believe them to be ligate after reading things here can u give me some advice

      • Dear H Taylor,
        Thanks for your comment on this blog.
        First advice, do NOT pay them anymore money. These people lie over and over again and we have not seen 1 sale done by this company.
        Secondly we will send you more information by email and let’s see if we can help with a refund claim for the money you already paid them.
        Kind regards
        Customer Care

  27. Baz says:

    Had a call from Beauregard Marketing Solutions re our timeshare in Spain! Spoke to a “John Bentley” asked him if he was related to “Derek” 🙂 Told me there were no fees to be paid by me, they charge 10% to buyer. Told him I wanted £10k so he said he`d put it on between £10-12k. Havn`t heard anymore…yet 🙂

  28. Paul says:

    This was what they told me.
    The girl was very convincing and found me a buyer within a couple of days of me registering.
    It came to the crunch when she asked me for my credit card number before we could procede with the sale. At this point I declined.

  29. Paul says:

    Beauregard has called me several times over the past few days and then pestered me for my credit card number to process a sale of my timeshare. The sum of 1250 pounds was supposedly for insurance on their behalf in case I am not who I say I am.
    I did tell them they were not registed with Companies House despite the fact they have supposedly been in business for several years. Also their website was new in September so how come?
    I couldn’t get a straight answer to either of these two questions.
    I didn’t give them my credit card number and have foregone the sale.
    If they are kosher, surely there must be another way of doing the transaction without putting this large amount of money up front?

    • K Goodwin says:

      I was cold called today by Beuregard Marketing Solutions who gave me their Regents Place Address and a phone number of 01708878158. When I asked if this was a mobile number I was told no it was an old number from their address in Romford where they had moved from. When I asked how much it would cost me, they said I didn’t have to pay anything up front and they would take commission out of the sale. Money would be sent by bankers order or cheque before I parted with any documents. I said I wanted their proposals in writing and gave my e-mail address for them to do this. He said he would be in touch when he had found a buyer for my DWV timeshare.

  30. Ken Wellard says:

    I have been contacted by Timeshare Exit Solutions about my leisure Marketing purchase they say they are acting on the instructions of the administators of Leisure Marketing to contact owners who have paid by credit cards to get there money,s back. has anyony heard of them before.

  31. Gina taylor says:

    The company called Fleet mar developments told my mother they have a buyer for my mothers timeshare and persuaded her to pay them a large sum of £ as an insurance. They gave a london address. I realise this is a scam..what do I do?

    • Dear Gina,
      The fact they have asked for a large sum of money upfront doesn’t look good at all.
      We are sending you the information you need and how to proceed further.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  32. Brian says:

    Yes was cold called by this company and they gave me the usual stuff and a million promises.
    I said I would pass all the information to my solicitor and would ask Mindtimeshare about them
    They were not very complimentary about Mindtimeshare but do we expect these scam companies to fall in love with this blog, somehow I don’t think so.
    I passed all the information I had to Enforcement to make sure they knew of them.
    Non of the official legal organisations want to know because right now I am not a victim as I have not been scammed.

    I feel it is so wrong that the law of this land says we have to wait until we are victims of crime before they can act.
    I am just so glad this was not a murder case. !

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