The Solutions Group, will they solve anything?

Numerous consumers have been called in the past weeks by a company called The Solutions Group.

This company is based in Tenerife, Avenida Del Claudio, Delgado Diaz 101 Las Chafiras, San Miguel De Abona 38620, Santa Cruz De Tenerife España

Phone number: 0203 1377214 & 0203 137 3970 

The website they quote is  and although there is not a real display of name it states “Consumer Solutions”

The terms and conditions they send out to the consumers actually mentions another name, Timeshare Exit Solutions – TES,  a company we already touched on in this blog

The service they offer is explained in their terms and conditions: “The agent will represent the client in all administrative matters in order to guarantee the highest effect on your claim for breach of contract, misrepresentation and mis-sold selling on your Timeshare/Holiday Club within the means provided by Consumer Credit Act 1974 section 75 and also registering your complaint with Econsumer.Gov Cross Border Control which is the site for consumer complaints in foreign countries.”

For this service they request an upfront fee and they even recommend the customer to pay with credit card for their own protection.

The Solutions Group is cold calling their customers without a clear explanation on how they obtained their personal data including their membership details. Nevertheless they do claim in their terms and conditions that “Under the Data Protection Act 1998 and as such, any information concerning the client and his/her respective records may be passed to third parties for the purpose of the claim.  Also,  clients’ records are regarded as confidential and therefore will not be divulged to any third party, other than the respondent or other bodies used by our association if legally required to do so to the appropriate authorities.”

So how comes this Data Protection Act wasn’t honored when obtaining the clients information in the first place?

What the consumers need to be clear about is that first of all there should be no cold calling for a service like this and it is obvious that when a company seems to hold this kind of data of a client, this has not been obtained through trustworthy sources.

Claiming under the Consumer Act 1974 is regulated by certain guidelines i.e. the payment must have been done by credit card and there are 6 years to claim from the date this financial transaction took place. The consumers’ needs though to proof he was mis-represented or a breach of contract has taken place.

If a consumer reunites these conditions, they can easily do this claim for themselves and there is no need to involve a company for doing this. One of the reasons the agent from The Solutions Group gave to the customer of why he should their company to do this claim is because claiming through them will be quickly and doing the claim as an individual will take years.

We receive daily emails from consumers who have claimed under this Act after asking us for advice, and we can assure you it has NOT taken years and indeed a couple of months, with no costs no upfront payments.

Have you been approached by The Solutions Group or Timeshare Exit Solutions? Please let us know.

About mindtimeshare

Mindtimeshare SLU is registered Company reg number: B35957182 Mindtimeshare provides assistance to timeshare owners who have been defrauded by holiday clubs and bogus resale companies. The Mindtimeshare project was launched in February 2011. After dealing with timeshare members over several years who had been defrauded by numerous bogus companies and for large amounts of money, I considered launching an Organisation to help timeshare owners that have been targeted by bogus companies. On this blog you can find information about the different active scam companies and their “modus operandi” and also place comments, ask questions and see comments from other consumers who have the same doubts or have been through the same experience. Mindtimeshare has resulted in a huge success and has received the back up from not only timeshare consumers but also from the professionals in the timeshare Industry. Mindtimeshare helps timeshare owners who have been scammed by bogus Discount Holiday Clubs; bogus cash back companies; fraudulent timeshare resale companies; bogus class action companies and false lawyers and notaries. We offer professional answers and advice to Timeshare users. If you want to send an email instead of posting a comment on the blog please do so by emailing:
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90 Responses to The Solutions Group, will they solve anything?

  1. RITA says:


    • Derek says:

      They are not a law firm, they are not even a claims company, they have no cases/claims in any Court. No Court will pay a plaintiff who hasn’t registered. Solutions will ask you to pay money by bank transfer to a person, which is a cash unprotected payment. They will also tell you if you pay more, they will fast track you to get your money earlier. No court will fast track a claimant regardless of how much you offer to pay. I was supposed to get my money in May, as you can see from my comment further below. I never heard a dicky bird It is a scam one great big fat scam. Ask for the lawyer who is supposedly handling this case, ask for the Bar Association registration number and say you are going to carry out checks. Ask for which Court this is being held. Most important do not pay them any money.

  2. RITA says:

    Where can I get a form to complete re section 75 ???

  3. Derek says:

    These guys are still calling with their new scam proposal. They tell me that they have been successful in Court for compensation in excess of 20K, only paid 7k to begin with. I will receive this money in May 2019. I am waiting with bated breath to what reason they can find to ask for more money to be sent by bank transfer. We stupidly sent money to them before, a bank transfer to a P Hall!! They are operating through a bought 0203 number, could be transferred anywhere in the world like the 0845 numbers, or in an emergency turns out its a Spanish mobile as any mobile in Spain starts 0034 the 6. land lines start 0034 then a 9. They don’t seem to be registered as a law firm at all!! Looking forward to their call, usually from Sharon, in May.

  4. amanda says:

    I was called today by solutions on 02031373970 to say the out of court settlement is Nov 25th this year and I will get £16,605 back by January 2017… Yes I paid them £299 2 years ago to help reclaim from the dwvc scam …but they say that Spain want 2.5% tax from me £498 !!! Or I can go down the uk route to pay £20% tax plus £105 /page of 7 pages of tax forms..
    I can’t pay another £498 as I am not confident I will get the £16,605 back …this has been such a stressful 5-6 years dealing with con after con..I wish i never got involved with a bloody timeshare..they are terrible..anyone else have the same experience ??

  5. lesley walker says:

    has anyone actually pursued their own claim and succeded under section 75 against a credit card company and if so was it straight forward

  6. Sue says:

    I too have been contacted today by.Michele May of Consumer advisory solutions with a phone number of 01244 470131 web site of .uk .
    I lost nearly £4,000 back in 2007 to Club Class Concierge in a holiday scam cone ted to my time share. I did a section 75 back then and was refused by the Financial ombudsman. I told her this and she assued me that I could still make a claim. I thought once it had been heard that was it.
    She came out with guarantees as mentioned in the above blogs and asked for £595 in advance
    I told her it would have to be a go,d plated guarantee for me to throw any more money at this , she did admit they were based in Tenerife . Anyway she is ringing me back next Tuesday. I have no intention of paying anything up front. But could you tell me if I can reclaim under se tion 75 as I believe the company has now gone bust. Which helps to my proof.

    • lesley walker says:

      look at martin lewis website gives a template etc to claim money back from credit cards under section 75

  7. Michelle says:

    I was approached on Tuesday the 17th April from this company http://www.consumeract 75 and I said I would think about it and they could call me back in a few days. I talked to someone else, my sister she asked me some good questions. I told them for now I would carry on with my own investigations and if I got nowhere I might come back to them..


  8. george says:

    Jill, As long as you have proof that you paid Incentive Leisure Group the money it akes no difference, Incentive leisure group was a marketing company for DWVC and all you bought was bonus weeks which you could take via DWVC, you can join them on internet for a very low cost anyway, Incentive leisure group just charged a large amount for the same thing. Incentive leisure group are responsible. You can still use your DWVC membership if it is still running anyway.
    Hope this helps,

  9. george says:

    Also Penny Carpenter goes by another name but still has the 1st name Penny. I would not give them a penny and do this yourself very easily. FOR FREE !! The cost of a stamp and phone call yourself.

  10. george says:

    Hello There,
    I was contacted a long time ago from this company and was tricked into paying £599 to deal with a claim i had. I since have done alot of investigation about this company and have found out that they all use different names the secretary also, why do they do this if they have nothing to hide. I believe that they have had a turnover of over 500,000 euros in a short period of time and im talking months. Another thing is why do you read amongst all these statements and find that people are paying different prices so it seems they charge what they like.
    Section 75 is a very easy procedure and does not need anybody to do this for you, All you have to do is contact your credit card company and ask for a section 75 form, Once recieved they will ask for some details of the company who no longer is able to offer the service to you and that they are in liquidation. The Notification of the liquidation was not in the UK as it was based in Gilbraltor, The notice was in the Gilbraltor Chronicle which you can go on there website to contact them directly for proof of this.
    Send this to your Credit card company and you should get a response very shortly as this is classed as a serious matter, You may get offered 75% but you are entitled to the full amount, It could delay the procedure if you do not settle on 75% but i can guarentee you will get the full amount. The only thing Solutions group did was make me fill out more paperwork than i origionally needed to and printed letter templates off for me to sign which you can find on internet.
    So the charge was for the cost of a call and some Ink and paper and a stamp costing total 1.35euro.
    Since doing my investigation i have also found that many people have requested a refund but because they say they have started work for you, you are not entitled for it. And also understand there are many people who are still awaiting refund someone should denounce them to the Guardia Civil as im sure you will find people working there un-officially..
    Many thanks George

  11. Jennifer says:

    I have been called by The solutions group today Penny Carpenter offered to sort two claims out for £699 although one of them was from 2005 She said i could do it myself but it would take me longer.I have put her off till after Easter so i could look the company up.If you can give me any information on how to claim myself i would be obliged.I was also called by Owners Directive UK last week so i am on somebodies list he wasnt very happy when i blew him off.Hope you can help me . Jenny

  12. hugh says:

    No, I have not paid to any of them, neither will I!!!
    I have been talking to Morgan-Swann who suggested there is no reason not to contact two or more organisations on a “first to get my money back into my account gets the commission” basis – but I am definitely NOT paying anything up front!

  13. hugh says:

    I have been contacted by
    Solutions Group
    Resolved Claims Ltd
    The National Claims Group
    Morgan Swann & Partners
    Specialist Lawyers (Ramirez & Ramirez) who warned us against going with
    Abbey Crest
    Action Fraud
    AD Claims Litigation
    Blue Chip
    Break Away Marketing
    Bonal Sera Dega
    Claim Specialists Group
    Client Mediation Services
    Find Me Travel
    Gallant Marketing
    Global Resale Services
    Half Moon Holdings
    International Revenue Services
    Lazaro Flores
    National Claims Group
    S&B Associates
    Seaview Marketing
    Simple Timeshare Sales
    Timeshare Exit Solutions
    True Valid
    Universal Market Solutions
    UK Holiday Consultants
    Viva Connect
    (saying these are trying to jeopardise any claim you might have)

    Does anyone know of ANY TRUSTWORTHY organisation who will assist?

  14. louise says:

    I Have been contacted by, I would like to know if this another scam company or not as they want £2255 to act on my behalf to recover moneys laid out by credit card and my original purchase of club glass.

    • Hi Louise,
      Thanks for your comment and we will certainly send you more information about this company.
      £2255 is a lot of money! Please don’t pay this upfront!
      We will also send you information on how to claim a refund yourself through the Consumer Credit Act.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  15. Paul says:

    I have had several calls from Sue Thomas over the past few days – a very pleasant and plausible sounding lady. But guess what? They want £499 up front! Again, we were offered a 150 day guarantee and were told that monies are usualy received back within 3 months, but this could be as short as six weeks. She will be phoning back but will get no money from us.
    I have also tried to reclaim from the credit card company under Section 75 but as with Derek and Jill it seems to fall down on the relationship between Incentive Leisure and DWVC. So, I will be using a local solicitor or possibly Resolved Claims Ltd (no upfront fee but 25% + VAT of any successful claim). Has anyone else been down this route, and if so, what was the outcome?

  16. Tim says:

    Yes, a lovely lady called Sue Thomas rang me; usual stuff, it seems from Tenerife . She knew a little bit more than some of them but I gave away a lot of my history before I realised that she would want £399 fee upfront. A good website though – they seem to cover a lot of areas which is worrying – how many other people are defrauded for other decisions? . She gave me a 150 days guarantee or my money would be refunded. As Robert asks, can anyone honest be found who can work this miracle of reclaiming your money?

  17. Derek and Jill says:

    Hi, Well, I have to say that you are all very lucky people to be asked for ‘only’ £399 by the Solutions Group! I have had a l o n g conversation with Penny Carpenter of that Company and eventually received the information that the cost would be 10% of our claim – that equals £1200.! The ‘nice’ part was that, as she and I both hail from the West of England, she would expect £600 up front and the remaining £600 when our claim was realised. (so only twice as much as everyone else then !??)

    We would be very grateful to receive any help you can offer about making a Section 75 claim.
    We paid Incentive Leisure Group for DWVC membership 3 years ago and paid by credit card. We have written to the Credit Card Company twice but they refused each time as we had paid one company but the Contract was with the other one. Is there a surefire way of connecting these two companies?

    Thank you so much for being there. Jill

  18. Tracy says:

    I also have had many phone calls from The Soluions Group. I have however sent off to our credit card company a claim via section 75, against Freedom Vacation whom timelix recieved the money. However the credit card company informed me that timelix had been taken over by pro travel solutions which I was not informed.
    I can still receieve cheaper holidays via this company. Surley the fact that Freedom Vacation offered us cheaper holidays and when we contact timelix this did not happen, they were double the price. Would can we do now to get our money back from a scam. Tracy

    • Alan says:

      I like so many thousands have been the subject of number of cold calls and very insistant that they can help me get money back. Having paid to a number of these people I have never received any money that they promised would be forth coming. It has cost thousands of pounds and I am no better off. The latest one is Resolved Claims Ltd. asking for £595.oo and they will do what I cannot do myself to claim money back from various card people.I would be grateful of your advice to claim my money back from the card company. Alan.

  19. Mr Pat B says:

    My wife and I were recently contacted by Janet Evans from The Solutions Group offering to help us get money back from ILG/DWVC however she wanted money upfront like so many other scammers before her. I see from earlier comments on this blog that you can offer advice on how to go about resolving this issue. Any help would be appreciated.

  20. Shazb says:

    Hi have just had a call from a ‘lovely’ lady called Leila Brown from consumeract75. She was very convincing telling me we could claim our incentive leisure money back. She said we could do it ourselves but it is very complicated and we only have one shot at it…if we fill out forms wrong we’ll lose our money! She even mentioned ‘Martin Lewis’ @ GMTV as a personality to back up their services. Hasn’t mentioned any upfront payment yet, but is ringing back next week after I’d had time to look at their website. I’m glad I found yours!!!!

  21. DD says:

    We have been hounded over 4 months by Consumer Solutions with regard to our DWVC agreement. They all sound very nice and helpful but will never but anything in the post to me which makes me suspicious. Today I gave in and said that if I received items in the post then we would proceed with a claim – then I found this site.
    I phoned the comany back up and asked for their company number so I could verify them and I was told that the company was registered in Spain (all staff failed to mention that) and that the company number is :B76558519 but not registered as Consumer Solutions.
    The receptionist was quite nervous when I asked for this info.
    Can anyone clarify if they are genuine or is it yet another scam. I have had numerous companies contact me over this agreement I have lost track and to all I ask them to put things in writing through the post not a fancy website and email. Guess what I haven’t received a thing!

    • Sandy says:

      My elderly parents were called by them and told they could definitely get money back . I had a lengthy conversation with receptionist michelle and established they work from a call centre in Tenerife.there is no registered uk address and it is NOT registered as a uk government scheme. I am in contact with a trading standards officer regularly and the advise is, never pay up front money for things which you should be entitled a refund. You can do section 75 yourself with the help of you bank.

  22. Elaine says:

    I was foolish and allowed Time Share Exit Solutions to conned me into believing they could help release us from our time share contract AND obtain money back for us for it. This was in June 2011 although I checked t’them’ out on the net I did not AT FIRST feel worried. Because ‘they’ were dealing with another 38 cases at the same holiday complex and ‘they’ could offer me a discount so instead of paying £399 we paid ‘them’ £275. Warning bells started to ring when I still had to paid the maintenance fees on the appartment because when we signed up with ‘them’ we were told we would not have to pay fees again. But fell for their explaination. Then a Peter Watson rang us at then end of August about 3 weeks later after I was first told he was going to ring me. Oh the tales they tell – this time ‘our case has been thrown out because we had a debt’. How can we have a debt when you are phoning me on 28th August and the ‘debt ‘ was due to be paid on 31st – as I pointed out a debt was not a debt until it a late payment – was my response to him. He waffled on then offered me a refund if I was not happy of half my money, I did not accept and told him to carry on with the case – how foolish am I! I kept on phoning and emailing ‘them’ for updates, to be repeatly told that some one was going to ring – no one rang as arranged then out of the blue someone would ring when I was not prepared for the call. By Christmas I was really worried and was contacting ‘them’ everyday. Then I was told our case was being passed to management because it had been going on so long. A week passed, I phoned again to be told the case was being passed to management etc, I pointed out that I had been told that earlier – the case would looked into and definately be on the managers desk the next day – I was told again.
    Reached the end of my tether on 16th (last week) contacted the Law Society on the net who put me in contact with a solicitor who would be prepared to take our case to release us from our time share contract. Next I contacted my time share company to be told all I needed to do was tell them I no longer wanted appartment, a form would be sent to me and that would be the end of our contract. Regarding the exchange company (RCI) I would have to give them a years’ notice. But of course I would receive no ‘cash back’. We have enjoyed many good holidays in the past and we were happy to say enough is enough and just want to be rid. As yet I have not actioned thaty.
    Next I contacted TSES – again got the answerphone and left another message. Felt I could not do anymore for that day. But strangely late that afternoon TSES rang me and I quote – We are so sorry but we find we cannot find a way to release you from your contract therefore we would like to offer you a FULL refund. She assured me that my money would show up in my bank the next day. I immediately said yes, she wanted me to email my visa details, said I would give her them there and then. Gave her the details and that was the end of the call. I was immediately attacked with doubts. I checked the bank next day no refund – so I started bombarding ‘them ‘ with emails and telephone calls, I received not one reply from Friday afternoon until Monday mid morning. Also checked the bank everyday – convinced I had made a big mistake by confirming the bank details and that I was going to lose more money instead of receiving it. Monday 20th the lady who offered the refund rang to confirm that the refund had gone ahead and keep checking my bank. I am so happy to say THE MONEY IN FULL ARRIVED BACK IN THE BANK ON WEDNESDAY. I do think that the company is a scam but I have to accept that I have been one of the very lucky ones to get my money back.
    All I can say to you is keep on at them, emails cost nothing, keep copies of everything even notes of their calls to you. And quote past calls to ‘them’ when they do call you and maybe you will be as lucky as I have been

    • Dear Elaine,
      Thank you so much for sharing this with us. How many people will recognize this story as being their own one?
      I am very pleased you got the refund in the end!
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  23. Brian says:

    I have been cold called today and the lady said she is from the Liquidators office and she offered me a claim form to get my money back from DWVC membership.
    The is no up from payment of any description and apparently I get paid direct from the liquidator.
    The phone number she gave me was…….

    0034 900 019 294

    I have tried to call this number for an hour now and all I get is the engaged tone.

    I keep hearing words in my head,

    She is sending me some documents so when they arrive the go straight to Mindtimeshare.

    If anyone else is given the above phone number from any person contacting them may I ask you to alert us.

    I am sure this is a scam as I do not believe the liquidator would cold call anyone.
    If in fact, the liquidator wanted to contact me I am sure the first contact would be by mail in a written form.

    The waiting game starts now !!

    • Thanks Brian for letting us know so quickly.
      Curious to see what the name nof the company will be this time!
      If the liquidator is calling everybody, he is going to have a very high telephone bill!
      Please keep us updated!
      Customer Care

  24. Graham says:

    Have been contacted by Solutions Group today re:claiming money back for purchase of holiday club membership with DWVC. Informed by a David Ward that ILG/DWVC had gone into administration and they could act on my behalf to claim back from my credit card company. To do this I would have to pay a £399 up front fee and sign a contract. Told if tried to claim personally it could take years, they could achieve refund within 2 months!!! After reading other comments and investigating details on Martin Lewis web site I find I’m over the 6 year period for claims as I made the purchase in 2003. Can you advise if I’m still eligible to make a claim myself with my credit card company.

    • Hi Graham,
      Indeed the Consumer Credit Act is only for purchases in the past 6 years.
      If the Solutions Group thinks they can do a claim on the Credit Act for something purchased in 2003, I would certainly say this is very unlikely to happen!
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  25. Robert says:

    As an ex-timeshare owner and DWVC member etc. I have been cold called on many occasions. I have read many of these blogs relating tales of woe. Is there anyone out there who has actually managed to get some money back. If so please share your experience! Thanks.

  26. Brian says:

    hi i ave today been called by solutions group quoting section 75…….. The lady on the phone said it is too complicated to claim the money back myself and became somewhat shirty when i told her i was going to claim myself. please could you send me some advice as to how to claim. I initialy paid £500 on credit card then got a loan to pay the balance of £7499.
    Many thanks

  27. Alan says:

    In reply to Ricky re freedom vacation and time lynx I along with many thousands of others are in the same situation I have been contacted by all most every scam co in existence to retrieve my cash back but in this era of computer technology and google earth they can be exposed for what they really are the dregs of society I have never parted with any cash but have little hope of recovering anything atall as members on the cash back site have been trying since 2008 surely this co should be under serious fraud investigation which I hope mind timeshare can pursue to you and everyone don’t entertain any cold calling but let us all bond together to bring these rats to justice

  28. wendy says:

    have been contacted by solutions group re claiming money back for purchase of holiday ownership with dwvc, they are asking for £399 up front fees with all the talk of not claiming personally as this can take years, have read others comments and realised that as i purchased this in 2003 i am over the 6 year period for claims, can you advise me if i still have a claim as this group has informed me i have, if this is true how would i go about filing a claim myself.

    • sandy says:

      wendy , all i can say is dont do it!
      these b—–rds are hounding my elderly parents. my reserch finds no office in harley street london. we have reported to trading standards and police. you can do a section 75 claim on your credit card yourself with all the correct evidence

  29. RickyG says:

    We have been in contact with the Solutions Group via a cold call and numerous follow up calls. Our contact has been extremely courteous and polite! This new demeanour for cold callers makes the practice even more dangerous! When you are dealing with a rude bore on the other end of the line you know, more or less, what you are dealing with! We are in a similar situation as most of the people on this thread (Freedom Vacation Network selling us Timelinx with CashBack) and it would be so useful to know if anyone has followed through with Solutions Group, having paid their £399, and with what result. Have they heard anything back from SG, received a dossier of information to present to their Credit Card company or what?

    Also is there any information on successful individual Section 75 claims against credit card companies?

    Mindtimeshare is a very useful web site. Thanks.

  30. I'm No Fool says:

    I’ve also been contacted by the Solutions Group on 2 occasions, firstly a Keith Simpson left me a voicemail quoting Section 75 of Consumer’s Act and leaving his number as above, and then again on 24/01/12, by a very concerned lady, whom I didnt catch the name as I was in a hurry for an appointment. I must say I was caught up in the moment of someone actually wanting to help us get back some of the money scammed from us over the years for our wretched Timeshare which by the way is in the US, but Timelinx was the last company to obtain money from us in 2008 to sell it through various sources and we then ended up with club membership instead. Anyhow, the very nice lady at Solutions Group took my email address and work number and said she was posting out documents for me to look at but there was no mention of any upfront fees, this could have been because she didnt have time to talk long. I have not received any correspondence to date which is a good thing but I would not have been willing to part with anymore money anyway. I was even going to call them to say that I have not received anything, but the telephone call would have cost me anyhow. So glad I decided to look them up on the wonderful web and found your website first. Back in 2009 a company called ‘ Key Properties Town Advisory S.L’ (incorporated in Spain)called me to say they were pursuing mis-sold claims relating to Timelinx and various other companies through the Spanish courts and could make a claim also on my behalf. I duly parted with 788 Euros and never heard from them again. I did mention this to Solutions Group but couldnt honestly remember the name of the Company (it was almost 3 years ago) and I would need to dig out the paperwork, that’s probably why I have not received any further contact from Solutions Group. As I was leaving work today, low and behold any email popped up from Key Properties ( I nearly fell off my chair), I redirected it to my home email and read it. The bottom line is that Key Properties Town Advisory or KPTA are preparing to present a ‘Denuncia’ for presumptive fraud on behalf of clients against Tmelinx and other companies and would I like to stake a claim for the princely some of 320.00 Euros. What happened to my fee in 2009 as that expired?

    Does anyone know of Key Properties Town Advisory ?(Calle Cordoba 35, Edificio Villa Blance 1-C Fuengirola 29640, Malaga, Spain) email:-, or had any dealings with them or their lawyers Ramirez & Ramirez( Are they connected to Solutions Group or is this pure concidence that I have been contacted by both companies by different sources in the space of a week!

    • Janet and Stuart Coull says:

      Hi, yes we have been conned by KPTA in 2008 for 1577 euros, they then amalgamated with Ramirez & Ramirez, specialist lawyers, who requested another 320 euros for presenting a denuncia. I have just declined their offer after advise from the website belegal. We have also been conned by Fraser & Ward and now The Solutions Group for another £399 to retrieve monies lost from dealing with Incentive Leisure Group/DWVC. These people sound so plausible and we feel such idiots parting with all this money. We will attempt to claim back using Martin Lewis’ website. Janet

  31. Brian says:

    3.47 Wednesday 1 Feb
    Just had another call from Mrs Wilson, boy she can talk.
    I have told her I need another 48 hours thinking time and I may take my claim to my own solicitor. Sorry I said that now this caused another 30 minutes of listening on the phone.
    I then said that being over 70 I do not have the money to pay up front so being such a kind lady she has gone off to talk to her manager in the hope she can get me a pensioners reduction.

    This has confused me because she did say that the up front payment was to pay for the courts in order to register my claim and I get it back when I win my case so how can it be reduced I wonder. Perhaps I am missing something. ?
    I will keep this up dated as and when.

    • Brian says:

      A final call from the “Nice Lady” who sounded so excited that she can now offer me a reduction of 50% of the original price to get my case rolling. What a saving hey and all because I am a pensioner.

      I challenged her on the claim that she was UK based yet the registered office is off shore.
      She gave me a load of useless information but I told her I did not trust her.
      I asked her to give me the name of a registered solicitor in UK who they deal with and I can verify they are genuine. – No Chance of that until I Pay my fee. No chance of that either lady !!!!

      Dear Reader, form you own opion on this but I for one will not go near this one.

  32. Brian says:

    Sorry the amount they say I can claim is £18000 (eighteen thousand)

  33. Brian says:

    I am being called by a company called “The National Claims Group”.

    They claim to be a UK based company but then say their company is registered in British Virgin Islands ??????

    The address for the UK office is given as.
    196 High Road. Wood Green, London, N22 8HH.
    The telephone number given is 01702 868019
    The Fax number given is 01702 868018
    The website quoted is:
    They quote a company registration number of 17348 with date of incorporation bien 09.09.2009

    The registered address given is
    Suit 209, Mill Mall 8, Whickams Cay 1, Tortola, BVI (part of British Offshore Territories)

    Not too band for a UK based company huh ?

    They asked for copies of the documents which we sent.

    We then received a call to say GOOD NEWS….we can claim back up to £1800 probably more so could I please sign the form attached and send them £1140 to enable them to proceed.
    “This I will send as soon as I can find my credit card Yer Right”

    I have searched BT for the phone number using the “find a business” option but nothing found but I have no intention of calling the number to see if I get an answer.;

    The person one the document is listed as
    Laura Wilson
    Administration Manager

    The person speaking to me is
    Mrs Laura Wilson
    Principle Administrator
    The email address is
    (this is obviously a web site email)

    When talking to Mrs Wilson I told her I was extremely suspicious and would be checking the company out in detail and also putting something on Mind Timeshare about it.

    I was then given some information which I refuse to repeat on here as I know it was totally false but it was not complimentary at all.
    At the time of writing I have not had that phone call and I am not expecting it either.

    The sad part of this is that I have sent a message to TATOC and others asking if they know of the company but have not received a reply from any of then including

    This I find disappointing but I post this in the hope it helps other people. Please note, I can not say it is a scam I only relate my experience for you to decide yourself.


    • H Brian,
      Thanks for the detailed comment, very interesting information! Many thanks indeed.
      You send us an email? Please tell me when, but please also note that we have a bit of a backlog as we are extremely busy at the moment and receive numerous requests on a daily basis. So if you send the email in the past 4 days, it will be pending, if not please resend to and we will reply as always.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  34. Marian Smith says:

    I too have been duped by The Solutions Group this week. I feel so foolish, but the thought of getting back all or even some of the thousands I’ve lost for a relatively small fee of £399 I was drawn in. The lady, Penny Carpenter, was lovely on the phone, very helpful. I’ve now received the contract but after finding this website (which I should have done BEFORE parting with more money) I’ll be asking for a refund (within the 7 day deadline). Keeping fingers crossed. Thankyou everyone for your comments, they’ve really helped me.

  35. Louise Laxton says:

    Nearly got done by Half – moon holdings but got money back (for DWVC) , have been pursued by other companies but most persistently by solutions group – who I have refused to talk with but they cunningly got my husband sweetalked him who then parted with the £399.00 – have got the contract through and I will be cancelling everything and claiming money back – again. Am pursuing my own claim but might engage a solicitor of my choice. Hey ho!

  36. alan hill says:

    My wife and I have had numerous cold calls over the past two weeks from TheSolutions Group who offer quite “softly” at first, to get back any monies we have lost due to insolvency of Timelinx or D W V C . They are incredibly patient at first but do not understand NO ! They then get more forceful . Their deal is £399 up front and they almost guarantee to recover our losses from our credit card provider. When I say “In that case I will pay you after your succesful claim “, they say “Nodeal” . I even offered to double their fee payment, after the event only! But no deal ! I believe they are the same team that persued us hard last year ,L.A.Bartle, who also refused to deal without up-front payment. An identical method of operation! These people seem to move on year-on -year. This is YET ANOTHER SCAM————AVOID THEM, WHATEVER THE DEAL!!! Alan .J. 25/1/2012

  37. Sandy says:

    The Solutions Group telephoned us yesterday and explained they could retrieve our Timelinx membership fee of £4995 paid to Selective Services SL of Tenerife in Feb 2004, using the Consumer Act Section 75. I was very dubious when we were asked to pay a fee of £399 up front. The lady told me to check out their website and also the info on Section 75 on Marttin Lewis’ website. I looked at both then saw this website which has proved very useful. The lady rang back today and I queried the 6 year time limit which she said would not be a problem as they had just retrieved money for someone from Sept 2003. I have asked to see the contract which she is sending by e mail, but I am still very wary of using their services. Any advice please?

  38. Wozzer says:

    Another update – The nice lady from The Solutions Group sent me the contract, then rang to ask if I was happy with it.
    I told her that I was carrying out an attempted claim myself, and no thanks very much.
    She tried hard to convince me that I would not succeed on my own – but we will see.
    Following the conversation, I had another look at companies house records in light of the info she so generously gave.
    The companies house site has the following:
    Name & Registered Office:
    SUITE B 29
    W1G 9QR
    Company No. 07778865
    Status: Active
    Date of Incorporation: 19/09/2011

    Country of Origin: United Kingdom
    Company Type: Private Limited Company
    Nature of Business (SIC):
    None Supplied
    Accounting Reference Date: 30/09
    Last Accounts Made Up To: (NO ACCOUNTS FILED)
    Next Accounts Due: 19/06/2013
    Last Return Made Up To:
    Next Return Due: 17/10/2012

    So, No nature of business. – Interesting that it was set up as recently as Sept 2011 – round about the time that I started getting calls from other companies too.
    Whoever stole the databases from ILG etc must have made a fortune on this one!

  39. Wozzer says:

    I have been contacted also by a very well-spoken lady from The Solutions Group who tells me that it will be very difficult for me to handle section 75 claim, and that they will do it for £399 paid up front (I thought this was illegal?) Anyway, I am awaiting the contract papaerwork which I asked to see before I made any decision. – If it arrives, I’ll post the Nitty Gritty here.
    Of course, I have absolutely no intention of progressing my claim through them. I’d rather not add £399 to the rest of the cash I have foolishly lost!

  40. Wozzer says:

    Dear all,
    With regard to The Solutions Group:
    The only P & M solutions listed by Companies House is as follows:
    Name & Registered Office:
    SE9 5JQ
    Company No. 05282198
    Status: Dissolved 20/07/2010
    The phone number does work, giving an answer machine, but is not listed in any directory I could find. – I suspect that the answer mchine is sitting in a box in a rented cupboard somewhere in London. – I think these people are yet another bunch of con artists.

    My advice is to pursue the claim yourself against a credit card company if you satisfy the criteria – i.e. Paid a deposit or all of the cash to ILG or whoever by credit card. As long as this was under 6 years ago, you can claim.
    See The Money Saving Expert site:
    All the details plus a useful letter template are there.
    Yes, I was suckered by DWVC/ILG, but fortunately just under 6 years ago, so I still have a chance to pursue a recovery of the money by using Section 75. I am currently doing this.
    I too got caught by Blue Moon holdings who convinced me they could sell my DWVC membership last year. I didn’t realise at the time that ILG had gone bust, so there was never any chance they could do what they promised. I did refuse to hand over what they asked for, and offered 600Euro instead which they accepted. Knowing what I know now, I am also making a claim against the credit card company for that amount.

    It is a pity that the various law makers and governments cannot sort these scams out and make it legally impossible for these con artists to literally steal from people with impunity.

  41. Brian says:

    I am now being called by a lady who calls herself Karen Hayes of “The Solutions Group”
    She gives the number quoted above 0203 137 3970 and says they are a UK based company.
    She is a nicely spoken cool lady and extremely convincing in what she says.
    She tells me that all she wants me to do is send her copies of my documents and she will do a FREE assessment of my potential claim.
    She says she will send me a “package” which I can either use myself to make a claim or take it to my own solicitor or let them do all the work for me.
    She says that if I decide to proceed then I have to pay a legal fee up front by credit card. This fee is refundable once the claim has been fulfilled and if not I can claim back from the credit card anyway.

    I am going to proceed with this right up to the point of paying the fee which I will just not do.
    I want to see what the “package” is they send out which I will then send to Mind Time Share.

    Although the telephone number they give is a London number I am unable to locate them using the BT directory but this does not mean it is a false number so I called it and did get an answer.

    Today I called again and the answer machine said I could Email to

    I used this email address to get to their web site which looks good I have to admit.

    On the website hit the “About Us” tab and you get the following

    P & M Solutions Ltd
    12 Harley Street, Ste. B
    London W1G 9QR
    Phone: 0203 1373970

    The Consumer Solutions Group
    Avenida Claudio Delgado Diaz 101
    38620 San Miguel De Abona
    Santa Cruz De Tenerife
    Phone: +34 922 735 790


    They give the office opening times as 11 am – 7 pm now I cant understand that being a UK company but it is rather close to the normal Spanish office hours I think.

    Now if I sound a tad suspicious about this company I just can not understand why….hmmmm

  42. Alan says:

    Sorry to have deleted your last e mail for me to activate Have also been approached by the solutions group which appear to be another of the multitude of scams I would appreciate any help in pursuing my claim personally

  43. Iris Valentine says:

    I was contacted yesterday by Anna Stevens re my holiday package bought in 2009 at Bristol. I traded in my Club la Costa points and about £10,000 by bank transfer. I have had numerous calls to buy this package in exchange for fresh reclaim certificates or holidays in Tenerife. I have always checked and realised they are scams. I know I have lost about £40.000 in total but will not succu m to this cold calling on this issue. When this lady rang I had just returned from a holiday in Tenerife and had a chest infection so put her off taking it further. They will not catch me again!!

  44. susan says:

    Hello I have recently been contacted by solutions group about claiming our money back from a holiday club package we bought 5 years ago although be paid by debit card they say they can claim at least 75per cent back for a fee of 225 pounds. I must admit they seemed genuine and I am tempted but after reading posts here I am not so sure as what to do. Please can you help as this is not the first time we have been scammed. Are they a gen company. Any advice you can offer will be greatly apprciated as they are due to ring back monday with our decision. I wait for your response.

  45. Brian says:

    HI – on 14th Dec 2011, we had a call from ~Joanne of the Solutions Group – asking for £399 to act on our behalf to reclaim money under section 75 as we had been mis-sold by Incentive Leisure. She stated that they would send a contract – which they have done for us to sign – part of this contract stated that the company were also registered with cross border control as per guidelines set out by office of fair trading. The site says’ they are cross-border enforcers who spot fraud trends, & help fellow consumers avoid similar problems’.
    One of the things that bothssr us is that they have changed their name to Worldwide Solutions Ltd, but as they are in Teneriff still is the Ltd status legal???
    We haven’t sent back the contract yet as we have just come across your site – what are your thoughts please.
    We have also sent 2 fairly lengthy letters to Section 75 group of our credit card provider and these have been dismissed by them, so we are concerned as to whether we can pursue the claim ourselves without outside help.

  46. peter says:

    Anna Stevens of the consumer Group is very persistant and has been persuing me for some time now. She says only two weeks left to claim money lost with Incentive Leisure. Could you please advise me by email how to claim my money back. I am within the six year time slot.

  47. Brian says:

    Just read the comments , following 2 previous losses I have decided that the moniesI have paid are now lost. I have instructed a local solicitor to act on my behalf and hope for the best.

  48. Gerald says:

    I have just been called by solutions group claiming they can retrieve £5000 paid to Timelinx on 08/11/04 which according to them is within the 6 year time scale ! Once again they want £399. I was also approached by Half Moon Holdings in October to sell my Timelinx membership for £8000 for £1200.I have turned them both down.

    • Hi Gerald,
      Thanks for the comment.
      So from 2004 to end 2011 is inside the 6 years as per the Solutions Group? Wow, that’s amazing, they must be using different calculations…
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  49. Margaret says:

    I have a similar story to previous posters. My husband and I joined DWVC in 2005 while on holiday in Tenerife, handing over just over £11,000 plus our timeshare with Seasons and RCI Points, and believing the salesman when he assured us that we would get 70% of our TOTAL investment of 32,000 euros back, if we sent our Cashback sa Certificate back at the correct time. In fact, our Seasons membership was terminated, but we still received bills for overdue payment of RCI membership which we had to pay. We sent letters to the DWVC sales office, but received no reply. I duly sent off the Cashback Certificate in 2010 and had a letter back confirming everything was correct, but owing to there being “a change of administration” there would be a delay. I have heard nothing since.
    I was phoned a few months ago by Claim Specialist Group saying they could get our money back and asked to send our Cashback Certificate to them (which I have no longer got), but wasn’t asked for money. I did photocopy all documents, but fortunately forgot to post them!. Last week I was phoned by or Consumer Solutions as it is otherwise known, offering to make a claim under Section 75 for £449 plus £175 if we wanted to claim compensation, as ILG had gone bankrupt. I pointed out that we hadn’t paid by credit card, but had paid the balance, around £900, by Visa Debit and the rest by bank transfer and would need to speak to my husband, who was away. She phoned again last night and suggested we went for the compensation claim as “money had been put aside for people who would otherwise miss out by not having paid by credit card”. I won’t be accepting her offer when she phones again, but would welcome advice from your customer care team as to if and how we can claim at least some of the money back. I know there is a Visa Chargeback Scheme, but this is only for 120 days after purchase.

  50. Robert says:

    Yes I have been contacted by The Solutions Group about claiming back my DWVC money. I told her I was doing it myself.She tried to tell me it was very complicated and I would be lucky to be successful.When I told her I had plenty of experience of dealing with con artists she hung up.

  51. Askettster says:

    My father has been scammed by various people over the years offering various servies for various fees. The latest being The Consumer Solutions Group for the upfront fee of £399. After many discussions with my father thankfully he is now suspicious of anyone who asks for upfront fees. I have interjected diverted the calls to me (at least 2 per day!) not so easily led, although until today was tempted to pay for their services. But something in my accounting mind told me not to, having now seen the other comments my mind is made up. Don’t do it. Thanks for the forum to vent and share

    • Hi Askettster,
      Thanks for your comment and kind words.
      These people will keep on calling and calling until they find somebody who pays.
      Luckily your father is not falling for this any longer.
      Keep checking the blog!
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  52. Andrew (Andy) Varney says:

    Can’t believe I’ve done it again without checking it out first….. But…… I have!!! Drat and more besides
    I have also succumbed to a smooth operator and parted with £ 399:00 in the optomistic mind that all or much of my former lossess would be made good. The Consumer Act 75 Solutions Group, Tel. 020 313 73970 have struck again. Any help out there??????

    • Hi Andy,
      Thanks for your message
      We can send you the info by email, no problem.
      let us know what your membership is as well, maybe we can guide you with how to claim a refund for that one.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  53. Mr A G Conolly says:

    I have just been contacted by The Solutions Group who are offering to claim back money which I paid to join a vacation club called Timelinx in 2005. The initial caller was a man with an irish accent called James. Once I had explained my circumstances which differ slightly in that I have also been scammed by a company called Half Moon Holdings (avoid at your peril) to James he said this is a really serious case and he wanted me to speak to his colleague called Michael who had dealt with MFI going into receivership ( What relevance this had I have no idea) Anyway after a long discussion with Michael who was very plausible came the sting….You’ve guessed it an upfront payment of £599 from my credit card. Once I had stopped laughing they made me fully aware of the Consumer Credit Act which correct me if I’m wrong is something I can pursue myself free of charge.
    The parting shot from them was ” Discuss it with your wife and we will ring back on Monday.”
    I have already drawn my own conclusion that this is yet another scam but any advice would be appreciated.

  54. Duncan R says:

    hello! i have been contacted by a nice lady from ‘consumer act 75’ -a few times now, as i have been a bit too busy to check this out. and after a few keys on google, here i am. will this ever stop? every week someone wants to help….. themselves to more of my money. i am a bit racked off to be honest. my total losses are in the region of 32,000 pounds to date plus my credit status. I think they need to be stopped. they have offered to recoup my losses to DWVC for £399.00 and another £175.00 for a compensation claim for damage to my financial reputation and constant stress through it all! wow! sounds amazing, however i somehow don’t believe a word of it. what do you think??

    • Hi Duncan,
      Thanks for your comment.
      There are soo many companies offering help and they all pretend to be so extremely succesful..
      If there is money to be recuperated from your DWVC, there is no need to pay a company for doing this.
      Let us send you the info and we take it from there.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

      • E. M. Woolhouse says:

        I too have been contacted by Solutions Group. Could you send me the details of how to claim back for myself please, as I am sick and tired of these bogus companies!!

      • Steve says:

        Hi I have been contacted by The Solutions Group but want to pursue the credit card company myself. Can you send details of how to do that and what evidence they ask for and what evidence is actually required to be provided and any indication of how long the process takes. Thanks

      • Antony Haynes says:

        I am one of many that have fallen into the trap of trying to sell our time-share and finding in fact that we still owed it. We have since completed another sale and yahoo we got rid of them. What we are left with is an outstanding £11,750,00 that we can not get back. Initial payment was made by barclaycard. Is this something that you can help with.


  55. john says:

    I had a call yesterday from Timeshare Exit Solutions telling me DWVC has gone into liquidation and that I am entitled to claim my money back and that they can provide this service for me for an upfront fee of £399. What should I do.

    • Brian says:

      What should you do you ask, my advice would be to read all of this blog from start to finish.

      Read about the people who have have lost so much money.

      Read about the heartache people on here have suffered.

      Read about the trouble they have faced in getting refunds.

      Read about the hardship the suffered through financial loss.

      Then if you need to ask the question again I would be amazed.

      Once you have done all the above….Go out there and tell every person you see, meet or know about this Blog.

    • Hi John,
      Thanks for your message.
      We will send you information by email.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  56. sara says:


    I have just been contacted by Consumeract 75 and have paid the money – am i mad or what – please let me know

  57. Peter Brown says:

    Hi I received a call from Consumer Solutions yesterday as I have had dealings with Incentive Leisure Group in the past. I was rather suspicious as I have had several calls from various companies offering various services since Incentive Leisure went into administration; all requiring money up front. I am due to get a follow up call today. I will keep you posted.

  58. peter stotesbury says:

    Called yesterday by very nice lady, let her talk for about 15mins hope it cost her a fortune, she sounded nice so i asked her for a date! she hung up on me oh well guess she didn’t want to do buissness with an overwieght middle aged man after all!
    Oh she did let slip something i knew already and that is if you paid the deposit with a credit card they are resonsable for the whole amount not just the deposit as long as you have kept your proof of payment as evidence.

  59. Martin Slack says:

    The solutions group called me about 4 weeks ago. The lady on the phone became quite put out when I mentioned you and that she was acting ilegally asking for money upfront. She even called back later to ask your website to check you out.

  60. Mike says:

    I have been in contact with this group for the last two days. I did write to this blog yesterday
    with some details of this firm. When I told this lady I was about to claim myself she got a little bit adjitated and voices got to near shouting pitch. They have asked me for £399 for their services and they will for this money claim on our behalf to the credit card company. They tell me it could take as many as five or six claims to get the money back, and I could expect a wait of seceral months for the claim to eventually pay out. They tell me the credit card company just don’t like paying out claims. They are phoning me again tomorrow but they said if I did claim myself then the door to using their company would be shut and no company would be accepted ny the banks.
    Firstly I didn’t like her attitude and secondly I don’t like the idea of paying up front. I did ask where they got my details from and they told me they buy information on the net. I then told them that it was illegal and they tried to tell me I was not intellegent enough to claim and asked if I had a computer. I did tell I had several and I was a retired Policeman so I would be checking them out. Somehow I recon I will not be bothered by them again. and Yes I have told no lies I am a retired Copper.

  61. Brian says:

    I have been cold called by International Administration the lady said her name is Vicky Gibson.

    She is offering to take my case to court in Spain and says I should get about £850 back.

    She gave a web site as :
    She gave a phone contact as : 0034 951 191 013 or alternatively 0034 951 276 753.

    She sent me documents to look at in which was a solicitor who I email for verification but had no reply. All documents were sent by me to Enforcement.

    She has not asked as yet for any money up front but I suspect she will later.

    I mentioned Mindtimeshare and she said she knew of it and I would find nothing about her company on the blog, this is proven true.

    I am still suspicious as it was a cold call and she was vague as to where she got my details from.

    I sent an email to Enforcement but as yet no reply.

    This woman is going to call me back tomorrow and I need advice as to how I should proceed as it was a cold call and if it is a legal company surely they are not allowed to cold call ???

    Please, I need a fast reply.

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