The truth about Mindtimeshare

It had to happen once, we knew it would happen but still it came as an unpleasant surprise, a blog was created with negative and upsetting comments about Mindtimeshare

What can we say to defend ourselves, is there a need to defend ourselves? Well for those who are “watching this space” we will make the following comments and observations.

First of all, in the section “About” of Mindtimeshare, you can read who I am and what my role is inside the RDO Enforcement Project. Yes my work is financed by RDO, and yes it is RDO who set up the Enforcement Project as such and gave me the job.

The Enforcement Project has as main role to combat the fraudulent practices carried out by fraudulent Discount Travel Membership Clubs (holiday clubs), Resale firms, Class Action Law firms, Cash Back schemes, etc. that target European timeshare & point owners.

Mindtimeshare was put in place in 2011 as we realised there was a need for timeshare consumers to be able to communicate about the different companies that had approached them, ask for advice, and be able to read about the different companies that are active at present and should be avoided due to the fact they are acting against the law by requesting upfront fees and all kinds of other payments for sales that never happen.

The scope of RDO Enforcement and Mindtimeshare leaves aside disputes between timeshare owners and their resorts or Trustees and this has been made clear from the beginning.

My role is to combat fraud inside and around the timeshare industry, but when consumers have approached me about RDO / TATOC affiliated resorts or Trustees it has also been made clear that the Enforcement Project does not handle those cases as both the RDO and TATOC have in place a council who monitors the code of conduct of their members.

The separation between complaints about nonaffiliated companies and those affiliated have always existed, and therefore you cannot say that the Enforcement Team is covering up issues about RDO or TATOC affiliated resorts, as it is simply not the task of the Enforcement team to handle these cases.

Affiliated resorts have the obligation to keep to the Code of Conduct, that’s why they are affiliated and that is why an RDO / TATOC affiliated resort should be of trust to the consumer.

In the event that a resort / company do not comply with this code of conduct, it is RDO / TATOC and their Council to take action and demand explanations from the resort in question.

If people want to interpret this as The Enforcement Project / Mindtimeshare covering up an alleged fraud, than this is up to these individuals, but the bottom line is that it will be RDO or TATOC at the end of the day making their decisions and taking the correct action if one of their members does not comply with the rules.

Obviously we are not going to deny we are not aware of certain problems inside the Industry, but as explained above we cannot take on board everything and as RDO and TATOC are the ones appointed to handle these cases, we concentrate on the other issues, which we can assure are not a few only!

The amount of fraudulent companies that are active or are created almost on a daily basis keep us more than busy and we are proud to say that we are becoming specialists in dealing with these cases and detecting every time sooner and sooner where these companies are and what they do.

The comments and feedback of more than 6,500 consumers in the past two years proof we are on the right way and yes, we can improve our actions and yes we want to be there for more and more consumers, but this takes time and a lot of effort.

We also receive the back up from the different ECC (European Consumer Centre), police forces and Local Trading Standards, who obviously trust our criteria and investigations.

Don’t ever forget that we are mainly dealing with crooks and thieves, so it was only a matter of time for them to strike back and try to take credit away from our work, in order for them to create confusion and to be able to continue stealing and defrauding timeshare consumers as they have been doing up till now.

We have seriously damaged their “ldodgy businesses” and we know that not everybody will let this go without a “fight”. But for us seeing the results of consumers claiming their money back, or consumers not paying to these crooks because they found the blog on time, gives us the greatest satisfaction in the world and only for that we will NOT stop.

The Enforcement Project and Mindtimeshare will be here in 2013 fully dedicated to the timeshare consumers who ask for help. Day after day we will be there for all who need help or information, and this help is given for free.

We don’t charge, we don’t ask for money for supposed admin fees or legal actions that never see the light…

The only thing we ask from you, the consumer on the other end, the vulnerable person in this case, please before taking any decision of paying any money to a company who promises a lot but cannot show any real result….ask for advice, our advice is free and then you can decide!

We mentioned before in one of our blogs the phrase from the famous Spanish Novel, Don Quixote de la Mancha, where Don Quixote says to his helper Sancho Panza: “Ladran Sancho, señal de que cabalgamos” – translation: “Can you hear the dogs barking Sancho? This is a sign they can hear us riding on our horses” – This phrase means that if the “dogs are barking”,  this is because we are doing our job, so something we must be doing right! …..and that is exactly what is happening to us, we are doing our job and apparently we are doing it right because they dogs are barking!


About mindtimeshare

Mindtimeshare SLU is registered Company reg number: B35957182 Mindtimeshare provides assistance to timeshare owners who have been defrauded by holiday clubs and bogus resale companies. The Mindtimeshare project was launched in February 2011. After dealing with timeshare members over several years who had been defrauded by numerous bogus companies and for large amounts of money, I considered launching an Organisation to help timeshare owners that have been targeted by bogus companies. On this blog you can find information about the different active scam companies and their “modus operandi” and also place comments, ask questions and see comments from other consumers who have the same doubts or have been through the same experience. Mindtimeshare has resulted in a huge success and has received the back up from not only timeshare consumers but also from the professionals in the timeshare Industry. Mindtimeshare helps timeshare owners who have been scammed by bogus Discount Holiday Clubs; bogus cash back companies; fraudulent timeshare resale companies; bogus class action companies and false lawyers and notaries. We offer professional answers and advice to Timeshare users. If you want to send an email instead of posting a comment on the blog please do so by emailing:
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36 Responses to The truth about Mindtimeshare

  1. John says:

    Hi,I’ve been cold caled by a company called”market my timeshare”.I need to buy 4 weeks holiday for £1500.0 and they guarantee me a good pricce for my timeshare points.Do you know anything about them.?

  2. Sheila says:

    I have just been cold called by a company calling themselves “Resorts Europe”. They seem to be linked in some way to Bonus Weeks, a company I had dealings with some time ago unfortunately! It is the usual line, pay money up front and then have access to cheap holidays, flights etc. They all seem to promise the earth but when it comes down to it availability etc., is the problem.

  3. David says:

    got mugged by ora vactions of tenerife for a 1200 euro deposit to holiday club went back next day to cancell agreement which was £5000 all together and told no cancellations written into agreement spent hour arguing until they said agreement was cancelled but could not get refund of deposit ,came back home and sent international signed letter demanding refund and make sure agreement was cancelled also got in touch with visa as under section 75 your entitled to full refund for breach of contract .holiday clubs must give you 14 days cancellation of agreement and can not take deposit by eu law also been in touch with andy garcia so hope he can help as much as possible this happened on 7/5/12 so beware still going on in spain

  4. Ann says:

    We were contacted by a company Resolved Claims Ltd in Milton Keynes, they were offering to sell our DWVC / Club Class membership on a no win no fee basis with no up front charges, they simply take 25% plus VAT out of the sale price then send the remainder of the money to us, we simply have to fill in some forms to prove our membership plus copies of our Cashback certificate etc. Is this a reputable company if so why are they cold calling us?

    Later that same day we had a call from a company called Holiday Rentals Direct they apparently have a client wanting to buy our DWVC Membership (which we have never used as the holidays on offer are no cheaper than anywhere else) Holiday Rentals are offering us £6500, but we have to send a holding fee of over £900 to cover the client while we have the money in the bank until a courier collects our Cashback Certificate. As soon as the Certificates have been collected they will refund our holding fee. The buyer apparently pays all the costs. This one sounds like a scam!
    Can I ask for your opinion on both of these especially the first one.

  5. Al Wallace says:

    Pam & Brian,
    Your post suggests yet another ‘company’ using the same methods that I have encountered. Last year I was contacted by a David Williams of LA Bartle who claimed that as a result of court action in Spain I was due a significant payment from a number of fraudulent timeshare reselling organisations. Money had to be paid up front if I was to see any of the cash due to me. More recently I have been contacted by a Steven Andrews of Hacienda Services SL, who claimed they had been tasked by the Spanish Government equivalent of our HMRC to disperse the court awards, as LA Bartle had been closed down and the operators were now in jail awaiting trial! Again, tax had to be paid up front, and this was to be sent by Western Union to a woman in Spain who as far as I could tell had nothing to do with the Spanish Government! I refused to do this and was bluntly told that because I refused to pay the tax I would not get the money. I have not heard from Hacienda Services since. Google them and LA Bartle – it makes interesting reading. The Daily Mirror has some good gen on LA Bartle. Do not have any dealings with these people!


  6. Brian & Pam Fox says:

    I wonder if you can help us. We have been contacted by telephone by a company called Timeshare Disposal and told that the money from the now defunct “CASHBACK.S.A. is now being given back to claimants. There is enough to give 80% of each claim but “because of Spanish law” the legal fees have to be paid up front. This fee is £802 and we will get a cheque for £7996 within 2 weeks. I have researched this company but can find no trace. They say they are in Leeds an have an 0845 number. Any advice would be appreciated.

  7. pauline says:

    have just come across your site, very interesting, but could anyone help me dispose of my timeshare, i have been cold called as many have, also i have over the past few years been scammed, so its really worrying where to go from here. any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. thank you

  8. rasher 007 says:

    wow! WHERE were you guys when we needed you most?just found you by chance after being cold called by heritage marketing scumbags of crow borough about 2 weeks ago.
    We had infiniti points with petchy leisure that simply didnt suit us anymore and with increase in maintenence fees we wanted out.
    We had a very close call with a heartless, odious little bald man at onr of the many ILG,PERSONAL TRAVEL GROUP,TRADE WEEKS,call them what you want offices in Chelmsford.
    Found nothing but heartache online and even though we signed up to their clever little travel agency we didnt part with any money.
    When i ran this by the caller he was completely stuffed and would not agree or promise that his company wasnt gonna try the same.He couldnt end the call quick enough,he uttered the words;ILG? Theyve gone havent they?:
    I was so glad you should try it! Tell them what they,re gonna try and sell you !
    Incidently we rang petchey leisure in Ilford and we had PURE points and our maintenance was up to date and they couldnt have been more helpful.YES we lost all the money we invested but we have all the legal paperwork from the company itself and 13 months have gone with no more fees or correspondense.I CANNOT AND WILL NOT disgrace petchey leisure it was our mistake and if you make a mistake expect to lose money!
    I wish you all the best in what you are doing and only hope you can hit these bastards hard ,perhaps they just dont know how much pain and upset they cause

  9. Roy Hinchliffe says:

    I have been approached by VIVA CONNECT who say they now have a buyer for my timeshare in Tenerife, origionally they said that I did not have to pay anything upfront, now they are saying that I need to pay a credit card bond of 850 euros which will be refundable when I have the purchasers money in my bank account and I have sent them my deeds. I am axssuming this is a scam, am I right.
    Roy Hinchliffe

    • Steve Laird says:

      You are right Roy. They tried it with me too. Given the price they had ‘found’ for my timeshare (which I had never asked them to sell) I would have been clearly mad not to send the deeds but they still wanted 850 anyway. Rgds, Steve

  10. Al Wallace says:

    Alberto – I wish I had seen your comments many months ago, it would have saved me a lot of money! Just yesterday I was cold-called by Hacienda Services who claimed to have been ‘ordered’ by the Spanish authorities to resolve the business files of mediation company L A Bartle, which had just been closed down. It was hard to find anything ‘suspicious’ about what Steven Andrews, the caller, was telling me, but I note what you say about NIE numbers. This was an important part of Hacienda’s call, and would appear to be false.hanks for your work – I need to contact RDO with some urgency I think!

  11. caravan524 says:

    It seems to be the time for massive marketing by companies offering to sell timeshares. Five different companies telephone coldcalled, two have sent details-uninvited. Abitus will sell your timeshare, arrange the transfer and only when you receive confirmation from your resort of the transfer do you part with from £2495 plus VAT. No meetings, no holiday clubs just a positive sell! The risk is theirs, as they say. The other is Cotswold Timeshare Resales Ltd. 87% of their clients have successfully disposed of their timeshare – their catchline is ‘Maximising the return from their initial investment’. Anybody heard of either or had dealings with them?

  12. Jim Thornton says:

    I have nothing but praise and thanks for what you do. I got my money back, and even though I knew my rights in that regard I still got scammed in the first place. Since putting my experience on a blog on your site many more people have been warned off getting sucked into the same scam. The more people that get helped by our shared experiences being put on this forum the better. Keep up the good work.

  13. Kath says:

    You helped us get half of the money back at least and that was worth doing. Also saved us getting scammed again. Thank you

  14. Pam Austin says:

    Hi Alberto,

    I was informed that you might be able to get our money back from Halfmoon Holdings. This was before Christmas, we are waiting for the banking Ombudsman to sort out a claim from Visa, but we would be grateful if you could let us know how we get our e600 back. Thanks for all your support, and ignore the morons who have nothing better to do than slag off your company. Ever thought that these people ae the actual companies you are trying to stop?

    Pam and Tony Austin

  15. Mke says:

    Dear Sirs,
    I need your help urgent. I have been contacted by a firm that say’s it has a customer for my timeshare. They have just called again andthey gave a name of Hacienda Services and they are supposed to be acting for this firm that wants to buy my timeshare for £6000. These guy’s are checking that I live in the UK and it is all about the tax of 11% that is supposed to be collected by them for the Spanish Authority. Is this true and is this the way to sell.? I am totally confused at the moment . They say they are going to call back in about 30 mins time to see if I have managed to get the number on my paperwork. I can’t get hold of my paperwork as I am disabled and can’t get to the safe where the document is stored. Is this company a bogus. They haven,t asked for any money as yet and no mention yet. Please help.
    Please keep this site working as you are the only honest people in Spain it seems. I have refused to go to Spain because they would pray on my disabled state I am sure. Never mind what these geeks say your site is the only one on the net that looks after us thick people in the UK that are conned everyday. Please reply as soon as possible
    Mike Charlton

  16. Christine Callaghan says:

    I just thank God that I found your site before I fell for the patter and laid out £1350 we could ill afford. With the minefield of ‘Timeshare’ and ‘Investment companies’ (or whatever other name these heartless people go under) that are out there, we need a site this this to help overcome all these businesses that should be outta business a.s.a.p.

  17. john urquhart says:

    i can only say good things about you alberto -thankyou once again for all you help and advice you have offered me

  18. dougitoons says:

    Your advice to me and the actions of some of your contributors has helped me get all my money back from my recent run-in with CCC. Be encouraged that your work is not in vain. I appreciate the comments of the previous response and indeed hope that transparency and integrity will be maintained. Thank you for keeping this site and blog going.
    God bless


  19. We thank you and are extremely grateful. It takes courage and we know to our own cost how much and to much extent the value of your efforts to be an Honest Broker,we commend you Albert.

    Regrettably you have been unable to save us from the hounds (dogs) but with luck now we will not lose more. Thank you from our hearts

  20. Brian fielder says:

    As someone who was helped and followed the advice given by you I would publically like to thank you and wish you even more success in your quest to stamp out the scammers and fraudsters.Sadly peole get help and never bother to give praise and I can only say that if everybody who had been helped wrote bloggs praising you it would blow the doubters into oblivion.

  21. chris & jenny says:

    it was only a matter of time !! the further you push a rat into a corner the more it will panic !!!!!you have helped my wife & I enourmously & have not asked for a deposit that is “refundable” or that we should come to tennerife to discuss our problem etc etc etc…i know it will take a long time to iradicate the vermin who prey on good honest people like ourselves but a feather in your cap mate …keep up the good work & please accept a big THANK YOU from somebody who has been made to feel miserable by these ass holes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. I’m not entirely sure who is saying what about you Alberto and I refer to factual info, backed by written evidence and full contact info. However, I’ve never faulted you for the advice you gave, but I have highlighted the flaw in your Company Structure, in that many of the Members of RDO who support you, themselves are not truly independent. People like TATOC are funded by Resorts, and therefore advice could be skewed to favour such a resort. You previously did not publish my comments when you first started up and that left me in doubt about some of your activities. There is much more a truly independent organisation could do to clean up the industry, and with the involvement of many at RDO, but you need to be more transparent and engaging with all in the sector. We **** have held a database like yours for many years, so I fully support the idea, but just don’t “fully” trust the organisation and its Structure. I would hope that you fully publish this post, which would be a step in the right direction, and then perhaps I could engage more with those who appear to be tarnishing your reputation. The fact that you published this article about yourself may be a step in the right direction. I don’t seek to hide that our members fund our site ***, but at least its clean from any advice that may favour a resort or an affiliated one. I will leave it here for now, to see if you Moderate favourably and openly, before making further contributions.

    • Dear Alexandre,

      Thanks for your comment.

      We can not be more transparent.
      Our aim is to combat the fraud at this industry. This is our “battlefield”.
      We know that this industry has other problems to be sorted out, like “exit strategies”, maintenance fees or bad practices on sales; but others, like TATOC and/or RDO Membership Council, are who have been appointed to tackle with these issues.
      I confirm you that they are already working on these.

      Alberto Garcia
      Director at Mindtimeshare

  23. Martin Summers says:

    Be proud, Alberto, you’ve struck a nerve, and it hurts them!

  24. Alicia Fox says:

    Hi Alberto,
    Keep up the good work! The scammers are obviously getting worried or they wouldn’t be so vocal in their opposition. Your efforts have saved a lot of people from being scammed and many people are very grateful for your help.

    Thanks again.


  25. Mrs H says:

    Keep up the good work, it saved us from being conned for the 3rd time!

  26. len gilbank says:

    From my own perspective I also say thanks, for keeping the public much more invormed. I also still believe after my recent holiday in Tenrife, where we were approached by a certain time share company, because my name was till on there “suckers list”.

    We both said a firm no, to all mathods of selling, including “so called financial incentives” ironic when we suggested we were seen a suckers, they denied such allogations, as expected yet was not able to give any other credible information to what that register of past time share holiday club memerbership was.

    With regards to your present position, I can well appreciate the stress and yes it would happen, at some time, if only by the amount of money these guys make out of this buisness, not to mention the amount of political influence they will have, knowing my last altercation had a chairman that was had already been given a public award by the uk’s political and regal elite, for his work in the holiday industry abroad.

  27. rena mcl says:

    keep up the good work, i wish we had seen your comments before we lost £10,000 in total. but you saved us spending anymore thanks

  28. Angela Fawson says:

    Agre with everything Michael has said, unfortunately I don’t think we can persuade people to stop going to Spain, and I add my total support. You have saved lots of vulnerable people (including ME) from losing what is, to us, a large amount of money. Let them come, you have lots of supporters who know the truth!

    • Susanna Allen/Canton says:

      Agree with Antonio Garcia should be supported at all costs. Just wondered, if I am allowed to ask in these circumstances, if you did manage to get rid of your timeshare. Or sometimes whether the crooks have succeeded in doing their job and have got rid of them for some people. Who knows, just seeking info.Thanks for your help.

  29. IAN says:

    thanks Alberto your site saved me from loosing money to scam artists any one who put the truth on the line will come under fire I pray that you dont give up that GOd will make HIS face shine upon you and bless you the world need more like you

    best regards Ian S Ralph

  30. Michael Blaxall says:

    Hi Alberto,
    Yes it was bound to happen, but don’t let the bastards get you down, it would see your site is having an effect on their fraudulent activities and all I for one can say is ” Well done for all your good works ! ”

    The Police and Fraud squad in Spain are nothing more than a joke, and yes I am having a go at them, why you ask, well having explained the the British Embassy what was going on right under their own feet in Spain, all they could say was, “Sorry we can’t help !’ and gave me the officers name in Spain who is in the Fraud squad who speak English who would help ! ” so I send him firstly an email explaining what had happened with all the details, and this he ignored, so sent it again another three times, and again all ignored, so tried telephoning and he when he knew what my call was about, he put the phone down on me, so no wonder the fraudsters act in the way they do, you call yourself the Fraud Squad, what a laugh your a complete disgrace to any police force, and once is lead to ask who are the fraud squad working for, as it certainly does not appear to be the general public !!!

    The only way to effect these fraudsters who effect all visitors is for all countries to stop visiting Spain and when the tourists stop coming, just maybe the people who are in charge of what’s going on in Spain will do something about these fraudsters,
    so Alberto keep up your good works, we are all right behind you, but the main problem as I see it, we the visits to your country do not know who to contact and make our views known, yes we have your site, but we need names and telephone numbers and email address where we who have been scammed can send them to and if we have these I know enough of us would all like to send them out details and then make it known, to what extend this has been going on, and then do something about it.

    One might say these are people operating from their own homes using mobils etc, which I know is true, but I also know the police have the equipment by using GPS systems to identify within one metre where they are operating, also a similar system where they can locate the location of a computer as each has it’s own IP address, it just needs enough of us contact the right people, and in time all this fraudulent activity will come to an end, or am I just another dreamer !!

    Alberto don’t feel down about this negative feedback someone has given you, yes it was bound to happen, but it does show to me and many others, you activity working against these people is having an effect, so for all of us I say, ” Keep up the good work ”

    Michael Blaxall

    • Dear Michael,
      Thanks for your quick response to our article and your support to our work and cause!
      We really appreciate all the support we get from the consumers as this is for us the main thing that keeps us going.
      We know that there are issues to be tackled, issues of bad communication and coordination but we have started 2012 with new and fresh ideas and also we are prepared to change certain procedures and make sure all angles are covered.
      For those consumers who want to take legal action we will be there to help and support them the whole way and we will fight with them to the end.
      I would say “Watch this space!”
      Thanks again!
      Alberto García

      • Michael Blaxall says:

        Well done Alberto, be proud of what you do, for you acting for all who have been scammed and without the knowledge on what to do next, also a site for people to go onto and read about these scammers before parting with with money.

        As you say, ” It was bound to happen ! ” be then be grateful that it has, as it shows us all that your site is effecting those who want to act as scammers, and I like you know it will happen again, and the knowledge of seeing it will make you aware all your good work is effecting those criminals in Spain, and I only wish your Fraud Squad and Police in Spain showed the same concerns as yourself, and challenge any member of Spain’s Fraud Squad or Police to contact me, and if you show me you are doing something to prevent such crimes then I will also respond in a positive was and let everyone know, so the gauntlet is down for you to pick up on !
        Michael Blaxall

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