Have you been called by Paul Harrison Legal or PH-LEGAL in Coventry?

A new alert goes out for a company called PH Legal, which seems to stand for Paul Harrison Legal.

PH-Legal has a website www.ph-legal.com which has been created on the 6th of December 2011, so hot off the press!

They have an address the UK: Unit 2 Burnsall Road, Industrial Estate, Burnsall Road, Canley, Coventry, Warwickshire, CV5 6BU and phone numbers 0247 699 2421, fax 0247 696 0725 and email info@ph-legal.com

UPDATE: They have now changed their address to Colston Office Centre, Centre Gate,Colston Avenue, Bristol BS14TR
Phone No: 01179113428   Fax No: 01179811300

Unfortunately we cannot find them on the UK Companies House, so it has all the looks of a non-registered company.

They do state though in their cold calls that they have been supplied with the consumer’s information from the Spanish Courts re DWVC, and offer to make a claim. This statement is actually very “naughty” to say the least as there is NO such thing as Spanish Courts providing information to Legal companies and less to those who are not registered as such!

So what is the game plan here, getting money out of consumers for supposed claims that most probably will never happen?

This definitely does not sound good and looks very suspicious.

So if you have been called by PH Legal or a representative from a legal office in Coventry or Bristol called Paul Harrison, please let us know!

About mindtimeshare

Mindtimeshare SLU is registered Company reg number: B35957182 Mindtimeshare provides assistance to timeshare owners who have been defrauded by holiday clubs and bogus resale companies. The Mindtimeshare project was launched in February 2011. After dealing with timeshare members over several years who had been defrauded by numerous bogus companies and for large amounts of money, I considered launching an Organisation to help timeshare owners that have been targeted by bogus companies. On this blog you can find information about the different active scam companies and their “modus operandi” and also place comments, ask questions and see comments from other consumers who have the same doubts or have been through the same experience. Mindtimeshare has resulted in a huge success and has received the back up from not only timeshare consumers but also from the professionals in the timeshare Industry. Mindtimeshare helps timeshare owners who have been scammed by bogus Discount Holiday Clubs; bogus cash back companies; fraudulent timeshare resale companies; bogus class action companies and false lawyers and notaries. We offer professional answers and advice to Timeshare users. If you want to send an email instead of posting a comment on the blog please do so by emailing: customercare@mindtimeshare.com
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64 Responses to Have you been called by Paul Harrison Legal or PH-LEGAL in Coventry?

  1. Liz says:

    It seems that Paul Harrison is at it again under a company called homeownershipadviceline – except that he has an “s” instead of a “c” in advice. Claims he can get compensation for mis-sold timeshares. Very plausible but asking for money upfront without a contract is suspicious.

  2. Guy says:

    I too have had dealings with Jane Bennett. She claims to be living in Bristol but is in Spain.together with the other scammers. Bristol Trading Standards advise that the office in Bristol is a ‘virtual’ one. I wonder how they can rent a premises and telephone without the UK authorities – trading standards, police, BT etc – not being aware or taking action. There must be some incorrupt organisation in Spain who can deal with these people

  3. william armstrong says:

    Customer of mine contacted by them re the sale of his timeshare saying Spanish government will not release his money unless they get 2500 pounds tax up front

    • Sharon says:

      Hello I’ve been contacted by Sure legal LTD in Sidcup ,Kent in regards to a refund for Dwvc wondering if this is another sc** ? Any info would be welcome

  4. mike says:

    want your money back go to their uk address
    30 Mitchell Rd, Bedworth CV12 9HP

  5. karen says:

    Yes have been contacted and all the information they had was correct. One payment has been made of £400.00 . Another payment has been asked for for £1200.00 which I haven’t paid yet

  6. paul says:

    I’ve been contacted several times by a woman from PH Legal. After about 2 weeks I’ve finally received their email. For a “legal” company it looks decidedly dodgy, yet another scam – I’ve been contacted several times in the past. After googling them I came across your site …. and guess what ? I don’t think I’ll be sending the 412 euros they asked for !
    Thanks for your good work in highlighting these scammers and everyone else, remember the old line “once bitten …..”

  7. Peter says:

    Just a great deal of the same with regards PH-Legal. However, I did stupidly pay £330 and have now recieved a letter headed “OFFER ACCEPTANCE” totaling £34,617.70 plus my initial £330 with a total payback of £34,947.70 – not bad for having done nothing – the scam is, they require a furtherfurtherfurther £3,461.77 as a bank transfer to a bank in Malaga under the account name of Mutual Capital S.L. Thank goodness for all your remarks and comments and for this websit – they can get lost!!!!

  8. lynne says:

    contacted by ph legal,jackie moore,promising to get cash back for us from ilg,court case on 30th april 2012,sounded very plausable,took 2 weeks of phoning to get info from them,they asked for £378.00,payable to p harrison,bank addrss,129 abbey st,nuneaton,when my husband asked why they didnt want paperwork proving we ‘owned’ timeshare,they said they had info on ilg data base. i was not convinced they were genuine and looked on internet,thank goodness,as we were going to go along with them!!!!

  9. Paul says:

    I too have been approached about a court case on 30th April in Malaga. All seemed too good to be true after all this time, plus my claim would be against a company called Timelinx. The 400 euro up front fee is what made me think twice especially as being easily lead is what made me loose my £3000 in the first place! I was told that it was up to me (no pressure) and could decide up to a week before, however, keep receiving phone calls to chase. I received their email, but no real information on what I would be claiming for or any details of what and how this would happen. The other thing that made me suspicious was that my name was different when I was ripped off and they weren’t aware and said it didn’t matter. I also didn’t need any proof of what I’d paid out and lost. I decided to look to see if their premises exist – they do, but they are not listed as being there. I then found this site, so thank you – I won’t be sending 400 euros!

  10. jean says:

    Have had same thing.But I was stupid enough to send money.Wish I had come across this site before.

  11. william hutchison says:

    can you tell me anything about bidshare.com please

  12. Rodney says:

    Hi folks. I was approached on 28th March by these folk (a lady named Jackie), & all seemed very plausible. Am awaiting “bumf” from them about a supposed court case in Malaga on 30th April, just a month after the date given to Danni’s last February! The usual – “no win, no fee”; but potentially “£350+ court fee in advance” was eventually mentioned in course of chat, which would be refundable when we won! I am thinking of taking this to Trading Standards in the light of this website & the comments by your correspondents. When the bumf arrives, IF it ever does, I think I’ll shred it. Glad I looked this up before doing anything further.

  13. robert says:

    Con artists. PH legal claim to operate from colston Avenue, Bristol.
    They ask for details of th ereclaim cert’s.
    They become confused when questioned. Can gice no account of how they became involved only thet the Spanish cOURTS ASKED them to find people.

    Alll evry unlikely.

  14. robert says:

    I have been cob=ntactde by this ‘group’ calling themselves PH Legal. They offered to send me an emai but nothing arrived. They have tel’d sebveral time sclaimung to operate form Colston Avenue in Bristol. They finally requested details re’ the ‘reclaim certificate’ issued by ILG. Got a little agitated when I started questioning them. They have ‘promised’ to send me an email with “all the details” of their’company’. I suspect nothing will appear from these scum.
    Beware, they try to give a story of how they have been contactde by the Spanish Courts who are trying to trace victims of ILG. They ‘need’ th ereclaim cert’ number to “match it up wiyth number held by the Court”. When aske dwhy the ‘Court’ didn’t contact holders of the reclaims direct the PH people became confused and spoke drivel.
    PH could not explain who had asked them to follow these ‘claims’.
    What a bunch of schemers. I suspect the tel’ operatives may not know what they are doing and work for an hourly rate in good faith. I hope some of them begin to read some of these letters form people.

  15. William Armstrong says:

    Hi I am a Financial advisor in cumbria,I have a client who is 79,he has had a timeshare for a number of years,and has been trying to move it on for ages.
    He asked me to pop and see him sa he wanted to take some money from a small investment to pay a 10% fee 3264 euros to a spanish bank account,this has all been done through PH Legal who he has had several phone calls with.They also sent him a document to sign,as per the telephone conversation he had with Jane Bennet (senior Legal Advisor.)(Colston officecentre,Centre gate Colston Ave Bristol BS1 4TR Tel 01179113428)
    My client is an old man who lives on his own and these parasites seem to pick easy targets.He has been a victim of similar scams in the past and it has cost him,I now take a greater interest in what he does as I dont want him conned again.
    Thanks for such a helpful website,its a pity we dont seem to be able to do anything about these crooks,but please contact me and I will give you any details you require to help you going foward

  16. Barry says:

    Just another name for your list. Contacted yesterday by Katherine Yates from PH Legal with the same offer as others have received. I will not be paying any fees to any Spanish Courts and know that this is just another scam. However, this unsolicited call has prompted me to review all paperwork and I am now confident having paid an initial £1000 fee with a Credit Card I can at least recover this sum. Incidentally, I have contacted another company Resolved Claims Ltd who offer a similar deal!!! Watch this space!!

  17. Cyd says:

    I cannot find any Zandar Enterprises Ltd on the web and this “Consultant” says he has been authorised by the Spanish Courts to help victims of the ILG fraud.
    Looks to me like this could be another scammer jumping on the bandwagon.

    • Hi Cyd,
      Thanks for the comments, no we don’t have this one on here but by the looks of the email they send we will certainly investigate further and let you know.
      Anybody else has already got a phone call from Zandar Enterprises Ltd?
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  18. Cyd says:

    I have been contacted today and here is the follow up email I have just received.

    You have been invited to meet with a consultant in order to complete the correction of your documents and once this has been completed the consultant will process your claim and as your premiums have been paid into Reclaim, we guarantee you receive the maximum amount of monies that you lost through the purchase of your holiday membership and trading in your timeshare.

    Once registered a payment authorisation will be sent by email or fax which you must reply to, in order to authorise the payment and for us to proceed with your claim.

    The registration fee of £279.00 mentioned to you is to cover the consultancy fee and any paperwork that we have to procure on your behalf in advance of your meeting. This fee is payable via either Visa or Master card and we are able to accept other alternative payment method such as bank transfer, cash or cheque. Once this fee has been paid all funds are securely held awaiting your meeting.

    My colleague will contact you in order to complete your registration and answer any questions you have but in the meantime should you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Rachel Gibbs
    Administration Department
    Zandar Enterprises Ltd
    Tel: 0207 183 6897 “

  19. Max says:

    Ditto all the above….I was contacted, twice, today by a young lady called Jackie from PH Legal. I mentioned that Mr Garcia had advised me in the past to beware of sending money to companies offering to buy my timeshare. I was told that Mr Garcia @ mindtimeshare was operating a scam!!!!!! Who is one to believe for heavens sake.

    • Hi Max,
      Thanks for your comment.
      We are operating a scam? Well if you understand the word scam as offering free advice and help…
      Because Mindtimeshare / Alberto García does not request money, we simply supply information, guidelines and support to consumers..
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  20. Ashley Coe says:

    I took a call for my father tonight. After trying to find out who they were I came across your warning.

  21. phil best says:

    Phil 17-3-12

    Hi have also been called by ph-legal
    a Jenny Christie having been caught a
    few times I was quite suspicious it all sounded good
    until they wanted a cheque for £389 and that confirmed that it was another con

  22. sheila says:

    hi we have also been scamed by ILG and have many phonecalls wanting money we have just been approached by resolvedclaims co.uk they want 25% plus vat on anything we get back on a no win no fee can anybody help !

  23. Linda says:

    I have been contacted by a lady called Katherine Yates from PH Legal Bristol, all I can say is here we go again, I thank you for setting up this site and joining people who have also been scammed out of their money

  24. Wendy Watts says:

    We also have been approached by this firm and they are most persistent,we have told them no once but they have come back with a new court date. It seems that we are never to get free of these scams.

  25. A Varden says:

    I was called by Tanya of Ph Legal towards the end of 2011, telling me they could help me recover money paid to Incentive Leisure. When I told her that several other firms had made me similar offers she asked for details of them, which I emailed to her.

    The current position is that we have received from PH legal the following
    “Notice is hereby given that the above named companies (ILG, HMH, Breakaway, UK Holiday Consultants, and Viva Connect). have made an extra judicial offer to the above named claimants (ouselves), subject to full and total confidentiality

    Offer amount £49,798!

    Snag they want £3344.92 in fees to be remitted to Mutual Capital SL Malaga. No chance. I have told them that it is lawyers duty to collect moneis on behalf of their clients, and to pay the the proceeds after deducting their fees.

    I await their reply

  26. Jane says:

    We too have been called by P H Legal of Bristol. Much the same as above. No win no fee. When documents arrived by e mail the documents were not like any legal documents I have ever seen. I too have worked for solicitors for the past 30 years and client’s were never asked to make a cheque payable to an individual! The whole situation has shattered my trust in anyone.

    • Hi Jane,
      Thanks for your comment.
      Having worked for solicitors, yes you know this is not a normal way of working, but they do get away with it with other consumers who don’t have this knowledge. A real shame and we really try to warn as much as we can.
      Thanks for letting us know.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  27. John says:

    I have been contacted by “Jenny” from PH-Legal stating they have a court date 26/3/2012 in the Mercantile Court, and for my claim to be added to the listing they would need £321 for the equivalent of our County Court papers to be filled. The address they are using today is the Colston Office Centre, Centre Gate, Colston Ave, Bristol BS1 4TR Tel: 01179113428 so when I tried the 1471 number guess what number withheld
    I contacted Trading Standards in Bristol and they have never heard of them so I then tried on line to Company House and they are not listed.
    I have been trying all afternoon to try and find someone who could enlighten me with my enquiry and have found your site thank goodness. I hope my addition will also help.
    So now it’s my turn to see how far I can lead them on

  28. mick says:

    i to have been contacted by this company thank goodness i read these articles first well done and keep it up
    now for some stringing along

  29. Alan.S says:

    I too have been contacted by PH-LEGAL. The latest day was yesterday and I agreed that they could send the paperwork. Similar story to most of the respondents on this site, Mercantile Court in Spain, 27 Feb for the case, need to act fast to get in on this etc.
    They state the the claim filing fee for the court must be paid by me personally as they are not allowed to do it on my behalf and the fee is £387. The paperwork asks for a cheque payable to P. Harrison or bank transfer to his account at the Halifax in Nuneaton. Alarm bells ring now. If I must pay it personally to the court then how is my money identified in his bank account?
    They operate from Colston Avenue in Bristol and I have spoken to Catherine **** and Jane ****.

    I think I’d better think it out again 🙂 (from the misical ‘Oliver’

  30. Chris says:

    Similar story to the others – PH-Legal from Bristol have cold called. An out of court settlement was made by a Spanish litigation company S M Litigation 2 years ago but they vanished with paying the £9.5k due – they wanted £800 to release the cheque which I didn’t pay. PH want £365 filing fee to start again – sounds like another scam to me – be careful, the web site looks very convincing.

  31. Ph-Legal contacted me offering to recover monies from Incentive Leisure Ltd. I reqested paper work to make a claim which was forewarded to me by Zoe Banks of Bristol. Monies were required to cover cost of solicitors. On reading comments made on this web site i will not be following up with this conpany.

  32. Marie says:

    I was called today by Jane Bennett from PH Legal in Bristol, she told me they could get my money back that we paid to Personal Travel Group (Incentive Leisure) and also money that we paid to Simple Time Share Sales in Manchester. She told me she would call me back tomorrow afternoon after she had spoken with her bosses, she gave me their web page if I wanted to look them up,I’m so glad I did and went a little further and found this page, I suppose she was going to ask me for my money tomorrow, I doubt she will call back becasue I told her my husband will be in. Anyway if she does call back I will post the outcome on this page. Thanks for the warning.

  33. Peter Stotesbury says:

    Called to day by ZOE Banks. Says there is a court called the Mercantile Court in Malaga Spain offering to put in a claim for £18000, with a 10% fee no win no fee sounded good untill the bit about court fees of £449.99 cant be paid by credit card but anyother method cheque , transfer etc is fine. I asked her how many success stories they have but none could be related due to confidential information. I smell the smell of cattle dung! Still i am letting them send all the information through i like a good read. They are based in Bristol. However 1471 no number left.

  34. ALAN WATERFALL says:


  35. dave says:

    we were called yesterday by Jane Bennett from P H Legal saying they could get our money back , we lost some money on a scam to sell our timeshare. She said there would be a court filing fee of £362 and they would want 10% of any money recovered, no win no fee.She was a bit flustered when we said our timeshare was in Florida not Spain. she said their offices were in Bristol now not Coventry. We are stringing her along and asked her to sent us some paperwork

  36. peter hammett says:

    i have been called several times from ph legal and they wanted £380 from me i was told they must have it befor friday to pay 4 solicitors but also told they are moving to bristo l maney thanks peter newport gwent

  37. abbeville says:

    I too have been called by a Jane Bennett, who has sent me several sheets of information. Noted that their company notepaper has no registered addess which made me look further, so glad I did!
    Does anyone know whether we poor souls will receive any form of compensation from Incentive Leisure, DWVC?

  38. Anthony says:

    I have received several calls from PH-legal and am now pleased I lookes further into there sheme via this site. My experiences are as above and also became suspicious at the location of their offices and the fact that they required a cheque (in my case £398.63p) to go ahead with the case. All other details are similar to the above. I must be honest but they will get a poor reception next time they ring. Any other details would be appreciated.

  39. Peter S Woodhouse says:

    Peter says
    January 25th 2012 5:00pm
    Just had a call from Claire Richards of PH much the same as the ones above same lies etc.
    She told me they would be taking it to the Mercantile county court and was 99% certain of getting me some money back from Incentive Leisure, she also stated the Reclaim Certificate was worthless.
    I explained to her I worked in the legal proffesion to which she replied, “you will be aware then that you have to pay in advance to lodge your claim in the county court”.
    I replied I worked in Family law and child protection but would speak with one of my partners and get further advice from him.
    I then explained I was busy at the moment and did not have time to talk to her to which she said she would ring back on friday afternoon.
    “If” she rings back I will quiz her at there legal standing and their registration details for me to check them out.

  40. Robert Stead says:

    I have just received a cold call from Claire Richards of PH Legal telephone number 02476 992421. She wanted details of my transactions with DWVC and ILG etc. She informed me that they would take 10% of any claims I would receive. Makes a change from wanting cash up front. She got a little annoyed when I starting quesioning her on her bona fides. She also inferred there were other dodgy firms trying to act on people’s behalf (Ramirez and Ramirez was alluded to). I suggested any dealings would have to be through my solicitor, I heard the sharp intake of breath at the other end of the phone and she seemed to end our conversation rather quickly after that!

  41. Paul says:

    Paul M (Cornwall)

    Just the same as all the above,,, they asked me for £333.62 refundable .. no win no fee,,,,, they are phoning me tomorrow…… Im going to tell them to get lost,,,,,


  42. john says:

    We also have been contacted by ph legal with pretty much the same story-money already frozen by Spanish courts,just need £312 for Spanish solicitors!! This all seems plausible,but the fact that dozens of so-called companies are doing this makes it all seem suspicious.My question is-is it possible there has been a court judgement against the directors of Incentive Leisure/DWVC which has frozen or seized assets/money which could be recovered by members of Incentive Leisure/DWVC and if so how difficult would it be to pursue those assets? Hope this gets a positive reply!!!

  43. Gary says:

    Just an update, I was called again by Tanya from PH Legal asking if i wanted to go ahead with the claim, I said no thanks, she asked why and i told her i think its a scam as PH legal is not a registered company and you want me to pay the money into a personal bank account , she said it doesn’t have to be registered!! Just seem very unprofessional, there were spelling mistakes on the letter of authority, they got my address wrong, and came up with 3 different amounts that they could claim back for me. The address they give is on an industrial estate in Coventry (seems abit funny to me) she always calls in the evenings (proberbly from Spain!!) she left a message on my home phone and got my name wrong, if you do 1471 after her calls there is no number!! I am going to steer well clear, i have spent/lost enough money over this in the past years I’m not going to get stung again. If anyone has any success with this firm please let us know. I don’t think i will hear from them again but if i do i will let you know.

  44. Dr David Richards says:

    David Richards
    I was cold called on Jan 18th saying that PHlegal could recover £4395 for me from TOne directors who scammed me for £495 in 2006 on a Timeshare resale. It was a no win no fee transaction but I had to pay £350 for them to lodge a claim at the Mercantile Court hearing on 27th Feb.
    I asked how they had got information on me but I did not get a plausible reply.
    They have yet to send me documentation, I can’t wait!!!!

  45. Ian Harper says:

    I have been phoned twice and am awaiting another call today over Ph-Legal’s keen interest in solving our problems with Incentive Leisure et al. Having sought advice from the Trading Standards in Coventry, the Assoc. of Timeshare Owners Committee and through Companies house, the resulting advice was to steer well clear of them. PH-Legal claim a court proceeding against ILG is due to take place on 27 February, a court filing fee of between £200-£400 would be required and they would invioce us 10% of the recovered monies. From the advice I have had today and the comments I have read here, the term ‘throwing good money after bad’ comes to mind.

    • DANNI says:

      I have just been called by PH Legal and they told me the court case was 28th March!! I am assuming this is another scam so will not be sending the either money or details of the DWVC membership whic is useless anyway.

      • Hi Danni,
        Thanks for your comment.
        Court Case on the 28th of March..yeah right! Where?
        You are better off trying to get a refund for your DWVC and we will be emailing you the info.
        Kind regards
        Customer Care

      • abbeville says:

        I too would like details of how to reclaim money paid to DWVC. Is there any hope for those who did not pay by credit or debit card?

  46. John says:

    I have been contacted by this firm initially saying no win no fee, but then asked for £249.00 up front to cover court costs and asked to pay it into Paul Harrison’s private bank account!
    No thank you!!!!!

  47. cleas says:

    PH Legal contacted my parents last week (again, the latest of a long line of ‘solve your timeshare problem’ scamsters). They listened to what the rep had to say and have been sent documents and an invoice for approx £300. Initially the ‘no win no fee (except court fees “if it gets to court”)’ introduction sounded good, but it now seems that this fee is paid up front. Can’t help but assume the worst so have advised them to ignore it.

  48. Gary says:

    I was contacted yesterday by Tanya from PH legal, saying they had my details and want £265 from me to fight my case against Insentive travel, they sent me an invoice and how to pay saying it was refundable, and there fee would be 10% no win no fee. I have had loads of companys trying the same thing over the past year and found out they were scams of some sort so didn’t take any of them up, this latest one is the lowest amount of money I have been asked for so far so seemed it might of been worth a punt but my daughter did some searching and came across the site and seems this is a scam aswell.

  49. Derrick Grocock and Dianne Pilkington says:

    Contacted this afternoon by PH and asked to give them permission to act on our behalf and send them a cheque (for £300 plus) to cover court costs etc while they attempt to recover money promised by Incentive Leisure Group (now defunct !) from the Reclaim organsisation. They added that their fee would be 10 per cent of any money recovered (via the Spanish courts) from the people who ran Incentive Leisure. All sounded very plausible !!! Glad I looked at Mindtimeshare first. Not that we were going to fall for this…but some folk just might . Carry on with the good work Mindtimeshare.

    • Robert says:

      As per Derrick Grocock and Dianne Pilkington we too have been going through the same approach by the PH-Legal Staff and the name is definitely PAUL HARRISON and our fee was £352 which we thought initially was reasonable for the work involved etc. Additionally, as above, the claim was that they would take 10% of the amount of money recovered (as above via the Spanish Courts).Additionally, the name of Michael Harris of Half Moon Holdings is also in the frame. The names in addition to Paul Harrison are the very capable and pleasant sounding ladies on the PH-Legal Staff are Jenny Christie and Jane Bennett. Mr Harrison even kindly sent his Bank Details in order that the Cheque for the initial signing on fee was paid direct into his account, which raised my concerns in the first place.As probably previously quoted, tell PH-Leagal if they want their 10% then take it from the settlement figure and pay the remaining 90% into your bank Accounts.good luck!!!

  50. Pam Austin says:

    Sounds suspiciously like MICHAEL HARRIS of Halfmoon Holdings, going under a pseudoname.
    Just a thought

  51. Mke Charlton says:

    A firm has been emailing me and telephoning me to sell my dwvc timeshare. They need a
    NIF number for the money they have offered to be sent to me. I don’t have this number. They have sent a form in Spanish could you send me a e-mail address so I can send it to you. They are talking about Spanish income tax but I don’t live there. Now they want money to pay the tax on what they have offered. The name is Hacienda Services .com and the person I spoke to was called Robert Taylor and phone number is 0034 632636622.
    Many thanks Mike Charlton

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