Is your Cash back or Reclaim certificate due this year?

We are receiving more and more messages from concerned consumers who have their Cash Back / Reclaim certificate due to expire this year and the hopes of getting the money return as promised years ago are slowly vanishing..

With all the publicity and when searching on the web, it has become clear that the likelihood you will get any money out of a Cash back / reclaim scheme is very small and most probably you would stand a better chance to win a lottery.

Cashback schemes and how they work:  

As a way to persuade potential buyers of holiday clubs to buy this product, marketing companies are offering Cashback schemes.

Cashback schemes within the discount holiday club industry are redemption based, meaning that clients have the responsibility to claim, and also the return of their investment is based on fund growth, and minimum guaranteed return over whatever period has been stated by the particular Cashback Company.

The amount anyone receives when their certificate matures after several years depends on how successfully the cash is invested, and on how many others make claims.

To make it more difficult, for Cashback certificate holder to be able to claim their money back they have to register it within a certain time, and then they have to claim it within a certain window of opportunity. Miss either set of dates by a day, and they would lose everything.

The real truth is that very few people get any money back at all from these Cashback schemes, and lots of victims complain that they were informed when they purchased their membership by the sales rep, that they would get all their money back plus interests, whereas the Cashback companies, only invest a tiny part of the money paid for the discount travel membership. Reading the articles below you will have lots of info on Cashback schemes, and evidences that support this analysis of how it works.

Almost every week we get emails with names of Cash Back Schemes we haven’t heard from before, so it is obvious that the Certificates are still used as “carrot” or sweetener at point of purchase of a holiday product and most probably gives the last push to the consumer to sign the paperwork and buy into a Discount Holiday Club or Timeshare Disposal schemes.

At the same time it seems that the “bad guys” out there are smelling business and instead of offering guaranteed timeshare sales over the phone they have switched to guaranteed redemptions of the Cash Back Certificate. Companies such as are claiming to be able to get the money back from the Reclaim Certificate even there where the money has been refused before! This is pure nonsense and this set up has a sole objective to get money out of desperate consumers who had their hopes up to claim some money back.

There is no such thing as the Spanish government holding money from the Reclaim Certificates and by paying your tax in Spain you will get an 80% of the promised amount transferred to your account.

I don’t think so!

So what you do if you bought into a Discount Holiday Club or another dubious holiday product with which you were supplied a Cash Back certificate that doesn’t seem very trustworthy?

Well we would recommend to start claiming a refund NOW for what you paid to this Holiday Club under the Consumer Credit Act 1974, based on mis-representation and where applicable breach of contract! Having been sold a dubious Discount Travel Membership Club with the promise of cashing back in the money spent after a couple of years is a mis representation on itself!

A lot of consumers are actually waiting to see what happens when they claim their certificate and due to this they do not want to start procedures on asking for a refund for the money paid to companies such as ILG and Club Class. Well did they not tell you they were not linked to this cash back when selling you the membership? Why then should you wait?  The sooner you start claiming your money back the better!

Some names of Cashback companies / certificates are:
Incentive Capital Return ICR Inversion Claims Services, Inversiones Cash Back Services, Cash Rebate, Cashback Europe PLC, Cashback Sales & Administration SA, Hyprafund, Inversion Cashback Services ICS, Loyalty & Rewards LLC, Loyalty Reward Scheme S.L., Reclaim Capital SA, Reclaim Ltd, Retrieve Ltd, Reliance Reward Trust, RPI Redemption Plan and many others…

Which one do you hold?

In the following articles Incentive Leisure Group, Designer Way Vacation Club & Reclaim Ltd are mentioned. However be aware that this information is provided by the British Media and NOT by RDO Enforcement / Mindtimeshare;

UK’s ASA Bans Cashback Promo of Reclaim Ltd – January 2011 – ASA

Incentive Leisure Group goes under liquidation / Reclaim Ltd mentioned – January 2011 – ILG

Incentive Leisure Group, Designer Way Vacation Club, Cashback Reclaim under the spotlight –
Personal Travel Group is the “new” product of Incentive Leisure Group -October 21st BBC

ILG/ Designer Way Vacation Club under the spotlight (Reclaim briefly mentioned) – August 2009, The Guardian.

Saying ‘no’ to timeshare Cashback offer from Incentive Leisure (read first part of the article) –Reclaim Ltd and other cash back used in the past by ILG explained – February 2009, Daily Mirror

Holidaymakers caught in Incentive Leisure and Cashback Promotions snare – January 8, 2009, Daily Mirror cent.html

Exposed: The holiday club rogues behind Timelinx, Designer Way Vacation Club, Incentive Leisure – March 2007, Daily Mirror.

The Reclaim time bomb is ticking louder, July 2005 – This is Money.

Designer Way’s world of dodgy promises, May 2005 – This is Money

If you have any question or doubt about your Cash Back / Reclaim Certificate, please let us know.

About mindtimeshare

Mindtimeshare SLU is registered Company reg number: B35957182 Mindtimeshare provides assistance to timeshare owners who have been defrauded by holiday clubs and bogus resale companies. The Mindtimeshare project was launched in February 2011. After dealing with timeshare members over several years who had been defrauded by numerous bogus companies and for large amounts of money, I considered launching an Organisation to help timeshare owners that have been targeted by bogus companies. On this blog you can find information about the different active scam companies and their “modus operandi” and also place comments, ask questions and see comments from other consumers who have the same doubts or have been through the same experience. Mindtimeshare has resulted in a huge success and has received the back up from not only timeshare consumers but also from the professionals in the timeshare Industry. Mindtimeshare helps timeshare owners who have been scammed by bogus Discount Holiday Clubs; bogus cash back companies; fraudulent timeshare resale companies; bogus class action companies and false lawyers and notaries. We offer professional answers and advice to Timeshare users. If you want to send an email instead of posting a comment on the blog please do so by emailing:
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130 Responses to Is your Cash back or Reclaim certificate due this year?

  1. Lynne says:

    I have been told reclaim is in liquidation.

    • Hi Lynne,
      Indeed they are.
      We notified this about a month ago on this blog. Have a look at the following link for more details
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

    • Stephanie says:

      Hi Lynne

      I e-mailed Price Waterhouse Cooper as soon as I found out Reclaim were in liquidation. They responded quite quickly and have advised they will be sending out letters. Haven’t seen anything yet, but I have no reason to doubt them. I will, however, be contacting them again at the end of the month if I haven’t heard anything as I had issues with Reclaim regarding my home address.

    • Mary says:

      Mindtimeshare reports that PriceWaterhouse are the official liquidators for Reclaim. I’m wondering if those of us holding valid certificates should contact them. We have already beein in discussion with Cervantes, but now unsure what to do. Can anyone advise? Thanks

      • Stephanie says:

        Hi Mary

        I have been in touch with Price Waterhouse Cooper and they advised they will be writing to people. Whatever you do, do not pay Cervantes any money or you could end up like I did a couple of years ago with S&B Associates who purported to be acting on behalf of everyone that had had dealings with DWVC. I lost over £1500 and the Spanish Police were investigating but nothing ever happened.


  2. Alan says:

    I have just received an email from Cashback Europe saying that I have submitted the wrong proof of purchase for a claim due November 2013 and therefore I am not entitled to any cash back. Dick Turpin wore a mask these guys don’t .

    • Angela says:

      Hi Alan, exactly the same thing happened to us, we reported this scam to the fraud squad and were advised to write to our credit card company, eventually we managed to claim back a couple of thousand pounds still well out of pocket but better than nothing. An expensive lesson learned , Angela

  3. Stephanie says:

    I e-mailed Reclaim to let them know that I had divorced my partner and gave them my new address. My ex-partner sent the certificate off with a letter to explain that we are to have any monies due to us divided equally and the money should be sent to us respectively at our new addresses – we even had to send them a copy of our divorce certificate. We have received confirmation that our claim was correct – but it was sent to us in joint names at the address we left in July 2012!! I have been e-mailing them for the last couple of weeks to find out what happens next and ask why they were still sending things to the wrong address! I hope it doesn’t take another 5 months before they pay us!


    • Mrs Williams says:

      Hi My claim started in on April 2012 when I received a letter saying all was correct that was 14th April. From that date it took them 341 days to get some money back. If you look at my blogs dated 22nd March this will give you more info. Hope this helps you and you get some of your money back. But it does take a long time. J W

  4. sheila says:

    hi my issue date is 19/04/2010 but every time i try to work out the date i get a different date can anyone help me please

    • Mrs Williams says:

      Hi Sheila P lease read my blog dated 25th July. You have to send proof of purchase with your certificate within the 51 month, and it has to be sent within 28 days period. My certificate was dated 28-01-2008 and I posted it to them on 2-04-2012. I had to posted back between dates 31-03-2012 to 28-04-2012. Hope this helps you. Jennifer W


    …HELP..with.. Reclaim Certificate Submission

    ILG robbed me of my 4-weeks time of share ownership, if there is any chance of getting some recompense from RECLAIM by submitting the Cert on the correct date with all other requisites, then I wish to do so, however from various sources it seems to be almost impossible to have a successful Claim, mainly getting the date right, however small the final payment may be, but I wish to try.

    I therefore ask is their any one who has done and had a successful claim with RECLAIM or am I wasting my time.?
    If you have had a pay out and or know what is necessary to ensure the correct date and other facts can you advise please.
    I am sure that many are still to claim and would welcome advice, why should Reclaim get away with others money.
    An email to Senor Alberto Garcia with any pointers or details would be appreciated as he could put us in contact.

    Thank you Bill G

    • Mrs Williams says:

      Hi Hope this will help you. I have made a claim and got some money back in March this year. I wrote to them in 2011 and ask when I should send my certificate back,as it was due to be sent back in 2012. this was there reply.
      This is to confirm that your Registration has been received, correctly completed and therefore is safely registered.

      Re period in which you should claim please refer to clause 9b on the reverse of your certificate which starts *Within the twenty eight days prior to the end of the fifty one mouth period*.

      The period of time within which to physically post the original Reclaim Certificate is from 31st March 2012 until 28th April 2012 inclusive. Send your Certificate by recorded post with proof of purchase.

      My Reclaim Certificate was dated 28-01-2008 I posted my Certificate on 2-04-2012.
      Before I sent them I had photocopied them and still have them.

      Please read my blogs dated 22 March and April 10 2013. Good luck Jennifer W

  6. John says:

    Does anyone have a phone number to get in touch with Reclaim John

  7. Sue says:

    i have just claimed my voucher.
    When completeing stage two I was told I claimed the first stage 3 days early and now the whole thing is invalid. I have argued my case with them until they were quite rude.
    Surley 3 days early can’t be that wrong?
    Is there anything else I can do?
    I feel a fool, I fell for the sales pitch. and now I have been left without a penny to pay the loan I took out with the promise that I would get reminders when to claim etc and the money would pay off my loan!
    Any ideas?

    • Josie says:

      Hi Sue, I really feel for you but I don’t think anything can be done if you have got the date wrong, it has to be done exactly within the time stated, I have received our money but not as much as we expected, we were told they had never heard of anyone getting lower than the money paid out but ours was £5000 less. If you read my posts on here you will see what we received. We were never reminded when to claim and were told we wouldn’t be, it was down to us to claim correctly. Our money came 5 months later than it should have but at least we got it. I tried to get newspapers etc to get involved to bring this dreadful process to peoples attention but nobody seemed bothered.

  8. Josie says:

    Today I looked on line at our bank account and noticed RECLAIM had transferred money into our account, although our certificate said we could get up to £19507, we received £3666.96. We should have received this in January so 5 months late but better late than never, we have not received a letter from them yet to explain any payment but it is in our bank, we are pleased that we have got money back although not as much as we had explained to us when we took this out in 2008. Good luck to you all on trying to reclaim your money.

    • Mrs Williams says:

      Hi Josie Great to see you got some money back. Better late than never you might get the letter in about 2 or 3 weeks time as I did. Well hope a lot more people get at least some of their money back..Good luck to everyone who is trying to to get money back from reclaim,

      • Josie F says:

        Hi, Mrs Williams, I must say it is a relief that we have finally received some money and can close a door to it now. As you say I also hope everyone gets some of what they are owed.

    • Mark says:

      Hi I am also owed 19,900 my claim is correct and keep emailing them have heard nothing, They asked for my bank details about four weeks ago but nothing since then,It’s really worrying all this..We will like this money for my son’s university fees

      • Josie says:

        Hi Mark, Hopefully you will get your money soon, our money was put in the bank but I only knew it was in as I do internet banking and noticed the money was in account, we had a letter about a week later explaining how the money was accounted for. If £19,000 was on your reclaim certificate I doubt very much if you will get that amount, our certificate was £19,507 but got £3666. Fingers crossed you will get your money soon.

      • Mrs Williams says:

        Hi Mark Look at my blogs dated 22nd March and April 10th. You will see on these some info and how long I had to wait for my money. Good Luck hope you get something back.

  9. Jean says:

    Latest email from Inesta
    Dear Jean,
    I send you this email as I have not heard from you concerning your pending claim with Reclaim. Please can you contact me at your earliest convenience as the bank is requesting confirmation from you, if you are to provide them with a fiscal number, or if funds should be returned to source.
    I have asked them to retain onto the payment to which they agreed to do so until Monday 18th of June upon which a final decision must have been made.
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Sincerely yours,
    Amy Harper

    (how will i receive my reclaim if i completed Oct last year)

    • Mrs Williams says:

      Hi Jean
      IF you read my blog dated March 22nd 2013 and April 10th 2013 made by Mrs Williams. You will see how long I had to wait for my money. Who are INESTA. I did all this myself no other company or person helped me. Hope this helps you.

  10. Jean says:

    I have a reclaim certificate that completed last Sep/Oct, i received a completion certificate
    before Christmas. Had a company called INESTA .S.A saying I would be receiving £11,500 in the Bank
    I had to fill some forms in and send a copy of my certificate, the next thing I new they wanted a FISCAL No. which I did not have and they are now saying I will have to go to Spain to get it. They stated now I would probably only get about £5,000. I do not know if this company is legitimate. If anyone knows of this please let me know.

  11. Dave says:

    We are due £7000 back from Cashback Europe Plc after the 9th June in our paperwork they are asking us to send £85 with voucher

  12. Anne says:

    We too have joined the many hopefuls- watch this space. I received notification that our application has been received- is it correct- who knows???
    It is really tragic to hear that so many have succumbed – these people really are unscrupulous thieves!
    Anne & Ged

    • Hi Anne,
      Thanks for letting us know.
      Please do keep us all updated and there are many others that are keen to know the outcome.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

      • Jean says:

        Who and how do we get out money as my was last year in Oct. any idea.

      • Anne says:

        Hi again- we got a payment!!!! £1200 rather than the £5000 we paid to Cash Back Europe but something at least. Ensured the claim was made according to the requirements and correct dates but take care- they do not make it straight forward!

        Anne & Ged

      • Barry says:

        I claimed our Cashback Europe 2 weeks ago and, having read some comments on this blog, I followed their “rules” to the letter. I enclosed scanned documents of all the necersarry paperwork …only to hear that my claim had been REJECTED because I had scanned the documents in a PDF format rather than JPEG ..PLLLEEEASEE!!!! – Scanner’s do not scan in JPEG format!! – I am now fighting my corner but several emails letter they are holding their ground…. I cannot believe that they have rejected my claim on this TECHNICALITY of “the wrong format”. THEY now say the “Case is closed” … anybody got any suggestions as to how I fight this please?

    • Mrs Fitzgerald says:

      Hi Anne,
      When I received a letter saying they had received our reclaim certificate it also said in the same letter that our claim was correct, we are 3 months late getting any money though, I keep emailing them but just told sorry the auditors are dealing with it. Hope we get some back soon.

    • Cyd says:

      Hi Anne
      I have also replied to Mrs Fitzgerald on this matter. I agree that these guys are crooks and it is about time we did something about it. I have been waiting (like Mrs Fitzg) for months now to get some money out of these. I too have a valid claim and all I am being told is that the claims need to be audited. This guy knows that, idividually, we are not going to do anything because it will cost. However, there appears to be more and more of us that are being told the same story so I think we should start to form a cooperative and hopefully, together, we could appraoch a Spanish lawyer and drive this crook out into the open.
      Hopefully, if we can recruite enough people we could join forces and we might be able to collectively afford some legal representation. This guy needs to be brought to taks I feel.
      It would be useful to find out what others on this forum think?

      • Mrs Fitzgerald says:

        Hi Cyd, I have received a letter today from Reclaim asking for my bank details, I will let you know if I hear anything else Josie

      • Cyd says:

        Hi Mrs Fitzgerald

        Thanks for the update. I have also received a letter (received today and dated 18 April). I will likewise let you know if anythings happens.


      • Jean says:

        I have heard by someone who lived in Spain, it is hard to get money from Spain does not matter what it is for. What are we to do. I did not realize there were so many people going through the same thing.
        Regards Jean

      • Josie says:

        Today I looked on line at our bank account and noticed RECLAIM had transferred money into our account, although our certificate said we could get up to £19507, we received £3666.96. We should have received this in January so 5 months late but better late than never, we have not received a letter from them yet to explain any payment but it is in our bank, we are pleased that we have got money back although not as much as we had explained to us when we took this out in 2008. Good luck to you all on trying to reclaim your money.

    • Jeanette says:

      Anne I have emailed info@reclaim and my email came back as delivery failed. Where did you send to for info. I have not been given the registration counter foil and need to get in touch as mine is due sept. Jeanette

      • Josie says:

        Hi Jeanette, emails I sent to for information was and you should have been sent a reclaim certificate, that you send back within a certain time, I sent the original certificate back to them but took photo copies of proof. Once you send the certificate to them so long as you send it within the correct time, you receive a letter confirming you have sent everything correctly, my money was due in January but I am still waiting, they did ask for my bank details for them to transfer the money in to, but have not heard anything from them since, we are all keeping our fingers crossed. Josie

  13. Mrs Fitzgerald says:

    I rang reclaim again this morning as 3 weeks ago rang and was told I would receive a letter in 3 weeks asking for my bank details for them to pay our money. We have not received any letter and was told auditors are still behind but we will hear, she never asked our certificate number etc. I was then told to email Malcolm Willis to complain as he is the director, told her I have emailed several times without reply. I was told she could do nothing and wait for my letter. I just wish I knew who I could notify to try and help us with this problem.

    • John says:

      Hi Mrs Fitzgerald,
      I sent off my Certificate in June of last year and it all came back as correct and the money was due in January of this year.Like you I have been struggling to get any respnse from reclaim.
      Have you heard anything yet?

      • Mrs Fitzgerald says:

        Hi John,
        I have not heard anything yet and only get information if I ring or email although they do not always answer the emails. What batch number were you in? We are in 0000000020, you will find the number on your letter you received telling you your claim was correct. I was told they pay out in batch numbers and the batch numbers before ours were still being looked at. They seem to make you stick to all terms and conditions but they dont have to keep to them (thats if we ever get paid). We have not got much hope of getting money back but do not seem to find anyone that wants to help, I have emailed newspapers but have not had any reply.

      • Mrs Williams says:

        Hi Mrs Fitzgerald Just to let you know that the reply dated April 10th is from Mrs Williams who sent you information on March 22nd.

      • Josie says:

        Today I looked on line at our bank account and noticed RECLAIM had transferred money into our account, although our certificate said we could get up to £19507, we received £3666.96. We should have received this in January so 5 months late but better late than never, we have not received a letter from them yet to explain any payment but it is in our bank, we are pleased that we have got money back although not as much as we had explained to us when we took this out in 2008. Good luck to you all on trying to reclaim your money.

    • Mrs Williams says:

      I have just received money in bank 21st March. Was not what the amount on certificate but at least I have some money back. My batch number 9000000018. I sent my claim off April 2012 got letter 14th April to say was correct. Waited till November 2012 and started to email them, had some replies. Then January 2013 got letter asking for my bank details, it was dated 14th. Emailed my bank details and waited. Kept sending emails to them asking when money was going into my bank, same reply it was with the auditors. On Feb 25th got email to say they had sent my details to their bank and would start doing the transfers the next day!!
      So I waited, again sending emails to ask why money had not been sent, some were returned but still no replies . So when I went on my bank on line, I was shocked and surprised to see money from Reclaim I received £2895.58 when I clicked onto it came up with Credit Liquidatio TFR. My certificate was suppose to be worth £19,245.00 hope this helps you. So from the receiving their letter 14th April 2012 it has taken 341 days to get this amount back but it is better then nothing. After how much money I have lost.

      • Mrs Fitzgerald says:

        Hi Mrs Williams,
        Thank you so much for this information, I received our letter saying our claim was correct 25thJuly 2012 so going by your claim hopefully we may receive something by June this year, they have not asked for our bank details yet but again going by your claim we may be asked approx may time. Our certificate gave the amount £19507.00 so going by the amount you received it will mean we would have lost approx £6000, that will be depending how many people claim in our batch. It is a relief to hear of someone receiving the money owed to them and well done. I really hope we have the same outcome, thank you again.

    • Mrs.Williams says:

      Hi Mrs Fitzgerald,
      Just to let you know . Received a letter from reclaim dated 18th March only got it last week. This what was in the letter.
      We have now completed the processing of your claim and are pleased to inform you that a transfer has been made direct to your bank account(as per you supplied) for the amount of £2,945.31 (less any applicable bank charges) in full and final settlement of your claim.
      As you are aware the Reclaim Certificate was given to you free as a gift on top of your purchase, the cost of the certificate being borne by the supplier of the product that you purchased. We did not received any money you paid to the supplying company. We charged and received,direct from supplying company a service fee of 7.5% of the amount shown on the certificate, in your case this was £1.443.38. Of this service fee, we placed 80%(£1,154.70) into the bank for a period of 51 months.

      The amount that you are receiving is calculated by applying the total amount at the bank at the redemption date of this particular tranche to the number of qualifying claims. You also receive your share of the benefit from the amount in the bank relating to non qualifying claims.
      If you have not received your transfer within the next fourteen days please contact us.

      Yours sincerely Malcolm Willis Director

      Hope this as helps you M Willis did sign the letter.

      • Mrs Fitzgerald says:

        Hi Mrs Williams, Thank you for all the information you have given. We have not heard anything yet, I keep sending and ringing but get told the same things each time that is, the auditors are dealing with your claim, I received an email today from them and it is exactly the same as the one they sent me in February when I first started enquiring. I was told to email M Willis but I never get an answer from him. Going by the delay in your claim I am hoping we will get ours around June time. I have been reading Holiday Watchdog forum where people are in the same position as we have been, it does seem as though many are not receiving claims. I have tried to contact newspapers for help but nobody seems interested. Once again thanks for the info.

      • Mrs Fitzgerald says:

        Hi Mrs Williams, I received a letter today asking for our bank details and I have emailed them, so heres hoping we will be getting something.

      • Alex says:

        Hello mrs Fitzgerald, we to are in a position of having a successful claim acknowledged by reclaim . Payment was due way back in Nov 2012 and have had a few responses to e- mail saying they are running behind with batch payments. Last correspondence
        Stated payment would be processed by April 2014 but still no word. Could you please pass on the e- mail address for mr Malcolm’s Williston as I would love to drop him a line.

        Many thanks

    • Jennifer says:

      So pleased that you have heard from reclaim. See how long it takes them to pay you, could be June if it takes as long has mine did.

      • Mrs Fitzgerald says:

        Thanks for your info Jennifer, you hear so many stories that people have not received money so it is good to hear some people do. I am wondering now how much we will receive, on our certificate it stated over £19,000 so will be interesting to find out how much we get.

      • Jean says:

        Hi Jennifer, did you actually get paid out and what did you have to do. I have Inesta chasing me for a fiscal number and that I have to go to Spain to get it.
        Regards Jean

    • Jeanette says:

      My reclaim is due in September. I only got the certificate and not a counter foil which, I believe, is the registration document. Where did you phone please as I need the registration part.

      • Josie says:

        0034952766433 is the number to ring, but it is only open between 10am -2pm, the only time I have managed to get through is when I ring at 10am, you sometimes have to keep trying, it is difficult to get through. emails I sent to for information was and you should have been sent a reclaim certificate, that you send back within a certain time, I sent the original certificate back to them but took photo copies of proof. Once you send the certificate to them so long as you send it within the correct time, you receive a letter confirming you have sent everything correctly, my money was due in January but I am still waiting, they did ask for my bank details for them to transfer the money in to, but have not heard anything from them since, we are all keeping our fingers crossed. Josie

      • Josie says:

        Hi Jeanette, If I remember rightly no counterfoil was on the certificate just a certificate with name and address and maximum amount that could be paid, nobody seems to get the maximum amount. Josie

  14. Sam says:

    Read somewhere that this Malcolm Willis who runs Reclaim served two years for embezzlement about 20 years ago. It’s not good that someone with a conviction for stealing money is in charge of so much of it! Will have more information soon…

  15. Mrs Fitzgerald says:

    I have just rang Reclaim and managed to get through, told them that my 150 days are well past and a week ago they told us auditors were sorting our claim but there is a delay. I asked why they do not keep to the terms and conditions as we have to before we are able to claim our money, told her it does not seem fair that they do not keep to the terms and conditions that they should pay out by 150 days. I was told the batch before ours has to be payed first and that will soon be done, I asked how much longer we will have to wait and she said 2-3 weeks and we should get a letter asking for bank details, then it will be paid, our batch number by the way is 0000000020. I also asked why someone who’s reclaim was due last July still had not received their money she said that can not be the case if they sent in all paperwork correctly, they would have been paid. So wait again and see what happens.

  16. Mrs Fitzgerald says:

    We are waiting for our money from Reclaim, we did everything correctly and received a letter from reclaim confirming this. Our last 150 days are also up and 4 weeks past this time, I emailed Reclaim monday to ask what was happening and we received an email saying apologies for the delay but auditors are looking into our claim and they will be contacting us. It will be interesting to see how long now it takes, I will give them a week and contact them again,

    • Thank you for the update, let’s see what they come back with.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

    • Cyd says:

      I wish you luck here. My claim was due to be paid in July last year and was firstly told that they had 150 days in order to audit etc. Since then, having waited the required number of days I have mailed them time and time again only to be told that they are currently auditing the period. The 150 days is long past and am still waiting. I dont think they have any intention of paying out on these and am begining to suspect that earlier posts saying they have been paid out are possibly bogus?

      • Hi Cyd,
        The posts are checked and as far as we can see are they genuine, but mind you there is only a handful of people claiming they got anything and the amounts are really low.
        Kind regards
        Customer Care

      • Mrs Fitzgerald says:

        Oh crikey Cyd, that is awful, I was so pleased when I got the email with an apology sorry for the delay. I will keep emailing, surely if they are going against what we have written confirming days the claim had to be in by and if correct it states 150 days before they pay out they are going against the agreement. Any ideas who could be contacted to help us, have you contacted any media etc?

      • Mrs Fitzgerald says:

        Hi, have you heard anything yet? Ive rang again this morning and have posted all that was said (look above). Our batch number is 0000000020 and she said the batch before ours was now in final procedure then ours will be sorted. Will post any other information I receive

      • cyd says:

        Thanks for your info. I have read your comments about your phone call. Interesting that the lady said if I had sent info correctly then I would have been paid. She is lying because I have a written conformation that my clain was valid and my return date was in July AND, I am still awaiting payment. How these people can still operate is beyond my comprehension.
        Thank you for you kind concern and I will let you know if I eventually get any money (I am not holding my breath)

      • Mrs Fitzgerald says:

        Hi, I rang again this morning to reclaim as they said I would receive a letter by 3 weeks asking for my bank details and of course I have not had this letter. I was told again auditors are behind and we will receive a letter, after my moan to her she said complain by email and told her I have done this several times without reply. I was told to send the email to Malcolm Willis director to complain. I mentioned you again Cyd and told her you had received a letter saying you had returned everything correctly and should have had your money July last year. I was told you are probably in the same batch number as me and you will be hearing, we are batch number 0000000020, your batch number should be on your paperwork are you the same batch as ours?

      • Cyd says:

        Hi Mrs Fitgerald
        I dont want to use the phrase ‘I told you so’ but it is looking increasingly likely that this is the correct thing to say. I have still not heard back from Willis despite numerous emails. I dont know what my batch number is but my certificate matured on 20/08/12 and was returned on 23 July (28 days prior, as per the T&C’s). If you add 150 days to that I should have been paid on 17th Jan. I am still waiting as at 13th March. If your certificate matured around the same time then we are the same batch I suppose.

        This company is extremely suspect and I dont no how they can still be allowed to trade. We both appear to have legitimate claims and yet this Willis character is blatantly ignoring us and probably many more. This might be worthy of a collective action if we could get other people together on this. We may not get our money but we might be able to get them shut down at least.

      • Josie Fitzgerald says:

        Hi Cyd, we have received our money it has been transferred into our bank. Hope you have received yours to, our reclaim certificate said £19507 but we received £3666.96. We have not received any letter from them yet.

      • Cyd says:

        Hi Mrs F
        Thanks for your info, this prompted me to look at my account and, surprise surprise, I had been paid also. My claim cert was for 17K but only received 3200. Better than nothing though. many thanks for the heads up.


  17. Mrs Fitzgerald says:

    John, I emailed to 2 addresses at Reclaim one was and the other was

  18. Mike says:

    Reclaim Certificates and what to watch out for
    I would like to advise those who have Reclaim certificates to be returned this year an update and what to watch out for.

    I had been advised Reclaim were not opening returned certificates until about 3 weeks after they had received them, and then stamped on the envelope the date received, then saying they had not received the returned certificate back within the time span, so I worked out if I sent my certificate back recorded, also tracked by the Post Office, that would be enough proof !.

    My certificate had to be returned between 13th Jan 2013 – 10 Feb 2013 valued at £21,985 and now told, Reclaim were paying out somewhere between 25% – 30% of the value providing you had done everything correctly.

    I am now 75 years old, I had my dream destroyed to go cheaply to Spain each year, and never did get a single return holiday, but now believing getting 25% back I could count myself lucky and that would allow me a few holidays while I am still able, and well enough to travel having just got over my cancer.

    I also knew to send mail from the UK to Spain would take at least a week, so did not wish to send, and then find the certificate was delivered outside the time of which I had to return it.

    I sent it back on Friday 11th January knowing the very earliest they would receive it would be on the Monday 13th, so posted it on 11th, watched the tracking, and delivery was made to them on 15th Jan and signed for, so it was received within the specified dates 13th Jan to 10th Feb, so all I now had to do was wait and they would send me a letter within 14 days as quoted.

    I received a letter 10 days later, to say, “ I had got everything right, except the return date !!!! “ so I telephoned them to be told, “ They were NOT asking for the certificate to be returned between those dates, but these are the dates the certificate has to be POSTED between, and the date I had posted it was two days too soon, so tough !!

    Looking at the wording it does not state anywhere this is the case, but then again it does not ! so it’s open for question, so let this be a warning for all those who are about to return your certificate, as to the rumour that Reclaim were not opening returned certificate until 3 weeks after they had received them, was possibly started by them so people will post early so the certificate arrives between the dates required, who knows !, and if questioned Reclaim will tell you that you never paid for the certificate, it was given free, but then again without the promise of this who of us would have ever bought from Incentive Leisure

    I now have it in writing it‘s the date you return the certificate is that they are working on, so if any of you were told otherwise, and have proof I would be interested in hearing from you.

    The last thing I would add when returning your certificate and thats to also send a PHOTOSTAT of proof of purchase and NOT the original or again they will tell you that you have failed.

    Now at my age 75 and just on a pension, so I have no chance of getting my dream of going back each year on holiday to Spain, but hope this has been of help to those who are about to return your certificates to getting the dates correct.

    Reclaim will do all in their power to ensure you all fail, so working together and knowing what rules they are working to, we can all then sing from the same hymn sheet, and get some money back what was taken from us by fraud.

    For me, I have now put a line under the whole bad experience, for to dwell on it will get you no where except in a early grave

    Kindest of regards to all, and hope this information is of help to those who are returning their certificates this year.

    Mike B.

  19. Henry says:

    I have just had my claim rejected (Dec 2012) by Cashback Europe as, according to them, I submitted the wrong documentation. I appealed to the Custodians – Sochalls Ltd run by Brian Sochall- and, surprise surprise, he ruled against me. I smell a rat here. As it seems as though there are a lot of people in the same boat, is there not a central point where we can go to register our claims against this company in order that, any legal action taken against them will include these and go someway towards getting our monies back?

    • Chez says:

      When my claim was due in October to I emailed the appropriate documents well within the time line for claiming. I was told by return email that I should hear by 5th November if I was successful, but when this deadline passed, I emailed them and the response was ‘There have been so many claims that we are still dealing with them, however this will not affect your claim’.
      Two days later I received an email saying that my claim was unsuccessful due to the fact that the correct documents had not been submitted.

      • wayne says:

        I am about to submit my claim to Cashback Europe and am confused as to what document to provide as ‘proof of purchase’. I hold very small hope of getting any money back but have to go through the process.

      • Mike says:

        Reclaim will do everything they possibly can do as not to pay.
        Everything is made so complicated that most of you will fall foul at some point, and possibly only 5% will get it right.
        The common errors were, when filling in the original part one, filling in the sum of say £7.000 is to do it exactly like that, but if you look on your original part one, they have missed off the pound sign, and then £7.000 is shown as GBP 7000 so if you have shown a pound sign, then it is NOT exactly as the original.
        Those who made it correctly with part one, then have a month to return part two, so find out what the date is, you have to return part two by, then three weeks prior to this date, return part two, sending part two first class, tracked by the post office which will cost you about £10 and this way you will have proof of the date send and when they received it.
        Now regarding the sending back of part two, on the back of your certificate they show their registered address, but this is NOT the address to send it, its their admin address as shown on the FRONT of the certificate, get it wrong, and then its sorry, you got it wrong, and lastly you have to send proof of purchase, so once found, remember, its NOT the original certificate they want, but a photo copy, by sending the original, it will be “sorry“ you did not follow what was asked, and hope this information is of help to those about to send off their certificate !
        I have just sent off mine, and all received by them on time, however that was last week so still waiting to hear from them, but once I do then I will give further feedback.
        The best of luck all returning their certificate, and please keep up all updated with any successes.

    • Angela says:

      Hi Henry the same thing happened to us so we reported them to action fraud, they are keen to gather as much information as possible on these people, there telephone no is 03001232040 or email at They are not able to get you any money back but they advised us to contact our credit card company, eventually we managed to get a couple of thousand back

  20. Pinkiegolf says:

    Just to let everyone know we have just received a payment from Reclaim for just in excess of 5,000€ which was paid directly into our bank account in sterling minus admin fees etc and have also received an explanatory letter of how the amount was calculated from Malcolm Willis the Director of Reclaim. We followed the claim instructions TO THE LETTER and followed it up with emails and phone calls to their office in Malaga. It was very time consuming and tedious and we only got a small percentage of what we were originally “promised” at the sales presentation in Wantage, but at least we got something back which seems to be more than most people get!!!

    • Cyd says:

      Hi Pinkiegolf
      Could you please let us know when you reclaim date was. The reason I ask is that my claim matured in July and I sent claim as per the required terms. I recieved a letter back saying the claim was made correctly and was valid. Since then, I have received nothing and have been told that all claims need to be audited before any money is released and they have at laest 180 days as per the TOR’s to do this.
      Did you have to wait a similar period of time?

      • Pete says:

        Good for you, Pinkiegolf! Though I can’t help think that your payment and any others like it are little more than PR and damage limitation from a company that has fooled so many others. I’d be very interested to see the break down of how the figure was calculated, any chance you could post more information on that? I’m still waiting (though I doubt I’ll live to see it) for a payment from Cashback Sales & Administration SA. It would be interesting to see how these figures are reached, especially as the rumour is that Malcolm Willis also runs what’s left of Cashback too. Thanks.

      • Richard says:

        I had a similar certificate saying that my claim was correct…..but nothing since. I havew since sent a copy of this to the Trading Standards Institute in Basildon as this is the UK European Consumer Centre. Rather than give their full address, their Post Code is SS15 6TH. Others can do no harm in following this course of action as you will not loose out – infatc the more who contact them the better


      • Pinkiegolf says:

        Our Reclaim date was March/April 2012 and yes, we had to wait a further 150 days before we could expect our money. I kept emailing Reclaim and actually managed to speak to them on the phone on ONE occasion (the rest of the time the phone number was constantly engaged). They told me that once our payment date had been reached we had to wait a further 14 working days before the money would be transferred into our account. By 16 working days we still hadn’t received anything, so I emailed them again threatening to turn up in their Marbella office and not leaving until I had either cash or a bankers draft in my hand. That seemed to do the trick as 2 days later the money was in our UK bank.

      • Mrs Fitzgerald says:

        Hi Cyd,
        You will find your batch number on top of the letter that tells you your claim is correct. Our certificate matured on 30/7/2012 and our money was due beginning january 2013. I would think we are in same batch and it looks as though our money was due slightly before yours. When I ring I get a woman answer who says same thing each time but never transfers me through to anyone else. I have contacted several media people but nobody seems willing to help. Oh well we will wait and see.

    • Mike says:

      I had my reclaim certificate rejected( Nov 2012 ) in total, it was for over £26,000 pounds, their excuse was that I had registered the certificate one day to early and sent it pack to them also one day to early. On both occasions they used the date I posted it to them in the UK and not the date they would have recieved it at their office in Spain. So stick ridgetily to the dates they say, they will use any excuse not to pay and remember they will use your posting date and not the date they recieve your certificate. I wish someone had explained this to me when they issued the certificate—– I have put it down to one of lifes learning lessons and moved on—-would make you sick

    • SallyG says:

      Delighted to hear you were successful – even though it wasn’t what you were expecting. I have just received a letter from Reclaim requesting my Bank Details for an imminent (apparently!) transfer, and was was very nervous and sceptical about sending them…….. presumably you did forward your account details? By email, fax or letter? Hope you don’t mind me asking. thanks

      • Pinkiegolf says:

        Yes we did send our bank details both by email and letter and kept a very close eye on the account over the following weeks. We also advised our bank what we had done and asked them to monitor our account as well. You might consider opening a separate account with a minimum amount and using this for the transaction so they don’t have access to your main account. Make sure any account is in the same name EXACTLY as the name(s) on the Reclaim Certificate or they won’t pay!!!!

    • Mrs Fitzgerald says:

      Need some help. we are waiting a payment from reclaim, we received the letter stating we had done everything correctly and within 150 days would receive payment. 150 days have passed but still not heard anything. Our certificate was for GBP 19507 so not sure what we will be getting, did you have to wait a long time for your money?

      • Pinkiegolf says:

        We had to wait a further 14 working days on top of the original 150 days for our money and even then it took many phone calls and the threat of us turning up at their offices in Marbella and stating we wouldn’t leave without cash or a bankers draft before the money arrived in our account.

      • Mrs Fitzgerald says:

        We sent an email this morning saying they are late contacting us with our money that was due a couple week ago, we received a reply saying they are dealing with our claim now and we should be hearing from them soon and they also apologised for the delay this is with Reclaim certificate, will be interesting to see how long we now have to wait.

      • JOHN says:

        I have received no reply to an email to Reclaim. What email address did you use when you got a reply?

  21. Mike Kavanagh says:

    I sent back my reclaim certificate by regerstered post to the Malaga address as instructed. The claim had to be made this month 0ct 2012. I have had a cold phone call from a Gerry Thomas from Travel Solutions saying they can get about 20% of my reclaim amount for me if I send them £560 and they said I should have sent my certificate to a Gibralter address but they could issue me with a new certificate becouse I had sent the original certificate to the wrong address. They even left me a UK phonre number 01613810002=========is this just another scam? I have gvien up hope of getting any moneys back butting it all down to one of lifes learning experiances

    • Pete says:

      Hi Mike,
      Ignore them! There is nothing to be gained going down that route, just more angst. Reclaim are not reliable, and some forums are saying that they’ve gone bust or the money’s gone…either way not good. Have you looked into trying to claim your money back from being mis-sold through Section 75? If you bought a DWVC type product off Incentive Leisure or someone like them, you could have a chance to get some money back without ever having to speak to any of that lot again! Good luck!

      • Mike says:

        Thanks Pete. I didn’t think the Reclaim Certificate was worth anything but sent it back as instructed just in case. I unfortunately paid Incentive Leisure with a Bank Draft, so no chance of getting any moneys back. I have now put it behind me and take it as one of lifes hard lessons, worse things have happened to other people, I am still alive and kicking and enjoying my retirement, can ask for more than that.
        Regards Mike

  22. Gill says:

    Our cash back voucher is due this month we have been attempting to get onto the web site without much luck at present, although we have little or no hope of getting any money back we will keep trying.

  23. Paul says:

    Has anyone visited the address on the certificate? We have been told we submitted correctly, payment was due today but the accountants have delayed it ??????? Dont believe it for a second. What would they do if people started turning up?

  24. Richard says:

    My Reclaim certifilate matured in September 2012. I was getting suspicious of receiving any money as they simply did not reply to any of my recent e-mails. I am now getting increasingly worried as to whether I will ever hear from them, especially as not omly did they take our time shares, but also my life assurance money when it matured. This was meant to be my pension, and without, i am left almost pennyless. Can you please throw any light onto how I should approach them regarding receiving the money that I am owed?

  25. Pete says:

    I’m owed nearly 10k by Cashback Sales & Admin SA, but I’m not very hopeful about getting it back through the Spanish legal system so am trying to get my money back another way. Been reading about Reclaim on other websites and it looks like its gone bust in the same way as Cashback SA. The devil in the detail though is that Reclaim is owned by the same people as Cashback! Shouldnt really be surprised at that though should we!

    • Julie Hatcher says:

      I sent my cashback certificate off in July by special delivery. But had it returned back to me. thought i would just send it, but didnt hold out much hope. that was for £7000

  26. Cyd says:

    My Certificate matured in July 2012 and I sent this back to Spain in accordance with the T&C’s. I received a letter back to say I had submitted my claim correctly but since then I have not heard a thing. I have mailed Reclaim on 3 seperate occasions asking what happens next but none of my mails have been answered.
    What bugs me is that up until the time you send your certificate back they are sweetness and light and will answer any query you send by email. Once you have returned your certificate however, they go to ground. I suspect what they are trying to do is prevent a mass of complaints being sent all at once so they appear to be on side until you have made your claim. By doing so, they are hiding the fact that they are scammers.
    How can this company keep their website and answer unmatured certificate queries via the info@reclaim.ig mailbox and appear to be bone fide under these circumstances.??

    • Mrs Fitzgerald says:

      Hi Cyd,
      Have you read Mrs Williams comment above she waited 341 days from receiving the letter saying her claim was correct, she gives good information.

      • Cyd says:

        Thanks for thinking of me Mrs Fitzgerald. I did notice the other comments also but I am not convinced (sorry if I appear sceptical). I would suggest that if we can find enough people who are in the same position as ourselves we could perhaps form a joint action against this company, who are clearly playing with us all.

        If you are happy to wait unti June, this is Ok but it may be prudent to try and get as many people as possible together on this before then. This Wiliis character is just playing for time I feel, in the hope that we will all abandon hope..

        I am more than happy to be part of any joint action group on this. Hopefully, this forum might be able to recruite others.


    • Mrs Fitzgerald says:

      I would be happy to be part of an action group, I do wonder at times if we will get anything back, I wonder how we could highlight this more as not many people seem to come forward.

      • Jeanette says:

        Mrs.Fitzgerald I would be happy to. Be part of an action group. They have only given me part as they is no registration counter foil attached. They owe us £17,000. I would love to see them hung up by whatever.

  27. liz haslam says:

    we have a reclaim certificate due up in nov 2012.We have had numerous cold callers saying how difficultit is to claim correctly and want £100’s to provide the correct date.Does anybody know how to calculate it

    • Alan says:

      I received £860 today from Cashback Europe – not the £4500 expected- and I will next go to local Trading Standards. You must register between 14 -28 days of date of issue of voucher and follow to the letter thereafter. The process is designed so that you fail and my letter today says I am one of the lucky 23% of clients !!!! Good luck. How many millions have they scammed???

  28. Charles & Mary says:

    Hi Jon We have got a reclaim certificale, that comes out in Aug 2013, we have been told we have been given the wrong date and musty not send it in when the Spanish holidays are on is this true,Is it any good to send it in, We are pensoin in our 80 over. Can you help us please they also said the
    number is not reght.? Kind Regard Mary.

  29. Martin Crowson says:

    Isn’t it about time some of the govement get of there arse’s and change the law and sort these guy out. Unfortunatley goverments only care about themselves.

  30. Jon says:

    Julie Evans from Audit and Accounting Services Ltd, 134 Bradford Road, Dewsbury, West Yorks, WF13 2EW, 0114 3609965, phoned at the end of February. I have since found out that this phone no. is from Sheffield and not Dewsbury! The answer phone message now just says all the operators are busy and they do not call back.
    She said they were acting as agents for UK & Spanish authorities to refund monies paid by me to Middleton Property Services, Oakbridge Resale Properties and Half Moon Holdings to sell Club Class membership. She called me several times, I gave her details of other dealings with Incentive Leisure Group, DWVC, LAC, HAB, Warehouse Properties, Time Travel Marketing etc.
    She gave me the Audit & Accounting company registration no. 03402784 which checked out ok with Companies House.
    A high value cheque for compensation for previous dealings was to be couriered to me.This included 25% of the amount paid to ILG for a DWVC/Cashback scheme to sell Timeshares in 2006. As ‘security’ I had to buy UKASH vouchers which would be reimbursed to me after the cheque was delivered. I gave her some of the numbers from the UKASH vouchers. She assured me that unless someone had all the full numbers and the PUK numbers they could not be cashed in. The PUK no. should be kept confidential to me. I spent a long time on phone calls with Julie Evans each time she called me and it all sounded ok.
    I should have known better, the cheque never arrived and the UKASH numbers I gave Julie Evans the scammer, were enough for the UKASH vouchers to be encashed.
    They seem to be using the cover of a ‘proper’ company that checks out ok but operating and phoning from somewhere else.
    Please be aware of all these fraudsters/scammers, they are clever, scheming and evil.

  31. Brian says:

    After joining the DWVC scheme in April 2005 I made a “successful” claim in 2010, after which came total silence. Later that year I approached my then bank (Lloyds TSB) with a claim under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 and was refused twice. Having been advised to be persistent I wrote for a third time and got no reply. Forced to go to the Financial Ombudsman, I incurred a wasted month of allegedly lost papers etc and then a further six months of long drawn- out indecision from a dithering “Adjudicator” who eventually dismissed my complaint. As with the response from the bank, my payment of the actual monies (or part of them) was to Selective Services S.L. and this company was just an agent of Cashback S.A., therefore bringing a third party into the equation. Misrepresentation was also ruled out and there was nothing in the tenor of correspondence coming from the FOS to indicate an appeal to a full Ombudsman would be any more successful. Even my usually helpful M.P. could not assist here and just suggested that perhaps I should seek legal advice. At today’s fees it looks cheaper to give up now unless someone can come up with a breakthrough idea!!

    • Pinkiegolf says:

      Don’t bother going to the Financial Ombudsman Service, they are a complete waste of space!!! The only way they will consider a claim under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act is if you have WRITTEN proof of misrepresentation, breach of contract or mis-selling, which, as all of us victims know, is never given to you at any of the sales presentations, it’s all verbal promises. We spent over a year in communications with the FOS, including lengthy and detailed telephone conversations and finally insisted our case was put before the Chief Financial Ombudsman (actually a woman). She came to the decision that, as we had no WRITTEN proof, it was simply our word against the Timeshare companies’ word, she could not see any case of misrepresentation, breach of contract or mis-selling and “awarded” us the grand sum of £100 damages on top of the refund of our deposit which we had previously secured from Barclaycard (which we refused as it was such an insult). We never got back the balance of our purchase price despite being told we qualified for this under the Section 75 rules. We have accumulated some 6 box files full of letters and emails and our original documentation, yet this was deemed insufficient evidence. I don’t know what else we could have provided to the FOS as we sent them copies of everything and answered all their queries, but this was still not enough evidence!!! We tried going through the legal channels of taking the Timeshare company to court, but were time barred as our case was over 6 years old. We also tried to get our local MP to help, but he could offer no further assistance as we had exhausted all the possible routes. Having lost just over £20,000 in all our timeshare dealings, I wish anyone who tries to get their money back better luck than us!!!

  32. Julie Hatcher says:

    My cashback is with Cashback S&A which is due to send off in July.I am not sure were to send it, because I am not sure if the Malaga office on the certificate is still opperating. I have tried phoning but no answer.

  33. John says:

    I have been contacted by an organisation called JRG Equity Release claiming they have been appointed by the Spanish court to help people who have a Reclaim certificate to get some money back. Does anyone know about thie? Is it another scam?

  34. Helen says:

    Any Advice on how to claim a refund under Consumer act 1974?
    I have credit card statements showing how much I paid to Club Class Concierge.
    The 3years to claiming Cash back is due in April.
    Thank You

  35. Colin and Toni Hunt says:

    Regarding the comment from Malcolm David on ILG I have spoken to the liquidator of ILG Keith Lawrence based in Gibralter, who was good enough to return my Hilton membership certificate, and he stated that ILG was liquidated with no capital available for distribution to creditors. I am more inclined to believe him rather than a Spanish law???? firm who says that the money is there for distribution. Don’t waste any money chasing what is not there, even if they did win a judgement it cannot be paid.

      Just to let you all know, today (14/01/12) I had a reminder that my DWVC Annual fee’s were now overdue and to send them by return !! and by now you must all realize DWVC are no longer, and gone into liquidation.

      There may still be some of you gullible enough to still send them !, I am fully aware another company has now taken over the DWVC site, to encourage people to book your holidays through this new company, but remember, none of us has ever agreed to pay annual fee’s to this new company !, so once again, they are just trying to rip us off again, when will they ever stop !.

      So don’t send them any money, and if you view what the new company is offering, and then look around for yourself, you will see there are other deals of similar price or even cheaper !
      Mike Blaxall

  36. Ann Richards says:

    I too sent my cashback europe paperwork back to them after the three years was up. They say you can only have one attempt at sending it by email. They would not accept my water utility bill as proof of ownership and said I had failed to follow their instructions. You only get one attempt and if you do not get it right you fail. What a con. A Rich

    • Neil Beattie says:

      I have just had the same reply this morning , small error but very costly but can we do anything about them?.

  37. Cathy says:

    I have a Cashback Europe voucher for £13200 that I can ‘reclaim’ until next year. This was registered back in April 2010 when we sold our Club la Costa points and bought in to Club Class Concierge. I have since been contacted by Holiday Rentals Direct (HDR) and most recently Timeshare Disposal. HDR said they had a buyer for my club class membership and I had a lucky escape when I got my money back from my credit card company. Timeshare disposal promised to help me get my money back for my voucher. I have been playing along with them waiting to receive an email from them outlining their terms and conditions which I was going to post on this website. I haven’t received it and the number they gave me is now unobtainable. I wasn’t going to give them any money but I was hoping to get more information to help warn others.
    I am not convinced we will get any money back from my voucher. I can’t find my paperwork when we took out the loan in 2010 to buy into Club Class so not sure if I get any money back under the Consumer Credit Act 1974. It has been a very steep and expensive learning curve getting involved with timeshare and holiday membership.

  38. Following my comments on ilg cashback scheme i have been approached by a company named Favila Arenas of Cadiz Spain who caim they can re register my certificate and claim money via ILG liqiudators is this another new scam? Regards Malcolm

    • sammy says:

      I was called by Favila Arenas in December, they have promised to pay be £14,000 for my Reclaim certificate. Now they are asking me to pay taxes in Spain??? Have been called by so many in relation to Timeshare and Cheques……Another hoax????
      Has anyone else had any experience with Favila Arenas??

  39. I also fell for the cashback scheme from ILG due to be paid out 20 04 13 the sum of £32,000 thats £20,000 for sale of timeshare plus £12,000 dwvc payment am i likely to see any of this Malcolm

  40. Michael says:

    Hi all,
    From all I have been told by various people, there is still a chance you will get some money back from RECLAIM !, however the chances are very slim, as you have to fill in their registration form EXACTLY as on the original form.

    Example : if it was shown you paid GBP 5,000 and you write on your registration form £5,000 then they will say ” Sorry ” that’s not EXACTLY the same as on the form.

    Also you have to send in your registration form about 6 weeks AFTER you have had it, and NOT strait away, also when you finally make your claim at the end of the specified time,4 years and so many months, they finally tell you, “you have to return your claim and to be in their office within a window of 4 weeks “, making it VERY for the customer to get it right, so 85% who send in their registration have got it wrong, and of those 15% who do get it wright, even these slip up on the final hurdle, soI will explain how.

    When you sent in your initial registration form, there is an address in large letters quoting the address to send to, but this is NOT the address where you have to send in your final claim, you will see in the middle of all the blerb it gives another address in Gibralter and this where to send in your claim, within this window of just 4 weeks, and of the 15% who had so far done it all correctly, a further 10% send their claim form to the wrong address, so once again Reclaim will say, “sorry” we did not receive it to the address where instructed.

    Yes it is all a big con !, and very few of us would have purchased what we did without the thought that we would get most of our money back at the end !.

    I have spoken to a member of RCI who say, the normal pay out where everything has been completed correctly and forms sent in correctly, payout is up to a maximum of 37%, that’s the highest that has ever been paid out, and for the normal pay out, then to expect possibly 15% !, so while this is not a lot, it’s better than nothing !!!

    So please make sure you dd send in your registration within the dates shown, you did write it down ‘Word for Word, letter for letter’, and EXACTLY as on the original form, and finally you did send it to the correct address.

    There is within the terms that the original paperwork must be returned undamaged ! I have been told that to fold a piece of original paper to get it into an envelope, they WILL consider it to have been damaged, so again use a large envelope, they are very devious, and we must all try and beat them at their own game !
    It is best you keep copies of all you send, and when sending to send Recorded Delivery, so there is no disputes later, and hope this advise you will find of help with any claim to Reclaim.

    Kindest of regards to all, and hope this information is of help !
    Michael B.

    • Michael,
      Thank you very much for this detailed comment!
      It does show though, how difficult it is made to all of the consumers, and it is never what they were told in the first place.
      And come on…in the event you do it all right and then fold the paper..oops no claim…that’s unbelievable!
      Our experience is that we have seen so few people that actually got something back, it is not even worth mentioning.
      Give it a try, yes why not…but please don’t keep your hopes up is our advice!
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

      • Joanne says:

        Dear mindshare
        I have just returned from a club class Tenerife ‘holiday’. I went thro their sales pitch offering me 7 european hols and a cash back incentive after 5 yrs. I declined to pay them £2,400 but I did part with £100. I also have several form I had to sign. I’ve pretty much made up my mind that I don’t want to go thro with this offer. If I email u these ‘contracts’ pls can u offer any advice?

    • Mary says:

      This info is very helpful – I can’t test out my claim until next year, but just wanted to clarify the address bit. I’ve read and re-read the certificate and it gives an address in Marbella to return it to – the same address is in the very small print on the back and on the front as well. I wondered if anyone else had used the adress in Edificio Puerto Azul, 29603 Marbella. I’m not hopeful but will give it a go at the appropriate time, bearing in mind your very detailed advice.

  41. Robert says:

    Hi I went to reclaim my cashback Europe and did everything to the letter as told by club class only to be told we failed the procedure because we submitted the registration of the claim to early. We were instructed by Club Class to register the claim as soon as we got home which we did and got an email saying thank you for registering the claim, so why didn’t Cashbacl Europe tell me the claim was registered to early and resubmit correctly .what a cop out .so remember read the back of the certificate carefully and follow to the letter because you wont be informed if you make a mistake THATs How these companies make their money.

    • Unfortunately Robert, this is exactly what happens to so many other consumers who put in the claims as told and are not aware of any wrong doing…but still these companies find an excuse for not paying out!
      Customer Care

  42. Sylvia says:

    i upgraded my club class to club class premier in may 2011, i was told to get my certificates in as i was due a cashback of £15,000, i have never received these certificates which i have told them many times, now the window to claim is over, what can i do

  43. You are saying to reclaim now. Doesn’t that give the companies a get out, when they are saying to claim within the window provided or lose out?

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