Another Club Class mailing for Membership fees and other issues..

This week a lot of Club Class Members have received another email from Club Class, with yet another demand for the membership fee of £75 or £55 (Contract depending).

In the email the members are explained that the fees have been overdue for some time and whether they wish to remain membership holders, cancel their account or take advantage of their new resale service; which is exclusive to active members only, all arrears must first be cleared.

Due to a company restructure and new procedures, Club Class is currently reviewing the status of each membership holder found on their database.

This all sounds very optimistic and organizing, but on the other hand, are they saying their membership base is in such a state they are not sure who paid and who didn’t?

This sudden urge to get all accounts updated comes a bit at a strange time, having in mind that in the UK there is a court case going on against the different Club Class company’s part of the Club Class Group ( )

Even more worrying is the fact they are announcing a New Resale Service!
Resale of what? Who is going to buy this?
Did they find out they were missing out on “business” as other supposed dubious resale companies were offering resale and making money out of this?
And what about those who got the Club Class Membership included in the deal they did with ITRA? Now they can sell the “free” membership?

And for those who want to cancel, first you have to pay again a membership fee for something you cannot use, you haven’t used and won’t be using? Why?

Before you decide to pay the membership fee, please do ask yourself first, what am I getting out of this?
Obviously if you haven’t paid the fee for some time now, you had a good reason for that..

– Have you ever had the discounted, luxury holidays you were told you were going to get with this membership?
– Was your original timeshare transferred out of your name as agreed in the contract?
– Are there highly discounted flight rates?
– Is there actually a clause in your contract that states you need to continue paying the fees or does this clause state that in case of non-payment your membership is de-activated and that’s it?

And final question: “If the Secretary of State for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS), made a petition to close down seven Club Class Companies “in the public’s interest” due to concerns about the trading methods of these companies, why should you pay membership fees to the clubs of these companies?”

Before paying a penny more into the pockets of the people behind Club Class, think twice!

If you are a member of Club Class and you would like more information on how we can help, please do let us know.

About mindtimeshare

Mindtimeshare SLU is registered Company reg number: B35957182 Mindtimeshare provides assistance to timeshare owners who have been defrauded by holiday clubs and bogus resale companies. The Mindtimeshare project was launched in February 2011. After dealing with timeshare members over several years who had been defrauded by numerous bogus companies and for large amounts of money, I considered launching an Organisation to help timeshare owners that have been targeted by bogus companies. On this blog you can find information about the different active scam companies and their “modus operandi” and also place comments, ask questions and see comments from other consumers who have the same doubts or have been through the same experience. Mindtimeshare has resulted in a huge success and has received the back up from not only timeshare consumers but also from the professionals in the timeshare Industry. Mindtimeshare helps timeshare owners who have been scammed by bogus Discount Holiday Clubs; bogus cash back companies; fraudulent timeshare resale companies; bogus class action companies and false lawyers and notaries. We offer professional answers and advice to Timeshare users. If you want to send an email instead of posting a comment on the blog please do so by emailing:
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57 Responses to Another Club Class mailing for Membership fees and other issues..

  1. Jon says:

    Just received another e-mail from Maxwell Hamilton asking for my annual member ship fee of £95 or £380 to end my member ship ,that’s five e-mails and one letter from him plus lots of telephone calls the last one ended with me telling him he won’t be getting another penny but he is very persistent.
    I don’t think any club class member should pay these people another penny.

    • Doug says:

      Firstly I would like to thank this web site and its contributors.
      I have also been contacted again by CC/Sapphire over the last month or so, with demands for £275 arrears and opt out of £165 if I chose this, this then increased to £495 a week later, then to £650 seven weeks after, threatening debt recovery proceedings if this was not settled. During this period I was also called several times by various people at CC during which I either hung up or placed the handset away and let them talk until they realised no one was actually listening, this did not deter them!
      Eventually I dug out my contract which I still have and it actually states there is no cooling off period which probably makes it illegal, but more importantly that the admin fee is currently £55 and it must be received by CC, this must be paid annually, this admin fee is only paid if you intend to use the holidays in the following year!
      Once I had read this I took the next call from CC and asked them to read the contract and that they are actually due us a rebate of £165 for the three years we actually paid and received nothing and if they did not agree to refund us we are in a position of dispute and to stop harassing us, or if they do not hold the contract, then stop harassing us,. After the calls being a nightly occurrence between 16.00 and 17.00 they ceased and we have not been bothered for over the past two weeks.
      During this call I was asked by CC to scan my contract and send it to them, I refused to do this and insisted they read the contract they hold and agree they are due us the £165! or they do not hold a copy and are bluffing in either case they would be laughed out of court if it ever went that far.
      I would suggest anyone being pestered and bullied by CC ask them to provide a copy of the original contract, they will ask for a payment for a hard copy, but surely they can scan it as well!! If they cannot do this it is probably due to the fact they do not have a copy, how would their case stand up in court if they could not produce it?
      As stated previously on this site, they are very intimidating and if they think they have a chance of their threatening behaviour having any chance of success they will pursue relentlessly, so if contesting the contract as stated here helps then great if not just do what is suggested by the other people on this site and ignore them!!

      • Sandra says:

        Good for you Doug!

      • Hamish says:

        When CC were attempting to frighten me last year with calls and email threats of debt collectors as part of their incompetent bullying tactics, I also told them that they should read the agreement. Surprisingly, they asked for a copy of my documents “as they may have lost some details when the “New” Club Class was set up”. I was immediately suspicious of their authenticity and I told them they would have to pay for it and my expenses. They did not repeat the request. I then told them, amongst other legal points, that they were out of time anyway in accordance with limitations legislation.
        Finally, I gave them my personal opinion of what they should do.
        I did receive several further calls from various CC officials but just hung up on them.
        I have not heard from CC since but I have had several calls from timeshare resale companies telling me more lies about my CC membership and how they can get me out of it, for a fee of course. These latter people appear to be working from an identical information base as CC – have they in turn illegally acquired my details from CC?
        I suspect that they are actually the same people, just as ITRA for example, make offers to cancel your CC membership for a fee but they are just another tentacle of CC itself as proven in Alberto’s research.
        According to CC I am a Sapphire Member, apparently I was given the upgrade several years after I became a defaulting member. A lie. Then there is my alleged status of “Lifetime” and “Indefinite” member. More lies. And finally there is the apparent dubious background of some CC officials (such as Maxwell Hamilton – a name from the Toto-Lotto Niederaschen GMBH scam first reported in 1997 and a MH was recorded as an official there in 2007).
        They do not even have my name right.
        It would therefore appear that this incarnation of CC is not genuine and may be only working from an old membership list or similar.
        Given all these inconsistencies and lies I very much doubt that this CC could take me or anyone else to court for non-payment of fees especially as they have no legal status themselves after UK Government action against them as reported in detail on the Mindtimeshare site.
        Ignore them.

    • Pete says:

      Just ignore the sca***** B’s – they are wasting their time, not yours

  2. Garry says:

    This month I received a very similar letter to Roger (25th January 2013) regarding unpaid annual subscriptions for Club Class Holidays Saphire Indefinate Membership demanding back payments and a penalty of £195 to cancel my membership. Despite two telephone calls in which I explained the conditions in my contract ” Membership is annually renewable subject to payment of a fee, which ia currently£65. Failure to comply will result in loss of membership rights for that year, there may be an administration fee for reinstatement” and that there is no mention in the contract of any need to pay a fee to discontinue membership or to pay previous fees, I have now received a letter threatening debt collection procedures. How does one stop this pernicious company?

    • Sandra says:

      Please do not worry Garry, totally ignore any ‘phone calls or letters-they are just scare tactics. Scroll down to see my comments on January 9th and September 27th . As you read the other comments you will see everyone has been on the receiving end of similar ‘phone calls or emails . You do not have to explain anything to them-just put the ‘phone down.

  3. Dane says:

    Very useful thank you very much

  4. Roger says:

    The latest chase email asking for unpaid club class membership arrived today, text attached, this time with the addition of a £165 penalty to opt out. Needless to say no one should pay these swindlers a penny for delivering nothing of the original promises. Be warned these people do not go away. Here follows the email text for completeness.

    Dear Club Class Holidays Lifetime Membership Holder

    We must regrettably advise you that we have never received any correspondence from yourselves with regards to suspending or cancelling your Club Class Holidays Sapphire Indefinite Membership.

    As a consequence, to date you currently have an outstanding balance of £330 in unpaid £55 annual subscriptions, having allowed your agreed payments to lapsed in 2007 without warning or notification. Despite numerous attempts to contact you, this debt continues to rise and until paid, we cannot initiate our cancellation process in order to close your account.

    Unlike most holiday ownerships and membership clubs; who may seek court action to obtain any outstanding maintenance or membership fees, Club Class simply offer an opt out clause, however we charge a penalty of £165.

    The reason why we offer this service to our members is because we are fully aware that our clients personal circumstances may change from year to year and often their membership become less of an advantage or priority.

    At this stage you have several options with regards to concluding this matter:

    Pay your £330 annual subscription arrears and reactivate your membership account, giving you the opportunity to once again enjoy its full benefits, or alternatively take advantage of our resale referral services.
    Pay the full and final balance of £495 or arrange a monthly instalment program within the next 30 days, to terminate your membership and close the account.
    Pay your £330 arrears within the next 7 days, and we will waiver the termination charge, allowing you the freedom to terminate your membership without any additional penalty.

    Failure to comply will result in your arrears increasing and at some point your account will be referred to debt recovery thus unnecessarily escalating your predicament.

    Please make your preferred payment option by using one of the methods within this correspondence or contact us to arrange a repayment plan. NB. Our minimum repayment amount is £55 per month and your first instalment must be paid within the next 30 days.”

    • Sandra says:

      Block their emails. Consequently you don’t read them=less stress!

    • Hamish says:

      I have also received yet another email from Club Class with a demand for payment. Despite the different dates in my email the sum is identical to Roger’s and is also different to three other emails I have kept. Interestingly none of the emails has the same sum and the figure has in fact been reducing. A display of Incompetence now to add to the credentials of the odious Maxwell Hamilton. When added to the facts that Hamilton has my name and details wrong, their failure to send me a copy of their version of the original documentation to prove their claims and their failure to take any recovery or legal action for ten years since I severed contact tends to indicate that they are lying at the very least.
      His grammar and sentence construction are also of a poor standard – you may make your own presumptions therefrom.

    • Hamish says:

      The latest message from Club Class, signed this time by Justin Gilson (The odious Maxwell Hamilton has gone?) is a total change from his previous obnoxious bulllying style. The sum required to reinstate my” suspended membership and take advantage of all the beautiful holidays available” is the lowest yet but I will not be taking up the offer. It is over ten years since I received the first demand from Club Class when I refused to pay any more monies for a sub-standard, lying, incompetent and often non-existent service which refused to respond to my complaints and frequently denied ever receiving them. There has been no Debt Collection Agency activity, no legal letters or court action and no adverse Credit Agency reference in all this time, just verbal threats by ‘phone and nagging emails and letters which have become increasingly impersonal.

    • Hamish says:

      I note that the alleged membership title has changed yet again. There is no mention of anything like “Lifetime Membership” or “Indefinite Membership” and certainly not “Sapphire” in the earliest documents I have. This invented fiction is further proof (as if any more was needed) of Club Class lying to further justify their scam.

  5. Thomas says:

    Glad I found this forum; my elderly father is being aggressively pursued by this toad Phillip Hill at Club Class over so-called ‘membership fees’. I have stepped in and have no intention of paying this bunch of charlatans. My stance so far has been to call their bluff and say ‘if you think we owe you money then we will see you in court’. They continue to harass my father though and are causing duress. I’ve told him to hang up immediately if they call again. I have read that the group was wound up in October 2012? I would appreciate any advice any of you have on how to shut this bunch up.

    • Sandra says:

      Hello there Thomas. Please see my comment dated 27th September. Totally ignore Phillip Hill and any letters you receive from Club Class. They are a bunch of idiots who contribute nothing to society.

  6. Hamish says:

    It is now official. Club Class version 2 (should it actually be version 3 or 4?) is the latest reincarnation of the demand note for failing to pay fees. Signed by the odious Maxwell Hamilton (if he is the same person involved in the Toto-Lotto Niederaschen GmbH scam which was still operating under his name in 2007 – first officially reported as a scam in 1997). I have sent the original to Alberto as a sort of Christmas Greeting for his study and further comment.
    Needless to say I have not replied despite the dire threat of a Debt Collection Agency (Again!).
    It could have been more convincing if he had actually got my name right as on the original documentation. Does he not have access to the originals? It will be interesting to see if he still has my telephone number and we can exchange seasonal pleasantries.
    I have received several unidentified calls this week, more than usual, but I ignore them anyway.

  7. HB says:

    Recieved a letter today from club class showing all the arrears that we ‘owed’ even though we cancelled in 2004! We have never used the holidays and haven’t heard from them for 8-9 years.
    So, do we pay the £165 cancellation fee as they have no record of us cancelling (and since it was 8 years ago neither do we) or do we just ignore? They did threaten over the phone to send in baliffs to recover the £330 in full, can they do this?..any advice welcome.

    • Pete says:

      Just ignore them – they are chanceing it with scare tactics. Do you think a court will permit a dodgy company to pursue a dubious debt?
      Don’t answer the phone to the numerous caller with held, international, unknown mobile number calls you will get over the next period of time – they will get fed up eventually.
      If you want to have fun though, just pick up the phone and keep them on hold.
      They really are an obnoxious lot.


    • Hamish says:

      instead of paying this alleged fee buy an answering machine and tape their calls. When they get frustrated and angry it is much more likely that they will say something illegal. They cannot send bailiffs as this requires court action which would not be succesful for the simple reason that it would be contrary to the limitations Act which applies to your circumstances. Also make a complaint to the Office of Fair Trading, Citizens Advice and Trading Standards. If Club Class continue to contact you read The Administration of Justice Act 1970 Section 40, The Protection from Harassment Act 1997 and seek advice from Citizens Advice abour reporting Club Class to the Police.

      • HB says:

        Hi, Many thanks for your comments and support. Oddly enough another letter appeared over the weekend DEMANDING the over due fees, or ‘further action with be necessary’ dated the same day as the first, even though we had 2 days to reply to the first letter which was all very nicey nicey…sort of.
        Obviously they don’t talk to one another. (must be too busy harrassing us!)
        Again, I’ll be taking your advice and ignore these people, if the letters continue then I will make a complaint, as you have suggested Hamish.
        Thanks again

    • Sandra says:

      Yeah, we’ve had the same experience, I have informed the Police-Action Fraud Department, Office of Fair Trading, Department of Business Innovation and Skills, Consumer Affairs Bureau in Spain and the Timeshare Consumers Association. I am writing a letter tonight to Club Class and will send it recorded delivery. I will be informing them that I will not be making any further payments.

      I have discovered Club Class were struck off the Companies Register in Gibraltar some time ago and that their office there ceased trading on 24th July 2012.

      Phillip Hill contacted me again last night to resolve the ‘missed payments’ so it gave me great pleasure to tell him all of the above. I also reminded him of the Protection from Harassment Act 1997. When I ended the call he immediately phoned back-he likes to have the last word you see. I just shouted ‘Harassment!’ and ended the call. He had the cheek to attempt contact again and I repeated ‘Harassment!’ Hope you’re taking note if you’re reading this Phil……..

      The advice I’ve been given is TOTALLY IGNORE any contact from Club Class.

  8. susan peperoni says:

    i have emailed before about my parents who are in there 70s who have been duped by club class last year whilst in tenerife. my dad sent them 8,000 for something they have no use for they holidday in tenerife only and go self catering. the voucher system only offers all inclusive or half board with large suppliments to pay plus flights. my parents were already with rci with which they have had many good holidays so had no need to buy into club class.. the issue is starting to distress both parents who could not really afford these fees as they are not wealthy pensioners. they are now being chased for management fees which they were not told about they have not been able to use the vouchers. is there any help out there to help me claim all or some of this money back for them.if there is could you please email me with the details.

  9. jen turner says:

    At the moment I am having calls from Phil Hill Club Class Membership Department club class plc and his assistants Jessica from Leisure Alliance Club class, has any had any contact from these people recently. They say they are based in Fengarola and they or leisure alliance, please let me know, jessica also said they have no address in the uk but yet if you send a cheque to them it will go to a company in London. Being threatended by thwese people is bad enough but more lies is a joke….. what do i do next…. jen turner

    • Pete says:

      Just ignore them – they can be very persistant. Thankfully I’ve not been bothered for a couple of months, but the begging calls will return i’m sure. We have caller display, so I never answer International, number witheld, unavailable, or any unknown mobile number.


  10. Cathy says:

    As well as receiving the call about my membership fee I was also called by Club Class inviting me to a presentation this weekend exclusive to members to discuss selling my membership. When I told the caller that I know there will be a buyer and I will be asked to pay an amount upfront to secure the deal, then the buyer will change their minds but Club Class will keep my money until another buyer comes along he hung up. Not even tried to argue with me or politely say goodbye.

  11. Tony says:

    Me and my wife got caught with Club Class back in 2007 on a scratch card in Benidorm, after paying £4000 to set up the account we was told to book all future holidays through Club Class and have it cheaper than anywhere else this turned out to be a total lie, they also told us after 4 years we could re-claim the £4000 back through Loyalty & Rewards LLC based in Gibraltar, to date haven’t received a penny, today had a phone call from a woman named Debbie at TS World offering to sell the package for us at a price we wanted i know this will probably turn out to be a sc** to because i have read other blogs on sc*** involving timeshares and holiday clubs re-sales, just makes me sick to the stomach that companies can get away with this bull s _ _ t in 2012, i know we only have ourselves to blame for falling for it. IF IT SOUNDS TO GOOD TO BE TRUE IT PROBABLY IS!!!

  12. Pete says:

    My wife answered a call from a mobile phone today and when she asked who was speaking was told hesitantly – Jody from Reclaim. I said to my wife that this was Club Class, so she just told them we weren’t interested and put the phone down. Will they please just get the message.


  13. Hamish says:

    ITRA and the other Timeshare re-sales agents have repeatedly quoted that Timeshare does not die with you and your heirs must take over the liabilities. Another shock, even Timeshares willed back to the parent companies have been refused by them.
    This struck me as an anomaly as if the company can refuse to accept the Timeshare then why not my heirs?
    If you research family and inheritance law in the UK, and the USA, you will find that the information touted by the Timeshare bodies is incomplete, effectively lying by omission (again!).
    You can refuse to accept something in a will or disclaim an entitlement under an intestacy. The inheritance cannot be refused or accepted in part, it is all or nothing…. ( AND that is where the ITRA, and others, advice ends. But the proper advice continues)…..although if more than one gift is made to the same beneficiary in a will or is inheritable on intestacy, one gift may be refused or accepted and the others refused, disclaimed or accepted provided they are clearly seperated gifts.
    Lying, scaremongering tactics by the resale agents.

  14. Linda says:

    After letting Club Class fill up our answerphone so that there is no more space for incoming messages …

    On 5th July I emailed (for the second time) with the following.

    Here is a copy of our last email, to which you have not replied satisfactorily:

    With regard to your insistence on payment: We do not owe you any money.

    We have, indeed, looked at our contract. It says, in paragraph 3, “Failure to comply will result in loss of membership rights for that year”. A copy of our Terms of Membership is attached for you to check this, as you seem to think we have signed some other type of contract. We have not tried to use any membership rights, and we do not owe you any money.

    We do not understand your email, which does not reply to the points raised in our email of 24th June 2012. We did not allege anything about your company restructuring or loss of money, nor did we ever say we had sent a formal cancellation request. We wonder if you are confusing us with someone else?

    Please be aware that we will not discuss this by telephone as there is too much scope for misunderstandings using that method.

    As far as we are concerned, our membership is suspended, as per your letter of 2nd May 2006.

    If you think we owe you money, please explain why you think this; it does not say anywhere in our contract that we are obliged to pay the annual subscription.
    Please respond by email, not answerphone message, as it is difficult to understand answerphone messages.

    For info, the full text of paragraph 3 of our contract is, ”Your annual subscription is currently £55 and is due twelve months after the commencement of your membership. Failure to comply will result in loss of membership rights for that year. Details for payment will be sent with your membership.” (We have never paid this subscription).
    Also, their letter of 2006 said, “If you wish to discontinue you (sic) membership, please advise us in writing and we will cancel without any penalty”. We did reply to that letter and didn’t hear any more until recently.

    Today I received the following reply from them:

    Dear Mr. & Mrs. XXXXXXXXX

    Membership No. XXXXXXXXX

    It would seem there has been some confusion, you are totally correct to state what is outlined within your contract and therefore you should have been sent the following message upon receipt of your reply:

    This correspondence is to confirm that following the receipt of your formal cancellation request dated 56th June 2012, your Club Class Holidays Sapphire Indefinite Membership; currently valued at £3,950, will be canceled within the next 48 hours, as it is clear that you no longer desire its benefits and services.

    As a result of the cancellation, you will no longer be liable for any future annual subscriptions or any other such charges.

    All active Club Class members can take now advantage of our membership resale referral service. We are currently contracted to a major international resale company who are industry recognized and recommended. The company is confident that they can resale your membership, but they have advised us not to promise members a specific selling price as this will depend on individual circumstances, to be assessed between the member and that company. In addition their experienced staff will assist you with any query or concerns.

    The reason why we now offer this service to our active members is because we are fully aware that our clients personal circumstances may change from year to year and often their membership become less of an advantage or priority.

    Please be aware that there are many bogus organizations and fraudsters who claim that they are able to resell Club Class memberships. We would advise you that we have only contracted one company to initiate resales and any approach from any other organisation should be declined.

    Our referral fee is £55 and the resale company will charge you £195 for what is a 6 month advertising package which is refunded once the sale is complete.

    Once you have paid our £55 referral fee, we shall supply you with all relevant contact information, so that you can initiate communications and get the ball rolling.

    If you choose not to opt for resale, we would like to thank you for your previous custom and wish you all the best for the future.

    Kind Regards

    Justin Gilson
    Customer Relations & Membership Renewals Department Manager
    Club Class Plc

    Tel: 0870 224 7994
    Tel: 0034 952 922555

    What just happened? Have we won?

    I don’t think we’ll be “taking advantage” of their alleged resale service.
    And I love their comment about “bogus organizations and fraudsters” – how sweet of them to be so concerned for us!

  15. Hamish says:

    I tried to cancel in 2001 and refused to pay anymore fees. After a series of phone calls and emails from them with a variety of threats I told them that I wanted everything in writing and ignored all their calls and emails. In march this year the calls and emails started again and I have ignored them. Still nothing in writing. What a coincidence that this new annoyance has come just as legal action to wind up Club Class is in hand.
    Then I started to get calls and emails from timeshare resale and class action companies which I have traced back to Club Class again and this has been confirmed by Alberto’s more detailed research. I have also received calls from apparent non-Club Class resale and class action companies which, because of the detail in the information they have about me, I suspect to be ex-or current Club Class employees who are trying to imitate their employer’s success as a private venture.
    Good money after bad is an appropriate comment in my opinion.

  16. Linda says:

    Club Class say that we can cancel our membership if we pay our unpaid subscriptions plus some extra. My partner is wondering if this is a good idea just to get them off our backs. I’m not sure I trust them, and am reluctant to throw good money after bad.
    Has anyone tried to cancel, and did it work or do you still get hassled by Club Class?

    • Pete says:

      This smacks of desperation from them. I’ve been called twice this week, but I just let the answerphone take the message.
      Like you, I wouldn’t trust them an inch, as I’m sure if I paid I’d still be pestered. Hopefully they will get fed up, but I’ll pay them nothing no matter what. I’m only due then £55, so it’s a lot of effort for very little.
      My wife says the same as your partner, but I’m not paying on principle. It’s time these people were put out of business.


    • Linda says:

      Thank you Pete & Hamish for your kind replies.

  17. Pete says:

    My wife answered the phone today and it was Club Class. They are obviously trying hard, but when she passed the phone to me I told them in no uncertain terms that I wanted nothing further to do with them and then put the phone down. I then received an email from them with the following passage added at the bottom – desperate or what.
    They are getting nothing.

    However, it is obvious that Mr. ******* is not happy although being as there has been no communication from yourselves, we cannot help with whatever the issue is. The cancellation procedure is outlined above as I assume from our telephone conversation that this is how you wish your membership to progress. Normally, there is a cancellation fee but to show goodwill we will waive this fee and accept just £55 outstanding for this year and then you should send a letter in writing to the above address ensuring that you receive acknowledgement of the cancellation in reply. Your details will then be erased from our data system.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards

    Sue Shambrook
    Membership Department

  18. Pete says:

    We’ve had 2 emails plus about 10 phone calls from the scammers asking for back fees – so far. Best policy is not to answer the phone (we’ve got caller display) and to ban their email from your in box.
    They will get fed up eventually.


  19. john says:

    according to Companies house Clubclass holidays ltd is disolved which is the company operating in 2003 so all contracts are null and void

  20. Steve says:

    today i have recieved yet another demand from club class
    not a chance of getting a penny

  21. Hamish says:

    Club Class have sent out a warning on their website against bogus companies attempting to defraud members. It is obvious from this warning that Club Class have had a serious breach of their security in handling current and former members personal details. This is also obvious from the information the fraudulent callers appear to have eg “Your Club Class membership which you are not using”, personal names and telephone numbers and email to contact you and even the fact that you have not paid up fees. The only possible source is Club Class.
    If you make a complaint about this to The Information Commisioner’s Office as a breach of duty by Club Class under the Data Protection Act 1998 quote any information you have on the fraudulent caller ie company name and any personal names given and what detail of information they had. There is a complaint form on the ICO web site. Then quote the Club Class warning which is an effective admission that they have breached the Act requirements. If Club Class remove it from their site I have already got a copy.
    If the fraudulent company that calls you is actually another Club Class company this is also grounds for complaint to the same office as basically your information cannot be passed to other companies without your permission especially if the information is being used for a purpose other than what it was intended for.
    The same office also records complaints against cold callers.
    The ICO has a helpline 0303 1231113
    If I cannot get my money back from Club Class I would rather see it paid as a large fine than have any of the Club Class operators have it!

  22. Hamish says:

    Club Class annual fees collections department is managed by Maxwell Hamilton.
    Is this the same Maxwell Hamilton involved in the Toto-Lotto Niederachsen- GmbH program scam identified in July 1997? He was the London Representative Office for claims.
    Original source
    Can’t he find an honest job? Makes me wonder why!

  23. Hamish says:

    A case of interest for those of you worried about Debt Collection Agency action. Petchey Leisure Clubs took action against members for non-payment of annual fees. The action in Manchester County Court was in the name of Kings Ransom Debt Collectors who had therefore obviously failed to collect the fees. On 16th March 2011 the case was struck down (thrown out) and Kings Ransom were ordered to pay the defendants costs. I am guessing that Petchey were in breach of contract to start with just like Club Class in my personal example. This case does not appear in the Kings Ransom self publicity and the solicitors for Petchey are not mentioned either. The defendants solicitors were Linder Myers.
    Legitimate DCAs are highly unlikely to take on cases similar to Petchey as the bad publicity and more importantly, the expenses/legal costs are bad business. I wonder if Petchey compensated Kings Ransom or even paid them – No Win No Fee? I cannot imagine Club Class putting themselves to any risky expenses.
    If DCAs are not taking on these cases because of this precedent it is highly likely that any purported DCA calls on behalf of Club Class are in fact Club Class themselves or illegal debt collectors. Therefore this is misrepresentation or simply lying and therefore harassment.
    And guess where some of the ex-Petchey staff (look at the old Petchey ads online) work now. Start with Fuengirola.

  24. Hamish says:

    I have just found a fellow victim of Club Class and we have been comparing notes.
    It would appear that the Club Class that is calling me at the moment is not the Club Class I originally dealt with. Let us call them CC1 and CC2 for clarity. In the current CC2 material there is a reference to them having taken over the CC1 in a “new improved” form but, in their own words, I have seen no evidence of this. Is CC2 therefore an entity which has illegally obtained a CC1 list to exploit? Given the apparent security laxity of CC1 which has resulted in my details becoming available to many dodgy reclaim companies, suspect lawyers and fraudulent resale companies amongst others – so many in fact that it is impossible to identify which are genuine independent lying fraudsters and which are CC1/CC2 subsidiary lying fraudsters, even despite Alberto’s best efforts to identify them. Also in their email to me they state that their records may not be complete (lost in the takeover perhaps?) and the onus is on me to prove my version of the record. Wrong in law – they have to prove their case first and that requires evidence which I have not seen.
    Having checked my own records I can now see that the details in their latest e.mail are not the same as mine and I would look forward to seeing them try to explain that in a claims court. Is it possible that the two original versions were deliberately different to make the reclaim process more difficult or impossible as so many have experienced? I have seen reports for example of reclaim being refused for being 1 day out.
    I also appear to have been given a “free” Sapphire upgrade sometime, a “free” addition to what they claim is a defaulting client?. Another example of the incompetent management we have come to know, or is it more expensive to buy out of the Sapphire membership than the original?. Again I have no evidence of this and I do not even know if this was done by CC1 or CC2.
    Effectively, I have seen no evidence of CC2 being entitled to address me on any of these matters and make a claim for monies. Inaccuracies in the documentation IS evidence that something is amiss.
    Finally. I now have the suspicion that one of the voices that called me has used a different name on another occasion. No evidence as yet but if the CC1/CC2 standard of proof is good enough for them then it is good enough for me. If they are a bona fide company then why use false names?
    I shall continue to ignore them.

  25. Hamish says:

    I am not a lawyer but I have read the relevant legislation and advice.
    The debt is simply unenforceable under the Limitations Act 1980. As Alberto has noted elsewhere this is also the protection for Club Class against “out of time” claims for a refund of our original payments. If it is legal protection for them then it also protects you. Club Class can get quite angry when you quote the law against them.
    The debt collection action is not in accordance with the relevant legislation which a licensed agency is required to follow and if Club Class is using unlicensed debt collector services this illegal in itself and can make them liable to criminal prosecution – both Club Class and the unlicensed debt collectors which also may be a Club Class . See the Office of Fair Trading site detail also Trading Standards (who are already taking action against Club Class and some subsidiaries – but not enough of them yet) and the Citizens Advice Bureau. A Debt Collection Agency would not take on a time barred case.
    There is also a criminal offence under the Administration of Justice Act 1970 Section 40 of “causing alarm, distress or humiliation”. Another complaint can be made against Club Class under the protection from Harassment Act 1997. These are all Criminal offences and you can make a complaint direct to the police but I would reinforce this by reporting to the OFT, CAB and Trading Standards as well and let them sort it out amongst themselves. If you are given telephone numbers by Club Class and/or the purported debt collectors report the numbers; if you are not given telephone numbers and proper identification details then these calls are part of the offence. If you can, record the calls. The “debt collection agency” that called you is probably just another Club Class employee and is therefore Section 40 harassment by misrepresentation i.e. LYING! Again!
    I am beginning to suspect that Club Class has been calling all these closed/lapsed/dormant accounts in an attempt to prove current/recent activity to negate the Limitations Act protection. For example I was called by a Travel Agency which did not identify their parent in the call and the next call was the Club Class demands for back fees. Then I checked the details of the original caller and surprise, surprise it was Club Class again. In a similar vein Club Class have probably “lost” all our original complaints to show themselves in the best light.

  26. Angela says:

    We have also had the same issue….. this evening we had several harrassing calls from someone claiming to be debt collection on behalf of Club Class due to us not paying for the last 10 years of management fees of £55. We have to pay this as our membership was not cancelled therefore nothing we can do. I don’t trust them one bit, and I said how strange how it was that they have only just contact us after 9 years?!?!?!? He said they did send a couple of emails to my work email (which I left 7 years ago), and didn’t get a reply (hmmm, strange that). I asked why they did not call or write and no answer. He basically said the fees are payable and no way of getting around it and we need to cancel our membership to stop the arrears increasing. After loosing £6,500 we accepted we would never see any of our money again and disposed of all paperwork and details to do with Club Class to forget about the biggest mistake of our lives. Not sure how/what we can do now? Does anyone know if they legally can claim these charges? I have a new baby at home and this stress is definitely the last thing we need. Please, I woujld appreciate any help/ideas available! Many thanks

  27. labetoule says:

    I have recently recieved a letter requesting payment of Club Class PLC membership renewal which had apparently lapsed for the past 4 years, now they are asking for the previous 4 years subscription which is “obligatory” plus this years at £55 per year, I no longer have the documentation as it was destroyed a couple of years ago when I believed I was no longer a member, as no payment was requested or offered and the benefits have no been used since 2003 when i feel i was conned by claimback anyone had same experience or advice to offer.


  28. Les says:

    I have also had e-mails from Club Class for £95 back fees. I brought it from Great British Marketing. I quoted section 75 to my bank and expected just the deposit back as I had paid by credit card, but they paid me the full £5,000 back. I thought that was the end of it, but as
    I say Club Class is still trying to get money out of me. No chance

  29. In the early 2000’s after years of trying to sell my Tenerife timeshare through various waste of time companies, I was contacted by Club Class, who took my timeshare and a one off fee as payment for membership, along with an annual membership fee.
    After using their services only once, I was not impressed with the accommodation and price so let things drift. When they contacted me to remind me to pay my annual fee I told them I did not want to remain a member, to which I was told I they would be cancelling my membership and I would have no entitlement to the timeshare or their services. I agreed because I did not want anything to do with timeshare and holiday clubs again.
    Last December I was telephoned by Premiere Travel and given a very good offer for a week in Tenerife, when I told them I did not want to be involved in Timeshare, Holiday clubs or anything to do with paying annual subscriptions I was told the company had been taken over, they were only offering travel agency services and they would like me to use their services again so that is why I was getting a good offer. Perhaps I should have refused, especially when I was told that I had to attend a ‘welcome meeting’, but it was a good offer at good hotel that I was familiar with.
    Now I’ve had an email from Club Class, who could only have got my latest email address from Premiere Travel, to tell me that my annual subscriptions have been overdue for some years and must be paid up to date. Whether or nor I believe otherwise, my membership has simply been suspended and all accrued debt remains in my name pending its payment.
    If I don’t pay they may ‘utilize the certainly more effective intervention of our contracted debt recovery group who will use more advanced methods to obtain any outstanding debt.’
    Has anyone had threats like this that resulted in any action?

    • Clare says:

      I have received 2 x emails from Club Class about my Platinum membership which I have never paid because we never were Platinum members!!!!!!!!!!!! Do they really think that people are stupid!!!. I would however like info on how to get at least some of the money back that I spent buying into Club Class initially, fortunately we still have our timehsare week they didnt get that. has anyone had an email from ITRA recently about making a collective claim??

  30. Steve says:

    I to have recieved two Email from Club Class this month asking for membership money
    They have got No chance of getting a bean out of me

  31. Mr D Wreford says:

    Just read some of the above complaints for yearly fee’s etc we have had the same issues as everybody else – we have had phone calls from various firm regarding Cash Back from Club Class – at this moment in time we do not trust any of them could you please advise.

  32. BLUE SOX says:

    Some months ago, I contacted the UK arm of the European Consumer Centre network to investigate my claim against the operators of the Club Class Holiday cashback scheme-Reclaim.GB- of fraudulent practice. Only today, I received an email from the UK centre which reads:

    “Since our last contact with you, given that our corresponding office in Spain in still shut, we have decided to contact the trader directly.

    Our experience has shown that companies in the long term holiday products sector tend to not respond to communications sent from the ECC-Network. Whilst we want to make every effort to contact the trader on your behalf, due to constraints with our workload, we will only be able to contact the trader once. If we do not receive a response from the trader after waiting a month after we have contacted them, we will close your case and inform you of your alternative options for pursuing this trader.”

    It seems that the Spanish bureau is still not operational, due to some kind of ‘contract’ issue so I am posting this as a reminder to anyone who may still be thinking of using the Spanish ECC office to consider an alternative course of action whilst the Spanish authorities sort out who is to run their consumer investigations unit.
    I wonder if the ‘trader’ will respond to the single attempt by the UK ECC branch (which is offering to mediate on my behalf). I won’t hold my breath!

  33. Bryan Robinson says:

    Dear Sir, I have just received such email, Having cancelled my membership 6/7 yrs ago . I was told when joining that if you filled out the certificate you would receive your money back but that never happened so told them to cancel the membership, and have not paid since

  34. If you do not pay this annual fee, does this mean you have relinquished your membership with Club Class, & therefore cannot sell it (if you ever could)

  35. BLUE SOX says:

    What comes to mind on reading the above article? You can’t teach an old dog new tricks or maybe the leopard that can’t change its spots! I’ve lost count of the number of times when I’ve been emailed reminders re membership fees. Each time I made sure it was marked as a phishing scam because that is exactly what this outfit is noted for. Bogus claims linked with bogus cashback deals- and of course it will deny all knowledge of such, no doubt, for example, choosing to say that any cashback scheme that is provided is entirely separate from Club Class holidays. How odd that for so many years both and Club Class Holidays were supposedly registered at the same Gibraltar address. The Reclaim website today still states this. Ironically, the only terms and conditions that were provided in my original documentation relate solely to the cashback scheme. Even the person who sold me the CCH membership said that membership would be optional. Another lie! Perhaps the impending court action has sent out a loud and unmistakable signal to this outfit that it will be judged on its past performance and anything done to try and correct its image will be nothing more than a smokescreen.
    The truth will be out and hopefully justice will prevail!

    • bernard says:

      I visited club class in fuengerola, and enquired about my ‘investment’. They denied being connected to cash back, but when i feigned interest in yet another plan, they stated that my money was registered and safe, furthermore they would assist me in claiming it. needless to say ,it hinged on my spending yet more money. I have since been contacted by a company called cosumeract offering help, but the service was payable in advance. Fortunately the lady who rang (Michelle Green) is mentioned in some of these blogs working for various companies, thus warning me off. Does anybody know how to pursue my claim against my credit card company, using this clause?

      • Hi Bernard,
        Thanks for your comment.
        We will send you all information you need to see if you can do the claim, and the guidelines on how to proceed.
        Kind regards
        Customer Care

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