Zes Enterprises Ltd, cold caller for Reclaim money and timeshare relinquish..

Another cold caller on the block with a name to remember, Zes Enterprises Ltd.

This company cold calls timeshare consumers and tells them they can get a 75% of the value of their Reclaim Certificates. They claim the money to repay will come from assets of Incentive Leisure Group (ILG) that the Madrid court has frozen.

Here we go again, a supposed UK based company in charge of paying out money held by the Spanish government / courts?

Zes Enterprises Ltd states they are in London, 145-157 St. Johns St, London, EC1 V4PW.

But checking on the UK Companies House does not bring up any company by this name and neither the address.

Their telephone number is:  02071836897

Apart from being able to help with this claim, they also offer help with the relinquish of timeshare in order for the timeshare owner no longer to be liable for the fees. All the timeshare owner needs to do is meet up with the agent from Zes Enterprises Ltd and sign the paperwork they have ready for him.

Supposedly Zes Enterprises Ltd  is registered with the Financial Services Authority and the timeshare owner  would have to give the Zes Enterprises’ agent his credit card number  as a safeguard in case he doesn’t not turn up for the appointment to sign all the paperwork. The credit card would not be used until the appointment day when he would be charged £270 day for admin fees.

Well, that is quiet some story! And all this is coming from a cold call, by somebody working for a company of which no record can be found, and a company that holds personal information from the consumers which actually should not be available to them. To top it off, a credit card payment, or “nonpayment”, because they only want the number…I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one..

Have you been called by Zes Enterprises Limited on telephone 0207 183 6897 ?

Please let us know!

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63 Responses to Zes Enterprises Ltd, cold caller for Reclaim money and timeshare relinquish..

  1. Anne says:

    Just had a phone call from Brian Johnston at ZE Consultancy Group along the same lines as the other cases, there’s now money for people with Reclaim certificates and they had been asked by the liquidators to contact certificate holders. There is a slight difference in the details as the phone number is now 0203 1377463. He gave me a Companies House number of 8005330. He said a consultant would call and that no details of bank accounts or credit cards would be taken but if we got our money back they would want £289. I told him what I thought of everyone who cold called about anything relating to Reclaim and that I didn’t trust anyone involved in this sort of thing any more. I said I’d get back if I was interested. I am glad this mob have been outed and if they ring back I’ll let them know what I really think of them

  2. Colin says:

    I had a call today with the same details. He is ringing me tomorrow when I will tell him his future. If you paid the original deposit by credit card you can get a refund of this from the credit card company under the consumer credit act. If the remainder of the money was paid on a debit card the credit card company is also liable for that also. Look up the Credit Card Act 1975 Colin

  3. IAN says:


  4. John and Wynn says:

    Had same call from Peter Clark, offering us 100% of our money back, providing we see a consultant, cost £289. Sounds very plausible but after checking your website, we wont be bothering! Can’t believe the Government are powerless to shut the crooks down permanently!

  5. Greg says:

    Further to my previous comment, when I declined their offer of help I was told that they would return my file to the Court and that the court would probably write to me. Was this a final attempt to twist my arm?

  6. Greg says:

    Had a call from Brian Johnson from a company calling itself ZE GROUP; address and telephone number is same. All seems very plausible but will not send any details in advance and insist that a visit must be made and PAYMENT must be made at time of visit. Very insistent that although they have Credit Card details payment would NOT be taken unless we were happy with the information that they would provide. He said that they could not actually get the money on my behalf but would provide details of HOW I could claim it!! Obviously I shall not be taking advantage of this offer!

  7. Pholcus says:

    Yes I have, this morning. They claimed that a company who offered us a holiday in Tenerife (EscapeawayHolidays) back in 2010 and then sold us some pure RCI points had gone into liquidation in 2011 and they had been appointed by the administrators to contact all UK people scammed by them. I was told that if I gave them a card number without the ccv number on the back they could not take any money. They promised a visit at which all paperwork would be signed. Our money would be paid out in full within 3 months or so. Tony

  8. John says:

    Received a call this evening from Steven Hardmarch of ZE Consultants and was given all the details of how they could get us our reclaim back. Initially I agreed to a consultant visiting my home as they had ever single detail of transactions made with the timeshare company which made it totally believeable and that what they sold us was illegal and they would get back all monies we had paid out, therefore stupidly I gave my credit card details. I then decided to check the Web site of the company only to discover this is all a sc**, I quickly rang my bank to stop this payment and also cancelled the card to stop them being able to take any money out in the future. I really can’t understand why the police are unable to stop the sc** who do this to hardworking people.

  9. McGarel says:

    Just had a call from Jessica Steven at ZE Consultancy Company – same address and telephone number – telling me that the date and address on the reclaim certificate were wrong and that by meeting with the consultant, signing legal papers and parting with £287 we would receive 68% refund.

  10. willliam says:

    Had a call yesterday from Peter Clark, ZE Consultants. He was going to wave his magic wand and retrieve at least 68% from my reclaim certificate issued by Incentive Leisure Group. He seemed to have all my certificate details down to the contract no. Usual story, offered to sort it all out for me for £289. Just wanted one thing off me, a small detail – my credit card number!!!! Where does all this information come from, does anybody know? Have tried timeshare scam.Con!!! on the internet and they can`t give me an answer!!! Needless to say he didn`t get my credit card details but full marks for trying. By the way received an email from DWVC requesting £75 for membership fee!!! Obviously up and running again. How do they get away with it?

  11. Ted says:

    Here’s a new one to add to the list. I was cold called by Day International of Manchester (tel:- 0161 381 0002) Usual blarney about the assets of ILG & DWVC being held by the courts and being shared out between the victins in proportion to their promised cash back amounts shown on their certificates. Of course legal fees have to be paid – £370 in this case. Do you want to pay by Visa or Mastercard? Don’t worry as you are completely protected by Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act. When I demurred they told me to think about it over the weekend. I told them they had the weekend to get it to me in writing. have heard nothing further from them.

  12. Valerie Asquith says:

    Hi. I had a call from Stephen Hindmarsh, ZE Consultancy Ltd 145 St John’s Street Clerkenwell, London EC1 4PW, phone 02071836897 churning out the familiar (now I have consulted your web site) spiel regarding ILG and Reclaim Certificate – 68.3% to be paid out – consultant will call at home address to fill in paperwork etc. etc. £289 consultancy fee. Stephen will ring tomorrow morning for me to give my Visa or Mastercard number (no way!) I forestalled him by saying that I wished to discuss this with my husband!
    Having suspected this was a scam I look forward to his call tomorrow – how about we’ll pay when the Reclaim amount is in our bank. I guess I know what his answer will be.
    29/10/2012 5.50 pm

  13. kevin says:

    Just received a call from a male giving his name as stephen hindmarsh claiming he works for ZE Consultants ltd address 145 StJohns Street clerkenwell london ec1 4pw phone no 02071836897.H e claims they are working for the reclaim bank on Gibralter to return money to people who had dealings with incentive leisure.All i hsd to do wss book a consultation fpr someone to call at my home address who would fill out all the forms and thos would cost £289.dodnt believe a word he said and hung up.

  14. Maria says:

    Hi just had a call from Steven Hindmarsh of ZE Consultancy Ltd, He was very pleasant and VERY convincing. Same story as everyone else, wanted up front fee of £289 but put him off so I could look up his company, thank god for your website!!!

  15. Paul says:

    Had a call today from John Richardson of ZG Ltd offering similar services which I very nearly fell for but decided to look for them on the net.and stumbled across this.
    As a result I will not be following the enquiry through

  16. Dave says:

    Yes, same story. Just had a follow up call from Nicloa Adams to try to get consultant out to see me. Asked a lot of questions & they had all the answers. Told them that due to being diagnosed with cancer the £285 was a lot of money to me . Seemed sympathetic, but now having read your blog, i realise they dont care or have any principles. Glad i told them i would think about it over weekend & havnt parted with any money! Again is there any legitimate way of getting any monies back?

    • Paul says:

      If you paid by credit card (even though it was only the deposit) yck out of the £9ou can claim all monies back from the credit card company,under the section 75 of the credit consumers act.
      I got £5500 back so give it a try

      Best of luck

  17. David says:

    Thank goodness for your web site!
    I was cold called by Rebecca Taylor, ZES London.
    I fell for it and paid £278 fee but a day later found your web site.
    I called my card company who stopped any payment.
    Thanks for the advice, is there any real way to get the Reclaim Certificate payment?
    Keep up the good work.

  18. Tex says:

    had a call from Nicola Adams Z E Con yesterday. wanted £285 for consultant to call, told her i
    might ring her back. I think not.


  19. Chani Sehmi says:

    I too had a call from Sophie Harrison. Same story as all the others requesting money upfront and
    saying that they will be able to get me the money back too. Tried calling several time always
    answering machine on. The government should take some action to stop these people extorting money.They also had all my details of my memebership number from ILG and the Reclaim Certificate number .

  20. Jim says:

    Received a phone call today, from Rebecca Taylor of Z E London limited! Same story as all the others with a figure of £289 and 66% of original “investment”. I put her of for 24 hours asking that she send me an E-mail setting out her proposals, with details of her company.
    Unless these are the same staff who originally were employed by ILG, I would really like to know where she acquired all my details, including the reference number of my Reclaim Certificate and when the claim is due to be lodged.
    Can nothing be done about these people?

  21. T says:

    Richard Stenson ZE consultancy 24/08/2012- same old storey

  22. Raymond says:

    I too had a cold call from a Sophie Harrison of so called Z E Consultants St Johns St etc, on Monday and having seen all the previous comments on these people I politely told them to get lost.I did ask why don’t they collect payment after they get you your so called refund from reclaim ltd as she said it was 100% certain they would get my money back. She quickly made excuses about its to cover their loses if I were to pull out at the last moment. I said that won’t happen as I am not making any payment up front. She was not very happy and got a bit sharp with me. Can nothing be done to shut such SCA****S down?

  23. Diane says:

    Had a cold call from Melissa from ZE Ltd yesterday (14 Aug) regarding the Reclaim Certificate. She came across much more professional than calls we’ve received from other companies, They are obviously changing their tack. No % refund was mentioned neither did we get into conversation about the cost of this consultation. Was given the impression this would be collected when consultation took place at our home. Made a change to get a phone number from the person calling. Ended conversation by saying I would need to discuss with my husband and would call her back. Hope she’s not holding her breath.

  24. mary says:

    I had a phone call from a Peter Sharp of ZE Consultancy Ltd address and phone same as all the above, called me early this morning as i was rushing to try and go out.Told me the company had been given the task of contacting the 185 thousand people who had been scammed by ILG, also said the money was sitting in a bank in Gibraltar and if i wanted to get my “Reclaim Certificate ” registered properly as my 51 months was nearly up, a consultant would need to visit me and check out all my papers.The % rates were dropping each month and were now down to 66% so i couldn’t expect to get back what i’d originally been lead to believe i would get, said i would need to show proof of ID when consultant turned up as only those that were named on the certificate could sign any papers etc.Unfortunately i’ve fallen for this as i was busy trying to go out and when i asked where he was phoning from, i think i was releaved when he said London, as i actually thought at last all this scamming is going to be finally over and i wont have to worry about this blasted timeshare anymore, I didn’t know about your site…but alarm bells started ringing while i was out so i trawlled through the websites to see if i could find anything about this company, he also told me he traced relatives of the deceased to give them payouts etc….and surprise surprise yet another a***hole has jumped on the band wagon,the consultancy fee asked for this time was £298 i now have to wait until the morning to see if i can stop the card company paying anything out.
    I am soooooo fed up with all this why isn’t the government doing something to stop this and help us get our money back I, like all you others cannot afford to lose all the monies i’ve been duped into parting with, surely some one has the power to put a stop to this….He also told me that if I’d paid out any money via a mastercard that started with a number 5…or a visacard that started with a number4… the card companies were obliged by law to return the monies taken, under the consumer credit act 75..well i’ve tried for a year and a half and they wont return my money.
    I seriously no longer know who to trust anymore….actually i don’t think there is anyone you can trust as re: timeshares…or DWVC either…oohh by the way i’ve had people offering to buy back my DWVC certificate as well…all scams.

    • Ted says:

      Mary: I hope you did get onto your gredit card company the following morning because there is no reason why you should not get your money back. Section 75 and the EU Directive are quite clear. If they continue to be obdurate you can always go to the Financial Ombudsman – in fact my credit card companies ( two ) have refunded me on three seperate claims AND included a leaflet about how to approach the Ombudsman!
      You may have to chivvy them a bit but Breach of Contract and The EU directive should be enough.
      Be tough! Good luck!

  25. Mario says:

    I got a call from the lovely Mr Clarke of ZE Ltd last week and put the phone down on him after hearing the first few moments of his script. He immediately rang again and explained to my answer machine how genuine he was and to ask me to take his calls. He then rang twice again but I did not pick up. Interesting change of tack to have one of these types of companies let you see the number they are calling from. Though I’m not sure if that proves he was calling from London as the number displayed implied. He rang again today and I decided to listen to the speil. No fees mentioned yet, he just explained that “United Kingdom Crown Court” (ooh I’m so impresed!) had allowed six companies to get peoples money back (paraphrasing as previous posts have gone into detail about the how). I couldn’t be bothered to check the reclaim number he quoted me against my certificate as I’m sure it’s correct, but let him ramble on and only objected when he explained that someone would come to my house (as I have a real problem inviting this kind of sc** into my home). Not impressed by his instant response that of course all their people are CRB checked or by the next flip comment he made. Ended the call saying I’ll check my reclaim number tomorrow. Then 5 minutes later he calls again to apologise for the flip comment he had made earlier – oh how sweet (not). Can’t wait for what he says tomorrow when he will no doubt ask me for my credit card number as seems to have happened to other people.

  26. Brian says:

    Brian says:
    Had a call yesterday from a Alan Clarke of ZE Group Ltd, same address and telephone no, as above. Slightly different tack with the payment of £285. Card details to be given over the phone (no chance), but card payment only to be taken if we make an appointment to see one of their consultants, and we are not in when they call. Wasn’t happy with them visiting my abode, he said they can meet you in your local library if necessary. I said I need to check the info I had been given. Cannot find ZE Group Ltd on the companies house register, but there are a huge number of companies registered at that address.

  27. Enid says:

    Just had a call from Peter Sharp, Z E Consultancy Ltd offering all the above.

  28. Paul says:

    Hi my mother received a call today from a Melissa saying the same story as above, she told her that she would need to speak to someone first before she would commit to anything. Then ten minutes later she got another call from someone else saying basically the same story and that they have a website to prove who they were and what they do. (www.reclaimconsultancysl.com) the No that they called from was 02030062787. Has anybody herd of them before?

  29. yvonne says:

    Just called me this morning… Same old thing again money upfront, sorry but I gave her a piece of my mind not getting caught out again! And what do they only have one girl working in this ‘ so called’ office! If they were that true they’d take there ‘admin’ fees when u get your money.. Just like any ppi companys do!!

  30. Reg says:

    Just received a cold call from Antony Darbyshire Phone No 0207 1836897 Stating he was from ZES Consultancy London Ltd of 145-157 St. Johns Street, Londondon EC1V 4PW wanting £190 to claim back money paid out to the Incentive Leisure group. This fee is suposed to cover the cost of a solicitor who will come to visit me to sign the legal documents. Then asked for Credit card details which I declined so then sugested I make a cheque out to Zandar Enterprises London Ltd and post to 54 Cottage Lane, Glossop, Darbyshire SK13 7EH. Told not to state Zandar but cc Anthony Darbyshire on the envelope. The whole thing sounds another sc**, which is why I have started to look into who they really are.

  31. anita says:

    Had a phone call on 29.6.12 from John Watson outlining everything Elaine and Al has said ,practically word for word. Also asked him to phone back on 2.7.12 and speak to my husband which he did. It is so easy to believe when they change there tac tics and word things differently. Luckily this website helped us realise it is a sc** and we didn’t part with any more money.

  32. Diana says:

    I’ve just been called by Melissa Jones of ZE Consulting Ltd. Gave me a similar speil as all the above. She wanted ‘just £189’ (just? that’s quite a bit for us) to start followed by £111 when the consultant visits. Sounded too good to be true so thought I’d check out and thankfully came across this site. I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s been sca****. Makes me feel soooooooo stupid for falling for it in the first place. I’ve also discovered thanks to this site that Solutions Group is a s***, I was wondering about them too.
    Can anyone please tell me if I can get any of my money back paid to ILG by BACS and if so how? Thanks.

  33. Shirley says:

    I had call today from Sophie Harrison of the same address offering 66% reclaim and quoting my certificate number. Costs as quoted by Jos She also offered to help claim back monies I had paid to Ramirez and Ramirez, Half Moon holdings and Solutions group. How many more of them are out there?

  34. JOS says:

    Just had a phone call from Sophie Harrison 22nd June. Same story as all the previous blogs!! This time she wanted £196.00 now but it would be a total of £300. 66% return on your reclaim certificate. One sc** after another. Why cant someone sort this industry out. So many people have lost so much. They just seem to keep getting away with it.

  35. Al says:

    Today, Monday 11 June 2012, my parents have just had the same phone call as Elaine (on 8 June) from John Watson at ZE Consultancy Ltd, same address and phone number. Didn’t want money upfront as they are paid by the courts, but payment would be required to pay the consultant who would come to the house to sort out paperwork, change name on Reclaim cert. He quoted Reclaim Cert Reference. Total of £300, 1st payment of £198. Didn’t want card details as that is illegal over the phone so bank payment or cheque would be fine!
    So glad we found mindtimeshare to check out these scams.
    Regards, Al

  36. Elaine says:

    Hi, my mother in-law received a call from John Watson at Z E Consultancy ltd.145 st Johns Street. Phone no.02071836897.
    Same chat as above, consultancy fee £300. 1st payment £198 to set the paperwork in motion. Said they are paid by the courts to do the legwork and get people their money back! Didn’t want card details, wanted direct banking payment or cheque!
    Sounded good, as usual!
    I asked for a letter on headed paper detailing our conversation to be sent to my in-laws. We would then get back in touch.
    I said we’d be investigating the company, he told me that they didn’t have a web page as they were getting ridiculous claim requests.
    Looks like another scam company.

  37. frank says:

    i have fallen for this scam and have just recieved a phone call to say the rep is on the way.is there any thing i can do to save my money? 10.30.am 22 04 2012

    • Danni Barber says:

      Hi, I had a call from the company today. If I were you I would contact your bank and ask if their legal dept can do anything and refer them to this website. If you paid by cheque then you can of course cancel the cheque

  38. Ernie says:

    Hi all, I too had a call from Mr Darbishire of ZEL etc and his “no up front fee” nonsense figure was £280. Won’t be answering his callback on Wednesday.

  39. Liz says:

    I got a phone call today from Anthony Derbyshire, ZEL Enterprises London Ltd, at the above mentioned address and same phone number. Wanted credit card details for £289.00 only to be paid if I didn’t keep appointment with rep, or on completion of case!!!
    He said they had a court order, that would allow them to cancel time share membership that wasn’t transferred by ILG, clear outstanding fees, and also 65-69% refund on reclaim certificate, and wouldn’t have to wait until the full 51 months.
    How wonderful they make it sound – to good to be true – as usual

    • Sarah says:

      Just lo9ve the way these people change their tack, if only it were true, none of us would be out of pocket and the scammers wouldn’t exist.

  40. GTJ says:

    Called today by Anthony Derbyshire of ZEL Enterprises with similar story to many others, money was being held and he worked for company of lawyers working through Royal Courts of Justice to reclaim said money. “Could get 60 – 65% of the value of the Reclaim Certificate which had not been registered correctly” Meeting would be set up and credit card details would be needed as ‘insurance’ of the meeting taking place. Internet checks show the phone number 02071836897. Internet check shows no company registered with this name, but address postcode shows a mail forwarding company!!! (Does this activity encourage frauds?) What is the next stage? Isn’t this the sort of thing the government should be sorting out rather than the definition of gay marriages?

  41. lloyds mum says:

    called by this shower earlier today – when I kindly asked them to leave us alone as we were not interested – got very short shrift curt response inferring we not interested in you either if thats your attitude – pain in the ass all of them ! – Sunday as well – go away !!

  42. Mo says:

    Mo & Roy had a similar call today from David Campbell wanting £292.18. Been approached by many others, last one P H Legal. Found out they are scammers also, look them up. Thank goodness for this site.

  43. Gordon says:

    Had a cold call from a company called Z E Ltd today, person named Sophie Harrison, usual thing about getting our ‘Reclaim’ money and also settling our Timeshare so we would no longer have to pay maintenance, I was assured it was genuine and not a scam, luckily I told her that I had to discuss it with my wife, so she will call me back on monday, glad I did because I found your web page and you have now confirmed that it is another SCAM. It’s a shame the government dosen’t do something about them, Thanks for this web page, keep up the good work .

  44. sandra says:

    I was called by Sophie Harrison told I needed to pay £289 (interesting how the amount changes) so representaative could come out and go through paperwork! said I had not got my bag and is ringing back Monday, same addess nad phone number as everyone else, Fed up with all these scams. Glad this site is up and running!

    • Malcolm says:

      I too, have been contacted by Sophie Harrison today ( July 17th ), who has upped the price to £296 and is operating under the name of Z E Consultancy Ltd of St John’s St, Clerkenwell. EC1V 4PW Tel: 02071836897 with the same company No. 8005330

  45. john says:

    April 26 at1700hrs
    Also just been contacted by Aathony Derbyshire from ZEL Enterprises same address and tel no. He also asked for my credit card no to make sure that if I did fail to keep an appointment with thier representative thry would charge me £280 He said the Reclaim money was being held at Gibralta and that they were paying out at present around 68% of the claim Told him that I was interesed and would he send me the details by post or e-mail. Iwait to see if anything will arrive if so I will send it onto you Keep up the good work JOHN

  46. Sarah says:

    Just been contacted by Zel consultancy Group, who have a very pink website. They also said certificate was not correctly registered and wanted a consultant to visit us at home. Wanted credit card number but £289 wouldn’t be taken until happy with what consultant said. We refused to give any info over the phone even though he had our reclaim number. Reckoned our money was invested and that they were also Heir hunters and employed by Spanish Government to contact us and after month 51, bank would pay us. I wasn’t aware that ILG actually bothered to invest any money. Can only assume yet another scam. Will await his return call.

  47. John & June says:

    Hi. Ireceived a call fromAnthony Derbyshire from Zel Enterprises London LTD 02071836897, he will call me back on Monday after stating they were registered with the UK company register in London. We will see.

  48. Mike says:

    I had a cold call from ZE consultants of 145/157 St Johns Street, London to day 11th April 2012. I declined their offer of a meeting with one of their consultants and a credit card deposit of £280 for them to register my Reclain Certificate which they said ILG had not registered properly. They had my reclaim ref number——another scam!!!

  49. From Derrick and Dianne

    Same old story…Jennifer Fox of the ZEL Consultancy Group offering to get us back up to 68 per cent of the Reclaim certificate money – for £270 upfront and a visit by one of their experts to sort out all of the paperwork etc. They never stop trying …and we won’t be buying !!!

  50. Alison says:

    Just had a call from ZE Ltd, Alistair Smiley (no relation to Carol so he said!). He offered me 42-53% of my reclaim money back for the money lost through ILG. He quoted my Reclaim certificate number and said I shouldn’t give this out to anyone!!!!!! He wanted a fee of £272 for the Consultant to come out to see us. He is ringing me back tomorrow, oh dear, he will so wish he hadn’t,

    • Lynne says:

      We have just had a call from Alistair Smiley too,working for Z E Ltd.Sounded so convincing,saying they were one of seven companies representing 170000 victims of the Incentive Leisure Group who have the authority to reclaim the funds back and have to reactivate the certificate to enable the funds to be released.He offered us 68% of the of the reclaim money and even had our Reclaim certificate number.He asked for a credit card number saying no money would be taken before an advisor had been to see us,but after that £270 would be debited.I said I wouldn’t give these details over the phone and wanted to discuss what he had told us with my husband.He is calling us back on Sunday,can’t wait!!

    • Alison says:

      Following on from my above message, I was again called by Alistair Smiley to see if I had found my Reclaim certificate. He was not happy at all when I told him that I had done some investigating about his “Company”. The first thing he said was “Oh you have been on Mindtimeshare” website. He began raising his voice and got quite nasty when I told him “yes” and had also looked for the registration for the Company with Company House. He wanted to know where I had looked, obviously to quote the website to the next poor person. Anyway told him to go away in no uncertain terms and put the phone down. I did ring the number back to see how the telephone was answered. No company name given, just Alistair answered the phone saying “Hello, can I help you”,. Not very professional way to answer a telephone.

  51. Geoffrey says:

    I was cold called by a Mark BRIDGFORD (02042012) from ZEL Ltd 146 St John Street EC1V 4PW Tel 02071836897offering 60-65% of a reclaim certificate from DWVC part of ILG leisure stating ILG leisure assets had been frozen by a Spanish Court and for £270.00p on my credit or debit card a consultant would visit my home address to sort out my reclaim certificate.I declined this magnificent offer but Mark has asked me to send an e.mail to info@zandarltd.co.uk declining his offer!!!!

    • Hi Geoffrey,
      Thanks for your comment.
      We have ZES, ZEL and Zandar and they all sound very similar!
      Please do not pay them a penny as they are not to be trusted.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

      • John & June says:

        Hi, This is John & June again, we have just checked with company house and they do have Zel Enterprises Of 145-157 St Johns St, London EC1v 4PW registered under no 8005330. So what do we make of that?

        John & June

      • Hi thanks for your comment
        This is the number for Zandar Enterprises, why would they then say they are ZES Enterprises?
        Did you also see the date they registered? At the end of March 2012, just when we published the blog..
        Kind regards
        Customer Care

    • valclive says:

      Just had a call from a Melissa at ZE consultants same address and phone number – same story but now want £300 to send me a consultant. Valclive

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