30 Responses to URGENT ALERT! OH Control Account requesting outstanding maintenance fees!

  1. lou says:

    lou ive received the same letter as you david asking for money but the letter I got doesn’t say oh control account its just got control account so maybe the person/persons who are doing this scam have seen the letters have been reported because theres a copy of the letters on this site and changed the way they print them, so the letter would look like its real but I believe its another scam letter similar to everyone else on here,because its asking exactly the same as they ast you david and tells you not to contact fedex express europe directly but I dont have an fedex account so I no this letter is a scam,and the number on there letter isn’t the same as the number on the official control account website and also the letter hasn’t been signed which is another give away to show its a scam because all the important letters I receive through the post are signed so I believe its defantly a scam letter ive received I shall be reporting this to fedex tomorrow and the police thanks everyone and please warn people about this.

    • Rachael says:

      Lou, I have one of these letters too from Control Account, addressed to my name and postcode but completely the wrong house number and village. I knew it was a scam straight away as I haven’t ordered any goods using Fed Ex, the paper quality was poor, the way the letter read wasn’t completely professional etc. and have reported this.
      Rachael, Lancashire UK

  2. David says:

    This scam is not only for Timeshare, as I have received one requesting payment related to FedEx who, apparently have sent me a letter for an outstanding bill. This for one of the following charges;
    Import/Export Duty and/or VAT, brokerage fees or transport costs. None of these items concern me, as I have never had any dealings with FedEx either delivering to or transporting for me at any time. The amount they request is fairly small, in my case €30.96, so one could feel that it could be legit. I live in Southern Ireland, so this scam is also going on outside the UK.
    The form looks real except for paper quality, and the postage was done on a franking machine. The phone No. was the first thing that looked wrong as they said it would be charged at local rates. This was an normal type ‘outside area number’ so there is no way local charges would have been taken. There was also a threat of my credit being affected and a County Court Judgement for non payment. The whole thing looked very convincing and I am sure will fool a lot of people.
    This scam should be stopped as soon as possible, but I know that is not as easy as it sounds. I will be taking this letter to my local Police Station and reporting what I know.


  3. JOHN McLAUGHLIN says:

    recieved threatening letter from OH.Controlaccount for arrears.
    the letter concerned club class concierge administration fees arrears supposedly after ignoring recent communications (which i never recieved).
    thank you for all your available information on this subject.


    I have received the same letter from O H Controlaccount. I am so glad I checked out your website, and found out that the letter is a scam. I have been worried sick. Thank you for the warning.

  5. Mrs Nina Wright says:

    I have received a letter fron Anita Bowman of OH.Controlaccount telling me my Annual
    Adminisrtration Charges of £390.42 are outstanding with Club Class Concierge and County Court action wil be taken within 10 days.
    I cancelled my membership with Club Class Concierge in 2010. I am a widow aged 84.
    I have contacted Club Class and they advise me it is a scam. I emailed Oh.Control and made it
    clear I will not send money to J.O’Hannigan, Ulster Bank, Newcastle West, S.Ireland Their letter
    was dated 4.5.12 and posted to Bradford, I live Nr Bradford-on-Avon, Wilts..
    Should I report this to the police, please? I have been targeted by fraudsters before and I
    understand the police have an address to contact which I no longer have.

  6. Barry Ward says:

    Further to my post May 11the, I received this in today’s email:

    Dear Mr Ward,

    OH.ControlAccount are a debt recovery service and not the Holiday Company with whom your Holiday asset resides. All of the information we hold regarding outstanding debts, is given by the client, in this case your current/past Holiday Club management. We apologize for any inconvenience or distress caused and will pass your comments back to our client. We will speak with our client and clarify their request for this outstanding debt. Until such time that we have clarification, no further action will of course be taken. It is sometimes the case that a clerical error has been made by our client.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Anita Bowman.

    She is using the following email address:
    john hannigancontrol

    Still sounds fishy…

  7. a richards says:

    hello , just recieved a letter from oh.controlaccount … have tried to call them 3 times and got no answer , no voicemail/answer machine , so alarm bells started to ring ….. i checked out company and found this site……… surrendered my policy about 8 yrs ago so was baffled as to why they are sending me a letter claiming i have outstanding debt on my annual adminstrations…..

    should i report this to the police ?

  8. Barry Ward says:

    I received a letter from OH.Controlaccount as well, but redirected from an I address I moved away from several months ago, informing me I owed Club Class Concierge membership fees, despite having cancelled a couple of years ago. I told the lovely Anita, in an email reply, to go and boil her head. Waiting for a response. I note that she is using a gmail.com email account – very professional … NOT

  9. Daphne says:

    We are members with ClubClass Concierge and received a letter from OH.Control account while we were on holiday. After our initial anger with CCC for not having sent notifications of any unpaid fees, I noticed that the bank details were totally different from previous payments. Will these scammers never leave us alone? Thank you for posting this information.

  10. Jan Critchley says:

    I am so relieved after finding your website. Thank-you!
    Its brought me peace of mind after receiving such a letter from OH.Controlaccount today (10th May 12) about demanding payment for Club Class Concierge admistration charges. I was suspicious as I know I have closed the account two years ago and have all the paper work. I had also noticed the address as being NewBond Street, Mayfair, London but payment was to be sent to Ulster Bank in County Limerick Ireland.

  11. rob says:

    just got the letter this morning.many thanks for info Rob

  12. lindylady says:

    Before we found this site I telephoned both numbers on the letter but there was no reply. I also emailed them but the email came back to me as undelivered. Isn’t there any way these people can be caught and brought to justice? I wonder just how many people have sent money without trying to contact them first? I dread to think!

  13. Julia Grant says:

    Received a letter just like above. Thank You so much for all your helpful advice. Its awful to think these people are so arrogant as to try and in some case’s get away with such greedy nasty deceit

  14. lindylady says:

    My parents have received a letter from OH.Controlaccount dated 27th April saying my parents owe money to Club Class Concierge, they are threatening County Court Judgement. So pleased we found this site!

  15. Lisa Baxter says:

    I am, unfortunately with Club Class Concierge and received this letter today (02/05/12). Thanks for the info.

  16. Smifffy says:

    RE Club Class and OHC.
    Have been harassed over the last few weeks over fees we don’t believe we are liable for under our contract. It started with a cold call offering to sell our membership which then led to demands for outstanding fees which became more desperate than aggressive all for varying amounts and for cancellation fees they seem to make up as and when it suits them. they have not provided documentation to back their claims merely threats which fortunately for us are “water off a ducks back” .
    We have now received a letter from OH.Controlaccount regarding an outstanding invoice we have never had which bears no relation to any of the amounts Club Class are chasing and we have had nothing from Club Class notifying us of any collection agency handling this case, we could pay this amount and have no way of knowing if the money would go to them at all.

    It seems to us that this is a very peculiar coincidence, Club Class are involved in some sort of scam or someone has obtained a lot of peoples files and are just trying their luck knowing that many people when approached this way will simply pay up.

  17. Paula says:

    I have received e-mails from some of our ex clients of Club La Paz Resort in Tenerife. Even though the resort is being sold as part of John Palmer’s bankruptcy this office advised the clients they still need to pay the fees, which is obviously not the case. Luckily these customers contacted me first and we have now warned others. I hope that no one has paid anything to this company. I also recommend that any members or owners of any timeshare resorts or clubs always contact your usual management office or resort on the standard e-mail addresses or telephone numbers before parting with any funds of any kind.

  18. Brenda & Brian Pearce says:

    We have also received a letter threatening Court Action, having received no previous communications, as stated in their letter. We also have not owned a Timeshare for at least 15years and do not owe any monies.We are so glad that we checked on google.
    Thank you for your information, it has at least put our minds at ease.

    • Thank you for your comment.
      We are glad that the blog was at help in this matter.
      Thanks goes to the consumer who quickly emailed us the letter when she received this and gave us the opportunity to warn everybody straight away!
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  19. liz says:

    I have recieved two letters one theatening court action. Thankfully i googled them and found your postings.

    • Hi Liz,
      Thanks for letting us know.
      The letter sounds actually very threatening and we wouldn’t be surprised if some poor people will fall for this and pay it without hesitation.
      Glad you found the blog though!
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  20. Tim Matthews says:

    I too have today received a request for outstanding Community/Maintenance Charges for a timeshare apartment I no longer own at Tenerife Sun Club (which has since closed at the end of last year). Having fallen victim to timeshare/exclusive holiday scams over the years I now check the internet to check whether the company, in this case OH.Control Account, so I am pleased to see that this scam has already been flagged up by MIndshare Consumer Organisation. Thank you!

  21. bob bishop says:

    i am giad that i went on the internet to see about this Company as we were going to pay it, but after reading your report i am verey thank full for your info.

    • Hi Bob,
      Thanks for your comment.
      Well we are very glad you checked the web first.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

      • Robert Rees says:

        I was asked by a very sick friend to look into this threatening letter he received. I went online to find out more about this company and thank god I found you. My friend has been so worried as he hadn’t long to live and didn’t want his wife to be lumbered with this matter. His relief to find its all bogus has cheered him up so much. Well done for diverting this scam and i’m sure you have saved many innocent people thousands.

        Bob rees

  22. Reply received by Mindtimeshare from the Operations Manager of Control Account, Mr. Jefferies.

    2012/4/11 Richard Jefferies

    Thank you for your email

    We have had a selection of calls received from members of the public who have received a letter from OH.Controlaccount chasing monies on behalf of Club Praia de Oura in Portugal.

    The letter advising of a contact number of 0845 649 2988 and an address of 71b New Bond Street, Mayfair, London, W1S 1RR. The sender of these communications is however also quoting the Registered Office, Company Registration and OFT Licence number for Controlaccount plc.

    The communications request that recipients settle outstanding sums directly to a bank account based in County Limerick and appears to be a fraud.

    We confirm that:
    • Controlaccount plc has no connection with an OH Controlaccount nor is chasing payment on behalf of Club Praia de Oura based in Portugal
    • this matter has been reported by Controlaccount plc to the Police, The Credit Service Association, Trading Standards and the Office of Fair Trading
    • Controlacount plc is suggesting to persons receiving these letters not to part with any money and that they report the matter to their local Trading Standards

    Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact me

    Kind Regards
    Richard Jefferies
    Operations Manager
    Controlaccount plc

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