Asociados de Hacienda, a fraudulent cold caller from Málaga

We don’t use a lot the word fraudulent but in this case we have no problem to put it as clear as it is, Asociados de Hacienda is a fraudulent cold caller!

This company which supposedly is based in Calle Puerto 9 – 12, 29601 Malaga, Spain, cold calls timeshare consumers to notify them of the sale of their timeshare and the fact they need to pay an 8% tax over the sales price.

Explanation is once again the “famous” NIE number, the Tax Registration number which they claim is necessary for this transaction.

Asociados de Hacienda even spent time on elaborating a website where they display logos of the Spanish Tax Office and pretend to be genuine lawyers dealing with real estate sales and tax declarations.

The website was registered on the 29th of March 2012 and lacks all information required for a website.

As contact number they have  Spanish mobiles +34 602 155 609 or +34 603 332 411

The timeshare owners, who informed us about this scam, did luckily their research and realized that the supposed Tax payment form 214 that was sent to them has not been in use for over 3 years now. Neither did they find it logical that the tax payment was to be done to an individual with a British name; Paul Robert Strickland on a different address; Senorio De Aloha, Avda Manolete, 29660 Nueva, Andalucia, Malaga

Please be extremely cautious when companies like Asociados de Hacienda or any other claiming to be working on behalf of the Spanish Government or Tax Offices, as these companies are not for real!

DO NOT pay ever money by bank transfer, Western Union or Money Gram in names of individuals that supposedly work for Lawyers offices, notaries or other official institutions in Spain.

Have you been called by Asociados de Hacienda from 0034602155609 or 0034603332411 ? Please let us know!

You can place a comment or write to us at

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9 Responses to Asociados de Hacienda, a fraudulent cold caller from Málaga

  1. Kay says:

    I have just been contacted by a lady called Liz Harper who says she works in a government building and has an amount of £7300 being held by the Spanish court awaiting release to us from amounts that we got scammed on a few years ago. She had all the details and sounded very plausible. She did get a little defensive when I questioned the validity of all this especially when she said that we would have to transfer by international bank transfer an amount of £599. When questioned further and after her phoning back several times she said she worked for the Notary Hacienda and gave me the telephone no of 0034602585335, however the no. coming up on my phone was 01269 849892 which was unobtainable when rung back. Anyone else heard from Liz Harper?

  2. Sue says:

    Hi. I have been contacted today by a lady called Maribelle from Asociados de Hacienda, telling me that a court case is being heard tomorrow in Malaga pertaining to claiming back monies owed to time share owners. My case is being included, apparently, with a possible £32,000 refund, some of which will be a charge to the court. However, because I “do not exist” in Spain, I will be expected to pay £950 for the cost of the prosecutor should my monies be awarded to me. This smells of yet another scam to me. I would appreciate your advice.
    Thank you.

  3. Kate says:

    My dad has been contacted by a man claiming to be called Steven Slater and from the spanish inland revenue, he told them that he is investigating Summer Sun International who have deposited some money in his name for the sale of his timeshare. My dad was suspicious and asked for some paperwork, he emailed the Form 214 (apparently 3 years out of date) and it came from an Asociados de Hacienda email address, it appears he may have changed his MO, the address is the same but he gave a different telephone number. Above mentioned Summer Sun International are a cold calling company who claim they can sell your timeshare but ask for a payment upfront, Dont send any money! We are glad we have read this page and will now wait for ‘Steven’ to phone back as he has threatened to!

  4. mark baker says:

    I had the same telephone conversation today

  5. SUE D says:


    • Last week we were contacted by James Lawson who said that he represented Ministerio de Economia Y Hacienda and that they held £12,000 in our name and, in short, to enable them to send these funds to us we would need to pay £840 Spanish Tax. We have today, by e-mail, received forms from the above claiming to hold £12,000 in our name and we need to complete the forms and pay £840 (representing 7% tax) so that we can have this money transferred to our bank.

      Historically and for your information, we were contacted in January of this year by a company called “HR Direct” (Holiday Rentals Direct) who advised us that they had a customer who wanted to buy our membership of Club Class Concierge. We were assured that the funds were in place. For this we would be paid £10,600 but we had to give them a credit card number which would be debited by £1500 which represented an “insurance” premium that would be refunded when the sale was completed. This sale would be completed with 6 weeks. A few days later we received the paperwork and, in good faith, signed the necessary forms having been assured that most of the conditions would not apply and in any case we would have “insurance” with our Credit Card company and so proceeded to pay the premium. Needless to state time passed and we were advised that the customer/client was not able to raise the funds but HR Direct would continue to market our membership.

      Contact was made about three months later to say that a company in London wanted to buy this membership as a corporate gift and for this we would be paid £13,000 but the representative of this company wanted us to pay £3,000 to ensure the deal would go through. We advised that we did not have that amount of money and we were thanked for our time. No business could be completed.

      Further contact was made a couple of months ago by HR Direct to say that they had a purchaser and that we would be paid £10,600 plus our £1,500 by Friday of that same week provided we paid, through Western Union, £1,580 Spanish Tax. When we said that we were not prepared to pay any more money to anyone the caller hung up!

      According to the paperwork received today by e-mail, £840 is required to be paid to Sarina Ruth Garber, Senorio de Aloha, Avda Manolette 6, Portal b, 29660 Nueva Andalucia, Malaga.

      We are expecting a call from James Lawson tomorrow morning and suspect that he will ask if we are going to complete the forms supplied and make arrangements to pay the £840 to a Western Union representative in a town nearby.

      From your website, we now understand that this is also a scam and will advise James Lawson that we do not wish to go forward with the proposal.

      Any advice would be appreciated.

      • Shelley says:

        Exactly the same thing is happening with me right now. I fortunately just found this and feel like a complete idiot. I am supposed to be receiving a call tomorrow but she has just told me (Mrs Gomez) that if I don’t pay the tax I will lose my deposit which I paid on my credit card. Any ideas on how to get the deposit back ??? I know my credit card company will be funny about it as they’ll say I willingly paid it 😦

      • shelley48 says:

        Exactly the same thing is happening with me right now. I fortunately just found this and feel like a complete idiot. I am supposed to be receiving a call tomorrow but she has just told me (Mrs Gomez) that if I don’t pay the tax I will lose my deposit which I paid on my credit card. Any ideas on how to get the deposit back ??? I know my credit card company will be funny about it as they’ll say I willingly paid it 😦

  6. liz says:

    Can you please tell me why, if you can find out these things about these companys and they are scamming innocent people, if this is fraud and they have started up there companys just to con people out of money, then why on earth are the spanish police or fraud squad not arresting these people and running them out of town or taking them to court, is it easier for the spanish goverment to ignore this cancer which is rife throughout spain, they should never be allowed to get started without some sort of search from a governing body…They devestate people and thier lives and there seems no end to the amount who keep starting up.

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