Have you booked a bonus-week with Resort Care Europe or RCE?

A new fly-buy company is cold calling timeshare consumers under the name of Resort Care Europe.

Resort Care Europe SL was registered at the Spanish Companies House in March 2012 and their company address is at Carrer Serra del Montgó – La Nucia – Alicante 03530 Spain

Resort Care Europe SL with telephone numbers 845 862 1484 , +34 966860211 and +34 966860888   doesn’t seem to have a website, which is a bit strange for a holiday company that needs to show their customers what they have on offer.

The consumers who have contacted told us the agent on the phone linked his name to an RCI account which he closed over ten years ago and now they were offered  2 weeks free holiday in a five star resort with flights for up to 6 people, spread over 5 years.

Researching a bit more about Resort Care Europe (RCE) has brought to light that they are connected with Resort Servie Care.

Resort Servie Care (RSC) is a company that has several articles on this blog due to the fact they have done a lot of cold calling and they actually like to pretend to be from the consumers resort or exchange company such as RCI.

You can read more about Resort Servie Care on the following link: https://mindtimeshare.me/?s=resort+servie+care

The fact that Resort Servie Care (RSC) uses the pitch to be calling from RCI or being connected to RCI and now Resort Servie Care (RSC) also throws in the name of RCI is quiet worrying.

Consumers might take down their guard by hearing a familiar name, and for this same reason pay for the mentioned offer.

It is only after the payment is taken and the confirmation arrives at their home when they realize it has nothing to do with a company they know, and the accommodation is not guaranteed to be of the standard of RCI or their home resort neither.

Other terms and conditions might also apply such as the obligation of attending a sales presentation during the holidays or an age limit for the people travelling.

It is always recommendable to ask for Terms and Conditions of these kinds of offers prior to payment!

Have you been called by Resort Care Europe SL or RCE from telephone 08458621484 ? Maybe you were told they were RCI or your resort? Please let us know!

You can send us a direct message at customercare@mindtimeshare.com or place a comment on our blog.

About mindtimeshare

Mindtimeshare SLU is registered Company reg number: B35957182 Mindtimeshare provides assistance to timeshare owners who have been defrauded by holiday clubs and bogus resale companies. The Mindtimeshare project was launched in February 2011. After dealing with timeshare members over several years who had been defrauded by numerous bogus companies and for large amounts of money, I considered launching an Organisation to help timeshare owners that have been targeted by bogus companies. On this blog you can find information about the different active scam companies and their “modus operandi” and also place comments, ask questions and see comments from other consumers who have the same doubts or have been through the same experience. Mindtimeshare has resulted in a huge success and has received the back up from not only timeshare consumers but also from the professionals in the timeshare Industry. Mindtimeshare helps timeshare owners who have been scammed by bogus Discount Holiday Clubs; bogus cash back companies; fraudulent timeshare resale companies; bogus class action companies and false lawyers and notaries. We offer professional answers and advice to Timeshare users. If you want to send an email instead of posting a comment on the blog please do so by emailing: customercare@mindtimeshare.com
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67 Responses to Have you booked a bonus-week with Resort Care Europe or RCE?

  1. debbie says:

    I HAVE had all papers from resort care europe from 2013 I still keep getting getting calls even when i have paid to keep in the system Ihave paid over £1000 for holidays I cant take how can i get my money back these people are evil

  2. Shelagh says:

    Has anyone actually booked a holiday after paying their £199? I was thinking of using the 3 night hotel in England but having read all these reviews am reluctant to send off the booking form.

  3. Mak says:

    Hi All

    Beware this is a ****. I have just had a phone call from a lovely sounding lady calling herself Julie Mathews. She is based in Alicante (phone no 0845-862-1496) working for a company called Resort Europe. Claims to affiliated with time share companies Club Lacosta, RCI, Diamond Resort etc. She had great news for me. I was entitled to two “golden weeks” of holiday including travel for up to 6 people, anytime anywhere in Europe or worldwide all for £199.00. She then asked for my address to which I replied “If you are part of RCI and have my details you should have my details on your system”. She said it was technical hitch!!!
    I then asked Julie why about the special offer and she said it’s because I have regularly paid my maintenance fees for many years without default. I have always had them but they are due to expire shortly, so to secure the bonus week all I have to do is pay them in advance £199.00. !!!!!!!
    This was too good to be true, so I checked on line and hey presto “wow wow its magic you know, never believe in Julie Mathews”

  4. Chris says:

    I had a call claiming to be from Diamond Resorts (the company with which I have 4000 points) saying that I was entitled to two”golden weeks”. If I gave 6 weeks notice I could book wherever and whenever I wished and be sure of getting my wish. I just had to pay £238 to bank these weeks to use in the next two years. I foolishly gave my debit card details over the phone and found that £407 had been taken from my bank account by a company called Resort Care Europe.

    It seems like fr*** to me. I phoned 0845 862 1496 and got an answerphone. I left a message asking them to explain why they had taken £407 when they had asked for £238 – no reply yet.

    • Stacey says:

      Ive just had a phone call from the one and only JULIE MATTHEWS claiming to be from a travel agency based in Alicante called RESORT EUROPE and I was very glad to hear that the timeshare I handed back over 4 years ago still had 2 weeks outstanding that I could use in a 5* resort for up to 6 people if I just paid the 199 pounds expiration release fee to allow them to be used whenever we wanted and I would also be lucky enough to get a FREE voucher allowing another 6 of us a UK/European weekend break in a 5* hotel with return flights included all for handing over the 199 pounds there and then. The number they are using now is a Spanish one 965888406 and as we were in our Spanish holiday home at the time I decided to phone them back as she called my UK mobile. I was greeted with a lovely shpeel from a charming girl called Kate and as she was a newcomer I was then handed over to her supervisor JULIE MATTHEWS. Oh and as I hadn’t received the email at Christmas explaining about the expiration of today I was automatically given another week for the inconvenience, just like that!!! JULIE MATTHEWS YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF!!!

      • Robert says:

        Snap, mine came from”Bonus Weeks Breaks” and “Resort Servie” both promising exactly the same after I paid £197. I asked them to send me a brochure which they agreed to do, *after I had paid the £197* No Chance. “But Sir, what is to be done with them?” I told her to throw them away and after that I gently replaced the receiver.
        They are lying if they tell you that they are part of RCI.

  5. Graham says:

    Thank you to all you caring people who have taken time to post ‘warning comments’ to others, after your own horrible experiences. I for one have taken your comments to heart and it will save me £398 asked for by the evil witch Julie Matthews.
    Thank you.

    • Margot says:

      I have just had a call from resort europe saying I have 2 weeks entitlement for paying my diamond resort fees asking for £399 that would bank my weeks and I could use them later. This is a first from this company. There phone number was 0034965888087 when I checked this it did not come up so I called back to check the name of the company and it was the same person that had called earlier you could tell it was a callcentre Denise was her name why would diamond resorts give me entitlement weeks for paying my fees when I am trying to get out of diamond resort!!!!!!!!


  6. Dally says:

    Sally D I have also paid £199.00, no information other than 2 letters, Phone No on them 0845 862 1496. Phoned this week 22nd January 2014 saying I had 3 weeks which are due to expire soon besides the 2 weeks I have on paper.

  7. Grace says:

    I see that Resort Care Europe are still at it! They have called before and I’ve asked them to remove my name from their mailing list. I received a call from Poppy yesterday offering 6 free flights with a promise that my existing weeks would never expire for a payment of £199. She insisted they were not a promotional company and there would be no presentations, probably correct as I doubt there are any actual holidays! The number she gave me was 0845 8621496. I asked if they had a website, she said I could only access it with her managers (Charlotte’s) password and username. Charlotte asked if I was online and offered to guide me through website, I said I was in the middle of cooking a meal and could I do it later. She said obviously she couldn’t give me the password and username so I wondered how she was going to get me online in the first place. Anyway fortunately I’m aware of mindtimeshare and to get rid of them said I’d call back at a more convenient time.

    • sue says:

      How interesting I has exactly the same phone call yesterday! Told them I was too busy and when asked to pay £199 to ensure that my “bonus weeks” didn’t expire my suspicions were confirmed. These people should be taught a very heard lesson. I didn’t fall for it and said that I would prefer to loose them

      • Barry says:

        I was given a password/username on the confirmation letter but every time I tried to log in nothing happened! At present I am having correspondence with my credit card supplier to see if I can claim a refund. Watch this space.

    • Robert says:

      How many people have been conned, lied to and had their intelligence insulted by these con-artists. I have lost count of the ‘phone calls from Resort Servie and their sister companies. When I questioned them about these ties they denied any connections, even when I told them that it was stated on-line.
      I now refuse to enter into conversation with them as there are more important things to do in life i.e.watching grass grow in my garden.
      I am going to get a blocker put on their number.

  8. Hatty says:

    just had a call.very nice as I too have 2 weeks expiring today with extra flights etc.etc. I reckon I get called every day and usually answer and say I am the cleaner just to get rid of them but today I listened to their tale. I am waiting for Clare Reynolds – the manager – to call me back, so that I don’t miss out on the offer which obviously is expiring today at 3pm. £199 needs to be paid for my weeks to be re-entered into the system and they will not expire. !! I cannot understand how people like this actually can do this work knowing full well that they are conning folk. I wonder if any of their senior family members are getting these calls. I can’t wait for Clare to call me, wonder if she will remember ?

    • Christine says:

      I had the same call and I silly enough to pay. I did a 1471 and found they were ringing from Spain even though the number she gave me was a 0845 number. I have cancelled but don’t know if I will get my money back. Good luck Christine

      • Chris says:

        I have similar story! It took months and many unavailing e-mails to Resort Care Europe customer care(!!) and a refund was refused before I managed to get my credit card company to get my money refunded.I was originally assured that I could use flights only which was not true thus product miss sold. Since then I still get constant calls from them about these weeks which are about to expire!
        I hope you got your refund.

      • Sally says:

        Hi Christine, did you get the money back? Still battling myself.

    • sue says:

      hi i was contacted by resort care europe by clare renolds this july 2014 so its still going on i have stupidly parted with money .

  9. K. C says:

    I have been contacted by a company called Resort Care Europe, same old story as above 2 weeks holiday plus 6 complimentary flights, They seemed to have my old RCI details and ref number, They then asked for my address to which I replied “If you are part of RCI and have my details you should have my address on your system” excuses were given as to why they did not have my address on their system blaming it on their IT man who had been working on their system that morning. I then asked them where they were based and was told they are based in Alicante, I asked if they had a base in England and was told they have an office in Gateshead, I then asked for the Gateshead phone number but she could not supply this as she would have to log out and go into their address book,which I insisted she should do,I was given a number and I rang this number on my mobile phone while still talking to resort care Europe,It was an un-recognised number,she then apoligised and gave me another number, which again I rang only this time to receive a company called Ali`s taxis,she blamed then the computer system and said she would ring me back,I am still waiting for them to ring back but decided in the meantime to look on line and found this site,after reading all your letters I was horrified but deep down not suprised. I will not be taking them up on their offer. One other thing I did ask was how can they supply a 2 week holiday plus 6 flights for £199.00. I was told it was paid for by all the maintenance fees that I had paid over so many years, I was not convinced and rememberedthe old saying If it sounds to good to be true it probably is to good to be true.

  10. susan says:

    omg.I done the exact same thing myself,payed £199.to keep my membership..which I have to say have never used,i think I paid over £400 a few years ago,what an idiot Ive been,well all of us have. The person who rang me about 2 months ago was named levi,then the boss Natalie came on the phone. she was so very persistant I really thought she was genuine.HOW are these scu* allowed to get away with ri***** vunerable people off, Im in my 60s and believe people are truthful.there you go live and learn….or do we???

    • Chris says:

      I was called by Resort Care Europe Julie Mathews took my details her number was 08458621496 she said I was owed these weeks for when I had a timeshare. The number I was called on (after doing 1471 ) was a spanish number 0034966491129. This was on June 20th I have received no brochure as promised so I have rang my credit card company and put a stop to my card. Thanks to this site I may get my money back. I am going to Moraria in Spain in September and it seems they have an office there would love to know where has anyone any idea. Thanks again Chris

      • Heather says:

        I am sorry to say I was conned by this woman also to the sum of £398.00 for two weeks, I have now been corresponding with a David Reed, sales manager, he comes over as being polite but is extremely sly and refuses to refund, he admitted that RCI was included in the conversation but could not be held responsible for my assumptions, even although in their terms and conditions it states that to be able to use their holiday offer you need to be a couple and have to declare your salary, I pointed out that I am a widow with no partner but he still refused to refund me. A BIG C** I shall be wiser now in the future. Heather

  11. Feeling rather stupid! says:

    Uh-Oh! It would appear that i to have been duped :/
    This company rang my 93 year old grandmother who got herself into a panic thinking she was going to lose these weeks. She asked them to call me and they asked if i wanted to take the weeks over. Like an idiot i said sure and handed over my credit card details to pay the £199 admin fee.
    They said id could expect details in the post along with info of my 6 free flights.
    When nothing arrived i google searched the company name and found this website.
    Have now contacted my credit card company who have put a stop on my card and re ordered me a new one so this company cant take any more money. They have passed it on to the security and fraud department. I don’t know if ill get the 199 back at least they can’t take anymore.
    They sounded like they knew what they were talking about! I honestlybeleived them, after all my nan does have a timeshare which is used mainly by my mum. It never occured to me that they weren’t from our timeshare company.
    Id be interested to know if anyone actually has had any sort of hoilday out of these people??

  12. Robert says:

    Almost every day I am called by one of these dubious companies, but today I had a tiny bit of revenge.She had an answer for everything, so all I said was “Yes my love”, “No my love” which is normal chat where I live.She became quite irate, told me that I was “NOT her love” before hanging up.
    Robert 1 Resort Care 0
    Will keep you up to date if they try a new tact.

  13. Stewart says:

    I received a call from Resort Care Europe on +34 965 973 619 from a guy called “John Curtis”. Very respectable sounding and claiming I was owed 2 weeks vacation. I quizzed him about the names and told him my number is TPS registered, and he asked if I was going to send the police round. I hung up.

  14. Sarah says:

    I have just received a phone call from Resorts Europe, telling me I had been awarded 2 bonus weeks with 6 return flights included at a resort of our choice within Europe for £199 per week. I said I had never heard of them and asked for their web site address. The chap then called over his supervisor, Des Thompson, who tried to do the hard sell to get the money. He said they didn’t have a web site because they worked for the holiday resorts. He thought I was an ex-owner at CPO in Portugal (Petchy Leisure). Anyway, whilst speaking to them I googled Resorts Europe and found this site straight away. Thank you for all your comments – I didn’t take the bait!

    • sue says:

      I have sadly been caught out, what is the best thing to do now. Have received some papers but guess its not worth the paper its written on Suggestions please


      • Tyrone says:

        Hi Sue
        You wont be the first or the last to be caught out from all accounts they are opening another 2 offices in Javea and Moraira Spain , which means more people falling into the trap. You will get your holiday (I have heard) but with hidden extra’s to pay and also you will have to go to a hard sell timeshare meeting at the resort

      • sue says:

        thanks in that case perhaps I had better try and book something sooner rather than later, and I am usually very good at putting insistent people off, and do not like being browbeaten.

      • dr Ken says:

        I have had dealings with RSC (resort Servie Care),and recently by RCE (Resort Care Europe),who are apparently the same company under a new name.
        AS I was unable to acess the promised holidays,I contacted my credit card co.who after two attempts refunded my money.
        Have nothing to do with these xxxx timeshare companies,they are parasites preying on the timeshare owners,always check them out on line,there is a plethora of victims out there,sadly.
        they should be stopped,by the european authorities,then they will relocate to US or far east.

  15. sonia says:

    LIKE AS ALL THE ABOVE I PAID BY CARD 199.00 TO PRETECT MY WEEKS . i have emailed David xxxx and he replied say that i was not assuming i was talking to rci so will not get a refund . can anyone advise me where to go from here

    • Jeff says:

      Contact your bank and speak to the fraud department. They can put a traceon the transaction and recall the money. My parents retrieved a £400 plus a £199 refund this way. This was all started under the ex- RCI scam.

  16. DOUG says:

    I have had the same experience as all of your fellow time share owners on two separate calls made in two days .Unfortunately I made two payments amounting to almost £800.00 .Having since read your comments and those of your contacts on the internet I requested a refund of my money .The reply came today 14 days after my request and the news is not good and my request was declined.Have you any suggestions what can be done ,I have spoken with my two banks in an attempt to stop the payments and they said only until Fraud was proved to taken place ,could they then do anything DOUG

    • Jeff says:

      Think carefully. They do not provide any feedback or deliver any information as promised. None of what they offer comes to any agreed delivery. Therefore this is fr***. They use all sorts of spurious comments to hook people in. They have nothing to do with RCI which they purport is where you are due some free/cheap holiday from.

    • Tyrone says:

      Hi Doug, I feel so sorry for you, all I can say is expose the company to the local papers in Spain as they are based in Alfas Del Pi in Spain, the papers are English and would back you and look into the story, they are on the internet ….Euro Weekly and Around The Town, hope this helps you to get your money back..I look forward to reading it

  17. Eddie says:

    My wife had a call earlier today from a Poppy from RCE and she called back just now to speak to me. Similar stuff about holidays for 6 flights included at a resort of our choice for £199. Too good to be true? Seems so from reading other comments. Asked her to email me and after a pause she said she would. Guess I’ll just get spammed now though. Spoke to Diamond Resorts (who she said she acted for along with RCI) and they’d never heard of RCE. Reading other comments that surprises me as bona faide timeshare companies need to police their industry and make sure their customers don’t get ripped off.brcirst. Poppy is supposed to call back again tomorrow at which point she will be asked if she minds working for a firm that rips (often vulnerable) people off. I wonder how she would take to het elderly parents/grandparents being done by one of her colleagues?

  18. Chris says:

    My mum was contacted by a company called Resort Care Europe (most likely Resort Servie Care) partly claiming to be part of the RCI group which my parents had a place with years ago.

    In a nutshell she was railroaded into parting with cash over the phone for a holiday in 5 star accomodation anywhere in the world. She is getting on a bit and realised she may have made a bit of a mistake and called me. I looked into it and they are nothing to do with RCI and there are warnings about them on the internet with stories of folk who have done the same but no real advice what to do, such as on this site.

    Firstly I told her to cancel her credit card so no further payments were taken and contacted the company asking for a refund. They refused saying there was no cooling off period as part of the contract. However they didn’t send any contract. In fact no paperwork at all.

    Secondly I rang Barclaycard but they were no help saying they can’t refund until goods don’t arrive or you are not given what you paid for.

    Fast forward a few weeks and I called them for a Resort Directory as their website is log in only, doesn’t appear in a serch engine and pretty pathetic for a “holiday company” with very little in the way of description on destinations. To be fair they did send me their Resort Directory and a booking form both of which look like a 7 year old has done them on Excel!!

    On the directory there are destinations, for how many people and how many days/weeks nothing more. Most of the destinations have stars next to them saying they require extra payment for those (surprise surprise) and most of what I have looked at are definitely NOT 5 Star!!

    I then performed and experiment. I emailed 27 of the “resorts” on their “brochure” asking if they had ever heard of Resort Cae Europe? 14 have so far replied. 1 has heard of them, 2 aren’t sure but make some comment about dealing with a lot of holiday companies and 10 have emailed back to say that they have never heard of them. Two were rather scathing commenting that I should leave this company well alone. Interesting from Hotels on their website saying things like that!!!

    What does intrigue me is that I can’t find a record anywhere on the internet that suggests anyone has actually had a holiday with them as in actually arriving at a resort!

    Anyway, I have contacted Trading Standards and they put me through to Action Fraud.police.uk
    They have given us a case number and stated that my mum should get her money back as part of being involved in fraud.

    Niot sure what the thing is regarding leaving numbers on here so just Google Action Fraud and put your comments to them. The more who do the more hance that they may finally catch up with these parasites.

    • Tyrone says:

      the best way you could deal with this is not through the UK but do a ‘DENUNCIATION’ on the company, any one can do it, you dont have to live in Spain, (which means to denounce the company for being untrue or false) and hopefully it would put a stop to this problem

  19. ross says:

    Had 3 calls today to say that i was due a 3 week holiday with flights for 6 people all for the price or 1 payment of 395-00p pounds, Resort Europe should be legally stopped as people are losing there savings to these villians.Totally agree with what Stewart said, they should all be banged up.

  20. Stewart says:

    I had a cold call on Tuesday from a ‘Sally from Resorts Europe’ telling me I had 2 free weeks from RCI that were expiring that day, but for a ‘£198 rebanking fee’ I could extend them for 5 more years. I pointed out that I was actually a points member, not a weeks one, so she passed me to her supervisor ‘Julie’ who said that was OK. She gave the usual patter about not being able to put anything in writing, which immediately alerted my ‘scammers antennae’. I said I’d need to consult my partner & got a phone number off her of 0845 8621484 to ring her back, which gave me time to track down this website & confirm my fears. She phoned back the next day. I told her I didn’t have a credit card, asked who I should make the cheque out to & what address to send it to. Of course she said they didn’t accept cheques as ‘they could get lost in the post’. I then told her she was clearly a crook and a scammer. Of course, she denied that ‘Resorts Europe’ were anything to do with Resort Care Europe or RSC, despite giving me the same phone number as them!!! End of conversation.

    When are the police in the UK & Spain going to arrest these nasty evil people who prey on vulnerable pensioners? When are the Spanish authorities going to deregister their company? When are Visa & Mastercard going to stop their accounts? When are BT & Virgin going to cut off their 0845 number? When are RCI & the other timeshare companies going to stop allowing the distribution of the contact details of their members to such disreputable people? In short, is anything being done about these crooks, who are clearly still operating very actively (judging by the office noise in the background of their calls) after many months?

  21. Jeff says:

    My parents paid £199 to RCE in May this year after being contacted and sold the story that it was a benefit from having been in RCI some years ago. They awaited brochures and received nothing just a couple of suspect letters. Then last week they had another phone requiring them to pay more money to stay in “the scheme”. They had £400.04 deducted from their card and this week another £239. I have got them to cancel their card and contact their bank for a trace on the monies. It seems that they have been duped hook, line and sinker of savings that they can ill afford to lose.

  22. Doty Com says:

    We sold our timeshares years ago so knew this was a con so looked up R C E online. I rang 1471 of course “caller withheld their number” A Lottie Taylor ?! was the caller I was suspicious so she gave me 0845 8621484 to enquire about the holiday at 5 star resort because we had overpaid on maintenance at Californian time share HA what rubbish. I bet she was ringing from the above phone number.
    BEWARE all……. When it is too good to be true it usually is.

    • Karen says:

      Interestingly “Lotty Taylor” ( my new best friend) has just been on the phone to me today (caller withheld number) Tells me I have 10 weeks available to me “free” and I can take 2 weeks every year for 5 years only £199, I even get free flights vouchers…………….. yeah right!! When I want more info she tells me unfortunately the website is closed and accessible for members only so I need to pay first to see what I am getting and ………… oh dear………… the e-mail is being updated at the moment and so she can’t even send me anything in writing!! My offer closes in 7 days so she can’t even post me some info either. Told her I had been nearly scammed before and was very wary, but I should believe her because she is nice and friendly on the phone ???? Don’t believe a word of it!!
      I put her off, but she is ringing me back on Monday………. looking forward to that conversation !!!!

      • Jeff says:

        They never answer the phone. They never get back when you leave messages. As i have stated before they sc***** my parents out of £600 plus. They feed back minimal infornmation just so they can try and get a bit more out of you. They even take money when it hasn’t been authorised it seems that they only need to mention spending on the phone and if they have your bank details then they will take a further amount. If you get a login for the website the information there is worthless. DO NOT SPEAK OR DEAL WITH THEM AT ALL! Have fun at their expense by all means so that their fraudulent time is used up.

  23. John says:

    Called by Resort Care Europe Same Tale as above. Told we had 2 weeks still owing from RCI about to expire and if we paid £199 they would throw in a weekend European break inc flights. They sent me a confirmationn letter and promised vouchers would follow. No sign of these and when we phone 08458621484 only answering machine which promises to get back to us but they don’t. Unfortunately we were stupid enough to pay by bank debit card (which we have now cancelled) I believe if we had paid by credit card we might have had some redress

    • Hi John,
      Thanks for your message.
      You paid by Debit Card, and although with Credit Card it is indeed different, with a Debit Card you still have 120 days to claim a refund. This is counting from the day the financial transaction took place.
      So if these 120 days haven’t passed yet, please contact your bank.
      Kind regards
      customer Care

      • Theresa says:

        Hope ypou do better than I did John. I have a similar story, two payments taken, around £700 altogether. My bank don’t want to know really and said that cancelling my card in case more money is taken would be fruitless, as when a card is replaced only the last 4 digits are changed. They will carry out an investigation though. How very nice of them! My problem seems to be that the first payment, in April was taken by Visa Connect Spain and the second payment, taken last week, was taken by RCE. Whilst I will try to get my money back I don’t hold out much hope. Expensive lesson learned, now I will trust noone, not even those who really may want to help.

      • Glena says:

        We paid by Credit card but the bank have said they cannot do anything about it as Resort Care Europe can give us the holidays as promised. Paid in March but have still not received any paper work. What else can we do?

  24. John says:

    Been called by RCE, told the offer was only open for 4 hours and could not email details.

  25. Dave says:

    I was called by Resort Care Europe on 10 July 2012, saying I had 2 weeks in a Gold Crown Resort owing to me from RCI. I said I left RCI 10 years ago. They insisted it was true. I said to put in in writing, which they said they did on 15 June. The expiry date was 10 July, unless I paid £398, which included 4 air tickets. I told the “supervisor” Natalie to forget it.

  26. Peter says:

    My wife received a call today and wrote a few notes down for when I returned from work. I thought it was too good to be true and glad that people have bothered to write of their experiences. No doubt they will call again to speak to me and I now have good reasons not to hand over my card details. Many thanks everyone.

  27. Grace says:

    I have just had a call from ‘Julie’ at Resort Care Europe telling me I have 9 weeks in the system, 6 about to expire but for £198 they would re-bank the weeks and throw in 6 European flights! I told her they sounded just like Resort Servie Care (a company that I was conned by and thanks to your website I was able to reclaim my money back) Surprise surprise, Julie said she had heard of them but they were no longer trading. I said I would think about it, she could ring me back in a couple of days, give me chance to check them out. Not at all surprised to see their name on this website! Wonder if they’ll bother ringing back?

  28. Simon says:

    I have just had a conversation with a lady from this company offering to rebook my weeks. Clearly this is a sc**, as I put her on handsfree and carried on with my work. She became angry that I was not listening, so I told her I was not interested and the call ended.

  29. Jon says:

    I had a phone call on 18th June from Desmond of Resort Care Europe in County Durham saying that I had two weeks of Gift company accommodation due to expire on tht day.
    He said I had paid £299 in 2008 for this. How had he got this information? He wanted me ‘upgrade’ on the day by paying another £197 to remove the expiry date and get 4 european airfares.
    When I said that I have recently had contact with The Gift Company / Easy Consulting / Ultimate Holiday Package / Extra Time Online to get the holiday weeks sorted he handed me to Natalie the ‘manager’ in Alicante. After some conversation the line went dead. Their phone no. was 0034966814084.

    Yesterday, 2nd July I had another call from Resorts Care Europe. This time it was Lotte calling from 0034966860081. Same old story, she said I had 2 weeks holiday that would expire in the next few days. She said they were booking agents for RCI and II. Wanted me to pay £398 to renew the holidays and get flights to europe for 6 people. She had recently started working for RCE and when I asked her where she was physically calling from she declined to answer!

    Just who are the people in Resort Care Europe/Resorts Servie Care behind this scam? Where do they operate/phone from and how do they get our names & contact details?

    • Martin says:

      Not sure if it was these people, but the name was very similar. After they told me (wrongly) about my Gift Company weeks and before they could blabber on any more I asked them how they knew about my details. First of all said it came from a database. So I asked who provided the database and I would not speak to them any further until they told me. Tried to fob me off by saying they didn’t know, so I insisted on being passed to someone who did know. They said something like ‘I can’t be bothered with this’ and disconnected the call. I might have found out where the database came from (but didn’t expect to) and am now probably marked as a trouble-maker (which is fine). Either way, it certainly put them off. Give it a try if you get called. I will use the same tactics in future.

  30. Alan says:

    I have just been called for the eighth time in 4 weeks by this company with similar offers regarding holiday weeks which were about to expire. RCI was mentioned. They don’t take no for an answer!
    I’ll try to remember to ask them to hang on for a moment next time they ring…..

  31. Dai says:

    Received a call this morning from a gentleman called Des Thompson [Reservations] who gave me their number as 0845 8621484. Mentioned that he was from Resort Care Europe and that we had 4 weeks of accommodation, for up to 6 people, anywhere worldwide about to expire today. He mentioned that they were Bonus Break weeks booked and paid for through The Gift Company back in 1998.. If we paid £197 today they would extend the offer by a further 5 years and include return flights for 4 people. I asked them to call back after I`d had time to talk to my wife, and we arranged a time of 4.00 p.m. Will be interesting to see if he calls, and what the conversation will be like having read the above reviews. Glad I didn`t committ to anything.

  32. Jane says:

    I have just been called by Resort Care Europe telling me I have 3 weeks of holiday to use. When I said that I had already been co**** by them as RSC and managed to get my money back, the girl insisted that they have nothing to do with RSC and that THEY are the original company and do not c** people. She was still talking when I put the phone down…..

  33. Tony says:

    I received a call from them today and asked if they were the same company as Resort Servie Care who had previously diddled us out of £399. She put the phone down on me..

    • Susan says:

      I received a phone call this morning, June 20th 2012, to inform me that I had 6 weeks not used with the company. Knowing for certain this was untrue I started to question them further and they finally agreed that if I paid more money they would extend the terms. As I had the paper in front of me which said I had 5 years to use the weeks, I refused and started to enquire how I might use the weeks. She put the phone down on me too. When I tried to phone the number which I had been given, I found the number was not recognised. How is this company still managing to trade? Someone must know where they are based.

  34. Estelle says:

    I was telephoned by Five Star Gold Crown Resorts offering a two week self catering holiday in Pafianos Heights, Phaphos, Cyprus (including flights) for £399. When I said I was an OAP on restricted income, they reduced the price to £199. I took advantage of this, and now see that my bank account shows a payment to “Resort care europe”. Duped again!! Needless to say, no paperwork has arrived, and the phone number given to me was 0845 862 1484, the same as the one above for RCE.

  35. Jane says:

    Just received a second call from these people, went a bit quiet when I told them their script was exactly the same as a previous call. Also phoned RCI to warn their name was being brought into disrepute. Person I spoke to didn’t seem concerned, just said would pass it on to their line manager. No such thing as a free lunch, is there?

  36. M A says:

    I was called to say my weeks were due to expire and I could extend them for a further 5 years for £199 which I agreed. Then 3 weeks later I was called to say the credit card payment had not gone through. I gave them my details again. I received my credit card statement 2 days ago and two payments had been taken £197.46 and £386.84!!! Any advice on how to proceed would be most appreciated.

    • Jean says:

      Having foolishly given them our credit card details we found they’d taken double the amount agreed. After our bank got involved we were telephoned by a most aggressive and intimidating man who said “your first mistake was giving us your bank details”. Our cancellation dispute continues but we’re really worried as to what he’ll do with our details.

  37. Beryl says:

    I too was called just now by a very pleasant young lady called Sally, who told me that we had two weeks still banked (we used to have a timeshare with membership of RCI), and that if I paid £399(!) these could be extended. I said I needed to talk to my husband!.

  38. Martin says:

    I was called today by a young lady who said I had SEVEN weeks banked that were about to expire. How on earth I managed to accumulate seven weeks with them I’m at a loss to comprehend. Anyway, the bottom line was that if I paid £197.00 those weeks would be extended. I pleaded poverty and she asked if I minded losing those weeks. I said I couldn’t see, in the current financial climate, when I’d get to use them. She asked if any relatives or friends might be able to use them (getting desperate now) but I declined to go down that route. End of conversation.

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