After being duped by DWVC and Cashback, now they offer a solution?

Latest update on CASHBACK-SA has been brought to our attention.

If it wasn’t enough being duped by buying into the bogus Discount Travel Membership Club DWVC from ILG, consumers also found that the Cashback certificate they received has resulted worthless and any excuse valid for not paying out.

We already wrote an extensive article about the Cash Back Schemes that were sold together with dubious membership packs and we also explained that most of these Cash Back companies are directly related to these bogus Holiday Clubs.

But now, there seems to be a new angle to this story as those consumers who are emailing Cashback-sa asking for the claim and the result, receive a reply with a surprising story.

The email reads as follows:

From: “Cashback” <>
Subject: RE: Cash back
Reply-To: <>

Dear Certificate Holder

There is a penal proceeding in the Instruction Court nº 4 of Fuengirola,
Reference 2538/2008   preliminary proceedings, after the complained
formulated against the previous Administrator of the entity Cashback Sales &
Administration S.A, Mr. Anthony William Larvin.

This was the result of misappropriation of the client’s funds.

If you wish to claim your right against the entity, you will have to be
represented in court through a lawyer and procurator and granted them
suffice power to act on your behalf.  Currently this whole situation has
been ongoing for three years and is quite likely to take some time to reach
conclusion.  The costs of instructing a lawyer and procurator will roughly
be about ten percent of the amount to claim, with an initial payment of 350
Euros and at some point you will be required to come to Spain to sign the
necessary power of attorney.   

After initial investigation it is unclear what funds will be available for

If you wish to use the services of our juridical assessor, we enclosed his
contact details:

D. Luis Fernandez García
Avda Juan Gómez Juanito, 6
Edif.,. Beneco, Atico.
29640 Fuengirola


So what does this mean? Cashback Sa is now offering “help” to the victims of this whole set up, blaming an individual to have run off with the money? What money, because they also claimed to be paying out smaller amounts than expected as the money was never fully paid into the scheme.

Another payment needed? This time 350€ to instruct lawyers and procurator? And a 10% of the claim?

Where will this end?
The lawyers mentioned are “real” lawyers, but of course the question arises on how ethical it is for a lawyer to participate in this, knowing that DWVC, ILG and Cash Back SA are all together in this in the first place?

Have you received an email like this after asking how your claim was going?

Please let us know by emailing us to or placing a comment on the blog.

About mindtimeshare

Mindtimeshare SLU is registered Company reg number: B35957182 Mindtimeshare provides assistance to timeshare owners who have been defrauded by holiday clubs and bogus resale companies. The Mindtimeshare project was launched in February 2011. After dealing with timeshare members over several years who had been defrauded by numerous bogus companies and for large amounts of money, I considered launching an Organisation to help timeshare owners that have been targeted by bogus companies. On this blog you can find information about the different active scam companies and their “modus operandi” and also place comments, ask questions and see comments from other consumers who have the same doubts or have been through the same experience. Mindtimeshare has resulted in a huge success and has received the back up from not only timeshare consumers but also from the professionals in the timeshare Industry. Mindtimeshare helps timeshare owners who have been scammed by bogus Discount Holiday Clubs; bogus cash back companies; fraudulent timeshare resale companies; bogus class action companies and false lawyers and notaries. We offer professional answers and advice to Timeshare users. If you want to send an email instead of posting a comment on the blog please do so by emailing:
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38 Responses to After being duped by DWVC and Cashback, now they offer a solution?

  1. Donald says:

    A piece of good news ref ILG. I paid £6575 to them in November 2008. After they disappeared I managed to reclaim £5000 from my Credit Card company in Feb2012 after agree this was full and final payment.
    Sept 2014 I tried again mainly in the hope of getting something back on my Reclaim Cert but low and behold I received an offer of £1575 the balance of my payment to ILG. the letter also states this is full and final payment.
    As far as I am concerned I have now got to concentrate on obtaining something for my Reclaim Certificate – here’s hoping.


    …HELP..with.. Reclaim Certificate Submission

    ILG robbed me of my 4-weeks time of share ownership, if there is any chance of getting some recompense from RECLAIM by submitting the Cert on the correct date with all other requisites, then I wish to do so, however from various sources it seems to be almost impossible to have a successful Claim, mainly getting the date right, however small the final payment may be, but I wish to try.

    I therefore ask is their any one who has done and had a successful claim with RECLAIM or am I wasting my time.?
    If you have had a pay out and or know what is necessary to ensure the correct date and other facts can you advise please.
    I am sure that many are still to claim and would welcome advice, why should Reclaim get away with others money.
    An email to Senor Alberto Garcia with any pointers or details would be appreciated as he could put us in contact.

    Thank you Bill G

    • james says:

      I was at a loss to think I would ever receive a penny after submitting my Reclaim Cert on time and after it was rejected I objected and receive notification it was valid.Payment was DUE in Oct 2012 but after many emals with MALCOLM WILLIS I gave up.
      When I lost and cancelled my bank cards in JAN 2014 I checked with Bank of Sctland to confirm my balances.
      I had been asked by RECLAIM previously to provide an account number etc. I went to the bank and we set up a new account and forwarded this info to Recalim.
      On checking the balances of the lost cards I was told that there was an amount in the “dummyaccount” This account showed a balance from Reclaim of £5797
      In Oct my son aged 46 died suddenly—small compensation—-but someone was looking after me.

      J. He……….

  3. Debbie says:

    Hello there, Just wondering if anyone can give me any further advice. We signed up with dwvc in 2005 and after realising we were not getting any of our cashback as promised back we stopped paying our annual subscription. Today we have received in the post a letter from Legal and Accounting Sevices based in Malaga saying because we stopped paying that a debt a accrued and if we dont settle the debt of 913,77 euros within 30 days they will be taking legal action. The other option is to cancel our membership at a cost of £175. This seems laughable as we never have received a penny of the £12000 cashback as promised. Any advice would be greatly received.

    • Peter says:

      Hi Debbie,
      I think you can safely choose to ignore this letter. There is another page on this site with people saying the same thing and their reasons why it should be ignored. It looks to be another scam outfit which has got hold of a database. If you reply or call them then they’ll know your details are correct and will continue to bombard you with the same ridiculous demands. Steer well clear!

  4. Jerry says:

    Giving this lawyer money upfront is plain daft. We can’t wait much longer, but surely it’s worth waiting to see if Larvin gets extradited and some money turns up first. Is there a time limit on this? Can this lawyer be trusted? From what I’m reading on this website this lawyer Fernandez is part of the problem. If we give him 350 euros then he’s the only one who’ll be making any money! What a ridiculous situation!!!

    • John says:

      Reclaim cash back scheme was given to you when you bought your DWVC membership and it is mentioned in your membership contract, so this is a breach of contract. As well as all the other miss-selling techniques that ILG used during their sales presentations. So I don’t know why if the 51 months have passed and you paid a deposit using a credit card that you take the matter up with your credit card company. I did this with help from Alberto Garcia and was successful in getting my money back.

  5. Nick says:

    You will be wasting your time giving the lawyer Fernandez & Garcia €350 plus 10% of what you get. There’s not much chance of getting anything back, and if you do it will more than likely be less than the money you gave him! Then you’ve got to give him another 10% of what you get. The only person making money would be the lawyer! If you ever ask for advice in this business, it seems that everyone will tell you NEVER to give any money upfront. Why is this advice ignored in this case? NEVER give money upfront, especially to dubious lawyers! If even half of the things said about this lawyer and his connection to Keith Barker and Garry Leigh is true then it can only end in tears.
    NEVER give money upfront!!!

    • Jerry says:

      I completely agree with you Nick. Surely we can wait to see how this case develops before giving this lawyer any money? If things start happening and some money turns up, and the maths is in our favour, then maybe we could use him then. 350 euros plus 10% is very steep, apparently you also have to go over there too! Flight and accommodation plus this lawyer’s fees adds up to quite a bit. Perhaps this is what they want, make it expensive to make a claim and nobody will. Surely there are other lawyers who can do this for us, and not charge as much?

      • Peter says:

        This is a very salient point, the fee to get this lawyer on board, plus his costs and those of having to travel to Spain all add up. Starting to think that this has always been the plan of Leigh, Barker and that lot from the start. Keep our money and then make it too expensive for us to try and get it back!

  6. Elizabeth says:

    Think it would be worth contacting Hull Daily Mail and put them straight on where the money Tony Larvin is giving away is in reality our money that was cheated from us all those years ago. Chancing” Basket” springs to mind!!!!

  7. Brian says:

    If you look at my blog comments under Bogus Holiday Clubs and Cash Back you will see that although I did all the right things and had good support from Alberto Garcia, – it all came to nothing. Lloyds TSB were prepared to fight their corner from the beginning and were not at all fazed by my taking my case to the Financial Ombudsman. No reply to my third letter forced me to go to the FOS, where a wasted month of “lost” papers was followed by another 6 months’ wait, resulting in a refusal by the “Adjudicator.” After a rest from the stress I resumed negotiations with the bank, this time getting replies from Brighton instead of Dunfermline,— at least for a while. After Emailing the top executives of the bank I started to get replies again, suggesting that I get the “Adjudicator” to re-open the case. This he refused to do because of the time lapse. I tried to modify my claim to just the amount deposited via the VISA credit card, less then half the original figure,– more like a third,– but the bank would not respond. I even reduced this last figure to around a third of the aforesaid but no good! All the bank want to do is leave my correspondence on file but not respond to me directly. I am now seriously considering going to Resolved Claims Ltd but I have not had enough “feedback” as to how good this firm is. They take 25% plus V.A.T. of monies recovered but how often do they recover them? MY CASE DOES NOT INVOLVE TIMESHARE AT ALL; IT IS PURELY ABOUT A HOLIDAY CLUB!!

  8. John says:

    My partner and I fell for the miss-leading sales techniques at a DWVC presentation in 2008 and parted with £6995 for a 10 year membership, thinking we would get cheaper holidays and get back a good proportion of our money after 51 months with the Reclaim Cashback Scheme. Worst decision we’ve ever made. We paid a deposit of £2000 with a credit card. Like many of you we have been contacted by various companies telling us that DWVC went into Liquidation in 2011 and that they can get our money back for us (under Section 75 of the Consumer credit act 1974), but they all want money up front . Be very careful and wary of this. I found this website about 10 months ago and contacted Alberto Garcia for help and advice into getting a refund from my credit card company by doing it myself. It took a 4 or 5 months and 5 letters. The 5th letter I informed them that I had contacted the Financial Ombudsman for there help. A couple of weeks later they caved in and agreed to refund all the money. So my advice is to have a go yourself, it can be done.

    • Til John !
      Jeg fornemmer du er dansk talende – vil du venligst kontakte mig, jeg forstår på mail af 2. sept. at du har fået dine penge tilbage. Jeg har 10.800 Euro i klemme og aner ikke hvad jeg skal gøre. Venlig hilsen Else

    • Debbie says:

      Hello there, I have been interested to read your email as like you we have been caught up with dwvc and there Cashback scheme. I was interested to read that you managed to claim your money back as we like you paid 2000.00 by credit card. Would you be kind enough to explain to me how you went about getting your money back. Many thanks

      • john says:

        Hello Debbie, there is so much help and information I can give you having just gone through the process myself (it took me 5 months) but too much to put in this reply. If you are willing to leave me your telephone number or personnel email I will contact you direct.

      • Debbie says:

        Hi John

        I am sorry it has taken me so long to reply but I have only just seen your reply. Can you tell me how I can leave my email address for you with out it being posted.. Many thanks Debbie

    • Samuel says:

      Hi John, Well done! I am about ot start a Sec75 claim to recover funds paid to ILG similar to yours £6,995 including a credit card deposit of £2,000. DWVC presentation/ Reclaim Cashback certificate etc. I have heard it is difficult to recover funds from Barclaycard – are there any special points I should note when presenting my case? thanks!

      • Hi Samuel,
        We will be in contact and send you advice on how to go about this claim.
        Kind regards

        Customer Care

      • john says:

        Hello Samuel there is so much help and information I can give you having just gone through the process myself (it took me 5 months) but too much to put in this reply. If you are willing to leave me your telephone number or personnel email I will contact you direct.

    • Pauline says:

      Hi John,
      Having read your letter could you please help us who have had the same experience as you, and obviously would like to have a refund on the monies that we have had to pay out, look forward to hearing from you I can supply my email address, just let me know when you require it? kind regards

      • john says:

        Hello Pauline, yes if you would like to leave your email address I will contact you with some advise.

  9. George says:

    Garcia was the questionable Lawyer for Garry Leigh who owned DWVC, CashBack and another company ‘Reclaim’. He and Stuart Tristram (who has always been on the payroll of Garry Leigh and Keith Barker convicted fraudsters, apart from being a rogue Director of Cashback SA) are trying to cover their involvement at the heart of this. There is no money, Leigh used Cashback as a fund for bad investments.

    • Pete says:

      How can you say he’s a rogue director? He’s the only one who’s trying to help anyone out of this mess. The rogue directors look like Tony Larvin, Francis Peebles and Brian Mooney. No idea of Gary Leigh and Keith Barker’s role in this, did they nick the money?

      • Hi Pete,
        Thanks for your comment
        Please tell me, who do you refer to when you speak about this “rogue” director?
        The role of Gary Leigh is clear in this one, as Cash Back was part of the whole set up and all was linked together.
        Kind regards
        Customer Care

      • Pete says:

        Hi there. I was referring to the comment that Tristram was the rogue director, but he’s the only one left trying to help. And judging by a recent email from him it appears that he’s no longer in control of the company anyway, well the emails at least. And he doesn’t put much stock in us trying to get our money back through that Spanish lawyer, but won’t say too much due to some obscure legal ruling. I’ve read about Garry Leigh’s involvement, but now he’s no longer around is it all eyes on Keith Barker? And what about Tony Larvin and the other two directors?

      • Eliz\abeth says:

        My husband and I were also taken in by these so called directors of DWVC. When our so called cashback certificate matured which we stupidly bought in August 2002 I sent it back as per instructions from then I have had a few emails and phone calls with the promises to help recover our money. No way and to put matters staight I have a list of emails that I have sent Stuart Tristram and had replies but he is not to be trusted either, as we are still waiting. How can they prove the money is with the Spanish courts? Surely if the money is there we should be able to claim it legally then pay the fees after its officially granted and not this upfront patter that they(all Phone callers) want or expect us to pay to get our own money!!! Smells of one big scam not to be trusted we trusted once but certainly not twice.

      • George says:

        Leigh, Barker and Tristram knew/ know exactly who nicked all the money. Peebles and Mooney along with the Trustee, Crabb and the accountant resigned years ago before all this became the farce that it is. Making sweeping statements about ‘Rogue’ directors with absolutely no knowlege of the facts makes all very suspicious of actually who YOU are and your involvement in all of this! As you state you have no idea about anything in this.

      • Pete says:

        This whole thing is getting weirder and weirder. According to George, Leigh, Barker & Tristram know who nicked the money. Was it one of them who did it or are they just not sharing the secret? Garry leigh is dead, Keith Barker’s the mystery man in charge of the company’s emails and website, and Stuart Tristram is telling the clients to try and get their money back through anyone but his old lawyer.
        As for you George, my involvement in all this is the 10 Grand I’m owed by cashback SA! What’s yours? You clearly know a lot about what went on, but you don’t mention anything about Tony Larvin, when did he resign? The last I heard about Larvin is that he was locked up in the uk awaiting extradition to Spain. Not sure why you’re suspicious of me or who you think I am? Sounds like paranoia to me, perhaps you’re Tony Larvin!!! Would you like to share more of what you know, because you don’t seem like a client but you do seem to know more than most. Have you got more information you want to share? I can give you an email address if you want to keep it off the record.

      • Mark says:

        From somebody who knows most of those involved, the facts are that Keith Barker and Garry Leigh owned Cashback Sales SA outright. Tony Larvin ran it for them and pretty much did what he was told to by Leigh and Barker. Work out the rest yourself!!!
        Stuart Tristram’s a decent bloke who only came in to try and clear up the mess and clear his name, which probably explains his email to the clients you mention on the next page. He must have been lied to from the start by Garry and Keith about where the money went, as its only now he’s gone his own way. If I’m not mistaken that lawyer above is the same lawyer that GArry Leigh and Keith Barker have used for years, so again work out the rest yourself! What a tangled web!

      • Pete says:

        Very interesting, Mark! I’ve been trying to find out more information on Keith Barker and his link to Cashbakc SA, there is lots of info on him when it comes to DWVC and Pro Travel Solutions but not much on Cashback. It seems he owns Reclaim too and they’re in trouble as well. Quite a pattern emerging on this mystery man, I’d say! What else do you know about him? I find it hard to believe that Tony Larvin was just following orders though, he looks pretty guilty and apparently he’s in prison waiting to go to Spain. Will these people ever face justice?

  10. S Newall says:

    We are being pestered by Emerald Rock Holdings who claim to be able to sell our DWVC membership

  11. Ann says:

    I have had a call from a company called A’B’C’ Mediation who claim they are taking these companies to court in July to claim back any monies paid on the day when we signed up to a members club called ‘Travel saver’ now seems to be called ‘Pro travel solutions’ but she has asked us for £324 for a court filing fee or disperment, and for this service they will take 15% of anything we win. Does anyone know if this is genuine or am I being conned again? As with other posts I wish I had found this website in 2009 as we were really happy with our timeshare but these conmen talked my husband around to these holiday clubs are so much better for cheaper holidays, flights etc. we have used them to book holidays but they are booked through Thomas cook and the same price as the internet.

  12. rena mcl says:

    have just had a call from emerald rock holdings want £1200 to sell dwva holiday have you heard of them thanks

    • Elizabeth Robertson says:

      Pay them nothing you’ll get nothing, walk away from it all con merchants from start to finish. It has happened to us believe me they are not interested in returning money they have it already and to my mind its gone.
      Elizabeth Robertson

      • Dan says:

        Looks like Keith Barker’s behaviour all these years is coming back to haunt him. Him and Garry Leigh had one or two loans too many from Cashback Sales, the company floundered because they were not the investors they thought they were…or was it becasue they spent it and didn’t want to give it back. Garry Leigh’s safe from the long arm of the law but is Keith…?

      • Soba says:

        This lawyer Luis Fernandez Garcia, he works for Keith Barker. He is trying to keep the truth about Garry Leigh’s and Keith Barker’s involvement in the disappearance of the client fund from getting out. Reclaim, the other cashback company of theirs, is very close to Senor Fernandez Garcia as he is the trustee. From what I’ve read, Reclaim is in just as much trouble as Cashback Sales. It does not take a great mind to join the dots here…

      • Peter says:

        The Hull daily Mail has reported that Tony Larvin is giving Hull Kingston rovers £15 million. Does this mean we might be able to ask him for some money back as well? This bloke has got some cheek!

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