Timeshare Refund Network, the new branch for Reclaimgc!

Numerous consumers have contacted us about the cold calls received from Timeshare Refund Network or TRN and asked us about this company.

Because of that we placed a warning on our blog last week: http://wp.me/p1kmoi-x7

What has become clear through research is that yes Timeshare Refund Network is a new company or a new name, but the people behind this set up are certainly not new!

The company behind TRN is Reclaimgc, based in Gran Canaria and about which we have written numerous blog articles. https://mindtimeshare.me/?s=reclaimgc

And knowing Reclaimgc is behind all this, we also know that the real reason behind this invitation is certainly not an offer to “help” the timeshare owner and make him join a group claim on a No Win No Fee basis…

The real reason for getting the consumer into the sales deck is doing a presentation on the Voyager Travel / Lifestyle Holidays Membership! (http://wp.me/p1kmoi-dW)

Although Reclaimgc uses a lot of different companies to invite consumers over to their offices for a supposed Compensation Claim against their timeshare resort, it is to be questioned again why the name change now to Timeshare Refund Network?

Because the reviews about Reclaimgc on the Internet are not very positive?

Timeshare Refund Network agents cold call in order to invite consumers over to Tenerife or Gran Canaria.

The phone number they call from is 0044 203 4555 298 or as mentioned in the confirmation email 00203 519 9782 and Fax +34928185536

The pitch they use seems to be identical for all consumers. Most of these consumers own DWVC or Club Class and when they purchased into these Dubious Clubs they traded in another timeshare. TRN Timeshare Refund Network creates a big doubt with the consumer that the timeshare has been transferred out of their name, and claims the timeshare company will eventually come back after them!

We are not saying this hasn’t happened, but in the cases where consumers have never heard back from their original resort and even were confirmed the transfer, it is quiet odd that TRN now appears on stage with a totally different story.

And anyway where did they obtain these details? Contact details, Membership details, what happened with the Data Protection?

For those who are cold called by Timeshare Refund Network, please be careful and think twice before attending this apparent “Free Consultation”.

If you have been contacted by Timeshare Refund Network TRN from 02034555298 or 02035199782 then please let us know by email at customercare@mindtimeshare.com or place a comment on the blog.

About mindtimeshare

Mindtimeshare SLU is registered Company reg number: B35957182 Mindtimeshare provides assistance to timeshare owners who have been defrauded by holiday clubs and bogus resale companies. The Mindtimeshare project was launched in February 2011. After dealing with timeshare members over several years who had been defrauded by numerous bogus companies and for large amounts of money, I considered launching an Organisation to help timeshare owners that have been targeted by bogus companies. On this blog you can find information about the different active scam companies and their “modus operandi” and also place comments, ask questions and see comments from other consumers who have the same doubts or have been through the same experience. Mindtimeshare has resulted in a huge success and has received the back up from not only timeshare consumers but also from the professionals in the timeshare Industry. Mindtimeshare helps timeshare owners who have been scammed by bogus Discount Holiday Clubs; bogus cash back companies; fraudulent timeshare resale companies; bogus class action companies and false lawyers and notaries. We offer professional answers and advice to Timeshare users. If you want to send an email instead of posting a comment on the blog please do so by emailing: customercare@mindtimeshare.com
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53 Responses to Timeshare Refund Network, the new branch for Reclaimgc!

  1. Brian says:

    They call me twice every day, sometimes at weekends too. I just let the machine kick in but they never leave a message. It’s worth having caller ID on your phone just so that the call costs them.

  2. Carol says:

    Just to let you know I was contacted by Jackie at TRN last week. She said I stood a good chance of getting my money back from Diamond Resorts (I told her the name of my Time Share Company and points cost me £15000) and that she would get a consultant to call me today to ask a few questions and let me know if I could get the money back. I agreed but pointed out I would not be paying for anything! Jackie called me today and asked me lots of questions; where purchased, when, how much, had I outstanding maintenance fees. She was very sympathetic and understanding. Then she said she would arrange for a representative to make a free visit to check my documents and confirm that I will get my money back. I told her several times I wont be paying them anything. She changed the subject. I asked her will I have to pay as I will refuse, she went quiet. I said how can you listen to my story, hear that I have suffered a lot of stress over the amount of money I feel I have lost and now try to get me to spend more money. She said lawyers will be involved and they have fees. She then begged me to speak to a Consultant. Michael the consultant was very dense to say the least. He couldn’t answer my questions. I asked if he could provide testimonials for the many successful cases his company has worked on. He said he could do better and send me an email with a link to High Court case papers! Every time he attempted to answer my questions he prefixed it with “to be honest”. He said he didn’t know if I would have to pay if someone visited me and I decided to let them get my money back. He also didn’t know where his company got my details apart from saying The Timeshare Database, I asked who owns the database, of course he didn’t know. This is very sad and disappointing. These people are adding to the stress we already have with our mis-sold timeshare! Just when you think there is someone to help its a scam!! This is the email he sent me:
    Dear Mrs xxx
    Firstly I would like to thank you for taking the time to speak with me today.
    As discussed during our telephone conversation please find listed below the requested information, also please note the attached EU Timeshare Directive leaflet.
    I would also like to stress that we do not buy or sell time share; we will however endeavour to:
    •Legally nullify your timeshare contracts.
    •Recoup any monies paid in violation of the E.U. Timeshare directive and/or the Spanish Civil Code.
    •In some cases, stop maintenance charges.
    I have also attached some further links for your perusal.
    Our own websites:
    Legal team information (Please feel free to contact):
    Click here to view the ReclaimGC latest news
    I will be pleased to contact you to discuss your needs further; in the meantime if I can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me on the details below.
    Kind Regards,
    Senior Consultant
    Michael Addinell
    t: 0203 588 3910
    f: 0034 928 18 55 36

  3. ann says:

    i work for trn when i first joined the company i thought it was ok and we were helping people but we lie and scam customers its true about my boss too stephen doyle he is pushy and encourages us to be.although i need my job i have decided to leave because i dont want to rip people off no more please look at other alternatives dont use this company

  4. geoff says:

    its this simple if you want to ruin your life call TRN they sca**** me out of 10k they tell you bs saying they get your money back not true spoke to a stroppy cow too and again stephen doyle what an absolute joke this centre is its this simple stop the business and it will shut

  5. hannah says:

    this company truely is so do*** i got a call being offered a home appointment in the uk now its a good thing my family member had one last week they send us reps which apart from fetchingdog crap unto the house on their shoes are rude and insulting matches the attitude of the call centre manager stephen doyle who i spoke to when i told the advisor i wasnt interested please get these people stopped not impressed at all

  6. John says:

    I have recently been in communication from these people reference a timeshare my father was mis sold. I have made it quite clear that I will now be ma aging my fathers affairs on this matterand would co tact them once they have been checked out. Twice I have now been contacted with follow up calls and on the second occasion I had to be quite curt and to the poi t that I will contact them when I am good and ready!!! Can anyone verify exactly who they are and if in fact they are able to actually offer any help or if it is just more of the same? Any background would be most helpful.

  7. Wendy says:

    Well what to say about this business you want peoe to sell there time shares how about being a little less rude and pushy mr stephen doyle

  8. kim says:

    i was called by them too and i got the no so privilege of speaking or should i say bullied by stephen d. and his crew too after all these unhappy people on here inc me i cant understand how this company is still trading im so angry for the upset they have caused me today

  9. george says:

    ive been contacted by trn asked to fly to gran canaria for a fee and discuss selling my timeshare the adviser i spoke to was extremely rude but the call centre manager stephen d. was worse im not falling for your sca**** or li** im fed up of all the calls ive had 3 from this adviser speaking to people on the phone in such a manner but if managment are not civil what do you expect wont do business and if i was wouldnt be with trn

  10. keith says:

    please stop calling me trn im fed up of telling you i want my timeshare and stephen doyle it wont work you trying to pressure me into submission so because your advisers cant convince me doesnt mean you will either thats all

  11. jimmy says:

    meant to say you have no property or money so you lose either way stephen doyle tried bullying me too must be his way maybe this should be escalated to his boss eugen kaiser so that this can be put a stop too !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. jimmy says:

    i was called yesterday and this morning asking if i wanted to get rid of my anfi timeshare ive had my anfi property now for a long time and always found them fair and very upfront wish i could say the same bout trn they are bullies and pressure sales they gave me the benefits and said come on you must want us to get your money back yeah right they take nearly all the money off you and your left stiproperty spome to step

  13. mark says:

    again and again im being pestered by trn i will not part with my timeshare stephen d. he called me 4 times yesterday ive had enough of your sales pitches ive decided i am gonna get legal help if this continues beware everyone hes a bully and this can not continue

  14. jon says:

    i’ve just put the phone down to trn i have a timeshare in anfi gc. although somethings made sense i really didn’t want to sell my property and made this very clear from the beginning but they wouldn’t take no for an answer so brought in stephen doyle to bully me didn’t work that muscle between his ears doesn’t scare me i told him that i’m sick they’ve been pestering me for weeks he must be their last resort for business

  15. doug says:

    just spoke to the muppets at trn and out of them all that arrogant pushy insulting call centre manager stephen doyle is the worst one of all i know sales people are all the same but for a call centre manager to speak to a customer so badly is the pits 1word desperate they are desperate for business and he couldnt run a tap

  16. Lynn says:

    Have literally just put the phone down on Gareth of TRN on 02035883900

  17. darren says:

    read through all of these statements i dealt with helen too think she must be the only one that works there my friend had a call from her aswell and shes crap very pushy and doesnt like rejection put me on hold to go and get help from the boss who is also crap been mentioned before stephen doyle i told him i want to keep my timeshare in the anfi resort why would i sell if im happy im confused why trn is still trading come on people wise up before they cheat you

  18. chloe says:

    i was called the end of last week by this company i have an anfi timeshare property they wanted me to sell this said they could get my money back after looking into this further the only company that profits is trn i also spoke to call centre manager stephen doyle who called me stupid for not signing up insult after insult just so u know mr doyle you and trn are sc***** not anfi resorts

  19. mary says:

    i have been called 3 times by trn all different advisers and dizzy helen was the worst i spoke to stephen doyle call centre manager on 2 occassions and reminded him of that fact the second time im not selling my timeshare its in the anfi resort and im not being bullied either please tell me why i need to pay for something i dont want to sell this cant continue im getting on and sick of it can anyone help im so annoyed and upset

  20. brad says:

    i was called during the week by this company i told them i needed to speak to my wife about things before i made a decision spoke to stephen doyle who was trying to push this deal through which verged on desperate very very dodgy and wouldnt give them a penny once you say no they turn nasty i wouldnt deal would you please think long and hard

  21. joan says:

    i was called yesterday asking if i wanted to sell my timeshare i have in anfi resort they said id been scammed and i could get my money back i spoke to helen and all comments about her on here are true she really hasnt got a clue i of course like everyone spoke to stephen doyle who became flustered when i started answering back these people cant get away with lies and plaguing decent people for so called business

  22. dave says:

    This company is a joke please everyone wake up and smell the coffee the only thing missing are the cowboy costumes these people called me and asked if i wanted out of my timeshare they were going to help me but i had to give them money to do this really i think not they are one of the most unproffessional companies ive dealt with glad i did reseach and as someone said these people are in gran canaria dont do it people

  23. Derek says:

    Just been contacted by these people, they have changed their phone number to 0442035883901.
    I checked this number out and got a message that it is not in use. How can you trust anyone who spoof’s their phone number to avoid being identified.

  24. rob says:

    Spoke to helen yesterday although she wasnt pushy she didnt have much of a clue either how the company worked kept putting me on hold while she ran to the boss stephen doyle for help these people need to get a grip only thing they can guarantee is you wont get ur money back once they take a payment no trust at all

  25. mel says:

    I have a timeshare property with diamond resorts. I was called by trn spoke to one of their advisors they bombard you with sales pitches to confuse you i then spoke to stephen doyle who offered someone come to the house a perfect stranger but claims to have legal experience no way did i believe him i think id rather take my chance with my timeshare my friend did use trn and the money they took off her is a disgrace trn and stephen doyle are lia** and sca***** i hope everyone sees these posts and doesnt use them because they maybe sorry !!!

  26. michael says:

    Got a call yesterday from trn asking me if i wanted to get rid of my anfi timeshare asking me to trust them that they could get my money back etc for sure even had the sp called confidence say so from the boss stephen doyle never in a million years is all ive got to say on the matter dont trust you trn thanks to this website

  27. anne says:

    No u cant wilma trn and the sales people there will tell you that you can but its a sc** if your thinking of dealing with this business think again i really got my fingers burnt trusting these people the call centre manager stephen doyle is just as bad dont trust him im still awaiting a call and refund he promised 3months ago so please dont deal or do anything with trn or stephen doyle

  28. Wilma says:

    Can anyone just walk away from their timeshare.hav not heard of anyone in britain been taken to court

    • Marcus says:

      I keep asking the same question too. We are with Diamond resorts We just want to walk away from ours now after over 20 years. But we have heard that the companies may have a policy of hitting you with a big management fee bill and admin costs after three years. We just don’t know and can’t seem to find out if it is a bluff or not. Also, you have to be careful who you trust out there! Marcus

  29. jack says:

    Just had the weirdest call ever from trn tried me to take them up on their offers to sell my timeshare and i said i wasnt gonna sell or do this kind of business over the phone so sales person laughed and said i dont blame you i couldnt believe it this is so bad

  30. yve says:

    Was called by this company about my timeshare i was asked to go to gran canaria and i said i couldnt travel they were extremely pushy and when i had enough they then put a stephen doyle on the phone he said they would do it at home for 199 im not going to let strangers look through my financial affairs i think they are desperate for business to offer such services please stay clear of trn

  31. bev says:

    Been contacted by trn this company really is very unprofessional so pleased i didnt fall for their rubbish spoke to angie i never spoke to such a silly woman like yeah i will just give you my cc details then she introduced steven doyle on phone call centre manager if thats who he was please everyone read dont fall for their lies

  32. lou says:

    BEWARE I was also contacted by this company who told me it was a no win no fee claim they asked me for 199 upfront and said i had to go to gran canaria to proceed with the claim alarm bells rang for me too and section 75 was also quoted to me the woman i spoke to catherine seemed like she didnt have a clue what she was talking about and said she would get her manager steven doyel i think he was just as bad they just want ur money and get u off the phone to sc** someone else.

  33. Suzy says:

    TNR phoned me about getting a full refund on mis sold timeshare. I can’t believe I was nearly taken in twice. All they want is £199 up front. Alarm bells ring, oh and they are based in gran canaria. Double alarm bells.
    I phoned my credit card company. All you need to do is a section 75 claim to get money back on mis sold timeshare. They research and get you your deserved refund from all these revolting fra******* for free!
    My credit card company said you do not need a third party to work for you and ‘please do not give any more money to anyone in regard to your timeshare, you have been through enough already!”
    So take heed, phone up your bank or credit card company and do not listen to any refund companies … cold calling is not safe and do not give any money to people who have just phoned you up.

  34. Jill says:

    Been contacted today by a John who informed me that my home resort of blue bay beach club in gran canaria was being put up for auction and the current high bidder does not want to keep as timeshare. Anybody else heard if this is true?

  35. Val says:

    Been contacted by TRN who claims they can get our monies back from timeshare , woops nearly fell for it, but held back told him i need to check some details with my daughter-inlaw who is a barraister before committing to them, he said good bye and put phone down soooooooooo lucky !!

  36. P says:

    I have just got off the phone with there Head of Consultants Lyndon Head, who after going through my Timeshare informed me they can not help over the phone but if I was to visit there office in Grand Canaria they can get me out of my timeshare. The number he gave me to ring is 02035883901.

    Does anyone know if there is a replaceable company that can assist in getting me free from my timeshare?

    • Nick says:

      I was contacted by TRN, 28th Jan, invited to consult with them at their offices in Gran Canaria, for a fee of £399.00 this would include accommodation, I was assured their would be no hidden agenda when pressed with regard to a sales pitch. Again I am not falling for this, I have had several similar cold calls over the last 2-3 years.

    • Suzy says:

      You don’t need a company, you just need to phone the bank or credit card company who paid them. Ask for a section 75 claim. It is free. The credit card will do all the research and make the claim on your behalf for free. Never go with any middle man you do not need to.
      All you need is the evidence you have and to prove the product was missold to you.
      Good Luck… I am just starting the process, my credit card company were fantastic and say they will get me a full refund and get me out of the whole horrible nightmare!

  37. SUE says:

    I am so angry and upset, none of their phone numbers are in use, the reclaimgc rep was a phoney too…..another £400.00 down…..DONT GO NEAR THESE AN*****….

    • Suzy says:

      Get your £400 back now by contacting your bank, credit card company and ask for a section 75 dispute claim… you can get a full refund! No middle man and all free. Your bank want you to be scam free and take these things very seriously, do not give up. Help is out there. I have just started a claim and my credit card company are being fantastic.

  38. ray and janet says:

    have been contacted by trn last week offering no win no fee but a fee for a rep to come over from spain to discuss the case is 250 pounds. said they have 100 per cent on their results. have been caught out before more than once. do not go there

  39. lynne says:

    Have been contacted by TRN saying they can take my timeshare from me on a no win no fee basis told them i had no paperwork at hand and they need to ring me another dayso i could find it and also give me time to check about these people on your system dont think i will be bothering with them

  40. Christina says:

    Like Malcolm’s parents we “own” at club paradiso and have been contacted, neigh pestered, by TRN and because we cannot go to see them, they only today, offered to come to see us for the refundable fee of £199. Having read Mindtimeshare and the comments we will not be taking up any offers. Any further advice from anybody as to how to keep them at bay do let us know! I guess we have all lost money.

    • Suzy says:

      I have lost a lot of money through mis sold timeshare. It is an expensive lesson but take heed… ask your bank/ credit card company for a section 75 dispute claim. They do it all for you and will refund you the money for free! All you have to do is produce the evidence, receipts, e mail exchanges, letters and any thing else you may have. Good Luck!

  41. Malcolm says:

    My parents have been contacted by TRN, they have a Club Paradiso membership they are trying to get out of.

    TRN have offered to come to my parents house to take a look at the contract and the deeds. They want a refundable £199 deposit. They don’t know what to do as there has been so many scammers wanting to help them out.

    Can anyone offer any advice?

  42. Mike says:

    we have been contacted by angela from timeshare refund network and after a lenghty 1hr+ conversation with her and stephen doyle we paid £399 for a week in gran canaria. As checked later my credit card the money taken by them was €500 which converts to £410. After reading remarks left on you blog we realised we have been conned.

  43. Jayne says:

    Can you please help me? I have (very foolishly?) just bought 8 weeks of holidays from Resorts Direct. Can you please tell me if this is a scam? I have paid on my Visa Debit card from my bank account. Please help by emailing me I’d be very grateful.

    • SUE says:

      This is more than likely a s*** honey….I’m sorry for you, we did the same 5yrs ago…and it has been a nightmare ever since, and don’t fall for the companies who say they can get your money back….we did and lost more money…..good luck..

    • Suzy says:

      Contact your credit card company immediately and ask for a section 75 dispute claim. They will get you a full refund. My credit card company are helping me when I fell for the same s****. I thought it was an expensive lesson but now I have found out that credit card companies will get the money back as long as you have receipts and any paper work .. no problem!
      Good Luck, I will post on here how I get on with my claim!

  44. Sandra says:

    Been contacted by Galvan Cortez who claims to be working for liquidators and getting money back from reclaim certificate??? not sure about this! is this another pain in the arse fake!!

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