Fastline Legal Services the cold calling legal advisors from Spain

Fast Line Legal Services is a “new” legal company which cold calls Timeshare Owners and offers their services for a claim against timeshare companies, reclaims and other timeshare related issues.

As mentioned with other similar companies, it is a fact that in Spain it is not allowed to Cold Call and offer Legal Services! So not only is it questionable where they obtained the Timeshare owners’ details from, but also why they cold call if they are a legal company and should be aware of the rules.

Fastline Legal Services has a website &  where they give extensive information about their services.

On the website there is an address; Calle Alcalde Antonio Garcia 3C, 29631 Arroyo de la Miel, Malaga, Spain

Their contact numbers are: UK 0871 284 7299 or 0203 397 8259  Fax 0872 115 6186 and Spanish Mobiles +34 634 098 299 or +34 602 465 548

Email &

After doing some further research we have found clear indications that Fastline Legal Services is connected to another “Legal” company mentioned on this blog Greenges.

Greenges also cold calls timeshare consumers and after the initial “Free Consultation” they ask for a fee of £850 to initiate the claim. So far we have no knowledge of any claims being successful.

As mentioned before, you should never forget that legitimate law firms never cold-call people. Main reason being is obviously that they lack your contact details unless you give it to them. This is why you must mistrust always any phone calls from the UK or from Spain offering you out-of-the-blue to take “class actions” or “group actions” against timeshare companies. Ask yourself why and how these people have your contact and investment details.

If you have been contacted by Fastline Legal Services, please let us know.

You can email us at or place a comment on the blog.

UPDATE JANUARY 2014. Please have a look at the following link as well where Fastline Legal Services are mentioned!

About mindtimeshare

Mindtimeshare SLU is registered Company reg number: B35957182 Mindtimeshare provides assistance to timeshare owners who have been defrauded by holiday clubs and bogus resale companies. The Mindtimeshare project was launched in February 2011. After dealing with timeshare members over several years who had been defrauded by numerous bogus companies and for large amounts of money, I considered launching an Organisation to help timeshare owners that have been targeted by bogus companies. On this blog you can find information about the different active scam companies and their “modus operandi” and also place comments, ask questions and see comments from other consumers who have the same doubts or have been through the same experience. Mindtimeshare has resulted in a huge success and has received the back up from not only timeshare consumers but also from the professionals in the timeshare Industry. Mindtimeshare helps timeshare owners who have been scammed by bogus Discount Holiday Clubs; bogus cash back companies; fraudulent timeshare resale companies; bogus class action companies and false lawyers and notaries. We offer professional answers and advice to Timeshare users. If you want to send an email instead of posting a comment on the blog please do so by emailing:
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125 Responses to Fastline Legal Services the cold calling legal advisors from Spain

  1. David says:

    This is a ‘recovery room’ sc**.

    Do not waste your time or money with Fastline.

    They are listed on the Financial Conduct Authority’s list of companies considered to be running scams.

    I spoke to a representative of Fastline who claimed that they were in a legal dispute with the FCA over the issue. This is not true. Fastline have not challenged the status and it has been in place since 2014.

    The FCA is unable to take further action as Fastline is registered in Spain.

    If you are still unsure, ask Fastline to provide you with a name of their regulator in Spain.

    The FCA strongly advised me not to give any money to Fastline.

  2. William says:

    I first recieved a call from their robot called Spencer Fairchild stating that I would be entitled to compensation for a property that I bought in 2008. I never got his email to which he was very rude so I thought that was the end of it. I then received a call from another robot called Melinda Darcy who then proceeded to send through the email. The information was pretty vague and did not cover much about the case. I listened intently as she read parrot fashion from what seemed like a script getting an automated response to my questions especially when I asked for their previous successes. After reading many comments I will not be sending any of my paperwork for them to meddle in.

  3. Angelina says:

    Nicola Kennard from Fast Line has contacted me. I have exchanged a few emails with them. She said they will finalise my assessment. Wonder if we could report them. How is it possible these terrible people can continue to scam others?

  4. Andrew says:

    Hi all

    Melinda from Fast Line called me 10 days ago and like everyone else thought this sounds too good to be true. I had just sold my property in Bulgaria which I purchased from Macanthony Realty in 2006 at a considerable loss so thought this was a bit of a coincidence so I started to look through all the blog sites and emailed her back for more information and this is the response I got by email when asking where the funds were being held. What I find surprising is that this is the only company which “knows about these funds”!!! If this was a legitimate opportunity to get compensation surely some law firms in the UK would be involved

    thanks for the blogs


    Fast Line Legal S.L. Add to contacts 17:36 Keep this message at the top of your inbox

    Dear Mr

    Further to your recent email, we offer you a free, no obligation assessment to ascertain whether you have a claim. We charge 5% once you have received your compensation. The only cost involved would be for translation, notary and court registration.

    The funds are held by the Spanish Government from the frozen Company Account.

    I look forward to receiving your documents


    Melinda D´Arcy

    Office hours during August are 10am/ 3pm Monday to Friday.

    FastLine Legal Services SL

    Plaza de la Iglesia Local 9, Planta 2

    Arroyo de la Miel, 29631 Málaga

    Web email

    Phone: 0034- 952441893

    CIF: B93206894

  5. john says:

    i have been contacted by fastline legal services to recover my losses from timeshare rip offs is there anyone who could genuinly help

    • TERRY says:

      i have been contacted by fastline legal services saying they can recover my losses from 2005.I received afew phone calls fromLisa Brooks then today 25JUNE asked me for £893 for court fees. i did not pay.

      • Gerry says:

        I too have had your exact experience email me to dicuss

      • Gerry says:

        Anyone want to discuss this scam fastline legal I bet the one girl is using all pseudo names and is same person. My blood is boiling they have been onto me for last few days looking for 800 euro notary and translation fees

      • Gerry says:

        Hi Terry were your losses by chance in Renaissance Bulgaria as we bought in 2005 too see my email address below if you want to make contact

  6. tom says:

    I recivied a number of phone calls . And a number of emails over the last two months from Fast Line Legal S.A spain .with regards to property I purched in Bulgeria from mark anthony 8 years ago telling me i was entitled to comp i sent them all the information a week ago today I got phone call and a email telling me I would get 25,000 euro court case would 10 months and I would have to pay 5% legal fees and 950 euro translate fees they want 950 payed up front let me know if this is a scam

    • John says:

      950 up front.. what guarantee for anything.. Sure they could tell you, you can get 1 million for all proof they can give you.. They wont give you any information on cases won so you have no knowledge if they ever go to court etc. I wouldn’t go near. We were all stupid buying in first place, lets not get hurt anymore..

  7. Brian says:

    I was called by the same person again yesterday and I did understand her better but I could not understand how she got to that amount in compensation. i asked a lot of questions but did not give what i call as any answers. She sent me some more information but after reading these comments and making some enquiries with another company here I am taking it all to my own solicitor and will then write what he says. i will tell her this when she calls again and see what she says as well. has any one else had money back.

  8. Brian says:

    I have been contacted a few times by a lady adviser called Lisa Brooks. She called me again on Wednesday. I am not sure if she had a speech problem or if she was drunk but her words was not clear and she kept laughing at what I am not sure but she said that they will not ask for any money upfront. She sent me an email of the company information but it does not really tell me anything. She told me that I can claim compensation from my property purchase with M R I. This was more than 6 years ago I will see what happens and I am glad to have found this site.

    • Lee says:

      I was contacted this morning. I lost £10,000 on a property in Sunny Beach called Holiday Fort Golf Club. I bought with MRI. Before reading this, I was excited and believed they could help. But clearly, no one has won anything back yet. She’s ringing me back tomorrow and I shall be telling her where to go!

      • John says:


        Yes, I would run a mile. I did not follow up on this. I was also excited when I first got contacted, but as they say “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”


  9. John says:

    I have been contacted by fast line yesterday and today. Usual spiel. Send documents, free consultation but will be translation and notary costs(their scam :S)

    Below is the original email from them – hope someone shuts them down..

    Dear Mr xxxxx,

    We offer you a free, no obligation assessment to ascertain whether you have sufficient evidence for a claim. To perform this the lawyer, Maria Del Carmen Rodriguez Mañas, who is acting in this case will need to see all relevant paperwork that you have on your dealings, such as:

    Proof of payments
    Any documents relating to legal advice
    Letters & emails making promises or answering your queries Proof of incurred expenses to resolve issues

    There are 3 ways to forward your paperwork.
    1, Fax. 08715280911
    2, Scan and email. (Send in batches if you have a lot of paperwork) or
    3, Post. (Only send copies by recorded delivery.) Plaza de la Iglesia, Local 9 Planta 2, 29631, Arroyo de la Miel, Málaga, Spain

    Your file will then be investigated by the lawyer where we will be able to confirm if you have sufficient evidence for a claim.

    I look forward to receiving your paperwork. If you have any queries in the meantime do not hesitate to contact me.

    Lisa Brooks

    FastLine Legal Services SL
    Plaza de la Iglesia Local 9, Planta 2
    Arroyo de la Miel, 29631 Málaga
    Web email
    Phone: 0034- 952441893
    CIF: B93206894

    • Pauline says:

      Just came across this site while researching Fastline Legal..I too have been approached by Fastline Legal services . I have sent them copies of my documents and they have replied stating I have a case for compensation but as with everyone else I will have to pay translation fees about £800. Would really like to hear from anyone who has been successful. On the site which I also looked at, there were some positive comments of people stating they had received their compensation, but I am now doubtful about their origins given what has been written on this site. Again like everyone else feel they are scamming and am really annoyed that yet another company is targeting vunerable people who only want to get the money back that was ‘stolen’ from them. Anyone who pursued anything in 2013 got anything back?

  10. Barbara says:


    Do these people never give up. Have been scammed with Club class – fortunately didn’t pay any more money but now it is Fast Line (no gain no fee) who are they kidding. Just waiting for them to call again and will tell them ‘on your bike’. Wonder whether they have the same board as Club Class. Can’t our Government do anything about these unscrupulous people.

  11. bob says:

    Fast line legal …I to have had dealing with the not paid any monies .called me beginning of December ..told them to get lost…last week they phoned me again..offering their services..I said give me time to check up on them I didn’t trust cold callers having been scammed before … the next day..had a call from Trading Standards in Manchester from a lady called Jessica Hawkings asking me if I had received any cold calls lately ..yes it said as a matter of fact one from Fast line Leagal ..oh yes she said they appear to be genuine ….last December had a similar call from Trading standards…coincidence ?? I phone Manchester Trading Standards they had no such person on they pay roll ..they don’t know me and they don’t cold all part of the scam me thinks; her number was withheld ..she said she would send me a letter of verification didn’t receive any. I think I will phone fast line on Thursday and ask to speak to Jessica and see what happens ..

  12. George says:

    George says:- Fast Line’s latest wheeze January 21st 2014 considering my refusal to send any money, they will lend me money to pay their legal person and they cancel the loan once my case is successful. Sounds nice but I suspect that it is as dodgy as ever.

    • Heather says:

      They have changed their way of thinking. I’ve had a call from Fastline today but they said they would work on a no-win no-fee basis and only take 5% if successful. I too was scammed by Club Class back in 2002. This is one in a long line of cold-calls we have received offering to get us our money back and we were considering it until i checked them out on the net.

  13. Hash says:

    I guess we have strong cases together so we should start our legal action

    • Brian says:

      Hi all and HAPPY NEW YEAR…. 🙂

      My personal update is that I received ANOTHER call from Fastline before Christmas telling me that if I do NOT go ahead and start my claim, Fastline will have to (by law) shred my file……I said I needed more time to do MORE research on their company. I was given until tomorrow being the 3rd Jan, whereby I’ll get one more call from Melinda D’Arcy to confirm whether or not I wish to proceed with my claim…..meaning I’ll have to part with approx £1000 for the translation fees and notary fees!! She ALSO informed me of another website to look at for POSITIVE comments about claims stating that only NEGATIVE comments stay on THIS website, and that the POSITIVE ones are immediately REMOVED…!! Has anyone else seen this particular website? If you take a look at it I’d like your views please…..there ARE a couple of positive comments re: successful claims… the meantime I’m planning to contact my credit card company to check whether I’d get my money back if I decided to proceed with a claim (paying by card) and discovered I’d been once again SCAMMED…!! We are ALL being preyed upon due to being victims in the past….it does NOT look good as there are STILL no comments re: successful claims.
      I hope to hear from some of you soon.


      • Hi Brian,

        Happy New Year!

        Yes we are aware of this website and we detected this website in January 2012.
        Regarding the Mindtimeshare truth website I actually in that time placed a blog article about all this on the Mindtimeshare website:

        Although the subject raised on this website is a very specific one, a lot of the dubious companies have taken the opportunity to use this web as the “proof” that Alberto Garcia / Mindtimeshare isn’t genuine or as trustworthy as we might seem.

        When people ask about this, well we always refer to the blog article as I think that it is all clearly explained there, but also mention the fact that it is very understandable that companies like Fastline Legal Services aren’t happy with my or our existence and will try anything to discredit us.

        Since the launch of Mindtimeshare we have published over 800 blog articles and over 1.000.000 people visited the blog.
        We can only guess the amount of consumers that refrained from paying dubious companies such as Fastline Legal Services, thanks to being alerted by the blog.
        So it is a fact that we as Mindtimeshare must have affected very negatively the income of a lot of alleged fraudulent companies.

        All comments are monitored and we do not delete comments because they are positive, but we do remove comments which clearly are placed by staff of the named companies. We would welcome a positive comment on Fast Line from any consumer, but fact is that in all this time they are active not one consumer has actually notified us they had a successful claim through them.
        People who paid them yes, we had a lot but people who then actually got what they paid for, well no, not even 1.


        Customer Care

      • brian says:

        Hi Customer Care/Admin,

        Many thanks for your swift response to my comment, I really appreciate it. I took a look at the Blog you mentioned, thank you. I’ve not yet seen any comment stating that monies HAVE been paid to these ‘cold calling companies’ and as yet NO claimants have commented about being successful either. I have often wondered WHERE the money comes from to pay claimants anyway!!
        It does seem as though we are ALL being sca**** once again…..So it’s obviously far better to steer clear of these companies altogether….are there any REAL companies out there who can help us?
        Regards, Brian

      • kirit p says:

        I am in the same situation as you. I am expecting a call from them on Monday 6th . Has anybody who has taken up the offer in early 2013 had any success?

      • Raffy says:

        Hi Kirit
        I also received a few phone calls from this company. Once they knew that I had posted comments on Mindtimeshare and once they were certain that I was not going to part with any money upfront they sent me an e mail and informed me that they will not go ahead and assist me with my issue

      • brian says:

        Hi Kirit,

        Are they also calling you back one more time before they have to shred YOUR file too
        I’ve not seen or heard of ANYONE who has been successful after trying to make a claim with Fastline Legal Services, SURELY if someone had actually managed to win some money back through the courts we’d have heard about it…!! Also, Melinda D’Arcy called my home again on Friday while I was out, my wife spoke to her and asked WHY Fastline had ‘cold called’ me originally as it’s illegal for them to do so…….Melinda D’Arcy told my wife that I had actually called THEM in the first instance which is an absolute LIE…as I HADN’T even heard of their company!! So I’m NOT impressed with them and I do not think I can trust them until perhaps I read that SOMEONE, somewhere has managed to claw back some of the money scammed from them!!


      • Sylvia says:

        I have commented on this site on 2 previous occasions, and as you all know, I get updates sent to me by email whenever there is a new comment so I thought, like Fred, that I would update. After sending all my paperwork it was decided, by the lawyer, that I did not have enough to prove miss selling for her to take the case on. My situation is the same as Clara I would of paid by credit card, depending on how much the cost would have been, had I had a claim. So there you go, nothing for me. My mind boggles after reading all of the new comments, but I agree with some of you that there is not enough people who do have a claim and then give Fastline Legal Services the go ahead that make comment on this site so its not easy to make an informed decision. There is no evidence of a claim being paid out but in balance there is no evidence that anyone has actually lost money either. I would be weary of taking up Hash’s offer! When I was part of the MRI forum a lot of these unqualified claims companies here were contacting people. They wanted original paperwork to assess then lost it. To start legal action you need to have paid and lost, no one has said they have! The best way to make the decision is to make the time to travel and make an appointment with the lawyer and see for yourself. If you are weary then don’t go ahead.For those of you that are claiming I wish you all the luck and, please, when you do receive compensation let us all know so we can all see for sure.

  14. Hash says:

    Hi I also been contacted by fast line with same problem. All I can say is thank you everyone for the advise

  15. PAUL says:

    I was contacted by Fast Line Legal Services 3 weeks ago by William Collins saying my name was on a list of people who had paid out to Holiday Lettings Direct in 2011 to have their Time Share points resold, and that now the directors of HL-Direct were in jail, investigations were proceeding, authorised by the courts, to find the creditors and refund both the fees paid, and the promised sale value of the points (which on my HL-D paperwork was £13,500. All I needed to do was scan and email the documents for their lawyer to determine if they thought they would succeed in a claim for me. This done, I received an email with a description of their services, but the fee space was blank, and only on the accompanying email and the subsequent phone calls was the translation and notary fees total given as £875,29. Don’t the alarm bells ring when you know you have been scammed before – so I took their address to Google Street View and found one of those promenades where Street View does not extend. The building that seemed most likely had several signs on the exterior – but no legal services.
    I called the Fast-Line office, and a timid English female receptionist put me through to the supervisor – the same Donna Smyth who had previously given me a follow up call chasing the credit card payment. I said I was thinking of visiting Malaga and could call by to sort this out. Donna she said she would arrange to meet me and gave me her personal office number (0034-952-578-323) Maybe you could call her personally and ask about your case… But I guess they are STILL moving in, and have a messy office..! Donna seemed a little irritated by my suggestion of calling by – but at least didn’t hang up. Maybe she still thinks there’s cash to be harvested.
    Thanks for the Blog – but the main problem with this blog is the lack of updates – so I am about to email the lovely Donna to see if she can offer me any testimonials of a positive nature. Meanwhile I expect to withhold all cash transfers…and hopefully I will remember to update you all. Right now it seems like HL-Direct and all the resale companies you all have paid to are just one big happy rich family of scam-merchants.

    • George says:

      When I called at their office in May, the door was half opened by a girl. When I asked if this was Fastline Legal she said she did not know as there were many companies operating from the office. Then Donna appeared and did not want me in her office as they had just moved in. However I pointed out that I received a letter from her office in February 2013. Our meeting was conducted in the café in the ground floor of her building, where she had someone bring down my file.

    • Clara says:

      This is a very strange situation. I lost a lot of money after trusting a property agent in Spain in 2007. I was contacted by an information message, that I chose to accept, and was put through to Fast Line Legal. I gave an adviser the details of my situation then sent all my paperwork to see if I had a legal claim. I was told on Friday that I did not have a claim as I had lost, or never was provided, the proof of payment that reserved my off plan property. Therefore, there was no evidence of the miss selling by a Spanish company, as my property was meant to be built in Bulgaria and other property agents sold apartments there. I was suspicious that they could of been part of the original property company, that gave me the bad advice, and was now trying to say that I did not have a claim to stop me getting any money. I decided to check them out and found this site. The question, to whether they were part of the original, has been answered as definitely not as there are so many company names they are dealing with. It seems, from the posts, that those who are confirmed as having a legal claim are required to cover paperwork costs, with a legal fee payable at the end on receipt of the compensation. I did not pay anything to them for my assessment. This is what’s strange, there are a lot of posts from people complaining and stating that Fast Line legal are not who they say they are but no mention of the people who pay nothing as they are entitled to nothing. I asked questions and it was made clear in the beginning that paper claims do incur some preparation costs, but I was under no obligation to use them if I was not happy after my assessment. I did check the lawyer before I sent my paperwork and my adviser assured me that if there was a claim the lawyer would definitely take it on. No one on this site can confirm if compensation is paid or not as no one has gone ahead. Are there others like me?

    • fred lewis. says:

      Update from my post on 8-10-2013. We spent a lovely week in Spain in October and have decided to up date as we have just come to our decision. We met, as pre-arranged, with a very pleasant lady called Donna Smyth where we were taken to the office of Lawyer Maria Carmen Rodrigez Manas. The lawyer spoke a little English but Donna did translate the areas that needed more explanation. We went through our case and they answered all our questions. We made query as to whether our case was genuine and to the qualifications of the lawyer and Fastline Legal. We were shown the lawyers details that are on the Bar Association Register and the trading licence of Fastline legal. We were not pressured to engage the lawyer at that point but to take the information home where we could do more research. We also asked about some of the comments on here, including the one from George stating they they had lied about just moving in. Donna explained that they had signed for the office and registered the address in January but it took over 4 months to sort out the problems with the electric and internet instalation, so they had just literally been able to move. Donna said she has no record of his visit and would not accept people off the street without a prior appointment, as we had to make, as they do not have public liability insurance and so she could confirm the appointment time with the lawyer. We did not feel as we had upset or put anyone out by asking to see them. Infact, donna said she wished more people did. Other comments suggest that money was asked for before the assessment but that was definately not in our situation and we had it in writing first. We have tried all avenues to find a valid reason not to trust them and cannot find anything that proves all is not in order so we have contacted Donna today and agreed to go ahead.

      • Brian says:

        Thanks for your update Fred, it’s very helpful. So it appears that after your meeting, in your opinion, both Fastline and the Lawyer Maria Carmen Rodrigez Manas are BOTH legitimate companies in Spain. Does anyone else have anything positive comments as I STILL have this underlying fear that I’m going to be conned once more if I decide to go ahead and make a claim through Fastline Legal Services. I’d appreciate it if anyone has anything to add to this conversation……before I can come to a decision like Fred….

      • julie says:

        please let us know what happens

  16. Brian says:

    Hi, I was ‘cold called’ last week by Melinda D’Arcy of Fastline last week, and after a couple of telephone conversations I scanned and forwarded some paperwork re: a ‘boiler room scam’ I was unfortunately duped by…I bought into a company in America called Smart Tecnnology in 2007 I believe through a company called Birchfield Consultants who ALSO turned out to be FAKE !! She contacted me again today to see if I’d received several files from her. One of the emails I’ve copied below…….I’ve since been trying to find out more about this Fastline Legal Services SL, as there’s NO WAY I’m going to part with MORE money in the hope of clawing back my losses…!!
    I look forward to gleaning more information via this very useful blog.

    Here is the confirmation letter from Fastline….

    Further to our conversation today, I would like to confirm that after careful examination of your paperwork and by completing all of the necessary checks, there is no doubt that you have ample grounds for compensation. From the evidence that you have submitted it’s clear that the companies named below have seriously breached their contract and broke many of the selling regulations in place to protect the consumer. This has had an emotional and a financial effect upon you. Maria Del Carmen, the lawyer, is completely satisfied that you were misled and is happy to act on your behalf.
    For the lawyer to take on your case there are some of the stages of the process that have to be paid for in advance, such as the translation of the relevant paperwork into Spanish by an official translator. It is necessary to then have them notarised to show authenticity. We can then apply to the Court for a date which we anticipate being within 10-12 months. We would require you to cover costs such as translations, notary and court fees as outlined below. They are, of course, fully refunded by the Court, together with your compensation. Once you have received your compensation we will invoice you for 5% to cover the legal costs.
    The following companies have breached their contract and broken selling regulations, therefore you are entitled to your money back.

    Again, I’ll hopefully learn more about this company and learn whether OR NOT anyone on this blog has ACTUALLY recouped some of their lost funds……

    • Brian says:

      I have had the same experience about some shares which I bought in 2005 which finally became worthless. Melinda D’Arcy has made me the same offer which in fact Paul Mc Clean made last March. I declined the latter but suggested that if they (Fast Line” ) recovered the money they could have half. He declined saying that they could not work like that. If Melinda calls again I will make her the same offer but I will not be paying any advance fees. I think that we can guess the result but if it differs I will let you know.

  17. Tony says:

    I was contacted today by a lady at Fast Line Legal in Spain regarding my unfortunate £8K mistake with Club Class Holidays. Not exactly a cold call as the lady had my works phone number which I found worrying. She asked if I had ever had any dealings with Club Class Holidays (like she didn’t know already) and I proceeded to tell her my woes from 2010 and getting ripped off with a Prestige membership. She then told me the owner had recently been arrested and that the Club Class services were now officially classed as ‘Mis-selling’ (think I’d worked that one out myself). Anyway they have asked for copies of documents I’d signed while out in Tenerife to be sent to them and seemed fairly convinced they could get the full amount back for me. Having seen these posts now I’m not so sure. She also mentioned there would be a translation fee!

    • Raffy says:

      Hello Tony
      I have also been contacted by this company regarding a property I bought in Dubai through a Spanish company. I did a little research and found our that this company has been asking for various fees in advance ranging GBP 900-1,200. I could not find any satisfied customers. I wrote to the Spanish Embassy in London to check the credentials of the lawyer they claimed they employed and whether it was legal to cold-call on legal matters in Spain. I now also realise that they may be contravening the Data Protection Act in Spain by obtaining my details from a third party. When I receive a reply I will post it here. In the meantime, I am not paying them any advanced fees whatsoever and I advise you also not too part with your money.

      • Tony says:

        Hi Raffy,
        Thank you for the advice. It would be great to think there was someone out there who could get us all justice but once again, it all sounds too good to be true. Look forward to your post when you get some answers.

  18. Kevin says:

    I was contacted by Nicola Kennard of Fastline legal a couple of months ago about a timeshare company who I paid to sell my timeshare, but they didn’t it was a scam sale. I explained that I had already been refunded by my lender, so we agreed that there was nothing that they could do for me but we then got talking about my timeshare ownership, how I bought it, the perpetuity clause and high maintenance fees, plus the fact that I am not in the best of health now, Nicola gave me some advice on how to end my timeshare contract directly with my resort. I used that advice and I received confirmation yesterday from my resort that, for a fee, they will cancel my contract. This advice cost me nothing but has saved me a lot more in the future. Reading some of the posts though if I had not had the refund I probably would of had to pay for translations to get my money back through the Court. My advice would be to only pay by credit card as I did that way you give the paperwork to your lender to deal with.

  19. Pauline says:

    I have been contacted today by Nicola Kennard of Fast Line Legal with regard to a property I bought in Spain from Instant Access. She has asked for details to be sent to her and when asked said that there would be an upfront fee for translations and a 5% from the compensation if case won. It sound exactly like everyone elses. Has anyone managed to get compensation yet? Pauline

  20. Terry says:

    Hi All. I have had any number of calls now from verious holiday companies over that past months asking for membership fee’s,I have got in touch with fastline legal a person called Donna Smyth the person dealing with my case and explained about the calls.She told me the next time I get a call like this to give them her number as she is my representative,I did and the calls have stopped.I have also received calls from other companies trying to sell my legal services to recover my money when I told them I was with Fastline Legal they slagged them off and said they are a scam company. I rang Donna again and told her this she once again said to pass them through to her if they called again. She also told me that if a soliciters was legal and above board they would not do this as it is unproffessional. Having thought about this On no occassion as Fastline legal said that another soliciter is a scam or slagged them off.You can take the at face value but in the end it is your choice. Whatever happens in my case i will let everyone know via this site and if someone outthere also gets a result no matter what it is let us know. In my case if I am to believe the time scale I have been given watch this pace in 6 to 8 months time,I hope I will be jumping for joy or crying in my soup.

    Good Luck everyone. Terry.

  21. Margaret says:

    I have been contacted by fastline asking for as much documentations as possible. Was told he would email about the company. He has since phoned twice I hadn’t received the email so he sent me it today and said he will phone next week.

  22. Michael says:

    I also sent over everything and was quoted £1500 for a return of £ 28k for a development via dream homes worldwide for a dubai property. Looking at this blog no one has had any return as yet so i will be keeping my money I think. It amazes me how these people get our contact info…. Maybe from dream homes?

  23. karen says:

    i have sent all my paperwork to fast line legal and they have replied saying that i have a case for reclaiming £16,000 from MacAnthony on my apartment in Bansko. They are asking for £1660 for translation fees. I so want to believe they can do this for me. They have obviously trawled through the paperwork i sent them as they have come back with a detailed account of why i am due compensation relating to certain clauses.I could do with a break so i am considering a weekend in Malaga. Have just rung them to say that I will be coming out with further paperwork and the receptionist has told me that a member of the legal team will ring me back so that I can make an appointment and deal with the lawyer who will be charge of my case directly.
    I will update after the call. ——– Has just rung back and Donna Smyth who is a translator will arrange for me to meet with Maria Del Carmen Rodriguez Manus at 6’30 on the 18th November at her office.

    SYLVIA – if you pay the money by credit card- does this mean you can reclaim if things go wrong?. It would be probably be a year later. If this is the case then we could all pay the translation fees and see what happens without losing our money????

    • johnson says:

      Hi Karen i also paid a deposit for a one bed in Bansko, Bulgaria from Mac-Anthony, its puzzling how fast line legal is demanding 1,660 for translation fees from you, am just wondering why they quoted me 1,400 pounds translation fees on 14/12/2013 why is there a variation of fee for the same services from the same company?

  24. Patrick says:

    is there anyone out there who has paid upfront fees and actually been paid back monies due to them related to boiler room scams and due to purported representing court action taken byfastline legal services out of malaga

  25. James says:

    I was also contacted by Fastline Legal of Malaga Spain, but luckly referring to Mind Timeshare list of Cold Callers, I saved myself £811 (the Fee required by Fastline)! A Mrs Kennard was the contact, and Maria del Carmen,their Lawyer!!

  26. michael says:

    we had a phone call, then recieved a letter from this company Fast Line. we never gave any details although they knew our address, we moved into this house in Feb 2013, We were contacted last mnth Sept 2013. We never updated our address with our timeshare company GOLD CROWN RESORT, so how they had our address i dont know. Also they said on the phone that some people from our timeshare group had been in prison for several months while more imformation was being put together. Our website is functioning totally fine, all is upto date so if it was illegally selling timeshares it would of been closed down. Common sense says if they search you out, and you have not complained about anything it is an obvious scam.

  27. Marie says:

    Contacted by Fast Line Legal Services yesterday concerning a property we bought in Dubai through a company called Dreamhomes. Told us that company had all their assets frozen and that we had a great case for getting our deposit back. Has anyone else been contacted regarding Dreamhomes and how did they get on.

    • Waz says:

      They contacted me to regarding a property in Dubai which I purchased through Gpd investments.

    • Amer says:

      HI John, was contacted this morning, spoke to someone called Lisa Brooks, tried to tell me that the property may not be mine..wrong considering I was in Dubai last month at my property, and taken for a tour by the developer. I bought through dreamhomes, a place called B. Views. I have emails and receipts of my money transfer to Dubai etc. They sound very convincing and dodgy.But I only gave Dreamhomes the initial 3000 euro deposit, all the rest was transferred directly.

      • No view of Bermuda says:

        Hi Amer, we have been contacted by a Nicola Kennard from Fastline too saying the same thing that Dreamhomes missold our apartment at Bermuda Views. Can I just ask whether your apartment is ready as this was initially due for completion in January 2009, then again in April 2013 when the new developer came on board but we have just received a RERA progress report saying it is still on 38% complete. Didn’t know your circumstances and whether you are doing anything about it?

    • Raffy says:

      I was also contacted regarding my purchase from Dreamhomes. I was offered free consultation and no legal fees, they would take the case on a “no win no fee”. I would pay them 5% of any monies recovered through the courts. However, they advised me that I will have to pay in advance any fees relating to translations or notarization.

    • Michael says:

      Hi john yes same here. I am going to research into the case if it actually ever occured against dhww

    • No view of Bermuda says:

      Has anyone actually signed up with Fastline as when I spoke to them, they said that a number of dreamhome’s customers had signed up with them and paid the translation fees/court costs but were only 6-8 weeks through the 10-12 month process so no testimonials they could provide of any successes. They claimed only 6% of cases meant they had to refund the initial fees but were having none of it when I said I would sign up and would give them 10% contingent fee but nothing up front. Came up with some waffle about “no win no fee” being illegal under coercion laws in Spain. Said that ultimately if they lost that they refunded our fees anyway so would be out of pocket but they claiming the fees paid to the courts/translators and are not for their services. Would love to belive it but am ever dubious given past experience and given 6 years since I put my money down and seen little progress to date.

  28. Brian says:

    I received a cold call from a Pamela Gibson from Fastline regarding my recent transactions. She left a spanish telephone number on my answering machine to contact her but somehow it got deleted… 🙂

  29. karen says:

    I have had two phone calls and an e mail from them re my apartment bought from MacAnthony in Bansko. Have lost enough on that – cant afford to pay anything up front. Will be interested to see if anyone responds on here who has won money back. No one so far it seems.

  30. D S says:

    dave&lynn from birkenhead, we have just read the letters,we have been cold called by fast line and forwarded some photocopy documents to malagan address costing five pound after reading the above letters we will not spending any more, thank you for your information

  31. Sandra says:

    Yes, I was contacted by William Collins 10.07.13 approx. 3.20 pm stating they were working for the Courts to nail people they know of in this timeshare scam (some have been held). Would I send copies of paperwork involved for proof. I told him I would not be paying in monies at all. They only require 5% when money has gone into my account, nothing was mentioned of translation fee. I asked where he got my name from, he said the Police. I haven’t sent any paperwork. He’s supposed to be ringing back in a few days, I will question his name being mentioned in one of these letters. I have also been given the same Solicitor as mentioned Ma Del Carmen Rodriguez Manas. I did receive a lengthy convincing letter. Has anyone else experienced this ?


    • Douglas says:

      Hi Sandra

      I have just been contacted by Fast Legal and also been asked to pay translation fee of £650 before they can proceed. . My contact was an obvious middle aged lady name Ella who was very convincing and sympathetic till I questioned the money!
      Going to get one of her senior executives to ring me tomorrow.

      After reading the above she has got no chance!


  32. Michael says:

    To everyone. Same for me Jessica (International Administration for Fastline Legal Services) contacted me and seemed to know a lot of my circumstances of failed purchase of off plan apt. in Murcia via MRI due to them assuring me they could get a mortgage for me which come the time to complete was a lie and I lost my deposit. Apparently not only the finance company but also the solicitors were set up by McAnthony which at the time stressed they were independent. On asking how they had my details she said that because McAnthony had been investigated and I think charged with not supplying furniture flat packs that his business details were now in the public domain. I received paper word from Fastline and paid £2205 up front, a percentage of the money I am chasing, To get a court hearing in Spain a fee is needed for the local council etc. And if case won there will be some more small percentage pay out. And if case not won I would get my initial payment returned. All my friends and family were dubious about this arrangement fearing it was a scam. So when it come to my summer holiday in Spain I noticed that I was very near Fastline’s offices in Benalmadina and I went to see them and guess what they do exist much to my relief. I had a good chat with the admin lady who explained everything that was proceeding and one reason for the slow advance was that they had a general strike for nearly 3 months including all legal agencies and the courts so now with the back log of cases everything is put back. Adding that there is so much corruption in government etc. the police have precedent for criminal cases in the courts and civil cases have to wait. Good luck to us all.

    • George says:

      I too called at Fastline at Benalmadina this summer. The office door was open so I walked in. I asked to see Melinda Darcy, (the was no receptionist), from a mature busy man, but he did not know who she was. Then a lady said Melinda would be in an hour later so I went for a cuppa. On returning, the office door was shut so I knocked and a young lady quarter opened the door and I asked her for Fastline Legal. She said she did not know as there was so many companies operating out of the office. Just then Donna appeared at the door and when I explained who I was she said to go downstrairs and she would buy me a coffee and that someone would bring down my file. I asked why I was not in her office she said this was the custom in Spain, as it was an admin office, also the office was a mess as they had just moved in. I pointed out that correspondence from the address had been sent many months ago – so they had not just moved in. She was non stop talk and said that Melinda was just a junior of little importance. She sounded very convincing but I did not part with my £990. She offered to let me talk with the “lawyer”, (to confirm existence of such person), but phoned me a couple of days later to explain that it could not be done at short notice. Case was in connection with New Millenium Medical. Had all the hallmarks of a scam. Let me know eventually how your case turns out.

    • fred says:

      I have had a assestment by this company for my shares. I am taking your advise and going to visit next week. They told me that I had a good case for my shares I hope that they can recover this money for me. Any advise before I go.

  33. Cindy says:

    I too have been contacted by Lorraine Hunter at Fast Line, following the same as above but with regard to a fraudulent company called End Vacation who I lost £1300 to in 2009(what a mug!).She didn’t mention any advance fees, well not yet. But I thought I have nothing to lose by sending the paperwork if they do get my money back. I have sent all documents, and received a call yesterday to say I have a very good case. She is due to contact me on Monday, sooooo will wait to see what she says, but I will definately not be paying anything upfront (once bitten as they say), and shall tell them that to take monies due for translation etc out of payout. I work with several spaniards who I am sure will translate documents for me :). I am not holding my breath……

    • Sandra says:

      Hi cindy
      I have been contacted by Lorraine Hunter. She claims I have a good case and now wants £950 to proceed. She phones All the time. I have not yet parted with any money. Just do not know what to do as I do not want to lode any more money

    • Jaime says:

      Hello, I am a solicitor from Malaga and I have received 3 cases from british clients requesting our services against Fast Line. It is an sc** and it is illegal according to the Spanish regulation to contact clients (it is a violation of data protection regulation). Normally money sent is not obviously allocated to legal fees and translations.

      If I can be of any further assistance do not hesitate in contact me


  34. Frank says:

    I have been contacted by fastline legal service and have no intention of parting with any money what ever way they dress it up as I believe it is another way of trying to get people to part with their money

  35. Gwen says:

    I have been contacted by These people also. I sent all my paperwork and got a phone call back saying I would have a good case for them to take to court. It would take between 10 months to 1year for this to happen. They requested I send £1714 for translations for court then I would get it back when I got my payout. Also they would take 5per cent from my payment as their fees. They said I could expect to get back all my money and it would amount to £53,400 If only this was true. I would love to hear from someone who has been so lucky.

  36. Colin says:

    I have had contact with a Melinda Darcy from Fastline Legal services, Spain in regard to boiler room shares, they say they are using a Lawyer named Maria Del Carman Radriguez Manas. They say money is available to claim for losses incurred from Biocides International and Smart Technology Inc. where the money comes from is beyond me. When asked they said I would be required to pay a translation fee, as of yet no price has been given. Share documents copied to Fastline.

  37. Barbara says:

    We’ve been contacted by them as well. Twice in fact. David. Sent us by email a copy of their “statement of intent” which incidentaly commences “thank you for your enquiry” !!!! This is the third or fourth contact from one of these cold sellers. I wish we’d known about all these scams before we got snared last year… still there you go. Carrots and donkeys and all that. I certainly won’t be taking up any offers of help from any of this shower of sharks. It’s funny, too, how many of them seem to sound like the same person.

    Barbara & Alan

  38. Kath says:

    I too have been contated by david of fast line legal I can’t understand how they got my phone number since I have changed it and gone ex directory and withheld when I make calls .He asked for copies of paperwork but no money it took ages to get it together and was ready to send it when I found your site I await his next call as I have lost so much to other offers Ramirez & Ramirez.. being one. I paid out lots of money and when thay said they were ready to go to court and wanted yet more cash,I refused and they took my case off their books.Do you recommend I send the copies qand see what happens.I will not be paying any money.

    • Alex says:

      This sounds very similar to a situation my elderly father is going through. He sent off the paperwork you talk about and has now been contacted asking for £950 to ‘translate the documents’. Make of that what you will but I personally wouldn’t send anything to these people.


  39. Deb says:

    I have been contacted by this company as well, they have rang twice asking me for all my paperwork, I’m not sure if to send it or not any advice pls, I will not pay any monies has we have paid out thousands over the years and refuse to waste any more out.

    • M. B says:

      I was contacted a couple of times from these people and decided not to take them up on it as I’m not prepared to pay any more money up front. They say you will get this money back but been promised that twice already and lost a lot of money. I can’t see why the translation fees cannot be taken off the payment you are sent. Looking at other peoples posts the money they ask for varies from £895 to over £3000

  40. Sue says:

    I have also been contacted by this company asking for £900 for them to take legal action.
    has anyone actually been successful with this company. or should i be wary of them and not bother with them. i have already written off monies i originally paid and am loathed to part with more money.

    • Bill says:

      I was contacted by this Lot but after making some enquires and asking some questions of them they would not ansewer them so I declined their offer. So watch out for them.

    • M. B says:

      Decided not to go ahead with these due to being stung a couple of times previously. Am not prepared to pay any more money up front. I have seen a few comments from people who have been contacted by these people and the money asked for seem to range from £900 to over £3,000

  41. M. B says:

    I also was contacted by Fast Line Legal. The lady that spoke to me knew the amounts of money paid, when and to whom, and said I had a good case. She asked me to send a photocopy of all my documents and they would go to the solicitor and then they would assess how much I would have to pay, as all the documents would have to be translated to Spanish. I would get this money back with all my original money paid less 5% that they would take. After being scammed twice I am very wary about sending any money. Why can they not just take translation fees off the amount you get at the end? Is this another scam?

  42. Eileen says:

    I have also been contacted by William Collins, I copied and sent all my paperwork to him and have been asked for £1200 which I will not be sending thanks to this site. The address I have is slightly different: FastLine Legal Services sl Plaza de la iglesia Local 9 Planta 2, Arroyo de la Miel 29631 Malaga they also quoted a reference Cif; B93206894 and a Licence No;Colegio de Malaga Licencia Numero 4.524

  43. Wendy says:

    I was called today and told they were set up by the government to try and claim back monies lost in time shares. I asked how much their fees were and he said nothing as he had called me. It would have only cost if I had approached them. he knew I had paid £1500+ to Holiday Rentals Direct and said the details were received from the police as seized evidence of transactions received from me to them. I also paid a further £1300 he hadn’t yet found but he would look into. I needed to wait until he sent me an e-mail with all the details of how to contact him and to send all information relating to my time share and all the companies involved in trying to sell it as they are all fraudulent. The e-mail didn’t come through so as yet I have sent them nothing. He is due to call back in 2 days. Has anyone had any luck or success with getting any monies back with this company.

  44. Lynn says:

    I’ve just been contacted my them ..they want all my details faxed over and will show a lawyer who will decide if we have a case …then if we do they will decide how much the fee will be . Then they want 5% of any conpensation we receive …

    • Penny says:

      Hi Lynn The exact same thing happened to me & I did send my details by FAX & was called back to say their sollcitor has said I was I titled to lots of money back, but I must first pay a further £1300.00. I got my son-in law to look at this & have been advised this is another con so have decided not to pay. Good Luck. I will just have to put this down to a very bad experance & learn not to trust any one, shame

  45. Doug says:

    I received a call today from Jackie Adams of Fast Line Legal services. Claiming they could recover our money for a 5% fee. However, she told me that they would not charge unless they reclaimed our money. This is very different from the claims of other cold callers on this subject. She was going to send me an email and ring me back on Monday about processing a claim.


  46. keith says:

    Hi I have also been contacted by Fastline legal regarding a sale of a timeshare through Holiday network solutions ,l.They have stated i could recive a decent claim back but there would be translation charges in volved and also 5% of the fee paid back to them .Having l;ost money on timeshare before am naturally dubious .is there any records of completed claims ?

  47. Stuart says:

    Fastline lEgal have been in touch and I sent information about Reclaim/Holiday Properties, Desigmer Way Vacations etc.. and they have said that they think they can get back around double my money and want £950 for translation fees. Case is expected to last 10 months min with a verbal agreement that if no success either through their error or what , the cash will be returned. We were a failure with Fuengirola Services some years ago alondg the same lines. Fastline say that this was because their lawyers were in experienced etc..and the lady handling my case is over 50 and has many successful years in the business. (see attached). I also mentioned Mindtimeshare and was told that this had dubious connections .

    Wednesday, 24 April 2013

    If you have been the victim of fraud, you may be hesitant to trust someone new with your affairs. At FastLine Legal Services SL our first goal is to establish an honest and trustworthy relationship with you.
    We help our clients with their complaints by exhaustively investigating the manner in which the problem has arisen, building a case based on this information we then start to incorporate your case details into the individual claims. Due to the number of complaints being received now, with our knowledge and experience we are able to get our clients complaints heard and dealt with in an efficient and effective manner. We will not waste time or resources in legal action unless we believe we can be successful. We will only take on cases we will win.
    Once an offer of compensation is made, we then ensure that the offer is in line with our assessment. We are experts in presenting arguments on your behalf, discovering the relevant facts and running a thorough investigation in every case.

    The legal team assembled has incredible successes in the field of fraud. We specialize by focusing on individual cases only and NOT group action claims. Therefore we can offer a more professional and efficient service. We believe group action claims are not to the benefit of the client but to the benefit of the legal team employed. Individual claims historically are awarded a higher payout but with no extra cost.

    A legal representative, who has specific knowledge in the field of the complaint, will be assigned to you as a liaison. This legal representative will be available to you on a day-to-day basis to keep you fully informed in regard to the progress being made.

    We cannot tell you in advance how long your complaint will take because no two cases are the same. What we can promise is that we will do our very best to help you win your claim.
    Clients can also benefit from a network of professional services once contracted to FastLine Legal Services SL.

    When you submit your documents for assessment, it is most important that you quote the Advisors Name at the top of the page, this ensures your documents go directly to the legal representative you originally spoke to.

    For and on behalf of

    • Martin says:

      I have just received the same letter after a phone call gave them my email address don’t know if it is connected but after trying to gain access to something unconnected outlet express main page has disappeared

    • Terry says:

      Thank you. you have put a lot of details down which is very informative,I would also like to add to this as yours is the neareat to the call I recieved from a Jackie Adams this afternoon 29/5/13.I asked how she got my information and details and apparently we are all on a list of people who have been contacted by companies scamming which the government are trying to bring to court and close down, she was asked by the Soliciters to contact me in relation to this. She quoted that since 1995 selling holiday club membership with the promise of a sale has been illegal ??She also quoted that once she got my documents they would look at them and if I had a case under the I quote Pay to Promise law, that any price I had been quoted by any of these companies could also be claimed back. The companies she quoted are. Club Class Conceierge, Viva Connect,Half Moon Holdings, Blue Chip,and Xcaliber. She informed me that they are all scam companies who are connected to each other.She said If they took on my case it would cost me 5% of the money recovered,I am not sure how this would be payed wether I payed it up front or like soliciters in the UK they take it from what they recover.

      • Mike says:

        I too have been contacted. I asked how they could reclaim monies from Club Class Concierge and Cashback Euro the former having put into administration. Paul McClean Senior Advisor said that monies could be claimed via Club Class’s indemnity insurance. I’m currently seeking advice from Linder Myers Solicitors in the UK about claims made under Spanish law. However like others who have commented I’m dubious that the up front charges are a scam given that it can up to 12 months to go to court.

  48. Russell says:

    i too have been contacted by fast line and they promise to go through the courts and get me £ 16000 fo being miss sold a tome share haa provideing i send them £1,ioo

    • olivita says:

      Hi I would like to say the same thing happened to me and they are all lowlife b*******. and they have never paid nothing back lost a lot of money but i refuse point blank to send so cal solicyotrs a penny.dont nobody send these people a penny they are all the same people.

  49. Nik says:

    I have today been contacted by FastLine legal services in relation to a shares scam i fell foul too 5 years ago. Strangely, in sorting some papers the other day I actually found the original papers for the scam.. is it fate, Coincidence, or plain old luck…. I am going to send em all i have and see what they will charge…heres hoping i suppose

  50. Bill says:

    I have just received a letter from Fastline Legal Services S.L asking for paperwork to do with a reclaim company and Key Properties but I am a bit dubious about them.They have not asked for any money yet but no doubt that will be the next thing.Has anyone had any returns from this firm.

  51. Kellyjo says:

    Everything that is typed in Sylvia’s message was the same wording as the person at fast line said to me…. Are these people reading from a script!?!?! This just make me more dubious…

    • Sylvia says:

      Hi Kelly jo
      I did not mean to make your more dubious but like you, and some others, I did need to satisfy any doubts thats why I did my research. I found the posts on Law Advice UK interesting, and helpful, as it was a big case they handled back in 2010 very simular to MRI. Again there are alot of people asking questions about who Fastline Legal Services / the lawyers are and comparing how they were getting on with their cases.The posts on moneysave don’t really say much but I have asked a question to one of them and waiting a reply. At the end of the day I just want my money back from that crook. I had a call from Fastline Legal Services today requesting more information for the investigation, which I have now sent. I have to now wait for them to now get back to me to see if I have a case. It seems that the cost varies but I have been advised that i will get confirmation of the investigation in B&W at which I am not commited. So I will decide then. Do you have a case with MRI and have you already gone ahead? If so are you having any problems? I don’t think it was a script, it didnt sound that way as I asked an awful lot of questions, I think they are fed up with my calls! Lets live in hope

  52. Rosemary says:

    Hi Yesterday had a call from this Company who had my phone number, details of how much I had paid but wanted paperwork on the sale of the timeshare with Viva Connect which he ( legal bloke) said had had their assets frozen etc, but they (Viva) still seem to be trading if the comments on Mindtimeshare are to be beleived. Any one got any advice as to what to do next. Fast Line Services due to call tomorrow.

    • Janet says:

      I have just received a call from Fast Line Services, also I was informed I had a good case to claim for from Holiday Network Solutions who took payment for promising to buy my timeshare points. They are asking for £2000 before they could commence the proceedings. I am very dubious about paying money up front, they have told me that it is no win no fee, I will receive a refund if not successful. Has anyone been successful with Fast Line Services?

  53. Lisa says:

    I have also been contacted by Miss Dawson about our membership that we have with Club Class Holidays but the company name is FIRST LEGAL SERVICES. She says that they can get us back the money we paid and the amount that we were promised in a cash back scheme. She has not asked for any money yet but wants to see our paperwork. I am a bit confused as when we joined Club Class it was to get rid our timeshare in Tenerife, which they did. So what would be the basis of a claim. Miss Dawson says the Spanish goverment pays to anyone who has paid them now that the membership is defunct, but we never used it and it expired after 3 years. This company First Legal Services seems to have been trading since 2009 but there are some bad reports. Can we really claim against Club Class, We cannot find a web site or a lawyer for them to ask.

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Nigel, I think that you are getting your company names mixed up as they are 2 different companies with simular names. I was contacted by Miss Dawson of First legal Services about my Club Class as well. So after reading your post I phoned the Fastline Legal Services tel num, provided above, and they confirmed that they definately do not have her working for them. I asked for some advice but they were reluctant to look at my case as they said they do not really handle this type of case, as timeshares & holiday memberships is a much unregulated field, so I’m back to square 1 to whether I have a claim or not? Do you have the telephone num for First Legal Services? I need to know who the lawyer is before I send any paper work, and stupid me didnt write it down and I hav’nt received the letter they promised in the post yet! Your help will be appreciated.

  54. Steve says:

    I have also been contacted by FastLine Legal Services with regards
    to my purchase of an apartment through MRI MacAnthony Realty. They claim that Darragh MacAnthony’s assets have all been frozen and any mis-selling by him, a claim could be made. I was promised a ‘No Win No Fee’, however they wanted £4,500 up front.
    This is their address:
    FastLine Legal Services SL
    Calle Alcalde Antonio Garcia , Edificio 3-C Puerta 8 arroyo de la miel 29631 málaga
    Fastline Legal Services affiliated lawyer’s details are as follows:
    The person who contacted me by phone: Jessica White.
    Lawyer: José Lara Cabello
    Graduated: Colegio de Abogados de Granada
    Lic No: Colegio de Málaga Licencia Numero 6956
    Phone No: 08712847299
    Anyone else been contacted with regards to MRI MacAnthony Realty. Please get the details listed on this site.

    • Ciaran says:

      Hi Steve, I too have been contacted by FastLine Legal Services about an apartment in Portugal that I purchased through MRI. They have not looked for any money but are looking for some paperwork. They have hinted that the lawyer I used, recommended by MRI, may have been on MRI’s payroll. I have provided Fastline Legal with no documents yet and am very suspicious.

    • Lorraine says:

      Yes we have also been contacted today by Fastline Legal services at the same address as above claiming they can get money back for us for MRI MacAnthony mis selling us property abroad, they told us MacAnthony has had all his assets frozen and have asked us to send them details of payments we made, contracts, paperwork etc but like you we were scepticle because we have paid out £2,000 once before to a Lawyer abroad who ran off with our money and did not deal with any claim >>>

      • Pat says:

        We have been contacted by Jessica White about an apartment in Bulgaria though MRI. It started off as a “no win no fee” basis but they have now requested £1,500. They have given the same Lawyer details of José Lara Cabello. We too are sceptical about throwing more good money after bad and are wondering whether to ignore any further correspondence.

    • Kelly says:

      Hi there.. I have too.. Did you go ahead?

      • Patricia says:

        She is ringing tomorrow for credit card payment.We are very afraid to pay out any more money,though to get some of what we lost back is appealing to us.Do you know of anyone who got money back? and how much it cost them in lawyers fee?

    • Patricia says:

      Hi Steve,we have also been contacted by same person in fastlinelegal re apartment we purchased in Bodrum from MRI MacAnthony Realty.She told us same story as you but only looking for 1,450 euro once off payment by credit/debit card up front for lawyer to take our case and when we get our 41 thousand back fastlinelegal will take 5% of it.
      Did mention Jose^ Lara in a phone call but email its
      Lawyer….M Del Carmen Rodriguez Manas
      Graduated……Colegio de Abogados de Malaga
      Lic No…Colegio de Malaga Licencia Numero…4.524

      it says he is fully registered to prctise law in the Province of Andalucia and is fully bonded for our protection
      Have you found out if anyone got a settlement so far……..Hopeful Irish Pensioner

      • Sylvia says:

        Hi Pat. I have also been contacted by Fastline Legal Services and at the moment having all the paper work that I kept assessed by the lawyers to see if I have a case for compensation. They have explained that there are some costs involved to bring a case and I will be given that figure once the assessment is complete. Like you I had concerns so I have been doing some research. I have checked the lawyers out, I think that they have a team of lawyers, which has come up all ok when checking on and the bar association. I have read some reviews on from 2010. Not about them handling MRI but another agent, and its pretty much the same as this site alot of people asking questions but theres none that state that they have had a bad experienced with Fastline Legal Services or lost any money. I have also read reviews on Moneysavingexpert, these are MRI asking the same questions. There is one person who said his compensation took longer than adviced however he got it. There are 2 forums, 1 is Money saving Expert / Fastline Legal Services and the other Money Saving Expert MRI The MacAnthony Real Estate Agency. If my case gets approved I will be paying by credit card for protection but I will make sure I get all in B&W first.

      • Kellyjo says:

        Hi Patricia… I wish you all the best… Please let us know how you get on

    • Susan says:

      Hello Steve I too have been recently contacted out of the blue by somebody call Jessica from fast line legal … She wants me to call her about MRI ( I failed investment we had in Portugal )

      • Terry says:

        Thanks.A good by of research.I will have a look at these sites,but from what you have said I will be sending photo copies of my paperwork to them and see what the outcome is.I thought we where in the European Union and we had protection against Scams. If all this goes wrong we should all get together and sue them.
        Good Luck

    • Kirit says:

      I have recently been contacted by Fast line legal services with regards to my purchasing through MRI . after having emailed them paperwork, they say that we have a strong case, but as with all above quotes are asking for a notary translation fee of £1600. Has anybody had any luck ? they are going to call me back on Friday.

      • Brian says:

        Hi all, as you probably know……I’ve already sent them info re: my paperwork for a boiler room scam I fell victim too. They informed me their lawyer, after assessing the paperwork I’d emailed them, said I had a strong case against the company and funds ( wherever they’re from??) were available for compensation against the company Birchfield Consultants.
        Since then I’ve had COUNTLESS calls urging me to send the money for the translation and notary fees…..being quite PUSHY in fact, also informing me that IF I pay by credit card there is NO risk to me about losing my money due to being covered by the guarantee……
        Rather than rush into it I’ve been keeping an eye on this blog for any more info about Fastline Legal.
        My gut feeling is to tread warily…..
        Thanks to all, and MERRY CHRISTMAS 🙂


    • Brian says:

      I have had the same from Melinda D’Arcy the lawyer is a Carmen Mana. They assessed 2 of my losses with MRI and said that I only had a good claim on 1 of them for which I could claim back some £45000. I have to pay for legal submissions and translation of documents etc. at a cost of £1297 which is repayable on the claim award for which they take 5%. the compensation case will take some 10 to 12 months. I am unsure whether to go ahead or not even now.

  55. nigel says:

    i have been contacted several times since october fro fast line legal services an american lady kaen dawson, has asked me to send any correspondence from club class holidays who we purchased holiday club from in the late 90sking for credit card reciepts which i do not haveperwork with amount we paid,
    I have found some paperwork and was about tosend of when I found your website
    Shall I ingnore any further calls from this person as she ringsat least once a week


    • Terry says:

      I have had the same calls from the same company.Send off the paperwork nothing ventured nothing gained but not the originals.If they assess you have a case and ask for money. Then you need to make a decision wether to go ahead. You never know by that time people may be puttting good comment having got there money or bad ones saying its a scam.Good Luck.

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