The All Inclusive Club, cold calling Fly Buy operator.

All inclusive logo A new cold caller is added on our list by the name of The All Inclusive Club. New by name because the group they belong to, the Easy Consulting Group is not new at all and known on our blog.

The All Inclusive Club approaches consumers on a cold call and offers promotional holidays for competitive prices.

What aren’t explained properly on this first call are the terms and conditions and neither the availability which seems to be restricted once the consumer has paid and tries to book.

The All Inclusive Club has a website where you can fill in a form with your holiday requirements, but it doesn’t really show you what they have on offer.

Contact details for The All Inclusive Club are: Telephones 0800 198 5004 and 0800 198 0026.  Email

Other companies belonging to The Easy Consulting Group and mentioned on the blog are for example; Direct Resort Promotions, Extra Time Online, Resort Direct UK, The Gift Company, Extra Weeks, Easy Weeks Travel, The Ultimate Holiday Package, Direct Resorts International, Easy Consulting, Direct Resorts UK, Sky Breaks and Anu Points and Anu Corporate.

Have you been contacted by The All Inclusive Club from 08001985004 with Holiday Offers? We would like to know. You can email us at or place a comment on the blog.

About mindtimeshare

Mindtimeshare SLU is registered Company reg number: B35957182 Mindtimeshare provides assistance to timeshare owners who have been defrauded by holiday clubs and bogus resale companies. The Mindtimeshare project was launched in February 2011. After dealing with timeshare members over several years who had been defrauded by numerous bogus companies and for large amounts of money, I considered launching an Organisation to help timeshare owners that have been targeted by bogus companies. On this blog you can find information about the different active scam companies and their “modus operandi” and also place comments, ask questions and see comments from other consumers who have the same doubts or have been through the same experience. Mindtimeshare has resulted in a huge success and has received the back up from not only timeshare consumers but also from the professionals in the timeshare Industry. Mindtimeshare helps timeshare owners who have been scammed by bogus Discount Holiday Clubs; bogus cash back companies; fraudulent timeshare resale companies; bogus class action companies and false lawyers and notaries. We offer professional answers and advice to Timeshare users. If you want to send an email instead of posting a comment on the blog please do so by emailing:
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75 Responses to The All Inclusive Club, cold calling Fly Buy operator.

  1. Mel says:

    These companies are also now known .. As The Travel Shop. . Same Sc** and another different name I.e Extra time online… All Inclusive Club. …. Just rang my wife. Asking again for more money.. having already taken over £700. Out of her account without permission.. they are wanting £500. For weeks she bought 3 years ago Any Advice on how to get your money back. Would be Helpful…

  2. John says:

    My wife as signed up with them been paying every Year keeps getting them call her offering holidays think she’s just gave them 250 quid for a holiday she just needs to tell them when we are traveling I think its a con how can I get the money back from them I’ve only just find out

  3. Antony says:

    These heartless people have had a good share of my savings for the last 2 to 3 years and I’ve been no way as yet due to personal reasons. My contract is for 5 and they’re taking me to court for not paying my £29 annual fee. Sharks

  4. Kevin says:

    PLEASE DO NOT TRUST THE ALL INCLUSIVE CLUB! – R** *** merchants with over priced holidays, trust me you will not save anything – Do not waste your money.

    Happy to be contacted by member of the public if you want a detailed description of their xxxxxxxx sales techniques.

    I am in the process of having the money refunded to my credit card, under the Consumer Trade Act:

    Please share this post.

    • Judith says:

      Hi Kevin
      I’m interested to know how you’ve managed to get a refund – did you have to pay for legal advice/go via a lawyer, or have you done it on your own?
      I’ve also invested in All Inclusive Club – just wish I’d known about this website before I signed up!

      • Mark says:

        Hi Judith

        Like you, I was sc***** by this horrible organisation.

        Didn’t need a lawyer, just followed the section 75 and with Mindtimeshare’s help, constructed a letter to my credit card company. It was easier than expected and was refunded in full.

        Seriously, it is worth the effort because when All Inclusive Club continue to ring you to upgrade and the money is in your bank account, you feel very smug.

        I still get the odd call from them even now, I no longer feel anger, I feel inner victory.

        Go for it and good luck.

  5. Mark says:

    I am stunned that All Inclusive Club and Extra Time Online have started calling me again to sell me over-priced memberships.

    After obtaining a refund through my credit card company through the Mis-selling Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act, the calls have began again this week. Do they really think that I am that stupid? I know I was once but not again surely.

    When the girl on the phone was going through her sales pitch, I just burst out laughing, I couldn’t contain myself.

    Honestly, never ever believe these guys. Their calls come from a Birmingham (0121) number now. They will try everything to fleece you.

  6. Daphne says:

    I have 4 weeks with these. I couldn’t check what was available without emailing them and the prices worked out more than paying for a package holiday. The flights then the extra you had to pay wasn’t really worth effort. I was also called for an upgrade with discount flights free transfers etc. I gave my bank details and had to wait for admin to contact me. Unfortunately my mother died and all desire for a holiday went out the window. They contacted me for finalisation but told then of my loss and to leave it. Since then in spite of them promising to put note on my account I have been harassed by them constantly. They even changed the number they were calling from cos I had blocked it. The last time I spoke to them I threatened them with a solicitor. Been quite for 4 days now….

    • Joan says:

      I am angry and disgusted with The All Inclusive Club and Xtratime on line who have continued to harass me since 2013. My daughter died in July 2013 from Ovarian Cancer.
      Shortly after her sad death I was cold called by this “company” when I was extremely vulnerable and distressed but they kept phoning and phoning sometimes as many as 2 times a week to extract monies from me with all sorts of deals – what a joke. I am hoping to get a lawyer immediately to assist me with getting my money back – evewn today I had a call this morning wanting more money off me for a Trade Card – I am refusing to co-operate further. They are due to call me back this early evening and I am going to give them hell – it is extortion. Over the 2 years since being contacted and harassed by these companies I have parted with £9,000 of my small inheritance. Please do not sign up with any of their affiliations of which one other is Meon Valley.

  7. Mark says:

    We were contacted by the All Inclusive Club a couple of years ago with the offer of transferring my late mother-in-law’s promotional weeks to us in exchange for a membership to their club.

    We paid around £500 but later learned that the offer wasn’t as it seemed. You had to pay for the additional all inclusive cost.

    Extra Time Online also offered us a Trade Card at £350 which gave around £400 of benefits such as free flights, accommodation and was sold to us as basically a free holiday.

    We tried to book holidays and accommodation with both organisations but every time the quotes were considerably higher than other companies we use, usually by hundreds of pounds.

    Both The All Inclusive Club and Extra Time Online continued to call us on a weekly basis to upgrade or activate an extra deal at a cost. They were always pushy an usually quite rude when we objected to paying more money to them. On more than one occasion, I was berated by the cold caller for wasting their time by not making them commission.

    With the help of MindTimeShare, we obtained a full refund from our credit card company under the mid-selling act.


    These companies are only interested in taking your money. Their websites and offered sound brilliant but sadly they are not.

    They will persist and persist with deceptive lies until they get their sale.

    There is absolutely no benefit in their membership above going to a high street travel agent or booking online.

    It is a shame that they haven’t been shut down as it gives the travel industry a bad reputation.

    • Mark says:

      I also would like to add that they are based in Spain but use UK based numbers to get you to answer.

      We have had called from 020, 0161 and 0191 prefixes. A few times of asking where they are based, they replied Spain each time.

      We were also contacted by Meon Valley Travel who are based in the UK to book holidays on their behalf. Not sure of their connection but their prices were considerably higher than we found elsewhere too.

      The advice from MindTimeShare was a godsend for us too. Thank you.

  8. short url says:

    It’s a shamee you don’t have a donate button! I’d definitely
    donate tto this brilliant blog! I guess for noww i’ll settle for
    bookmarking and adding yor RSS feed to my Googlle account.
    I look forward to new updates and will talk about this website with my Facebook group.
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    • W D says:

      yes I too fell for this s*** and even now they continually call me and completely ignore the fact that I have asked them numerous times not to call me as I am not interested, I am 84 and could not afford the loss of money I had already paid in good faith but when they were then asking for more money all the time I opted out with no chance of getting a refund ,what a scam its about timed they were stopped

      • Hi W D,

        Any misrepresentation or breach of contract from this company may result in the application of Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act.
        This company and others related pretend to be part of RCI, Interval International or any other big timeshare company.

        If you paid with credit card you can claim your money back.
        And you can always report it to Trading Standards and/or the Police.
        This company is operating from Benidorm – Spain.


        Customer Care

  9. SC says:

    I was caught out with this lot last year. I paid my deposit of £300 and paid a further 1 months payment then discovered what they were about. I just stopped payments. I was called several times by Diane when I said I wanted no further contact with them she continued to call. I have had no calls for a few months but low and behold I got an email yesterday looking for the balance to be paid and a call tonight to say they were handing me over to the legal team and said it will now cost me a lot more than I am due he is giving me tonight to think about it and will call back tomorrow. Does anybody know if I can be taken to court with this or is this just scare mongering ?

    • WD says:


  10. rosie says:

    Someone phoned for my husband didn’t state why then hung up. I called back and it was from these people but the number called from was 02034009988. Don’t think I’ll recommend he calls back!

    • Billy says:

      Me and my wife are just back today from Benidorm 16/9/2014. we were stopped yesterday by a very pleasant. young Lady called Lucy??.Who asked us for a few minutes of our time to fill in a survey. After a few questions we were asked to pull a card from a paper bag, and told we had won a free t-shirt and then asked to have another go and bingo the trap was set my wife and myself were given a hug and kiss and told we had just win a holiday.We were then told she would also get £50 bonus if we would go to her offices only at few minutes in a taxi–we agreed. (MUGS)
      After being ushered in to a taxi we apparently had a lot in common with Lucy who was also Scottish (Apparently) 15 minutes later we arrived at her offices and she informed us to qualify for the holiday we would be interviewed by a guy for about 90 min but usually your free to go after about 30 min.
      The first guy sat with us across the way in cafe for approx 90 min filling in a form and trying to ware us down by talking dribble We then moved in to the office again dribble was being spoken,after a half hour my wife asked could get to the end product the guy then asked the top Guy over when he seen we were not interested they started getting nasty we asked for the taxi to take us back to Benidorm he said the chap that takes people back had just left, so we asked could he phone us a taxi and he replied he didn’t speak Spanish.He then directed the first guy to show us were a taxi rank was, he took us to the end of the road and pointed down a hill and said it down there. We had to get direction from two school girls……THE TAXI COST BACK TO BENIDORM WAS 18 EURO.

      I cant believe i was taken in by Lucy and her Associates at 67 i am still learning so be aware Lucy life sometimes come back and bites you on the bum.

  11. Brian says:

    Had a call from “All Inclusive Club” offering cheap holiday accommodation. When the guy rings back in a few days time will enjoy telling him that I have read all the bad reviews online regarding their Company. CAVEAT EMPTOR!! Bryan

    • doreen says:

      yes I was also c***** by this company and no chance of getting money back, its disgusting how they are allowed to get away with it

      • Shelley says:

        I had the same thing last October. Parted with approx £400. Was told they were from rci. On phone for over an hour on a Friday evening. Spoke to 3women & 1 man. Another call Saturday morning from someone else. I have got my money back (I used debit card). You need to tell your bank you been mid sold the holiday. Inform the timeshare association. I also told the office if fair trading. If no joy from your bank go to the banking ombudsman who were extremely helpful. It took about 6 months for refund but I was adamant I wasn’t getting conned . I still get calls on a regular basis from resort direct & all inc club even tho I’ve told them I’ve had a refund & reported them. How stupid are they. Good luck

  12. Jade says:

    I got approached on benidorm beach and filled in a “market research” questionnaire- wasn’t even told I was a competition for a holiday etc. was called day after I returned to Uk to say I had won 5th prize. What the lady told me on the phone differed from what was offered in the email. Very vague and as others have said the website and office which I drove past made it look reputable. I am expecting a phone call tomorrow and will make sure to tell her where to stick their so called holiday!

  13. Queenie Joseph says:

    Have just read all these and I have been ******* by the all inclusive club!!!

  14. Batty says:

    I had a call from 02035009988 show up on my telephone screen not recognising the number I ignored it but later on in the evening I phoned the number. It was a recorded message from The all inclusive club saying if I was interested in the club to leave my number and they would get back to me. Needless to say I wasn’t interested especially after reading the above, if it is the same company but new phone number

  15. Andrew says:

    My wife entered a ‘competition’ in Benidorm ? weeks ago. We have just been called to say we have won first prize in the competition for 14 nights luxury hotel accomodation. On receiving further information we were then asked to pay £80, We would also have to pay the flights but they could get them 40% cheaper for us than if we did it ourselves. Naturally suspicious we asked for more information. They sent us an email (after some persuading from us) asking us to send our bank details (we have not done this). I asked if they had a website I could check out. They directed us to one called “love all inclusive” which to my knowledge appears genuine and based in the UK not Spain. They also added the words gift company to it. (love all inclusive gift company). During the conversation they referred to offers that are apparently on the love all inclusive website to draw us in. All looked genuine so I decided to do a different search, It is then I added the ‘gift company’ to the initial search, that I then found this page. Our alarm bells were ringing and thank you to everyone who has posted offering their experiences. We are now not going ahead with the offer although initially very tempted. The email I was asked to send my bank details to is

    My advice is… hang up immediately, if it is too good to be true then more often it isn’t!

  16. Rolfe & Jan says:

    We have seen the comments about the All Inclusive Club on your website. We note in particular your statement that in the cold call phone call the terms and conditions aren’t explained properly.
    That’s what happened to us.
    We had originally been approached by Resorts Direct which offered us some holiday weeks and City Breaks, which we took up. We haven’t yet used all the weeks, and a few months ago we were contacted out of the blue by a lady from The All Inclusive Club. We now see from your website that this company is associated with Resorts Direct via Easy Consulting. This was not made clear in the phone call. The impression we got was that they were separate companies, and indeed they were a little disparaging on the offer from Resorts Direct. They suggested to us that we should surrender the Resorts Direct weeks in return for 28, subsequently increased to 35, days at hotels on the All Inclusive Club’s list, and also 3 City Breaks, for a payment of £218. On no occasion was any statement made that if we wanted to stay at any hotel further payments would be required.
    We were also specifically told that the City Breaks were provided by themselves, in house. We were pleased about this because the organisation which had provided the City Breaks which Resorts Direct had supplied was not entirely satisfactory.
    We accepted the offer and paid the money.
    When the paperwork came through we saw that if we wanted to stay in one of their hotels we would have to pay a compulsory upgrade for food and drink, per person per day, which would actually make the stay quite expensive.
    This was not mentioned in any of the telephone conversations we had had with them, and if it had been we would never have done the deal. When we go on holiday we do not have all our meals etc at the hotel since we like to sample local restaurants. If we do eat “in house” we pay on an individual basis. We certainly wouldn’t have agreed to pay for something that we would not use.
    It also appeared that the City Breaks were not supplied by the Club but by the very organisation that we had been a little dissatisfied with.
    We telephoned Darren at the Club. In a most aggressive conversation he asserted that he himself had made it quite clear to us that further payments would be required, and that the City Breaks were provided by an outside organisation. In subsequent correspondence he has maintained that position and refused a refund.
    But in fact it was not Darren to whom we had spoken when the terms were outlined to us, we only spoke to him once to finalise the deal. The people to whom we spoke did not mention the compulsory upgrade, and as evidence we have the notes we took during the phone call which do not mention it. And they certainly did say they themselves provided the City Breaks.
    We are continuing our correspondence with them in an effort to secure a refund, but any assistance you can provide would be welcome.
    Rolfe and Jan

  17. Beryl says:

    we are also trying to get back almost £2,000.we contacted our bank and it is now in the hands of the fraud squad,funnily enough whils my partner was talking to them on phone the woman from Holiday firm rang me,I told her that it was now in hands of f,s.and she yelled out loudly in the office they’ve put the f###### f.s.on us and dropped the phone, as yet we haven’t heard from them again. Be very wary of this, do not be conned like we were.

  18. barry says:

    hi all we were in benidorm and got collared by a girl working for a company that was not timeshare apparently and wanted no money we were asked to pull cards out of a bag and surprise i “won” a free holiday. we were taken to a nice office and were given tea and biscuits and had a nice chat also being told that crissy rock was an ambassador. the walls were covered with events they had sponsored and abta or atol certificates and a ministry of justice one too. the woman was nice and chatted about her family including showing pics etc and we were told they were a travel agents that mass booked rooms at corporate rates so could sell 40% cheaper.. now i was tempted at what they were offering, but i am always wary and also a great reader of body language and the body language was all off then they said it was £49 pounds a year and i thought ok i could live with that cos it isnt a great deal to lose if its not legit but then came the real cost. It was supposed to cost 7500 for lifetime membership but as we were the last people of the day which we were the office now empty we could have lifetime for the price of ten years being £3500 .we said we hadnt that kind of money so were offered finance but i was once bankrupt and told them we couldn’t get credit we were then offered 5 years that should be £1579 for £1200 if we could pay £200 now and pay them direct £100 pounds a month and we would get 5 weeks free. we told them we couldnt access any funds just then and we would sleep on it. they didnt turn nasty and said the free 5 weeks wouldnt be there but i just couldnt do it. They tried to sell me a cheap holiday and when i said no gave me a voucher for my “free” prize holiday but was told i had to play flights but when back at my hotel i read the small print and it stated we had to pay a nominal admin fee so good prize huh. Also we were told they couldnt deal with easyjet or ryanair but noticed in her folder a list that had easyjet and ryanair in it so got very suspicious. Does anyone know if they are a **** just like the all inclusive club many thanks Barry

  19. james says:

    Crissy rock should be ashamed of herself for promoting this company, There again she is doing it because they are stocking her books and paintings, Its real people your hurting crissy, people who pay to see your shows,buy your books or paintings, your on a slippery road for disaster in your career from the british public.

  20. Alan says:

    We have just got back from Benidorm and had the unlucky experience to come across the all inclusive club. My wife filled a street survey in and surprise surprise she had a phone call stating she had won a free 7 day holiday. Well after some persuasion I agreed to go with her. A very professional outfit about 40 min’s putting you at ease finding out about you and your family followed about 90min’s explaining that they are not in sales only holiday consultants. At the end of it all they hit you with it selling you day,s which is a minimum of 70 days at just over £20 per day.
    A bunch of nicer people you will not meet until I informed them I wanted to go and reasearch the company on the internet before anything would be signed. Well you could sense the hostility straight away they called the manager over who tried to change our minds with the usual jargon but we soon got hushered out as it became apparent to all present we were having a disagreement sadley the room was full of people getting sc****. We were shown the door quite rapidly the concerning thing is the show a ministry of justice logo stating they have their backing in this scheme. Anyway I was politely informed this was a one time offer only and could not join at a later date which told me everything I needed to know about them. After reading the above comments I now know why.

  21. Beth says:

    My mum paid £4000 in a desperate bid to get my dad to go on holiday with her more than anything, and investing so much money meant he’d have to go,
    Obviously the whole things a s*** and because I trusted her judgement in the company I also paid £300 to avoid the tour of the hotels she seemed to have to have on the first day where they try and sell you more stuff, and to get it transferred under my name and extend the years these weeks holiday would be available to me. They explained that I would be paying just for the hotel but the all inclusive would be free,
    So just the standard hotel and I would get all inclusive at no extra charge, I later tried to book numerous holidays and actually
    There standard hotel rate was more expensive than the all inclusive hotel rate I was finding online… something about not booking it early enough was
    There excuse, anyways I spoke to the manager who gave me a load of jargon and I said so what exactly am I paying for or have payed for he said the extras in the hotel the VIP treatment, which is what? I asked, he said I would get free spa treatment etc.. So my mums pad 4k??? For free spa treatment??? He then tried to sell me gold membership after considering my complaint which meant 50 days a year for 5 years of hotel accommodation free at just 300 quid extra again…I said that its already been a scam and I’m
    Not paying any more he said the 4k would be a waste not to invest in this offer I said fine bye bye! I feel like such a mug -_-

  22. Diane says:

    My parents had a phone call last week from someone supposedly linked to the town hall in Benidorm. He said that it had been such a quiet year there that they were trying to promote people going. He said, you get the hotel free and just pay for your flights.. My parents asked for more details on paper so they could have a look. As my parents are not online and don’t have a computer, they asked for an email address they could send the information to, so I let them use mine for now.
    I just read the information which came from The All Inclusive Club and have looked online about them. As I have just found this, I will be telling them not to bother and knowing my dad, I am sure he will be most polite, not! to the man on the phone when he calls them back in a few days to ask them what they think. Awful saying they are working with Benidorm council too. AM sure they we be happy to know this.

  23. karen says:

    hi my mum and dad have just phoned me from Benidorm saying they paid £1200 to the all inclusive club today and sighed the contract , is there anyway they can stop the payment and get out of this ????? please help

  24. Shane says:

    We got cornered today by “all inclusive” and after 30mins of chatting crap winning a 7night holiday the rep took us to the office in benidorn. Took some details (home address, email and phone number) but because we where under 30 and didn’t own property or a credit card they soon said there wasn’t an agent free and sent us on our way. They paid for a taxi to our hotel, all I can say is thanks for the free taxi “all inclusive club” saved us €10 🙂 Had a similar ‘sc**’ in South Africa trying to sell us time share but no way they were going to scram me on my home turf.

    • cheryl says:

      sadly this happened to us in benidorm last week we were told that we had won a holiday for 2 weeks all inclusive when i told them that i was not handing any money over the got very nasty they wanted us to pay 144 pounds to join their website and then pay a monthly direct debit these people should be locked up

  25. Rebekah says:

    I was unfortunately STUPID and fell for the s*** giving them my card details… does anyone know if I can get my money back?

  26. ann says:

    Terrible morning spent with the luv all inclusive plastic reps. If I see them speaking to anyone in the street I will have to warn them. Terrible behaviour and they turn nasty when you are not interested. Why does chrissy rock associate herself with this awful company

  27. liz says:

    Has anyone booked a hoilday with all inclusive as I fell into the trap giving them £350 over the phone for 47 days hoilday, s i requested 1 week in grand canaries they came back 2 week, s later with a differant resort and date that I ask for

  28. jack says:

    hi…we did get conned in Benidorm on the last day of our holiday….August 2013…..we paid the deposit of 500.00 each signed a contract at the same time …we did have suspicions all along but they are real..con people and get you to believe its a great deal..shame on them….despicable…..i dont know if we will be able to get our deposit back because there is no way we will pay the 2000.00 balance due soon…i am sooooo pleased we saw this webpage.jack.

  29. Elaine says:

    Dirty rats just co**** my elderly uncle out of £78, he was so looking forward to his 14 days all inclusive in Benirdorm.. How they sleep in the their beds at night I don’t know.

  30. Brenda says:

    Worst day of our holiday I did feel sorry for the saleswoman who lost her brother in a work accedentil death . Still managed to escape after two hrs

  31. Brenda says:

    Hard sell took 2hrs to get away from them got a bit off when we said no

  32. spencer says:

    I asked if I could use the days you purchase to provide hotel accomodation in the U.K. as I travel around a lot – they did not seem keen.

    The holiday you “win” is obviously something you end up paying for, and what your buying is a tie in with this company, you are then forced to holiday with them for 15+ Years. Basically you are buying fresh air.

    It is a timeshare sc**.

    Also no cooling off period – not sure its quite legal.

  33. sarah says:

    We too were “taken off the street”to their office in Benidorm, on the pretence that we had won a free all inc holiday. After over 2 hours of hard selling, lots of Fanta and crisps we walked away. They try to lure you into a false sense of security by telling talking about their family members, we were even shown photo’s of the salesman’s mother ! Its all about them winning your trust, or at least trying to. When i asked specific questions about their terms and conditions, i was told that they were not prepared to answer them ! They could not explain how they can allegedly book accomodation at todays price and yet allow you to actually book it years later without extra cost. This is a s***. We left after i had made it clear that under no circumstances would we ever sign a document agreeing to pay them a large sum of money (over £3000 they wanted), without having the opportunity to consider and do some research. They got very annoyed when we told them that we would not sign anything on the spot and they refused to allow us to take away any of the paperwork to consider it carefully. The office in Benidorm appears to be run by a family comprising of the mother, father (in their 40’s) and son (20’s). They were desperate to make a sale. Avoid like the plague and take legal advice if need be, there has to be some mis selling involved here.

  34. kevin says:

    i got dragged in by on friday by these people love all in benidorm same as people are saying above.the sales man even brought his dead son into his pitch (what a despicable man)when i told them i was not parting with any money today his mood suddenly changed steer well clear! take a look on you tube at the crissy rock video you will see that love all and the all inclusive are one and the same.

  35. Jen says:

    I was ‘got’ yesterday, started off by telling me and my partner he was going a survey and ended with me pulling a ‘2 week all inclusive holiday’ prize. Walked over to their shop and agreed to do a 90 minute chat, they offer food and drink and chat about your family and friends to lure you into a feeling of friendship. After well over 2 hours and loads of rubbish about saving me thousands of pounds, I was getting impatient and the hangover was getting me restless. So I said “What is it you want from me today?” And to cut a long story short she wanted me to book ’70 flexible days’ @ £20.60/day I told her that was like 5 years worth of days and I had no interest. The mood changed and she wanted my reasons for not buying which angered me with a reply of “I don’t need to give you a reason, I had been here too long and I needed to go” she then asked another lady to sign me out and guess what she asked me to buy a holiday for £700, with a deposit of £200 now. I told her I was skint and wasn’t paying anything, she then said £50 deposit!? I then stood up and said “I’m off” she handed me the free holiday gift voucher which probably will be as big a joke as them. Then I left and googled them, complete scam. Anybody who gets conned by them should stand outside their premises and shout at every poor punter they are dragging in there.

    • John says:

      Hi, I was suckered into spending 2 hours with these xxxx artists . Smooth talking people that attempted to talk me out of £3,000 for membership and so many flexible days of holidays. I got up to walk away and they then say….do you not want the free holiday? we sat down with another woman who wanted £100 for a weeks holiday, got very angry when I said no to the £100 “too good to be true” DO NOT give these xxxxxxxx any money, it is a rip-off, the holidays you attempt to book will be more expensive than other legit companies, they also say they are ABTA and ATOL registered, all lies they are NOT

    • Lucy says:

      So was we. We got told we have won a free Holliday, SEVEN HOURS later we walk out feeling completely scammed. What a day wasted.Me, my husband and my 13 year old daughter feel disgusted by it. Crissy Rock should be ashamed for promoting this company

  36. Peter says:

    are they covered by dicective 2008/122/EC?

  37. kev says:

    we won a cruise according to them, took us to their office in benidorm sat and swamped us with figures that we would save hundreds on holidays. then got us to sign all these papers and demanded 3500 pound. Told them not got that kind of money they said you signed now unlucky for them they never had any of my bank details . agent called mick rowbotham gave us a number 0034-602-142-723 a very convincing guy who even came to our hotel next day to convince us. We said no we changed our mind and not giving bank details he quickly turned nasty and said we must go to office personnally and explain. waiting worryingly now in case there any comeback

  38. Chris K says:

    Just been contacted too saying i have won 5th prize a 14 day stay in Benidorm all i have to do is pay 79 pound today or i will lose the prize, is it a total scam???

    • doreen says:

      keep well away from this company, I paid money then ll they did was ask for more also you have to pay for flights etc, don’t do it, Doreen

  39. david says:

    wow ,,im so glad i checked this site ,benidorm is completely swamped with ppl from this company so they look legitimate .we just got a call saying we won 5th place in a comp and had won 14 nights in benidorm all we had to do was give them £39 pp .thanks guys you just saved us £78 and a lot of grief

  40. phil says:

    Just had nice phone call from Ron from the The All inclusive club we won 5th prize in a comp lol
    tried to get me to part with money over the phone lol Sorry Ron you must think i’m thick

    Asked about The Easy Consulting Group Ron’s reply “never heard of it” told him to Google it…because its the same company…….

    What lengths people will goto ….to try & make you part with your hard earned cash lol

  41. Edwina says:

    I too have been extremely gullible. Has anyone actually been successful in booking and taking a
    holiday through All Inclusive Club, ExtraTime online, Resort Key or The Holiday Specialist ?

  42. Joan H. says:

    Has anyone tried to get their money back from their credit card company? Capitol one is not being at all helpful .

  43. Loveholiday says:

    We were suckered in at benidorm yesterday. Theres a company running there called ❤ all-inclusive (love) where basically they try and sell you a years worth of holidays for over £5000 claiming to get you discounted flights, hotels, transfers and car hire and that you have your own personal ‘concierge’ that sorts everything out about your holiday. It seems like they have lots of small companies. It works like timeshare where they give you an envelope with a free holiday voucher inside. My advice is ‘dont do it’

  44. sue says:

    I have just been contacted by the all inclusive club, and i have given them my credit card no as a holding bond ,but not given the three no on the back,until i speak to my husband tomorrow, can they still take money from my card without the all3 security no on the back . I,m so glad iv,e looked this site ,Thank you who ever you are .

  45. Gail says:

    Just had call from the all inclusive club, they knew all about my Extra Weeks membership and Direct Resort International as I also have been sucked in by them, own 8 weeks all together and not been able to use any of them, they wanted 199 for each week, then dropped it to 392.00 for all 8, then could just pay 99.00 now to hold the offer as it expires on Monday. Not going to be suckered again, very smooth talkers but no deal this time. Gail

    • Lorna says:

      This has happened to me too, have you ever actually managed to get a holiday from them or has it all been wasted money, and time trying to book them? I have weeks with all inclusive, direct resorts international (who have just been incessantly calling me to get me to pay more money so that my four weeks with them do not expire and they offered me numerous incentives too!!), extra time online seemed helpful when they called me about an enquiry a few days ago and said that they had only worked there a few months and hadn’t heard of direct resorts international (but as I said they had said might be as they hadn’t worked there long), she sounded legit so I don’t know what to think. is there a holiday to be had? Thanks.

  46. Chris says:

    Chris says.

    Completely agree with Sue & Janet … All they want is your money !!!!

  47. Prasad says:

    Hi All,

    My mother has just taken up membership and parted with £300 over the phone. I have just found out and did some research on the all inclusive club to find It’s all a sc**. She has not signed and return the forms stating you have sign and return the form to active the membership, is it to later to get a refund?

    Many thanks


    • David says:

      Try contacting the credit card used and ask them to dipute this transaction, I did get a refund in the end, but it took time. Best of Luck. David

  48. Denys says:

    Hi Sue

    I have also had a call from them going on and on! All I have to do is part with £299 and they will promise me a 5 year membership with discounted holidays. They promised that this technically won’t cost me anything because they will send me £300 of vouchers that I can use in the UK “Just like Argos” I pointed out that if I hold onto my £299 I would then have this to spend anywhere I wanted including Argos! and then hung up.
    I only allowed them to talk so long to waste their time as they have previously co**** my retired parents who unfortunately are su***** for this sort of thing.

    My advice don’t give them another penny – hang up! If they want £35 a year off you let them sue you for it! they won’t stand a chance!

    • doreen says:

      i was contacted by this company, paid £299 to them but their office is in Alicante and now it seems I have to pay for all inclusive, wish I could get my money back.

  49. Sue says:

    Hi, I have just had a phone call from The All inclusive club, spinning me all there jargon about how they can take my 4 weeks from the Gift Company and double them giving me 8,and also through in a Mexican or Florida cruise for free, but wanted £400 from me £100 for every week I had , I said I didn’t have it , so they said they could do it on a deposit of £145 and keep the deal open for me ,They must think people are stupid, which I know I have been very very stupid in the past, to get involved in the first place, but they are so clever and convincing, and I am very gullible. I have the Gift company, and also Extra Time online, I have never used any of them, as I can always find holidays cheaper myself, even with the concierge team , that they want £35 a year for and have been told that I must pay it even if I don’t use them , can you tell me if this is right please . I don’t want to be conned any more. Is there anyway of getting any money back from these sca*****, cause I could really do with some right now, they have had quite enough from me.

    • Janet says:

      Have had same call, took up offer when paperwork arrived tried to get money back no way Extra time online are the same, sent two emails asking for refund, all you get is more calls still trying to sell more. Have nothing to do with THEM

      • Chris says:

        Totally agree with Sue & Janet… Have done extra time on line & gift company !, They just want your money because when you try & book can always get the holiday cheaper!!! Waste of time !!!!

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