Who has received a letter from Legal & Accounting Services or LAS?


Not a cold caller this time, but equally worrying as Legal & Accounting Services has done a large mailing to Timeshare consumers claiming fees due and threatening with legal action.

The letter states that Legal & Accounting Services has recently taken over the management and administration of the consumers Holiday Club.

They don’t really specify the club name and this appears to be strange as the least one can expect is that a company claiming money has all the facts in detail.

They do have the agreement date and claim that fees are outstanding ever since.

The consumer is notified he has 30 days to pay and if not Legal & Accounting Services will have no other alternative than to take legal action.

The last paragraph is one not to be missed! They actually offer that in case you don’t want to have the membership any longer, you can pay £175 in 10 days after receiving the letter and you will be taken off the list.

So who is this company Legal & Accounting Services and where are they coming from?

On the letter there isn’t much information. The letter is signed by a lawyer Mr.Luis Viciana Ramos who seems to be real although the address and phone number on the letter do not coincide.

Well the address is a post box: Apartado de Correos 24, 29700 Velez Malaga, Spain

Telephone +34 951 402 874

The letter includes a bank account number for the payments of either the outstanding fees or the cancellation fee.

So we have a company who seems to have a lot of information from the consumers but lacks the most important which is the Club Name, or even the phone number of the client.

There are no further company details on the letter, no company Registration and the address is a post box which is not very handy when trying to claim something back from them. Obviously when paying by bank transfer the payment would not be protected anyway.

On top of this we have received numerous inquiries from consumers who never bought a club membership at all, or have an agreement that clearly mentions that failure of payment results in loss of the membership but nothing else!

If you have received a letter from legal & Accounting Services with phone number 951402874 in Velez Malaga, then please let us know.

You can email us at customercare@mindtimeshare.com or place a comment on this blog.

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146 Responses to Who has received a letter from Legal & Accounting Services or LAS?

  1. Mark says:

    I found this blog when enquiring about a overseas number (+0034147425) contacted me today (09/10/2013)which is noted in a posting earlier in this thread.
    They said they were from the European fraud office (could have been anti-fraud)investigating London travel brokers. They wanted details from me about them defrauding me and said the legal team would call me soon to gain more information, but they are very busy and may take so time. Since then I’ve had 5 more calls that I’ve not taken as not believe them not to trying to help me but are building up to sc** me

  2. Vanessa says:

    I would like to thank all of you on this site for giving me peace of mind and the confidence to ignor this scam if any one finds out weather these people got caught please post this is a time when the Internet comes up trumps without it I would have been on my own thank you mindtimeshare time

  3. topsnowboarder says:

    Wonder if anyone still has a copy of the original contract with the travel emporium if so could they post it on this site if possible,especially where the fee is charged…does it say that notice has to be given when you do not wish to use their services (travel emporium )
    like most people I was told you only have to pay the set amount if you use the travel club.

    Another point has anyone managed to speak to anyone at the essential travel club to see if las are chasing customers on their behalf.If they say no then we all know its another scam

    • H E says:

      I instigated this thread back in April.However I notice there has been no activity since end of July.Has anyone anything to report?????

      • Hi,
        The activity has ceased as far as we know a couple of weeks ago. Maybe due to August Holidays or maybe due to the numerous complaints.
        If anybody has received anymore letters or phone calls, we would certainly like to know.
        Customer Care

      • Jean says:

        Hello again,
        I’m very pleased to say that we have received no further letters to date. Many thanks for your help.

      • brian says:

        I will have to search for original contract..it says , failure to pay excluded you from services..
        nothing about fees or penalty. Brian.

  4. William says:

    I Have Just Had A Phone Call Asking To Pay 80 euros And It Will Be Dissolved, I Told Them It Was In The Hands Of My Solicitor And They Hung Up.

    • Bill says:

      We have received several letters and yesterday received our first (unanswered ) phone call. Our son died of a heart attack three months ago and we can do without harrassment from the likes of these people. We should be asking them for the £1600 that they did us out of, not them asking us for money.


  5. Jason says:

    Hi all, my name is Jason and I have just received a 3rd letter today asking me for payment or they will be sending round bailiffs. We were members of the travel emporium (my wife won a lifetime membership supposedly worth £13000 with them) my question is, now that the travel emporium no longer exist shouldn’t they be reimbursing me for not fulfilling my lifetime membership? Maybe I should be sending bailiffs to visit them.
    As you can probably tell they won’t be getting any money from me, although as of yet I’ve not had any phone calls from them just letters, I’m starting to feel left out..

  6. topsnowboarder says:

    like many ppl I have just had my red reminder,and they will get what I got from them which is a big fat zilch.
    Anyone who pays would be stupid,i like many ppl make a big mistake in joining this shower and they wont get a penny from me.
    The police fraud squad have told me not to pay them or reply to any calls or letters…..of which I have done.

    • Sue says:

      I too have received my red reminder, fed up of the phone calls not getting a penny.

    • Vincent says:

      Hi, I had my final letter a few weeks ago, and this morning they tried to ring me. I’ve got caller ID and the number that came up was 0034 147 425, I guessed the number was spanish, and did not answer, so put on my answerphone which just says “number you are calling is not available, please leave a message”, so they would not have known if they had dialled the correct number. Needless to say they did not leave a message. All reported to fraud squad, I really hope they get them. All the best.

      • Julie says:

        Hi, they have also started ringing me from that number, I tried to ring it back to see who answered, it rang a few times and then a message ‘sorry the number you have dialled is unavailable!

  7. Rich says:

    Hello, my elderly parents lost £4000 to a Holiday Club 3 years ago.
    Since then they’ve been contacted by a company saying they wish to buy the club contract (for an upfront fee of €1200) SCAM!
    Now LAS has written to them asking for money or bailiffs will call.
    Will it ever end?

    • Julie says:

      Hi I have received 2 letters from LAS asking for money or bailiffs and today received first phone call, unfortunately we got cut off when they told me who was calling!!, this prompted me to report them to Action for fraud on 0300 123 2040, I feel so relieved for having done this, they were very helpful and gave me a crime reference number, I suggest everyone who is being hounded by these people do the same, the more who report them the sooner they can be stopped ! Thanks to all on this site for their advice

      • Julie says:

        I have received another call, did not answer but when I rang the number back it was a ‘not known’ number!! rather devious At least I have my crime reference number !

  8. MIKE says:

    I’M MIKE.

  9. John says:

    John says
    Had the third letter from LAS after reporting to action for fraud trading standards etc
    I was finally given the number for European consumer association they said that if their ever
    Was fees outstanding after 5years under Spanish Law and 6years under British Law they are
    Statuette barred meaning they cannot legally claim any money
    I hope this help

  10. Jenny says:

    I too have been targeted by LAS with demands for alleged outstanding arrears
    of annual payments for the holiday club I was scammed into joining when on
    holiday in Spain. On receipt of the first demand in April I reported this to
    the police who logged it on file as ‘incident 302 16/5/13’. Since then
    I have had a ‘reminder’ and most recently a ‘final reminder’ threatening me
    with either a debt collection agency or court proceedings and the possibly
    of bailiffs to recover the alleged debt. Again I went to my local police
    station to report this and, after checking with their fraud department, they were
    very reassuring saying that the fraud department were aware from many
    reports that a large number of people had been targeted and that this was
    almost certainly a scam and that I should not in any circumstances send any
    money. All the correspondence I have received from LAS has been posted in
    the UK; the ‘final reminder’ came in an envelope with a Royal Mail postage
    paid label stuck on rather than franked directly on to the envelope. The
    sender’s Royal Mail code was HQ 51618. Googleing this reveals that it is a
    business account but Royal Mail don’t publish whose it is.

    • Vincent says:

      Hi Jenny, thanks for sharing this, it is very reassuring. I’ve been worrying all weekend about the final reminder I received. So much so that I rang Action for Fraud again and Citizens Advice. Interestingly I googled essential travel, and noticed this website http://www.essentialtravelgroup.com/OurServices.php and one of the their products is debt collection and low and behold is called LAS!! LAS also has a UK based website which says they are in SW London! http://www.legalandaccountingservices.co.uk. I have advised Action for Fraud of this.

      • paul says:

        hi . I am in the same boat I have received my 3 letter. I certainly am not paying. Surely with many reporting this something should be looking into these scammers. I think the legal and accounting service website that is in UK is not related to the LAS scammers – doesn t look like the UK one is just an accounacy firm. Anyone else think the same

      • Caz says:

        Interesting this site is also phone or email – no address – just somewhere in London. 3 Weeks on and the site hasn’t developed further.

    • Ana says:

      Well done, everyone! I’m so pleased to know that the fraud department is aware of this scam!… It is really a relief to know that the Police is involved and now are able to guide us in the right direct. I would encourage anybody that hasn’t reported them yet to do so, please.
      Thank, God!
      Report them on Report a Fraud, phone number 0300 123 2040 and on Kent Trading Standards, number: 08454 04 05 06. The sooner you do this, the sooner Interpol will take action.

      • Alan. says:

        Hi Ana.I am in the same boat as everyone else here so reading you mail I phoned the number
        you mentioned which was 0300 123 2040 and I got the wrong number,so just checking with you
        if that is the correct number.
        Thanks Alan.

  11. Del says:

    Third letter received yesterday. Threatens debt collection Mr court proceedings. I have never joined Essential Travel and am about to call the fraud number listed in previous posts. Thanks to all who have posted here. Wonder how many have been sacred into paying up. Hose something is done about this.

  12. Vanessa says:

    I don’t own a time share like Every one else we were conned into buying points which we were told would get us a wonderful family holiday we payed like idiots and when we got the details through we couldent use it as we had three children at school the point value was to low to go away in the summer holidays LAS says we bought the points in November we never holidayed out of school holidays.
    The good news is they haven’t called back I will be keeping my copy of the contract for a long time as I have it in black and white that I only pay if I use the points.

  13. William says:

    just received a third letter from LAS legal & accounting services heading final reminder.pay outstanding balance of 913.77e or face court proceedings.

    • Vincent says:

      Received my final letter today noting Principle Travel Club. Date of letter4th and received 5th! Reported to Action Fraud telephone number after receiving 1st letter back in April, and received a crime reference number. Hope something gets done. Thank goodness for this blog.

  14. Richard says:

    Hi Guys, can I join the “fun”. Had a final call to day from Catherine Thomson. Had first letter in April no name of culb mentioned of which I replied “who are you, what contract and write to our solicitor”.
    2nd letter arrives ( Reminder) for 669,31euros. This time Essential Travell mentioned. Again we replied, asking them not to bother me , but if they have a case write to our solicitor.
    Final (red reminder) arrives yesterday 4th July, with date of letter written 3rd July! Funny that as we have family in Spain and it can take two or more weeks befor they receive letters, birthday cards or the like!!
    Then this morning Catherine calls to give me a chance to cancell and only pay , yes you got it £175 or Euros!
    Well until I found this Forum I had thought of paying just to get rid of them. But thank fully I found you.
    Iam now calling those numbers, and calling Catherine back to update them to!
    Oh by the eay they start Dear Mr. …. But end regards, how absurd. Where is Yours Sincerely.
    Or just perhaps it’s NOT so Sincere!


  15. Ann says:

    reading these comments has put my mind at rest & to know that is a scam

    • Mary says:

      We have also received a final reminder for 786.84 for the Essential Travel Club which we have never used, if not paid will initiate court action and bailiffs would come and remove goods! Very worrying to receive these letters.

      • BRIAN says:

        I have also received a final reminder for alleged arrears with Essential Travel Club threatening bailiffs etc and have reported this to ActionFraud by phone and am currently waiting for a call back from Consumer Advice

    • Marie says:

      Hi Ann
      I have also received a letter today and realising it looked suspicious I Googled LAS and found this website where I found the phone number for Report a Fraud 0300 123 2040, the agent I spoke to was very helpful, he gave me a police reference number and told me not to respond to the letter and if LAS contacted me by phone to give them this number, also it was highly unlikely any body would come to my home but if they did to call the police. TO ANYONE READING THIS WHO HAVE RECEIVED A LETTER DEMANDING MONEY PLEASE PHONE REPORT A FRAUD ON 0300 123 2040

  16. Mue says:

    Dear Sir/Madam Do you have any futher information regarding the company mentioned in your e.mail below? Regards Muriel Andrews

    Who has received a letter from Legal & Accounting Services or LAS?

    mindtimeshare posted: " Not a cold caller this time, but equally worrying as Legal & Accounting Services has done a large mailing to Timeshare consumers claiming fees due and threatening with legal action. The letter states that Legal & Accounting Services has rec"

  17. Lisa says:

    I’m now in receipt of my second letter. At the moment, I’m not sure what route I’ll take with it (none of my thoughts include paying it), but as an extra piece of reassurance, it’s worth looking up this link from Money Savings Expert, which gives some information about statute of limitations on debt, so even if there was a debt – which there isn’t – I believe LAS would be powerless to try to pursue it, as in most cases it’s beyond the 6-year limit to make it enforceable in law. It even gives some suggested wording to write a letter to people trying to get money from you. http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=2606811&page=1.

    • Ana says:

      Thanks Lisa, I will have a look on the link.

      • Dave says:

        We have just received a final reminder for 786.84 Euros which we dont owe and wil ignore this letter as we have the other 2 letters. i wonder if now they will stop after realising they are not getting no money from us. as we know for deffinate there is no money owing

    • Caz says:

      We have reported to actionfraud.police.uk (the site kept timing out so we rang on 03001232040). They asked me to encourage those of you who have not – to do so.
      We have received a third letter from LAS – Final Reminder – after receiving a very intimidating phone call from Catherine Thom(p)son the previous night to tell us it was on the way.
      We have asked LAS for their Registered addresses (Apartado Correos 24 is equivalent to P.O. Box I have discovered) and a break down of debt claims (which we are disputing for all the same reasons as everyone else). I have put in writing, that I expected a full response to my requests in writing and refuse to discuss anything over the phone. Although they have obviously got some of our details, they don’t seem to know their own addresses in either Spain or England. We have recorded as many messages as we could and also made notes at the time of what is said. Report it and be strong. Good luck.

      • karen says:

        I have just seen your post and glad I did, we have just received our second letter asking us to pay 366,40 euros which we don’t owe. We as all the rest were took on by this holiday scam and find ourselves paying for a holiday club that we have never used and don’t intend to .We have just found out that because we payed the initial deposit by credit card and they arranged a personal loan for us through Tesco bank and claimed it was for Home Improvements we can persue it through a Section 75 as misleading imformation I am looking into this at present . I am also about to contact the no above to report it to action fraud police uk

      • Vanessa says:

        I got the phone call today from Catherine I told her I had my contract a it stated we only pay if we use it and she asked me to send it I refused saying they must have a copy themselves and told her I had contacted action for fraud and fair trading standards she put the phone down on me saying this is a terrible line I’ll call you back in 5 mins she hasent that was 2 hours ago good luck

      • Vanessa says:

        I’m still waiting for her to call back after she put the phone down on me yesterday please keep strong report them to action for fraud and fair trading these are very unpleasant people conning money out of people who work hard for money they need to be caught

  18. liz says:

    we received the letter a couple of months ago and today had our first call from Catherine Thomas. When my partner told her he’d read this was a scam she talked over him. When he asked her to stop and listen to what he had to say she said that she didn’t have to listen to him. He asked for copies of the documents we had signed and she said that it was not her responsibility to provide copies. I hope she phones back so we can tell her we’ve reported her to the organisations recommended here.

    Like pretty much everyone else on here we paid a ridiculous amount of money, i think around £2500 for a ‘holiday’ scheme that we never used. I never thought i would be taken in by this kind of scam but feel a bit better knowing that we weren’t alone. Sorry that’s no help for anyone else here who has been scammed like us but i still can’t believe we fell for it!

    • Ana says:

      That lady always freaks out when people say that her business is a scam, I think she is from the “Essential Travol”, is it right? I could recognize her voice and her “freak” from one of the many scams that I got into. Remember: You have the RIGHT to know WHO THEY ARE and WHY they think you should pay anything to them. Just for your peace of mind, try to find out, in your belongs, if you have signed any agreement or not. The contract that most of the people signed, with Travellum Imporium says that if we don’t pay for the annual fee we lose our membership for that year or we lose our membership for ever. To ask you any money, they should send you the document that they have with your signature. Of course they don’t have anything against you, that is why she freaks, to change the subject of the conversation and transform it into a argument. So you wouldn’t insist on you rights.

      • Vanessa says:

        I finally got the phone today informed her I had reported them to action for fraud and fair trading standards she said it is a terrible line will call back in 5 mins and put the phone down still waiting I’ll keep you informed as to weather they call back Vanessa

    • Bev says:

      Hi All, I have found the original contract from ‘The Travel Emporium’ dated October 2007 and the receipt of my first and only payment. Just wondered if it is any use to anyone?
      PS I have not heard anything from LAS since my irate conversation on the phone several months
      ago after telling them I had reported them to the police. Bev
      Sent from my iPad


  19. Jay says:

    Hi my fellow friends who have had the same BS from LAS.I too have had a final reminder today and I too will be calling the Report a Fraud and Kent Trading Standards. I once again will be wasting more time and money. I have put the full address in Google Maps, Apartado Correos 24 ETC and google couldnt find the address, its gave me others similar, its just utter BS. I remember in the contract stating if I didnt want renew then I didnt have too and I would forfit the use of the membership and like you have all said, thats fine by me as it was rubbish anyway. The have tried to call me over the years to sell my membership and ask for a holding fee of 1200 Euros but I told them to go whistle. Somewhere in this world our details are on a data base/an english data base at that as the stamp is very much English. The letter I received today was to myself and my very much ex-girlfriend from over 7 years ago.

    • Caz says:

      Apartado Correos 24 is the equivalent of P.O. Box 24 in Spain. It isn’t a place (I thought it was an Apartment at first) so you won’t be able to Google it. That is why I have insisted they give me a registered address – they don’t seem to know it!!! I’ve received 3rd letter. Just hope it is the Final one!

      • connie says:

        Yes, we too finally got our first phone call, after the obligatory 3 letters. It went to ansaphone and asked us to phone him back. Yeh! Like hell.
        It is pretty annoying though as we recently lost our son with a heart attack, and we really don’t need this, added stress.
        Gosh, they must spend an absolute fortune on postage and phone calls. Maybe they could may us back the £1600 they conned us out of.


  20. Vanessa says:

    I turned my house upside down today and finally found a contract dated 2005 it says if we don’t pay an annual subscription we wave or use of the point for the year no mention that we have to pay at all we only pay if we want to use it this is a scam it has been worrying me so I’m glad I found it at last don’t pay a penny they even named the wrong company they have got hold of a list of people some how who have been conned in to buying points but haven’t used them I have reported them to trading standards and the fraud line lets hope they do something

  21. Jean says:

    We have now received 3 letters from LAS – the latest one today. They are now threatening us with either a) Debt Collection ; b) Court Proceedings or c) Bailiff. Our story is exactly the same as all the others are. We have never used the holiday company and I was told years ago when I stated that I didn’t want to pay the management fees as we wouldn’t be using the company ever, I was told that was fine but if I wanted to sell my shares they could put me in touch with a Marketing Company – which they did, and we foolishly paid the money to sell with the promise of getting it all back on sale completion. We, too were told a lot of stories of buyers not turning up or backing out at the last minute and to date we have never heard from them again let alone get our money back.
    It Is interesting that not one of the 3 letters quotes our membership number. The letters are most unprofessional and certainly this ‘Company’ needs to be investigated. We have no intention of parting with anymore money and certainly would not give our passport details as requested in the first letter.
    Please could you kindly advise us as to what action to take. I do not answer the phone when it says ‘International’ ‘out of area’. Many thanks.

    • Ana says:

      Report them on Report a Fraud, phone number 0300 123 2040 and on Kent Trading Standards, number: 08454 04 05 06. The sooner you do this, the sooner Interpol will take action. I am so fed up of them! Because of all the scams that we got involved with, 2 years ago, we had to pay a debt closer to £16,000.00! I would very much like to see them jailed!…

      • Jean says:

        Thanks Ana, I have rang Report a Fraud and reported this and have a crime number and they gave advice etc. Thank you for you advice too.

      • Debbie says:

        Hi there, I too have just received my final reminder from this company and took your advice to phone the report a fraud but was dissapointed that they said they didn’t think they could help me and told me to phone LAS…which is something after reading your comments I really don’t want to get involved in…could you please tell me what you told Report a Fraud to get them to make a case as they didn’t seem to want to help me. Many thanks

  22. Nigel says:

    Just received a second letter from LAS dated 19th June which was posted in England. The letter is basically the same as the first one it does mention the Executive Travel & Leisure Holiday Club this time (i have never heard of this club before has anyone else?). It also states that we now have accrued a debt of 366,40€ and should call them within 7 days to resolve the matter. Needless to say i will be ignoring this new reminder and will look forward to receiving a phone call in the next few weeks as before.

  23. robbo says:

    I have had a couple of letters and a message on my answer phone i sent them a recorded letter asking for debt verification they haven’t sent any proof yet so i am just gonna ignore them and see how things pan out

    • Ana says:

      I did something similar: I have asked them to send me a copy of the “contract” that I have signed. They said that they would have to charge me £10.00 for expenses. I said to them that I have the RIGHT to know who they are and why they think I have to pay them. The information on the letter doesn’t give us any clue about who they are because their address is a post office, all the sites that I have looked says that they are scams and they gave me another address that doesn’t exist either. If they have anything with my signature saying that I was supposed to pay anything but I didn’t, them they can add the £10.00 fee at the end of the bill.
      They said that if they cannot find my “contract” in 24 hours they will close my case.
      My question is: If they are not sure if they have a “contract” in the first place, how could them started the process of sending me letters?

      • Hi Ana,

        Well done! So now all of the sudden they might not even be able to find the contract? That is so bad. As you say, how can they ask then for money you are supposed to be paying as per the agreement?

        Keep us posted!


        Customer Care

      • robbo says:

        Yeah my experience was similar to yours but they told me on my answer phone message that it would cost me 175 to get the info i needed
        If you request verification they should provide it with no charge

      • Ana says:

        I have received a phone call this morning, on my answer phone: they COULD NOT find my “contract”, so they said that my case is closed! Guys: please, please REPORT them.

  24. Ana says:

    Please, report them on: Report a Fraud, phone number 0300 123 2040 and on Kent Trading Standards, number: 08454 04 05 06. If they get only ONE phone call from each of us, they will see that there is something very much wrong going on.

    • andrew says:

      Hi . Following your advice after receiving the final reminder I called the fraud squad. They were most helpfull and are dealing with our problem. I would recomend anyone else to do the same. Thanks . Andrew

  25. Claire says:

    I have recieved a reminder letter from las too, dated 14 th June and recieve it 15 th June stating I owe 786 euros and that this debt has risen due to none payment of my annual fee, the company is called essential travel holiday club but wen I took out a membership back in 2007 it was the travel emporium, I was told no membership fee in future ment no use of them, I haven’t heard nothing until now

    • julie says:

      I also have received FINAL REMINDER claiming further action will now be taken and that they will instruct a debt collection agency to collect the full balance, it also states if I do not pay and if I ignore a court judgement, a bailiff will attend my home and will remove goods!!!

      • bev says:

        Julie i too have received the same letters.I have no intention in making any payment to this scam !!

      • Arthur says:

        I’ve just returned from holiday to find TWO final reminders quoting different ref. no.’s for different amounts and threatening to send the bailiffs in if I don’t pay up.

        They’ve got no chance of getting any money from me, but it’s a shame there doesn’t seem to be a way to stop these people from operating.

  26. Angela says:

    just had my 2nd letter of las dont no what to do it making me ill iis it a scam or what ? they want 564.48 +175 cancellation fee if not longer want it havnt heard anything of anybody since 2009 so why now can anybody help?

    • ms l reid says:

      Angela hun i’m with you!! i had phone call yesterday spoke to a really arrogant shall we say “MAN” sorry guy’s! in the end I had my partner to speak to him as i lost the plot!! he was a sh*t on the phone quoting this law and the other!! I told him we had seeked legal advice he had the cheek to say he didn’t care as he was right!!!

    • Alan says:

      Hi Angela.
      I have received a third letter today from LAS which is a reminder to pay monies they say I owe them.It is the same amount everyone on here has been quoted to end the agreement.
      I shall file them away with other rubbish and when they phone I will be out.
      P.S.How come the amounts quoted are in pounds to cancel and euros to pay the

      • Ken says:

        I to have recieved a 2nd letter asking for payment but after sending l.a.s. aletter in april asking for a statement of account etc. and recieving nothing in response I have also filed this under scam !!!!!! Ken

  27. ms l r says:

    to date we have recieved two letters basically demanding money then today we recieved a phone call supposedly from “luis viviana ramos company” claiming that we still owe them money even though we signed it back and cut off all ties from them atleast 7 yrs ago, we were told that this wasn’t the case and was given this phone number to try “0034957390700 holiday club”, has anyone else had the same experience?

  28. D jug says:

    I have recieved a letter for 756euro from the same so call compandy I have tried contacting them for the past 2 years to to cancel my membership and get back my £475 now she’ say your money is now void as you did nit pay for 2 years but you can cancel if you pay £175 I told her were to go

  29. orace says:

    We too have received a second letter from the LAS bunch with pretty much the same SP as all the other contributors to this forum. Again, we intend to completely ignore this (and any phone calls too). What I can’t get my head around is the stubborn stupidity of these people, do they think that their target audience do not research anything or compare with other recipients of their scam mail?????

  30. Nigel says:

    We have received a second letter today from LAS stating our debt is accruing. We originally paid Essential Travel through Euro Marketing but cancelled after two days under “cooling off” period. We received an acknowledgement of cancellation.
    Eventually our credit card company repaid the complete amount after many promises of repayment by Euro Marketing were not kept.

  31. Dave says:

    Received exactly the same letter just over a week ago. Called the number and talked to some lady called Catherine Thompson. Who I thought rather suspiciously sounded like the same posh lady from the original Travel Emporium. Which I never managed to use and eventually paid to sell. Heard nothing so claimed the money back. Eventually receiving a letter telling me that the company was in Administration. Anyway, have asked for a copy of the original contract. Waiting for a phone call back. But thanks to all of you will be reporting this via the fraud site, and they’ll be getting nothing more from me.

    • paul says:

      I have received my second letter. this is slightly different they explain they have been employed by essential travel club to improve invoicing procedures and collect outstanding debt. Same contact details and they are saying i need to contact within 7 days to reduce further charges. I am going to ignore it again.I was told i only paid my membership fee if i was using the club. holidays were no cheaper than on the net so did not pay anymore. paid for 2 years i think and never used the ‘club’ wasted 2 years money. they certainly will not get any more. do not even remember signing a ‘contract

      • Robert says:

        I Have just received a second letter it says reminder. debt has arisen due to annual fees and call us in 7 days to avoid further charges,Ihave done my homework with the appropiate travel clubs concerned and have been informed no monies outstanding,somehow these scammers should be caught.

    • ms l reid says:

      Dave DITTO!!!!! so how do we report to fraud squad??

      • Ana says:

        The Report Fraud Number is: 0300 123 2040. Today I went to the Police Station and they gave me another place to report: Kent Trading Standards, phone number: 08454 04 05 06. Those people said to me that I should read my original contract.

  32. Neil says:

    I have received the letter in question,with the same amount.
    I never used this company and I told them I thought they were scammers years ago,i also got conned into selling my worthless contract,but lucky I got my money back.
    when I was selling the contract I dealt with leisure time marketing,and also bluechip-sl.com
    both of these companies are con merchants,sadly blue chip still owe me £700 and I have no chance in getting it back,so if anyone is contacted by either company don’t pay them anything even if they promise a buyer is sitting on their lap !!!

    I have been trying to find details as to who runs this outfit now…does anyone know if its still the travel emporium?

    regards neil

    • brian says:

      Travel emporium has changed their name ..they are the same outfit.
      I cannot understand how the credit card co. continue to make payments to them, they must know by now what these people are..and you’ll notice they are all women..part of the softeming up scam.

  33. Bev says:

    I have also received the same letter and had a phone call after I complained saying they owe me money she gave me a number to ring (Spanish) which is different from the letter, I phoned them they asked for my reference number on the letter I told her they owe me, she said I would be getting a call back today but I’m still waiting……watch this space

  34. g r j says:

    I to was sent the same type of letter asking 175 as to be taken off list but my getting mixed up in was part of another by the London traval brokers who used it to make out we had given our time share to them calling themselves holiday club now but wasn’t then it cost us a lot of cash as the fee it was all a SC** we had points with diamond resorts that you cant get out of. SO if it came to it just to put the thing to bed all joined up and hire top lawyer ok ROY

  35. Wendy says:

    I have also received the letter from LAS last Friday 17th May (letter dated 16th May from Spain – I don’t think so) stating I owe money or I can cancel for £175 (yeah right). After reading through the replies I have, as suggested, completed an online Fraud Report. They will not receive ANY of my hard earned cash. We were offered the free holiday over the phone in 2007 but received a membership pack from The Travel Emporium. I cancelled the “so called” membership over the phone, by fax, e-mail and post – and I have kept all the correspondence. How dare these people try to intimidate decent people.

  36. Mary says:

    Have received the same letter dated 25th April, 2013 from LAS asking for payment of arrears or cancellation fee of £175. This has been followed by several phone calls trying to get us to make the payment by credit card so we can get our money back if it is not a genuine firm!! Now that I have read these comments from all others I know what to say when Helen rings tomorrow! Mary, Bedford

  37. Keith says:

    I have received the letter from LAS Legal and Accounting Services and noticed that although the company address is Spain it was posted in the UK. I was approached some years ago by a company with all the details saying they had a buyer sitting beside them and I had to send £900 off. They were very convincing so I did I never heard from them again but I managed to reclaim the payment from my credit card company. A couple of years later I received a similar ‘phone call asking for the exact same amount as I had previously paid.I kept them on the ‘phone for three quarters of an hour at their expense and when I asked for their ‘phone number they put the ‘phone down and I did not hear from them again. from comments other people have made it looks as though I shall be getting another ‘phone call. It is obviously just another con and important that all stick together and not pay the spurios amounts they are demanding.

  38. lynne says:

    lynne recivied letter and phone call today not paid it spoken to lawyer so glad i did x

  39. Arthur says:

    I’ve received two letters quoting different dates in different years and a phone call from a female. They have a “member list” from Principle Travel with used to be Travel Emporium. I told them a few facts, told them they’d get nothing from me. She said she’d consult my file but hasn’t got back to me yet.


  40. Pat says:

    We received the standard letter on 25th April. Got threatening phone call today (15th may). Promotion! Gave them short shrift. Got second phone call, upping the ante – said we were being passed to “collections” and they would see us in court!

    Took legal advice on receipt of letter, and passed the details to BBC Money Box.

    • Vanessa says:

      I have had the same problem reported it to action for fraud today and next call I shall give them my crime no and reference these creatures need catching as this never stops we have been contacted so many times with promises of money if we give them a couple of hundred up front or telling us we owe money for this or that they don’t stop

  41. Vanessa says:

    I have been asked to pay £175. And send a copy of my passport/driving licence or they will take legal action to reclaim 913.77€ so it seems not only a way of stealing my money but getting identity information who do you contact to get these sc** bags caught any help appreciated I can’t afford this.

    • alan says:

      Dear Vanessa. I received the same letter dated 15/04/2013. Also asking for my passport/driving licence and today I received a reminder dated 29/05/2013 stating i should ring them within 7 days to resolve this matter. I have been reading through loads of comments regarding the same issue and one name keeps popping up is “Action For Fraud”, as far as i can gather if you report your complaint with them you can get a crime number. what happens after that I don`t` know as I am pretty much in the dark myself but I certainly going to contact “action For Fraud” my self. One thing is for sure I am NOT giving my passport/driving licence details to anyone. I hope this is of some use to you.Best of luck. Alan.

    • Julie says:

      Hi, I too have received the letter, and have never heard of anyone requiring your ID to cash a cheque or take payment before, please can you tell me how you reported this to action for fraud and I will do the same, many thanks, they need stopping from harrassing people!

      • Vanessa says:

        I reported them to action for fraud you can find them on the Internet also to fair trading standards and as one other person advised to BBC watch dog or money box we all need to stop this as some people are scared by these creatures they are horrid when they call you and pay up

  42. Brian says:

    I bought into timeshare, was never able to use it. Wasn’t able to travel alone.
    Eventually kissed it goodbye and stopped paying, they had my details so they took the money.
    I spoke to them and complained and they stopped. They changed their name again and pursued me to sell my t/share for £7000..after three years I agreed and paid deposit of £900..after weeks of no finalised sale they said the buyer backed out and they would continue to market my t/share.
    It took me over a year to get the money back from credit card who are toothless and complicite
    having allowed these bogus companies access to our money and apparently not even replied to their letters. Blue chip is the current name up to two years ago.
    Check Blue Chip sc** on google, City of London police are aware of them.

  43. Lisa says:

    I got my first phone call today after receiving my letter last week, woohoo!

    I told her that I’d been looking forward to her calling and she started to stutter when I advised that my partner is a lawyer (minor fib) and that I’d love to see them in court, she couldn’t refer back to any contract clause that might suggest I owed them money whatsoever, so said she would check and call me back…I told her that no she wouldn’t because I knew they were sca*****, to which she just said okay and put down the phone. I’ve since reported all of the details through Action Fraud and now have a crime number should she try to contact me again.

  44. john says:

    I have also recieved a letter from las demanding payment from 2006 but like a mug i have payed my annual subsciription for something i have never used. thanks to all you that have blogged on this page .i will no longer be wasting my hard earned cash .on thie**** scu*****.

  45. john says:

    Just received a letter from LAS today demanding 786,84 euros dating back to 19/04/2007. Already scammed out of about £2500 by EXCALIBOUR MARKETING. I have 10 days to pay £175 or 30 days to pay full amount or else they “will have no alternative but to take legal action to recover the debt, plus any additional costs.”

  46. Shirley says:

    Thank goodness for all you people that have received the same letter as me today, one starts to try and think wether one has actually signed something knowing full well you havent but doubting your own sanity.
    I will now be waiting for the phione call armed with all your good advice and certainly not sending any money .
    Shirley, west sussex.

  47. Ana says:

    Did you notice that those letters were posted in U.K.? Our police can get them. Make a report.
    I have lost so much money with scams involving timeshare… This time I have reported them to the police.

  48. Alan says:

    Yes I have also received the same letter and just today received the first phone call.After reading
    the comments on this page I also said to them see you in court.The club I signed up with in Jan
    2011 was called ELI TRAVEL and I signed for 12 months only.No further monies were required
    if I didn’t renew my membership or use the holiday club.It sounds like the usual scam of trying to
    extort money illegally.Has anyone else had dealings with Eli Travel based near Marbella???

    • Graham says:

      I signed up with Eli travel in 2012 it cost me £1999 but I never used or renewed my membership. Now I’ve got a letter from L.A.S saying I owe 280,00€ for membership and if I don’t pay in 30 days they will take legal action or I could pay a £175 cancellation fee. I will not paying a penny.

    • DC says:

      I can hardly believe it but I too was foolish enough to be caught out by this sales?? pitch by Eli travel and signed up for a 12 month membership which I did not renew meaning that the membership lapsed. I have also received the phone calls stating that they could sell my membership on but they required an up front payment. Mugged once but not again!! I then received the identical letter from LAS and I wrote asking for validation of the debt. I subsequently received a phone call from LAS confirming that my membership had ceased and I did not owe any monies. I asked for, and received, a letter confirming this and I will definitely be keeping this for many years to come. I hope that the perpetrators of this “enterprise” come to a very sticky end and suffer greatly just as they have made many others suffer over the years.

      • b s says:





      • brian says:

        I cannot understand how yhese boiler room entrrprises can operate untouchable accross the water..is this one europe????
        With all the money banks lose to them how is it they do nothing about them.?

      • Alan. says:

        Hi D C.
        Same as yourself and Jan 2011.We met a delightful man by the nane of Norman.Nothing was too much trouble for him like buying lunch and teas or coffees.I am disabled and we booked an apartment for our hols,but it was at the top of a hill and we struggled with my mobility scooter
        to make it to the top.Then as if by magic a pleasant young woman appeared and promised a
        way out of this apartment and a lift down the hill into La Cala near Marbella.We just had to visit
        this office and ELI Travel would fix us up in a nearby hotel at half the price of the standard price
        which we accepted.Then came the paperwork and bull****.which we signed thinking this seemed
        to be a genuine business as they had just arranged accomodation for us.We never used ELI TRAVEL again as it was cheaper to arrange a package holiday.The rest is just history (bad).

  49. andrew says:

    Thanks all. Had the letter and the phone calls. I have agreed to be taken to court to resolve this matter.

  50. Samir says:

    I too have had a letter and countless phone calls from the same legal and accounting services. They have harassed and threatened my parents who eventually gave my mobile number. After assuring them this is just anothers sc**, they were happy. Having been scammed in the past for £££’s it is a sickening feeling afterwards. PLEASE do not pay a single penny to anyone like these people, they just veiled threats. The most important thing to remember is if its too good to be true, its usually ALWAYS a scam. Everyone who has received this letter will be pleased to know this is just a sc**. PLEASE do not waste your time in speaking or trying I be smart with these crooks, not worth it, simply tell them you will see them in court and the phones will stop ringing.

    • Vanessa says:

      Report them to action for fraud they need catching they are really threatening people and they never stop hassling you we’ve been hassled by various schemes for years just when you think they’ve stopped it starts again

  51. Connie says:

    We also received this letter dated 2.5.2013. Wrote back saying ‘what are you talking about’ please send more details. They caught us for £1,600.00. in 2009 – which we cancelled (by phone) We will tell them, if we hear again that when they take us to court (ha) we will be counter claiming for the return of that £1,600. – We all need to stick together on this.

  52. Nigel says:

    We received what appears to be the standard letter from LAS Legal and Accounting Services requesting the £175 cancellation fee on May 2nd. Everything about the letter is wrong we never signed any contract and certainly not on the date stated in the letter. After reading the advice from other recipients of this bogus letter i will give it the full attention it deserves, NONE. Thanks to everyone for the advice.

  53. PL says:

    Just received a letter from Legal & Accounting Services, supposedly from Spain, dated 1st May arrived on my door step 9.30am 2nd May. I am now awaiting the phone call that so many of you previous people have received, I am armed and ready for phone call. Thank you to everyone for helpful e mails. Pat

    • Andy Keats says:

      Just received the same letter today requiring 786.84 Euros. Posted in GB but apparently from Spanish company. The signature is copied not real. it sounds like a scam by someone who has the details of people that attended a Travel Emporium event. I believe we were offered a free holiday which we did not take.

      I am not paying up that’s for sure, but very interested to know about others that are in the same position. the best thing to do is no work yourself and allow them to do all the running.

      If they want proof of anything ask them to provide you with proper proof of the debt first.
      If they want information of any sort, refuse it until you have been served with their complete case against you.

      I hope that is helpful.

  54. andy says:

    I have received a letter to day from LAS,asking for 913,77e plus a fee of £175. If i recall the holiday company would ask me every year for a payment of £50 by credit card and then i got a brosure, no payment ment no membership and no brosure.i have had no brosure for several years. let us see if the holiday company, which is not named by the way,is still trading and if they are , what is their comment.

  55. Mike says:

    You should report any fraud to http://www.actionfraud.police.uk

  56. Barry says:

    Our story is exactly the same as Del’s. We got a letter from LAS Legal and Accounting Services today. Letter posted in the UK but company apparently based in Spain!
    My wife keeps everything! so we have original agreement from The Travel Emporium which states that if membership fee isn’t paid then we stop being members and lose the benefits.
    Like other people, we stopped membership back in 2006 cos we weren’t using it and this is the first we have heard anything since apart from the usual scammers who say they have a buyer willing to pay thousands for our membership (which we no longer have!) IF we first send them £1200! Sorry to hear someone got scammed this way and hope others out there don’t. Great threads to get the message out to others.

  57. Del says:

    Have received similar letter today, demanding 750 euro and a 175 cancellation fee. Have never signed up for any holiday club although did go on a free holiday back in 2007, attended a hard sell event whilst there. Declined their offer of joining holiday club. Absolutely outraged at this demand for money. Will be venting my anger in a reply to them and challenging them to produce any agreement they claim to have. As for sending them any money…..more chance of hell freezing over.

  58. Glenys says:

    I was sent a letter from LAS on the 5th April. Same story as most of those above. Demanding 560,48 euros or £175.00 canacellation. No club name mentioned. I did pay £200 some years ago to Essential Travel Club. Also paid 2 years membership fee. Never used them so advised them I didn’t want the membership anymore. Never heard anymore or any response cancelling my membership. I replied to LAS telling them I was not aware of any membership of holiday club. They hadn’t mentioned by name the holiday club membership. I asked them to send me a copy of the membership I was supposed to hace signed and I would not be sending them any money.
    I then had a telephone call from a woman didn’t catch her name. She tried to suggest that legal action would be taken I’m afraid I lost my temper and told her where to go she then hung up.
    She rang again a few days later and said she would email me the contract. I have never received this.
    Strangley enough though I have now received a call from someone called Claire again can’t remember the company who offered me legal advice if I was having problems with any timeshare I might have. What a coincidence!
    I have in the past been scamed by a company who offered to sell my membership and I was taken for £1000 long story! I did manage to get my money back having paid by credit card. The Sussex police were invloved as it turned out to money laundering.
    I mentioned this to Claire who had offered me the legal advice, especially the police aspect. She said she would look into LAS and call me tomorrow. So far have heard nothing. This was a week ago.
    Are they working together with LAS playing ‘good cop’ ‘bad cop’ ?
    LAS also asked for a photocopy of my passport/driving licence. As if I am that stupid.

  59. Daphne says:

    11.05 today 25.04.13 I received another phone call from a Catherine who told me that I should contact my holiday company who has the details of the forms I require for completion. I told her that I had researched this and found that it is a scam, she denied this and told me to contact my holiday company again and would I like the number, I refused and told her that I have the number, then she got ratty and said I will see you in court. Needless to say I hope that this is a veiled threat and that I hear no more. Has anyone else had this problem? Daphne

    • paul says:

      hi Daphne I have received the same patter 2 letters this week wanting 700 odd euros or the 175 pounds to cancel. my wife took a phone call. The letters are posted in England and the phone call came from abroad 0034 spain I think. My wife just said we had no membership and hung up on the woman. I paid the 1 st year membership then realised you could get the holidays you want cheaper on the net , never paid for 4 or 5 years. Wrote to them to say i did not wish to renew the membership never heard anything till now. I am not going to do anything and I hope no one else is – someone is on the scam i reckon

  60. gloria says:

    we have today received a letter as described in your blog ( out standing subscription of 366.40 euros or cancellation free of £175) . in their so called contract there is no mention of paying a cancellation free. we wrote to the so call holiday club cancelling our membership and got no reply . and one letter came back unknow the other 2 letters got no reply we lost a lot of money because
    we where brain washed with thier patter for over two hours of drilling how wonderfull it was and it was a nightmare gloria

  61. jan says:

    Not only have we recieved at letter but also a phone call from a Cathrine Thomas who was most insitant that she is doing us a favour by taking £175 cancellation fee and saving us from court. When I said I believed she was trying to Scam us she got very upset. We are not sending any money, and now we will play a waiting game.

    • harvey says:

      Have received phone call from catherine thomas at Las.Appears this is essential Travel (Travel Emporium) Appears we won membership to a holiday club all upfront fees paid.Appears there was a annual fee attached .we have never used and well forgotten

  62. orace says:

    We have today received correspondence as described in your blog (outstanding subscriptions of 913 euros or £175 cancellation) I was going to write back and ask for details of the membership and a copy of any agreement/Ts & Cs signed by us but then decided to search WWW and found this blog thread.
    My wife and I can only think that it dates back to a time when we were offered a free holiday with a company named Holiday Consortium (or similar). We declined to take the membership but were then informed by one of their staff (by telephone) that they had screwed up and we indeed had full membership at no cost to us. After some time they requested a membership renewal of £80 and we declined and agreed with them that they should sell the timeshare for us. After some while we received correspondence from Global Travel Networks to the effect that they now held the timeshare and that we should pay them 1200 euros to secure a sell deal. We paid and have heard nothing more since then. Research into this lot also revealed a scam.
    We firmly believe the latest correspondence from LAS to be nothing more than another timeshare scam and do not intend to respond to their letter other than to file it under SCAM.

  63. Daphne says:

    I too received a letter dated 5th April, due to other committments I have only just started looking into it because we had 4 phone calls, only one of which I was able to answer, I arranged for them to call me back this morning 9.30-10.00am (24/5), No phone call however I did tell them that I had cancelled my holiday club and had been checking all the details – I wonder if that will be the last I hear. Thank you for your Blog/web site. Daphne

  64. Mike says:

    I received a letter from LAS, dated 8 April re contract signed 8/10/2009. Fees of 366.40 Euro owed. We could cancel membership by paying £175.00 (hmmm £ not Euros?!). Also asked for passport DVLC licence. Thank you for posting this blog, saved me many hours of fret & worry. 🙂

  65. Dave says:

    Now that I have a little more time I too received a letter demanding hundreds of Euros for unpaid membership fees and after the shock wears off and anxiety sets in I like others will have turned to the internet to research Legal & Accounting Services. Inevitably this leads to same and similar sounding names that have absolutely nothing to do with Ramos and Spain, the reason being that LAS in Spain does not have a website. Having contacted my Solicitor he said to forget it and contact him if I hear anything further.

  66. Dave says:

    Have just checked that company mentioned and nothing to do with Spain.

  67. Dave says:

    Meant to include this.


  68. Dave says:

    Is it a coincidence that this company has now just appeared?

  69. Ernest says:

    We have also received this letter and suspect it to be related to a promotion we attended un Lake District. (same timescale)
    No contracts signed but they had our details.
    Thanks to this web site we now know what this letter is.

  70. Pam says:

    We, to have received a similar letter from a holiday club asking for 80e plus interest.We have contacted Trading Standards about it. They said they would open a file on the matter.

  71. John says:

    We received a similar letter with no details of who the holiday club were or why they had never chased us up for alleged non-payment when we supposedly signed a contract in 2005. I was going to reply asking for details so we could consult our solicitor but seeing the entries here assume it is a scam so don’t se any point. I guess they just want peoeple to send them the money.

  72. Ken says:

    I too have received the very same letter, same dates, amounts owed etc., I am sending a letter, as follows:
    “Further to your letter dated 17th April 2013 regarding arrears outstanding for a holiday club.
    As there is no mention of the name of this ‘holiday club’ therefore I must request that you send me a debt validation to include the original contract and all previous payments that have been made.
    I await your response.

    I will not being sending any money, until they can ‘prove’ that it is owed….

  73. Flossy says:

    I too received this strange and worrying letter yesterday, (Fri 19/4), got drawn into a holiday club scam when in Nerja 4 years ago. Never used it as internet info when we got home proved it was a con. I shall be copying it to police and trading standards. Hope nobody pays up. Wonder why they are asking for passport or driving licence details on the “cancellation” form – maybe a further scam???

  74. Safi says:

    We have receive same letter, please let as know what to do.

  75. harry says:

    Dear Mindtimeshare. Have any new information on a company called THE HOLIDAY SPECIALIST, please advise. Best regards.

  76. Margeret says:

    I received a letter From LAS saying i owe 784 Euros and to pay or face court precedings, or pay£175 cancelation fee,I have phoned my ex. holiday company and they say no money is owed. Be warned not to reply to this spanish box number,its just a SC**

  77. hevans says:

    We have received a letter dated 4th April but we are not members of a club nor were we in spain when they say the agreement was made!!!!!!!.I will be replying asking some pertinent questions.However send money–no chance!!!!!

  78. marrion says:

    No I have not received such a commincation, thankfully, but today i was called out of the blue by a rep from VERITY company of Milton Keynes, informing me that they will rrieve monies paid for ‘Points’ iwithout asking for payment from the recipient. I will forward info to you when or if it arrives via the mail. Regards Marrion

  79. Roger says:

    We were told that the annual fee was only to pay if we wanted to use the service that that year. We have never used the service so have never paid. LAX are part of the essential travel group of companies.we joined essential travel
    In 2009 they claim savings of Upto 60% on holidays but the identical holiday is cheaper with a package holiday company. we have also recurved the letter from LAS.

    • brian says:

      Esential travel has changed their name three times that i know of..i had certificates they sent me. they gave my name to comanies who invited me to join them.
      People neef to be warned..thtough facebook etc.

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