Realistix Solutions the Discount Holiday Software.

In the past weeks we have received several inquiries about a company called Realistix Solutions or Realistix Web Browser that is selling software for online discounted Holidays.

Consumers are approached on the streets of Tenerife by a nice man or lady with scratch cards. The consumers are lucky to get the main prize which can be money, a holiday or an iPad, which has to be picked up at the Flamingo Club Resort.

Before jumping into the taxi the consumer is informed he will have to attend a presentation of about 60 minutes and the prize will be handed over to him.

The presentation which lasts hours and hours is all about Holidays and discounted accommodation in 4 or 5 start apartments worldwide.

If the consumer is already a timeshare owner they also offer the possibility to trade in his current membership and join Realistix Solutions.

The reason for this article is because we have done some research on this company and feel that consumers should know.

Realistix Solutions Ltd is a company registered in the Seychelles. The company is directly connected to the marketer called Intelligent Software Solutions SL which has several addresses one in Mallorca; C/ Madre Perla 6 – Puerto de Alcudia – Mallorca and the one in Tenerife CC Terranova, Local 312-313 Costa Adeje, Tenerife.

The website for ISS is

We have found that the administrators of these companies are people that have been connected to other dubious Holiday companies in the past that generated numerous complaints.

Realistix Solutions attracts consumers through OPC’s in the streets of Tenerife. The regulations about these street workers or OPC’s have been reviewed recently by the Town Hall of Adeje and are no longer allowed. More info on the following link

The tourists that are approached and “win” the prize are being told the presentation will not take any longer than 60 minutes, but from all who wrote us we know it is around 4 to 6 hours!

The product is presented as software which can be loaded on any computer with the CD in a box which is handed over to the consumer at point of purchase. When the pack is given to the consumer he is asked to verify everything is in the box. In order to do this you need to break the seal. But in the agreement it states clearly that if you want to cancel the agreement the box with the CD needs to be returned with the seal unbroken!

The price given for this Holiday Discount Software is around the £20.000 But if the consumer trades in his timeshare a discount is applied of around £15.000 leaving the consumer with a £5000 balance to pay.

On the day Realistix Solutions requires a deposit, so they are not giving any cooling off time to the consumer. This deposit is actually taken in Cash. We have several testimonials from consumers who paid in Cash, even those who wanted to use their credit card. They were told the credit card machine had trouble with the line and they were taken to a local travel agency who charged the card and handed over the money to the consumer. In this way the consumer paid in cash and obviously cannot claim a refund under the Consumer Credit Act.

Although we cannot comment on the actual software and if this works, the vouchers of the free weeks and the cruise holidays, we still think that consumers should be aware of the above facts.

If you have been at a meeting of Realistix Solutions and presented with their Discount Holiday Software we would like to know.

You can email us at or place a comment on the blog.

About mindtimeshare

Mindtimeshare SLU is registered Company reg number: B35957182 Mindtimeshare provides assistance to timeshare owners who have been defrauded by holiday clubs and bogus resale companies. The Mindtimeshare project was launched in February 2011. After dealing with timeshare members over several years who had been defrauded by numerous bogus companies and for large amounts of money, I considered launching an Organisation to help timeshare owners that have been targeted by bogus companies. On this blog you can find information about the different active scam companies and their “modus operandi” and also place comments, ask questions and see comments from other consumers who have the same doubts or have been through the same experience. Mindtimeshare has resulted in a huge success and has received the back up from not only timeshare consumers but also from the professionals in the timeshare Industry. Mindtimeshare helps timeshare owners who have been scammed by bogus Discount Holiday Clubs; bogus cash back companies; fraudulent timeshare resale companies; bogus class action companies and false lawyers and notaries. We offer professional answers and advice to Timeshare users. If you want to send an email instead of posting a comment on the blog please do so by emailing:
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119 Responses to Realistix Solutions the Discount Holiday Software.

  1. Pete says:

    We unfortunately were taken in in the same way as many others – scratch card,taxi, 3 hours of sell. We signed up to a trial period of 1 year with 5 free promotional holidays of one week thrown in. We paid £1200 deposit by credit card with the balance due a few weeks later. We were not due back in the UK for a further week and they were going to send the DVD once we got home. We got back to our apartment and read all the problems with Realistix and ISS online. I then emailed them and told them I wished to cancel. I received two phone calls telling me that I could not cancel and had no rights as I was being supplied with software. I pointed out in a further email to them that the sales conditions include the statement that we were purchasing a physical item (DVD) which allows a cooling off period under both Spanish and UK consumer law. Another of their conditions of sale included a right of refund if the item was returned without the seal being broken.
    As they ignored my email, Petra of Mindtimeshare advised that I visit the OMIC (Spanish Consumer Protection Office) in the village of Adeje which we did before we returned home. They registered the complaint and then phoned ISS who eventually agreed to refund my deposit if I went to their offices. The OMIC were delighted as they said it was the first time ISS had agreed to a refund following their intervention. I got my refund and was able to return home relieved.
    Incidentally the offices of the OMIC in Adeje are not at the address shown on their website of Calle Grande. They are in a brand new building just below the main bus stop and car park in Adeje.

  2. Carol says:

    We went along to the presentation in Adeje. We knew it would be a sc** but decided to sit in the sun at their expense whilst they provided free refreshments. They basically wanted £3500 for a password with a five year life span. They tried the hard sell and at times were downright rude and insulting. We got up at the end and walked away. Beyond me why people hand over their money so easily.

  3. Graham says:

    Hi. I’ve just returned from a week in Gran Canaria, paid for by ISS, where we had a meeting with one of their reps who flew from Tenerife. We had no scratch cards, but the story was the same, ‘they’ll get us out of a CLC contract and allow us to use their software’. It cost us £1000 deposit paid on credit card, and a final balance of £5500. It sounds very much like the same deal. As yet, the software hasn’t been delivered (the seal wasn’t broken by us in GC), so I just wondered what you think or where we should go next?..

    • Graham says:

      I’ve just read over the documentation, including clearing existing finance with CLC (£6k), the amount we paid will be £17214.

  4. John says:

    We have just done all of the above and paid a deposit of £1000 and are supposed to pay a further £4000 within the next ten days, how can I get out of it? does anyone have any Ideas ?

    • bob says:

      The only way to get out of it is not to pay. I have been in your position like many others some people are intimidated by their threats and pay them more money. Then there are other like myself that stand up to them and refuse to pay another penny. The only way they will get any more money from you is if you give in the their threats that will follow. Best advice is to read back through all the posts on this web site. I received text messages,phone calls,emails from these people best thing to do is make it clear you will only respond to letters that have been posted to your home address this limits their opportunities to put pressure on you. Good Luck

      • Rowe says:

        Hi. I was hoping I could get some advice… My husband and I went through a similar experience. We were approached by a British male, I was given the ‘winning’ scratch card. He called over his work friend, another British male, and we were told he will get 60 euros each for getting us the winning scratch card and that we have won a prize. In the excitement of it all we were put into a cab and then had a meeting which lasted 3+ hours. We got sucked in but decided to leave a small deposit and that the balance would be paid at a later date. We then returned home and have since done some digging (hence my post). How do I get out of this purchase?? Can anyone help?

    • Jim says:

      Hi John My wife and I got caught up in this scam 2 years ago and lost £900 but it was the letters we received after we arrived home that was hell. We were bombarded with threats for almost a year but thankfully after many sleepless nights and been threatened with bailiffs etc; the harassment eventually stopped.
      So I suggest that you do not respond and put your loss down to experience.

  5. john says:

    Just been for tour and speel from realistix in tenerife same as everyone else experience but we didn’t part with any money .patter is quite convincing but don’t be fooled don’t sign anything. We ended up with free holiday accommodation only and bottle of cheap wine . Aftet looking on this site do not think we will be take up offer of holiday .

  6. Laura says:

    Is there anyone out there that paid the full price to Realistix Solution and then found out it was a sc** and didn’t get on to the browser, as all the blogs I have read are about people backing out when they got home and then getting threats.

  7. Cate says:

    Totally what happened to us a guy from Basingstoke called Brian, took us to this meeting it lasted 5+ hours then when we said no after the price had dropped from 4950 to 1950. With the hardest sell and free holiday to Tenerife to show us how to use the software, a free cruise and no cooling off period. So convincing so feel robbed of a day of out holiday. So angry don’t do it don’t get into the car and do the meeting it is a waste of time. So manipulative

    • Hi Cate,
      Sorry to hear about this, but luckily you didn’t go for this and no money lost.
      A hard lesson learned for the next time!

      Kind regards
      Customer Care

    • John says:

      My fiancee and I had a the same experience. In south Tenerife we were approached by a British 19yr old guy called Reis, I was given the ‘winning’ scratch card. He called over his work friend, a British girl, and we were told the two of them will get 60 euros each for getting us the winning scratch card and that we have won a prize being 1200 euros, an ipad or free holiday. In the excitement of it all we were wisked into a cab and taken a 5 minute drive to a hotel round the corner from Siam water park and sat at a table where we were buttered up. The woman who gave us the meeting gave a long speel about her life and even had a photo album out. She We were beginning to lose our patience. She pretty much sucked figures out of her thumb telling us our holiday could have been a quarter of the price, offered us a cruise, etc. Don’t fall for it! Then she came out with cheap holiday software, we saw the Realistix cd which she offered at £27 a week. At that point my fiancee lost it and we wanted to leave. We were given a form with the ‘cheap holiday’ we won. Don’t do it, they want £99 upfront for that and it’s all wishy washy. They call themselves Atlas Consultants Europe ph: 0845 862 1872. I’m really glad I was wise enough not to had over my bank accont details

  8. lyn says:

    We were victims of this ‘holiday discount’ company too, same details and pitch as most of the other victims on here.
    When I found out that what we paid for was not what we were sold, I decided that I needed to do something, unfortunately they wanted nothing to do with us…..that’s when I found mindtimeshare and Alberto, I emailed all the details to them and they provided advice and guidance on how to claim my money back, it wasn’t easy I spent alot of time gathering information and putting together an in depth letter of all the ‘discrepancies’ I sent all of this to my credit card company, as we paid the deposit with them, after months of waiting they finally gave us the good news that all of our £3500 would be refunded.
    What I would advise anyone who is or has been in the same position as us is, contact mindtimeshare they can help guide and advise you on the best course of action to get a refund. I an indebted to them and Alberto for all of their support. Don’t give up, it can take a while but it’s all worth it. Good luck

  9. John says:

    Hi unfortunately my wife and I fell victim to this company in Playa Meloneras on Gran Canaria. Perhaps ISS has a new operation there in addition to Tenerife? After “winning” the star prize on a scratch card near our Hotel (Lopesan Costa Meloneras) we were whisked off in a taxi to the ISS premises in the Centro Commercial in Playa Meloneras. After five hours of grueling hard-sell we eventually agreed to pay £1000.00 deposit by credit card followed by another £3750.00 in about 6 weeks time. Our receipt states that the initial £1000 applies to the purchase of the CD-Rom while the rest amount applies to “Activation”. Sadly we signed contracts containing many clauses during the process of buying the Realistix Browser Suite but I wonder if I can reclaim my deposit under the Spanish Law? Of course they did the usual routine of breaking the software seal on their premises to “make sure it worked”. After research into the company when we returned home I am horrified that we both were stupid enough to fall for this scam and would much appreciate any help or guidance to avoid having to pay these frauds £4750 in total. Interestingly, when I checked my credit card balance, we have been charged £1036.09 rather than the £1000.00 we contracted for. I don’t know if this could help us in any way?

  10. Mike says:

    We fell for this in Tenerife. They promised they could rid us of our Diamond points. We got the Realistix softmware almost as a freebie.. they made us break the security seal. In their office. We now doubt they won’t/can’t take our timeshare points and we have bought software we neither want nor need. They have rejected our cancellation of the contract. Need now to return the software by recorded delivery and complain about their methods to Trading Standards in Adeje and the UK Consumer Centre. Please can anyone supply current email and postal addresses? The contract we signed all looks,water tight concerning right of withdrawal and cancellation. I assume they can only enforce the contract through a British court? Have they ever done this? Can UK debt recovery companies ramp up charges?. Grateful for any advice

    • Bob says:

      I am sorry to hear that you are a new victim of this company I was caught out back in 2013. As I am sure you know it’s all about breaking the seal on the software removing your rights to cancel. I had dealings with the UK Consumer centre for months and to be honest they are useless against a company like this. After many months of correspondence the Consumer centre said Realistix says they have done nothing wrong and that was it. Trading Standards in Adeje ( ) is worth contacting Maria Jose Rodriguez Valentin she was quite helpful. Send the CD back but in my case and many others they refused to sign for it, keep your receipt as proof it was posted. It is a total waste of time trying to reason with these people they will just repeat you can have a full refund just return the software unopened knowing that it’s impossible for you to do. Someone back in 2013 contacted a Spanish Lawyer on line and you will find this link interesting
      When you don’t pay expect threats from Realistix and then Debt collectors do some research online and understand what powers Debt collectors have don’t confuse them with bailiff. In my case they threatened door step collections I don’t believe they can get any such thing. They sent three threats and never turned up I did inform them that I do permit door step collections and the local police will be call it anyone arrived. Just remember you do not even have to speak to debt collectors and can have them removed from your property. It’s now all about trying to scare you into paying don’t give in to these rip off merchants they have got a lot of talk but why can you not find a single case where they have taken someone to court.

      • Dean says:

        Hi Bob,
        I have just returned from Tenerife and sadly have fallen victim to Realistix. I have contacted the Adeje OCIC and they have sent me complaint forms to fill out. I also went on the just answer website and I am awaiting a response. I handed over £1000 as a deposit via internet banking. I contacted my bank the same day but just after the international dept had closed for the evening. Apparently if you realise its a scam and get back to your bank the same day they would be able to recover the monies. Sanander are still trying to recover the money but im not holding my breath.
        From reading all the advice on here it seems as though I should expect letters from Guardian but should pay nothing.
        I actually spoke to Realistix today after they again refused to reimburse my deposited. They expected to be paid the remittance in 2 weeks. This was a time period that I said I could possibly get the rest of the money by. This obviously isnt part of the shrinkwrap contract so do we have any leaway there?
        I will continue to jump through the hoops etc.
        Has anyone beat these people yet?

    • Tony says:

      We would be interested to know how these people have got on with this company being able to take over the selling of the time share and if they have had any success in not paying the monies outstanding.
      We feel we may have been caught as well.

    • Elizabeth says:

      No debt collection agency can force you to pay, they can imply threats, but the only way you can be forced to pay is if they go to court and get a ruling against you.

      However if they go to court you have a right to defend yourself and they have to prove there is a case. So you can cover all the misrepresentation, the pressure selling techniques, the scam technique for no refund after breaking a seal on a CD box. All of which contravenes “Spanish Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007 for the Protection of Consumers and Users” . And if they argue its not a Spanish contract but a British one, then the same UK Consumer Protection Laws will apply.

      We had six months of a UK debt collect agency, increasing the amount we allegedly owed and making all sorts of threats. We basically told them in a letter that we 1) disputed the debt, 2) did not accept the contract as being legal as it contravenes Spanish Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007 for the Protection of Consumers and Users, 3) asked them to explain why their client misrepresented their product, 4) for a break-down of the debt figure to show original amount, the interest and what rate was being used and what debt collection charges where being included, and 5) stated that we would would not pay them any money and we were happy to defend our position in a court.

      We also stated that we would not longer speak to them on the phone or use the premium rate 0871 number and that all correspondence had to be letter so that it was all on record. We also stated that further letter which continued to just demand money would not be responded to, we would only respond if they dealt with points 2, 3 and 4.

      So basically for a few months we simply got letters with lots of implied threats and a figure which got bigger (but never any break-down). We did not respond as per our letter. Then one day, after an article in the Daily Mail, which exposed this scam, the letters stopped and that was over a year ago.

      It basically bully tactics and if you call their bluff, they have to go to court, and going anywhere near the legal system is the last thing these people want. They rely on people getting scared and giving in and paying. Unfortunately, it only take a few to give in and pay and they make easy money.

      • John says:

        Hi, we were in the same position until just over a year ago when we took the actions described. We have heard nothing since then so the plan obviously works. Keep up the good word, encourage other victims to stand firm and finally DEMAND that The Spanish authorities eliminate this scam.
        Keep strong, pay nothing, meet their aggression head on.

      • Marie says:

        My husband and I fell victim to realistixs and paid 15000 pounds on the assumption that they could get rid of our timeshare back in 2013. After numerous phone calls and emails and 7months later not hearing anything went back to Tenerife to find out what was going on. We soon realized it was a sc** after confronting realistix, we decided to go to the company who we owned our timeshare with, who I can say we’re very helpful and told us to do a Section 75 to try and get our money back. I am pleased to say it took a while but Nov2015 we got all monies back and no longer own the timeshare.

    • James says:

      We have just been sucked in . Did you get rid of your diamond points

  11. Bob says:

    Even after the press release Guardian Recovery are still sending out threats obviously they think associating themselves with people like ISS Realistix is going to enhance their reputation. They have even gone to the trouble of designing a new singing and dancing web site. It interesting that they previously had 25 years experience in debt collection now on their new web site they only have 8. When I checked with company’s house some time ago I noticed the company started in 2008 and could not possibly have 25 years experience. This I did bring to the attention of the authorities.
    Also this company has made up its accounts as a dormant company every year since 2010.
    As we know they monitor this web site and I would suggest they check their mathematics because the difference between 2008/2014 is 6 years not 8
    It’s obvious these people are getting more desperate by the day keep complaining to CAD and the OFT hopefully their licence will be reviewed and put out of business.
    Before long Realistix will take off into the night when the nose tightens round their necks and Guardian will have to find some new friends.

  12. John says:

    Those comedians at Guardian have not yet got the message. They think that exposure in the Daily Mirror warrants and increase in the volume of threatening messages. I’ve have three so far following the expose on Wednesday with two at hourly intervals today. I just retain all the evidence and it will fall on them from a great height soon. Keep up the pressure – we’ve got them rattled!
    As we know they monitor this site, it would be wiser for them to just cease their activities immediately. Threats, insults and scare tactics will never succeed.
    The only outcome for Guardian and anyone else foolish enough to be associated with ISS (Realistix) is the destruction of their business.
    Above all, keep strong and pay nothing.

  13. Bob says:

    If you have had enough of Guardian Recovery’s emails and text block them. If they have anything to say to me they can send a letter through the post. As I have said before the organisation to complain to is the OFT they are the people who can look into Guardian Recovery’s behaviour. If they get enough complaints they will start doing enquiries. As they said in the last email they sent me. We will take into account the further information you have helpfully given us as we continue to monitor this trader’s fitness to hold a credit licence.
    It clearly states on page 34 of the guidelines they should cease debt recovery activity whilst investigating a reasonably queried or disputed debt when the debtor has, or appears as if he may have, valid grounds for the query or dispute.
    They have taken no notice what so ever of the ongoing dispute with the authorities in Spain.
    It also say on page 15 Businesses should ensure that they take appropriate account of any differences in law or court procedure between jurisdictions that may impact significantly on the debtor’s position/rights. It clearly says in the paper work we have signed the terms and conditions are under the jurisdiction of Spanish law and the Spanish courts a fact Guardian Recovery never respond to.
    Adding £2000 to the debt and threatening to get an approved home visit are other issues. Going to get back to OTF right now and add more complaints to my list. I would advise you to all do the same.

  14. John says:

    This is the latest threat from Guardian debt collectors.
    My reply is to point out that both Realistix and Guardian are acting illegally and to specifically for bit any visits from Guardian or anybody representing Realistix.
    As you can see, they think they are stepping up the pressure!. Silly assumption, I’ m not even upset yet.
    We’ll see what happens next but it should be interesting.
    Keeping strong, they will get absolutely nothing!



    Our Client: Intelligent Software Solutions S.L.

    You have still not responded to our previous letter of 21st January 2014 where we informed you that you were at risk of being approved for one of our doorstep collectors to visit your premises or place of work. Your continued lack of cooperation will not result in this debt matter being resolved and as such our doorstep collector has been instructed to attend your premises or place of work. You will shortly receive a calling card from our doorstep collector containing their name and confirming the date, time and place of their visit to you.

    You can stop our doorstep collector from visiting your premises or place of work by making payment of the debt in the sum of £6180.62 within the next 7 days. If you are unable to settle this sum in full you must contact our collections department immediately on 0871 454 2266 between 9:00am and 5:15pm Monday to Friday to discuss a suitable payment arrangement.

    If you do not settle this debt, or make arrangements to settle this debt, our doorstep collector will be calling upon you and you risk the debt value increasing through further interest and debt collection charges. DO NOT DELAY, MAKE PAYMENT TODAY.

    Please contact our collections department to make payment by card or direct bank transfer on 0871 454 2266 between 9:00am and 5:15pm Monday to Friday or alternatively payment may be made by cheque or postal order. All cheques must be made out to Guardian Recovery Limited, include your reference GR-221275.008/5NDV and posted to 4 Tustin Court, Port Way, Preston, PR2 2YQ.

    Yours faithfully,

    Collections Department
    Guardian Recovery Limited

    • Chris says:

      Interesting use of the term “Doorstep Collector” – looks like they are trying to make you think they are bailiffs. It’s obvious they care nothing about the OFT Debt Collection Guidelines, still every time they break them, it just provides more evidence to send to the OFT. We have been sending a copy of letters from Guardian to the OFT each time with a complaint about which guidelines they are breaking this time.

      • ann says:

        Hi John
        I also have had email saying (you were at risk of being approved for one of our doorstep collectors to visit your premises or place of work) and also another email on the 25th some of the email below

        (If you do not settle this debt, or make arrangements to settle this debt, interest and additional debt recovery charges will be applied and you risk legal action being taken against you. Legal action may result in your credit rating being adversely affected reducing your ability to obtain a mortgage, re-mortgage, loan or credit card. DO NOT DELAY ANY LONGER, MAKE YOUR PAYMENT TODAY.)

        Should I also send them to the office of fair trade?
        Regards Ann

      • John says:

        Hi Ann,
        By all means send them and register a formal complaint.
        The pressure is increasing on both ISS and Guardian so keep it up.
        Contact Alberto for a sample formal letter you can send recorded delivery!!
        Spread the word – we are now on the offensive so they would be well advised to back off.
        Strength is in our numbers with every victim fighting back. We are no longer intimidated.

  15. John says:

    An update from John.
    Despite proving that our cancellation was legal, returning the software in the condition received, we are now being threatened with uk based debt collectors.
    Our appointment next week with the consumer advice service will lodge a formal complaint and the police are monitoring their activities. They are threatening a ‘home visit’ which the police and I await with interest.
    These sc** still don’t get it that their sc** has been rumbled, they will get nothing and at the very least will end up out of business ( and in prison if the threats continue).
    Whatever you do, keep strong and give them nothing!
    Anyone out there being similarly persued. Let’s pool our experiences and evidence. Together we will beat these retards.

    • Bob says:

      John I have had the same emails and text from this Preston based company. I sent them a registered letter telling them that any home visits were not permitted and the police would be immediately called. The last email I received said they would get an approved home visit if I did not pay. There is no such thing as an approved home visit so no one be fooled by this scare tactic. These Debt collectors should stay within the OFT Debt collectors guidelines and they break them all the time. Report them to Trading Standards and the OFT.
      I would encourage everyone to do this I have posted some of the relevant information I received from the OFT.

      Consumer Credit Act 1974 (the Act)
      Complaint Against: Guardian Recovery Ltd
      Licence No:653321
      Thank you for your email received on 06 January 2014.
      I can confirm that the business you mention holds a consumer credit licence. Under the Consumer Credit Act, holders of consumer credit licences must be fit and competent to do so and the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) has a duty to monitor the fitness and conduct of all traders who hold such a licence.
      The OFT has issued guidance to consumer credit licence holders engaged in the debt collection industry. The guidance is intended to ensure that debt collectors treat individuals fairly. Non-compliance with this guidance will call into question the fitness of licence holders and applicants. You can view our guidance at:

      I note that the complaint you raised with us does not appear to involve consumer credit debt, and if that is the case, it would not be an issue directly within our focus as the consumer credit licensing authority.
      However, the OFT encourages consumer credit licence holders to abide by the spirit of the OFT’s Debt Collection Guidance, and in our assessment of complaints, the OFT can take account of practices which may call into question the fitness of a business to hold a licence.

      We have therefore recorded the details of your complaint, and we will consider this alongside any other complaints we have received with a view to any consumer credit licensing or other action we may decide to take. If we do take any action against this trader we may need to contact you again in the future. Unfortunately, we cannot disclose any details about any action we may take, due to legal restrictions on the OFT relating to disclosure of information.
      Thank you again for writing to us and bringing this matter to our attention.
      Yours sincerely
      Minesh Pindoriya
      Enquiries and Reporting Centre
      Office of Fair Trading

      Office of Fair Trading
      Fleetbank House
      2-6 Salisbury Square
      London EC4Y 8JX
      Switchboard: (020) 7211 8000
      I am with you John stay strong and pay these B****** Nothing

      • John says:

        Does anyone think it’s time to form a support group?
        I think it’s time we fought back.
        A support group with the objectives.
        1. To support victims of Realistix and associates.
        2. To provide expert advice for victims.
        3. To persue Realistix and associates through the courts to gain compensation for victims and impose punitive damages to deter them from doing it again.

        My idea it to turn from being passive victims to outraged consumers. If we dan persuade a lawyer to act for us on a no win no fee basis, then we can achieve the objective which is to destroy Realistix and any company foolish enough to be associated with them.

        Comments and ideas please.

        I for one am not prepared to sit back passively waiting for their next threat. How about you?

    • ann says:

      Hi John
      I also have recived an email stating— (you were at risk of being approved for one of our doorstep collectors to visit your premises or place of work. Your continued lack of cooperation will not result in this debt matter being resolved and as such our doorstep collector has been instructed to attend your premises or place of work. You will shortly receive a calling card from our doorstep collector containing their name and confirming the date, time and place of their visit to you) this is really worrying me and I will try the web links that are attached to this info. Feel better knowing iam not the only one that fell for this
      Regards Ann

      • Bob says:

        Send a registered letter to them stating that you do allow them to make a visit you your home or place of work. You can check they signed for it on the royal mail web site.Put in the letter if they ignore your request you will immediately call the police. An approved home visit who are they going to get to grant this I would really like to know. If they send a calling card this is against OFT guidelines as someone other than yourself could see you have a debt.Call Citizens Advice and complain they will pass it on to Trading Standards. It is amazing that you they accuse you of a lack of cooperation when they have been ignoring the Spanish Consumer Centre for months. Just remember if they come round say two words please leave if they don’t call the police.

      • John says:

        Try not to worry. I am in the same position and have an appointment with citizens advice to lodge a formal complaint and have notified the police.
        Should they send you an attendance date, notify the police who are keen to assist. If they arrive on your doorstep on no account let them in. Take their id and photograph it and the caller, any telephone numbers on it to check the detail, and do the same to their vehicle. Note: this could take you a long time!! But leave them on the doorstep. When you return it record your conversation ( iPad is good for this) and just refuse all requests or demands and let the police deal with them. The police will then have all the information to pursue them.
        Keep strong
        They should be getting the message by now that Realistix are crooks and the methods they use are contrary to Spanish law. If they are a legitimate company their association can only harm their business and they must be considering the negative impact of their actions I say this because I know they routinely monitor comments on this site.
        Keep strong, don,t worry, you are not alone.

    • ann says:

      Hi John
      thanks for your kind words , will keep yu updated

      • ann says:

        I think a support group would help a lots as john has help me a lt over the past few months
        regards ann

    • Jennifer says:

      Hello John

      We think it’s a brilliant idea to form a support group.
      Obviously we have been scammed too and have had all the usual threats. How about it everyone?
      What is the latest with you?

      • Bob says:

        Yes a support group is a great idea. To think some people paid these B****** through fear is a scandal. Its all about knowing your rights and staying strong. Time to take the fight to them.

    • Rachel says:

      Hi john
      I am also receiving emails stating they are going to attend my home address or work place. I had to send all my documents to the European consumer centre and the trading standards in Spain in December and I still haven’t heard anything. However I’m trying to claim the money back I paid there and then from my bank and they are looking into it and I am waiting for a response in the next 2 weeks. I did go to citizens advise the other day who said about getting everyone together as a support group and face realistix solutions. I think it’s a great idea. I’m so glad I’m not alone in all this and other people are facing exactly the same thing.

      • John says:

        Hi Rachel,
        Just send them a record delivery letter stating that due to their intimidation you absolutely forbid anyone from Realistx or any agency acting on their behalf from coming to your door or place of work or from any direct face to face contact.
        Point out your current actions which are pending and if you still feel threatened, inform the police.
        Regarding a support group, I for one would be pleased to participate.
        Keep strong, pay nothing. Together we will beat these scXX

    • Chris says:

      We keep getting the same letter / text message from Guardian Debt Recovery asking for payment and telling us how disappointed they are that we haven’t.

      However they keep failing to respond to our request to them to prove the debt exists; what is the ISS response with regards to misrepresentation of their product and company; and why they think the ISS contract is legal when it clearly contravenes Spanish Law. These are obviously difficult questions and the best Guardian can come up with is to ignore them and to repeat the demand for payment and advise us “it is in your interest to settle this debt without delay”.

      All tactics to try and scare / pressure us into paying. Which we have NO intention of doing!

      As advised by the Consumer Direct service we will respond to the next demand for payment (which does not address our questions re the validity of the debt) with a letter the we consider their pursuit of an unproven debt to be harassment. If the letters then continue we can then contact the Consumer Direct service and Office of Fair Trading to take further steps.

      • ann says:

        Thanks Chris
        Your information was very helpful and reassuring that the contract is not legal and they are breaking Spanish law.
        I also will contact the consumer direct and office of fair trade stating the same thing when I receive another letter from them
        Regards Ann

    • Jean says:

      Dear Alberto

      Can you send me a copy of complaint to guardian recovery. I have just read the comment from John. I understand it must be sent recorded.

    • paul says:

      Hi i have also paid in full for this CD but have not down loaded it yet, should i do so or will i end up with a problem thanks Paul

  16. Chris says:

    We too have had the misfortune of having to deal with this company. We actually walked away from the deal half way through when they wanted the deposit paid using a third party travel agent. They claimed their credit card machine was broken. We didn’t want to lose the legal protection that comes with credit card payment, so agreed to return the next day. Once we got out of their offices, we did a few searches on the internet and we realised it was dubious. As a result we sent an e.mail saying that we were not going to continue.

    We thought that would be the end, but a few months later we received a latter stating we owed them the balance (interesting since we never paid a deposit) and that if we didn’t pay they would hand the matter to a dept collector.

    We are now on the 2nd dept collector. The first went away after we told our story and how ISS had miss-represented their company and product. We told the 2nd one the same story and are waiting their response.

    However the reason for this post is a piece of information I’ve found helpful which I haven’t seen on this forum.

    I’m fairly sure (however I’m not a lawyer) that the law which protects consumer rights in Spain is the ROYAL LEGISLATIVE DECREE 1/2007. Article 59 onwards in this legislation talk about the rights that a customer has and what should be in a contract, e.g. termination clauses, cooling-off periods, the right to withdraw, etc. All of which the ISS contract ignores.

    Hope this helps.

  17. Richard says:

    Can anyone tell me if there is actually a holiday at the end of all this? I am emailing on behalf of my mother-in-law who went to one of these meetings and has paid the full amount upon returning to the UK. Although I intend to get her to fight this and reclaim her money, I was just wondering if there is actually anything for the money she has paid or if she has just paid all this money and will have nothing to show for it?

  18. Bill says:

    Bill from Cambs. Uk
    13th Nov. 2013

    Just recently came across this site and can’t believe all these negative comments!! Not one positive one to be seen (amazing). My partner and I joined this ‘so called scam’ back in April last year, we got rid of all our timeshare points on which we were paying several thousand pounds a year in maintenance fees which increased each year. Since joining we have had two wonderful
    Holidays at a fraction of the cost of previous maintenance fees. Two very happy and satisfied senior citizens

    • Mike says:

      Bill. This is interesting. Can you confirm that ISS arranged the permanent removal of your timeshare points? This was the angle that hooked us.

  19. Carol says:

    Can anyone tell me if there is a Uk action group against these people ?

    • Simon says:

      I doubt it, as their actions can only be adjudicated under Spanish law, as that’s where they operate, the only part of the transaction that crosses countries is the payment, this is where you have to take action.

    • John says:

      I have today received a threatening call from a Preston based firm of debt collectors who stated that as the software pack seal had been broken then we were required to pay. When I pointed out that the seal was broken only on their insistence and at the time of supply he went quiet. The call was rapidly terminated when I asked him to speak slowly and clearly so the recording would be clear for the police.
      Stay strong – pay nothing

      • bob says:

        It was my turn today to receive a call from a debt collector. I have to say it was very civilised and we talked for some time. He had already done some checking and was on this web site when he rang. I think they had work out what it was all about and just ask me to send them a email with some details of the situation for their records. They had never worked for Realistix before and they were certainly not a part of their UK debt collection department. They gave the impression that they had better things to than get involved in this. These people sit back drinking cheap champagne on their roof terrace in Tenerife while they try and get other people to do their dirty work. STAND UP TO THEM AND DON’T PAY

  20. Tom says:

    We were enticed into Realistix’s suite and had 4 hours of spiel. Paid £500 as deposit on £2000 ” loan ” by debit card. Got back to hotel, checked them out on your site and immediately cancelled card payment. Now, phone & mob. phone keeps ringing..I just leit it ring…..Thank God for your site.

    • bob says:

      You did well Tom to cancel before they took your money. Unfortunately if you signed their paperwork and broke the seal on the CD they will keep trying to make contact and you will have to confront them at some point.If they make threats as they always do its so important that everyone makes a complaint to Trading Standards in Adeje and the UK Consumer Centre.This is the only way these people will eventually get what they deserve.

  21. S says:

    My partner and I were approached on the street in Las Americas, Tenerife by a nice enough young lady who asked if we were British. When we said we were, she said we could take advntage of a free prize draw scratchcard, which was apparently a promotion from Mastercard. One of the scratch cards won a free bottle of wine, the other was a “Star Prize”.

    She suddenly became excited saying she could now get her €60 euro bonus, as we had won a top prize, of either cash, or an iPad, or a dream holiday. She was upfront enough to tell us that to get the prize, we would have to sit through a 90 minute presentation on discounted holiday offers, but the prize was free, and we did not have to buy anything and the prize would still be ours.

    We wouldn’t normally have bothered with such things, but it so happened to be a cloudy day, so it seemed we had not much to lose, and would win a cash prize at least. She took us to a complex in Costa Adeje, near the La Pinta hotel. We met with a guy called Dale, who was an out and out salesman, he spent almost 4 hours giving us sales spiel on the Realistix Browser Suite, and all the great discounts we could get.

    It did seem quite good at the time, we were eventually told it would be £6,250 to buy it, £2000 paid now, with the balance to pay when we got home. We were genuinely looking to book holidays for next year, so for us, our own desires were drawing us closer and closer to buying it.

    We did however decide, that we wanted to think about it, which is when reinforcements came in, in the shape of a very blunt and aggressive woman called Nicola, who started throwing free holidays and a slightly cheaper price at us, but it was a sign now, or forget the deal situation.

    We still weren’t sure, so we said we’d decline, they then offered us an “exit deal”. Forget the software for now, pay £2000 and we could have 2 x 5 star holidays, one in Europe, and one Worldwide, this suited exactly what were actually planning for next year anyway, so we gave in and paid the £2000.

    We were also invited back for a celebratory dinner at their expense that evening.

    Having just parted with £2000 to a company we’d not heard of before, when we got back to our hotel, I decided to google Realistix and Iss Europe, only to find a ton of bad press, including this site. I became very suspicious obviously. We went to the dinner, and I raised our concerns, they were very defensive, pulled out all the excuses under the sun. When I said I was not prepared to go back to the UK without witnessing these holidays being booked, they told us to come back the next morning, it would all be sorted, and we’d have our holidays all set in stone.

    The next morning, before going there, I saw that the vouchers we had been given, were in fact issued not by them, but by a Golden Travel Club. When I googled them, I couldn’t find them, but only references to them by other complaints about them, people not getting their vouchers, or there being tons of additional charges, having to sit through timeshare presentations etc, all of it bad news.

    When we got there, we were told we couldn’t book the holidays yet, and had to wait 30 days, unless we bought the software, which they then offered to us for £3000 less than half the original price.

    There was some to-ing and fro-ing, he said, she said, to the point where it’s became lost a full on argument. I’d had enough and said either we get our money back, or we ring MasterCard and stop the payment, which I was fully aware we could. They agreed to refund our card, and took us into the payment office, the finance woman Christina, setup the pin terminal for the refund, and was asked to enter my pin. I found it strange to have to enter a pin for a refund, but the transaction was held for authorisation by the card company and I had to ring them. It only transpired, that instead of refunding the £2000 they had in fact tried to take another £2000 pretending to refund it!!

    We got on the phone there and then to Tesco MasterCard, explain the situation, they blocked both transactions, and blocked our card till we return to the UK and will reissue new card numbers.

    Thankfully, other than the time we wasted, we got out of this s**** unscathed, but it could have been a very different story if we’d not looked on the web that day, and realised they were a bunch of sharks.

    Whatever you do, DO NOT DO BUSINESS with these people, they are out and out s****** artists.

  22. Alex says:

    I am a DRI timeshare owner and was drawn in off the street in Tenerife close to the Flamingo Club with the promise of free legal advice to help relinquish my DRI points, however I seem to have ended up buying the Realiistix CD as part of the deal. I paid an initial deposit by credit card which was actually refunded the following day as a “good will gesture” so I am not out of pocket, although the refund process was quite interesting.

    On returning to the UK I decided the whole thing was a bit suspect and consulted a Spanish lawyer who looked at the agreements and gave me some advice. This morning I returned the CD and all accompanying literature by registered mail asking to cancel. I also emailed a scan of the letter to ISS and this afternoon received a reply from Nancy in the legal department saying that they do not accept my cancellation and hold me to the original purchase agreement.

    I have sent a detailed letter to this site and also to the Cross Border EU complaints department.

    Sitting here kicking myself and feeling so stupid as I’m usually pretty switched on as far as these sort of things are concerned.

    • marie says:


  23. Camilla says:

    Me and my better half just got back from Tenerife, and feel terribly stupid to admit we were tricked into signing up with ISS S.L at det Flamingo Park Hotel. This was after 6,5 hours in the company of a Swedish woman who called herself Pernilla. She was extraordinary welcoming to us, and made us feel like she desperately wanted us Scandinavian budget tourists to experience luxury vacations at a very low price.

    We were desperate to get out of there after so many hours, and quite exhausted after so much “wonderful” information. Fortunately we didn’t have so much money to deposit, so we ended up giving them 200 euros, and signed up for a package costing us in total 2300 euros that we were to pay over the next three months. This however did not include the Realistix software, but we were “given” a weeks holiday in Florida, 5 days cruise in the Caribbeans, and three more weeks of accomodation in Europe. Pernilla told us that we had 14 days to cancel. A German woman called Christina handled the contract, and then we were finally off to enjoy the remains of our first day on vacation… We were however invited back for breakfast the following morning, because we were “bound to have some questions”.

    After returning to our hotel later that evening I started browsing the net and quickly found out we had been scammed… We felt like idiots the both of us, but decided to go back the next morning to cancel as we were told we could. We were met by Pernilla, who ensured us that we of course could cancel and get the deposit back, but she wouldn’t recommend it because of the amazing trips we had “ordered”. Christina came and quickly demented this, saying this was non-refundable and that we had been told so the day before – which in no way was mentioned to us. We argued with them for over an hour, and they were willing to go down to a smaller vacation package, still costing us about 1250 euros in addition to what we already paid, but they were in no way willing to cancel the deal. We left after not reaching an agreement. When we got back to our hotel I found the email adress to the Spanish trade standards through this site, and sent an email to them. I also emailed ISS about this asking them to cancel and refund.

    The next day I received an email from Nancy with ISS, still unwilling to cancel the contract. I have not yet heard from the trade standards, but we are in no way finished before have in writing from ISS that they are off our case. We also want our money back, since we are not planning to book any trips through these scam artists, and therefore have spent 200 euros on a cheap bottle of Cava that they opened when the deal was signed :p

    • bobru says:

      Sorry to hear you were also caught out by this company.It seems these people are all independent so its impossible to complain to anyone within the company.The Realistix web site makes it very clear our authorised distributors are independent any dispute is with them. If its any consolation a lot of people paid 500/1000 Euros deposit and signed a contract for 5000+. I have sent three email to trading standards but have had no response I don’t know if they are just not answering or that they have a big back log due to so many complaints. I have found the best place to complain is the UK European Consumer Centre they will ask you for a full account of what happened and then consult with the Consumer Centre in Spain about the case.When you don’t pay they will send you emails or letters to scare you.Get your own advise, don’t be bullied, and don’t pay.

  24. bob says:

    Hi sorry to say I got caught up in this mess last week in Tenerife realistix browser suite got brain washed into parting with 1000 euros then checked the company out and quickly realised I had mad a big mistake.Told them they were not getting any more money but refused saying you are bound by the media and software law looked on the internet and to be honest I don’t think there is such a law.Also today sent back the CD recorded delivery and a written letter that I am cancelling due to misrepresentation by them.I would be interested to here from anyone who has dealings with these people they clearly stated to me that they are a part of the Wyndham group I know are a very big organisation in the States.Clearly they have nothing to do with Wyndham resorts and hotels.Been very interested in all the blogs and will keep reading only got back yesterday so still got to get my head round all this.Bob

    • Shirley says:

      We were targeted by these people back in March this year. We paid the 100 euros deposit,as luckily re had not taken our credit card so couldn’t give them any more. On returning to the UK I also checked the Company out and wrote to them saying I would not be sending them the money and was cancelling due to misreprentation. I stilll have the CD here. I sent the letter mid April and up to press have not heard anything.

    • John says:

      Reort them to trading standards and report any threats to the police.
      Just ignore them and they will give up

  25. eilidh says:

    I was approached on 14th August 2013 in Adeje by a lady offering scratch cards, on finding out I had won i was advised to go to the shopping centre & retrieve my prize. This lady told me that she was acting on behalf of Thomas Cook as the had recently just bought Hotel La Pinta? And they were looking to spread the word, this was a promotion they were doing to help with bookings for next year! Once arriving at their office I was told I would need to sit through a 90 min presentation. The product actually looked good, once we asked how much it was everything changed. I was instructed that I was going for a walk with the lady!! I refused. Some young girl came through and was very threating asking what our problem was. Thankfully I didn’t buy it however I found the whole thing very scary as they atmosphere was stressed & intense. I would like to share my story with Thomas Cook but not sure how to go about it, that was the only reason why I went up & spent time, I mean waste my time with them. People should be warning in their welcome meetings.

    • John says:

      Trading standards in Adeje are fully aware of these xxxxxxx, yet disappointingly they are still allowed to fleece tourists.
      Surely the authorities must appreciate the negative impact on their tourist industry.
      I would suggest that everyone fleeced by this company contact tour operators in the uk and all the TV/ media to alert anyone considering going to Tenerife.
      If tourist numbers fall then perhaps the authorities will act.
      These croxxxx must be stopped

    • Jim says:

      We had the same problem and were foolish enough to pay the deposit and now we are been threatened by debt collectors ! However Thomas Cook was never mentioned in May. I would definitely contact TC as I think this is must be fraudulent. You did well to escape from them.

  26. David says:

    Hi we were approached in Benidorm in May 2013 by a man called Ian handing out scratch cards, Ian then took us in his car to a sales pitch where stupidly we purchased the software for 2,500 pounds by debit card.On returning to the hotel we changed our minds and tried contacting their office and found it to be closed.We returned home on Monday the 3rd of June we got in contact with there office and told them we did not want the product and wanted a refund,at first they refused even though the software was unopened,after many weeks of Emails and phone calls by us they agreed to a refund of 1900 pounds paid in 6 monthly instalments,we told them that reluctantly we would accept the full 2,500 pounds in 6 monthly instalments,in their contract it clearly states that if the product is returned with the seal intact a full refund would be given,they received the package and as of now we have not received a penny.
    Can anyone please advise us of what to do next,and who can we complain to.

    Regards Sue and Dave

  27. John says:

    Has anybody actually paid the full amount?

  28. Jim says:

    Has anyone been taken to court and what was the outcome.

    • ME says:

      if i could have your email i can discuus what steps i have taken

      • Jim says:

        Yes I would like to hear from you as we have had a letter from the debt collectors but have been told by the trading standards in Adeje not to pay any more and that they are in contact with DIRECCCION GENERAL DE TURISMO IN SANTA CRUZ who have the power of sanction and the company will be sanctioned.
        We are still in limbo with this matter but can anyone tell us have you been taken to court.

      • bobru says:

        I am also caught up in this mess I am interested in what steps you have taken

  29. denise says:

    hi was caught out by realistix in tenerife sighned paper but didnt pick up disc realised it was a scam i have now got a debt collection letter i told realistix through email i didnt want there product and havnt got it can you tell me what i can do denise

    • ME says:

      if i could have yor email i can discuus what steps i have taken

      • John Stephenson says:

        I have also received their latest demand for payment with the threat of debt collectors.
        Can you share with me your actions.
        Whatever happens this company will get nothing but must be stopped.

  30. mel says:

    Hi. We went to benidorm in May and we were approached by a man with scratch cards. We went to the hour and a half presentation. We tried to call them to say we didn’t want it but they would not answer the phone. We are now having letters to say debt collection agency is calling for the money. We didn’t even get the software. Don’t know what to do.

    • John says:

      Whatever you do pay nothing.
      We have reported them to trading standards both in Spain and the EEC.
      Stand firm, PAY NOTHING.
      Just ignore any threats or inform the police.


      • dave says:

        Hi John
        Have just found this web site, glad i have as i have now have recived a email from a british debt collector ,would you say that i also should report them to trading standards .if possable could you give me any address or where can i find the info needed for Spain

    • Jim says:

      Hi Mel My wife and I were sent, by email, a very official looking document from the Scottish Court or we though it was, but it turns out this document can be downloaded from the internet. I just wanted to find out so I looked into the Scottish Court office only to be told that this was a load of rubbish as there was no date, Official Ref. number and it was not singed. We then got a letter from a debt collector and we phoned then. This was the first time they had been asked by REALISTIX to work for them and even they are having second thoughts about them. The name of the man was Paul and as we talked on the phone he was looking at the mindtimeshare blogs. His comment was is your husbands name John as you can see his name appears a number of times ( GOOD ON YOU JOHN ) keep up the good work.

  31. Gillian says:

    I also attended a sales pitch at the Flamingo hotel in Tenerife in February this year and the realistix browser suite seemed like a really good idea at the time, so I signed up. Like most of you I was told to open the disc to check the contents were complete and not damaged. When returning from holiday I searched the Internet for details of this so called fantastic offer and was very disturbed to find almost nothing, I was expecting to see blogs from people who have used it and was interested to read their comments. This made me uneasy and I decided although I’d paid nearly £900 deposit I didn’t actually want or need this product. The free holidays offered were actually vouchers that involved paying booking fees etc so not such a good deal at all. I emailed realistix solutions within 14 days and cancelled. They replied saying that I could not cancel as I had signed a legal document and was bound by the European software laws! There is no European software law. I received a voicemail saying it would be in my best interest to make myself available when they call me back, which I thought was a bit threatening. I spoke to them and said that I would not be paying for the disc I didn’t want it and as it does not work unless I pay the balance it is arguably not a tangible product. I have now received a letter from a British debt collector, I rang them and explained the situation and they are looking into it. I’ll wait to hear from them. I will not be paying another penny.

    • John says:

      Well done Gillian,
      Like yourself we cancelled within 14 days but this was rejected by Realistix.
      We returned the software but this delivery was rejected by Realistix.
      We have reported Realistix both to the Tennerife and EEC trading standards who are perusing the matter.
      As Realistix seem to routinely adopt threatening methods I have informed them that any future threats will be referred to the police.
      Keep firm and on no account give these xxxxxx any money


      • Shirley says:

        We were targetted in March in Tenerife by these people saying they could get rid of our timeshare if we took there offer. We paid about 100 euros deposit (luckely we hadn’t got our credit card with us so could not pay anymore). When we got back to England we rang a couple who Realistix Solutions had had dealings with, on checking our paperwork and theirs there were alot of anomolies, different banks to pay the money into, different addresses etc. I got quite suspicious then and even though they had told me there would be no cooling off period and no cancellation, I did it any way. I sent them a letter back in April (sent recorded delivery) saying I would not be sending any more money and wanted it cancelling due to misrepresentation. I als o got in touch with this website, TATOC and the Trading Standards to inform them about this company. The Representative did ring me in April, just as I had sent the letter, to ask if everything was ok and I informed him I had sent a letter cancelling the agreement, he did say it would go to his Legal Department, I said ok but up to press have not heard anything from them. I have kept copies of everything and a timeline of all conversations I have had with them prior to April .

    • Hi Gillian,
      We wanted to send you some more information by email but the message bounced back.
      Please email us at if you want to receive the message.
      Kind regards

      Customer Care

    • dave says:

      Hi Gillian
      I also have now recived a email from a British debt collector ,can you help as iam unsure as what to say to them .
      we where talked in to signing up in jan 2013 after paying £1000 cash , I did try and cancel when i was still in tenerife but got talked in to still giveing it a try when i got home , when we got home we tried the Cd but could not get it to work as i did not have the right code , They called me a few weeks later asking for the full payment by the end of the monthI said i no longer wanted it , but they said i could not cancel and i had to pay.

      • Susan says:

        Ignore all correspondence unless you actually get anything from a British court, don’t know of anyone who has.

  32. denise says:

    could someone please help me got caught by realistix on holiday in tenerife sighned some paper but didnt pick the cd up have had email from them asking me for over four thousand telling me they are getting debt collectors to me could anyone advise me what to do

  33. John says:

    We returned the software and cancelled within the two week window and sent the package recorded delivery to the address on their paperwork. This was returned almost two months later, address unknown but the package had been opened. Within a week we received another letter threatening dire consequences if we failed to pay.
    These guys are obviously crooks, give them nothing and, like ourselves make formal complaints through trading standards and to the police when threatened.
    Keeping you posted of developments but will on no account pay them any money.

  34. John says:

    An update from joh.
    Having made a formal complaint I via Trading standards both local and the EEC, we have heard nothing more from them
    Keeping alert for approaches and we,ll keep members abreast of developments.
    So far so good. Just use the solution described earlier.

    • Valerie says:

      John we been done also ,we have got to pay £4,428.00 by Friday 28/6/2013,how do we cancel the contract?we also had to break the seal in front of them!can we return the software too?please reply,thankyou

      • John says:

        Just say no.
        Whatever you do don’t pay.
        Return the software in the condition you received it and enclose a cancellation letter.
        We did this within two weeks of returning from Tennerife and posted it to the address quoted in the paperwork. Unfortunately tis address is not recognised and our package was returned some six weeks later. We also warned them that threatening contacts would not be tolerated but referred directly to the police.
        In the intervening period we raised formal complaints with trading standards both in Tennerife and with te EEC, and so far have heard nothing more from Realistix.
        Whatever happens, they will not get one penny and you need to make this clear to them.

    • val says:

      thankyou for your reply,i will be taking your advice

    • John says:

      My wife and I foolishly paid £1000. to “Realistik” in Tenerife.We have been warned of the
      Sc** and will not be paying any more money,but wonder what the legal implications are. We are not sure how to contact the trading standards offices in Tenerife and EEC ? Is it worth sending the package back
      to “Realistik” if it will be returned.We are pensioners desperate to rid ourselves of our
      Timeshare but can not afford to pay the £8950-00 (Balance) for a holiday scheme that
      we did not want.
      Your comments please ?

  35. Lisa says:

    We have just spent two hours with the same people while on holiday in Tenerife. Thankfully we didn’t sign up but we are supposed to be returning on Sunday. This is a well executed sc**. There was at least three other couples in while we were there. I just pray that they haven’t signed up. Hopefully these scu***** can be stopped

  36. Rikki says:

    what can we do about it, seems like me and my wife fell for it too..

    • John says:

      Hi , sorry you had a similar experience to us.
      Send me details and I,ll share our solution.
      So far, we have cancelled the ,contract, by registered post, returned the cd and made a formal complaint vis EEC trading standards.


      • Jean says:

        We’ve also fallen for this after six hours. Is there a way out as my husband and I are pensioners and can’t afford to go ahead with this. Would be greatful for your advice.

      • alan says:

        john how do we stop this payment to them ,

      • Geoff says:

        We have also been scammed, I have already sent an email to the mindtimeshare email address, we were out there a couple of weeks ago, they have now severed any more contact and will not be in touch with us until our payment is due (early October). I have already sent the stuff back recorded delivery 1 week after we received it, but have done nothing else. I am expecting threatening letters after the payment due date. Any help would be appreciated

      • John says:

        Well done Geoff, you seem to have done everything right,
        Your next step is to make a formal complaint about Realistix to the Trading standards in both the resort and centrally with the EEC.
        When (not if) you get the threats, do not respond, pay nothing and send copies of all correspondence to the trading standards.
        Please pass this info to anyone else s***** by these cr***** and eventually they will be brought to book. Above all pay nothing.

      • Geoff says:

        Do you have an address/link for trading standards in Adeje

      • Hi Geoff,
        We will send them to you by email.
        Customer Care

      • John says:

        María José Rodríguez ( – Consumer´s office of Adeje.

  37. Martin says:

    Hi I was in benidorm last week and found myself at the offices of a company called Direct Marketing who sold me the Realistix browser. I have paid £1000 by credit card with balance due in 14 days. As soon as I got home I opened the cd box and installed the browser only to find the software key has not been activated. I contacted Direct Marketing who told me the key will not be activated until I pay the outstanding balance. This means I can’t know if the product will deliver the savings the sales guy said it would. As I have opened the cd does this mean I have to now pay the outstanding balance or can I still return and cancel? The sales guy said I had a 14 day cooling off period but can’t see it in the paperwork. Can anyone here help with my questions?

  38. John says:

    We fell foul of this company only last week. Fortunately our bank, having no knowledge of the company halted payment pending discussions with us. The question is – is this a legitimate company and is the process legal?

    • Jacqui says:

      Hi John
      we also did the same as you at what price did they sell to you? and are you still going ahead?

      • John says:

        Hi, our price was 4450 but our bank alerted us to the company and stopped payment. It seem our bank knew nothing of the company. We gave written notice by recorded delivery of cancellation within 14 days and returned the cd.
        Unsurprisingly, they are now threatening us with debt collectors in the uk.
        We will keep you posted of developments.

  39. Patrick says:

    “The regulations about these street workers or OPC’s have been reviewed recently by the Town Hall of Adeje and are no longer allowed.”

    This statement is incorrect. The following is the statement from Adeje Town Hall:
    “From this point, any company that wants to make this trade must apply for a license at City Hall and pay the corresponding fees.”

    So yes, OPCs/timeshare street workers ARE still allowed – so long as they pay the town hall!!

    • Hi Patrick,

      Indeed they can apply for licenses at the Town Hall but the Adeje Town Hall will then have to check the kind of business these companies are and if they are working by the law.
      Obviously the main question to the Town Hall is if the earnings of the license money covers the losses generated by the harm done to the reputation of the island by companies that work in a dubious way and make that tourists won’t want to come back..

      Customer Care

  40. M C says:

    Could well be something to do with the two indian guys from Milton Keynes who operated ILG in Milton Keynes

  41. ejagman0 says:

    Alberto I seem to recall some of the Club Class web were registered in the Seychelles that would make me wary of this firm to start with.


  42. Michael says:

    Sounds very similar to Travel Connect who caught us in Mar 2011.
    We had to sign the legal documents before a judge – made it look more official!

  43. gillian says:

    This looks very much like DWVC who we fell foul of in Madeira some years ago! I wonder if the same characters are involved?

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