3 Responses to Atlantis Escapes a new cold calling Timeshare Reseller from Alicante.

  1. Brian says:

    I have been cold called by Atlantic Escapes with the same offers as previous comments! Only £12350 required to be deposited! What. Great offer, must be dreamland.

  2. Brian says:

    I received a call from Atlantis Escapes about 2 weeks ago, offering to arrange the s ale of my Timeshare through a presentation the following weekend. I got a call yesterday from “Milly Langton” (who gave her phone number as 0034 634 009732) saying that mr &mrs xxx had made an offer of ££££lots, and were ready to place a 30% deposit immediately as they were returning to UK next day. I said I would be interested if the Terms & Coditions were acceptable, but I was just going out and could not spare the 10 mins she said was necessary to explain the procedure. She called back today and explained that the procedure required me to give her a “retainer” of £1280 to secure the deal. I asked for her to e-mail a copy of the contrct and Ts & CSS, which I have just received. Having read the above, I shall follow your advice and “proceeded with great caution”!!!

  3. Marrion says:

    No I haven’t had the pleasure of being approached by any of the delightful gentlemen you currently list. And the little matter of £1200? What a paltry amount, a mere nothing to we rolling-in-it timeshare owners. There are so many of these entrepreneurs longing to admit us to their charmed circle I would have thought by now they would be falling off the edge into the sea thereabouts. Surely there can’t be room for any more of them?!!!


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