Victoria Marketing & Realty Properties, the new Brand names used by ITRA


We only just published the article about cold caller Victoria Marketing last Friday, but we have an update already.

Research has now shown that Victoria Marketing and the Worldwide Real Estate called Realty Properties are linked to ITRA (International Timeshare Refund Action) and their offices in Marbella.

First it was Long Elmes inviting Timeshare owners over to Marbella for a supposed meeting about Class Actions against the different timeshare and exchange companies.

Now they are also targeting the Discount Travel Club Members such as the ones of DWVC with an incredible story about Real Estate Assets in Spain and Gibraltar belonging to the liquidated ILG.

As explained in the previous blog article:

Victoria Marketing claims to be acting on behalf of Realty Properties a Worldwide Real Estate company who is expanding into Europe. In order to do this they are acquiring freehold.

As per Victoria Marketing, Realty Properties is trying to purchase properties that belonged to ILGIncentive Leisure Group and are part of the liquidation assets of this company.

They claim that Realty Properties has already obtained 40 apartments previously owned by ILG and they are now tracing 2400 people who paid over £4000 for their ILG membership as they are technically “creditors” and can obtain a 5 to 8% benefit from these properties.

In order to take part in this they will have to travel to Marbella on the Costa del Sol where they will be taken to a Notary.

Although it isn’t about a Class Action this time or a disposal service based on the pitch of the perpetuity clause, yet again it is about inviting consumers over with a very strange story and a visit to the notary.

Although the telemarketer from Victoria Marketing claims there won’t be any costs for the DWVC Member and the meeting will only take about 1 hour including the visit to the notary, we certainly have serious doubts about that to say the least.

If you have been contacted by Victoria Marketing from 0034 951242438 on behalf of Realty Properties, then please let us know.

You can email us at or place a comment on this blog


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17 Responses to Victoria Marketing & Realty Properties, the new Brand names used by ITRA

  1. Alan says:

    I have now had at least 3 calls about our timeshare points, the lady seems very friendly and explained about action on a no claim no fee basis. It would appear that time is running out to register so I would need to act fast to get my claim in which means a visit to Spain. I certainly don’t trust these cold callers and will not be going to Spain to meet anyone. It has been interesting reading these comments as it substantiates my concerns about yet another sc**.

  2. John says:

    I was contacted yesterday by Annette Hollingsworth from Victoria Marketing. Her call was at least 30 minutes telling me all about the Class Action Group and that they were the only ones authorised to pursue this. Two e mails arrived the same day one of which included a questionnaire I was asked to complete and return regarding my ownership. This I have done today. Had at least 3 calls asking to speak with me. Having already had the approach by the RCI Action Group about 6 months ago and also a close shave with ILG with whom I was able to recover my deposit with the assistance of my Credit Card company and Trading Standards I am sceptical about everything. This lady sounded so professional and plausible. It is easy to get sucked in. I will be asking these people some pointed questions tomorrow to see what they say. I wont be going to Spain
    It all sounds like yet another con.

  3. Sarah says:

    It’s still happening. I’ve been called 3 times in the last week. I actually returned the questionnaire and have been my potential claim is £16000. They want me to go to Spain in September. Telling me that September is deadline for registering a claim

    • Andy says:

      Mmmmm, that can’t be right, although my claim is also worth £16k, my deadline is end of July this year……

  4. Evie says:

    Just being called by a 0333 2120268 number, pretty much same stuff as above. When I asked her about the negative comments being posted about Victoria Marketing on this site I had found after googling, she said the timeshare industry themselves are doing this! How do they get my home number and name, that’s what I would like to know! When I asked the lady this, she said it was on the “timeshare database”. Was offering us compensation for the mis-selling and broken promises etc we had experienced. I let her go on and on, I switched off in all fairness and then when she said “so are you interested?” I said no and she put the phone down on me lol. Why don’t these people get a real job! Next time they call I will ask them to hold while I get on and do something proper worthwhile!

  5. jenny says:

    just been contacted by this company .Luckily I looked at this during the chat as it sounded promising and promised lots of dosh on compensation .

  6. Christine says:

    Here is my e-mail from Victoria Marketing. Heidi is phoning again this afternoon to see whether we have decided to take up her offer of 3 days in Marbella as we we were not offered a ‘get out’ clause on our Time Share in Tenerife. I will decline now that I have read this.

    “ Talk to people whose business is talking to people ”

    Dear Mrs XXX

    Claim Ref: XXXX

    Thank you for the time you gave me today

    To summarise, we are registering timeshare and points owners on a No Win No Fee basis, for the lawsuit against the timeshare industry.

    This legal action is based on a number of points, the main ones are detailed below and I am sure that as an owner you will identify with most, if not all, of these problems:

    ü Maintenance charges – which are increasing EVERY year at a rate that is higher than inflation.

    ü Perpetuity clause – ownership of timeshare WILL be passed on to next of kin, along with the obligation to continue to pay increasing maintenance costs.

    ü Mis-selling of timeshare – told at initial sale that it would increase in value or be an investment for the future.

    ü Exchange system – increasing difficulty in getting promised like-for-like accommodation or holidays, plus the associated costs involved of using a 3rd party.

    ü Finance packages – offered at initial sale to help obtain credit but extremely expensive.

    ü Ownership becoming a burden rather that a pleasure in the future, with no available exit policy.

    Every claim is unique and based on Individual Ownership this means that one of our professional consultants will be at your disposal to help you register your claim.

    Once settled the full amount of compensation will be paid by the Court Administrators to the legal owners and to our company, all owners agree that we will receive 40% of the Compensation awarded on completion of the claim with the owners receiving 60%.

    Due to the increasing interest of owners wishing to claim, the timeshare industry is making it increasingly difficult for owners to register. As part of a reputable company offering a genuine service I would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have surrounding your claim and how we can help you to recoup YOUR MONEY.

    I would like to confirm we will pay for up to 3 nights 4 days accommodation in a quality hotel for 2 people on a B & B basis plus registration for the No Win No Fee compensation claim at our office in Marbella.

    We encourage people to use this opportunity to ask their Advisor any questions relating to their ownership as free legal advice and assistance can be given during your visit.

    I have attached a small questionnaire for you to complete and return to enable us to estimate your claim value and also a copy of the advert in the Sunday Mirror recently.

    I look forward to speaking to you soon.

    Kind Regards

    Heidi Starkes
    Customer Services

    Tl: (+34) – 952 586 140

    Office hours 2-7 GMT Mon-Thurs
    2-6 GMT Fri
    Closed Sat/Sun

  7. Sue says:

    I am just so glad that people are posting all this information. I am convinced this is a sc**. Has anyone gone to Spain yet for the 3 day free deal? They phoned me again yesterday, but I was too busy to talk to them – a lady this time. Shame really cos I might have had more to tell. BUT I think you are all wise to avoid them – there has to be a catch. Sue

  8. Dora says:

    I too have had several calls from this company. If they have nothing to gain then why are they wasting their time chasing all of us. So keen to pay us! No doubt when you get there in Spain there would be pressure sale of some sort and parting of another lump sum. Avoid them at all costs.

    • Sarah says:


      Just had a call from a very pleasant lady claiming that even though we have claimed under section 75, and have had no fees for 4 years, that is because, ILG paid our maintenance fees for several years and now they have stopped the timeshare people are sending out bills for maintenance. To date we have not received anything. The lady asked if we were willing to travel to Spain I replied no, and said there were three options, use the property and pay maintenance or hand it in, or claim a fee from letting in. I assume another sc**, said if we receive maintenance demands I will act then, fingers crossed the timeshare has gone, or another battle will begin.

  9. Allyson says:

    Yes it is another sc**. If they know phone nos. and details then its nonsense. Terry was the same person we had to return any club la costa paperwork to when Incentive Leisure Group took thousands of pounds from us. He denied this when I questioned him over this. He worked for Incentive leisure group. These people should be jailed.

  10. Gromit1 says:

    Hello ladies I too have been contacted not once but 2-3 times, fortunately my husband is no longer here to have his hopes raised of getting some refund from our “investment”!! If anyone can confirm if this is a scam or not l would appreciate it. If it is yet another scam how do these people sleep at night!

    • Eileen says:

      This is a s*** we were duped last year went to Spain pressurised to see a notary which cost us £5,000 only to find out weeks later that could have dealt direct with club-la-Costa at no cost and have now returned our fractional points and have no further membership or commitment to them. Our claim for compensation that ITRA said was going to court a few weeks after our visit to Spain has never materialised and all I have heard from them was an extremely abusive call from a chap called Steve.

  11. Sue says:

    Hello Suzie, I got exactly the same as you, but I do not trust anyone anymore! Especially as we have to sign something again. It was the signing that got us into this mess in the first place! Hope someone can tell us more – I think like you that it is another scam. Sue

  12. Suzie says:

    I was contacted by a man called Terry from Victoria Marketing, 30/7/13. He explained exactly as you have written above.
    We would expect dividends from the rental of the properties between 5% – 7%.
    He asked for my address so he could send details to us, he explained that all paperwork was destroyed by ILG and he was sorry to have to ask for it.
    He mentioned a 3 night free break to Marbella, excluding flights, some time in October, so we can discuss things further.
    I smell a rat! Is this another scam?

    • Marie says:

      Yes a very BIG rat, this can be reported to Action Fraud U.K., please report, the more of us who do the better the case against them

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