Sunline Direct, a new cold calling Fly Buy Company


A new cold caller has been detected by the name of Sunline Direct.

Sunline Direct offers promotional holidays to Malta, Spain, Tenerife and Thailand.

The website from Sunline Direct was registered on the 5th of August. There are no further contact details available on the registration and neither is there any office address on the website or other company details.

All Sunline Direct provides on the web is a contact form and a telephone number 01277 552 403 which strangely enough is only 1 number out from the contact number of Sunline Advisory which is 01277 552 402. So that is a coincidence of telephone number and part of the name.

We assume we are not far off the track if we also then think they are connected to the same group of companies which is the Voyager Travel / Lifestyle Holidays Group from Eugen Kaiser.

Yet again the question is raised why a company claiming to be “genuine and correct in their ways of doing business”, finds the need to continuously change names of set up new brands for yet again a same offer.

It will be interesting to see what kind of terms and conditions are connected to these bookings, as these are not mentioned on the web neither.

If you have been approached by Sunline Direct from 01277552403 for a promotional / discounted holiday to one of the destination mentioned on their web, then please let us know.

You can email us at or place a comment on this blog.

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14 Responses to Sunline Direct, a new cold calling Fly Buy Company

  1. Karen says:

    Yup I’ve been caught out by these people. I’ve paid for 4 weeks to be used over 4 years. It would be great if I could actually take these weeks. No answered for emails or calls since April this year.
    Website was down for a while. About 5 months that I’m aware of. It’s now back and and running. Still no answer via it
    There’s a recorded message saying its under new management and to call between 12-3 but when you do call between that time there’s still no one there and unable to leave a message !!

  2. Joan says:

    This is an aggressive company I was called by someone trying to give me bonus points , they knew I had diamond resorts points I told them I was not interested I had a busy year and no time for a holiday I was told by the agent to take a chill drink and not get my knickers in a twist ??? I told them to understand the word NO NOT INTERESTED AND PUT THE PHONE DOWN . I was then called back by a so called manager investigating a complaint by his agent as to the fact I told him to go away little boy and stop arguing with me and leave me alone . Su line direct need reporting and regulating , this is totally unacceptable behaviour.

  3. Helen says:

    I’ve just been on the phone for 20 minutes with a “lee evans” sound alike who tried to tempt me with 2 weeks luxury accommodation for 6 people. When he told me I had to pay, which I guessed I would need to, I politely asked him why would I pay £395 for two weeks when I can get them for free with Diamond Resorts! “but you have to pay management fees” he replied. I agreed with him but said I would still have to pay management fees and pay him £395 so where was the logic in that. He finally conceded that I was right and they would allocate my weeks to some other lucky person. Wouldn’t touch them with a ten foot barge pole. A complete and utter sc**!

  4. Lee says:

    I was called by these people today, they wanted to sell me VIP weeks as I am a member of club la costa, when I asked how this would benefit me I was told that club la.Costa members couldn’t get holidays when they wanted them and these holidays would be definitely given exactly when I wanted them, they got my details wrong and the fact that I had exchanged weeks in RCI and Interval International was also wrong, They eventually gave up and said they would allocate my bonus weeks to some other lucky person!!!! I have already checked with club la costa and they have stated that this type of company is a sc**, apparently you pay for the weeks and the holidays fail to.materialise, please be cautious if something sounds too good to be true is probably isn’t true at all

  5. simon says:

    In November 2013 I was called by this lot after a holiday in Tenerife – I thought they may be connected to a “holiday club” sales organisation who we spent an amusing three hours with on the promise of a free car hire!
    what a wonderful **** £12000 to join which over the period reduced to £9000 and you could use an investment company offering a guaranteed 30% return on your money so only pay £6000
    when I declined all their offers we had to find our own way home.
    Our holiday accommodation was booked through Secret Escapes but the deal included having to listen to a sales pitch (that one was short and not pressured)

    So when I got a call from Holiday Direct I thought perhaps related to the lot I had spent 3 hours with and they offered a week in tenerife for £99 at a 5 star location – one bed sleeps 4
    I thought at £99 if it was real great if not a small loss so worth the gamble
    I have tyried to call and visit the website today and had no luck at all – web site is “underconstruction”

    Here is the contract letter I got

    Welcome to Sunline Direct holidays. Please accept this confirmation as receipt of purchase for
    your holiday package of non consecutive week(s).
    Package: 1 week Luxury Accommodation – Ref: SLD0246
    Price: £99.00 (equivalent to 112.00€ at the daily exchange rate)
    Expiry Date: 2016
    Now you are a customer with Sunline Direct we want to make all your dream holidays a reality.
    It is necessary to attend a sales presentation during your holiday and must fit the criteria of
    your chosen resort in order to holiday there. You will holiday in a one bed roomed apartment
    unless alternative accommodation is previously agreed in writing by our Reservations
    Department. Each resort is subject to availability and we reserve the right to provide alternative
    accommodation in the unlikely event of any circumstances arising beyond our control. These
    weeks are not to be used in conjunction with any other weeks and are non refundable BUT can
    be transferred to qualified friends or family members.
    Please note that this letter is confirmation of your purchase only. This letter does not confirm
    reservation of any dates. In order to request dates please contact the Reservation Department
    on 01277 552403. We request that at least six weeks’ notice is given in order to assure ample
    time for the confirmation of the desired dates. No flights should be purchased prior to
    receiving your final confirmation letter stating the dates have been confirmed in your
    name at the resort.
    All our team are happy to help you plan the perfect holiday so if you are unsure of anything or
    would like help choosing the right activities please contact one of our friendly team on
    We look forward to helping you book your holiday, trips and excursions.
    Yours sincerely
    Administration Department
    Please complete, sign, detach and return the slip below.

    I also got a call from SMARTER HOLIDAY SOLUTIONS this week offering bopnus weeks to timeshare owners – the irony is that I do nt own a timeshare!!!!

    “The promotional offers we have at the moment are as listed below:

    1 Luxury bonus week to be used between now and June 2016 for only £299

    2 Luxury bonus weeks to be used between now and June 2018 for only £399 (that is only £199.50 per week)

    Or, for an even bigger saving

    3 Luxury bonus weeks to be used between now and June 2018 for only £499 (that is only £166.33 per week)

    Hope that this helps someone?


  6. jtbruv says:

    My wife and I were approached by this company in tenerife.We spoke for about an hour with them trying to tell me they could get me cost price holidays free holidays thrown in. when asked where there profit came from they said they run on turn over? But then they wanted £4500.00 for this privilege,” what a surprise, NOT.” I won a free holiday but they wanted to much info.
    Also the manager became stroppy and a bit personal with her final approach. before walking in a strop.

  7. Sasha says:

    I too have been approached by Sunline, and declined their to good to be true offer, same deal as outlined above…bonus 3 weeks, 6 weeks notice etc. Have been cold called again today with same offer but under a different name 😦 so frustrating.

  8. terry says:

    was contacted by this company when we expressed a desire to sell our timeshare weeks we were told they could rescind them nearly £4,000 and four months later we have heard nothing

  9. dave says:

    Just been contacted by them offering me one or two weeks, one week cost £295 and a two week cost at £395 for up to 6 people do not need to take now and the offer to last 4 years only needing 6 weeks notice for booking. I was told I needed to activate these weeks imeadiately and pay!
    When I declined, they said by paying on credit card everything was ok and covered, I still said no and they then offered me two weeks for the price of one!!!
    What a sc**! I politely refused and put the phone down.

  10. Donna says:

    Just received call from sunline direct who advised me that I’ve been selected to receive bonus weeks in addition to my points I own with diamond resorts, advised I’d been choosen out of 36,000 members and one of 36 randomly selected. They said they have been appointed by RCI, interval international and RCI. Told them I’ve checked and they have no connection to these 3 so not happy to continue the conversation. Cold caller put phone down. Don’t entertain their cold call tactics. Regards Donna

  11. Peter says:

    Contacted today; told I was a lucky winner to be given bonus weeks at various luxury resorts around the world; 1 week £295, 2 at £395 etc; could take up to 6 people for same price, only needed 6 weeks notice to guarantee accommodation, valid for 4 years etc, etc, ” If it sounds too good to be true….. IT IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE” I declined their kind offer! (and so should you)

  12. and says:

    I have today been contacted by Sunline-direct attempting to sell me 3 bonus holiday weeks as I am a timeshare points owner.

    On request for payment I outlined my concerns about paying for these via phone, every attempt was made to get me to take the offer – such as 3 weeks for price of two, exclusive VIP membership, confirmation of security via using credit card for payments, last day of offer so need to pay today as closes tomorrow etc, even confirmation via email (below).

    I declined their offer as things did not ring true with me.

    Dear Mr xxx

    Congratulations on being selected for your Bonus Week allocation :-

    We are running one of our biggest sales ever and with bonus weeks few and far between now days we have made sure our weeks will fit in perfectly with you and your lifestyle no matter what your holiday needs.

    Your bonus weeks are so incredibly flexible you purchase them now and then you can use them, any week of the month, and any month of the year including the school holidays but excluding the Christmas and new year weeks.

    What’s even better is the fact you don’t have to state at this stage where or when you want to go or who is going on the week with you. All We ask is that you give us a minimum of 6 weeks’ notice prior to your preferred travel dates and for those that like to plan ahead you can book up to a year in advance.

    These fantastic Open Bonus weeks are suited for large and small families a like offering space for up to 6 family members to travel together on each week. When travelling in a larger family of more than 4 we will actually upgrade you completely free of charge to 2 bedroom accommodation.

    We offer a minimum of 4* accommodation in all of our destinations to ensure you constantly receive the high standard your used too.

    Your Bonus weeks must always be taken separately however we appreciate some of our customers may want to extend this week in which case you are welcome to either use your ownership to book an extra week or to do a private rental with the resort which we can arrange for you at a massive discount. Please make sure before you do book anything extra you always consult with reservations first.

    Our resorts offer various different accommodation including Hotel rooms, studios, 1 beds, 2 beds and Villas however the minimum accommodation that you are entitled to under this offer is a 1 bedroom 1 bathroom luxury suite and you will always be given the option to choose.

    The total Cost of the offer to you is as shown below:-

    2 Luxury bonus weeks to be used between now and Jan 2018 for only £395 (That’s only £197.50 per Week!)

    Or for an even bigger saving …

    3 Luxury bonus weeks to be used between now and Jan 2018 for only £470 (That’s only £156 Per Week)

    Please note as agreed we will provide the 3 week offer at the 2 week price and also on our fantastic VIP System.

    Please feel free to view our website which will show you a selection of our resorts that can be used on this offer along with all the destinations available.

    Kind Regards


  13. Sanchia says:

    I’ve just been called by them offering me a holiday to tenerife for £99. I asked him the terms and conditions of the offer and he said it was just to use the deal in 12 months.

  14. Diane says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have been approached by the cold calling group names Sunline-direct, they have
    offered myself and my friends 2 weeks in July to Sunny Beach Bulgaria staying in the Tiara Beach hotel
    which i may add is a very nice high cost hotel, the nice young man named Mark, assures me it would be £295 total per couple for the said 2 week, + flights, which i may add again he told me would be very cheap approx
    £244 per couple, which could change slightly depending on when we book them, but no way would it be £600 as we paid this year ourselves,,, they have extra discounts you see being travel agents!! mmm .. well ive asked the nice young man to ring me back next week as obviously i cant make the decision myself, as the 2 weeks holiday is for our 2 friends also.. We have been going to Bulgaria for 10yrs now and NEVER in my time have i seen flights at this price, and as far as i know the Tiara Beach Hotel, do NOT have self catering apartments.. of course i was offered the usual Tenerife, Malta holidays for £99, but when i told him of our love for Sunny Beach Bulgaria in July, he was very accommodating in finding our “perfect Holiday” at such a low price… any feedback information you can advise me of this company would be gratefully appreciated . Kind Regards Diane

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