The threatening Membership fee collection from Club Class – Leisure Alliance.


It is not the first time we write an article about the fact that Club Class or as they now call themselves Leisure Alliance are claiming the yearly membership fees from their members.

This collection of the fees is done initially by email. An automatic generated email is send off, sometimes repeatedly to the same member, where he is being told he owes a certain amount of money.

Not only is Club Class trying to collect the fees for the coming year, in most occasions they also claim from their members that they have an outstanding debt and they are obligated to pay this debt immediately.

The emails are followed up by telephone calls from the so called customer services department. But the tone of the conversation and the actual “threats” made to the members in these conversations are far away from a professional customer attention.

One member has been so kind to send us the recording of a message he found on his phone from Club Class whilst he was out. The recording only allows 55 second so that is why it cuts.

In this message the member is threatened with legal action, court case, expenses to be paid and he is asked to be “an adult” about the situation and stand up to his responsibilities.

LISTEN TO THE RECORDED MESSAGE: UserFiles/ClubClass Threatening Action RECORDING.wma

Taking in account that Club Class had 7 of their companies shut down last year, it seems rather “adventurous” from them to claim people owe them money.

Even from those members who don’t fall under these 7 companies, still the facts are slightly different to what the bullying customer service person claims on the emails and recordings.

Regarding the supposed money people owe for the membership fees which are claimed by Club Class, only a civil court could order anyone to pay a civil debt.  To get such an order the claimant (e.g. the trader or their collection agency) must provide proof that you owe a debt, and that they are entitled to recover that debt.

That is why we suggest every single member to request a copy of the agreement they have signed where it states clearly that you have the obligation to pay the membership fees each year. On the recorded message above, the customer service person clearly mentions this agreement, well, give me a copy! Proof me wrong!

So far we have not heard from any Club Class (victim) Member, that they were actually provided with a copy after they requested this!

In addition, debt collection agencies are simply companies that can request payment on another company’s behalf.  Only a bailiff would have powers to take further action and a bailiff would have to be appointed by a court.  A court will only appoint a bailiff if the trader is successful in taking court action and then the defendant refuses to comply with the court’s decision.

Rather than asking yourself if you really owe Club Class any money, we would say to have a think about claiming a refund of what you paid to them in case this was in the past 6 years and the payment was by credit card!

If you need any help with this, or you have received membership fees invoices and have doubts about these requests, then please let us know.

You can email us at or place a comment on this blog

Recorded message: UserFiles/ClubClass Threatening Action RECORDING.wma

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Mindtimeshare SLU is registered Company reg number: B35957182 Mindtimeshare provides assistance to timeshare owners who have been defrauded by holiday clubs and bogus resale companies. The Mindtimeshare project was launched in February 2011. After dealing with timeshare members over several years who had been defrauded by numerous bogus companies and for large amounts of money, I considered launching an Organisation to help timeshare owners that have been targeted by bogus companies. On this blog you can find information about the different active scam companies and their “modus operandi” and also place comments, ask questions and see comments from other consumers who have the same doubts or have been through the same experience. Mindtimeshare has resulted in a huge success and has received the back up from not only timeshare consumers but also from the professionals in the timeshare Industry. Mindtimeshare helps timeshare owners who have been scammed by bogus Discount Holiday Clubs; bogus cash back companies; fraudulent timeshare resale companies; bogus class action companies and false lawyers and notaries. We offer professional answers and advice to Timeshare users. If you want to send an email instead of posting a comment on the blog please do so by emailing:
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38 Responses to The threatening Membership fee collection from Club Class – Leisure Alliance.

  1. Ian says:

    I would advise people to use section 75 of the credit card act. All the have to do is write to the credit card company explaining the circumstances that led to there purchase and then add that they believe that the the product was misrepresented and that they would like there money returned. they will also need proof that they paid the amount that they are claiming eg credit card statement or the receipt that you are given when you pay plus the bank statement to proove you paid the balance.

  2. Iain says:

    The latest I’ve received from Daniels Silverman in Liverpool was “a very generous offer” from Grand Holidays that if I pay 350 Euros within 7 days Grand Holidays will cancel my membership without any further fees being due, needless to say I won’t be paying them any more money and the letter is in the hands of my solicitor.

  3. Kit kat says:

    We requested a copy of our agreement back from Club Class and it arrived promptly in the post. However, on closer inspection I noticed it had been doctored and the part about ‘failing to pay your membership fees will result in loss of membership rights for that year’ had been deleted! Luckily we have the original document to compare it to. Attached to the ‘copy’ was a page we don’t have (I’m guessing this has had our signatures doctored onto it too) and this has a load of rubbish about having to pay three years subscription fees if you want to cancel and have been a member for less than 15 years!! So Club Class, send the bailiffs round, bring it on, and we will take you to the cleaners for fraud!

    • Martin says:

      Hey Kit kat
      The same has just happened to me, gr8stays emailed me a doctored copy of my contract, claiming that the attached document was sufficient evidence to convince me that the debt is legal. They basically took the two original pages from my contract and added them to two pages with completely different terms & conditions then added another page that doesn’t exist in my original contract, which detailed their cancellation procedure and terms for the new exit fee. All five pages were covered in Apr 2010 stamps, I guess in an effort to authenticate it, strange then that the signatures page was missing. As you said fraud case if they try escalating it. Are they really this stupid to think that I didn’t kept my original contract.

      • Kit Kat says:

        Yeah, no one is going to end up with a bailiff on their doorstep. These ‘debts’ are backed up with forged contracts! I just sent them a letter saying we’d noticed the forgery so they would be advised to leave my family alone in future and I’m pleased to say we haven’t heard a peep from them since!

  4. BJ says:

    We got caught by cc con, in Portugal, paid £5,000 & was gonna get some cheap holidays, also after 5 yrs we would get £3,500 cashback. The holidays wernt cheap, but very expensive, & when time came for cashback there was no way to get it. We got caught in 2011. We received a letter some time ago from Leisure Alliance asking for money for yearly subscriptions & my husband wrote & said they wernt getting anymore money & what about the money they owed us. A few days ago we got 2 letters asking for £700 as we’d let the yearly payments lapse, they also said they would let this lapse go if we paid £350. I have been to the Citizens Advice Bureau & they are now going to help us.

    • Pete says:

      Please claim your money back from your credit card issuer. Alberto will be able to assist with the process. If you read through the site you’ll see how many have been successful – perseverance pays off, and I don’t think Citizens advice will be your best course of action. Just ignore the requests for subs – how can they when they were closed down – it’s a ***.

      • Thanks Pete,

        This is incomprehensible to us too.


        Customer Care

      • Kit kat says:

        Of course Alberto will help you with your claim against your credit card issuer, why would he not? Himself and his cronies at Leisure Alliance, Club Class and co are not losing out by doing this, the credit card companies are! And his assistance makes him look like the good guy in all this. It’s quite a genius concept really but if you require proper help in scuppering these shysters, go and report it to Action Fraud and the City of London police. They are your friends in this, not Alberto.

      • Kit kat,

        Regarding your comment, I would like to remind everybody which our mission is:


        Customer Care

      • Daphne Williams says:

        hi, just read comments by kit kat and can not understand why alberto is not issuing a statement denying any association with leisure alliance and club class. i previously have had a lot of help from alberto in obtaining a refund for a lot of money and can not believe someone is making these awful accusations, and even worse that he is not defending himself.Referring to your aim does not deny this accusation.Please clarify.

        On Wed, May 27, 2015 at 1:24 PM, Mindtimeshare wrote:

        > mindtimeshare commented: “Kit kat, Regarding your comment, I would like > to remind everybody which our mission is: > Regards Customer Care > Mindtimeshare”

      • Hi Daphne,

        I’ve not issued a statement denying any association with leisure alliance, Club Class, ITRA, GR8stays, Sherlorck Marketing, etc etc etc because I thought that it was obvious that comment was inappropriate and defied logic.

        Mindtimeshare has written lots of articles warning timeshare owners against these dubious companies:

        It is ridiculous to think that Mindtimeshare and/or Alberto Garcia could be connected with them.

        Thank you, anyway.

        Alberto Garcia
        Director of Mindtimeshare.

      • Kit kat says:

        Well, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and can believe what they like. Alberto is instrumental in ensuring the credit card companies pay out and stand the loss and I’m pleased for the people who got their money back, but I’d like to be reading posts of where Alberto has got money back for his clients from the fraudsters.

      • Kit kat,

        Please read comments on different articles. There are plenty of comments from happy consumers that have recovered their money.
        This is our Mission:
        1.- To avoid a Timeshare Owners and Holiday Club Members being cheated.
        2.- Ensure that any information that identifies illegal behaviour is channelled to the right enforcement authorities;
        3.- Identify and maintain a network of contacts of such authorities;
        4.- Analysing and processing information of illegal behaviour so that it can be used by the enforcement authorities;
        5.- Follow up with authorities to ensure effective enforcement; and
        6.- Educating authorities to understand the nature of the activities and the need for continuous enforcement.

        And everyday we try to comply with this mission.


        Alberto Garcia

      • Pete says:

        This is the first time in quite a few years I’ve been responding here that I’ve heard anything negative about Alberto. As far as I’m concerned he provides advice and guidance to those that have been ripped off, and I couldn’t really care less where the money comes from to refund people as the Banks can certainly afford it. It would be nice to know that these rip off companies get the money clawed back, but really in the scheme of things so long as restitution is made then all is good. I’ve certainly found that Trading Standards and citizens advice along with the police are as much use as a chocolate fireguard in helping with the whole fraudulent business of holiday clubs. If people follow Alberto’s advice, they will get their money back, it just takes perseverance.

      • Kit kat says:

        Thank you. Are you able to send me some links to pages where happy customers have had their money refunded from Club Class and co? I need to see how this was achieved.

      • Pete says:

        You’ll have to trawl through the several years of posts (as I would have to do) on this site to find the numerous successful claims. If I hadn’t found advice and support here, I’d still be out of pocket, hence I feel it’s my duty to encourage others to do the same. I sent Alberto copies of my letters and all I did to get my money back, and I think he has shared this with people who ask for his help. If you ask him he will assist, but I really don’t get the negativity toward him.

    • Kit kat says:

      Please don’t pay them any more money! In looking into my relatives dealings with these people, I noticed two separate payments going out to Sochalls, one for £50 and the other for £55. By my calculations, they owe us money and I’m guessing that’s the same in your case too, well, everyone’s case really. They have forged the agreement my relatives signed, would a reputable company do that? Keep your money and treat yourself to a proper holiday would be my advice.

  5. D J says:

    all this is very familiar to me ! Leisure Alliance seeking subscription arrears & admin charges ( what a cheek ), using my ” club class membership no. Even offered one off contract release for a lesser fee & a release from club-class membership. What happened to the money I paid into this and the appartment itself ?

    • Pete says:

      I’ve now received another threatening letter and had 2 phone calls regarding arrears. What is it that they don’t understand about ‘get lost, you have been closed down so please stop harassing me’
      I’ve had my monies refunded by CC company some years ago, so why can’t they get the message.

  6. barry says:

    I too am being persued by leisure alliance for non payment of annual fees but if club class as been closed down as has been stated then how can leisure alliance be claiming these fees can anyone help

  7. L S says:

    In april 2009 whilst in Tenerife we upgraded our club class sapphire membership to platinum for £6k, for this we would get 16 free weeks holidays in Europe and 8 free flights, with no conditions, no time limit, all future hotel accommodation and flights would be at ” cost ” price, and £4200 euro cash back after 3 years, this was perfect for myself ,husband, sister, and brother in law as we go away a lot, we paid £2k there and then on the credit card and on returning home we paid £4k as instructed by bank transfer to a bank in Cyprus from our nat wast a/c. it was really no surprise a week or so later when the paper work arrived to find each weeks holiday came with a booking fee which could not guarantee the week, airport or date of you choice!! and each one was a time share week and you would have to attend a presentation at all 16. I immediately called ANDY DIXON – the con artist who sold this to us in Tenerife he said ” if we told you it was time share and you had to attend presentations how many do you think we would sell “, I replied” none” and he said “correct”, there was a lot more phone calls and letters including useless Justin Gilson, but to cut a very long story short I immediately send a claim off to my credit card company for the £2k under section 75 stating a gross misrepresentation of a product, and it was back in my account within 5 days – no questions asked.
    I just wrote the £4k off as I had paid with a bank transfer to another country.
    In july 2013 reading a piece on mindtimeshare that said — if a deposit had been paid with a credit card, then no matter how the balance was paid (not cash) this was covered under the original section 75 act. I wrote to Barclaycard asking them to look at my original claim and to see if I was entitled to the remaining £4k bank transfer under section 75 rules , this went on for 35 weeks, they said they had never dealt with a claim 4 years apart and would look into it , many many calls later, 99% of them from me, the answer was no, they said I needed to report it to the police and get a solicitor, i said no chance, as it would cost more than £4k , so I thought last chance was the ombudsman, this has taken from April until now and the outcome is Barclaycard have to make a full refund plus 8% interest, I hope Barclays can get this money back from club class because it is not their fault.
    The best bit is when we went to Tenerife it was a holiday from Club class they said my husband and I were entitled to being members, I told them I only went on holiday with my sister and her husband so it would be 4 of us or none, they agreed to 4 free return flights from Manchester to Tenerife and an apartment for one week, and return transfers. we did pay £100 for a 2 bed apt as I will not sleep on settees. we were wined and dined to entice us to buy and ran up a 150 euro bill.
    .I still get requests for maintenance payments by email which I delete, it is 18 months since my last phone call when I told them to take the payment from the money they owed me and to send me the change.
    Never give up even though it is a pain, I will be glad to empty my wardrobe of all the paperwork!!
    5 years and 5 months later I can only thank Alberto once again.

  8. Stephen says:

    I too have had successful claims via Barclaycard for mis-sold membership. all has been quiet of late but now we are receiving letters and e-mails requesting unpaid membership fees from Leisure Alliance (aka CC). The latest letter even showing my original agreement which was accurate, BUT, the attached terms and conditions are not the same as our originals. They have ‘slipped’ an extra on one of the clauses by stating ” Club class reserves the right to suspend my/our membership if my/our annual subscription has not been paid [whilst continue to seek payment of these arrears”.]
    It is this bracketed ‘add-on’ which is not on the original terms and conditions.
    The photo copy agreement is stapled to these ‘terms and conditions’ to make it look like it was all original. – but if anyone has kept their originals, check carefully.

  9. Lynda says:

    I have also unwittingly got myself into similar situation with Leisure Alliance operating in Singapore just last week. I am not sure which authority I should be approaching here to sort out 1 document I signed which was indicated at the bottom that it does not fall under the Consumer Protection Fair Trading Act and is legally binding and cannot be cancelled. I have not paid the amount which was part of a complex trade-in of a product (from a previous wine investment scam, which they claim they will take up a Class Action under a No Win No Fee payment scheme) with a subsciption to Realty Access Limited.

  10. Suzhe2 says:

    I have recently been successful in obtaining a refund of 80% of the money paid to TFS Concierge for a Club Class Membership on the grounds that it was miss sold due to misrepresentation by the salesman. This has taken over a year to obtain using section 75 of the consumer credit act 1974 so please do not give up in any claim you may pursue against Club Class as persistence does pay off.

    • Clare says:

      Hi there Suzhe2 I to bought through TFS Concierge but lost my claim with card company they said I hadn’t proven misrepresentation. I wouldn’t mind some advice or pointers on how I can appeal or what further evidence I can provide to them

      • daphne says:

        Hi Clare I spent lots of time researching how to get a refund from unfortunate dealings with club class not just once bit twice Alberto Garcia was my best adviser also I had lots of correspondence with club class which I kept copies of . I copied all the copies twice more I also spoke to trade protection tattoc also consumer protection as well I sent a very precise letter with copies of everything to my credit card company after sending a copy to the person at consumers advice who advised on how best to word my letter my credit card company paid the amount in full which was a considerable amount so I was extremely thrilled and often thank Alberto for his help!.how long ago did you get taken in by club class,as this is a very important factor

  11. Iain says:

    I had something similar in the post today from a debt collection agency in Liverpool looking for 140 euro for Grand Holidays despite us raising a section 75 claim against them and having Adeje trading standards involved, this debt collection agency want payment in full within 7 days or “further action will be taken”, and yet we have a “contract” which states we can opt to walk away at anytime from the timeshare

  12. Mandy says:

    Hi this has just started for my step dad. 2 weeks ago he got a call which is still on the answer machine stating that he owes for unpaid annual subscriptions from 2009 to the present day. My step dad believes that he cancelled the membership a few years ago so was surprised when these guys made contact demanding money. He has since received a letter and another call yesterday chasing for money. Does he ignore them or is this something that does need dealing with? We lost my mother to cancer last year and he obviously doesn’t need this if it is a scam. Any advise would be appreciated please.

    • daphne says:

      This is a sc** don’t let him pay any money to these people. I had another call yesterday from a man named Perry but didn’t let him ask me for money. I just told him our government had shut down club class last November and then he put the phone down just don’t let them intimidate your step dad or you. Tell him to tell them if they ring again he will speak to his solicitor about harassment if they don’t stop writing or phoning him about this matter

  13. ClearWhiteLight says:

    Like many others I have also been down this route albeit with a slight variation. Namely that when I requested a copy of said agreement I was informed it was not company policy to do so because of (as the person I spoke to put it) the associated cost involved. Quite what those costs actually amount too regarding the original paperwork, copying, postage etc. is anyone’s guess. However (here is the best bit), I could of course opt to pay an administration charge (unable to remember exactly what was quoted during telephone conversation, but something in region of £35 comes to mind) for the privilege of getting my hands on evidence they said was in their possession to support the demand for monies. Have to admit they certainly know a thing or two about income generation, however, that offer was also declined. Since then it’s been very quiet.

  14. Clare says:

    Hi All
    I also still get 3-4 emails a year from Club Class threatening legal action but a few weeks ago noted that it is no longer Justin but a guy called Maxwell that is now sending them. I sent them a reply which I will add to this response and surprisingly they haven’t been back in touch since. Justin used to reply very rudely but Maxwell obviously has no back bone. As promised full email sent to Club class.
    I don’t know how many times I have to tell this company that we owe you nothing we no longer have any membership with you and have not had for quite some time. I got fed up with Justin emailing us demanding money and now you. I even wrote to you a couple of months ago relinquishing all dealings with the company and also requesting yet again a full refund from the company to which of course the company has not replied.
    Club Class never kept their promises and we ended any connection with you way back in 2010. As we were mis-sold the product it is you that should be refunding monies that we paid to you not us paying you a single penny. I have asked for a full refund on several occasions but the company are very good at evading the question about refunding and you wonder why your “members” are unhappy
    We have no legal commitment to you and owe you absolutely nothing so kindly do not contact us again unless it is with a cheque for £7600.00.”

  15. Albert says:

    Would have thought that Kevin Hellard at Grant Thornton, whose company is the liquidator for Club Class Concierge etc would have been interested in that !

    Unless of course he is just another xxxxxx “suit” only interested in banking his corporate salary each month.

  16. daphne says:

    hi I get at least 4 of these emails a year from club class, threatening me with legal action if I don’t pay my outstanding membership fees, I just ignore them and have a laugh. I did receive a nasty phone call and when I told the guy that seven companies connected to club class has been shut down by our british government he denied it so I suggested he take up the problem with the government, He put the phone down, quickly!!!!!

  17. ex cc says:

    The offices in Fuengirola will be closing during this month, result of legal class action proceedings taken by group of former employees, CC lost the case and cannot pay.

    • Thanks for the information! That is very interesting.
      When you say the Fuengirola offices, does that include all staff then, like the ones of Premiere Travel? The Telemarketing for ITRA?
      Can you tell us more?
      You’ve got our email don’t you?
      Anybody with more news can write to us.
      Thanks again!

      Customer Care

      • A Nother ex cc says:

        from another ex cc/pt/la/itra employee.
        The judge at the court cases in Malaga, ruled that they are a group of companies and therefore all including ITRA, premiere travel, leisure alliance, owners action, club class concierge etc are responsible for paying the non paid wages and redundancy money for staff made redundant last November, irrelevant of the company stated on the employees contract.
        Last week, present employees were advised their contracts would be terminated this month and the offices closed…..but will they be offered a new contract under a new company name??
        The saga continues!!!

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