Delta Litigation, another Brand name for Litigation Services in Fuengirola


We have been advised about cold calls received from a company using the name of Delta Litigation.

This company, apparently as they claim, a long standing and successful litigation company, is doing a cold call campaign to consumers of all kinds.

Delta Litigation offers a free, no-obligation assessment on production of paperwork relating to companies people have dealt with and where they lost money.

Checking out their website it becomes clear that through their supposed Company Registration they are actually the company Litigation Services, about who we already published an article not so long ago.

The Delta Litigation website was activated at the end of October 2014, so the statement on the web that they have been around for 30 years seems a bit over the top.

There is no address available on the website and the only contact details mentioned are:

Telephone :+(34) 951 247 133, Fax: 0871 266 8118 and email:

Neither is there a mention of any lawyers connected to this office.

Seen the direct relationship with Litigation Services and the cold calls, we surely think this company should be handled with extreme caution.

If you have been contacted by Delta Litigation from 0034 951247133 then please do let us know.

You can email us at or place a comment on this blog.

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74 Responses to Delta Litigation, another Brand name for Litigation Services in Fuengirola

  1. Edward says:

    As a screwed over investor in the ill fated MRI, PPR development I had kissed my investment goodbye many years ago!

    I wanted to make as many as possible aware of a recent approach from a company called Litigation Services who claim to be able to get my money back.
    Initially overjoyed (and blinkered) at the prospect of getting some of our investment back we gratefully provided all necessary documentation and were told that our case was very strong and we’d receive the money within a year. For the lawyers to translate the paperwork into Spanish a fee would be charged and they’d take 10% of any money recovered. All seemed reasonable but just prior to paying up I did some research, found this website and my fears were confirmed! Carolin Clark was our main contact but after reading other comments she clearly goes by other names….. none of which probably exist! It seems the stories mentioned in previous posts are all very similar but in each case this company have set out to defr*** us people who have already been previously screwed over! Be cautious people and spread the word! Thanks to people who posted previously and for this website/blog – you have saved me from becoming yet another victim.

  2. David says:

    Please see response from Louise below….

    Dear David,

    The details of cases that you ask for, we are forbidden to provide under the Data Protection Act. We are a Spanish registered company and as such, must adhere to Spanish Law.

    I can however, send you details of the Lawyer who would be in charge of your claim, which I have attached. Our Company Registration number is also on all of the paperwork we have sent you. The court for Fortuna Golf would be Fuengirola, Malaga. I am also sending you the Terms and Conditions of the contract.

    I hope this will be of help.

    Kind regards
    Louise Archer

    I have gone back to her with the following questions in an email..,

    Dear Louise,

    Can you pass the email of Javier Ramon Pendon to me so I can ask him some questions directly or alternatively his telephone number.
    I am planning a visit to the Costa del sol anyway so maybe i can even meet up with him.

    Also can you give me a proper invoice from the lawyer with his Spanish VAT number
    Also the translations, I would like the name of the translator and again a copy of the estimate of the work with the name and VAT number of the translator.

    I will not be taking any calls from you unless the above is answered to my satisfaction. I might have some more questions later but for now please respond to my email only….

    As you can understand once bitten twice shy..,

    Let’s see what she comes back with….

    • Steve says:

      Louise Archer [ so-called ], speaking on behalf of Delta Litigation, is THE SAME person who rang me a couple of years ago, from Delta Litigation, only she then called herself ‘ Catherine Sanderson’. She has a very distinct voice, and I have been in considerable communication with them now for a while [ they now want me to sign over Power of Attorney of my affairs to them [! ] ],- What happened was , she made a mistake recently, by ringing me as though Delta Litigation had never rang me before. Gave me all the introductory stuff I had heard a couple of years earlier, so I strung her along [ as I am doing at the moment ] to see what she had to say. All very familiar and plausible, but shortly after our conversation ended, I received a frantic call from either ‘Jackie’ or ‘Samantha’, back pedalling frantically and apologising for not realising that I had already been contacted and that my case was indeed already being submitted to the courts…I gave them a fudged answer that seemed to satisfy them that they hadn’t been rumbled, and I continue to string them along to see just how far they will go and say…

      • Stevey says:

        Further to recent comment, the liquidators dealing with whatever assets remain of IAP are Chantrey Vellacott, and I imagine all subscribers to this blog will have received copy reports from them from time to time. Since the Spanish authorities are ineffectual, and although there is a UK based Fraud Report site one can inform, this has had NIL effect over the various years that they have received such reports from our colleagues in this blog and others so affected. So also a waste of time. Since Delta Litigation seem to act with impunity and ex IAP members continue to get stung, I have managed to get Lee Spencer of Chantrey Vellacott liquidators to agree to include a paragraph in their next report forwarded to the almost 8,000 members on their list, warning recipients to have no dealings with Delta Litigation. At least if no-one else falls into the Delta Litigation trap, then hopefully [ fingers crossed ], their brazen theft requests MAY be stopped at source, ie anybody they subsequently contact will tell them where to get off…

  3. David says:

    Hi Folks,,

    received a call from Louise Acher from Delta Litigation.. stating I could get all my money back plus interest including subscription fees etc.. first it was no win no fee then she hit me with accost of €875 for translation and notery…

    I have asked the below questions and we will see what comes back… will let you know…

    Just a couple of Questions..

    Who are the lawyers representing me on this? Also can you send me on a case number of a successful claim completed by the lawyers?
    Also can you tell me which court this will be submitted to?

    Look forward to your reply …

  4. jules says:

    Hi, has anyone heard of a claims company called Shore? Had a call from Alastair, a director of the company who can service a claim for anyone who has lost money via property investment in instant access? Talks the talk but………

  5. John says:

    Just had a spate of cold calls from Louise Archer to my mobile phone – promising returns from a pot of gold on a first come first serve basis. We had 4 U.K. off plan properties from Inside Track that were built and we still own but overpriced and rentals unrealistic. We also paid for a Florida apartment Magnolia Woods that never got built. Likely promised returns I estimate at £98K when platinum club membership and finders fees etc taken into account. Supposedly all “guaranteed” no upfront and Delta will take “just10%”, BUT “Oh we need £985.45 for translation cost & to sort court proceeding Louise quietly impressive and convincing with low pressure tactics BUT look at website with Hotmail emails for the lawyers!! Also the login leads to the 1 to 1 web domain login!
    Not that clever for a scam

    I echo comments of others.

    • Mark says:

      Around about the same day that Louise Archer called John, she also called me as well. Same story about funds (quickly being depleated!) held in a Spannish court which would pay back not only my deposit on a never built property in Spain, but also on various aspects of the shortfall on Eglish investments, fees paid etc because, she said, Jim Moore had transferred all the assets of IAP in the UK to the sister Spannish company before putting IAP into liquidation. She is quite persistent, sounds very professional and committed to this but again there were translation fees and their own fee at the end.

      I have also received what appears to be a legal document from Spain (by recorded delivery). They say they will have a look at it for me (and no doubt charge a translation fee).

      To add insult to injury, a certain Anthony McKay has invited me to join LinkedIn.

  6. Josie says:

    Louise Archer contacted me last Monday telling me I could receive money back on property I purchased from Instant Acces some years ago. I received a call from Delta Litigation about 3 years ago telling me the same crap. I smelt a rat and when I questioned her about her company she got on the defensive. She emailed me some details outlining what documentation I needed to forward to her. All very suspect. Steer. Clear of this company is my advice.

    • Jules says:

      Just to say ‘Ms Sanderson’ is again doing the rounds of calling ex IAP investors on behalf of Delta Litigation……their record keeping must be suspect, seems only last year she was lying to me! BE WARNED!!

  7. Chris says:

    Cold call from Loiuse Archer to my mobile phone yesterday. same stuff. Note no comments for nearly 2 years. It seems to be resurfacing. All to do with INSIDE TRACK!

    • Phillip says:

      For those who may want to pay up front, there is no fund, or frozen assets, to pay any comp from. There has been several companies operating out of that address that have preyed upon victims of MRI and other ruthless con artists. These telemarketers are just extremely clever at making you believe that there is a pot and that the Spanish Government has already made it easy to swiftly claim through the Courts. I have extensively researched and spoken to a lawyer here and in Spain which all confirms that no claims have been successful and no claims are ongoing. If at a point in the future any claim is successful against MRI then there would be a long wait while the Government then get some assets of them. I feel for those who have paid as the money went through klik and pay so the credit card company will not give money back protection at all. I still get an occasional call and also been told that if I do not pay soon I will loose my rights with the lawyers that no one ever gets to speak to. Best advise is listen, keep listening but never hand over money in any form.

  8. Chris says:

    Just had a cold call yesterday from Louise Archer to my mobile phone – promising returns from a pot of gold on a first come first serve basis. We fell for 4 U.K. off plan properties from Inside Track. Likely promised returns I estimate at £25K when platinum club membership and finders fees etc taken into account. Note last entry here nearly 2 years old. There is a resurgence of activity by these people, perhaps on the back of section 24 mortgage interest relief denial in U.K.

    I echo comments of others.

  9. Martin says:

    Hi there,

    I wish to confirm my Wife and I received a call from Litigation Services offering to review our contracts with MRI Overseas property and offering to help us get our money back.

    • Phillip says:

      I have also been contacted by Litigation Services Andy. Seems as though they are operating under 3 different names. I have posted my full comment on the other site. They are just a bunch of cr***s who keep coming back for more money.

  10. Andy says:

    Just received a cold call from Natasha Goodwin of Litigation Services offering compensation for money lost to a villa rental scam (Ready Rentals) – watch out if you get anything similar

  11. Sid says:

    Just been cold called by them same story.Many thank for all the support.Just saved £900.

  12. Ben says:

    Hi all,
    I had this via email from Delta Litigation today:

    Dear Mr ……
    Your file is on its way back from the lawyers, they have informed us that paperwork is being drawn up for you to obtain Power of Attorneys which will enable us to work on your behalf, for this paperwork could you please supply us with the following information;

    Date of birth, where you were born and your passport number.
    Once we are in receipt of these the paperwork will be emailed to you.
    Kind regards

    Delta Litigation SL
    Telephone: 0034 951247133 Fax: 0871 2668118 (UK) 0044 871 2668118 Ireland/Other
    Email: Web:
    Address: C/Coronel Ripollet,
    Edif Santos Rein 3A,
    Fuengirola 29640,
    Malaga, Spain.
    CIF: B 93268936
    I have sent back this, I’ll see what response I get, if any:
    Can you tell me the following please:

    How much longer you expect the process to take?
    Which court is the case registered with?
    What is the case reference number that is being used by the court for this?

  13. Helen says:

    I’ve had two messages/calls from Catherine Sanderson at Delta regarding claiming back money in connection with Instant Access – apparently I can get back seminar fees, platinum membership fees, monthly subscription to IAP plus so much more including reservation fees, deposit the list is endless.
    Apparently I must act quickly otherwise this pot of gold may shut down as the seized assets of the directors will be exhausted. Needless to say there are some upfront costs involved
    Catherine is very confident & sounds very convincing but talks very fast & didn’t really answer any of my questions.
    Having done a search on Google & seeing all the bad press It has confirmed what I thought ………too good to be true!!
    Beware they are back on the warpath

    • Karen says:

      Having seen your post, wish I had read this before parting with £800. I too received calls from Catherine Sanderson and I emailed all the Instant Access receipts I had and was advised that I had a sound case and would receive my money between 10 and 12 months. Not sure now what to do, it sounds too good to be true.

      • Sean says:

        Hi Karen,

        I was the same – Paid £775.00 in 2015.

        Just been told case is ready for Court and they want another £525 to register at Court!!

        Can you advise if you have received any updates?


        Sean – Belfast

      • phill says:

        I have been contacted by Cathy McDonald of Litigation Services SL to recover compensation from Ready Rentals. Initially there was no mention of cost, as weeks pass she required more info and then another person took over, Natasha Goodwin. The cost of their services is £495, It would be nice to know if anyone has received any compensation via Litigation Services SL Cathy McDonald. Now I have seen this blog I will not part with my money.

  14. Caroline says:

    I got a cold call from a Teresa Cutler yesterday, saying that she was from Litigation Services S.l .
    She knew my name and about our dealings with MRI. After a very convincing conversation, she sent me an email instructing me what paperwork I needed to send to be investigated by their lawyers. The acting lawyer mentioned was Tania Lorena Capozzoli. After receiving the paperwork
    They would be able to tell me if I had a case against MRI and how much I could expect to get back if they thought I had a valid claim. In the email it stated that some stages have to be paid for in advance by myself, these being, Official Translation and Notary, but, that these will be fully refunded by the Court together with the Compensation. Initially, I was very pleased with what I thought could at last be a possible result!!!! Getting some of the money I’d been conned out of back. The 10% fee that they would charge us for doing this seemed well worth it!

    However, after a while I thought I’d try to check to see if this was all genuine, as I was very wary of the possibility of being scammed! I researched on the internet and found this site. The fax no matched that of Delta Litigation of which there is so much warnings about.

    My policy now is to try and check out everything, before parting with any money.

    Please be aware of how unscrupulous some people are, and be so careful not to be scammed.

  15. Terry says:

    I have been contacted by Natasha Goodwin from Litigation Services s.l. regarding obtaining compensation against MRI for the property I brought through them.

    After sending Litigation Services some paperwork, they informed me that I was entitled to £30k recompense if I paid £800 upfront for their services. If they win the case they then take 10% of the recompense. I did offer them 15% if they would forget the upfront fees, which not surprisingly, they refused spouting some legal reason why they are unable to do so. Anyway, I told them I am not interested until they can provide clear evidence of the cases they have won against MRI.

    If anyone is aware of any legitimate legal company that is currently taking MRI to court for compensation, I would be grateful if you could let me know.

    • Paul says:

      Hi Terry,
      Ive been contacted by Natasha too concerning my losses arising from a MRI development in Romania. I have emailed her some questions about costs, evidence of successful cases against MRI etc so will post her any response from her.

    • Marie says:

      I too have recently been contacted by Natasha who is so confident in her approach – she seemed to know so much about me – I too offered 15% instead of the upfront expenses they were asking for. She declined the offer with some legal excuse. Has anyone ever been successful with any claim? I asked hoping that she would produce evidence – but no. So glad I found this website and have not parted with my hard earned cash.

  16. Phil says:

    It is all rather sad don’t you think? Here we all are many thousands of pounds out of pocket thanks to Inside track, and if you are like me still stuck with a property that is worth less than the so called discount price I paid, and after all these years still paying an interest only mortgage that is not covered by the rent etc etc. I have lost from day one and continue to do so. Many of us probably met on one of their seminars and still remember how we were taken in by all the big talk and razamataz. After all that these “very nice people” come along and try to con us all over again. Luckily for me I asked a friend who told me in no uncertain terms to forget it, and then I started investigating and ended up here. Another company cold called me today to tell me they could get back the £15000 I was conned out of in a boiler room scam about eight years ago. I am embarrassed to admit that I am a mug, and a much poorer one now.

  17. gaz says:

    I too was contacted by Catherine Sanderson from Delta litigation. Same as above, promising all sorts. She has an old email address of mine which she was going to write to me. I must say she sounded very professional and convincing but luckily for me I found this website like the saying goes once bitten twice shy! I have been conned in the past but now I try and check online and see if the company is genuine. I am thinking of playing along with her, let her think I will be parting money etc. Thank you to everyone for writing their stories on here.

    • Caren says:

      We’ve been hounded (fairly accurate description) by Teresa Lawson from Delta Litigation the past few month with promises of getting some money back from our ill advised investments in MRI properties. When I voiced my objections and suspicion of cold callers she was ready with fairly plausible answers but gut instinct won out. Thankfully I believe in Googling everything / everyone now and came across enough information & this blog to re-enforce my view of “if something sounds too good to be true it normally is!”.

  18. Maria says:

    Been called by Teresa Lawson who left 2 voicemails. I called her back today, same requests as I, luckily, have been reading. I will not be sending any documentation and I’m so grateful to all the people who have taken the trouble to post on this blog.

  19. Stephen says:

    I lost about £10,000 with Instant Access a decade ago. I was contacted by Catherine Sanderson too and the possibility of retrieving some of the money seemed plausible. Unfortunately, I paid around £380 for translation services. I did feel uncomfortable handing over my debit card details but I was distracted by other things at the time and didn’t trust my instinct. I should have as I now realise I’ve been scammed. I find it extremely annoying that I didn’t check out this website first. Don’t pay Delta Litigation anything! Report their activities to the police instead. Stephen

  20. Phil says:

    I have also been contacted by Catherine Sanderson in the last few weeks. She has explained as already mentioned that if I sent all my Instant Access receipts for payments I made for membership and off plan deals( I lost about £70,000) they would let me know if I had a case to reclaim money that is being held in Spain. She also said there is some urgency to act as it is on a first come first serve basis. I have wasted time looking out all those old receipts and scanning them into my computer but thankfully found this site before replying to her email.
    It is very painful to look through how much money I lost with Instant Access but I really do feel for the people who have lost more money via Delta Litigation. Thanks for the warnings.

  21. Submitted by Henry S on the 5th of June, but placed under the blog of the Cold caller list.

    Submitted on 2015/06/05 at 2:31 pm

    I received a cold call today, June 3rd from Catherine Sanderson at Delta Litigation, based in Fuengirola, Spain.
    She said that before Instant Access went into receivership in the UK, the directors transferred large amounts of funds to their Spanish company, which was a fraudulent act. She went on to say that
    the Spanish courts have frozen the assets of IA Spain and also the personal assets of all of the directors, who were the same people who were directors of IA UK.
    She said that the Spanish judges are paying out compensation on a ‘first come first served’ basis, and that I should send copies of all my receipts and documents for them to be ‘assessed’ to see if I had a case for a compensation claim. This ‘assessment’ was free but they would take 10% of any funds recovered as their fee. They also ‘offered’ an alternative to the 10% in that I could pay them an up-front payment of £800 if I preferred, but that this was ‘up to me’.
    They clearly have gained access to the IA details as she was accurate in describing how much the reservation and joining fees had been and the names of the various IA developments, so well researched and informed would be my view.
    Unfortunately, her almost throw away mention of the up-front fee of £800 lit up all my red warning lights, so I too did some research of my own on Google and found which when I put ‘Instant Access’ into its search function, a whole load of blogs came up, all with similar stories to mine. Some unfortunate people had actually paid out money and are trying to get it back. Good luck with that!
    All I can say to others is that if ANYONE cold calls you and mentions Instant Access and the possibility of getting some money back, DON’T DO ANYTHING until you have spent three days researching them and DEFINITELY don’t pay out any money, by ANY means, credit card, bank transfer, Paypal or cash.
    They all sound completely legitimate, well informed, sympathetic, well-spoken and very convincing. Actually they are just con artists!

    If Delta Litigation attempts to call you please report them to the Police.
    You should give the following Crime Reference Number:


    Detective Constable Garside is working on the case.

    Her e-mail is;

    Telephone Number: 014836–37746

    • Allison says:

      Thanks for all whonhave given their account – I wasn’t expecting much but thought what’s another thousand if I get my money back ! Thanks to all who posted. I’m not taking the chance I’ve lost enough.

    • Jenny says:

      Unfortunately I found this site too late!! Have tried calling DC Garside but keep getting a voice message, the email address is incorrect…any chance you can let me have the correct email? Many thanks,

    • Bill says:

      I too have been contacted by Catherine Sanderson with the same story as Harry was told.
      Fortunately I found this site before replying to her email which followed the phone call.
      Many thanks to all who have taken the trouble to warn us of this scam.

    • Gary says:

      Her name has now changed to Caroline Clark, all other details below the same. Same s*** and asked for £850 for translation fees payable by credit card. Annoyed that they got all my details but so glad I didn’t get sc***** after being sca**** by MRI. Such is life but don’t get caught out by them and so glad I found this site which confirmed my feelings. Shall be speaking to Mrs Clark tomorrow! She’s going to get a right royal mouth full!

  22. P******* says:

    Hi as with everydoby else – contacted by Laura with same story. have provided some copies of original documents. Now received another call – guess what I have a case to recover fees etc but have to pay £400 for document translation. have asked her to email full details so I can consider. I’m not holding my breath.

    • Keith says:

      It’s a s***, don’t be fooled by anything they promise, tell them you’ll pay no upfront fee but offer them 50% of any money they claim they can get you, (worth much more than any upfront payment) but I guarantee they will not accept because they are all crooks. Anyway, these days you can get all translations for free on Google Translate, I use it all the time.

  23. VS says:

    We have been contacted by Julia from Spain, last week. She seems very sympatric and promisive, that if we have any papers that, when we join, or been to inside trek seminar, and if we send those papers to, she will get the money back in 10 months time.
    I was all excited to send her, but our son stopped me, and made me read all other were saying. Stoped me getting Done again
    Thanks again

  24. Jules says:

    Phew! Close shave! Received a call from Catherine Saunderson who really had me going over the whole Instant Access debago but implied that Spanish judges give out compensation amounts on a whim and it depends on their mood – really?!? Enough of a doubting seed planted for me to Google Delta Litigation and find this site – THANKYOU!! That and the fact that her introduction letter went straight to my SPAM box…….Cheers again..

  25. Eric. says:

    We have been ‘cold called’ by Catherine Sanderson, (sounded like Saunders the first couple of times!), until we received a letter from Delta Litigation with Sanderson on.) Luckily, we have not paid any money over, although we have sent the details of payments to IA over. Started to smell a sc** when asked for £500, payable by card. We said, we would have to have comfirmation of authentication before this, Catherine telephone a day later, and was a little aggressive when we said we needed more time to study her latest email, which gave details of Censo General de Letrados, and the name of a Tania Lorena came up – all very credible! Obviously, we were stalling, as we had seen all the above comments, and were more or less leading her on! Pity the serious fraud squad do not seem interested in doing anything about this.

  26. Kenny says:

    Thanks to everybody for taking the time to write their story.
    We can’t be con******* again.

  27. Keith says:

    I saw recently that an old lady was being scammed over the phone, she asked the man why he was doing it, why was he being such a horrible person, how would he feel if a crook tried to con his own mother/father out of their life savings? Did he care so little about his fellow human beings that he was happy to destroy their lives and why doesn’t he get a real job and start to feel like a decent worthwhile person instead of a selfish crook. Apparently the guy got tearful over the phone, apologised and that he would indeed change his ways and get a proper paid job and get some self respect. Apparently he was so grateful that he had spoken to her that day. Maybe we should all try that routine on these scammers and maybe we could hit a nerve with them too – probably wishful thinking though.

  28. Julie says:

    Have been contacted by Julia Hill again, told her that I had found all the relevant documents, but that my Spanish friend is translating them for me to save paying her. She told me that they might not stand up in court due to the documents not being translated by a legally trained person. Don’t expect to hear from her again……….

  29. Lawrence says:

    I was contacted by a Julia Hill today on the same mobile number as I used with IA. The story was the same as all the others before me on this site and she sent me pretty basic introduction letter. She told me that they make their money via the 5% fee but there were some costs to notarise and translate documents but “she could not remember how much they were”. I have emailed her back to say that after research I will not be progressing, that research being what I have read here so thanks. If she contacts me again I will post that.

  30. Tim says:

    This is extremely interesting as I was cold called today by Catherine Saunderson who relayed the same scenario as described above ie: Spanish Govt had seized personal hidden assets of directors of Instant Access and this money was available on an individual claimant basis. The email she sent in follow up to the call was very thin on detail with no mention of Instant Access. Everything refers to Spanish property deals but my purchase was in Portugal so not to sure how that would work.
    In addition to my mobile telephone number they also had my email address used with IA, so it seems they have obtained personal details of those involved with IA.
    I thought it seemed a bit unreal and having read these blogs I don’t think I will be taking this any further.
    Thank you to all who have contributed above.

    • Simon says:

      Another name to add to the list, Heather Campbell. Exactly the same call as others have had. I have also received a Proforma Confirmation letter, a request to pay monies to Litigation Services s.l. and a sample contract.Has anyone checked out the “lawyer”?…
      Tania Lorena Capozzoli? Licencia no. 8.539
      Thank you for posting warnings on this blog. I have not paid any monies.
      Interestingly, I have had a conversation too with Lee Spencer at IAP liquidator Chantrey Vellacott… I think they are now looking to take further action in the coming months, so make sure you are getting all the updates via emails, reports etc.
      Again thank you all for the warnings.

      • Steve says:

        I have had email correspondence with Lee Spencer, [IAP liquidator Chantrey Vellacott ] June 2017, and it is interesting to observe Simon’s post of April 9th 2015 on this point…Lee has written to me that they will look into and are considering whether it is within their remit to include a warning about Delta Litigation in their next report to all members. I post this because Simon’s post on this very point was made two years ago, and I wonder why Chantrey Vellacott haven’t yet felt able to include a simple warning in their occasional postings to the almost 8,000 people on their list. Such a warning. if included two years ago, would have saved quite a lot of people a considerable sum of money, as well as having the possible effect of negating any effort by ‘ Delta Litigation ‘ in pursuing their alleged nefarious activities.

  31. Paul says:

    Glad I have found this post as I too have been spoken to by a Laura Edwards. The pattern of calls and correspondence followed many of those described above and I have just this minute (7th April 2015, 14:50), finished a call with the lady mentioned above who is going to send me a letter or email confirming the claim amount, process etc. It wasn’t until I heard about the £690+ Upfront translation fees that I decided to google the company to find out a bit more about them. A 5% fee was mentioned, which I thought was low having been through PPI, and so I await with interest the letter from Delta Litigation.

  32. Alan says:

    Contacted by a Catherine Sanderson who left a message to say that funds had been released by the Spanish Courts which were available to be disbursed to people who had lost monies in their dealings with Inside Track. As I had lost a great deal, I was rather anxious to get in touch and after a couple of attempts we spoke today.
    Very charming and sympathetic she had me conned for most of the day as I sought the various pieces of documentation. She was rather vague about the address for Delta Litigation but no matter she glossed over it beautifully.

    The email when it did arrive set some alarm bells ringing both as to its quality and details, but not sufficiently loud to stop me replying. It was only then that I stopped to think. And then to start looking and I found this site. At least, I paid no money over to these people and my heart goes out to those of you who did.

    These people are highly convincing, well organised and utterly ruthless.

    • Jules says:

      Hi Alan,

      Was contacted by Catherine last Friday, thank goodness her initial invitation letter went straight to my SPAM box which made me stop and think before visiting the loft for the required documentation!!

      Did you get any further attempts at contact as you didn’t reply?


  33. Julie says:

    I have been contacted by Julia Hill, again, asking I have found the relevant paperwork, which I need to pay to have translated into Spanish and time is running out (?). Considering having some fun with these now, and getting my own back with these time wasters who are building up people’s hopes. Total s*** imho

  34. Keith says:

    I’ve also just received a call from a Philippa Ridgewell and cynical me assumes all phone calls are scammers these days and this did sound too good to be true. Luckily for me I didn’t lose so much compared to many people I have read about but I told this ‘lady’ I’d lost a fortune and would do anything to recover it and the obvious excitement in her voice on hearing me say that set the alarms bells ringing (because I don’t normally have that effect on women these days)! These people can be very convincing, I just hope everyone thinks to do some basic research before anything else.

  35. Tom says:

    Just been contacted by Julia Hill from Delta Litigation. Asked for more details in writing via email which arrived a couple of hours later. Email very vague, no contact details and amateurish.

    Basic google search found this page. Not taking the matter any further.

  36. Olivia says:

    I was contacted by Laura Redwood today. I heard all the same story as others who got the call. I got suspicious when I saw the website for Delta Litigation and searched for more information regarding the company and “Instant Access”.

    • Richard says:

      Hi! We contacted this website because we lost a lot of money due to Instant Access and Inside Track! Delta litigation cold called us and seemed to be aware of who we were so we were taken in? We were obviously dubious but they promised all sorts including we could pay the money via credit card and we always thought you were safe/protected paying the £997.74 by credit card. When we found this website and quickly realised it was a con we contacted our Credit card provider and were told as we paid via Kilk and Pay it was unlikely we would get our money back as it wasn’t Delta Litigation Services that actually took the money! It was an intermediary bank! Clever trick! We’re still going to try and get our money back and our Credit Card Company are going to help us. We also contacted the legal liquidator Chantrey and Vellacott for confirmation and they told us they had had other members contact them and there was absolutely no money left and Delta Liquidation Services are not in any way connected.

  37. Julie says:

    I have been contacted by Julia Hill from Delta Litigation with regards to a flat that I bought off plan through Instant Access telling me that there was monies in a fund to repay what I had paid out in 2006. Smelt a rat, so glad I found this blog!!

    • Richard says:

      We too have been contacted, unfortunate we paid the money we didn’t find the website till that evening? We were convinced if we paid by Credit Card we can get the money back, of course when we contacted our Credit Card provider we were told as we paid via Klik and Pay which is a middle man, it would not be very easy

  38. Ann says:

    Was called on 17 Feb by Alison Church, a Senior Claims Advisor, sounded possibly true, though a bit unlikely that the IAP liquidator Chantrey Vellacott would n’t have been able to have first dibs on the pot of frozen assets. Lee Spencer at CV says they know nothing of a Spanish stash and they’ve been on the case for 5 or 6 yrs. Have also spoken to ActionFraud who say that the campaign has all the hallmarks of fraud and may even be perpetrated by former IAP employees. Anyone else wishing to lodge concern with AF can call 0300 123 2040.

  39. matt says:

    So glad to have found this blog 🙂 I was contacted by Delta Litigation who told me I was entitled to a £2.4K payout relating to my payment to Instant Access in 2006. When I was asked to hand over £300, it confirmed to me this smelled unpleasant. So letting it go now 🙂

  40. Geoff says:

    For the benefit of all, another name calling on behalf of Delta Litigation is Phillipa Ridgewell. After reading this blog I have not responded…….

  41. william says:


  42. Peter says:

    Hi – Ihave just been contacted by Julia Hill from Delta Litigation, exactly like Pete above regarding IAP. I asked her to put all the details in writing so that I could review them, however what I have received is a plain letter written in Word with very basic information. It has no letter head or contact details, neither has the email and would not have come from a professional company. Unfortunately, it would appear that the list of telephone numbers that IAP sold on as their last act before being wound up has surfaced again.

    If the Spanish Government had frozen any money, which I would doubt as it all went through the UK company, then the UK Liquidators would be aware from the accounts and would move to obtain it to pay the primary debtors in the UK. Most of us are not primary debtors and are therefore not due anything from the liquidation.


  43. jason says:

    got a call from a Teresa Lawson before Christmas ,scanned and e mailed some documents two weeks ago, e mail back last week telling me I’ve got thousand coming back ,just got to send approx. 1000 pounds to get the ball rolling, she has been ringing me 2/3 times everyday after a reply .it sounds like the sc****** have crawled from there hiding place and that is why they have all our details and contact info, hope they all xxxxxxxxxx. sorry got a bit carried away there.

  44. Neil says:

    Thank you all. Having dug out all our IAP paperwork and scanned a couple of invoices I decided to check if there was anything about delta or Teresa Lawson on the web, fortunately I found this, so no hope of anything back. Neil

  45. Margaret says:

    Similar story to Pete and others, I have recently been contacted by Delta Litigation – Catherine Saunderson making claims that they can gain access to frozen funds within the Spanish Government which has been set aside for victims of Instant Access investments. Similar introduction to Pete plus the background detailed below which having them received a very vague letter from them which didn’t cover off any the points made on the phonecall – I questioned – see my mail to them below, asking them to formally include the details relayed on the phone via a formal letter.

    All I was trying to do was attempt to get points and background verbalised written down and formalised on the basis that I have no intention of being the victim of fraud once again. Under the circumstances I would have expected at the very least a favourable response and courteous reply – at least formalising the details they were happy to verbalize over the phone. Sadly not.


    Thank you for your letter. I have now reviewed.

    I do have all of the details which would support evidence of payments made to Instant Access however before I release any information I note that your letter is extremely general in nature and does not formally provide the assurances and confirmation that you relayed verbally when you called which is what I would have expected it to contain.

    I would like to request that you formally revise your letter ensuring that your verbals assurances are clear.

    The letter should include I suspect
    Details confirming on what basis you are contacting investors.
    The details you relayed confirming that you are contacting individuals whom have been money fraudulently taken from them Instant Access
    That formal confirmation that the Spanish Government have frozen the assets of Instant Access or the directors of such as Jim Moore…..etc and confirmation that this money is to be redistributed to those investors whom have been subject to fraud by this company
    That there will be no court proceedings as the Spanish Government have already confirmed that such monies will be distributed to investors
    That any claim by investors is progressed only to support the monies paid by them to the company
    That you have confirmed that any claims to the compensation / refund will be offered by the government on a first come, first serve basis and that any claims submitted later in the process will only receive partial refund (% refund – please confirm the value or the mechanism to be used by the government)
    That the only costs to be paid by the investors to support their claim will be £1000 to cover what you said would be the likes of translation costs….a breakdown of this would be good on the basis that colleagues have had differing figures quoted to them.
    The claim has a guaranteed return and no investor if they submit their claim over the coming weeks will receive nothing
    Where investors have received partial refund of Escrow monies through court proceeding in the US and signed settlement agreements with the company, that such agreements do not preclude investors making claims on the basis of the above or any claims made would not be rejected on the basis of previous settlement
    Delta Litigation confirm their full intent on submitting this claim on the basis of the true facts outlined above i.e. a risk free profile and guaranteed refund on which Delta Litigation expect to charge 5% of the fee reimbursed to investors for representing their claim submission.

    I am sure that considering the fact that all investors have been subject to such fraudulent activities that any correspondence from any other party will need to assure its legitimacy which I suspect you understand and therefore to assure that your intentions are legitimate and your statements of fact are true, as an established and reputable firm, you will have no issue with the suggestions outlined above.

    I look forward to your revised letter.

    On receipt of my email I then received a very hostile and very intimidating voicemail from the Catherine Saunderson who said


    I have just received your very long email. I would like to tell you that things you are asking are in direct contravention of the Data Protection Act for a start and you will struggle to find a lawyer in the US, UK, Ireland, Serbia or Croatia who would not (quite frankly) just put your email in the bin because what you are asking for in writing was absolutely ridiculous!

    You are not a client of ours and I will not be putting anything in writing as all we are offering is a free assessment ; I do not even know if you have a claim. If you did have a claim , it might be appropriate to give some assurances with details including lawyers names …etc but as it would take me about a half a day to respond to the points (even if I could, considering the DPA), I just don’t have the time for that. My mind is boggling at what you have asked for , these are such ridiculous questions and I don’t have the time for things like this because every moment I spend on you I would be losing mine and the companies time and money. I don’t even know if you have a claim ! I would suggest therefore that the best thing to do would be for both parties sake that you completely forget about this as quite frankly I believe this would not work.

    For me this voicemail confirms that their intentions are not pure and they are misleading anyone they get in contact with as I was quite simply asking for confirmation of all of the assurances which they were giving over the phone on the initial call. Considering the response and the defensive and bullying tone of the voicemail left for me I would like to share this with you and others who may be contacted by this company which from my perspective are being disingenuous and people should ere on the side of caution. If nothing else, they could ask for any reassurances to be formalised as I have done and if met with the same arrogant response (which is no way I would expect any professional company to act), I would suggest they (however difficult) seriously consider handing out further money.

    I hope you and other investors find this information useful.

  46. kay says:

    Just as an update – I had all the paperwork through from Delta, but as I had read this blog, decided to ask for more information. I asked for a copy of the court order that confirmed that creditors of the UK company could claim against the funds in Spain. The reply I received contradicted what I had been told over the phone. The real alarm bell was when she said the funds were going to be paid out on a ‘first come first served’ basis and that funds would run out. (This was after I had been told that there were enough funds to pay everyone in full.) I do know a fair bit about debt payments in the UK and in Europe – they are never paid out on this basis, it is always on the basis of a percentage in the pound for everyone. So, I repeated my request for a copy of the court order confirming I could claim against these ‘funds’ and guess what? No reply. There were too many contradictions to make this legitimate. It actually makes me sick to the core that these people are preying on those that have already lost huge sums of money. Any one being telephone by these people should absolutely not part with any money. Yes, and where did they get our details?

  47. chris says:

    Had two calls yesterday from a Teresa Lawson of Delta Litigation. Did a search and found this blog. Thank you for your earlier comments. I did think it probably was a sc** but how have they got all telephone numbers and our names?

  48. kay says:

    I must have been on the call list just after Pete – same story about Instant Access. I have just dug all of the paperwork out of the loft, then started thinking about the legal position. Why wasn’t the money coming to the UK? The company is still in liquidation. There is no legal way we can circumvent the legal position – our claim is against the company, and the company should claim against the director. That’s how the process works. Having been dumb enough to be scammed the first time around, it seems as though we may just be targeted again. I do though want to know how they got my name, and my phone number. Ah well, back up to the loft.

  49. kay says:


    I must have been on the call list just after Pete – next in line. I had a call from Laura Redwoods, again about Instant Access Properties. (Where are they getting our names and telephone numbers from – they are not freely available, and we are ex directory?) It did all sound too good to be true, and I couldn’t understand how it could be that we could bypass all of the legal procedures in the UK – in that IAP is still in liquidation – if there are assets in Spain, then they should go to the UK company who would then distribute. Having just dug out all of the paperwork I have, I decided to just see how legit everything was, did a search and found this. My happy thoughts of actually getting something back have now gone out of the window.

  50. Pete says:

    Hi I have been cold called by a woman by the name of Laura Edwards, on behalf of Delta Litigation who informed me that a property company by the name of Instant Access( who I had dealings with 10 years ago) have had their assets frozen by the Spanish Government. She further went onto say that the money in the frozen account was to be given back to investors who had lost money with this company. I asked her what the procedure was and she explained that the first step was for me to provide Delta Litigation with invoices and proof of money lost, they then would look at my case. Then they would contact me and tell me if my case was worth pursuing, if it was they then would require me to pay a small fee up front for translation and notorisation costs. I asked how much these were likely to be? I was told in the region of £600. I thought this extreme.

    During my dealings with Laura Edwards she wrote two letters to me which also rang alarm bells due to their format and unprofessional layout. Feeling totally uneasy about this company I decided to send the correspondence I had received to a solicitor in Spain who I am using for a totally separate matter to look into it for me and she has advised that Delta Litigation’s claims are fra*******

    This so called company are obviously sc****** people who have lost money who of course are attracted by the chance of getting their money back. Delta Legislation do their homework and obviously delight in compounding the misery of people who have lost money by tricking them into losing even more.

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