Orange Sun Travel a new “disposal” Company for Club Memberships?


A new cold caller has been spotted by the name of Orange Sun Travel.

This company is not only cold calling; they are also doing a very strange offer to Holiday Club Members. For example they claim to have taken over a list of Club Class Concierge plc and are able to get a refund of all monies paid for the consumer.

All the consumer needs to do is travel to Tenerife with all the documents, accommodation paid for by Orange Sun Travel and a “legal adviser” would assess the case.

It sounds rather dubious that a consumer needs to travel all the way to Tenerife to get his case looked at, when at the initial (cold) call the agent seems to know already all about it. Then of course the fact that this particular Club Class Membership Club went into liquidation, does not really need any further assessment of a legal adviser.

And if the outcome would be to claim a refund under the Consumer Act…well, this can be done directly by the consumer, and no need to pay for anybody doing this on their behalf and certainly no need to travel to Tenerife.

But who are this Orange Sun Travel? They have a website which was registered in October 2014

On this website there is a mention about a “sister” company called Slonce Marketing and this is not an unknown name for us as we already published an article before about a company related to Slonce Marketing as well; Market my Timeshare.

Orange Sun Travel claims on their website to have been active since 2003, booking holidays for thousands of customers, 7 offices throughout Europe, affiliated to IATA and fully licensed by the Canarian Government to engage in all holiday and leisure activities.  So far we have not been able to reconfirm any of these facts.

Contact details of Orange Sun Travel are telephone 0034 928 077 082 and E-mail:

Seen the above information we certainly recommend caution when dealing with this company.

If you have been contacted by Orange Sun Travel from Tenerife then please let us know.

You can email us at or place a comment on this blog

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39 Responses to Orange Sun Travel a new “disposal” Company for Club Memberships?

  1. Martin says:

    My wife and I went to TeNerve arranged by orange Sun Travel and sure enough it’s the same people who scammed me out of £8000.00p that are now promising to get refunds. There is nothing ligitimat about this company at all its just another scheme to get you to part with your money. I received some documentation from them which supposedly included a guarantee. I have seen better designed paperwork from 5 year old seriously.
    This company needs shutting down and prosecuting

  2. Mary says:

    These comments are all a little speculative. Has anybody actually attended the ‘presentation’ in Tenerife, paid their ‘fees’ and not receive any reclaimed monies after 60 days?

  3. Sylvia says:

    We have been to a meeting today in tenerife to reclaim club class etc with luxury leisure group after 7 hours thinking we we’re on the right track they started asking us for £5’500 so they could carry on with the claim how stupid do you think we are

  4. Bruce says:

    Returning to UK tomorrow after a week in Tenerife with good old Luxury Leisure aka Orange Sun aka Home Adventure etc.etc. Yes, they are sc*m companies, and no, they cannot get our money back via Section 75 whatever they say. But, it’s so good to get someone like these numptys to pay about £300 – £400 pounds for accommodation for a week and buy us coffee, pastries and even a lunch a bit later for us to tell them ‘ Don’t think so ‘ – cheap winter break 😜😜

  5. Rob says:

    Contacted last night from a very nice Kirsty Macleod from Orange Sun Travel who advised we could get 100% of our money back from our purchase of Club Class Concierge and VIP membership within a maximum of 60 days. Same offers as everyone else – fly to Tenerife (our cost) for a weeks free holiday to validate we are the original claimants and sign over 20% of recovered monies to them.
    I asked for all regulation and travel agency numbers they operate under so I could check them out…..she started rustling her ‘script’ trying to identify what she could tell me and it took her a little time without speaking.

    Sounds too good to be true so it most probably is……….we will not be going.
    Nobody will get the opportunity to sc** us again.

  6. Andy says:

    got a call from orange sun travel yesterday about club class claiming to be able to get my money back alarm bells started ringing when she said i would have to go to Tenerife so i decided to check up on them pleased i did after reading other peoples comments on your website will not be taking up their offer when they ring back

  7. David says:

    I just let them book me flights today – what an idiot! After reading all this I will cancel the flights and see what I can get back on them from Easyjet. When will I stop getting caught!

  8. Dave says:

    Got a phone call his evening from a Madison Parker of Orange Sun. She seemed to know we had signed up for Club Class holidays (11 years ago) and went through a spiel about recovering the money we’d been conned out of. All she seemed to know was our name and phone number and I wouldn’t divulge any more details. The phone number she gave was 0034 928077 082
    Can’t understand why Sochalls the intermediary accountants in London haven’t yet been nailed for what appear to be rather iffy practises.

    • John says:

      Hi Dave and everyone else
      I took up the offer from Orange sun travel as I thought there is nothing to lose. Sure enough, the person who came to meet us at our hotel in Costa Adeje, Tenerife, was the same person who sold us the original sc** in the first place. He said he was now working with a company that was trying to make amends for the Club Majestic/leasure alliance/LA premier. we gave him the benefit of doubt and he took us to Adeje village where even more of the same staff were brought in. What do you know, its the same type of sc** just with a different story but you dont realise it till they start to ask you for money. Stay clear of SLONCE MARKETING, LUXURY LEISURE GROUP AND TRAVEL, HOME ADVENTURE S.L. I just wish the Spanish Authorities would step up and stamp these people out. I complained by email to Orange Sun travel to Julie and surprise surprise the have not answered. How they have got the cheek to knock this site, mind Timeshare I will never know

  9. Chas says:

    I had a phone call from Orange Sun Travel in Teneriffe ‘guaranteeing’ a refund of the money I paid to join Club Class in 2000 and was invited to Teneriffe for up to 7 nights free B & B in a 4* hotel, the deal, confirmed by e-mail, was that, and I quote verbatim, “We will not be paid a penny until you have 100% of your refund in your hands. Only after that do we ever ask for payment (20%) for getting your money back”.

    I elected to go for 2 nightsI was and told to get a taxi from the airport and to keep the receipt for a refund.

    I was collected from the hotel at 12.00 by Dave and taken to the Orange Sun Travel/Slonce ‘complex’, only to be taken across the road to a cafe for tea and pastries, where I was later joined by the boss, Andy, this being part of the softening up process.

    I handed all of my paperwork over to Dave who took it for photocopying and after an hour or so we adjourned to the OST/Slonce office and given a resume of the company, based in Poland and with “31 offices in the Canaries”.

    Many questions were asked of my holidaying habits before the hard sell started, including another session with Andy. After more than 5 hours, the latter hour and a half or so with the ‘good cop/bad cop’ duo of Dave and Andy, during which bad cop Andy turned on good cop Dave for not correctly assessing my holidaying habits, no doubt to elicit my sympathy for Dave.

    The deal was that OST/Slonce ‘guaranteed’ to recover £7,900 in 60 days from my ‘Reclaim Certificate’ as I had a previously agreed a final settlement with my credit card company for the purchase of Club Class. I had previously been advised in the initial telephone call that it may be possible to reclaim some money from the Reclaim Certificate but it could not be guaranteed. How could it be guaranteed a few weeks later I wondered.

    The deal being proposed by Andy and Dave was that I would be paid, within a few days, £8,000 from one of the major UK banks directly into my account and then I would have to pay £4K by Credit Card to OST/Slonce and the other £4K to register the claim under Spanish Law, but that would also end up with Slonce. I would then be required to spend a minimum of £1800 a year with Slonce for the next 5 years to use up the bank loan money which I had deposited with them. Just how does this fit in with “We will not be paid a penny until you have 100% of your refund in your hands”, when I would not get my ‘guaranteed refund’ for 60 days, and almost certainly never.

    Andy’s response to this was that I was not having to pay a penny as it was the bank’s money. I advised him that I was not prepared to take on any loan whatsoever and what he was demanding was totally contradictory to the original offer. I offered to give a written guarantee of 20% upon receipt of my refund but Andy was not interested.

    I asked Andy if my ‘Reclaim’ refund depended on this bank loan deal and he said that it did and I told him that it was not what was said in his original e-mail, to which he replied that he would have to revise the wording.

    I left without my taxi refund after FIVE AND A HALF HOURS.

    I do not believe that there was ever any possibility of any refund whatsoever and the whole pretence was to con me out of £8,000 plus £1000 interest.

    Draw your own conclusions


  10. Al says:

    Hi, I have recently been contacted in the same manner as everyone else by Orange Sun. This happened to me a few years back when I received a similar offer. This was to meet someone in Tenerife who could get us a refund of our Club Class joining fee. All we had to do was book flights to Tenerife and they would provide free accomodation for the week (sounds familiar?) and we would have a meeting wiith thier agent to sort things. We decided to give it a try but after booking the flights I contacted my credit card company to inform them that this was a possible scam and that, if it turned out to be, I would be claiming a refund from them on my return which they duly noted in my file.
    We arrived at the hotel which was located at a run down golf resort with very dated rooms. We stayed there 2 nights before meeting the agent on the third day. A very nice older lady picked us up from the hotel and took us to the meeting. It was clear within 15 minutes that she was taking us on long winded drive which included in and out of a few coastal villages in order to try and confuse us of the route to the this office so we tried to memorise key points. When we arrived we met the ‘representative’ who informed us that we could have our lost membership fee deducted from the cost of a timeshare that he wanted us to buy. We obviously refused the offer and told him he had brought us out to Tenerife under a false promise. The lady then took us back to the hotel claiming she was only the driver and knew nothing of any scam. We hired a car the next day and managed to get to the office and took some photos and noted the address.
    We then tried to access the main Police Station in the resort to try and record a complaint. When we got to main gate barrier the policeman asked what we wanted, then said that we needed to access a different entrance and sent us up a nearbye hill which clearly had no access to the Police Station. We then realised there was no chance of even making a complaint,
    We then booked ourselves into a nicer hotel and tried to enjoy the rest of the week however feeling you have been scammed yet again puts a damper on things.
    The only good news was that I managed to get the flights refunded by my credit card company when we returned home.
    I firmly believe that this is yet another scam but would advise anyone who may want to pursue thier offer to be cautious and also inform thier credit card company,before going out, so that a refund of flight costs can be obtained.

  11. Hazel says:

    Orange sun travel just rang me offering hotel accommodation in tenerife to claim my money back from club class from 11yrs ago.blocked the number of another sca**** when will they give up. Don’t know how they sleep in there beds.

  12. Margaret says:

    Hi, just been contacted by telephone by orange sun holidays claiming to get back the money I was conned out of by club class. As in other letters on here, she had all the details at hand and was insisting it was necessary for me to go to Tenerife to complete paperwork. Does anyone else know if you can still claim a refund of the money lost or is it just a loss cause.

    • Jill says:

      I tried to claim a refund from the credit card company under section 75 but was refused, I then went to the Financial Ombudsman who agreed with them. The reason being that the two companies involved with the sale were not ‘associates’ unfortunately I did not realise that I had paid my deposit to a different company than the one I had signed a contract with (Club Class), I foolishly went on to pay the balance through my bank a/c. The companies are registered in different countries.
      Now I too have been approached by Orange Sun Travel and am in the process of getting numerous questions answered…………..Hmm, I may just go to Tenrife and finally get over my loss by venting my anger in person and will always remember that ‘if something sounds too good to be true’ it usually is. Ex-conned

  13. Andy says:

    After receiving a call from Orange Sun (and having told them where to go) I received this pleasant e-mail.

    Dear Sir
    Thank you for your time today. I can confirm our company, Orange Sun Travel . Com has no connection in any shape or form with a company known as Great Stays. We are a licenced travel agency based in Tenerife and book holidays and travel for clients. If you do your research correctly, you will see the obvious difference in “logos”.
    Kirsty MacLeod

    To which I responded:

    So, all we need to do is travel to Tenerife with all our documents and you will pay for accommodation and a “legal adviser” will assess our case? You seem to know about the situation already so why can’t you assess the case from that information?

    And today received the following:

    Dear Sir
    Thank you for your email.
    As it is a legal and financial procedure the Claims Consultant must ascertain the person in front of them is the actual claimant and will authenticate any paperwork the client may have. The claim will be asked to sign in person(s) two declarations, both of which are in plain english. The first one giving permission for the Claims Consultant to do the work on your behalf. The second stating once you have all of your refund you will then send us 20% of that refund and not one penny more. Your claim is registered as tax free and you will receive 100%. If any claims company ask for money up front tghey will not work for you, but if they do not get paid up front and only when the client received their money they will.
    Kind regards
    Kirsty Macleod

    When the Club Class companies were liquidated it was in the UK.
    Strange I have to go to Tenerife to get the situation assessed.
    The person I will (not) be seeing is now a Claims Advisor, not a Legal Advisor.
    I’ve told Ms Macleod I am not interested.
    Surely that’s my loss, so why bother me any more?
    I’ll let you put in the vowel. (is it an A or U? Both fit nicely)

  14. Amanda says:

    Hi there,

    I have been contacted today by ‘Marvin’ offering the very same services that you mention , and received the same email as is in in your article about them.

    I am very dubious because, as you rightly say, what is the point of travelling to Tenerife in order to sort out something that can be done from anywhere?

    As many of the comments say, I think they must be Club Class dressed up as something else and until we get proof that they are successful I suggest we leave well alone. 🙂
    I’m looking forward to when he calls back-as he will! He was desperate to arrange a time Heh heh.



  15. terry says:

    Had the phone call today, very suspicous. I see no one has got their money yet. Iwill wait and see.

  16. mandy says:

    Hi just been contacted from orange sun holidays by a woman called Diane. Offering me a week holiday either half board or self catering, only need to pay for my flights. Once I dug into her about all the previous stuff and told her how ashamed she should be conning British people, her own people she couldn’t speak. I told her to f**k off basically and she has not contacted me back. Please be careful people don’t fall for this. I read that people went for the week holiday and they were getting bombarded at their hotel by these people.

  17. Andy says:

    i have been contacted by orange sun travel previously, and today by “Diane” to fly to tenerife so they could pursue a full refund of my timeshare in 60 days..reading all the above and wondering how they got my contact and membership numbers all adds up to be a scam strange how the logo resembles the freestay logo ..colours as well….orange sun travel pop up as a saviour but is just the same ploy ..and club class ..premier leisure and its other names have all been re branded under the gr8stays badge..let you all draw your own conclusions ..but be carefull..
    ps looking for guidance as to how / if possible to get your money back.
    has any one been successfull ?

  18. Martin says:

    To Mr. d w b and everyone else,
    I too have suffered the same fate with LA premiere. They use a company in London called Sochalls of London who claim to just oversee this operation but don’t have any involvement with the sc**. But as go betweens, they have to be partly responsible as they deal with fraudulent companies.
    Orange sun Travel are claiming to recover the full amount. There has got to be a catch. Has anyone
    found out what the catch is yet. I note that there is no one claiming to have gotten their money back

  19. Kevin says:

    I have also received a phone call from orange sun travel and sent the same email as above. Need advice on what to do. Can,t afford to be stung again.

  20. Mike says:

    This is the same company who you originally bought your membership from. They have decided that they can no longer sell holiday clubs, but they have your information on file and will contact you pretending to be a claims company who can get you a full refund. We were conned by this company time and time again and are currently in contact with the Spanish Police regarding the matter. THIS IS A FRAU8. Do not entertain them. We Were connd.

    • Elaine says:

      Have been contacted by Emma at Orange Sun Travel telling me that they can get me all of my money back. This was the email I was sent. She is phoning back this evening. I am going to enjoy my conversation with her.
      Will be travelling to Tenerife in June for a holiday and I will take a trip up and see them and just let them know in person what I think of them !!!

      Orange Sun Travel
      To xxxxxx

      Dear Mrs xxxxx

      Further to our recent telephone conversation, please allow me to confirm the offer of one week´s accommodation, either in a Hotel or Self Catering Apartment, in Tenerife which must be taken within the next 3 – 9 months. The accommodation is free of charge, the only cost to yourselves would be your flights.

      We will arrange an appointment with an Advisor in Tenerife, the process is as follows:

      1. You would expect to receive back exactly the original purchase amount, not one penny more or one penny less!!

      2. The process would take a maximum of 60 days and once you have received the monies into a bank account of your choice, you will be asked to pay 20% for the services.

      3. The relinquishment would then follow which would eliminate any further maintenance commitment.

      We don´t work with any particular hotel group in Tenerife, we always give you nice accommodation either in 3 or 4 star hotels. However, we highly recommend the Hovima Hotels, please see below direct links to Hovima Hotels & Orange Sun Travel. or

      Kind Regards


      Orange Sun Travel

      0034 928 077 082

      • Sheren says:

        Hi I have just been contacted by a lady called Julie from orange sun travel. Offering me the same as you. Did you take them up on their offer. I am undecided what to do do I go for the holiday it’s worth a free weeks accommodation for a few hours to tell them to get stuffed they’re getting no more of my money !!

  21. diane says:

    Further to our recent telephone conversation, please allow me to confirm the offer of one week´s, accommodation in either a hotel or self catering apartment in Tenerife which must be taken within the next 9 months. The accommodation is free of charge, the only cost to yourselves would be your flights.

    We will arrange an appointment with an Advisor in Tenerife, the process is as follows:

    1. You would expect to receive back exactly the original purchase amount, not one penny more or one penny less!!

    2. The process would take a maximum of 60 days and once you have received the monies into a bank account of your choice, you will be asked to pay 20% for the services.

    3. The relinquishment would then follow which would eliminate any further maintenance commitment.

    We don´t work with any particular hotel group in Tenerife, we always give you nice accommodation either in 3 or 4 star hotels. However, we highly recommend the Hovima Hotels, please see below direct links to Hovima Hotels & Orange Sun Travel. or

    I have found the following flights from Birmingham with Ryanair

    06/10 departing 14.25 arriving 19.00
    13/10 departing 19.35 arriving 23.55

    2 persons travelling with one hold luggage bag (15Kg) and two hand luggage (10kg each) £263.96 Total

    2 persons above but travelling with 2 hold luggage bags £303.96 Total


    Fañabe Costa Sur Hotel – 2 persons – Bed & Breakfast – cost to yourselves £68.48.

    Hovima Atlantis Hotel – 2 persons – Self Catering – free of charge

    Please note the above prices are live and may be subject to change if these are suitable for you please let me know as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

    As arranged I will call you Tuesday at mid-day but please feel free to contact me if you wish me to proceed with the above earlier.

    Kind Regards


    This is the e-mail I have just got from orange sun travel…. In two minds what to do..

  22. Ann says:

    Hi I was contacted by someone from this company yesterday who appeared to have all my destails. I explained had tried to claim my money back via credit card but had been unsuccessful. They claimed they had a list of 8000 people who had bought into club class.

  23. GT says:

    been contacted by orangesun, same deal offered, free week’s holiday, all money back, no money to be paid to orangesun until your money in the bank. wonder if anyone has taken up their offer/

  24. Helen says:

    I too have been contacted tonight from Orange Sun Travel with the same promises. Re our Club Class Club membership. They claim to get the money back from your bank who paid out on a fraudulent deal.. The company are on a “black list”. Would love to hear from anyone if they have been successful.

  25. Mrs B says:

    Hi. Glad it all worked out well for you. What Company did you originally buy into and had you paid the full amount or just the deposit ? Did it all go according to plan and were there lots of couples trying to reclaim money. Did you at any time have to put in any of your own money in order to get the refund and did they try to sell you other schemes. Sorry for all the questions but after being caught out once it makes one very wary

  26. drtimbo says:

    Potentially very convincing phone call from a Scottish lady in Tenerife, with all details as per the article on this page. She was very full of how we had been thoroughly scammed by Club Class, and how they could get us a refund.
    However – Club Class was liquidated some time ago, and I’m sure there’s no available money left – ergo, how can they get a refund when there’s nowhere to get it from?
    I fear this is just another outfit joining the bandwagon, with a free holiday to get punters in for a pressure sell. I don’t intend to be ‘had’ again!

  27. Mrs B says:

    We were contacted and have now received an email. Had written off the money but now not at all sure what to do. Could be the worst outcome would be the cost of 2 flights and losing a few hours of your holiday but with a chance of recouping some of the “lost” money. Has anyone been brave enough to go for it yet and if so what was the outcome. Do you get asked for more money before they can deposit the refund in your account. Maybe that’s a question I will ask them

    • Wendy says:

      Have received another phone call just now claiming that they have had a 100% success rate in getting people money back so far. My husband told them yesterday that we weren’t interested and they emailed me last night to say that my husband put the phone down on them which isn’t true. Won’t take no for an answer. Would like to know if anyone has taken them up on this offer and what the outcome was

    • Kevan says:

      we are in the same situation, and are unsure what to do next. has anyone take Orange Sun up on their offer?

  28. Gary says:

    Just been contacted by Orangesun, different people ,same ploy. Invite you to Tenerife promising to get your money back , but try and sell you something you don’t want. My family have been to Tenerife on 4 occasions and still we have not got a penny back. A weeks free accommodation is not to be sniffed at, so try and have that kind of mindset if you go but don’t expect too much. Maybe OrangeSun are different, i doubt it but why not take the free accommodation as a little bit of return afterall we wrote off our money years ago and put it down to a lesson learnt. Anybody else out there ????

    • wendy says:

      i was contacted today with the same promises. got stung twice by clubclass and looks as if we’ve been caught out again by willard Thomas who are claiming to get our money back. Ringing back tomorrow to speak to my husband. would be interesting to know if anybody has taken the offer of a free holiday

  29. mrs jo says:

    we have been called also and would like more info please

  30. jim says:

    i have been contacted by orange sun to fly to tenereef so they could pursue a full refund of my timeshare in 60 days

  31. mr d w b says:

    i 2 have been cold called by orange sun travel. they are offering all the above promises, unfortunately I fell fowl of the Tenerife sc** with a company called LA PREMIERE in January 2013. its been a waste of money but orange sun have offered 2 get my monies back 4 a 20 percent charge on my investment. as stated above a free weeks holiday etc etc. what advice has anybody got & have they got any results?

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