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Have you been cold called by Rosedale Group, the corporate Timeshare resale agent?

Rosedale Group is a new cold calling Timeshare Resale Company who is cold calling Timeshare owners who had dealings with other dubious resale companies in the past. The agent from Rosedale group explains that the company the consumer dealt with … Continue reading

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The dubious calls from P Hall Recovery Solutions and Timeshare Mistakes and Solutions.

Cold caller P Hall Recovery Solutions was already brought to our attention not so long ago and a blog posted to make consumers aware of their cold call campaign. Now a new name connected to P Hall Recovery Solutions has … Continue reading

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Did you receive a call from UK Settlements Partners in Madrid?

We always prefer to provide as much information about a company as possible. But sometimes we are pointed out certain cold callers that can be spotted as a scam from far, even before we receive further information. And this is … Continue reading

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The European Claims Centre, just another name for ITRA!

Yes, we have once more a new name, and a brand new website for a supposed “new” company called The European Claims Centre (ECC). This once more turns out to be ITRA the International Timeshare Refund Action. We cannot ask … Continue reading

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Hosting and Co, société de ‘revente’ de temps partagé basée à Marrakech.

  Cette alerte aux consommateurs sort pour les entreprises de revente Hosting and Co basée à Marrakech et avec un pitch (argument commercial) très semblable lorsque elles contactent les clients avec des appels à froid. Hosting and Co contacte principalement … Continue reading

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Avez-vous reçu un appel de ‘Inmobiliaria Barreras’ faisant une offre pour vendre votre multipropriété à Kalise SA?

Une nouvelle société de revente a été reportée sous le nom d’Inmobiliaria Barreras. Inmobiliaria Barreras contacte les Membres de multipropriété par téléphone et leur raconte qu’une société est intéressée par l’acquisition de leurs semaines et le prix offert est bien … Continue reading

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Did cold caller Inmobiliaria Barreras offer to sell your timeshare to Kalise SA?

A new cold calling resale company has been spotted by the name of Inmobiliaria Barreras. Inmobiliaria Barreras contact timeshare owners, mainly French speaking owners, by cold call and tell them a story about a corporate buyer which they have already … Continue reading

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