CLA Canarian Legal Alliance cold calling Club Class members…


When you think you have seen it all, you hear about the new cold call campaign of CLA.

CLA or Canarian Legal Alliance has started to contact Club Class Members to offer them a claim against this company in order to recover their money.

It is not really clear if they are offering doing a refund claim on behalf of the consumer under the Consumer Act or if they go as far as making the consumers believe there is actually a court case against Club Class.

But in any ways, this whole exercise seems a bit out of place as the companies involved, Canarian legal Alliance and Club Class have been doing “business” together.

Canarian Legal Alliance in connection with Voyager Travel certainly must know that included in many memberships sold by Voyager the consumers also obtained a “free” membership with Leisure Alliance, which is Club Class.

So how comes CLA is now offering help with claims against Club Class?

Are they exchanging clients contact lists maybe?

What will be next? ITRA contacting the Voyager Travel members for a Class Action on a No Win No Fee basis?

I suppose everything is possible..

We always wonder what the Spanish Solicitors working for CLA actually think about these practises…

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6 Responses to CLA Canarian Legal Alliance cold calling Club Class members…

  1. Marian says:

    Met a rep from CLA who said he was a claims assessor. Basically we can claim 35000 € back plus maintenance costs. They (CLA) take 25% of that at the end but they need about £10000 first to cover spanish legal fees/court costs etc payable by credit card.
    He was very good so I decided to do a Web check and it seems it is a **** from the negative comments regarding CLA and the Keizer chief! Comments please

    • Dave says:

      Why is it a scam when they can prove that they can get clients out of their contracts using legal methods approved by the Supreme and High Courts. The down side is the upfront payments and who knows not everyone may win a case but it certainly isn’t a scam and be careful online what you advise. Speak to their lawyers, ask for real documented proof.

      • Hi Dave,

        Thanks for your comment.
        First of all we would like to point out that nowhere in the article we say that CLA is a scam.
        We purely question how a company like CLA is approaching Club Class members (or other DTMC / Timeshare owners) when these members tell us they did not provide CLA with their personal details or ask for information through other sources.

        We won’t deny either that CLA has won certain cases, but again this information would only be complete when adding the other “reality” which is that there are also many other cases lost or running for years and years without the consumers knowing what is happening.
        Now Spanish courts can be slow, that is not CLA’s fault, but it is sad to know that consumers have paid over £10.000 upfront to CLA for the court cases that would supposedly take 2 years and where after 4 years there is still no news.

        So as with everything there are always 2 sides to a story and we do feel that this is not always made clear by CLA when targeting potential customers.

        All consumers who feel they might have a case should of course speak to a solicitor with experience in the matter, and make sure that all possible outcomes are covered, prior to paying substantial amounts of money. Apart from the fact that the solicitor should be able to justify such payments with documented proof that these expenses have been made.

        Kind regards

        Customer Care

  2. Rowan says:

    Had a call today from Michael of CLA, promoting their services and offering a free no-obligation review of timeshare contract in one of their UK offices – Bristol, Weybridge, Bradford and Warrington. We may qualify for a refund or relinquishment of timeshare. Fees will be revealed during the review. Head office is Gran Canaria, contact no. 0203 5884202, website Apparently they are the law firm that won 2 major rulings in the High Court in Madrid regarding perpetuity clauses and points systems. He also warned that there is bad press created by a Mr Garcia, who is bitter against him because they have cost him major losses by acting for clients who claimed refunds because of his appalling methods selling timeshare (details given to me but I won’t give them here). Real shame that he called 30 minutes later thinking I was a new prospect, using the same wording from his script. Should be better at putting a tick by a name on his calling list.

  3. Harry says:

    Since being ri**** off by Club Class…”Refused cancellation on day of our return to UK!” and receiving reminders from Leisure Alliance for back subscriptions for the last few years I have no wish to return to Fuengirola or even Spain ever again! Prison would be too good for them!

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