EU Litigation Services and the fake court settlement in the Arona courts.

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A cold calling litigation office has been spotted this week by the name of EU Litigation Services.

This company cold calls timeshare consumers and claim there is a so called “Owners Action group” set up with a claim against their resort, and the money paid for the timeshare can be recovered.

The court case is supposedly in the Arona Court in Tenerife and the dates are set for a preliminary hearing.

But EU Litigation Services explains as well that the opposite lawyers have tried to do an “out of court” settlement for an amount of money that seems inadequate and insufficient, so this has been denied.

But due to this out of court settlement offer, the timeshare owner is now entitled to a “full hearing” where they can claim full compensation plus damages and interest rate of up to 40%.

To proceed with this claim, the timeshare owner will have to pay though a “refundable” Fiscal Procurator fee, which they say is normal practise with a civil claim in Spain.

If the timeshare owner wishes to proceed they will have to pay around 1500€ which are refundable once the claim has been settled.

EU Litigation Services reiterates their lawyer works on a No Win No Fee basis, and they will pursue all avenues to gain the maximum compensation.

How does that sound? Yes we have once more a No win No fee with an upfront payment of 1500€ for a court settlement that has taken place whilst the timeshare owner wasn’t even aware of this!

Research has shown that there is no such company by the name of EU Litigation Services registered at the Spanish Companies House and neither have we found any record of a lawyer by the name of Javier García Poneali the supposed lawyer taking care of this case

The website from EU Litigation Services was registered in February this year.

Contact details for EU Litigation Services are their address: Avda Arquitecto Gomez Cuesta, CC San Rafael 41-42, Arona. Tenerife

Telephone number 0034 922 986 777 and email address

Needles to say that we certainly do NOT recommend this company and insist on the fact that there are no such court cases taking place at all.

If you have been contacted by EU Litigation Services from +34 922986777 in Tenerife, then please do let us know.

You can email to or place a comment on this blog

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7 Responses to EU Litigation Services and the fake court settlement in the Arona courts.

  1. John says:

    We have been approached by A G Abogados S A regarding a “class action for punitive damages against Personal Travel Group S L and one of their directors Mr Andrew Cooper” We have been asked to pay €772 to the court procurators direct now as the court case is on 12th December. The claim on our behalf is for €18,934. Is this a sc** please?

  2. Petty says:

    I was cold-called by these people after I persuaded my timeshare company to take back an unwanted week. I was promised compensation of Euros 29000 – but had first to shell out “tax” of about Eur5000, which I unfortunately did.

    I have since been supposedly sent a Citibank cheque for Eur 29,000 – which sadly arrived in a jiffybag that had apparently been intercepted – the cheque was missing.

    Following this, a courier company was asked to bring me another cheque – but refused because of the amount involved unless an indemnity was signed.

    To get the courier to bring me the cheque (there is no explanation why a bank transfer will not work), these sca****** want me to provide passport details and sign a power of attorney – which I have refused to do. I suppose I will have to write off the Euros 5000 to experience – but I would dearly like to do grevious bodily harm to these loathesome cro***.

  3. Dave says:

    Just got as letter from them wanting 923euros glad I checked them out!!!

  4. Terry says:

    Had a call from EU litigation services a couple of months back with a plausible story about money being reclaimed from timeshare Barons, John Palmer being the name put forward.
    Curiosity aroused, I found this page and with suspicions confirmed, (If it sounds to good to be true, then it probably is too good to be true!!) I decided to run with it as a bit of entertainment in retirement!!
    Following emails and further calls when I always asked if this was on a no win no fee basis, I was always told that there would be no money to pay, right up to the point where I was told that an out of court settlement offer had been made, (I had been told before hand that this might happen). Now there was some mention of a fee needing to be paid to the courts system, but not to worry as it would not be much, then followed an email setting out the need for urgent action as a court date was rapidly approaching.
    There was an offer on the table of some 1961 euros out of court, but I was strongly advised to persist as the prospects at court were for a settlement approaching 10,000 Euros or possibly more as recent cases indicated that the courts were heavily weighting decisions in favour of the plaintiff. It all sounds so wonderful, but my bubble was fortunately burst at a very early stage and I am just along for the ride at the moment. The latest email asked for 682 Euros as payment of the “Procurator Fee”. I was given a Procurator name of DAVID JAMES THIRSTUN.
    I think Richard Leeman has been put forward as my point of contact in the “Claims Department”.
    After the most recent call, querying what course of action I wanted to take, I said that my wife and I were unsure, but might take the out of court settlement. I was strongly advised to persist with the case as the end result would be far more profitable. (I didn’t ask for who at the time.) It was also made clear that I would have to pay the 682 Euros either way in order to move things forward.
    It may well be that they monitor this page to check on how they are fairing, but they did promise to call back soon as a decision was needed due to the court date. The phone hasn’t rung whilst I’ve been here.
    Co-incidentally, I understand that John Palmer was recently found dead in Brentwood, Essex having been shot!!

  5. Althea says:

    We have had a series of calls and emails from this company and the latest is that they want my bank details to send us our out of court settlement amount. I will be emailing them to send a cheque as we are very sceptical.

  6. Ian says:

    I was contacted by this scamming company and was told I have a court case on 17th July against
    John Palmer and would get over 5500 euros if I sent them 648 euros I didn’t send any monies
    I the correspondents I was told there was an out of court offer of just under 2000 euros I think there was a blue moon that night

    • jose says:

      we have just been asked for 1028e so we thought we would look them up and are so glad we found you will these people never stop or be stopped .

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