Orange Sun Travel, is it a Claims Company or a Travel Agent?

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The first blog article we posted about Orange Sun Travel ( is dated from January this year, but sometimes the original post becomes incomplete, as the company in question starts to make changes to their initial pitch or we receive more information from consumers who actually attended the meeting.

It is a fact though that Orange Sun Travel is still (annoyingly) cold calling and their main target customer is the Club Class Member. For some strange reason they seem to have access to a very long list of Club Class members (victims). This of course is already strange on itself, as who would have access to such data apart from Club Class?

Their initial phone call is all about the Club Class membership and the fact that Orange Sun Travel is successfully claiming back the money for those who paid for the membership.

Without going into details about how a claim would be done, it is of course very weird that a company with “experience in claims” would accept all consumers without even seeing their paperwork and looking into this properly.

We heard from cases where they invited the consumer to discuss their claim when this claim was already turned down previously by the Financial Ombudsman due to a very strong reason. Or consumers who are far over the 6 years deadline.

Surprisingly for Orange Sun Travel ALL consumers are ok to claim, and all can expect a successful outcome.

There are more strange issues to point out. Because when you look at the website of Orange Sun Travel they present themselves as a travel agent.

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Why would a successful Claims Company present themselves as travel agents?

On the entire web there is no mention whatsoever about their apparent “main” business, which is the claims!

Because after all, they invite people over for the claim and do not even mention they also do travel and will be offering a product related to that at the meeting.

A product, which is explained and sold by the license holder of the travel agency, Slonce Marketing or Slonce Travel. (For details about the meeting itself see the link

The contact details on the web are 9870 Avenida de los Vientos, Local A-4,

38670 Adeje – Tenerife

Telephone: 0034 928 077 082


That is one address in Tenerife, when they state to be from Poland originally and that there are another 7 offices and 6 Travel agents actively working for them. Where are the addresses of these offices? Would you not want to display them as well?

On top of it, when a consumer accepts to go over to Tenerife they are provided with accommodation by Orange Sun Travel in the HOMIVA Hotels. This reputable hotel chain most probably has no idea who is being booked into their hotels and for what purpose.

Because we really wonder if HOMIVA would be very happy with these bookings when they know that the consumers are taken to a meeting under the purpose of a claim, but walk out with a supposed “travel agent membership” for future holidays which costs them over £8000!

And the Tourism Board and Inspectors in the Canary Islands are they aware of this whole set up? Are they aware that this is again one more company putting a really bad image on the island’s tourism flow?

So looking at Orange Sun travel we have come to the conclusion that we have a Claims Company, which is not registered as such but invites people over because they say they are. With a website that tells you they are a travel agent but the registration is in the name of Slonce Marketing who doesn’t do claims but sell Holiday Packages, and all this by inviting people on cold calls with data that has come from dubious sources…

You can imagine we do not really recommend any of the above-mentioned companies.






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5 Responses to Orange Sun Travel, is it a Claims Company or a Travel Agent?

  1. Andrew says:

    I have been phoned by orange sun asking for a 150 euro direct debit to be filled out to book my appointment with a legal representative to discuss my claim they won’t take money unless I fail to turn up for meeting sounds a bit suss to me once bitten and all that

  2. White says:

    Orange sun travel is apparently a marketing company for Luxury Leisure Travel, run by big Dave and his Polish girlfriend. Dave is the same person who sold us clubclass in the first instance. Another c** is taking place. They contact your credit card company to get your money back, similar to PPI companies. You then pay them 20% of the money back as admin charges. THEN you have to send them a further £150 as a deposit for a holiday with a minimum value of £1800, to be taken within a timescale through Luxury Leisure Travel. Furthermore the want the rest of your money to be placed in their bank in Hong Kong so they receive 14% interest and you can have 4 more Holidays. Another club class sc**

  3. George says:

    I received a call last year from Kirsty at Orange Sun Travel stating that they would be able to get my Club Class membership fee back and that their fee would be 20% of any money received. I attended Tenerife last week and was told a representative from Orange Sun would pick us up from our hotel at a pre arranged time and date. Imagine my surprise whilst waiting in the hotel foyer that the person representing Orange Sun who came to meet us was a guy called Dave, the VERY SAME Dave who sca**** us out of out money whilst working for Club Class five years ago.

  4. david says:

    got cold called yesterday by them,was tempted to go and find out what it was about as we will be in tenerife at the end of january anyway. have read so much on here and other sites that i will not bother wasting one of my 7 days holiday.seems to be that they will offer you a discount on a time share upto the value of the amount scammed by clubclass or a discount on a new holidayclub scam. thankyou to mindtimeshare

  5. Tony says:

    I have been offered a meeting regarding my Club Class Membership!

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