Petition to Wind Up Leisure Alliance Plc!

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Although this news seems to have been kept very quiet, it is certainly a fact that this was published in the London Gazette!

The link to the official notification

This petition was advertised in the London Gazette on 31 July 2015.

From what we understand, at present, the proceedings are continuing and therefore, Leisure Alliance has not yet been wound up.

This news reminds of the Wound Up of the 7 Club Class companies in October 2012 (

Details of that wind up petitions were published in The London Gazette in September 2012.

The companies involved were for the UK listed:

Club Class Concierge Ltd, Bridge View Consultants Ltd

And the 5 Seychelles listed:

Club Class concierge plc, Club Class International plc, Club Class Holdings Ltd, Club Class Corporation plc, Club Class plc

Ever since the wound up of these 7 companies, Leisure Alliance has been trying to collect yearly membership fees sold by these mentioned companies, claiming the members were now under the “Leisure Alliance” Umbrella.

But actually since a couple of months the payment requests are mentioning other names such as Eurafric and Gr8stays.

It certainly makes one wonder how long it has to take for the authorities to finally investigate seriously all the companies belonging to the Club Class Group of Companies?

We will be checking on this regularly so we can inform all consumers affected as soon as possible!


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10 Responses to Petition to Wind Up Leisure Alliance Plc!

  1. frank says:

    also recieved call from gr8stays theatening court action even though we have never used them

  2. William says:

    Have received the same demands for payment from Gr8stays saying that if we do not pay the debt will be passed to debt collectors. We were lucky to get our money back and thought that as the company were wound up in the high court that was it. How can this company now demand
    payment. Should i take any action

  3. Peter says:

    i have also just received a Final Notice letter demanding £570 for subscription arrears and full payment must be made by 29th February 2016.Needless to say this letter will be filed with all recycled rubbish.

    • Chris says:

      Phil and Peter, were you ever members of Leisure Alliance directly? If not, and they were just associated with a wound-up Club Class company, then the Insolvency Service might find these letters of interest, irrespective of the petition regarding Leisure Alliance? Better to pass them on as evidence than bin them? In our case we do not believe we had any form of contract with Leisure Alliance, just Club Class. Gr8stays claimed to be taking over, but we don’t think they ever actually did – it’s the same bank account.

  4. Chris says:

    I do not understand how either Leisure Alliance or Gr8stays managed to transfer the Club Class bank account and membership details to themselves. Nor how they managed to avoid the Spanish and UK Data Protection Acts regarding the holding of personal data without the authority of their clients.

  5. Phil says:

    Received today a ‘final notice’ letter from Miguel Angel Jimenez of Eurafric demanding £570 for annual subscriptions to Leisure Alliance. Given what Club Class have fleeced from myself and my wife it is a rather cheeky letter.
    Needless to say it will be filed accordingly under something beginning with T!

  6. Kay says:

    2 Phone calls now from gr8stays Phillip Hill promising me the written confirmation of the relationship between Club Class Sarl & the connection between them & the guy/Company that took our deposit via master card – to claim back via the Bank – i dont hold out any hope tho

  7. brian says:

    Is this yet another case where the company goes bankrupt owing hundreds of thousands,and then buys the assets back at ten pence in the pound with no debt attached , thus stuffing all the poor people owed money??

  8. Gail says:

    I have had several phone calls from GR8stays threatening me with court action because we cancelled our yearly fee as we have never used them

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