Island Breaks the latest cold caller offering claims from their Tenerife office.

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Island Breaks is a company who has only just started with their cold calls. Their main target seems to be consumers who bought a membership from Club Class.

The agent from Island Breaks explains to the consumer that they are a company specialized in doing refund claims, and that they have been very successful. They are so successful that even claims far out of the 6 year deadline for Consumer act claims is no objection for them, and neither if the consumer already threw all the paperwork away or did not even pay by credit card.

Everybody can claim and everybody is a winner!

All the consumer needs to do is to “pop” into a plane and go to Tenerife. Accommodation provided by Island Breaks and a meeting set up with their “legal adviser” to organize the claim. Too good to be true? You tell me!

So who is Island Breaks and where do they come from all of the sudden?

The company Island Breaks has a website where you can find numerous testimonials from people who are happy with their services, posted months before the website was even registered.

The contact details on the web are: Address: Avenida de los Vientos, Local A-4, 38670 Adeje, Tenerife and Telephone: 0034 928 077 082 and Email:

They don’t mention a company registration number, which seems to be strange but they actually do mention a travel Agency registration and this number I-AV-0002931 coincides with the company Slonce Travel.

For those following the blog, the company Slonce Travel based in Tenerife has been approaching consumers in the same way as Island Breaks, but using the name Orange Sun Travel.

So again we are looking at a company who in spite of their “tremendous” success, seems to think that it was time to change their name. Why would that be?

From what we know of consumers who took up the invitation of Orange Sun Travel and went to Tenerife for the supposed refund claim, they ended up in a sales presentation for a Slonce Travel holiday product based on rental weeks and “sovereign credits”.

The way this product is pitched is that people pay several thousand euros on the day, which turns out to be a payment for “rental accommodation” to be taken inside the 12 months, and a balance payment for these sovereign credits to be paid after 2 weeks. For this balance payment consumers are offered to take out a loan, and are assured that this loan can be paid of with the money that will be recovered through the refund claim.            A claim, Slonce Travel assures will be done completed in 6 weeks.

We recommend being cautious when attending meetings from companies who have invited you through cold calls. A cold call for you, but as these companies seem to hold all your private and personal information they don’t seem to be that “cold” for them. It has to be questioned where they obtained these details.

If you are a member from Club Class, ILG or any other DTMC and want to know if you can claim a refund, then please be aware that there are rules for such claims. The main rules are that the payment must have been done less than 6 years ago and by credit card or at least a part by credit card. Obviously you need the paperwork and payment receipt to proof this.

If you have any doubts about your personal situation then let us know and we can advice you.

In any case, there is NO need to travel abroad or to any location in the UK to do such claim!

If you received a call from Island Breaks for a meeting in Tenerife, then let us know please.

About mindtimeshare

Mindtimeshare SLU is registered Company reg number: B35957182 Mindtimeshare provides assistance to timeshare owners who have been defrauded by holiday clubs and bogus resale companies. The Mindtimeshare project was launched in February 2011. After dealing with timeshare members over several years who had been defrauded by numerous bogus companies and for large amounts of money, I considered launching an Organisation to help timeshare owners that have been targeted by bogus companies. On this blog you can find information about the different active scam companies and their “modus operandi” and also place comments, ask questions and see comments from other consumers who have the same doubts or have been through the same experience. Mindtimeshare has resulted in a huge success and has received the back up from not only timeshare consumers but also from the professionals in the timeshare Industry. Mindtimeshare helps timeshare owners who have been scammed by bogus Discount Holiday Clubs; bogus cash back companies; fraudulent timeshare resale companies; bogus class action companies and false lawyers and notaries. We offer professional answers and advice to Timeshare users. If you want to send an email instead of posting a comment on the blog please do so by emailing:
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90 Responses to Island Breaks the latest cold caller offering claims from their Tenerife office.

  1. John says:

    Hi I am wondering if you can give us a bit of advice. We have been contacted by a person named Kerry Johnson who says she works for a firm which can claim back money that we paid for a timeshare in Tenerife. This lady has called us a few times now and has even given us dates and flight times for us to travel out to Tenerife. We are concerned that this might be a scam as the phone number doesn’t seem to be right as it’s an 0845 621 3233. When we call it back we get an answer machine saying this Pay Your Claim and to leave a message. Can you advise. Thanks

  2. Jan says:

    Has anyone got money back through this company . Jan

    • Andy says:

      Nobody ever gets there money back from this company… They are another company who sell you a pointless pack that supposedly gets you discounts…. But it does’nt…. and all you do is end up losing more money…. People need to learn that there is no company in spain or tenerife that are able to help get money back! Simple!!

  3. David says:

    Island breaks cold called me.
    I arranged to go to Tenerife but because of monarchs demise we couldnt travel.
    They offered a free hotel.
    We paid a supplement to upgrade to a nicer hotel.
    The hotel did not receive this money and cancelled our booking free of charge.
    Yet island breaks refuse to refund me and they will not take my calls or answer my emails.
    Avoid them!!

  4. Perry says:

    WE have just signed up and put 5k on our credit card initially cold called in the uk, promised our CLC Money back is this a sc** ?

    • Andy says:

      Yes…. Apply to your credit card provider for a section 75 claim to get the 5k back… Go to CAB or look on money saving expert website for help in how to do this.

  5. Sue says:

    A guy called Tony claiming to be Dutch rang me yesterday stating that I could possibly claim back monies I had paid to the Eze group based in Tenerife 4 years ago. I asked how he was going to do this. He replied that they ‘sue’ the bank that the monies were paid through! But I said I voluntarily paid the monies so how does that work then? He gave me a very ‘complex response which I didn’t Understand!
    He then said ghat before any action coukd be stsrted I had to complete a form authorising them to act on my behalf. He said that he would meet up with me in Tenerife to discuss the details but if there was a ‘no show’ on my part there would be an admin charge of £150! He sent me the form over today wanting all my debit card details inc the long card number and the 3 digit security code! Does he think I’m mad??!!! He then rang me this morning saying that the return email address was wrong and gave me a new one! basicalky this form is you revealing your card no etc and your 3 digit security code to a stranger!! What a to****!!

    Am going to put a load of ‘duff’ info on the form, fax it back and see how long it takes them to realise! They must think Christmas has come early if people fall for this sc**!!!

  6. doug says:

    I got sca**** a few years ago in Mijas costa del sol saying they could sell my time share and get cash back on their holiday club gave them 1000 pounds on my CC , cutting a long story short went through trading standards and Spanish authorities got my money back plus interest. I have since got rid of my timeshare through illness unable to use Dr ‘s letter sufficed simples. Now had a call from a very nice sounding lady from guess who’ told her of my illness still tries to convince me that no win no fee ,trip to Tenerife , I said I will speak with wife. I got a call back later , explained it was to good to be true said her phone was playing up would call me again not heard since. once bitten or twice or should I say twice bitten.

  7. Pauline says:

    I’ve just been contacted by Island Breaks a lady called Julie, offering mew my money’s back from what we paid for points in Club la Costa , I could get all my money back even though it was approx 10 years ago and I didn’t have any paperwork at all. All we had to do was book a flight to Tenerife, they would book our accommodation, she said I couldn’t do it in the uk because the law in the uk only went back for 6 years and mine was 10.00 This must be a sc**

  8. Billy says:

    I got a call last week,after 3 calls they almost had me book flights for a week accomadtion paid for me half board,to claim back Monies I had paid for my timeshare in1999 I have no paperwork now,but the lies he told me made me question things,I’m glad I looked on this site although a week in Tenerife for £140 wasn’t bad.The guy called this morning,I confronted him with all above info and he hung up on me.

  9. john says:

    please send info about Planet Sunlight Travel S.L I have been approached by them to get Time share refund .

  10. john says:

    I want to get my timeshare refunds please help

  11. Mary says:

    My husband and I have agreed to go to a meeting in Tenerife with Island breaks. They claim to get back monies paid to CLC for mis selling. We have paid for flights with the promise of a week’s accommodation & to attend a meeting with them. I stated at the time of the call we were not prepared to buy into anything else or part with any money. We were assured this would not be the case. Any advice on what we should do or not do at this meeting. We have no disposable income, & I am terminally I’ll with breast cancer. Whilst we are looking forward to a week away I am now worried about what to expect. Please advise us.

    • Christine says:

      They are sca***** Mary. I’m sorry you got sucked in….I almost did, but at the last minute I got advice from a close friend not to go ahead with booking flights etc. From other comments on here who have had the same convincing calls to get money back from CLC, you will not !!!!
      If you do go to a meeting you must keep strong and keep saying NO ! if they say the meeting is going to be an hour or two, put the timer on and when you get near to their limit, just get up and walk out… will have done what you were meant to do by attending and they will have no comeback regarding free accommodation. You owe them nothing but you must keep saying no! They are professionals in this and will try to break you down…good luck and enjoy the warm sunshine.

    • Dunksie says:

      My husband over there just now I refused to go as I heard s*** and read reports about it. How did you get on? Did they try to get you to let them put money in your account but not to touch it then? Alarm. Ella told my husband to end meeting and get out.
      Any advise out there?

    • Billy says:

      Hope you enjoy your holiday.

    • Anthony says:

      Just don’t take a credit or debit card with you to the meeting.. it will go on for 5 hours and you will end up with a £5000 loan.. I know this as it has just happened to me.

    • Maggie says:

      Did you get your money back, we cant decide to go or not m we had club la Costa

  12. Les says:

    Hello I have recently had a cold call from island breaks, but as soon as he mentioned going to Tenerife I was aware that it is a sc**. So I googled them and found your site telling people to beware. So I hope people see this and don’t fall prey to these absolute scum fraudsters..If/when they call again they will get it both barrels.!!! Keep up the good work..!!

  13. Andy says:

    Have received call from islandbreak ref club class come to Tenerife get your money back been more than 6 years since they co**** us not going to fall for it again

  14. Adi says:

    Hi , I’ve just received a call from from s Christine at island breaks, saying just about everything you said in your article!! Adi

  15. Jacqueline says:

    I have just received a call from a lady named Morag she has been in pursuit of me for several weeks
    I have received a confirmayion email to confirm that Island Breaks wont try and sell me anything but they never mentioned Slonce Travel errm !!! Interesting
    My losses only amounted to 5000 euros so 20% of that why are they like a dog with a bone

  16. Christine says:

    Just had a long cold call conversation with Cathy from Island Breaks where she said I could claim back all my CLC points payments because of a bank mis sale. I was to go to Tenerife to register my claim to avoid VAT on my refund! She even checked flights to Tenerife for me and said she would book them if I wanted her to but I could do it myself if I preferred. I told her I needed time to check whether my friend was available to travel with me so it was arranged that she would call me again tomorrow. My friend alerted me to this website and Cathy was shocked when I said my friend was a bit suspicious and dubious about the claim. Cathy also said everything was above board.
    Before I read all the comments, I must admit she was very convincing and I was tempted to go but I most certainly will not be taking up their offer of free accommodation and have left them a message for them not to make contact with me again. Fingers crossed they leave me alone.

    • Bren says:

      I had a very similar conversation with a Christine, she told me that the refund it could be paid into a Spanish bank account, saving me my ‘Capital Gains tax’ and then transfer to mu UK account later. Cap Gain is due because I benefited from the payment by taking holidays.
      Very very convincing. She has been ringing me now for 3 weeks to arrange an appointment and meeting with their tax advisor- very persistent and extremely polite.

  17. Sue says:

    Have just been contacted by island breaks for the third time wasn’t aware you had to travel to Tenerife why ? Surely if one owed money I should just put in a claim and get it not travel half way round the world won’t be getting in touch

  18. ray says:

    just got back yesterday.after seeing this site will be claiming money back through bank.thanks all

  19. Tommy says:

    The initial contact was made from a female calling herself Karina from Enterprise analyst with contact details of 0203 677 5424.
    After probing she sent me further details about the main company Island Breaks.
    Would love to know if anyone has ever had any money back.

  20. Tommy says:

    Hi. I have had a call like this. I gave up my Club la Costa points 4 years ago. This company tell me I can get my money back and yes, I need to go to Tenerife for the meeting. I don’t think so. Is there any legitimate way to get my money back?



  21. Cheryl says:

    My mother almost got scammed by these. She got scammed with Time Share 12 years ago and they said this wasnt a problem. She booked her flights and they said they would pay for everything else…. until we found this page. Thank you for the information. My mum has now cancelled her cards and is booking her own holiday to Tenerife as shes already paid for the flights. Thank goodness this didnt go any further. We are all gullible and stupid for believing this ridicules story

  22. Kevin says:

    We have agreed to go to Tenerife to see the rep. Flights booked etc. we are dubious on the whole matter but naturally intrigued by the prospect of getting 80% of our money back, although we are adamant no money will be parted with from us.
    Any thoughts or facts we should know in advance ? ?

    Does anyone have a 100% successful claim paid out and if so what costs were involved ?

    We have also been contacted via ‘FHA marketing’ on behalf of ‘Standon Mortimer Associates’ near Birmingham, this maybe another potentially dubious arrangement money back no win promise company.
    Any positive feed back welcome.
    Kind regards

    • George says:

      Don’t do it. Claim the flights back on your insurance, get a doctor’s note saying stress of flying, whatever it takes.
      These people are commenting. If you are stern with them , they will leave you alone. At worse they will get someone else to phone you, Be Strong. JUST SAY NO !!!!

  23. Mary says:

    Just been called by island breaks about recovering money we paid to club la costa holidays several years ago. Alarm bells rang when she said we needed to travel to Tenerife for which they would pay our accommodation and we had to pay our flights. They said they are a no win no fee company, they just take 20% of the recovered money. Told her I had no paper work she said it didn’t matter thank god for this site another sc** 😡😡😡😡😡

  24. Alun says:

    Good afternoon, received a call from Island Brakes this morning, sorry to say I fell for thier speel, and paid for flight to Tenerife this year, what should I do next ?

  25. christine says:

    just had a call from paul at island breaks researched them and came across this site after reading every ones comments I will definitely not be falling for yet another scam. thank you every one

  26. linda says:

    I had a call 2 days ago from islan break making the same promise that due to changes in leglsilation the sale of time share and club class had been deemed as illegal and I was entitled to my money back. however I had to go to Tenerife to sort it out. I asked why could this not been done via post and it was told for tax reasons. they were registered in spain and they took 20% of the full refund I was going to get. if they didn’t operate in spain then it would be a 40% they would need to take due to taxes. Didn’t ask when I purchased the product, how I paid for it or anything but I was guaranteed to get a full refund. I asked for this in writing and surprise surprise not only did they call me on my ex directory number they also already had my email address. I received an email making the same promise and ive now blocked their number and email, scam scam scam

  27. Christine says:

    Island travel cold called me yesterday and are calling again today however, after reading the information you have provided we won’t be bothering. Wish we could have got the money back as we were well and truly ripped off. Thanks for the info.

  28. Geoff says:

    Island breaks have been in touch with me claming that they can get money back for me what should I do

  29. Gary says:

    We have had phone calls and now a letter offering us free accommodation if we fly out to Tenerife by Island breaks but have had so many companies stating that they could get our money back, some wanting money up front for hat we have chosen to ignore this latest letter.

  30. Mark says:

    I’ve not read all the comments above because consecutively, the ones I have read are saying a similar thing. So forgive me if you have said something constructive since I’ve not read them all.

    Of those I have read, you seem to say Island Breaks are a scam and you report no personal evidence, So how do you know? Even the above article above from Mind Timeshare do not admit they are a scam. There are some questions of course. There are always. But no one is suggesting they definitely are a scam.

    I would like to hear from people who have actually dealt with Island Breaks. PLEASE. Not nonsense conjecture. I want to get out of my ownership with CLC and I want someone to help, not pour cold water on something one knows nothing about.

    I’m investigating right now, whether I should attend Tenerife to listen to what Island Breaks have to say. On a no win, no fee basis; that’s got to be positive.

    I went to see a company called RSB Legal recently. They said no win no fee. to make the claim which they were confident I could win and their fee was 30% when I win the claim. So that sounded beautiful. Then they said, in order to relinquish my ownership I needed legal assistance. which would cost nearly £10,000.00. I wasn’t happy. As much as they insisted I join them. I just couldn’t because of their lack of evidence of their success. They didn’t like this challenge and to date I still have not heard from them.

    Whether RSB Legal are a scam or not, at least I know what they’re saying. Of the testimonies above I have no such testimony.. Is that how you lot make decisions? I don’t think that’s very sensible and on top of that you are discouraging people based on what?

    Of course I’m not suggesting they aren’t a scam, if they are lets stay well clear and let everyone know. But let’s have some evidence?

    • Hi Mark,

      Thank you very much for letting us know about the cold call you received from Island Breaks.

      Previously this company did the cold calling in the name of a company called Orange Sun Travel (We have the evidences that proof that)

      The point is that we also have the evidences that link Island Breaks with the following companies:

      Slonce Marketing –

      Orange Sun Travel –

      Market my Timeshare –

      Island Break has been very busy in the past nine months, cold calling consumers and sending out e-mails offering them to attend a meeting in Tenerife, either to “recuperate” money or seel their timeshare. To be able to do this for the timeshare owner, they say it is necessary to come for one week to Tenerife with accommodation and everything paid.

      However, the real reason they want you to travel to Tenerife is certainly not because it is necessary to arrange the paperwork for the claim and indeed, claims can be done from the comfort of your home by telephone, email or post.

      Please be clearly advised that these meetings are not held to help consumers and all they do is put you through a sales presentation of an alleged ‘bogus holiday club’ costing thousands of pounds which supposedly will be paid for with the money of the claim.

      We certainly do not believe a word they say and less after what we have heard from others who went to Tenerife and ended up paying thousands of pounds.

      We repeat, the reason they want you to go there is purely to have you in their offices and keep you there for hours, convincing you of buying into their holiday products and taking thousands of pounds under the excuse you will recover the money in 6 weeks time because of the claim.
      Worse of all is that they even invite people of who they know perfectly well that they don’t stand a chance to claim at all as they didn’t pay by credit card or it was far too long ago, but they seem to “forget” to mention this.

      This is why we not recommend this company at all.

      Kind regards.

      Mindtimeshare team.

      • Anne says:

        Hi Team i used to be a member of CLC, which i have managed to get out of some years ago. If i was to take the holiday and just ignore the meeting do you think i could get a weeks holiday without any of the hassle, i have confirmation of the Hotel. So will they still consider to let me holiday there, as they have stated there are no money upfront nothing to book or buy on the documents sent to me.

      • Anthony says:

        I have just come back from Tenerife, I wish I had seen this before I went as now I have paid £2500 on my credit card. The following day a rep came to our hotel with paper work showing we now have a £5000 loan.. they said once we get our money back all they ask for is £100 good will gesture towards future holidays, turn out this first £100 is the first payment of a 5year loan. so gutted I have been sc***** yet again.

    • Diana says:

      we bought into Dial a break – cost us £1200.00 – Island Break called me today to say that they had taken over the company and was going to honour Dial a Break’s commitments. I mentioned that I had even tried to get my money refunded through my CC company but to no avail as Dial a Break had used British Travel’s card facilities so that meant third party payment which then made my claim with my CC company nul and void. I just find it strange that she was all for us going to Teneriffe for a ‘meeting’ but after I mentioned trying to get my money back I have heard nothing more since – is it because I am not an easy target?? I don’t know but I’m taking no more chances from Teneriffe cold calling companies. I have been to Teneriffe on 5 different occasions – 3 through cold calling and the never deliver what they promise. so once bitten twice shy! Good luck. why arent you happy with CLC?

    • David says:

      I have attended the office in tenerife and now being bombarded with calls to send 5000 of the 10000 asap

  31. Martin says:

    25/11/2016 Received cold call from Island Breaks (Travel Agency) stating they could offer a No Win No Fee against Diamond Resorts for original mis-selling. Would have to go to Tenerife for ‘appointment’. They said they had got my details from Diamond – this was so obviously not true that my suspicions were raised. Whilst still on the phone to them, I Googled them and found the comments on this page. Told them I would see about making an appointment the next time I was in Tenerife – I love wasting scammers time !!

  32. Tony says:

    Just had a call of Island Breaks regarding a refund from a Club Class misdemeanour we made many years ago.
    After reading some of the above comments I think when they call tomorrow it will be piss off

  33. Dawn says:

    Just received a call from island breaks, apparently I can claim money back I lost over 12 years ago. Somehow I don’t think so. Is going to ring again next week as I don’t know where the paperwork is. Another toral scam don’t know how the get away withe it.

  34. Gwen says:

    Just been contacted tonight by Debbie Park from Island Breaks. Same story as everyone else. Sounds great but hey yet another con.

  35. Patricia says:

    We have just recieved a call from Christine saying her company would recover our money from
    Clubclass from our Bank through Spanish courts.I’m so pleased to have found your site.

  36. Ralph says:

    We have been getting calls from this company since September (and also same conversations last year) they just wont give up.Have just received a letter from them but its just the same as the phone conversations. It has to be 15/20 years since we joined Club class.I am quite pleased to say that I did receive £900. many years ago when I sent my registration back to Spain on the specified date,I will not be visiting their offices at any time soon.Ralph.

  37. Reginald says:

    We have been contacted by Island Breaks. They state that “If we visit Tenerife and spend some time, one day, with their legal team we will receive the money that we invested with DWVC/ILG and that after we have received the money we should send them 20%”. Should we go or not?

  38. Oilslick says:

    Same spiel as everyone else on here.
    Cold call from Island Breaks promised full refund of my past timeshare misdemeanours.
    E-mail and telephone check out OK as numerous exchanges have taken place over a week, and my initial thoughts were of nothing to lose – just an unplanned break to Tenerife with accommodation thrown in.
    My E-mail went unanswered, but a subsequent phone call from them appeared to successfully answer each question.
    I asked for the answers in writing by way of a reply to my e-mail ….. that was a week ago.
    I will not be following this through.

  39. Les says:

    Now for obvious reasons you will see I took them up on their offer and they failed to ring back.
    Im in Tererife for Winter so said Im already their so make me appointment they did, I said I¡ll had you fee back after 60 days in cash as I’ll still be there.
    I have friends in Tenerife who have done or still do these claims May I had legitimately and I know the rules as they would have got my money back. They still were adamant I was wrong I said ok Make appointment for Tues 22 Nov(their first slot lol) Where are your offices they gave me a loction and I replied they are the Offices of ??????? she said no we have more your wrong.
    I finished and said so I don’t need your flight or accommodation or Transport as already on island I can pay you back before I leave, I’ll also take you out for lunch on me she said as long as it was Veggi I said Mirador in Del Dugue no problem I have All the info you want confirm my appointment, She said Ill ring back in 5 mins , that’s a hour ago.
    Its a scam I knew soon as she rang but I kept her on the phone for almost 1 hr lol

  40. Nick says:

    We were also called this morning 6/9/19 by island breaks offering free accommodation if we pay for flights. Offering all our money back from DWVC and they get 20 percent no win no fee. This sounded too good to be true another scam in the canaries.

  41. Barrie says:

    We have also been approached by Island Breaks offering a free holiday and 100% of our cash back after stupidly buying into DWGVC. Obviously yet another sc**!

  42. Jennifer says:

    Also just been called (yesterday and today) by Island Breaks with the same spill – but i thought I would be clever by suggesting that as I was having a 3-week holiday in Tenerife in November this year, would call, to save them money of putting me into accommodation (free of charge to me) but also saving me another plane fare. (which was more important to me!) Do you know, they would NOT have any of it, but using the excuse (which is perfectly right) that I have been scammed so many times in the past right back as far as 1987 and they can still get it back for me, but to do me justice, the Legal Bodds would have to spend more time with me, so they want me to do another time, and stay for a week, so they can see me longer if it is required. Can you actually believe that ??? Also they reckon they are all booked up in Nov. although originally when talking, she did mention initially, that I come over in November, 2016. Does that smell, I wonder ? Anybody like to comment on that. I am tempted to ‘look them up’ when over there on my own holiday, just to see if they do exist ! (at least I have the address now, thanks to this article) but I know the firm is the same because of the same telephone number. At least I asked for that, and on checking, it is the correct one. I have been bitten so many times (since I first owned in 1987) that I am treble-y cautious….would’nt you be ? Any help, or advice, or experience of this firm actually paying out, would be so much appreciated. Good Luck to you all !


  43. Carole says:

    We are having several calls from island breaks, promising a full refund of money we paid over, (stupidly) for Club Class. A very nice lady called Trish has been persistent , trying to allay our worries.
    All we need to do is pay for flights to Tenerife and they will arrange a meeting to discuss our case. They promise thousands. All,they want is 20% after the money has been paid into our account. Each time they call, we raise questions about the ‘deal’ and they always have another tale of someone who has been successful. They always maintain that all they want is 20% after we have been paid. The website, unsurprisingly , has glowing reviews.
    Trish, is still making calls to see if she can persuade us.
    What is in it for them?

  44. Jan says:

    Jan – have had call from island breaks. Asked for c/c details told them no. Got hold of name of co. And phone no. So cool it must be a scam. Not falling for any more of these. When the email comes I think it will be returned unsigned.

  45. Jan says:

    Just been called by Island Breaks, got a little excited by getting our money back , then when we where told got to travel to Tenerife to get our money back , that’s it another scam.

  46. Jeanne says:

    Just had a call from Ruth at Island Breaks, same story, go to Tenerife, stay in their hotel, pay for your own flights, receive full refund and then get an invoice for 20% of proceeds, refund request has to be made on Spanish soil, sounded too good to be true as we now realise the original deal was. We disposed of the original paperwork and it was at least 15 years ago. Has anyone actually got any money back?

  47. Tracey says:

    We’ve been contacted by saying we can get our money back and yes they want us to go to Tenerife alarm bells started ringing as we had this from
    A different company in 2009 saying the same thing though we didn’t need to go to Spain but we paid them
    £500 yes silly wasn’t we . Tracey

  48. Joe says:

    My sister-in-law had a call from Max Blane representing Island Breaks yesterday, she asked him to call back today, I agreed to take the call as she was quite confused by the offer of a full refund of monies owed to her. He made it all sound to good to be true, exactly the same spiel as of all the above. Thank goodness we found this site! It all makes sense now, once they have you over in Tenerife they will try to flog you another timeshare and it will most probably turn nasty as well.

  49. Polly says:

    Had a call today from Island Breaks saying they could recover money paid to DWVC I paid in 2004 and some other money I was sca**** out of by Smart Financial Claims. They didn’t mention going to Tenerife, no doubt that will be mentioned in tomorrow’s call. As the claim involves getting in touch with my ex husband it’s a non starter. Having just read everyone else’s comments I won’t be going any further.

  50. Maggie says:

    Just had a call from Julie of Island Breaks. She has invited us to go over to Tenerife to recover our Club Class ‘fees’ from 15 years ago. I went along with the call, saying “That’s fantastic” and “wow, that’s great” throughout her script.
    The cheeky b*tch even had the gall to say to me “That’s unusual, most people say that it all sounds too good to be true”.
    About 8 years ago we were contacted by a similar company, offering us a (very) cheap holiday to Tenerife in order to recover the fees paid to Club Class. We went to it with NO expectations of recovering monies but we did get a cheap Tenerife holiday out of them (we paid £49.50 towards our flights). We had the bonus of TOTALLY p*ssing of the ‘legal adviser’ and the ‘legal manager’ because we agreed to sign up for there newest scam, only when we had got back to England and had the opportunity to speak to a few of their ‘delighted clients’.
    We insisted on seeing every bit of paperwork that they referred to in their presentation, what legislation they were going to use to “make the successful claim”, that they pay for a Spanish solicitor to oversee the documentation that ‘guarenteed a 100% return on or further investment” etc, etc. We even insisted on being given the free bottle of whisky that we had been promised before we would leave their offices.The manager was so angry at us for wasting their time that he shouted “Get these b*****ds a bottle of whisky and get them out of here” before stomping off and slamming doors behind him.
    You need to be as hard-faced and as full of bullsh*t as they are to take this approach with them but it gave us great satisfaction to do it.

  51. Ken says:

    Received a call from Neil Jennings at Island Breaks to-day. Told me that the banks that backed Club Class had been ordered to refund the money that consumers like myself had lost in the sc**. I asked their percentage and was told 20% payable after we had received the payout. I told him that I would be checking the details and if I required his assistance that I would phone him and terminated the call. Then I found this site.

  52. Ray says:

    Recently received a cold call from Sharon Potts at Island Breaks stating that all the money I paid to Holiday Opportunities in 2009 to get out of a timeshare could be reclaimed even though the consumer act claim was outside of the 6 year deadline and I did not pay by credit card.
    She stated I would need to travel to Tenerife to meet their legal representative to sign paperwork and I would get my money back within 60 days. I would have to pay my own flight and they would provide accommodation for up to a week and pay for taxis from the airport to my accomodation. In return, I would have to pay them 20% of whatever is paid into my bank account for their services.
    I was horrified to read these blogs saying they are putting pressure on people to buy into Island Breaks when they visit Tenerife and they must think I am stupid wanting to purchase into Island Breaks when I have paid a large sum to get out of a timeshare in 2009.
    Please could somebody comment as they appear to getting me to pay for a flight and spend 4 hours travelling to Tenerife on false pretences as the chances of a reclaim is unlikely as I am outside the 6 year deadline and even then I should not be expected to travel abroad to make a claim. This is not the first time I have been cold called from a company about this and I am concerned that my personal data is being shipped around between organisations without my consent which is unacceptable. Who do I contact to make a complaint about this?
    Please help.

  53. Reg says:

    Hi, I have just been called by Island Breaks. They have stated that they can get all the money back from our INVESTMENT with DWVC and like all your other reports they require us to pay for our own flights, have just one day with their legal people, enjoy the rest of the week, come home and receive 100% of our money back within the following 60 days then send them their 20%.

    • Mandy says:

      Hi thanks for taking the time to add your experience it’s just been a great help. I have just had a call from island breaks, the alarm bells started to ring so I googled them as we were talking, went straight to mindshare and confirmed my gut feeling. Thought it had gone quiet recently, bet the calls start again. Has anyone found a way to get back at them yet???????

  54. john says:

    just been cold called by island breaks offering a weeks free stay if i by the flights to tenereif
    and i see their rep about getting all my money i paid to club class backing give them 20% after its been paid back in to my bank,give up throwing money away after club class.told him were to go

  55. Andy says:

    Contacted by Ann of Island Breaks last week spinning the same line, “Come to Tenerife and get your money back”!! Have to book your own flights though.Has SC** written all over it, needless to say Tenerife is not on our itinerary for a visit in the near future.

  56. John says:

    I have taken a call this afternoon from Rita at Island Breaks. Exactly the same as your other correspondents, involving a free holiday but pay for our own flights. They would take their 20% commission from the money after we got it back, and of course knew both my phone number and email address; and it doesn’t seem to matter whether we have original paperwork nor how long ago we bought into Clubclass/Diamond. They sent me an email which looks too good to be true and therefore probably is. I won’t be proceeding!!

  57. Phil says:

    Received a cold call from a guy called Max who didn’t say what the company was but his phone number showed as 0034 928 077 082 and said that we could get a refund of the whole of the amount of the ORIGINAL timeshare that Club Class had taken from us. He said we would need to travel to Tenerife to initiate the claim which immediately rang alarm bells. I am assuming that this is another attempt to sc** more money from existing Club Class marks. He had all our details so obviously is the same lot who had Club Class group of companies and Leisure Alliance ad infinitum and they are attempting to draw people back in on the pretext of getting refunds from the banks behind Club Class but in fact are pressuring people in to buying into Island Breaks.
    Don’;t fall for it. It is simply another sc** by the same mob.

  58. janis says:

    i have been contacted this week and have already booked flights for the 30th april for a week as they sounded so honest but today they want my passport number all my bank details and my 3 pin security that i have to fill in a form and email all my details with or they cannot book my accommodation this is one email I got x

    Further to your telephone conversation, please find attached the Credit / Debit Card Authorisation form which requires you to fill out in full, the card holders signature is required also, please scan and return this to me. The amount that will be charged to your card is €149 this is a supplement payment for 3 persons, Half Board
    As soon as the payment has been processed I will confirm your appointment date & time and send out your accommodation voucher.
    Kind Regards
    Reservations Department

  59. Chris says:

    Just had a call from Ann of Island breaks telling the same as what I’ve read today, when she rings back she will be informed not to waste my time.

    • Chris says:

      I would urge people contacted by this firm to ask for their personal details to be deleted, and to report their holding of personal data without your permission to the Information Commissioner (or Spanish equivalent). And of course, if anyone really wants to try to get their money back from past investments, try the administrators of the firm concerned directly (details can be found via the Government Insolvency Service). This may provide their investigators with more evidence of past fraud, as well as constituting a claim against any assets. These will probably turn out to be non-existent, but it would be interesting to try to track how your money was transferred elsewhere before the companies concerned were wound up.

  60. Mike says:

    Dear Sir / Madam

    Have you heard of a company called Legal Alliance Group, they have seemingly brought out a UKSP and are continuing to offer the same services as UKSP in supposedly returning fees via the Banco de Espania.

    I have been liaising with them since the takeover of UKSP and the last email I received from them confirmed that the Banco de Espania will be able to make payment once the tax has been paid, however this time they stated that Banco de Espania requires an Insurance Policy at a cost of £2770. This Insurance is to protect both the Bank and myself against further claims and fraud.

    Do you have any information, do you know if the Banco de Espania is involved in this payment process and why would insurance be required.

    Thank you for your assistance in this matter.



  61. Chris says:

    I have been contacted by a Max Lane of Island Breaks in the last few days, who said his firm had paid for details of Club Class members, and that he was offering legal services and could recover money for us ‘in excess of £5,000’. He told me Club Class Holidays were wound up in 2013 (of which I was not aware – we have been paying into their account annually). He asked me a little bit about our membership, and at the end briefly mentioned that we would be invited to a break in Tenerife to discuss the legal claim. Although he initially sounded quite convincing I was suspicious of the name of his firm, and the offer of the meeting abroad. Hence I did some research and came across this site. I recorded the next telephone conversation with him (he said he did not mind me doing so), where he confirmed these details. I then said that I did not understand how his firm held personal details about us, but had not sought our permission, because that would infringe the Data Protection Act, or in the case of Spain, the Spanish Data Protection legislation (which I believe is called Law 15/1999) and which appears if anything to be even more stringent. He said this was ‘way above his head’ so he would talk to colleagues and ring me back. Bless him, he did so, and again I recorded the call. He said his director had advised him that sadly they would not be pursuing my claim as he did not think there was sufficient chance of success (because we took over the memebership from somebody else.) He was very pleasant in manner, as I was with him. I have referred the firm’s address, telephone number, and these details to the UK Information Commissioner regarding possible breaches of the DPA. They may be able to pass these on to the Spanish equivalent, they advised. I am also pursuing matters elsewhere with regard to Club Class.

  62. Sam says:

    Just read this we have had a call from island break saying they will recover our money from club class from 2001 we booked the flight to go out in April after reading this I am not happy and feel scam had to pay for flight please advise me

    • suzanne says:

      Hi Sam did u go through your club class refund with island breaks as we have just paid for our flights for this July and having read the reports on island breaks I am worried that it might be a scam

  63. Philip says:

    Was called yesterday by Max from Island breaks offering me a free holiday in Tenerife so as to get a refund from Club Class for a 20% payment. I am very concerned to take up this offer after readings some of your members comments. Your advice would be greatly appreciated.
    Many thanks,

  64. clifford says:

    i went tenerife through slonce travel to get your money back was through rule 75 as i had already done this they could’nt do anything how they got the details is the bloke whom sold me the club class holidays he was all apologetic about it all then had the nerve to try and sell me another dodgy deal

  65. Douglas says:

    My grandparents had a call from this company, advising them that they could get all their money back that they lost through Club Class. They tried to get bank details so that they could book them flights, my grandfather told her no and that he would ask me to book them instead.

    I was a bit dubious about this company so I decided to do some checking and I’m bit glad I have.

    If you get a call from this company tell them where to go.

  66. George says:

    Just had a call today,they said as it was about 10 years ago it wouldn’t be a problem. After reading this I already had red flags but even more so now.

  67. Peter says:

    Just been called by island breaks about recovering money we paid to club class holidays several years ago. Alarm bells rang when he said we needed to travel to Tenerife for which they would pay our accommodation and we had to pay our flights. They said they are a no win no fee company, they just take 20% of the recovered money. Surely in this day and age you do not need to travel to sort out the “paperwork”? I don’t know who to believe anymore it’s bad enough being sca**** once but for a company to try and do it again off the back of the first sc** is unbelievable. Has anyone had any dealings with this company?

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